Social Media Revolution Should Be (and is) Creating a New Type of School

I love how the messages of our times are digital.  Folks from the future who look back to study this time will view these digital messages as primary source documents that tell the stories of us.

The following are some of my favorite videos of this past year.  They tell the story of what needs to and should drive education – in this era of social media and educational networking.

These two videos tell the story of what is occurring in the real world -businesses know this,  journalists knows this, the kids on their own time know this  . . .

New Brunswick Department of Education “gets it”:

This video was produced by the New Brunswick Department of Education to stimulate discussion among educators and other stakeholders in public education in the province of New Brunswick. The 21st Century presents unique challenges for education worldwide. In order to keep pace with global change we must focus on 21st Century Skills and public education must adapt to keep students engaged. Rigor and relevance are key,

This principal does not. But note that InnovativeEdu’s editorial re-mix is part of this video:

Yet, it is being implemented within educational projects such as the Flat Classroom Project and Rock Our World:

Hopefully, WHEN (yes – I am hopeful) schools adopt social media as standard operating practice, the results will help lead to enlightenment in the 21st century.