International Yoga Day

Since 2015, on this day- the 21st of June all of us come together to celebrate ‘The International Yoga Day’. I feel it is a very good initiative started by our Prime Minister who managed to convince the entire globe to come together on this day and dedicate some time of their day to yoga.As many people say and even you must have heard, Yoga is not just about exercise and asanas and losing weight, it is actually the unification of the mind with the body and soul. It is the coming together of all your senses to unite and synchronise.

This morning, my college had organised an online yoga session for us students. Because of the lockdown I hardly am used to waking up on time anymore. My morning starts when its almost noon and then like an owl I am up almost the entire night. Today as i woke up for the session early, the world outside seemed a bit different. Inspite of the eclipse, it was bright and sunny, I could hear the birds, I went outside in my garden, walked on the fresh dewy grass and questioned why it did’t occur to me before? Why didn’t I wake up early every single day and enjoy my day like this? While I was going to college, I barely had time to enjoy my day like this. My time went away in watching series, just lying on my bed, eating and sleeping because during college, this was my definition of relaxing and calming down. Today I realized that that is not what I want. That is not my true self. I don’t enjoy sitting in front of a screen the entire day. I am a nature’s baby, this is what I like doing and I was surprised that just one day of seeing the early morning sun could make me feel like this.

Once the session was over and I was lying in Shavasana, I thanked my body for having putting up with me all these days. I have pledged that now on, from this day onwards I’ll take care of my body and not take it for granted. I will ensure that my laziness doesn’t take over my mind and that I’m able to make good decisions for my health.Yoga, has made me realize that if I take care of myself I will feel happier and more energetic. Our brain tricks us into procrastinating and just not doing anything but that is not how we truly are.Our subconscious mind always wants us to be the best version of ourselves so why not try being that.why do we let our brain take over. On this International Yoga Day, let us all pledge that we will look after ourselves and love ourselves.

Om shanti.

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