Non Conventional Careers-Science Stream

Medical and Engineering are most sought after courses after 12th Science in India.Parents and the society are the major contributors to this mentality in our country. Thousands of students flock examination centers to write prestigious NEET/JEE irrespective of whether they are interested or not.

Does this mean these are the only options available to students choosing the Science Stream?The Answer is NO.In Today’s advanced world there are plethora of career and course options for students to pursue and achieve success.In this blog we look at some of the prominent and promising non conventional career options in science stream.Lets get started!


Psychologists study the complex ways that people think, behave, feel, communicate, and perceive the world around them. Some psychologists focus on clinical work with patients, while others devote themselves to researching the nuances of psychological behavior; in any case, psychology is a vast discipline, with numerous career options to choose from. Students who complete graduate-level psychology degrees have great job opportunities. An MSc degree may lead to jobs as research and clinical assistants, while a doctorate is a necessity for those who wants to work with patients in a clinical setting and also to move into a research or an academic position. Many degree programs allow students to focus on a specialty area, including child development, abnormal psychology, counseling, social psychology, and cognition.The opportunities in research under this field are limitless.Psychology is a hot subject in developed nations like The United States and The United Kingdom where this course is sought after and valued.


Forensic science is the application of scientific knowledge and methodology to criminal investigations and legal problems. Forensic Science is a multidisciplinary subject, it encompasses various fields of science such as chemistry, biology, physics, geology, psychology, social science, engineering, etc.Forensic science is used every around the world to protect public and society, to enforce criminal laws and regulations and to resolve civil problems.Various universities in India offer certificate, bachelor and master courses in Forensic Science. After the master degree is successfully completed , then the student can even go for a Doctoral Degree course in Forensic Sciences.Jobs are offered in government as well as private sectors.

3)Agricultural SCIENCES

Agriculture as a field is not just about the traditional aspects related to farming and irrigation. The focus is now shifted to various other dimensions like Horticulture, Poultry Farming, Pisciculture, Dairy Farming, Agricultural Biotechnology,Agronomy etc. Agriculture is also being commercialized as proper attention is being paid to the marketing, distribution, and packaging of its output. It’s possible to pursue a postgraduate degree programme in agriculture related subject which will broaden the scope such as specializing in agronomy, soil sciences, horticulture, plant breeding and genetics, entomology, plant pathology, animal sciences, plant biochemistry, agriculture economics, biotechnology etc. Masters in various above listed Agriculture programs is a 2-year course.This course can be taken up by a candidate who holds a BSc degree in agriculture/ horticulture/ forestry from a recognized university with some qualifying marks.Job opportunities are available both in Government as well as Private Sectors.

4)Aviation industry

The aviation sector is one of the most attractive and best-paid sectors in the economy. In India, The civil aviation industry is a larges domestic market in the economy.The commercial pilot is one the most glamorous and most rewarding job in the Aviation industry. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, a candidate must have practical knowledge to become a commercial pilot. A Commercial pilot must train to get a Commercial Pilot license in order to secure a job in the aviation sector. A commercial pilot or Ferry Pilot will have many chances of getting placed in both Governments and Private Airlines & chattered flights.The interested candidate must be fluent in English,medically fit and must have learnt Maths and Physics in High School.

5)Visual communication

Visual Communication is a combination of illustration and graphic design from a marketing perspective with great emphasis on screen-based workmanship.It involves digital marketing and business identity design , logos, animation, photography, web design, illustration, packaging design, art direction, and most degrees will also have a theory dissertation. It contains all the information to help one become a Graphic Designer, with a scope that allows to to specialize with more flexibility than a degree in design.In short, visual communication is an amazing field with unlimited growth potential. They get hefty pay.Further, with experience, your earnings are bound to increase.

These are just a few options listed from a sea of options.The aim of this blog is to make readers aware that the bucks do not stop at Engineering or Medicine.There are umpty number of career options to choose from and succeed.Everyone can not find happiness within the conventional options imposed by the society.Times are changing and so should our mentality.Students should be encouraged to follow their passion and pursue courses they want.Sky is the limit!

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Types of Dream

In earlier post “Dreams as pseudo Oxygen”. I posted about dream and it’s importance. In this I explain about it’s types. It classified below

Ordinary dreams are the unconscious mind’s reactions to something witnessed or experienced by the conscious mind. For example, if you planned a vacation during the day, you might dream about beach that night.

Recurring dreams are the unconscious mind’s way to try and teach a lesson that needs to be learned. If you repeatedly dream about driving then passing the same sites at every turn, yet you never seem to get anywhere; your subconscious might be trying to encourage you to pay attention to and change up your routine.

Lucid dreams occur when you are actually aware that you’re dreaming and you have the power to control your dreams. You might decide to dream about singer before you go to sleep, and end up dreaming about singing with a band of singers.

Telepathic dreams open the door to communication between loved ones who’ve transitioned and your unconscious mind. It is called telepathic because communication with those who have passed on occurs with mind-to-mind communication. If a loved one shows up in your dream, pay attention to their presence. The easiest way for them to communicate is in dreams.

Premonitory dreams are premonitions but they can also allow the dreamer to travel into their future in a dream state. By doing so, they can witness things that could happen in the future. You could have a dream about the colour blue; which you decide to wear to work the next day. And, the moment you walk in, you notice that everyone else at work seemed to have had the same dream; everyone has something blue on. Premonitory dreams are often the source of Deja vu because the soul recognizes what it’s already witnessed in dreams.

Nightmares are a response to fear and often stem from both childhood and past lives. They can be brought on by a trigger during the waking hours. The soul houses all memories of its existence and, since we’re always learning, sometimes something we experience during our waking hours will perpetuate the soul memory of a similar situation. Warnings also can be perceived in nightmares: “if you first see a frightful event in a dream, you can prevent harm from happening in waking life. For example, nightmares can warn against acting on impulse, as well as show that certain feelings and emotions are unhealthy.”

Daydreams tend to occur when the body and mind are in a relaxed state, and are designed to distract the mind. A recent National Geographic article suggested that daydreaming turns off the analytical part of the brain and makes you more creative. This occurs because the mind seeks an escape from the task at hand, and therefore the creative side kicks in.

So, the Dreams are an incredible reminder of just how connected we are to the universal consciousness. They are a door, a portal that not only allows us to learn and grow but to also receive guidance and love from the worlds beyond this one.



Mixed farming is a type of agriculture in which crop production is combined with the rearing of livestock. The livestock enterprises are complementary to crop production, so as to provide a balance and productive system of farming. Mixed farming may be treated as a special case of diversified farming. This particular combination of enterprises, support each other and add to the farmer’s profitability.

Farming is very intensive and sometimes highly specialized with one portion of the farm being devoted entirely to arable farming and the other portion entirely to livestock.

This system of farming predominates in regions with a dense and highly urbanized population. Mixed farming encompasses much of the eastern USA, Canada, Western Europe, northwestern USA, Central Mexico, southern Brazil, parts of pampas, Central Chile, and South Africa. From Western Europe, a belt of mixed farming extends eastward into the Asiatic Russia through the central part of the European Russia.

Even though this type of farming was first developed in Europe and later spread to Americas, it is gaining importance in the less developed countries of Asia and Africa as a viable agricultural system.

A variety of crops are grown in the mixed farming region. Cereals dominate the crop land use, the leading grain vary with climate and soil. In the temperate regions wheat, maze and oats are the major crops with dairy cattle, sheep or pigs as animals. In tropical regions rice dominates in the humid regions with cattle and goats. Aquaculture and poultry is also integrated to it. In the drier parts jowar, bajra and ragi is integrated with cattle and goats.


Emoji – This term speaks a lot for itself. Emoji depicts pictography, there is an uncanny similarity between the English words “Emoji” and “Emotions”. Emoji is especially used by the youngsters as they haven’t got much time to write a lot and they tend to make it more fun. Emotions can be expressed through these cute and humorous emojis. Emojis are only available in smart phones and very rarely on feature phones. In today’s life, we cannot imagine an “Emoji” less world. It is a must have for we youngsters. Earlier we used Smileys which was a most simplified version of Emojis where punctuation marks were used like full stop, semi colon, exclamation marks etc. Emoji is basically the faces which shows several sentiments. This makes the online conversation much more funnier and easier, not having to type lengthy texts while you are texting someone else. Every year we celebrate World Emoji Day, as on 17th July every year. This is the modern world where chatting is becoming must to carry on day to day activities and for entertainment. Emoji is everyone’s best friend. What we cannot say through a call or even through texting, we can just do it by dropping an emoji. It is a much subtle way to reveal the sentiments without overdoing anything. Sending emoji is a casual and informal way, and is not something dignified or professional. We were certainly very fond of smiley, we repeatedly used to send those smiley to each other. Emojis are more modern way of Smiley, having a lot more varieties. There are happy emojis, sad emojis, exclamatory emojis, angry emojis, also there are flags of other countries, furniture, foods, we have all in our smartphones. Emojis can be tricky sometimes, when used sarcastically, if a person sends a text and an emoji just opposite to it, this signifies mockery. Emojis come handy as to text a friend or in groups. As because we are so deeply engrossed into social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, it is not always possible to write long texts in an informal conversation more than one at a time, usage of emojis makes it faster and easier. Emojis are also handy to use when you are certainly not in a mood to text or chat, just want to end it up without being rude. It is also used to freshen the mood and make it more entertaining. There are several kinds of laughter Emojis. Emojis like casual smile, fun, extremely happy, laughing in tears, laughing heartily as we normal humans do. While in a call you can guess a person’s nature of behavior, but through emojis you cannot very easily get hold of his conduct or instincts, When we are extremely busy and we have to reply and cannot offend the other person, few emojis will easily sort the matter out. Emoji can be helpful during sadness, as it is difficult to express these feelings very easily. Emojis are also relatable for a birthday wish, as it is a more decent and fair way to show joviality, or to wish for any festivities to the close ones. Many people who cannot type or on keypads can henceforth use emojis to express themselves. Emojis are very efficient aspects to use while a person is busy in work or while travelling. Emojis speak a lot more than mere words, what words cannot express, emojis can.

However, a person can understand emojis wrongfully, if it is sent on a hurried note, the person receiving it shall think that emoji is a sign of an ignorant attitude. While texting, imagine you by mistake send a wrong emoji to the recipient, and there is no possibility of correcting it out, like sending any unsuitable emoji to an elderly person or a much younger person, it is very disrespectful on your part. There are various emojis of sports, fruits, veggies and is so much impactful while conversing. No body likes to type lengthy messages or unwanted chatting, also if we are not having the time to type texts separately we can just forward the emoji and the work is done. Without emojis an important part of our life such as chatting which is essential by all means, for official purpose or family group or with friends, it would become much boring and we will start feeling lethargic real soon. Improper usage of emojis can break the conversation even. There are several emojis on our smartphones as gifts to express gratitude and thankfulness.


A world that nurtures minds rather than butchers them still seems like a distant dream. A world which nurtures minds and teaches them how to dream seems like a wicked fantasy compared to the reality!

Growing up, people have this very false apprehension that kids have it easy, maybe they do know how it’s like, for they’ve also been young! Maybe they’ve been amended by the harsh reality; which our soul more often than not tries to run away from. Seeking refuge in some surreal vision.

Rather than striving to bring about a change, we the people often approach ripe minds with queries which should be not more than questions of sheer enlightenment but rather we do the complete opposite, a far more severe manifestation of the same, which is more or less like a violent blow to the gut. 

The promises of tomorrow are often bombarded by bizarre questions like, “ what will you do in some years down the line?”, “what are your dreams?”, “Don’t you have any dreams boy?” and many more such obscene verbal inquires, without paying much heed into the aftermath.

The careless wandering souls would care less about the whole essence of such moments and will carry on with their endeavor, but the poor innocent ones are the ones that often fall prey to such thoughtless stunts, crippling their innocent little minds till they get redemption on their own. Setting their tiny minds into a frenzy, making them hesitant to settle about and making them flying into the unknown like a broken kite without direction. 

What people often fail to realise is the simplicity of the reality, that a nudge or two by such people to young minds could do wonders, unaware and unwilling to accept the bitter truth and shying away from doing the needful.

To err is to human but to forgive is divine” , but yet people have been consistently failing to bring about changes in this aspect of life. Frowning upon the ones learning from their mishaps and setting forth doing the same errors over and again.

We are who we are, our actions speaks for itself, we are the end-stories of our endeavors. We as a people, rather than setting forth to blame the rest have to realize that blaming one or the other ain’t the need of the hour. We indubitably own it to ourselves to seize the day and bring about the change much needed.

We owe it to them, then ones who have brought upon a change. The ones who have paved the way for generations and more untiringly erecting a different world. A world that brings hope and one which promises us a better dawn to look forward to. These alleged misfits who trembled upon the road less taken to pave the way for the rest, clearly depicts a key lesson, that Change is inevitable and that change is necessary. For Revolution is impersonal!

A world which nurtures minds rather than butchers them may seem like a distant dream. A world which nurtures minds and teaches them how to dream can be our wicked reality!

The Psychological Connection to Hobbies

Most of us have had a childhood interest or a hobby which was our favourite pastime. With not much to do all day, we would spend our time engaging in different unique and creative activities. Not only saving us from boredom, these hobbies have provided us with lot of benefits and shaped us into becoming what we are today.

Almost everyone had a favourite pastime activity which would keep us busy in our childhood. Starting from painting, doodling to collecting stamps, pebbles, train tickets and what not. When asked about their hobbies many people were found to narrate happy tales of their childhood. In today’s busy world where it is difficult to even take a day off from work, we tend to lose touch with our creative sides. Thinking about our childhood days makes us realise how long it had been since these hobbies were a part of our lives. Sports, music, crafts have all been pushed aside in adulthood by our busy schedules and responsibilities. In the midst of all these we have not realised how important these had been in shaping us and how amazing it would be to revisit these days by going back to those hobbies.

As children we had many different ways to spend our times. Some of us were into painting and crafts, some were into musical instruments, while some had the interesting habit of collecting stuffs. All these hobbies seem simple but studies show that there is a lot more to it.

There’s a lot of factual information about the importance of art in a child’s development. Researches show that individuals who have been into art and crafts in their childhood are found to be more expressive and have better communication skills. Experimenting with art makes children open to broader ideas and help them handle unexpected situations with ease.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

Collecting is believed to be a psychological impulse. Collection is a historical practice and it ranges from stamps, books, tickets, coins to leaves and pebbles. People maintain the habit of collecting due to various reasons. Some collect due to an interest in the things that the collections represent, while others view collection as a pleasurable form of owning something. The different aspects attached with it makes the psychology behind it so interesting. It has been known that individuals who had the habit of collecting grow up to be careerist individuals in future. As the saying goes “An individual’s childhood is reflection of their life”. Collectors are also known to make better social connections and more friendships.

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Individuals engaging with music from a very young age tend to enjoy musical instruments. Engaging with music makes us happy and lifts our spirits. Studies show that music improve our brain functions and it keeps the brain active. It has also been known that music helps in retaining information and develops memory. Children who have had such hobbies grow up to be smart individuals.

Google had encouraged its employees to devote 20 percent of their time to side projects of their interest. It was a very innovative decision on the part of the company and it yielded amazing results. It has been known that following this, employees have performed more productively in their work and have achieved more. There are innumerable ways in which hobbies help in one’s overall growth and development. Most of us have lost touch with these but we can surely try and revive those habits. In fact, discovering childhood hobbies can make our lives better and make us happier. It feels amazing to revive those countless memories we have with an instrument or a habit. This will also help us become more productive in our work. Investing one’s time in areas of interest alongside their career can yield incredible results and, in the process, will make us better individuals with a more holistic outlook towards life.

Covid-19 Rapid antigen tests across India

With the increase in Covid-19 cases, many state governments across the country have started conducting rapid antigen tests to speed up the process of testing.

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The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had previously approved the use of Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) kits for the detection of Covid 19. The test uses nasal swab samples for detection and can be performed outside laboratory settings. The kit is able to give quick results in about 30 minutes so it will be possible to conduct large number of tests. The Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) will be conducted in both Covid 19 hospitals and containment zones. According to ICMR guidelines the test needs to be conducted under strict medical supervision and the kit temperature need to be maintained between 2 to 30-degree Celsius. Also, after the collection of the sample, the test needs to be conducted within an hour for a correct and effective result.

The test can be used on different categories of patients – Patients with influenza like symptoms and suspected of being infected with covid 19, Asymptomatic patients who are hospitalised and belong to high risk groups with other comorbidities, and Asymptomatic patients undergoing surgical/non-surgical procedures like dental surgery, dialysis etc.

It has been pointed out that the rapid tests are very specific to the virus but not as sensitive as RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests. ICMR guidelines suggest that patients getting positive results can be considered a true positive while patients getting negative results should be tested following a RT-PCR method for a reconfirmation. SD Biosensor, the company which has been allowed by the ICMR to manufacture the test kits suggests that a negative result may be possible due to either a poor-quality specimen or if the concentration level of the antigen in the specimen is lower than the sensitivity of the test. There is also the possibility of difference in sensitivity between individuals of different age groups.

Many states including Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi have started with these tests. The Madhya Pradesh government has planned to increase the number of testing to 2500 per day with the introduction of the rapid tests in the state capital Bhopal. Once the tests give good result it will be implemented in other districts as well. Previously RT-PCR test method was being used to conduct tests which required a laboratory setting and was more time consuming. Using the more simplified rapid antigen testing method and as a part of the ‘Kill Corona’ campaign the government has decided to reach out to larger sections of the society. The West Bengal government has also started using rapid antigen test kits. State minister Firhad Hakim has introduced the rapid antigen testing in parts of South Kolkata where about 50 people underwent the test. According to him these kits will help in detecting the infection in a speedy manner. According to Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) officials the tests will be conducted across 16 boroughs of the civic body. From the results the positive reports were also sent to the health department. Rapid tests were also conducted across Delhi, but the Arvind Kejriwal government had been pulled up by the Delhi high court for over dependence on the tests. This is because the Delhi government had asked all healthcare facilities to conduct RAT testing on individuals having a ‘high risk’. It has been said that the Rapid tests are quicker but not as reliable as the RT-PCR tests. The RAT tests have a possibility of giving false negative reports. If the test results are positive, one can be sure of the result but in case of negative results there is a possibility of the results being false, so one cannot entirely rely on them. All patients getting negative reports need to be examined once more with the RT-PCR method.

While the RAT testing has led to high number of tests, the issue of false negatives is something to be concerned about. As a result of the mixed reactions on the RAT tests it is yet to be known whether they can be used a reliable method of testing in future.

Digital Marketing

  • What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is marketing and advertising of business ,person, service or product using electronic device and digital technologies. Few examples of digital technologies are social media (Facebook, WhatsApp ,Instagram etc.) ,email ,SMS.
Basically, digital marketing refers to any online marketing efforts or assets.

  • Why digital marketing ?

With the growth of electronic devices and Internet, more people are spending their time online. Over 7.7 billion people use the Internet across the globe. It’s become an integral part of everyday life to conduct searches, check social media, and purchase products online.

Your customers are online, which highlights the importance of digital marketing. They’re browsing the web looking for your products or services. If they can’t find them because you don’t have an online presence, you risk losing those leads to your competitors.

To drive the best results for your business, you need to build your online presence. You will reach more leads that want your products or services.

You have options, which isn’t the case when using traditional marketing. With traditional marketing, you have fewer choices. You only have a couple of channels available, like radio, print, and TV, and many of these channels are expensive, which limits your choices further.

Choosing to use Internet marketing gives your company access to a range of strategies. You can pick the ones that match your business, goals, and target market the best, which helps you maximize the impact of online marketing on your bottom line.

  • How does Digital Marketing work ?

Digital marketing works by using a number of different strategies. Each of these may serve a totally different purpose even though they have a common goal. The strategies work together in order to drive relevant traffic to a business (either online or off) and then convert a one time visitor into a returning, loyal customer.

  • Types of Digital Marketing

There are several types of digital marketing some of them are :-

1. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

2. PPC

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC.

3. Content marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It is often used by businesses in order to: Attract attention and generate leads. Expand their customer base. Generate or increase online sales.

4. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

6. SMS marketing

SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, is a method by which businesses and organizations send out specials, coupons, promotions, alerts, and more via highly targeted, permission-based, opt-in text messages.

7. Video marketing

Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.

  • How to create digital marketing strategy ?

Learn how to create digital marketing strategy now :-

  1. Determine your digital marketing goals.
  2. Choose your digital marketing channels.
  3. Set your digital marketing budget.
  4. Develop your digital marketing strategy.
  5. Launch your digital marketing strategy
  6. Monitor your digital marketing campaigns.
  7. Implement digital marketing campaigns improvements.
  8. Measure your digital marketing ROI.

  • How to find a digital marketing agency ?

You can find dozens of digital marketing agencies with a search on Google, but finding the perfect one for your business takes work. You need to determine your budget, research your options, meet your potential partner, and more to find the best agency for your company.

Get started on your search by following these steps:

  • Brainstorm some digital marketing goals
  • Choose a few preferred web marketing strategies
  • Determine an online marketing budget .
  • Compile a list of potential agencies by searching online and asking colleagues
  • Review each agency’s prices, services, and what their services include
  • Explore each agency’s case studies,testimonials and reviews
  • Request a custom quote or proposal from each agency
  • Meet with the agency and ask questions about their approach, results, and background.

Solar Energy a solution?

Over the last decade, solar energy seems to be an outstanding investment for people abroad. This trend is gradually taking place in India also, a solar power plant 750MW was inaugurated in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh on July 10th, 2020 by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi through video conferencing. Several other power plants show promising results in reducing the carbon footprint by approximately 15 lakh tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. This shows India’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprints. The advocates of Non-Conventional energy Resources usually emphasize Solar Energy as the panacea. But is it this way or there is some bigger demon lurking out there? Solar power plants have some major drawbacks associated with them, decreasing the carbon footprint level is irrefutably a major advantage but a coin always has two sides, and therefore solar power plants have their drawbacks. The foremost drawback is the associated higher initial cost is one of a limitation and therefore people are reluctant to install in their homes. The cumulative cost of solar panels is staggering. Also, solar plants need a lot of land for installation, Rewa power plant India’s 4th largest plant covers 1500 hectares land. Although being located in a drought-hit area still has several complications of its own like disturbing the delicate ecosystems and species. Birds flying atop plants get incinerated, some crash into panels and other infrastructure. Many science believe that such large conglomeration of panels does more harm than good, it’s better to have rooftop panels rather than solar farms. Still, academic research is going on, and therefore nothing can be said for sure. Although they have low maintenance still some problems can creep in, as nothing is foolproof. Some common defects include microcracking, delamination, internal corrosion. Microcracks are cracks invisible to the human eye but weathering effects show telling effects. Due to these cracks moisture creeps in, cause delamination and corrosion of the internal components, thereby attenuating the panel. Solar panels might be seen as a viable option in the deserts due to the low maintenance and huge input but they require water as a part of their maintenance due to the huge sunlight and dirt that accumulates on to them. Hot spots build at these spots causing the panel to overheat and to overcome the problem clean water is required to wash away the dirt. At places which are already fighting the battle for potable water, using waters at such farms seems implausible and unethical. While solar farms don’t have any associated greenhouse emissions during the production of energy, but still the emissions during the manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance, decommissioning need to be considered.
To bring down the carbon emissions to compelling values governments should provide incentives for solar installations and those incentives should reach the consumer rather than being used up in bureaucratic friction. Since this technology is still embryonic, researches are still going therefore it won’t be wise to comment. But looking at the aforementioned points it is wise to have rooftops solar panels rather than solar farms.

Photo by Ryan Searle on Unsplash

Coronavirus Family vs Humans

Corona virus or Covid 19 has conferred all of us at homes. Words such as ‘Lockdown’, Shutdown’, ‘Isolation’ we have cam across in History Books, is a harsh reality for the world today indeed. Corona Virus has created a havoc worldwide, Especially for the old aged community of people. It is not allowed to shake hands or give a warm hug when you meet or greet someone. Covid 19 has made our lives much more difficult and less happening. A situation of Pandemic has been created by this disease named as Covid 19, as declared by World Health Organization. The symptoms for this disease are cough, sore throat, feeling lethargic, fever just common symptoms for a normal flu, but the strangest part is that it can cause even a loss of life. While it has been strictly declared by the Government that going out and making an crowd isn’t safe but some reckless and desperate people won’t care to follow them. They should know that many rules has been made not just for their own safety, but also to ensure the safety of their loved ones. It should be realized that these steps are taken for our awareness on safety. We are human being, superior to all other creatures so we don’t easily until something really dangerous happens to us. We shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Government and make stuffs like marks, hand gloves, sanitizers the most crucial part of our lives. We shall maintain proper hygiene while travelling by public transport till reaching to a public place and should ensure social distancing. Social distancing means maintaining at least 6feet distance from on other to avoid physical contact. We should also use masks to protect ourselves from the dust and be less prone to viruses outside our homes. Sanitizers are a must have before touching any stuffs also, sprays are also available. Wearing a mask won’t harm anyone but not wearing a mask would surely do. Hands should be sanitized well before eating or drinking anything. Sanitization in all the public places are mandatory. Maintaining personal stuff and washing them properly after every uses shall keep us away from any viruses. Self Quarantining is absolutely essential for a Covid positive Patient for lowering the chance of spreading. We should take proper vitamins and minerals to create that hard immunity which is deliberately needed and must have to fight with the corona family to keep the human race intact. A person having progressive mindset should understand the urgency of the situation and hence act accordingly. He should not go out without having any important reason. It is our duty to give mental support to corona positive patients and treat them with utmost care sot they get the motivation to fight back this deadly disease. If possible, more companies shall take up the initiative to make the employees work from home, to avoid gatherings or official meetings shall be conducted on video calls. Technology should be used more often in this condition and manual works shall be excluded. We should be careful enough not to sneeze or cough openly. We should also refrain ourselves from talking to others or touching anyone without a mask or proper sanitization. Spending a lot more time at home with the family will normalize the situation lot more and would relieve stress and cut down the negative feelings. We all need the constant support of family in this crucial times. The best part we all can do is to educate or acknowledge others about the seriousness of this matter and so they will stop taking human lives as a practical joke. Carelessness is the main drawback of struggling with a pandemic situation as thousands of people are dying everyday because of being not aware enough. Corona virus family will surely leave us someday, if we follow the principles prescribed by the doctors. We should not gather together like we used to do, just to combat the disease. If each and every people starts having this self consciousness we can get rid of Corona virus very soon.


Is adding artificial Fluoride in drinking water necessary? There is no clear evidence that
Fluoride is an essential nutrient for the human body. However, it is necessary to have an adequate
amount of Fluoride in the body to prevent tooth related problems. Research has found out that
Fluoride is found in all water sources, so adding chemical Fluoride leads to health problems.
According to the article “Fluoride in drinking water” by the WHO (World Health Organization)
points out that the concentration of artificial Fluoride above its value can cause an increased risk
of dental fluorosis, and much higher concentrations will lead to skeletal fluorosis. The
recommended value for artificial fluoridation of water supplies is usually 0.5–1.0 mg/litre. Many
cities add artificial Fluoride into their ground drinking water. The top cities are China and India.
With numerous research by Zhang, Zhao, et al., they analyzed and put forward their finding in
their article “Spatial distribution of fluoride in drinking water and health risk assessment of
children in typical fluorosis areas in north China” which stated that in places with endemic
fluorosis. However, water fluoride level is maintained, health education and health promotion
strategies are still necessary, and their importance must be highly valued. Many surveys and
research have been conducted regarding Fluoride in water and its harmful cause to human health.
All the article supports that adding an excess amount of Fluoride in the drinking water is harmful
to human health. The article is supported by numerous reach and surveys that were participated
in various parts of the world.

Is vaccination worth taking?

Vaccination is known to strengthen our immune system that will help prevent diseases.
According to the article (Against vaccination), taking a vaccine in most cases leads to deaths. It
states that taking the vaccine is highly noxious than a disease. However, I argue that although
there is a possible danger at the initial stage of taking the vaccine, it is an excellent solution to
prevent oneself from subsequent danger from assimilating diseases.

Vaccine causing several deaths. The article “against vaccination” states that VAERS has received
several reports about dangerous reactions to vaccination. The report was taken into
considerations from doctors ( “The U.S. FDA’s VAERS”. n.d). This claim does not support
evidence that gives us the correct report about the leading cause of the people dying of the
vaccine. The vaccine can cause reactions to some individuals and also death. However, a small
number of cases can not be concluded that the vaccine is dangerous.

What works better vaccine or homeopathy?. The claim that the article makes that vaccine does
not assure the prevention of diseases and that homeopathy works better. This statement is taken
into account because of the historical fact that the death rate was less in homeopathic hospitals.
( “death rate of only 3%”, n.d). However, this statement is biased, and we cannot verify that
homeopathy works better by taking the statistic of the death rate of one hospital.
The advance of technology medication has improved, and we also cannot prove that homeopathy
works best to prevent deceases.

Some specific vaccines can have side effects on individuals, especially with infants, but we
cannot generalize or consider that it is harmful and does not help prevent disease. The vaccine is
a stimulant of antibodies that, in rare cases, does not suit an individual’s body and may lead to
death, but that does not authenticate the vaccine as a harmful agent.

Is being different a curse?

Indian Gorkhas or the Bhartiya Gorkhas are Nepali language speaking Indian citizens. Indian
Gorkhas are the citizens of India as per the broadsheet notification of the Government of
India, on the publication of citizenship of the Gorkhas of India. However, the Indian Gorkhas
are faced with a unique identity crises and vilifications with regard to their Indian
The history it traces back to the British times when there was a mass labour movement for the
flourishing resources in the area and they were dragged into this segment. Little did they
know that the impact of this action would be so outrageous for the coming generations. This
account has led to issues such as racial discrimination, ethnic plight, cultural dilemma in the
present scenario. A common identity for identification in a big country like India without
being fraudulent as an outsider is the major obstacle. Individuals presently are simply
judged, remarked on the grounds that they appear to be different. They fail to see the plight of
the citizens as humans, thus sharing the glimpses of the biased account of history making the
lives of these citizens unsparing by their own motherland.
The fight still continues an is never ending, therefore as in democracy, we decide our future.
We should likewise decide how our coming generation remember Nepalese as a community
of India in between all its differences.

Human boundaries.

Castes seem to have originated more than 2,000 years ago. Under this
system, which is associated with Hinduism, people were categorized by their occupations.
Although originally caste depended upon a person’s work, it soon became hereditary. Each
person was born into an unalterable social status. The four primary castes are Brahmin, the
priests; Kshatriya, warriors and nobility; Vaisya, farmers, traders and artisans; and Shudra,
tenant farmers, and servants. Some people were born outside of (and below) the caste system.
They were called “untouchables” or Dalits—”the crushed ones.”
During the 1900’s Marriage across caste lines was strictly forbidden. Most
people even married within their own sub-caste or jati. At mealtimes, anyone could accept
food from the hands of a Brahmin, but a Brahmin would be polluted if he or she took certain
types of food from a lower caste person. At the other extreme, if an untouchable dared to
draw water from a public well, he or she polluted the water, and nobody else could use it. In
religious worship, Brahmins, as the priestly class, presided over rituals and services including
preparation for festivals and holidays, as well as marriages and funerals. The Kshatriya and
Vaisya castes had full rights to worship, but in some places, Shudras (the servant caste) were
not allowed to offer sacrifices to The Gods. Untouchables were barred entirely from temples,
and sometimes they were not even allowed to set foot on temple grounds. If the shadow of an
untouchable touched a Brahmin, the Brahmin would be polluted, so untouchables had to lay
face-down at a distance when a Brahmin passed.
They were not allowed to sit in school with their counterparts if they were of lower caste,
they were told to sit in a gunny cloth and the servant would not touch the gunny bag touched by the Dalits. They could not drink water from one tank, as they would pollute the whole
water, they could not even quench their thirst before the touchable person opened that tap. No
waterman washed their clothes not because they didn’t have money but they were of so-
called lower caste.
According to 2011 census the Dalits comprise of 16.6 per cent of India’s
population. 2014 report to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, over 44.8 per cent of Scheduled
Tribe (ST) and 33.8 per cent of Scheduled Caste (SC) populations in rural India were
living below the poverty line in 2011–12. In urban areas, 27.3 per cent of ST and 21.8 per
cent of SC populations were below the poverty line. Caste is something like blood which
flown into the bodies from grandparents to parents and from them to us. No matter how much
people deny it, it’s somewhere alive in the body. According to a 2007 report by Human
Rights Watch (HRW), the treatment of Dalits has been like a “hidden apartheid” and that they
“endure segregation in housing, schools, and access to public services”. Whereas, A general
category category of poor family is denied admission to a government college even if he
scores twice the marks scored by a reserved category so called backward candidate. Even if
the so-called backward candidate has a lavish life style. So many people justify themselves as
a lower caste but has a better economic status than most of the people but still take all the
benefits from the government. They have exploited the whole economy of the government
that way. Many people therefore have lost their desired right because of it.
Differences between human beings are never going to end as long as human
race exists. We as humans, if see someone as lower to you, you should still regard them as
fellow human beings and help them in need. Caste should not be based upon surname or
where we are born from, no human should be treated unfair. Everyone is equal and if
reservation is followed it should be solely based of economic status, so that we can really be
with the needy.

Growing popularity of Korean music (K-pop)

K-POP is a short form used for Korean music, it is a musical genera originated in South
Korea. Its musical roots is spreading all over the world, but why is K-POP (Korean music)
gaining so much popularity in the western world, despite the music being in a foreign language?
I argue that the growing popularity of K-POP (Korean music) as a global phenomenon,
especially in the western part of the world, is due to factors like social media, the influence of
western culture, and the idols multilingual skills that plays a crucial role in the success of Korean
The impact of social media in circulating and facilitating the rapid growth of Korean
music, making it a global phenomenon. Social media has played a crucial role in the growth of
Korean music. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and specially YouTube is the
leading social networking site that is constantly helping in the growth of K-POP. For example the
article by Dal Young Jin, he point out how young adults instead of buying CDs and DVDs and
watching famous culture on theatres or television are now using social media such as YouTube
and Facebook to relish poplar music. (Jin & Yoon as cited in Dal Yong Jin, 2018). The Korean
music industries does not confine itself or are reluctant on popular networking sites. They have
mastered the business of globally promoting individual K-POP group. They have developed
online games with animated K-POP idols characters, sites where global fans can communicate
with they admired idols irrespective from where they are and online merchandise that represent
particular groups. The Seattle Times had published an article by Sohee Kim and Pei Yi Mak focusing on how “mastermind mind producer”( Sohee Kim & Pei Yi Mak, 2019, p1)has built a
strong fortune.“In addition to Big Hit’s proprietary merchandise such as games and cushions to
pajamas featuring characters created by BTS, there’s even a line of Barbie dolls.Bang is a low-
key figure not known for the ostentatious displays of wealth often seen in K-pop.” (p1) this
statement indicates that not only social networking site but social website like games and online
shopping has also played a vital role in the growth of Korean music.
K-POP idols have robust multilingual skills, which act as a catalyst in the growing
popularity of Korean music. The idols not only vigorously learn how to perform their music in
front of the audience but also train for several years to master different languages. The idols are
taught to communicate with different ethnicity in different ways. which not only helps them
connect with their fans in and around Asia but globally. It is said that “Having a multilingual
skill not only appeals to the fans in Asia, but it makes it more accessible to fans in the western
world.” (Alicia Prince, 2013, p5). Having a multilingual skill helps them understand and
communicate with fans and most importantly they can attend interviews and award shows held in
the western world without a translator. According to billboard news, the fluent English speaker
among the idols translate the things that are difficult for other members to catch up (Caitlin
Kelley, 2017). This also goes for other languages such as French, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese
that are popular language among the idols.(Koreaboo 2018). We can take an example of a
Korean idol Henry who can speak six different languages “ Korean, English, Cantonese, French,
Thai and mandarin.”( Hannahlex 2018, p 8). The process does not end here due to the growing
popularity of K-POP, the western fan is taking a major part in learning Korean language to have
a better understanding of what the idols is telling. According to an article by BBC News The
latest “statistics show 14,000 students are learning Korean in the US, compared to only 163 two decades earlier.” (Matt Pickles, 2018, p2). We cam estimate that not only the idols but also the
fans are taking part in learning languages to cut the language barriers between them.
The western music culture having a huge influence on K-POP, which is also one of the
factor that leads to the popularity of Korean music. Nevertheless an article about the influence of
western music on K-POP states that “American music culture has the most significant impact on
the evolution of the Korean music regarding the style of the music and the preference of the
domestic audience and these influence are still apparent even in the contemporary K-pop musical
products” (Stephen, 2018, p1). The agencies send their idols to different parts in the west to
promote them self as well as learn and adapt western music culture. Many K-pop idols have done
covers of western music artist in many of their concerts or have posted it on YouTube which
grabbed most Westerners attention. According Zheng , Korean music has incorporated elements
of American pop, hip-hop, and R&B along with their synchronized dances. ( Hua Zheng, 2018).
Over the past few years there has been a rapid collaboration between American musician and K-
POP groups. Many famous American artists have collaborated with the Korean idols and
produced songs that has made it to the top ten billboard charts.K-pop group like BTS and
western musician Steve Aoki are know for their outstanding works, and are taking advantage of
it. “Waste It On Me” one of their best hit is the third collaboration between the Korean boy band
and the American DJ and producer, following their collaborative hits “Mic Drop” and “The Truth
Untold.” “Waste It On Me” is BTS’ first all-English song, connecting the language gap between
them and their English-speaking fans.(Jean Natividad, 2018)

The growing popularity of Korean music is phenomenal, and factors like social media, western music culture and idols multilingual skills play a vital role in helping it grow in
the western part of the world. However, we cannot deny the fact that the idol’s hard work, talent,
and, most importantly, dedication played a significant role in the growth of Korean music K-POP
in the western world.


We often think that rationality and intelligence are technically similar; however, it is not. It is
said that a person can be a rational thinker with very little intelligence. People who are rational
use logic and reason to solve everyday problems or situations. The article states that rationality
differs between person to person and are three types: “automatic mind,” “algorithmic mind,” and
“ reflective mind.” which is, however, interesting and can be taken into consideration because it
somehow explains how minds can work.
It is said that rationality can be learned and taught, which means that the knowledge of
reasoning can be acquired thought-out life. Statical and scientific thinking is considered as the
primary source that helps in gaining the technique of reasoning. The fundamental strategy to
learn to reason is to think the opposite. Taking many deliberations to analyze things is the best
way to fall prey.
However, if an individual solves a tricky question in his/her examination, will it be considered,
will it be regarded as solving the problem using rational thinking or intelligence?

Knowledge as internally certifiable

Is knowledge internally certifiable? According to Descartes, if there is a proposition (that is a
statement or a judgement), then there is an argument that shows that the proposition is true. The
premise is “true or introspection” by introspection or examination or observation of own mental
processes. Descartes gives weightage in introspection he says that the given premise can be
considered valid because of introspection and priori reasoning.
According to Descartes, if a subject is confident that a conclusion is true, then the subject should
also know that all the premises related to it are accurate and that he knows that is true because
through the experience. The main element is that introspection gives us knowledge about the
connection between inside and outside of our minds.
How do we know Descartes’s theory is reliable? According to the article, the author agrees to
Descartes’s view, but his approach differs. It supports that knowledge need connection as to what
is going inside the mind is what is going outside. However, he does not acknowledge the theory
of a premise to be true does not need introspection and priori reasoning because the subject does
not have to know that the premises related to being right.

The misinterpretation of miracles.

The miracle happens not because of a supernatural entity. However, instead, because it is a rare
occurrence that makes us think of it as a miracle. Once something happens too much, we no
longer see it as a miracle, and it becomes part of the natural order of things. The interpretation of
a positive outcome of situations is often considered as a miracle. I argue that the belief in
miracles is due to the rare occurrence of situations that cause individuals to believe that a
supernatural force is a subject for its outcome.
The lack of evidence to support the occurrence of miracles. The article (A drop in the sea) does
a marvellous job in emphasizing the fact that the occurrence of miracles lacks evidence to
support the claim. The infrequent occurrence of any event may lead the people to believe that
miracles occur. For example, seeing a shooting star, which is not a common phenomenon that we
see every day, maybe interpreted as a miracle by some people who say it for the first time.
However, if there is enough evidence for an unusual situation, do we consider it a miracle or an
unfrequent or rare situation?
There is no proper evidence that miracles may or may not occur. Nevertheless, the lack of
evidence to support the occurrence of that miracle lacks, which loses its creditability.

Evil Genius

Is God an evil genius? According to Descartes, God is excellent; however, there is an oil genius
who is as powerful as God. The evil has deceived Descartes, and he thinks that the universe,
heaven and all the things around the bus are just dreams and illusion that the evil has taken up
himself. He falsely believes that he has posses no physical attributes. He states that evil can
deprive us of all the attributes that surround us. There is a good line in the article stating that evil
follows and does according to his direction and words.
A good example can be taken from the article about Tom, who has an illusion of a bowl of
flower, which he thought was there and now it was not present. He has an illusion of touching
the flower petal and sniffing the flower; however, there was no flower but was paper. Another
encounter of strangeness is when his friend enters the room. However, her physical appearance
looked strange. Everything around him is unusual than he is acquaintance off. This example
concludes that the evil deceives tom, the evil tries to mislead Tom to think about what is not
valid. According to the article, the illusion is something that looks and sounds like a thing that
we are likely to mistake with the thing we are looking for. Nevertheless, in the end, the article
concludes that evil is not deceiving us, but he was posting that he could deceive us.


Students who do well on exams manage self-impression in various ways when engaging with
other students after receiving their grades. According to Denial Albas and Cheryl Alba’s
individual frequently alter their demeanor towards others to convey the impression which intern
are in favor to them, there are three categories of students the ‘Aces’ the ‘Middle of the
Roaders’ and the ‘Bombers’ who knows that they must create a self-impression for them to be
regarded as a praiseworthy people (Denial and Cheryl,1988,p.290). Self-impression of “Aces”
when encountered by an “Aces” are likely to be accessible because “it’s much easier to admit a
high mark to someone who has done better than you, or at least well” (Denial and Cheryl,
1988,p.298). However, the self-impression is utterly different between the encounter of an ‘Aces’
and ‘Bomber’ for the students who did well on their exam are most likely to interact with the
bombers but hesitate because they remember how poorly they had performed before the
interaction began. ( Denial and Cheryl,1988). In conclusion, the student who does well is often
modest with their self-impression towards others, especially towards people with low grades to
preserve one’s honour.

How do we know things exist?

Are we aware of our surroundings? Simple things and day-to-day tasks are the things that we
are aware of, such as our physical future and our natural surroundings. However, how do we
exactly know if it exists? What if everything was just a dream or when we make up we feel it is
was all a hallucination. So trying to prove that there was an outside world would be a part of the
dream. Trying a different way to prove that there is an outside world would be useless. Slapping
or pinching yourself to wake up from that dream would not work.
Observations can be mistaken, but other observations can also correct it. Our idea of things that
exist is just our idea. If we see a snake in our dream and ounce, we wake up; we will realize that
it was just a reflection of a grass. Our belief in the world is outside our minds comes very
quickly; therefore, we do not need any ground or proof for it. We can live with it because there
may be a possibility of our belief becoming false, or we have no basis for ruling out the

The portrayal of women in social media.

In the article Women’s self-sexualization in photos on social media (2017, June 15), Laura
R. Ramsey, Amber L. Horan, tries to scrutinize the level at which young female post sexually
appealing pictures of themselves on social media because they are longing for public attention.
(Ramsey and Horan, 2017)
There has been widespread growth in women’s sexualization, especially in western media.
As a result, women have destitute body image about themselves; their tolerance level towards sex
violence against women has increased, and also women are now more prominent supporters of
sexist beliefs (Ramsey and Horan, 2017). According to Ramsey and Horan, women self objectify
themselves in a sexualized manner which could be used as an object; women give more value to
what others think about them, people’s perspective and how they look {physically}.
Young adult posting pictures in social media like Instagram and Facebook has always been much
of a public concern (Ramsey and Horan, 2017)example, “in early 2016 journalist Nancy Jo Sales
published a book about girls’ sexualized behaviour online that immediately made into the New
York Times Best Seller list, and online article about the book garnered hundreds of concerned
comment” (e.g.,NPR, 2016). (Ramsey and Horan, 2017, para 1).

According to research by (Manago, Graham, Greenfield and Salimkhan, 2018), young
women post sexually appealing pictures on social media and does not bound themselves with
cultural obligations and uploads pictures with minimum amount of clothing to make it more sexual,which is likely to receive more likes or views with flooding number of positive comment. (Ramseyand Horan, 2017)

The growing popularity of social media site has made it more vulnerable for the young adult
to post self-sexualized pictures of themselves, even the sites emphasis and promotes in sharing
sexual pictures which is in the way of supporting self-sexualization. (Ramsey and Horan, 2017).
(Daniels and Zurbriggen, 2016) Found out posting sexually appealing pictures comes with a price,
In their experiment, they found out sexualized profile pictures of women were viewed less alluring
and not competent when tallied with her non-sexualized profile picture by other young women. It
was also found that young men were only sexually attracted to women who posted sexualizing
pictures and were not interested in committing to a relationship with them. (Moreno, Swanson,
Royer, and Robert, 2011).

(Sherman et al., 2016) points out the primary motivation of women posting self-sexualized
photos on social media showed the want of attention from the audience, which is the main factor
that acts as a motivation manifested by likes and comments on uploaded pictures. (Ramsey and
Horan 2017). The finding also shows that “adolescents who viewed photos with a lot of “likes”
showed more unusual activities in the regions of the brain associated with reward processing and
attention”(Sherman, Payton, Hernandez, Greenfield and Dapretto, 2016, p86). Therefore getting
more likes acts as a catalyst for social media behaviour. (Ramsey and Horan, 2017).

Self Objectification of oneself has brought negative impact such as inculcating
psychological disorders {which is very hazardous and destroys the equilibrium state of individual}
(Ramsey and Horan 2017)
Do some questions revolve around this article, which also gives us a conclusion and some
reverent answer as to what extent do young women post self- sexualized photos on social media?
(Ramsey and Horan, 2017). Dose posting such pictures gain much positive remark in the form of likes, comments and followers? Moreover, how do we predict which women post self- sexualized
pictures on social media? (Ramsey and Horan, 2017). The answer to these questions is: young
women post sexually appealing pictures in social media for the desire of attention from people who
are on social networking sites. For a matter of fact, wanting attention is very much related to self-
objectification, zeal for sexualization, and having a view that sex is their source of power. (Ramsey
and Horan, 2017).

Ruins of Fashion

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they notice the woman.” quotes Chanel.  Fashion has a very big dimension in the world of today, but till now no one can give justice to its definition. It’s mainly a self-reflection of the person, and the image that they want to create in the society. Fashion trend is defined as a particular style, or clothing at a particular period of time. The modern world is now a combination of different people all having their own extraordinary patterns and style. Thus, fashion is not mere about clothing or dressing up but bringing up the creator in you.

Fashion and youth go hand in hand, its this generation that brings out a new approach in this arena. Fashion not only means wearing clothes, but feeling comfortable, confident and beautiful with your skin. It adds a flash of colour to your emotions and transforms your life. The different colour you wear is also a reflection of your feelings. It is proven that Warm colours is associated with happy times and dull colour are worn when you feel low or unhappy. Coming from the traditional attire to the plain bland long clothes, to miniskirts, dresses and now baggy jeans, we can see the transition of fashion industry to extreme levels. The teenager nowadays is very active in social medias and technological development this also brings them into an exposure of the current trend, and being a fast-moving world, everything is at the tip of their fingers. Therefore, the youth today should never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.

Everyday is a fashion show, and the world your runway, is a popular conception in the fashion industry, not only are two people distinct by their appearance but their taste and clothing differ too. Sometimes these are mainly a contribution of the place they live in or due to their beliefs and notion. In India, there are a mix of people but the most dominant in them are the Hindus, the Muslims and the Christians. Firstly, the Hindus follow several Holy God and their way of clothing is mainly normal traditional attire with a mix of their tribal dress and heavy makeup at the time of festival. The Muslims wear burkha normally or clothes that will cover their body because that’s what their religion had told them about. Finally, Christian is a migrant religion and western to Indian wear is seen by the people who follow this religion. It is seen that in Hinduism when there is a death in the family, they normally wear white, but in Christianity white is a symbol for holiness and they marry in white beautiful gowns. Red sari is normally worn by the Hindu brides in their marriage. The Muslims on the other hand wear the black burkha on a daily basis and have hijab for their own belief. Thus, fashion is not only to look pretty or attractive but has some deep roots in their values and rituals, because at the end, life cannot be perfect but your outfits can be.

Fashion is thus a stepping stone for self-love, its when you feel good that you start getting confidence and that’s the biggest magic that fashion does in your life. As Neiman Marcus rightly said, “If loving fashion is a crime, we plead guilty.”