COVID-19 and the second wave : What it means for India?

COVID 19 here to stay or leave?
India has been experiencing a second wave in the COVID-19. Patients have been rising particularly in the state of Maharashtra, Karnataka,parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and resonable restrictions and night curfews have been put into place.
According to the experts the main reason behind the surge in the cases has been the ignorance of the pandemic protocols such as wearing of masks social distancing frequent sanitisation and taking other effective measures.
Some relief has come since the severity of the cases and mortality rate have now gone down in comparison to those during the first wave of the pandemic hit. According to the experts the reasons for this dip could be that the medical fraternity has come to know of the ways to deal with the patients and the situation. Another plausible reason can be a herd immunity which has been acquired by the people living in India but this remains to be a matter of research since there is no conclusive evidence to prove this.

What is the road ahead for India?
According to the researchers and doctors involved in the medical fraternity a compete lockdown is not the answer to tackling this situation because COVID 19 cannot simply be done away with by locking people at home.
The way forward is to follow the pandemic rules and to speed up the immunisation process but this does not mean that after getting the first dose of vaccination one is immunised completely and cannot acquire COVID 19 again, therefore, the people who have had the first shot also have to follow the COVID 19 protocols.
According to Dr Parker a senior pulmonary consultant, the COVID-19 vaccines must be made available in the free market and the people of the upper middle class and above should pay and get the vaccine whereas the people belonging to the lower income group and below should get the vaccine for free using the money that has been collected by selling the vaccines.
But according to Dr Mehta of Medanta Critical Care ,this is not feasible right now taking into consideration the capacity of production of vaccines and availability of only two types of vaccines in India. This might be taken up after a few months when more options are available with us.

Some takeaways or possibilities in the near future :
The government alone cannot tackle the situation unless it has the cooperation from the people. The government also has to keep in mind while making policies that the people are facing COVID 19 fatigue, are frustrated because of low income and inflation and also because of unemployment and lack of human interaction.
The government instead of going for a complete lockdown should call for certain restrictions like closing down of the community spaces for example religious places, regulate the functioning of physical market places and food joints, provide people with jobs to venture out and boost production to tackle inflation and occupied people will have less time about unnecessarily which might prove effective against slowing down the pace of rise in COVID 19 patients.

Source used : NDTV’s “COVID-19 News : India’s Second COVID Wave Milder than First?Experts Answer” dated 17/03/2021 .