Lack of education

There are over 200 million illiterate women in India. This low literacy negatively impacts not just their lives but also their families’ and the country’s economic development. A girl’s lack of education also has a negative impact on the health and well-being of her children.
– Sachin Tendulkar

Education is the future of man. In the 20th century, education is necessary for everyone. Like uneducated people live under the shadow of the educated, illiterate nations live under the shadow of literate nations. Even today, education remains a dream for many. Millions of children enrolled in a primary school are not able to attend regularly, while the millions of uneducated parents lack the knowledge required to earn money to be able to improve living conditions for both themselves and their children.

The reasons why people lack education are numerous. The following are some reasons:
• Gender based inequality contributes to lack of education, even for children in the same household
• Physically disabled children are often judged when they study in the same classroom as other children
• Poor health often doesn’t let children attend school
• Cultural background such as ethnicity, language or religion
• Poverty doesn’t allow them to avail education
• Unemployment of parents doesn’t allow regular payment of fees to educational institutions
• Often they cannot take part in various activities due to illnesses
• Illiterate parents do not understand the necessity of education and hence think that it is better to make their children work rather than go to school
• Lack of adequate number of schools
• Unavailability of proper schooling materials such as books
• Improperly trained teachers
• Girls are given work at home whle boys are allowed to study for a better future

Education had been a great gift for him [Ziauddin]. He believed that lack of education was the root of all the Pakistan’s problems. Ignorance allowed politicians to fool people and bad administrators to be reelected. He believed schooling should be available for all, rich and poor, boys and girls.
– Malala Yousafzai
Lack of education has long since transformed into a global issue. It causes the lack of jobs and does poverty, and in turn, this poverty doesn’t allow their children to study. Most private schools cost a lot of money. Government schools are rarely well-equipped enough to provide quality education. Most developing countries suffer from such lack of education. Parents often impose upon their children a field of study which the child may not like to study. This creates issues in the long run and the child may drop out of school or not gain education at all. Getting a degree without being properly educated causes frustration in the long run. Parents should not impose their will upon their children and instead let them decide for themselves. The most that they can do is to provide proper education and inspire their children to study. Lack of knowledge about different fields of studies due to unavailability of proper career council often leads them into studying for over-saturated careers which may be hard to succeed in.

Education is often poorly measured and their statistics do not show properly in surveys. Children not attending schools goes largely unreported and their parents prefer not to inform the authorities. In many households, family members themselves may discourage the child from studying since they themselves had not attended school. Deprivation from education doesn’t allow children to develop basic mathematical and cognitive skills which are required in order to survive. Strict and immediate actions should be taken by the Government in order to eradicate this problem. The young generation of today is the future of tomorrow.