‘A Poison Tree’ by William Blake.

“I don’t like her. I hate him. She makes me angry. He is fake. It is all an act.” 

Let us all confess that, at some point, we had hated someone. We harbor the hard feelings in our hearts and wear a façade to hide them. We act all elegant and nice outside but curse from inside. We are all hypocrites. 

So, William Blake explores this hypocrisy in his poem “A Poison Tree”. If we are angry with the other person, our anger will disappear when we talk it out. And we do so only with our friends and not our foes. When we don’t express ourselves, we let our anger grow into something ominous. 

In the second stanza, the poet illustrates how we nurture anger into a tree. 

“And I watered it in fears,

Night and morning with my tears;

And I sunned it with smiles,

And with soft deceitful wiles.”

Fear and hate are connected to each other. Where there is fear, there is hate. This can be simply explained with an example. If a person fears bugs, then they start hating bugs. This is because they fear that bugs might bite and so they kill the bugs out of hatred arising from fear. Similarly, when we fear that our anger will be exposed, we naturally start hating. We feel wronged and shed our tears. Then wearing a façade of goodness, we fake a smile and we start manipulating. Thus, the fears, tears, smiles and wiles together nurtures the tree healthy and strong.

“And it grew both day and night,

Till it bore an apple bright;”

As we constantly dwell on such hard feelings, the tree grows big ‘day and night’. The tree grows until it bears ‘an apple bright’. This is an allusion to the forbidden fruit which grows in the garden of Eden. Like the forbidden tree which brings the fall of Adam and Eve, we await for the apple to cause the ruin of our foe. 

One silent night, our foe trespasses into our garden and consumes the apple even after knowing it is poisoned. When we visit our poison tree in the morning, we are happy to see our foe dead. 

“In the morning glad I see

My foe outstretched beneath the tree.”

The last lines show us that we are glad to witness the success of our trap for the foe. We grow the whole tree aiming for a ruin and it happens. But what is our mental state on achieving such a success? Can we really be happy at others’ downfall? If so, what kind of person are we? Are we good? or are we bad? These questions arise in our minds. 

We all get angry and it is a normal human emotion. But we have to confront our anger and hold its reins before it controls us. There should be moral bounds for our anger. If not, it ruins ourselves and others. In our life, we keep dwelling on such negative emotions and keep hurting ourselves. So, let us not nurture poison trees anymore. Let’s nurture the love which the world is in need of.

The Future of In-Vehicle Media Consumption

Last week, we spread out a future-forward way towards the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) idea and the jobs that different versatility administrations will play all the while. In any case, before we get to that MaaS future, a significant change is now in progress in the versatility experience, and that is the progressions in-vehicle media access and utilization. 

Albeit nobody today is purchasing a vehicle basically for the infotainment framework, soon, as the dashboard interface turns out to be more indispensable to the in-vehicle experience, it might begin to climb on the rundown of thought for vehicle purchasers. As of now, information from a McKinsey overview shows that 37% of purchasers say they’re anxious to change to vehicles with expanded availability and almost 50% of premium auto customers express a premium in investigating the computerized abilities of their new vehicles. This means anticipated that shipments of connected cars should move toward 76 million units by 2023. 

As associated vehicles begin to assume control over the streets, radio’s predominance of in-vehicle media time is quickly disappearing as buyers progressively pick computerized mediums that are presently effectively available in vehicles. Furthermore, as EVs begin to arrive at an articulation point for standard reception, more vehicles will become associated vehicles over the course of the following not many years, which will greatly build the crowd reach of advanced media in vehicles, opening new freedoms for brands to draw in with purchasers in vehicles. 

Taken together, these arising patterns will push more customers to reconfigure their in-vehicle media propensities and trigger further improvements in content organization, utilization mode, and the vehicle interface, which may at last transform associated vehicles into the following stage war where inheritance auto OEMs, new auto new businesses, and tech organizations entering the versatility space all bumping for command over the in-vehicle stage and the information associated vehicles will produce. 

How about we take a gander at these three parts of in-vehicle media change individually, both as far as their current and future state, and what they mean for brand advertisers. 

Content Format Evolution: From Audio to Multimedia 

Today, the prevailing configuration of in-vehicle media is still without a doubt sound. Regardless of whether it’s ordinary radio, or tuning in to streaming music or web recordings off cell phones, or even book recordings, sound media has been a default decision for in-vehicle media utilization, particularly for drivers who need to keep their eyes out and about. Be that as it may, the story has been changed for travelers, as most now essentially decide to get to all types of media through their cell phones, particularly video and social substance, as opposed to being indebted to the dashboard media of decision. While there are possibly movement affliction related issues that may prevent a few groups from observing long-structured video content in vehicles, for a great many people, the fate of interactive media utilization out and about will positively incorporate video content. 

With the development of video utilization in vehicles, it is maybe nothing unexpected to see that for some new associated vehicle and EV creators, the in-vehicle shows are improving. Mercedes−Benz saw the MBUX Hyperscreen at the 2021 CES — a huge, 56-Inch-long infotainment show that traverses the whole dashboard and offers drivers and travelers their own different infotainment screens. Set to show up in its 2022 EQS leader EV, this rambling presentation will probably spread to other Mercedes models later on. 

Other than video content, vehicles could likewise turn into a spot to play computer games too. As one of the business chiefs in rethinking the in-vehicle encounters, Tesla as of late divulged that, for the revived variants of its Model X and Model S vehicles, both will come outfitted with gaming equipment supporting “up to 10 teraflops of handling power,” hypothetically putting them inside the ballpark of another age gaming console. Limited time materials for these vehicles showed the famous game The Witcher 3 showed on a 17″ focal showcase. 

As the dashboard separating vehicles are improving, making way for more video utilization and in any event, gaming in vehicles, the fate of in-vehicle media utilization will incorporate a different arrangement of media designs that opens up new channels and innovative opportunities for brands to arrive at shoppers out and about. Obviously, this advancement is likewise intently attached to the turn of events and inevitable mass reception of AVs, which will assist free driver’s eyes with offing the street. 

Besides, since in-vehicle media is being digitized, it additionally opens up new freedoms for brands to tweak their image messages, both as far as length and timing, through unique advertisement inclusion arrangements dependent on logical information given by the vehicle. News and sports substance could likewise profit from the logical information, like assessing time to objective, to tailor the length of their substance for the travelers. Along these lines, there is a solid case to be made for auto OEMs to incorporate sight and sound choices into the vehicle’s infotainment framework itself, instead of letting drivers and travelers trade their media experience from cell phones, to make a separated in-vehicle experience. 

Media Consumption Mode: Shared Experience versus Singular Consumption 

Obviously, video presentations will likewise be served to the rearward sitting arrangement travelers; yet as well as being an augmentation of the vehicles’ focal infotainment framework, they could work more like individual iPads offering individualized media experience to every secondary lounge traveler (with earphones, obviously). The secondary lounge experience could turn into a touch more like the diversion experience on business flights. For example, oneself driving vehicles that Google-possessed Waymo has been trying highlights two screens incorporated into the rear of the front seats for rearward sitting arrangement travelers to appreciate. 

This shift opens up another inquiry as far as the media utilization mode for in-vehicle crowds. In-vehicle media experience used to be a gathering experience shared by everybody in the vehicle, front and back, and stays a holding experience for some families and companions. Notwithstanding, as an ever increasing number of travelers begin to zero in on their own cell phones while in vehicles, the in-vehicle experience began to piece. As the previously mentioned Waymo model shows, every individual vehicle may before long stop to be the unit for in-vehicle media estimation. All things considered, every traveler could be burning-through various kinds of media content across various directions while riding in a similar vehicle. This proposes that, soon, in-vehicle advertisements focusing on may have to drop down from the vehicle level to the individual screens and gadgets. 

Looking forward, it appears to be sensible to expect that common in-vehicle media experience may make a rebound with the appearance of both self-ruling vehicles and more on-request portability administrations. Presently, the prevalent idea for planning the ride encounters of AVs is “rooms on wheels” — giving a useful space to oblige various necessities, be it a lounge, a TV room, an examination, or even a room. Assuming this idea holds, we may expect the inevitable appearance of self-sufficient vehicles to renew partook in-vehicle encounters. As it were, distinctively equipped AVs could work as various advertising settings for brands to arrive at different arrangements of customers dependent on their “AV room” of decision. Obviously, they will not completely supplant the individualized in-vehicle experience — there’s no returning that genie to the jug — however they will offer future customers the choices to pick how they need to draw in with in-vehicle media. 

Vehicle Interface Evolution: From Touchscreens and Voice Command to AI-Powered Predictive UI 

At last, the fundamental factor that resolves the progressions in content organizations and utilization methods of in-vehicle media is the proceeding with advancement of the dashboard interface. The way that a few groups are currently calling associated vehicles “PCs on wheels” is a declaration to exactly how significant the infotainment framework, and its UI, has become in deciding an enormous piece of the in-vehicle experience. 

Right now, most associated vehicles use touchscreens promoted by cell phones. They are a step up from the simple dials and fasteners on the dashboard of yesteryear, yet that is a long way from the last structure for the vehicle interface. For one, voice-empowered interfaces are beginning to get famous, on account of the way that they give the sort of without hands collaborations that permit drivers to keep their eyes out and about and their hands on the directing wheel. Along these lines, it’s nothing unexpected that numerous new models presently accompany work in mixes with voice colleagues, particularly models made by challenger EV creators, who will in general plan in-vehicle interfaces as a tech organization consistently. This week, Ford declared it will begin carrying out OTA updates to its vehicles at scale, including adding Alexa not long from now to 700,000 qualified vehicles. 

With the normal time of vehicles out and about moving toward 12 years, it will probably require one more decade or so before associated vehicles totally dominate. All things considered, reseller’s exchange gadgets that make “idiotic” vehicles brilliant, regularly through the expansion of voice-empowered administrations, are turning out to be normal embellishments. These gadgets offer a simple path for vehicle proprietors to improvise more established vehicles without working in infotainment frameworks or web associations while effectively accessing advanced media. Amazon’s Echo Auto is a genuine illustration of a tech organization giving a voice-based UI to associated vehicles. Spotify’s Car Thing, which as of late carried out to choose US clients who buy in to Spotify Premium, is another new model. 

Looking forward, the vehicle interface will additionally develop from the present voice-upgraded touchscreen UI to one that is more instinctive, and maybe even prescient. As “PCs on wheels,” associated vehicles create a ton of information about our every day outings and portability propensities. Combined with singular biometrics information sensors that could be constructed

Why Blockchains are the better EU

Agreements make unwavering quality — however just keen agreements can promise it. The EU Commission and the German Constitutional Court are presently exhibiting this distinction. Could governmental issues and financial frameworks be trusted at all in the event that they are not founded on blockchains?

A week ago, the German Constitutional Court gave over a decision that got little consideration however could have genuine ramifications for the eventual fate of Europe. 

In any case, we should begin toward the start: with a philosophical idea — “possibility.” Namely, possibility implies that in spite of the fact that something is how it will be, it very well may be unique. This sounds minor from the outset — the weather changes, or it remains for what it’s worth. In any case, it isn’t unimportant. 

Numerous things are unforeseen. At any rate, that is the thing that we accept. Indeed, even the laws of nature appear to be unexpected: pi is 3.141-odd, and the speed of light is 2.998e+8 meters each second. Be that as it may, both might have been an alternate number. 

It is not quite the same as the non-unforeseen things and occasions: The space of a circle is pi times the square of the range, and the energy of a mass is equivalent to the speed of light squared. Etc. All that occurs inside the structure of the laws of nature happens that way since it needs to happen that way. The apple doesn’t tumble from the tree since it wants to, however it can’t do otherwise. 

We will respond to this inquiry indirectly: by taking a gander at the choice of the German Constitutional Court. 

The EU Commission wants the hard-fork A week ago, Germany’s most elevated court dismissed an “application for a brief order” that was “coordinated against the Own Funds Ratification Act (ERatG).” 

What is this about? Behind the scenes, indeed, is Corona, or rather: the monetary misfortunes coming about because of the pandemic. To mitigate these, the heads of state and legislature of the European Union (EU) embraced the “Cutting edge EU” advancement instrument last July. This is to be financed by the EU Commission getting as much as 750 billion euros on the capital business sectors.

In other words, the EU is to cause obligation. This sounds as trite as a possibility, however it is a gigantic break of the principles. Among Bitcoiners, we would say it is a hard fork — an occasion that proceeds with a progression of occasions yet disregards the standards that construct the arrangement of occasions, so it ought not reserve the option to turn into a piece of it. 

For instance, Article 311 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) obviously expresses that “The financial plan will be financed completely from own assets, without bias to other income.” On a blockchain, such guidelines would be basically unchangeable — breaking them would require each hub in the organization to suspend the standard. 

In governmental issues, conversely, a couple of hubs choose whether a standard break goes through or not. In Germany, for instance, the Bundestag and Bundesrat supported the standard breaking, however the Federal President applied with the Federal Constitutional Court to stop it.

His thinking goes past being devoted to the letter of a deal. The EU’s arrangement undermines a fundamental component of vote based system — that the sovereign, i.e., the electors, can consider their chosen agents responsible for state incomes and consumptions: “No instruments might be set up that add up to a supposition of obligation for the headstrong choices of other states,” the Federal Constitutional Court says in clarifying the application. On the off chance that “the assurance of duties in type and sum is supranationalism to a considerable degree and subsequently eliminated from the Bundestag’s force of attitude,” this comprises an infringement of the standard of popular government.

On the off chance that the EU presently assumes obligations, the Federal Republic of Germany should be at risk for them in the event of uncertainty. Germany vanishes from the EU’s budgetary arrangement in a manner like how the German states vanish from government strategy — without comparably presenting them to the sovereign’s decision.

This line of thinking is generally rigid. Nevertheless, the Federal Constitutional Court dismissed the application in the second round. Why? 

At the point when rules have a greater number of drawbacks than benefits 

The grievance, the court clarified, was as a matter of fact “not plainly unwarranted on the benefits either.” It isn’t rejected that the EU’s arrangement abuses Article 311 and that “Germany would need to be responsible for this in specific situations.” 

Notwithstanding, the adjudicators contend, no “high likelihood” can be set up for this. All things considered, if the Commission gets 750 billion euros, this doesn’t lead to any immediate obligation on Germany’s part. This would possibly emerge if there were issues with reimbursement. Besides, capital getting itself doesn’t establish a lasting guideline yet is an oddball, reserved activity.

Considering the Corona emergency, the court likewise accepts that the hindrances of dismissing the asset would be excessively extreme. “A deferred passage into power of the 2020 Own Resources Decision would disable its monetary arrangement objective. Also, the related determinants could demonstrate irreversibility.”

Blockchains bind contingency better 

For the euro, this implies that the essential standards on which cash is based can and will be superseded by courts if just legislators need it severely enough. The equivalent is valid for the EU. 

Rules and laws are not free of political specialists. On the off chance that important — or needed — they can be extended, twisted and broken. They apply, or they don’t matter. 

Such contingency can be freeing and significant in the event that one isn’t working in a Platonic ideal circle yet reality. Be that as it may, it features a gigantic distinction between fiat monetary standards and cryptographic forms of money and between paper agreements and shrewd agreements. 

Fiat monetary standards rely upon the generosity of officials. The standards they are based on are not unchangeable. Government officials can transform them if the will is there. With digital forms of money — in any event with Bitcoin — the principles are fixed. No commission, no court, no government parliament can transform them. 

Composed agreements, like those subject to the EU, can be changed by will and judgment. Savvy contracts, then again, like those subject to decentralized self-governing associations (DAOs), for instance, in the field of decentralized money, can’t be changed so effectively, and on the off chance that they are appropriately and truly imagined, not in the least. 

A socially fixed development — be it an agreement, a political framework, or fiat cash — will be moldable regardless of all endeavors to bind contingency. An algorithmically fixed development —, for example, blockchains can make — then again, can bind contingency for all time and all the more firmly. 

This should make the topic of the importance of Bitcoin and blockchain unnecessary. They make decisions that are nearly as without contingency as the laws of nature. This assists with making solid, stable cash — and it can likewise help place political establishments like those of the EU on another, more perpetual, and more dependable establishment.


A message from a frustrated Indian to every politician of the country

Being hit the worst by the second wave of the pandemic, Indians find it difficult on who to blame. Is the Government responsible and if Yes then which?

We all know about the situation of India and the frontline workers of India. Oxygen has become a new stock currency in India. In economy of class X we learnt that when the situation worsens, the community work becomes essential for development from the current situation. But how will those people understand this concept who have never been to school. Here I am talking about our politicians. But wait there are many who are graduates and post-graduates from the best universities around the world. Yes they are and still I think they might have skipped the economy class.

While the people of this country are dying, what politicians focus on is how to clear their image and win votes for the next elections. I won’t specifically mention a particular political party here because none of them have proved their potential in these time of pandemic. If Shiv Sena had been potential virus wouldn’t have affected the economic hub of India, had congress been potential corona wouldn’t be prevalent in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh etc., there wouldn’t be oxygen shortage in Delhi if Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was vigil towards the second wave, Not every second person would test positive in Bengal if Trinamool Congress (TMC) paid heed to the warnings of second wave in February, Had BJP been a little focused on building the Health Infrastructure rather than Central Vista there wouldn’t be bodies floating in the holy rivers of India. Following the list are CPI, DMK and many other regional parties who failed their netizens while playing their dirty politics.

Still when we see them addressing the public, all we can see is spreading hatred against the other political party. Really? Where do you get so many guts from? We need to stop flattering these corrupt politicians who only care about their own image. We as Indians need to stand up against the destruction being done to our democratic country. We need to raise our voice to teach the real meaning of democracy to those deaf sitting in the Parliament.

Democracy means, ‘of the people, by the people and to the people’. They need to realize this meaning because these politicians have really spoiled the infrastructure of our country for their well-being. They can’t drive people because it is people’s right to drive them. This is Democracy and not Dictatorship. Stop tweeting 6 tweets a day and start working for those who elected you.

They need to see what it feels like to beg for oxygen and lose our loved one just because they were busy protecting their image and spreading hatred. Every Politician must understand there are 140 crore citizens in India, they don’t even know the consequences if all these people stand together against them at once. Do not take the citizens of India for granted, I repeat DO NOT TAKE CITIZENS OF INDIA FOR GRANTED.

We as Indians stand united against any wrong that is being done towards our country.


On May 17, Dr. Reddy’s said that 8-9 states have contacted the company about purchasing the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are among the states that have reached out to them, according to the company.

The imported doses of Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine were priced at Rs 948 plus 5% GST, or Rs 995.40 per dose, according to Dr Reddy’s. It stated that the price for both government and private channels will remain the same.

The company plans to partner with hospitals in the metro area that can store vaccines at 18 degrees Celsius.

Last week, Dr Reddy’s received 1.5 lakh Sputnik first dose doses, and the company said it received a second consignment of 60,000 second dose doses over the weekend.

“We have a supply commitment of 36 million doses from RDIF in the next two months,” said M V Ramana, CEO of Branded Formulations at Dr Reddy’s.

Dr. Reddy’s is attempting to obtain further doses from RDIF, according to Raman. RDIF has agreed to supply 250 million Sputnik V first and second doses to the company. Russia will have between 15-20% of the initial supplies.

The vaccine prices will come down once local manufacturers start supplying, which is expected in the next two to three months, according to Dr. Reddy’s.

“They have to absorb the technology from RDIF, have to get approvals from the regulators and then scale up manufacturing,” said Sauri Gudlavalleti- Head of Research and Development. “We are working with the regulator to bring appropriate guidance, on whether the other Indian suppliers with whom RDIF signed supply agreement will have to do clinical trials or not,: Gudlavalleti added.

DCGI has given Hetero, which has a partnership with RDIF, permission to conduct Phase-3 trials of the Sputnik V vaccine.

Gudlavalleti stated that the company plans to approach the Indian drug regulator in the coming weeks to request emergency use authorization for the Sputnik Light single-dose vaccine.

Tie-up with Apollo Hospitals

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Apollo Hospitals declared a collaboration on Monday to conduct a trial launch of the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine in India.

Dr. Reddy’s will rely on the Apollo Hospitals network around the country for vaccine storage, transportation, administration, and monitoring.

The Sputnik V vaccine would cost between Rs 1,200 and Rs 1,250 per dose, according to Apollo Hospitals.

According to Dr. Reddy’s, the initial rollout will begin on May 17 in Hyderabad and will be expanded to Visakhapatnam and other metro cities on May 18.

In addition to Apollo, Dr. Reddy’s has a partnership with IHH Healthcare’s Contitental Hospitals.

“The Importance Of Old One”

Everyone want new phone, car, clothes etc.. but don’t you have any memories with old one? Were you not attached to that one? Is it easy for you to move on?

I know you are thinking that it’s not a big deal to buy new phone, car, clothes etc.. but the thing is that we are applying this in our life as well.

When we get bored of someone, we try to replace them. Right??
I know the answer is yes. Think about the situation of those who truly loves you but you don’t even pay attention to them. Is it right to ignore the one who love us? Absolutely Not.
We cannot understand the heartbreak, when we do this to someone but can definitely understand this when someone does this to us.
We cannot realize the importance of that person when they are with us but once she/he is gone, that time we realize the importance of that person.

Making new relations is not bad, but to replace older one is pretty wrong. The one who is with us since childhood and suddenly becomes unknown because we try to replace them and yes, they lost their faith in us.

So the older relations are very important for us. Keep it as much as you can.

Realization Hits

There is no Pollution, But you’ve to wear a mask
The Roads are free, But you can’t go on a long drive
Hands are clean, But you can’t shake hands
There are friends around, But you can’t hang out
You became a Master chef, But you can’t invite for a feast
Once Sundays were expected and Mondays were stressful, But now days are refusing to move on
Schools and Colleges were once a burden, But now it’s a day dream
Our loved ones are leaving us, But we can’t see them for one last time
Those who have money, don’t know how to spend money
Those who don’t have money, doesn’t know how to earn money
Once we shared our happiness and sadness together
Now Marriages and Funerals are in a limited version
We have plenty of time to spend, But we don’t have our loved ones to enjoy
This is a reminder
Cherish your Goodness when you have
Because “What you have today, may not be with you tomorrow”

Women in Lockdown

Women in Lockdown
Had many Breakdown
When everything was Shutdown
Even in Uptown
They didn’t Facedown
But they’ve Cracked down
When they were Knocked down
And their energy Ran down
They didn’t choose to Slowdown
They never Looked down
And their families were Held down
Even in a disastrous Meltdown
Also their dreams were not Brought down
When their works were Closed down
They don’t have Stand down
As they deserve renown
And Counting down
For a better Town

We Shall Overcome

Stay Safe

Stay Home Stay Safe is the phrase being heard every now and then these days. It’s not just a phrase it’s something that acts as an open secret to keep your life with yourself. People die and heal simultaneously. It seems like it’s time for the mother earth to take revenge on human beings. Other than humans all the other resources are really well. Being in lock down the air is not polluted, tourism places are not littered, the rivers, lakes and ponds are clean. All these are literally free from the nuisance caused by humans. Mother earth is healing all her resources. She has given so many chances for us to realize her importance, but we failed in keeping her resources safe and secure and finally she has got this only way, that is only if the mother earth punishes humans and keep them shut indoors all her other resources shall be in peace. As humans we failed to pay her debt and now it’s her time to take action on humans. The ratio of people dying is greater than those that heal. All of a sudden all that was valued as treasures before seems garbage now and oxygen is the most important of all. Where the world is heading to? None knows! At least by now realize that we are the only cause for this to happen to us. We dug our own with graves leading to this situation. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? But we still have today. Have some heart to save nature. Plant a tree beside your house, you may or may not benefit with it, but it’s a promise that our future generation need not suffer like we do. Don’t be haunting yourself with thoughts that depress you, instead do some gardening in your backyard, plant some veggies and green leaves that help you to eat healthy. Stay indoors, so that you may save your life and your loved ones. Life is unpredictable, so live your life worth within your time. To all those who lost you dear ones in this world, to those who are in sick bed, to all those who don’t know what life holds next for you, Stay positive, never let your worries overrule you. We shall overcome.


  1. The impatient wait for subs
  2. Having second lead syndrome
  3. But also loving the main lead
  4. Mentally preparing yourself for the next drama
  5. Desperately trying to figure out what happens next
  6. Throwing water in someone’s face is the greatest revenge
  7. They have met before
  8. An umbrella will bring the lead characters together
  9. Someone will get Amnesia
  10. Desperately wishing for second season.

THINGS THAT only engineers can understand

1. The endless lectures that seem to stretch on forever. These are supposed to arm you with engineering superpowers, but nothing much seems to seep into your brains.

2. The constant realization that engineering seems like a very different thing than you had imagined it to be. And the ensuing struggle to successfully achieve this degree.

3. No matter how well you plan your semester to get a decent GPA score, you have to deal with many bouncers (surprise tests, endless assignments, group projects) which ultimately result in a not-so-impressive final GPA score.

4.  Your senior (to be called “sir”) is always right and imparts you the real gyaan that you need to know. Every fresher at an engineering college knows that and respects their seniors accordingly. Things you learn from your seniors include the fact that just GPAs don’t matter – extra-curricular activities are equally important for landing a good job placement.

5.Engineers do not stress under tight deadlines. Everything happens last minute in engineering, and now nothing can overwhelm us in life.

6.In four years, we doesn’t know what is happening, so we learn everything. Writing, acting, dance, vlogging

7.We are great manager. We can manage any situation. As we survived in four years, under this

8.Engineers have the power of on-demand jugaad. We find, any way to complete the task.

9.Answering question with far too complex words that only we can understand

10.Going into a project and having absolutely no idea what to do or where to start

11.Losing half of students by the second half of day

12.Everyone who know you’re an engineer thinks you can fix their household appliances.

But jokes apart, we are truly grateful to all the brilliant engineers whose intellect, dedication & curiosity has led to several path-breaking innovations across the world!

Biomimicry: Nature inspired technologies

Sometimes Engineers look up to nature for tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. Adapting or getting inspired by nature for sustainability solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies is termed Biomimicry.

Believe it or not, some of the vehicles and products you come across on daily basis are inspired by animals and nature.

The Bullet train

Japan produces some of the most efficient and fast trains in the world at speed of 300km/hr. At such speed usually, all trains produce sonic boom and contribute to noise pollution.
But with the help of Biomimicry, engineers turned to an unlikely source the Kingfisher. Kingfisher birds can travel between the air and water with a very little splash and hunting for prey.

So engineers got inspired by this and gave a long break-like shape in front of the train. It helped them o reduce around and optimize the functionality of the train.

Airplanes inspired by eagles

The goal of aviation engineers to make the flight more efficient consuming less fuel in the -process. The eagle’s wing and the tail structure provide the plane action flight control.