‘On Running after One’s Hat’ by G K Chesterton.

“I am done with it! I am irritated! This is frustrating! Why does it happen only to me?”

We face problems everyday and life for no reason keeps throwing something at us. Even when our toe gets hit by furniture, we start cursing and stressing. No matter how trivial or challenging a problem is, we constantly worry about it. But all these problems can be romanticized as adventures after reading G K Chesterton’s essay ‘On Running after One’s Hat’.

The essay starts with Chesterton envying people who were in London when it was flooded. He says that Battersea (a place in London) has always been beautiful and the addition of water has made it appear like Venice. He imagines the boat that bought the meat to have moved with the elegance and smoothness of a gondola (a long and narrow boat). 

“There is nothing so perfectly poetical as an island; and when a district is flooded it becomes an archipelago.”

The optimism of the essayist makes him romanticize the flood which we would normally think of as bringing misfortune, destruction and loss.

“The true optimist who sees in such things an opportunity for enjoyment is quite as logical and much more sensible than the ordinary.”

Most of the instances which we perceive as inconveniences are completely related to our mentality and outlook. The essayist gives an instance for example. When there is a delay in the arrival of the train, the grown-ups complain while the children never do. This is because for children, a railway station appears like a ‘cavern of wonder and a palace of poetical pleasure’. The red and green lights of the signal appear to them as the new sun and moon. So if we view such inconveniences as children do, we shall no more perceive them as inconveniences. All the so-called inconveniences depend on how we view it. 

The second instance the essayist gives is running after one’s hat. Many find it unpleasant to run after their hats after being blown away by wind. They run after a ball in a game but not after their own hat as they find it is humiliating.

“When people say it is humiliating they mean it is comic.”

People find it embarrassing as they are laughed at by other onlookers. Their fretful pursuit serves as a source of laughter. But it is all right because everything a human does is comical.

He also says that running after one’s hat has the potential of becoming a sport and it can be an alternative to poaching. “He might regard himself as a jolly huntsman pursuing a wild animal,…”. The essayist imagines it to be a common sport among the upper class. They would have their personal assistants run after the hat on a windy day and it would provide them a hearty laughter. This will be less painful than animal hunting too. The essayist says that we should be relieved of distress if our actions can provide laughter for others.

The essayist recalls how his friend struggled with a jammed drawer everyday. So, he points out to his friend that he is always finding the drawer troublesome because he always opens it while thinking that it should be easy to open the drawer. He says that the main problem lies with his friend’s outlook. Hence, he advises his friend to think of himself as “pulling against some powerful and oppressive enemy” or as participating in some fearsome tug war. If he imagines such situations when pulling the drawer, then it will no longer be an inconvenience but an adventure.

So, if we develop a positive outlook on everything that we encounter everyday, maybe life won’t be as hard as we think. After all,

“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”

“Magical Word – Sorry”

Sorry is the most valuable word and it means a lot when someone says – I’m so sorry. Sorry is a kind of a weapon by which we can even hide our mistakes.

We shouldn’t use this word everytime because due to this, sorry losses it’s value.
Saying “sorry” but not meaning it or not intending to improve our actions will cause a lack of trust to develop. Saying “I’m sorry” and admitting that we did something wrong is the first step to self-improvement. Being unable to apologize is a recipe for a brittle marriage. Saying “I’m sorry” gives a marriage the resiliency to weather both partners’ mistakes.
Social psychologists know that an apology leads to forgiveness, can recover a spoiled relationship, and may heal indignity. Saying “sorry” denotes that you have chosen your relationship over your your ego. Yet so many of us can’t find can’t find the strength within us to admit our fault.

• When you say that you are sorry, it restores the dignity of the hurt person and makes them feel better. The offended party, who receives the apology, develops empathy towards the offender, which then transforms their feeling of hurt into forgiveness.

• An apology may restore trust and understanding to a relationship, because it contributes to a feeling of safety and makes both the receiver and the giver feel comfortable and respected. Apologizing therefore helps you and your loved one stay emotionally connected, and strengthen the bond between you two.

• When you make a sincere apology, and this trust and understanding gets restored, a person can start to see you in a different light. They will have a greater tendency to overlook your flaws and highlight your virtues.

Automation in machine learning engineering

Why automation?

As a data scientist or machine learning engineer, it is your errand to take care of issues. You frequently get to that objective by fostering a piece of code that holds fast to specific norms, is intelligible, and doesn’t contain any bugs. You run that code and different projects to get results. Frequently your finished result runs elsewhere. Perhaps you just run it once, however frequently, this is a dull cycle. Nonetheless, you should remember that composition and running code or projects isn’t an objective itself — it’s just an approach to accomplish your objective.

In this cycle of critical thinking, you cooperate with a computer, where you compose code, perform investigations, complete computations and run the projects. It bodes well to take advantage of this joint effort. For that, how about we investigate the qualities of the two people and computers.

Improve quality

Another advantage of automation is that the nature of your work will increment. We will investigate robotized code refactoring that upgrades your code. Additionally, with automation, you can run tests at a few phases in your improvement cycle. This way you get mistakes from the beginning. 

Close to that, via mechanizing undertakings it is more uncertain that you inadvertently avoid any of your assignments. Undertaking execution can likewise effectively be logged. By logging the means you can confirm that all necessary errands did run and demonstrate that to other people. At last, you can uphold tests at a few phases in your improvement interaction. This way you get mistakes from the beginning.

Save time

Despite the fact that you need to contribute toward the beginning of your undertaking in carrying out automation, eventually, you will profit from it. It will be quicker to upgrade your code; as quality improves, time spent on troubleshooting will diminish, and arrangements of your answer will be quicker.

What to automate?

1. Refactoring code 

By refactoring of code, I mean sticking the code to specific standards, without changing the rationale in the code. This is an ideal assignment for a PC to (incompletely) dominate, so you as a designer can zero in on building the rationale. We should investigate linting, formatting, and detecting quality and security issues. 


Linters assist you with detecting issues and code smells in your code, similar to awful space, or alluding to unclear factors. By doing this you will handily recognize any bugs forthright. Instances of linters are pylint and Flake8. SonarQube additionally offers a linter called SonarLint. 


While linters just show issues however not change code, formatters design the code so it sticks to specific rules. It improves your code lucid for other people, so it makes the code more clear and to add to it. Additionally, a code audit can zero in on the actual rational rather than the design. Likewise text records, as YAML documents, can be designed. Instances of mainstream Python formatters are Black and autopep8. 

Detecting quality and security issues 

As we have found in the correlation among people and PCs, you will compose bugs. You can spot them by running your test capacities at each submit, or when you converge to the principle code branch. With Pytest you can set this up yourself, or you can utilize devices like Jenkins. 

Some code you compose may prompt security issues. Models are ill-advised special case handling, hardcoded passwords, or abuse of running subprocesses. Programming like Bandit and SonarQube help you in detecting these issues. 

In all probability you will utilize Python bundles to take care of your concern. Despite the fact that you may accept that these are protected to use, there may be a few bundles out there that are undependable per se. A brief glance at the Github page can give a decent sign; for instance, the quantity of maintainers and the update recurrence. Close to that, the bundle Safety checks every one of your imports against a permit list. 

Linters, formatters, and bundles like Pytest and Safety can be run physically, obviously, the possibility of automation is to robotize that. Utilizing git snares you can run formatters and bundles prior to submitting, or you can add them to a pipeline as talked about underneath. Linters and formatters can likewise be introduced straightforwardly in your IDE. Accordingly, your Continuous Integration (CI) measure improves when you computerize these errands since you implement code quality on the principle code branch.


When to automate?

We are at the highest point of the pyramid and we’ve covered numerous errands to computerize. In any case, it requires significant investment and exertion to set up all that we’ve covered up until now. It very well may be enticing hence to skirt the automation part and spotlight on the utilitarian prerequisites. Likewise, it very well may be the situation that your chief needs you to zero in on new highlights rather than these non-useful automation necessities. By the way, at this point it ought to be evident that there lies a great deal of significant worth in automation.


In this blog entry, I clarified why you should utilize automation in your AI projects. It is a significant piece of your work as an AI engineer. Then, we investigated what you can mechanize by investigating the Pyramid of Machine Learning Automation: code refactoring, organizations, and the AI interaction. At last, I momentarily referenced a few models to keep in my to choose when you ought to mechanize.

Good Things About COVID-19

Obviously the pandemic sucked. We had the greater part 1,000,000 passes, disparities in our nation implied more destitute individuals and BIPOC experienced the virus, and politicalization of the virus implied individuals declining to wear a mask, or get an immunization. Thus, with or without that… I needed to pause for a minute to simply inhale into the positives. Each loathsome thing has a silver covering. I needed to record a portion of those general things. The pandemic was extraordinary for me on the grounds that nobody that I knew became truly ill, and keeping in mind that my OCD arrived at weakening levels at focuses my thoughtful nature thrived. During the pandemic I began this blog and brought in cash at it, I watched a ton of incredible TV, and I had the opportunity to complete my first year in graduate school, at an ideal chance to be an examination recluse. Yet, there were things that we practically totally saw or experienced, and I need to take as much time as necessary to perceive those things.

Psychological well-being Took Priority

I began taking another medicine that completely changed me. My accomplice began taking a SSRI, and acknowledged it wasn’t entirely expected to have inactive self-destructive musings each night(something I was humiliated that he never shared until subsequent to getting treatment as a nearly advisor myself). Two of my closest companions began seeing advisors, and got truly required assistance for undetected OCD. The pandemic may have aggravated emotional well-being. Yet, emotional well-being was additionally highlighted on huge loads of magazines, psychological well-being assets were announced more than ever, and I accept individuals began looking for help for emotional well-being issues that they might not have something else. It was a period where we needed to focus on our psychological prosperity. For my companions, my accomplices, and I, it was the consolation we as a whole required for the medications and treatment we ought to have been doing from the start.

A few group, similar to probably the dearest companion, carry on with her entire life like she’s in a pandemic. She needs to keep away from individuals who are debilitated in light of the fact that her safe framework is so undermined. She needs to get month to month blood bondings to have any resistant framework whatsoever. Everybody was wearing covers, and removing, and remaining at home when they were debilitated. Therefore she didn’t get the typical three unique strains of the regular cold that occasionally leaves her wiped out for quite a long time. Thus she has had the option to exercise reliably without precedent for her life, has begun telecommuting, and has been more grounded than at any other time.

We understood the number of us who could work from home(or anyplace!)

So many of our positions, a considerable lot of my friends and family notwithstanding, were fixed upon the reality they should have been done at the workplace. Regardless of whether these positions implied driving to sit at a PC the entire day. The pandemic constrained individuals to be permitted to telecommute. It changed enterprises. It took into account holes in the day to be gone through with creatures, accomplices, or youngsters. It changed contamination and air quality. Also, for some telecommuting end up being to improve things. One of our companions moved to Steamboat, Colorado and has worked distant from the mountains! For some there’s another life/work balance that was never a choice.

We understood what innovation would never supplant

In the equivalent vein as above, large numbers of my companions likewise acknowledged they missed seeing their collaborators. They missed the hour-long drive to intellectually get ready for their work gatherings. They missed the get-togethers to vent about Carl in HR. We discovered that Zoom, TikTok, Facebook, and each and every other thing we subtly thought we needed to be completely assimilated into, proved unable, and would not, supplant those human corporations we as a whole so urgently need in our lives. I presently don’t expect that the web will dominate. I presently don’t fear we will all live behind our screens. We have lived experience since people need time together, face to face. We weren’t intended to live without it.

We won’t ever fail to remember how to utilize Zoom to get in contact with our families.

This year I played in excess of a couple of Zoom games. We had a week by week meeting with family I hadn’t conversed with in years. My grandpa got an iPad! Zoom was consistently there, it was consistently an alternative. Yet, we ignored the ageism that more seasoned grown-ups proved unable to “sort out the innovation” and put our earnest attempts in to train them so we could convey. Therefore? Large numbers of us, my family notwithstanding, discovered a route through Zoom to bring our families closer than we had even been previously.

We got to see the world without pollution

Pollution dropped. It dropped in the Venice trench, it dropped noticeable all around, and it was observable even in our more modest city where I reside. I like to imagine that those couple of days, weeks, or months, contingent upon the space added to air, are a little more clean. It helped the planet only a tad. I additionally prefer to accept we as a whole experienced what a genuine city sky resembled. We as a whole got to encounter a calmer and cleaner world, and possibly we will call up that psychological picture when we consider how we need our environment’s future to look.

What Pandemic has taught

You can watch movies without Cinema theatres
You can stay alive without alcohols
You can know from friends without partying
You can buy necessaries without roaming around
You can play without stuffed toys and Robot cars
You can feed yourselves without junk foods and hotels
You can learn you lessons without going to school
You can pray to God without going to sacred places
You can stay fit without going to Gym
But you can’t live without Doctors and Farmers
Respect every Profession

‘Fear No More the Heat o’ the Sun’ by William Shakespeare.

Will you believe if someone says death can bring happiness and peace? Even the words ‘death’, ’happiness’ and ‘peace’ seem to not fit together. But when we read the extract “Fear No More the Heat o’ the Sun”, we probe into what death really is. Is it only capable of giving sadness and heartbreaks?

Starting with, this poem is an extract from Shakespeare’s play ‘Cymbeline’. It is sung by two characters Guiderius and Arviragus to the dead in the play. The characters take turns to sing the stanzas and lines of the poem.

The first stanza addresses the dead and it tells the dead not to dread the summer’s heat and winter’s harshness. The dead are set free from all the worldly responsibilities that weigh down the living. The dead needn’t worry about making ends and other materialistic needs. Only death treats all humans equally. Be it the children of high born stations or the ones who work as chimney sweepers, all return to ashes on their death. 

“Golden lads and girls all must,

As chimney-sweepers, come to dust.”

The dead needn’t fear the anger of the crown (a ruler by differing from him/her) and are free from the clutches of the tyrant. The dead needn’t worry about opposing and are free from all restraints. They needn’t worry about having proper clothes to wear and a proper meal to eat. And to them everything looks equal, be it big or small. All men powerful, intelligent, strong and valiant will meet the same end – they all return to dust. As the dead cannot bring anything along with them that can distinguish them from others, all are treated the same.

“The sceptre, learning, physic, must

All follow this, and come to dust.”

The dead needn’t fear ‘the lightning flash’ and ‘all-dreaded thunder stones’. They needn’t fear such natural elements and can rest in peace. When living are prone to be talked at by the society, the dead can sleep well without fearing to meet the society’s standards. They needn’t heed to the slanders and other harsh criticisms. The dead have completed all laughing and crying. They have nothing more to cry about and so they can rest well after their tiresome journey on the earth. Death doesn’t look at the age of the person it takes with it. Young or old all return to dust.

“All lovers young, all lovers must

Consign to thee, and come to dust.”

Now, the singers wish that no exorciser disturb the dead from their sleep and no sorcery to enchant them. The singers hope that ghosts will restrain themselves from approaching the dead and that no evil shall come near them. Nothing will dare to approach, for death has come and they pray that the grave should be known by all.

“Nothing ill come near thee!

Quiet consummation have;

And renowned be thy grave!”

When we die, we will be relieved of our burdens and worry. We experience a peace we have never experienced. Death comes with heartbreaks but also with relief. Hence, death may need not always be associated with negative feelings.

The repetition of the phrase, “and come to dust” in all the three stanzas, shows the temporal nature of human life. Everything that is material has no value on death. So, instead of running after material prospects, we should focus on eternal prospects. We can take nothing with us on our death but we can always leave something for the world. Thus, we should be kind and happy while living, and so we can leave happy memories for others on leaving.


The government announced various relief measures for paid taxpayers during the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020. The ability to claim a tax exemption on their Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) balance was one of them.

In most cases, taxpayers can claim a tax benefit on LTA for a vacation they took anywhere in India. Taxpayers, on the other hand, were unable to travel due to the pandemic and occasional lockdowns. They may be required to pay tax on the LTA component of their salaries in such instances. The government announced an LTA cash voucher programme to help salaried taxpayers avoid this dilemma. This scheme has been notified on May 5,2021.

What is the LTA cash voucher scheme?

Those with an LTA component in their wage can save tax on taxes by spending a “determined amount” on particular goods without having to travel under the LTA cash voucher programme, which is in effect for FY 2021-21.

Let’s take a closer look at how this system works. The’sepcified expense’ should have been incurred by the taxpayer or a member of his or her family. It should have been used to buy goods and services having a GST rate of at least 12 percent. Between October 12, 2020 and March 31, 2021, the transaction should have been done. Furthermore, the exemption cannot exceed Rs 36,000 per person or one-third of the’specified expenditure,’ whichever is smaller. Payment for the costs should have been made to a GST-registered firm via electronic methods, with a ‘GST tax invoice’ available.

LTA can usually be claimed as exempt twice in a four-year period, with the current period running from 2018 to 2021. Using the LTA plan would entitle you to one of the four trips in the four-year period. As a result, taxpayers can only use this option once during the four-year period between 2018 and 2021.

How can one claim this exemption?

Employers are required by law to subtract TDS from your wage before paying you. TDS would have been withheld from your salary income for FY 2020-21 by your employer. Because the LTA voucher programme was not announced at the time they were needed to deduct TDS for FY 2020-21, several employers were unable to accept it. If you haven’t been able to take advantage of the LTA plan through your company, you can do so while completing your income tax return. Make sure you complete all of the requirements and properly report the LTA exemption you wish to claim on your income tax return. You should also keep all supporting documents, such as the tax invoice and payment evidence. You will be eligible to claim a refund of TDS deducted on the LTA amount if you utilise this scheme while completing your return (as per the eligibility criterion specified above).

Most employers would have already deducted TDS from your LTA balance and paid it to you as salary in FY 2020-21, or permitted you to carry the LTA balance forward to the next financial year for filing a claim. Also, it will not be qualified for this programme under the new tax framework.

Provided you purchased a cellphone, an air conditioner, or a refrigerator during the designated time, you may be eligible to claim your LTA as exempt if you meet all of the conditions given above, as all of these items are subject to a GST rate of 12% or more.

How did Covid-19 affect the women employment?

A Study by Azim Premji University’s senior research fellow Rosa Abraham, associate professor Amit Basole and assistant professor Surbhi Kesar.
Image Source: koppr

Since the beginning of this pandemic, several companies are facing loss. Some of the companies and small scale industries have even terminated their productions. Even the largest of the Global economies are hit severely by this pandemic.

To solve this economic crises companies have been performing lay-outs. People who are no more required are getting laid out and losing their jobs. But what is interesting to see in this time is how this virus has affected the gender neutrality not only in India but globally.

Both the men and the women continue to lose their jobs in this national lockdown. But it seems that this pandemic has more adversely affected the jobs of women than men. Women account for about 39% of the global employment and 54% of the overall job losses. Globally the rate of women losing their jobs is 1.8 times more than that of the men. In India, there were 7 times more women who lost their jobs than men. But what is more striking is unlikeliness of women to return to the jobs is 11 times higher compared to men.

The lifting of lockdown restrictions was associated with a return to work but the recovery was more muted for women. Prior to the pandemic, about 70% of working age men were employed. By August – September 2020, 88% of them remained employed or returned to work. By contrast, of 10% of working age women who were employed before the pandemic, only 53% remained employed or returned to work by August – September 2020.

While there was a high job loss seen in the organized sector, the job loss wasn’t seen in the unorganized sector. Highly educated women were more vulnerable to lose their jobs. Education had its negative impact on the employment of women. ‘It is possible that relatively more educated women are able to withdraw from the workforce in face of uncertain conditions such as the lockdown, while this option might not be available to less educated women’, A research paper ‘Down and Out? The Gendered Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on India’s Labour Market’ presented in its observation. It also suggested that women did not have typical ‘fallback’ options in the terms of employment.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Married women were less likely to return to work than married men.
  • Women from large households followed the same unlikeliness.
  • The social norms were again revoked due to the pandemic which resulted in this inequality.
  • The unappreciated household burden plays a vital role in the same.

A study showed that the difference created in the gender might take more than 135 years to recover. Women need to stand up for themselves. Husbands need to share the household burden of their wives. There can be simple steps which we can take to improve the condition of women in our country because as our Former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru said, ‘The growth of the nation can be determined by seeing the condition of its women’.

Life Savers

When you can’t praise them for what they do, then you can’t criticize them too..

Tired of hearing death news? Exhausted by listening to the news of Covid-19 cases? And the answer is YES! But where is the solution? No one knows except the super power above us. There are lakhs of people dying every day because of Covid-19 and there are a billion people who die out of starvation. There are people who die out of mental stress. People find life difficult without their loved ones, people move into depression, people hate life. Will this situation come to an end? If yes then when? If no then what is the solution? And we’ve got no answer! But there are people who sacrifice their lives to save their fellow humans. Have you ever thought how a doctor feels when the patient he treated dies? They try hard to save a life just because they came to a profession which is to serve people. How will the nurse feels when all her sacrifices and nursing fail at the end? They do have heart feelings and emotions. Just because they are doctors and nurses it doesn’t mean that their hearts are made of stone. Like a family they treat you with ease and like a friend they accompany you when your family and friends wants you to be in isolation. They give their life to save you even after knowing the cruelty of this virus, just because they value your life. It takes at least a week for them to come out of one death of a patient who is under their concern and when people die in thousands and lakhs just think of them. Even though they put all those aside and they move forward to treat another life. Have you ever asked a nurse or a doctor whether he/she had her food? But they do when they visit you in your wards. And that is what makes them life savers. Just because they smile at you it doesn’t mean that they are happy. They do have family and loved ones who are facing the same situation. And they undergo more than what we face. And the least we can do to them now is stop blaming them. We need to understand their situation too and they skip their meals and forget to sleep just to save one life. We don’t know how many of the criticizers now can leave their family and treat a stranger. Let us stop criticizing the noble people and let us encourage them, thank them and love them for their noble works. Let us lend our love to keep up their spirit. And when you can’t do this you have got no right to criticize them.