twin flame: connection about spiritual growth.

What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is an incredibly intense soul connection. A more apt description of a twin flame is a “mirror soul” or a person’s “other half.”

Contrary to popular belief, a twin flame is not your soul mate. Your twin flame doesn’t even have to be someone you fall in love with (although it often is). “This kind of high-level, soul-based connection isn’t about romance. It’s about spiritual growth,” says Vallejos. “You meet them and your life just completely changes. You start seeing the world differently. It pushes you to want to engage with the divine, shift consciousness, and become a better, soulful being in this experience.” A twin flame can be a romantic partner, a friend, a mentor, or even a student.

The relationship goes both ways. It’s not a one-way spiritual street. When you meet your twin flame, they will forever change your life and you will do the same thing for them. According to intuitive energy healer Tasha Nassar, a twin flame relationship helps us unite the divine masculine and feminine within us all. (We all contain masculine and feminine energies regardless of our gender).

While such relationships are with another person, they are also meant to help us evolve our relationship with ourselves. Nassar tells Allure that when these energies come into union with one another, you become a higher version of yourself and realize a version of love different from other types of relationships.

What is a Data Lake?

A data lake is a central storage vault that holds large data from many sources in a raw, granular format. It can store organized, semi-organized, or unstructured data, which means data can be kept in a more adaptable format for sometime later. While putting away data, a data lake associates it with identifiers and metadata tags for faster retrieval. 

Authored by James Dixon, CTO of Pentaho, the expression “data lake” alludes to the ad hoc nature of data in a data lake, rather than the clean and handled data put away in traditional data warehouse frameworks. 

Data lakes are usually arranged on a group of reasonable and scalable item hardware. This allows data to be unloaded in the lake in case there is a requirement for it later without having to stress over storage capacity. The bunches could either exist on-premises or in the cloud.

A data lake works on a guideline called schema-on-read. This means that there is no predefined schema into which data should be fitted before storage. Just when the data is read during preparing is it parsed and adapted into a schema as required. This feature saves a great deal of time that’s usually spent on characterizing a schema. This also enables data to be put away as is, in any format. 

Data researchers can access, prepare, and analyze data faster and with more accuracy utilizing data lakes. For analytics specialists, this vast pool of data — available in various non-traditional formats — gives the chance to access the data for a variety of utilization cases like slant analysis or fraud discovery.

Both, Data Lakes and Data Warehouses are set up terms with regards to putting away Big Data, however the two terms are not interchangeable. A data lake is an enormous pool of crude data for which no utilization has yet been resolved. A data distribution center, then again, is a store for organized, separated data that has effectively been handled for a particular reason.

Features of a Data Lake 

In a data lake, the data is ingested into a storage layer with minimal transformation while maintaining the info format, construction and granularity. This contains organized and unstructured data. This outcomes in several features, for example, 

Assortment of various data sources, for example, mass data, external data, real time data and many more. 

Control of ingested data and spotlight on reporting data structure. 

Generally valuable for analytical reports and data science. 

However, it can also incorporate an integrated Data Warehouse to give classic management reports and dashboards. 

A Data Lake is a data storage pattern that focuses on availability over all the other things, across the endeavor, across all departments, and for all clients of the data. 

Easy integrability of the new data source.

Contrasts between a Data Lake and Data Warehouse 

While data warehouses utilize the classic ETL measure in combination with organized data in a relational database, a data lake utilizes paradigms like ELT and a schema on read as well as often unstructured data

This makes inflexible and classically planned data warehouses a relic of past times. This greatly accelerates the arrangement of dashboards and analyses and is a decent advance towards a data-driven culture. An implementation with new SaaS administrations from the cloud and approaches, for example, ELT instead of ETL also accelerate the turn of events.


This article explains in the blink of an eye what a data lake is and how it gives your company the adaptability to capture each aspect of business operations in data structure while keeping the traditional data warehouse alive. The advantages over the classic data warehouse are that distinctive data and data formats, regardless of whether organized or unstructured, should have the option to be put away in the data lake. Disseminated data storehouses are subsequently avoided. Use cases from the area of data science and classic data warehouse approaches can also be served. Data Scientists can recover, prepare, and analyze data faster and with greater accuracy.

What Is The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the amount of all common, relentless virtual spaces. It is the entirety of the multitude of computerized and virtual universes just as advanced resources and the information on the whole web.

Merging The Digital and The Physical 

There are a few ventures which are making digital twins of our physical world and building applications and projects that can be overlaid and utilized in our nearby surroundings. These projects will improve the physical world around us by filling it with information and making use cases accessible readily available. 

AR applications in the metaverse will empower clients to look over a few layers which can be projected onto their present environmental factors. We’ve needed to go to our devices to get to the internet and the information on it, however the metaverse joined with AR, VR, and MR will permit applications to take information about areas and things and digitally place them into the physical world where it is pertinent. 

We’ll have the option to collaborate with this information layer through augmented reality or virtual reality devices. Clients will actually want to encounter the internet surrounding them utilizing associated devices at whatever point and any place they like. 

Characteristics of the Metaverse 

The metaverse is an idea that is as yet developing yet it has some regular characteristics. Some unmistakable characteristics of the metaverse are: 

The worlds and digital resources in the metaverse are live and continually accessible. On the off chance that a client signs on it doesn’t mean the digital world in that space gets stopped, it simply implies the client has logged out of that world and it will be accessible at whatever point they choose to move in. 

Interoperability will be incorporated into large numbers of the digital resources and information in the metaverse. This implies the resources and information will be accessible and compatible across various digital worlds and conditions. 

The metaverse will actually want to have encounters and substance that is accessible to the clients on it to get to at whatever point they like. 

It will actually want to have crowds of any size. Which means the framework will have sufficient data transmission to bring to the table a group of people of any size at some random time. 

The metaverse will be available utilizing various distinctive physical devices and ISP suppliers. An illustration of this is a famous site like google is accessible to clients paying little heed to which gadget and ISP supplier they are utilizing. 

There will be a completely working economy on the metaverse. There will in all probability be completely working economies on various applications and layers of the metaverse. 

It will comprise an unpredictable network of various platforms, applications, and digital worlds. 

Advances Used In The Metaverse 

To work ideally the metaverse will depend on the accompanying advances among others: 

To stream great stream information and substance progressively applications inside the metaverse will incline toward solid 5G and 6G networks 

Access Devices which support Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality survey will be important to appropriately encounter the entirety of the applications on the metaverse 

A wide arrangement of conventions and dialects will underlie the applications and substance conveyance systems inside the metaverse 

Secure Cryptocurrencies with negligible exchange expenses will empower on-platform right away auditable distributed exchanges 

The responsibility for resources and virtual things in the metaverse will be not difficult to check and exchange utilizing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and the hidden got blockchain platforms, NFTs will likewise change the manner in which digital privileges of resources and substance are authorized and disseminated 

Shrewd Contracts will permit clients to make and execute complex exchanges with specialist organizations and other clients inside the virtual worlds, savvy agreements will likewise be utilized by application suppliers inside the network to deal with their agreements and associations with other vendors and clients 

To permit a large number of individuals to go to a specific live occasion in a given digital area simultaneously in the metaverse a few issues identified with worker limit and idleness may emerge. Designers are probably going to utilize a procedure called Sharding to work around this issue. Sharding makes clumps of clients and allots each cluster a one of a kind digital scene. The live occasion would then be able to be communicated to each cluster all the while. Practically speaking, this would empower a huge number of clients to go to the occasion together and be important for a comparable common encounter without over-burdening the digital design of the framework. Sharding is an information base engineering design that helps spread the digital burden, you can become familiar with it here 

Culture Within the Metaverse 

Similar to the number of subcultures created in games like World of Warcraft or GTA V, people in the applications games and platforms inside the metaverse will foster various subcultures too. Societies will create applications, vested parties, use cases, geology, and reason. 

Economy Within the Metaverse 

Virtual economies exist across a few applications today. Inside the metaverse bigger and more associated virtual economies will exist. Exercises as assorted as world-building, noble cause, shows, design, shopping, publicizing, schooling, governmental issues and activism will discover a spot in the metaverse. A great deal of the applications will offer cryptographic forms of money and Peer to Peer exchanges as modes of installment between their clients. 


The metaverse is the following outskirts for online association which will open another age of applications, platforms and use cases. It will rethink the digital space. Organizations that set aside the effort to comprehend and adjust their digital systems to appropriately draw in with the metaverse will be at a benefit.


You would all may think that, what this is all about. “the final conversation” about what, whose final, why final.

so, the final conversation means, may be my final blog. Just wanted to thank you, all for spending all your time, in reading this, and even for a extra bit of seconds for thinking and analysing about my articles. Sorry, if anything I made a mistake, all the articles are my part of overthinking. My overthinking, power is increasing, daily. So, better to make it under control, i started to write what is overthink. Maybe it’s good idea. Thanks to you all for bearing me.

Please, have a safe and wonderful life. I know there are many up and down, we all have to go through thing, that we don’t like. no matter, where are we or who are we. We have to have mental strong, to deal with it. i know telling i not as same as doing.

you know sometimes. we just have to be done. not mad not upset just done. By being humble.

Maybe, if I get time, I will complete the rest key points of the Brain rules.


‘A Fellow Traveller’ by A.G.Gardiner.

Have you ever thought of everything except human life as insignificant? Have you realised how we treat every creature in a different way? How different are human beings from other creatures?

A G Gardiner’s essay ‘A Fellow Traveller’ explores the themes of freedom, compassion and equality. 

“I do not know which of us got into the carriage first. Indeed I did not know he was in the carriage at all for some time.”

The essayist boards the last train from London to Midland town which stops at each station and takes forever to reach the essayist’s destination. By the time the train leaves the outer ring of London, the train becomes empty except for the essayist or it appears so.

The essayist explains the ‘sense of freedom’ a vacant carriage affords. We can do anything we wish to do. We can talk loudly, do a headstand, sing, dance or play for there is no one to question. We can open and close windows at our leisure and there is no one to protest. We can lie down on the seats as we wish.

“It is liberty and unrestraint in a very agreeable form.”

This freedom is agreeable because it doesn’t affect or harm others. But the essayist does nothing like he had told above. He does the most normal thing. He puts down the paper he had been reading, stretches and looks out of the window. It was a calm summer night. When he sits down to continue his paper, he recognises the presence of his fellow traveller

“He was one of those wingy, nippy, intrepid insects that we call, vaguely, mosquitoes.”

When the mosquito came and sat on the essayist’s nose, he was flicked by the essayist. He tours the compartment and visits each lamp by the wind. The way the mosquito enjoys liberty in the empty carriage and does whatever the essayist had previously mentioned brings out a strong contrast between him and the essayist. Finally, he decides that nothing is as interesting as ‘the large animal’ (the essayist) and inspects his neck. 

The essayist flicks him off again. The mosquito goes around the compartment and perches on the essayist’s hand insolently in the end. This ticks off the essayist and he pronounces the death sentence of the mosquito. The essayist states various reasons as to why the mosquito deserves to die. The mosquito is a homeless tramp, a public nuisance and he travels without ticket and constantly misbehaves. The essayist strikes a lethal blow but the mosquito escapes with an imprudent ease. This humiliates the essayist who lunges ferociously at the mosquito. But the mosquito escapes with his ruse.

No matter how hard the essayist tries, it was all in vain. He was played by the mosquito. The mosquito totally enjoys this little game he was playing with the essayist. Suddenly, a change came over the author. He enters into the spirit of his fellow traveller. The mosquito was no longer a mere insect but a personality with a wit “that challenged the possession of tis compartment with me (the essayist) on equal terms.” This makes us realise that every creature shares the earth just like us. It is a collective ‘us’ who lives in this world. So, we need to show compassion to each other.

“I felt my heart warming towards him and the sense of superiority fading.”

The essayist now brims with magnanimity and mercy. He was treated as a laughter stock by the mosquito but by being merciful towards him, he asserts his dignity and honor. The essayist retires to his seat. But the mosquito delivers himself into the hands of the essayist as if ready to be sandwiched. The essayist no longer desires to kill him for he has grown affectionate to him. 

The essayist draws near to conclusion with some of the best lines.

“Fortune has made us fellow travellers on this summer night. I have interested you and you have entertained me. The obligation is mutual and it is founded on the fundamental fact that we are fellow mortals. The miracle of life is ours in common and it’s mystery too. I suppose you don’t know anything about your journey. I am not sure that I know about mine. We are really … a good deal alike …”

These lines show that human life is not the glory that it is deemed to be. We are as uncertain as other organisms on the earth about our life and journey. We don’t know what we will see in our journey, how our journey will be, where our journey will lead to and where our destination really is. We all are vagrants on this vast planet just like any other creature.

When a porter snaps him into reality, he realizes that he has reached his station. He gets off the train and closes the door.

“As I closed the door of the compartment saw my fellow traveller fluttering around the lamp…”

God and his creation

Adam was God’s creation
Eve was his formation
They were given a plantation
It was like a different nation
With flowers like carnation
A fruit was their attraction
As Satan wants their temptation
Both accused for crimination
There was a delation
Asked to take a diversion
Made a fixation
Begged for salvation
Escaped from damnation

Mourning the Void

It’s time for golden memories
Auroville roads and Rock beach waves are ready to welcome you
Our sweet home 207 opened his pretty lil  door for you
Our lovely curved table, awaits for your feast
The large anonymous tree, sheds her leaves as a blessing
The pathways are filled with flowers as you would not get hurt while you walk
Our tiny lil Rose sapling is waiting for you to see him bloom
The glasses in your cabins are asking for your cute smiles
The locks of your cupboard are closed as they can’t get your magical fingers
The files kept inside them are about to die because they can’t breathe out
All your novels and books are waiting for your soft touch
I couldn’t hear those Akka and chechi and didi without you
What will I answer them now?
How I’ll get back to you?
Why did you leave me with all these memories
When will you be back again? 
Your un biological sister is eager to have you with her in all her happiness and sorrows
I wish You could have Returned If Possible
Regaining all the energy and courage to restart
I wish you to be with me always
You are my Sun to Heal and my Moon to feel

Fallen Rose

I still have your rose
The one I received in your funeral
I clench it in my wrist
And press it against my chest
The petals have fallen off
And the stem is frail and gray
Still I’ve kept it
In the loving memory of you
Watching it each day as I move on
I can’t go back to you
I’m missing from you
But I can always go back to the rose
And hold it tight
And smell the dead love from it
And smile,
As that’s what takes me to you.

‘Sasural Genda Phool’- A trend-breaker Show.

In Picture: Shailaja Kashyap-Badi maa and Suhana Kashyap.
Start Date:1 March, 2010
End Date:4 July, 2016
Total Episodes573
CreatorRavi Ojha Productions
GenreComedy, Romance
ChannelStar Plus
Lead CastJay Soni, Ragini Khanna
Supporting CastSupriya Pilgaonkar, Mahesh Thakur, Vaishnavi Mahant, Sudhir Pandey, Anita Kanwal, Bhairavi Raichura

We all have seen the evil Mother-in-Law and the ‘bechari’ (Helpless) Daughter-in-Law stories since our childhood. With our mothers and grandmothers we all have seen Mihir dying innumerable times. But to our surprise, he was always found alive. Women were always portrayed as the enemies of each other. And Men, Men of the house had nothing to do except contribute to their family drama. (They still lived in giant bungalow, where did they get money for its maintenance?)

India’s first longest daily soap was ‘Hum Log’ which was terminated after 154 episodes; It was also the first daily soap to be aired in 1984. We had great daily soaps like ‘Son Pari’, ‘Malgudi Days’, ‘Karishma ka Karishma’, ‘Sarabhi vs. Sarabhai’ and many more. But then arrived Ekta Kapoor with her shows like ‘Kyuki Saas bhi Kabhi bahu thi’ in 2000 and after that the scenario of Indian daily soaps changed completely.

Every show presented the rich joint family and the indifferences the family members had. Every female actor was decked up with jewelry from head to toe. Amid all these cliche, arrived ‘Sasural Genda Phool’, a show which broke many stereotypes of Indian television.

Unlike rich families, this show presented a middle class family. It did not have an evil Mother-in-Laws or jealous Sister-in-Laws, instead it presented the bond of a joint family and the beauty of various relationships. This show introduced us to a romantic story of a rich girl Suhana (Ragini Khanna) married to a middle-class boy Ishaan (Jay Soni). A typical love story is plotted between Suhaana & Ishaan to which many married couples relate to. Ishaan is a caring husband. Suhana falls in an unexpected love with Ishaan after so many years of their marriage. Apart from Ishaan’s loving nature, what makes Suhaana fall for him is his big joint family which Suhaana lacks in her past life. Being a single child of a single parent, she was unaware of family’s love & affection. Also, Women are not tortured to wear heavy jewelry the whole day.

It also aimed towards breaking the stereotypes of Indian society who always portrayed the evil side of In-Laws relationship with their Daughter-in-Laws. It showed how a father (Ambarnath Kashyap) chose his Daughter-in-Law Shailaja (Badi maa) over his son. It deals with the trauma of a rape-child (Deepak) and his mother (Radha bua). While every other show was busy portraying ‘Woman is a woman’s worst enemy’, this show brings out the different essence of this incomplete phrase which is ‘A Woman is a woman’s best friend’.

It presented a real image of the Indian households i.e., financial issues, everyone contributing their pay in the household, Women working together in the kitchen, small fights with the neighbors, Husband-Wife fights, and many more.

Here is the picture of its full cast:

It is also having a comedy element in it which you can enjoy when you feel stressed. It shows how the family can choose to stay together in every difficult times. Instead of pulling the relationships down it aimed towards building them up together. Isn’t it a show worth watching? It indeed is.

So if your mother and grandmother are still looking for an answer to ‘Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai’ (What is this relationship known as), give them a relief by diverting them to this show.

“Broken people smiles a lot”

Have you ever seen a person who is totally broken from inside? Did you ever try to talk to them? Did you ever try to solve their problem?

The person who is sad smiles a lot. The person who is broken, they never ever think of hurting others.
We take so much pressure of everything, either it’s a matter of studies or future. In this world, where everyone is working on their future, they don’t have enough time to talk to others or to know their pains and problems.

Sometimes even our family members are unable to understand our pain so we have to share it to the person who is so close to us. But what happens after sharing your problems is, they spread it like a forest fire. It is a most disgusting thing, when a trustable personal share your things to everyone out there. It literally hurts like hell, and that time we realize that we shouldn’t trust anyone except ourselves. That time we got to know that- Nobody do care, it’s only a matter of their needs that’s all.
That time we feel how much everyone breaks us, how they took advantage of us, how they take us for granted.

Now, it’s a high time to realize our importance because if you are not important for yourself then nobody is gonna care.


In the face of a vaccination shortage, Karnataka will house manufacturing plants for Covaxin and Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccines.

While Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin manufacturing facility in Malur, Kolar district, is under construction, Shilpa Medicare has signed a three-year definitive agreement with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (DRL) through its wholly-owned subsidiary Shilpa Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. (SBPL), for the production and supply of the Russia-made Sputnik V vaccine from its integrated biologics R&D-cum-manufacturing centre in Dharwad.

By the end of August, the Kolar vaccine manufacturing facility, according to state Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar, will be able to produce four to five crore doses each month.

Sudhakar claimed he attended a video conference with Bharat Biotech founder Dr Krishna Ella, his daughter Dr Jala Ella, and the rest of the team on May 17 in Bengaluru. Sudhakar said, “Dr Ella has assured me that their facility at Malur in Kolar will be able to produce one crore vaccines by June-end. By July-end it will be two to three crores, and their target by August-end is four crore to five crore vaccine doses.”

Dr. Krishna Ella and the directors of Bharat Biotech have also informed him that vaccination doses will be delivered to Karnataka as soon as possible, according to the minister. Sudhakar stated that he had requested a rollout timeline from them.

Meanwhile, SBPL said in a regulatory filing that it expects to produce 50 million doses of the dual vector Sputnik V in the first 12 months of commercial production.

On May 14, DRL soft-launched the imported COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V. The vaccination is priced at Rs 948 per dosage, plus a 5% GST (retail price of Rs 995.40).

DRL, according to Shilpa Medicare, will help SBPL transfer technologies. SBPL will be in charge of manufacturing, while DRL will be in charge of distributing and promoting the vaccine doses throughout its marketing regions, according to the agreement.

In the near future, Shilpa Medicare stated, the businesses are looking into manufacturing Sputnik Light, a single-dose version of the Sputnik V vaccine.

Inoculations of the new coronavirus vaccines have been administered to nearly 1.13 crore people in Karnataka thus far. Both the first and second doses are included in this figure. However, due to a scarcity of dosages, the immunisation campaign for adults aged 18 to 44 has been halted.

India is experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 infection, and quick mass vaccination is being viewed as a viable approach to stop the pandemic from spreading further.


RULE 4: Stressed Brains Don’t learn the Same way. always being in tension damages our learning ability and brain. our brain can handle only 30sces, of stress. for being in more stress damages our blood vessels. therefore, we may get heart attack. if we are having stress at work place or schools or home, it decrees to become the successful life. it decreases our performance and productivity. Due to increase in stress, Cortisol increases, and in Hippocampus cells start damaging. so, our learning and problem solving ability decreases.

RULE 5: Every Brain is wired differently, different brain wiring is ignored by the grade system. and our intelligence is measures by test results.

RULE 6: We don’t pay attention to Boring things. we only pay attention in which our interest, emotion or cultural is related. Multitasking increases our failure.

BRAIN RULES-JOHN MEDINA(rules summary part-1)

The reason of our problems, are the way of thinking. so, it can be only solve if we know the 12 brain rules. Therefore, new, York times best seller book, brain rules written by John Medina. BY, reading this, we can increase, the power of learning, reading, and working. if we are a student or employer teacher or any field. by, reading and Applying, performance will increase to the next level with the change in the lifestyle.

RULE 1: Brain is a survival organ which evolved with time. with time, or way of thinking and survival techniques has changed. to analysis the things, and be social is the technique that we have use for the survival. so, if our environment and people around us support our goals than, our productivity increases. and if they both are not great, than our life will not be smooth, we will be in depressed.

“The strongest brains survive, not the strongest bodies”-John Medina

RULE 2: Exercise boosts our Brain Power. our brain is made to walk 19km everyday, but even if we do 2-3 days in a week for 30min. we can increase our brain power. because, exercise help to circulate the blood to the brain, than that blood energy, with the help of glucose remove toxic cells and increase power.

RULE 3: Sleep well, think well. Proper sleep make us productive, with the lack of sleep, brain function, focus power, memory or even logical thinking damages. Sleep naps really increase the power. During sleep, also our brain does not rest. It learn the things and process everything that happens during day. Therefore, proper sleep is very much needed.

All about embedded system

A system is an arrangement in which all its units combine to work
together according to a set of rules, programs, or plans.
It can also be defined as a way of working, organizing, or doing one
or many tasks according to a fixed plan.

what is an Embedded System?
Embedded means something that is attached to another thing. An embedded system can be thought of as a computer hardware system having software embedded in it. An embedded system can be an independent system or it can be a part of a large system. An embedded system is a microcontroller or microprocessor-based system that is designed to perform a specific task. For example, a fire alarm is an embedded system; it will sense only smoke.

An Embedded System has three components:

Application Software
Real-Time Operating system (RTOS)

Hardware: Hardware refers to physically used components that are physically connected within an embedded system. It comprises of a microcontroller-based integrated circuit, power supply, LCD, etc.

Application Software :
Application software allows the user to run a variety of applications on an Embedded System. It may concurrently perform a series of tasks or processes or threads.

Real Time Operating system (RTOS) :

Real-time operating systems are specially designed to strictly follow the time limits. The actual focus of the real-time operating system is to complete the given task within the time limits.
It supervises the application software and provides mechanism to let the processor run a process as per scheduling by following a plan to control the latencies. Real Time Operating system (RTOS) . RTOS defines the way the system works. It sets the rules during the execution of application program.