The Art of Self Acceptance

How often do you look at yourself and think that you’re not good enough? That you should have performed better at that test, or maybe should have been slimmer, taller, had a clear skin? In general people blame themselves most of the time for not being good enough. Most of us have become adapt to self-criticism in this high pressured society. And it is not bad at all, to know your weakness and criticize yourself and learn from your mistakes seems like the best way possible to achieve your goals. Self-criticism motivates you but often we become so good at self-criticism and finding our mistakes that we forget to accept our downfalls. Falling prey to excessive criticism often make you depressed, doubt your potential and makes you give up even before trying. Then comes the phase of self-flagellation, where you beat yourself mentally for not being good enough. In easier words it can be called self-blaming, when you blame yourself too much for things that are not even in your control. This might actually affect your performance, making you perform worse than you usually do. You might even lose the will to get up and start, and simply procrastinate.

Depression and self-hatred are serious enemies of life

You need to appreciate the role of self-care, because it’s not only criticism that makes you work. We are so obsessed with success that we fail to acknowledge the scale of challenges and that everyone has some weaknesses. What is easy for your friend might not be that easy for you and vice-versa. The path to your decided goal does not have to be that spotless. You can fall and start all over again anytime. The society might have made you believe that you have to write the entire poem alone but in reality, we all are here to add our own small verses. Daily we routine ourselves to achieve that goal that often you forgot who you are. You are so much more than the degree you completed, maybe the race you won or the test you aced. These materialistic achievements only make up about 20% of the person you genuinely are.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Social media has made you believe that everyone except you in this world is rich and beautiful. And thus you are running after that artificial lifestyle some influencer pretends to have. You are depressed because you weren’t able to pass that exam that someone else did. You want to get that flat stomach, and a sharp jaw line that he has because that might make you look cooler than before and everyone around you will love you more. The more you know about diets, exercise and perfect bodies, the more you become dissatisfied with your body. The more you look at luxurious lives of people on media, the more you become disappointed about what you have been doing all your life. Comparison will take you nowhere because it never ends, there is always a person with something bigger than you. Instead self acceptance is the key to an actual satisfaction. When will it be that we stop justifying, people pleasing, looking outside ourselves for validation about our worth that we know comes from within?

Get rid of that hypothetical mask you are carrying with yourself

Have you ever recorded your voice and felt uncomfortable with the way you sound? Might have, many times but have you ever realized that everyone around you has listened to that voice and they are okay with that. When you look at a random recording of yourself you are unpleased by the way you look, or talk. There’s no way I look/sound like that. But everyone else has looked at you the same way. Everybody is already okay with you and it is you who need to accept yourself. The standards on which you judge yourself are often based on the ones you see on social media or television. But the final product they post/show us is actually a product of photo shop and hundreds of retakes. Reality has no retakes and it is okay to be what you are.

Self-acceptance and Self-compassion

People take responsibility of everything that happens in their life, or will blame their luck for most of the part. Luck is a genuine feature of existence but by blaming yourself or your luck, you also rob yourself the opportunity of fair conciliation. No one is entirely in control of the things that happen around them, sometimes it is okay to fall or maybe crash. You need to reduce expectations to zero for a time. Take each new hour as it comes, and without being banal, what you need most of all, is some rest. Self-compassion is not equal to self pity; you need to give yourself a break even if you feel like you haven’t done something big. Humans were not created to achieve, they were created to live and that is what you have been doing. Don’t be too hard on yourself, life is not a race, it is a puzzle take your time.

The people who love you will still love you for who you are and not for what you have achieved. It is okay to not being able to achieve what you wanted, it is okay to learn from your mistakes but it is not okay to fall prey to the never ending cycle of needs. Success doesn’t necessarily have to be something big, it can be small things. Completing that assignment you have been procrastinating is also a success. There is no set time to achieve it or a scale to decide how much success is enough to be successful.


Coronavirus and COVID-19: What You Should Know

What Is COVID-19?

A coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Most coronaviruses aren’t dangerous.In early 2020, after a December 2019 outbreak in China, the World Health Organization identified SARS-CoV-2 as a new type of coronavirus. The outbreak quickly spread around the world.ADVERTISEMENTCOVID-19 is a disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 that can trigger what doctors call a respiratory tract infection. It can affect your upper respiratory tract (sinuses, nose, and throat) or lower respiratory tract (windpipe and lungs).It spreads the same way other coronaviruses do, mainly through person-to-person contact. Infections range from mild to deadly.SARS-CoV-2 is one of seven types of coronavirus, including the ones that cause severe diseases like Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and sudden acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The other coronaviruses cause most of the colds that affect us during the year but aren’t a serious threat for otherwise healthy people.Is there more than one strain of SARS-CoV-2?An early Chinese study of 103 COVID-19 cases found two strains, which they named L and S. The S type is older, but the L type was more common in early stages of the outbreak. They think one may cause more cases of the disease than the other, but they’re still working on what it all means. It is also normal for a virus to change, or mutate, as it infects people and this virus has done so. There are several variants which have been named for the regions they were first discovered but they have now spread to other areas and countries, some proving to be more contageous as well as more deadly. How long will the coronavirus last?There’s no way to tell how long the pandemic will continue. There are many factors, including the public’s efforts to slow the spread, researchers’ work to learn more about the virus, their search for a treatment, and the success of the vaccines.

Symptoms of COVID-19

The main symptoms include:Fever Coughing Shortness of breath Trouble breathing Fatigue Chills,sometimes with shaking Body aches Headache Sore throat Congestion/runny nose Loss of smell or taste Nausea Diarrhea The virus can lead to pneumonia, respiratory failure, heart problems, liver problems, septic shock, and death. Many COVID-19 complications may be caused by a condition known as cytokine release syndrome or a cytokine storm. This is when an infection triggers your immune system to flood your bloodstream with inflammatory proteins called cyt okines. They can kill tissue and damage your organs

A corroding steel frame

A corroding steel frame

Typically steel does not corrode easily. Perhaps that was the reason why the civil services won the epithet of the steel frame of India but the recent turmoil in Lakshadweep and the episode in West Bengal tells a different story. The former is linked to the loopholes that exist in the administration itself while the latter exemplifies the influence of politics on administration.

The island which was known till yesterday for its natural beauty and booming tourism industry is now under the limelight for all the wrong reasons. The trending #savelakshadweep is the new slogan aimed at drawing the attention of commoners to the threat posed by the controversial policy changes to the local culture of the island. Lakshadweep administrator Praful Khoda Patel has been accused of ‘imposing saffron agenda and corporate interests’.

The administration is being indicted for destroying people’s livelihood, eliminating their staple food (beef), and closing down dairy farms. These alleged religious colored actions have given rise to widespread opposition from the native inhabitants and civil society. The administrator has been given the powers of the district panchayat compounding the argument that administration is the new Goonda-raj. Health, education, fisheries, animal husbandry and agriculture now fall under the jurisdiction of the administrator. An administrator is an agent of the centre, therefore all fingers are pointing to the union government. The protestors are demanding a recall of the administrator. The Kerala assembly even passed a resolution to this effect.

In the second story, West Bengal chief secretary Alapan Bandopadhyay was suddenly recalled to Delhi. The whole tussle started when Bengal CM and Bandyopadhyay left a meeting being chaired by Prime Minister to review damage and mitigation caused by cyclone Yaas. According to the service rules an officer has to report to the prime minister in such an event. The centre has accused the chief secretary of breaching the service rules. However, CM stated that the rules were abided but the centre is of a different opinion.

These two instances show the Dark side of the Indian administration. Ideally, an officer should maintain political, ideological and religious neutrality and work under democratically elected representatives. When neutrality is compromised then the system fails to work for the common good of the country. The case of Lakshadweep is quintessentially a testament to this fact. The voice raised against the administration not only creates mistrust among people but also taints the name of the entire organisation.

The Supreme Court of India described a civil servant as a person who serves a master that is; the state. There is a difference between the state and the political party governing that state. Failure to see this difference by either of the two, the party in power or the officer, is detrimental to a functional democracy. In West Bengal, an officer is on a tight rope because of the animosity between the parties in power in state and centre.

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world needs a strong steel frame to rely on. The corrosive elements like political biases or unabated political pressure, should be kept far away or it won’t be long when we see the beautiful monument of democracy we built from blood and sweat, crumble to dust.

‘How Did You Die?’ by Edmund Vance Cooke

Why do I have to be born like this? Why can’t I get anything without trouble? Why? Just why? Let’s be true, we have always tried to blame something other than ourselves when we fail. Not everyone is born with silver spoons in their mouths and we shouldn’t excuse ourselves from challenging ourselves to great heights. Maybe we cannot determine our birth, but we can always determine how we are going to live.

Edmund Vance Cooke’s ‘How Did You Die?’ is a motivational poem telling us to go head-on with our challenges in life. Life throws challenges at everyone of us. And when it does, how we react to it is all that matters. Are we going to accept the challenges with a cheerful mindset and strong heart? Or are we going to cower and hide from the outer world? The decision is ours. Where there are challenges, there are troubles. But how we perceive these troubles is up to us. It is our mindset which decides if our troubles are a ton or an ounce. When we challenge ourselves, we are not always going to win. We may fall many times. So, it doesn’t matter how many times we fall, but how many times we pull ourselves up.

Oh, a trouble’s a ton, or a trouble’s an ounce,
Or a trouble is what you make it,
And it isn’t the fact that you’re hurt that counts,
But only how did you take it?

So, what if we fall and get hurt. It isn’t embarrassing. If we had thought so as a child, we wouldn’t be here walking. What is really embarrassing is when we don’t get up after falling down and give up without even seeing the end. All we have to do is put on a smile and get up. A ball bounces up as hard as it hits the floor. Hence, we should be proud of our failures. It doesn’t matter if we fail as long as we have fought well. We should try our best so that we don’t regret it even when we fail. 

The harder you’re thrown, why the higher you bounce;
Be proud of your blackened eye!
It isn’t the fact that you’re licked that counts,
It’s how did you fight —  and why?

If we had fought well and had done our best in whatever role we are given in this mortal world, then the Critic will conclude that we did well. The Critic who will judge us is not the society or family or acquaintances but the Creator, the supreme power. Death comes to everyone. Death doesn’t look at our age, gender, status or power. It treats everyone equally and may come to anyone at any time. Whether we die early or late, whether we die in a moment or experience a slow death, it isn’t our death that matters but how we died. 

Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce,
And whether he’s slow or spry,
It isn’t the fact that you’re dead that counts,
But only how did you die?

We can equalize the phrase ‘how did you die’ to how we lived. Life is full of choices and we may regret some. But we have to make sure that we turn such regrets into life lessons. Maybe we will die today or tomorrow, but would death matter if we live well?    

Physical Fitness …Is it important in this pandemic ?

Physical Fitness is something which is very important in every human’s is status of wellbeing and can be brought up by having an healthy diet with planning and proper exercise also be need.

At recent time’s we have come across this horror and incurable virus called “covid-19″ or corona virus, which has shaken the globe and many people died due to its fast spread and has low metabolism with less immunity in their system. In order to achieve a good metabolism and immunity a person should have a very good health condition meaning he/she should have a very good physical fitness to fight back with the virus so yeah IT IS IMPORTANT TO have physical fitness

Many people in this corona lockdown are doing exercises maintaining health, taking care of diet, doing yoga, practicing dance and many more to maintain proper weight so the fatness or laziness not to effect their their my humble advice to all to do the same as the saying goes ”STAY FIT STAY FINE”

Plastic- Inseparable part of our lives

Imagine thousands of plastic bags floating around you forever

Inventions and discoveries lay a tremendous impact on the human race and development. Yet, few human creations can metamorphose into a curse. Nearly a hundred years ago, humanity created the most durable and cheap material -plastic. In a flash, plastic reached the deepest trenches, in the air we breathe and even in our stomachs. Barely 10% of the plastic we produce gets recycled whereas, the rest of the plastic contributes to climate change. Today these estimations may seem ordinary numbers, yet incautious measures can lead to the extinction of our race. Unbelievably we produce 3,000,000 plastic bottles in just 60 seconds; how horrifying is that? Our irrational use of plastic has affected the abundance of the entire ecosystem. The fishes are floating at the brink of extinction. We are the ones to condemn; hence it is our responsibility to wonder about potential solutions. Binish Desai-the recycle man has that solution. Amidst the Covid pandemic, the masks and PPE kits have made their way to the oceans. Binish Desai came up with an extraordinary idea to make eco-bricks out of them, recently introducing ‘Brick 2.0’. Furthermore, hundreds of women have started using menstruation cups to limit the plastic waste created by sanitary pads. Therefore, together we can beat plastic pollution. The story of our ecosystem is a tale older than ours. The majesty and abundance of the creatures out there are beyond our foresight. Each creation is unique and a mystery for us. Yet, our reckless management of plastic and other resources has affected the entire ecosystem. Our environment would collapse before we get a chance to know everything about it. Hence, together we need to think of solutions. We know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; only be transformed. Similarly, nothing is a waste in nature; scrap produced today can be transformed into something productive tomorrow. Together we can build a sustainable future if we start recycling now. A very efficient way to cease plastic pollution is brand audits and cleaning drives. They help to collect plastic and hold the brand guilty of who created the plastic waste in the first place. The most generous aid we can give to the ecosystem is minimizing plastic usage from our surroundings. We can switch to a bamboo toothbrush and go for a waterless car wash. In addition, social media gives us a platform to contribute even in this pandemic. Social media let us share and debate upon solutions in an efficient way. Furthermore, we need to consider that we are genius at planning; however, we fail to execute our solutions. Discussing the solutions will only help us when we work upon them. Hence, always try to buy products of brands that believe in sustainability. Together let us unwrap the layer of plastic we laid on our mother Earth. Remember tsunami of throwaway plastic is awaiting us tomorrow if we stop recycling. “Only when the last tree has died, the last river has flourished, we will realize that we cannot eat the money”. Your contribution matters!


Social media has become such a powerful world which can hypnotize anyone . Multiple users spent their day just by being online. It has become a trend which every individual wants to follow, Either be it teenager or an adult. Social media is a platform where every individual has a right to put forward his point of view in front of whole world. Several applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc are much popular among new generation. Every things which is free comes with a price to pay be it mentally or emotionally. In this article, I would like to discuss about the advantages as well as disadvantage of social media. Whether it should be banned or not ?
Let’s talk about all the good things that social media does for us. The platform which is controlled by the user . It is an individual’s choice to be on social media. Most of the smartphone users have access to internet. Internet allows you to connect anyone from the world by the use of Social media. It is used for communication between multiple users through video call, chat , audio call,etc. It allows to be in touch with your friends and relatives virtually even if they are not with you physically. In the times of global pandemic, Social media has proved to be a fruitful innovation which helped us stay connected with one another and support other is these hard situations. Anybody can raise their voice against injustice. Social media have a huge positive impact on our society. It spread awareness and lets people unite with others. Since the time social media is innovated, People have become more independent and self-awareness is the key features that has been achieved through these platforms. Applications like Facebook, Instagram are now used as a means to run online business and connect with larger audience and customers. There is a new application which is developed called Memechat which pays an user money for creating a meme. It is a new source of motivation when you get paid for the things you love to do.
We have discussed all the benefits of Social media. But, The harsh reality that we needs to conquer is every good thing creates obstacles which makes our path hard to cross. In so many year, We all know about the disadvantages we face due to social media. It has spoilt young generation minds where every individual is running after the likes and followers they have on their profile. Online Friends have become their real friends . It has mislead the teenagers and kept them away from the real world. Photogenic people gets more followers , they try to become influencer who actually just show off their money and external beauty in front of others. The concept of praising external beauty is rising in these platforms. In the infancy period when they should focus on study, worries about amount of attention they get on social media. We spent our most of the time on social media by just looking at the pictures or videos posted by Bollywood artist or Influencers. The real talent is not able to come up in the fake world. Difference between reality and fakeness should be understand by each one of us.
Social media should not be banned despite of it several disadvantages. We all know whatever is created for our use can also be misused by some section of the society. If we all support one another in terms of being real and giving the right advices rather than spreading rumours . It can be used as a platform for spreading happiness and joy.

Books : escape to utopia

Reading to your rescue

Most of the times, on daily basis, we repeat the phrase “I’m bored,’ multiple times like some mantra. We all need a hobby or something to keep us occupied especially during the lockdown. Since the pandemic our activity has been bounded to electronics. Nearly everything is done through virtual means without a stop to it.

What could we do prevent ourselves from becoming a slave to our phone screens?

In difficult times like these, a little euphoric escape is it. Books.

Whenever we pick up our phones or laptop our first instinct is to either open Instagram or WhatsApp, the itching of checking our companions texts winning over. And that’s how the plan of spending few minutes on social media extends for hours without a break, with no work done whatsoever.

Why not do the same thing with books which can actually do some good for you?

Reading isn’t something that only certain people with talent can develop. Its a universal habit which even a kid adapt from a very young age, if desired.

Many people say that they just don’t get the time to read them or that they get bored easily. Its because they don’t put effort in finding the books that will suit their taste or they’re just too lazy to stop scrolling through their Instagram feed.

Sometimes people pick up reading only to refine their English speaking or writing skills, which is a good initiative since a lot of them don’t really pay heed to importance of knowing the primary language.

Books are often seen as a coping mechanism, an escape from this reality as we call it. The fiction world is mesmerizingly shocking, slowly becoming an addiction to most of us.

Personally I am a multi-genre reader, always looking forward to a new approach but it surely differs for every individual. Every person varies from another, falling into a particular category of genre that would surely spark their interest.

Reading books is not just a matter of pleasure but also for the sake of benefits beyond enjoyment. It soothes you and is effective, both mentally and physically, the benefits lasting for lifetime.

It is scientifically proven how reading effects your brain networks making it more stronger and sophisticated. It builds your vocabulary which will help you in college exams and further job opportunities. Reading is the best way to increase your exposure to new words.


What should you be reading?

Now that leaves us with one main last question. What should you read?

As earlier discussed everyone has their own preferences and a genre that offers them the rush and excitement. The first thing you need to do is discover what genre or storyline can make your chest bubble with excitement and without a single thought, get your hands on that book. Or if you need to go with something short and easy assessible then maybe blogs can fill that requirement for you.

The effects of reading are cumulative and that is why its never too late to start reading and take many psychological and physical benefits as possible.


“NATURE IS THE BEST TEACHER” it gives us everything but we humans forget to take care of it and we destroy it. Nature gives us fresh air which is important to everyone in our life. But we pollute it by means of transport, industrialization etc… We should try our best to avoid it and keep our surrounding clean and hygiene so that we can save our life as well as nature. We should start the change within ourselves so that others will follow it.

When we preserve our nature it will keep us safe and healthy. No harm or disease will spread when we take care of it . When we take care of our nature it will take care of us . Due to pollution many gets affected due to harmful disease.
Air pollution,Water pollution affects nature and our world.We should avoid that so that we can live a life where there is no harm to our life and our world.We should use vehicles only when they are in use so that we can reduce pollution and we can breath good air instead of polluted air. We should plant saplings everywhere and make our mother earth fresh. “COLORS ARE THE SMILE OF NATURE”
In these days we should take care of ourselves because of the covid virus. Many died because of insufficient oxygen in their body and our country is out of oxygen cylinders. We should do what maintains our oxygen level and we get oxygen from trees so we should plant trees and save our life’s in future. We should wash our hands and wear masks whenever we go out. So that we can escape from the corona virus. We should stay safe and stay healthy.
“green” environment—one with trees and leaves. Most of the studies say that kids who play outside are smarter, happier, more attentive, and less anxious than kids who spend more time indoors.
It builds confidence-There are infinite ways to interact with outdoor environments, from the backyard to the park or lake, and letting your child choose how he treats nature means he has the power to control his own actions.
It promotes creativity and imagination- This unstructured style of play also allows kids to interact meaningfully with their surroundings. They can think more freely, design their own activities, and approach the world in inventive ways.
It teaches responsibility-Living things die if mistreated or not taken care of properly, and entrusting a child to take care of the living parts of their environment means they’ll learn what happens when they forget to water a plant, or pull a flower out by its roots.
It makes them think- Louv says that nature creates a unique sense of wonder for kids that no other environment can provide. The phenomena that occur naturally in backyards and parks everyday make kids ask questions about the earth and the life that it supports.
It reduces stress and their mind will be free.According to the Attention Restoration Theory, urban environments require what’s called directed attention, which forces us to ignore distractions and exhausts our brains. In natural environments, we practice an effortless type of attention known as soft fascination that creates feelings of pleasure, not fatigue.


Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that generally only exists electronically. There is no physical coin or bill unless you use a service that allows you to cash in cryptocurrency for a physical token. You usually exchange cryptocurrency with someone online, with your phone or computer, without using an intermediary like a bank. Bitcoin and Ether are well-known cryptocurrencies, but there are many different cryptocurrency brands, and new ones are continuously being created.

More recently, in the last week of March 2021, the government made it mandatory for companies to disclose investments made in cryptocurrencies. The move was welcomed by the crypto sector operating in the country. Experts said this move would open the door for all Indian companies to have Crypto on their balance sheets. “It will bring in a lot of transparency and will act as a comfort for Indian companies which are dealing in crypto-assets and were previously confused on how to put it in their books,” said Sumit Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, CoinDCX.

Slowly but steadily sentiments in favour of cryptocurrency is building in the country. In what form cryptocurrency would be acceptable to Indian lawmakers and regulators remains to be seen. However, the good thing for crypto lovers in the country is that discussions on this topic are not dead. Rather, they are getting louder even as cryptocurrency is not fully backed by the law. In the Parliament also, several members have been recently raising the issue of cryptocurrency/Bitcoin. In the month of March alone, at least five questions related to cryptocurrency were raised in Parliament. Here’s a look at the questions asked and the Government’s official responses.

So there is a less chance that crypto could be the future as the it is not backed by law or there is any evidence present for the transactions.

The Failure of Centre in handling the crisis

Finally a long political battle in West Bengal has come to an end . The result is however unexpected .The polls were in the favour of BJP but nothing went according to what the BJP has planned. The mass gatherings in the state has no result and has not enabled the Centre led party to take away the West Bengal election.

Massive Outrage of corona virus :

In this unprecedented times when the entire country is going through the pandemic ,it will not be wrong to say that the main reason behind this massive surge in covid cases is because of the huge rallies in the state .

Do anyone saw anybody wearing mask or even following the covid protocols set up by the government. Oh wait a second not even the Prime Minister was seen wearing a mask while attending the rallies .

And now when the oppositional parties are commenting on this blunder of the centre
then the BJP is seen continuously putting down the voices of the opposition parties by saying that they are playing dirty politics.

The oxygen Shortage :

Finally after a long fight now the eyes of the Centre are open and now they are seen working to arrange the vaccines for the massive population of the country. Now the country is in such an unprecedented times that it has to borrow the basic medicines and others neccessities from the rest of the world .

The ” Pharmacy of the World ” has to borrow the medical resources from the rest of the world .

The Conclusion :

The condition of the country can still be controlled by the government . What
is needed is massive vaccination by the government to all sections of the society
and mainly the poor and rural sections of the society which constitute a vital part
of the society .


Life after lockdown
1. Embrace contactless greetings
Planning to shake hands? Think again. Immediately after COVID-19 struck, there were visuals of world leaders ditching the handshake and using the ‘Namaste’ greeting. The Namaste is a form of greeting used in India that does not involve contact with the other person, unlike a handshake.

With social distancing being encouraged, we will see more and more people ditching the handshake because of the risk a handshake carries in a post-COVID-19 world.

2. Changing the way we learn
With schools and colleges being shut, there is a lot of interest in online classes. Teachers across the world are using the power of the internet to deliver educational content to a student’s house.

Real-time online classes are being held on apps like Zoom that have ensured that the absence of a physical classroom does not stop the learning of students. This could signal a change in the way students learn in a school after the pandemic ends.
3. Frequent washing of hands
Are you washing your hands frequently? One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is to maintain very high standards of personal hygiene. People are now understanding how simple acts like washing hands with soap and water may save their lives.

Before the pandemic started, many of us treated hand washing very casually, but that has changed completely in the past few months and this change is something that is going to stay for a long time to come.

4. No more public spitting
In India, it is common to see spit stains on government buildings, railway stations and roads. While the government tried to spread awareness by putting up posters and even imposing fines, no one cared.

But now that everyone has to wear masks in public places and maintain personal hygiene, spitting could be a thing of the past.

5. Better air quality
Three to four weeks into the lockdown, environmentalists across the world noticed something strange – the ozone layer was healing itself. Not just that, air quality in cities like Delhi and Mumbai has improved drastically during the lockdown.

What this tells us is that nature can heal quickly if we give it a little space and time. This will put into perspective how we have taken nature for a ride all these years and encourage people to do more for the environment and enjoy the advantages of a greener earth.

Sustainable Products – Save our Environment by using these products!

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
– Robert Swan, Author.
This quote definitely screams volumes about how we need to change our beliefs and start taking action to save our planet now.

There are many ways one can take action to save our planet, and one of them is using sustainable products. But – what are sustainable products?

Sustainable products are those products that protect the environment and have a positive impact on environmental, social as well as economical factors. Our needs can be met without sacrificing the future generation’s needs by using sustainable products. Sustainable products also help tremendously by saving our natural resources.

There are several sustainable products in the market, and as the warning of scarce resources arises the number of sustainable products has been increasing. However, one can start using these sustainable products as a beginner and take a step ahead to save our environment.

Some of the sustainable products include:

1. Reusable Straws
The perfect alternative to those disposable straws are these reusable straws, which can be easily cleaned, and has the ability to keep the environment clean as well. These are not only affordable but also reduce plastic waste, one sip at a time. With the reduction in plastic waste, we also save marine life.

2. Copper Water Bottles
Only one out of six bottles are actually recycled (maybe lesser), leading to a massive issue. These plastic bottles photodegrade which implies that it could take a minimum of thousand years for such a bottle to decompose, which is not at all environmentally friendly or sustainable. This is why using a sustainable alternative is the need of the hour. Copper water bottles not only are reusable, which in turn contributes in way lesser plastic waste but also has been known to significantly improve your health.

3. Wooden Combs
Wooden combs are brilliant because they have a plethora of hair care benefits which include less static, them being gentle on your hair as well as your scalp along nourishing your hair evenly with the natural oils it produces. On the other hand, normal plastic combs serve negligible benefits and can break sooner, and can also lead to overconsumption – which piles up on the planet. Using wooden combs means healthy hair as well as a healthier environment – sounds great, right?

4. Bamboo Toothbrushes
Bamboo Toothbrushes are incredibly soft and gentle and clean the teeth well at the same time. They are made up of bamboo and other natural sources which do mean less burden on the environment. This eco-friendly alternative disintegrates in six months as compared to a plastic toothbrush which would obviously take a much longer time. They are also as effective, if not better than plastic toothbrushes.

5. Reusable Cloth Bags
Long-lasting, cost-effective, and great quality – these bags should be a must-have in every household for carrying almost anything that a plastic bag can carry. It indeed is a brilliant alternative to plastic and also means less plastic pollution.


The majority of sustainable products are produced to reduce plastic waste. All of the above items are developed to reduce plastic waste which can significantly harm the environment since it is non-biodegradable.
It is highly recommended that we start using sustainable products. With so much innovation in today’s world, it is possible to find sustainable products that are light on our pockets and light on our environment as well.

4 Benefits of a Vegan Diet That Can Prolong Your Life.

The food which is only obtain from plants and is nutritious is known as a vegan diet as it excludes all the non-vegetarian items, all kinds of dairy products and eggs. It is a diet which improves the health of an individual and by increasing the life expectancy of them. When a proper vegan diet is followed it gives a good impact on health and reduce the risk to get in touch with diseases, improving the lifestyle.
The disease you may reduce the chance of getting to are like diabetes, many forms of cancer, most importantly the health of your heart, skin problems, weight loss and many more.
A vegan diet includes all kinds of fruits, vegetables, pulses which are rich in proteins, legumes, salad. All this comes from plants which is natural and easy to digest and proper mechanism is followed by the body to use them well in improving the lifestyle of the person.


Healthy Heart: By the intake of proper amount of vegan diet the level of triglycerides and cholesterol levels remain in control, and good cholesterol is increased which reduces the chances of getting a heart attack.
People following the vegan diet lowers the risk of heart diseases up to 42%, as observed in many studies.

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Calorie Burnt: The breakdown of Glucose into energy takes place in more amount by which the body get more energy to do work and remain active throughout the day. More calorie is burnt by which fat accumulation is reduced.

Prevents diabetes: Vegan diet is nutritious in ample diet which controls the glucose level in blood and lowers the risk of having type 2 diabetes. Insulin sensitivity is increased of such people and chances of developing diabetes is reduced up to 48-75%

Maintain body weight: Props weight is maintain by the body, chances of getting fat accumulated in the body is lesser. Helps in weight loss, less chance of being obese. An individual can lose 4.0 kg more than a control diet, by following a vegan diet in 4 months, as seen in studies.

Less Prone to Cancer: A person can stay away from many forms of cancer like that of Colorectal cancer, GI tract Cancer, Uterus cancer in women’s etc. Out of these, the cancer of GI Tract is most common as it includes the cancer of stomach and intestines, which may lead to death if not treated on time. A vegan diet improves the function of the organs which helps to lower the risk of getting cancer.

There are many benefits of a Vegan diet not only this it also helps to stay away from skin problems, improves blood circulation, sleeping patterns improves etc. Mainly a vegan diet helps the body to reduce the risk of getting autoimmune disorders, Arthritis is a condition in which a person bears pain in its joints, and its very painful, a vegan diet helps in reducing this pain.

If one wants to take care of his body and to increase the life expectancy one must follow a vegan diet instead of having a strict diet. As Vegan diet is rich in nutrients as it includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, salad, pulses etc., which have large amount of minerals, nutrients that are essential for the smooth function of the body.

A vegan diet is hard to follow in the beginning but once it is adapted by the body, it becomes easier for the individual to change their lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle. The body’s immune system becomes strong and fights against the disease well and lessens the chance of getting attack by any kind of infection or disease that is harmful for the body.

The art of getting what you want

ahh i can guess what you are thinking about right now reading the title , most of you all might be thinking about the things we wanted from soo long and still failed to get it .

okay ,resolutions are oh so typical ,but you know what is even more cringeworthy typical ? hating on your resolutions.
here is the thing -i love resolutions .why? because it works….. if you do it right way .let me stop you mid eye roll because i have actuually had some pretty amazing success in keeping my resolutions and reaching my goals.excuse the bragging for a moment ,but at 20 years old and fairly fresh from my undergrad i am living pretty much the life i dreamed of . i live in a fairily good city in the world, not working my dream job but still have hope ,travelling and nearly every single goal i set on january i am managing to achieve .

now by no means are my life and i perfect . no i dont have it all figured out yet ,but i believe i am doing pretty okay !
so how did i get here ? was it luck? was i born blessed ? whats the secret of getting exactly what you want ?i have decieded to share everything i have done and consistently do to help you actually get what you want to be (because it is the season right ?)

*prioritize your relationships
*be resourceful

okay so you wrote down a list of your goals and the types of things you are going to accomplish this year. great start byt thats not enough. at the begginning of last year i seperated my goals by category,from health and fitness to finance and social media goals, i wrote down where i wanted to be in each department by now .
next you need to turn these charted goals into a vision board. this step is essential for staying motivated and on track throughout the year.having a visul representation constantly in view will remind you always what you are working towards and keep you motivated.

prioritize your relationships
this is very much necessary because sometimes it doesnt matter how hard you work.if you dont have the good relationships,your shot at success will be very much difficult. if you are a great hardworking musician working hard in your room but you dont have good relations and you dont do any netwoking . you will never grow in your roon in your comfort place .prioritizing networking and maintaining vstrong realtions is absoluetly necessary to achieve most good things you dream of .
okay for some introverts this may be too difficult but i ll tell you a secret of how i made it. challenge yourself to compliment every single person you intract with in a day .whatever you gotta do put people first ,make the value you offer knowm, and show that you care.

this is a very obious point like you all already know to get something you gottta give something . being in your comfort zone having everything doing al the things which are maybe not even complimenting for your future growth you will not go you really need to sarifice some of your time and energy towards your dream to make something happen
if you sarifice the things that dont serve you long term goals ,the road to your success suddenly becomes a lot clearer from obstacles

be resourceful
never ever be lazy dont find excuses for why are you lacking behind .if you really want something then you should also be ready to overcome whatever is stoping you from your dream . being ultra resourceful is the key when it comes to short term success .

and lastly be happy wherever you are never ever lose hope i know you are doing pretty goood with your dreams and will eventually reach your goals
never ever foget to pray . your god has the ultimate power to make you reach your goals never underestimate that strength .

What’s going on in India’s Smallest UT “Lakshadweep”?

                                                  Problem in Lakshadweep     

Currently #Save Lakshadweep is trending all over the internet in various social media platforms in India, Chief ministers of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, many Celebrities and a lot of people have also pledged their support for the caption. Let’s see what led to the raise of this campaign,

Lakshadweep, India’s smallest Union Territory, an archipelago of 36 islands which has a population of about 64,000-70,000 people living on 10 islands. The union territory consists majority of a Muslim population and the main language spoken here is Malayalam.

In the month of December 2020, former BJP Minister Praful Khoda Patel was appointed as the administrator of the Union Territory after the death of Dinesh Sharma (previous administrator).

The newly appointed administrator slew the draft:

=>Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation (LDAR) -2021

=> Lakshadweep Animal Preservation Regulation -2021

=>Prevention of Anti-social Activities Regulation (PASA)-2021

=>Lakshadweep Panchayat Regulation-2021

Mr. Patel said, he intended to develop Lakshadweep like Maldives a renowned tourist destination. Then why the draft has caused a storm among people? What does the proposal says let’s take a look,

Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation (LDAR) -2021:

This regulation provides the administrator the power to declare any land area on the island to be a planning area for the purpose of development, it will also allow the administrator under the Right to Fair Compensation Act and Transparency in land Acquisition Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013 to acquire any land required for public purpose.

 Lakshadweep Animal Preservation Regulation -2021:

About 96.5% of the islanders are Muslim population .This law, bans the slaughter of cow, bull and bullocks, not only that it also prohibits buying, selling, transportation or storage of beef or beef products  in any form. Maximum jail term of 10 years and fine up to 5 lakhs will be allotted for the violation of the law.

Prevention of Anti-social Activities Regulation (PASA)-2021:

PASA well known as Goonda Act is proposed, Lakshadweep is a place with lowest crime rate, according to National Crime Records only 121 cases were registered in the year 2017. This act allows to detain a person without any public disclosure for a period of 1 year.

Lakshadweep Panchayat Regulation-2021:

This draft states certain rules for standing for election in gram panchayats, according to this regulation any person with more than 2 children cannot be nominated for getting elected in gram panchayat. This will be applicable for future candidates and not for the one’s already elected.

These are the drafts which have provoked the people of the island to raise for protecting their rights and freedom. Until December 2020, Lakshadweep was a place unaffected by the pandemic, after Mr. Patel relaxed the covid19 restrictions to promote tourism,  currently the place has seen about 7000 covid-19 cases.


Reference: The HINDU – 30/5/21 & 31/ 5/ 21; THE

















“Green is the new black”


What if you knew that you were destroying the earth every day, minute, hour, second of your life time? People, humans, are harming the earth. Without recycling everything we use, reducing pollution from cars and machines, or cutting back on water use, we hurt our only home, the earth. Lost every second, another 1.5 acres of rainforest to land development and deforestation, with tremendous losses to habitats. Another 36 U.S. states anticipating local, statewide water shortages, 64 million tons of materials are going to landfills. Ready to start going-green yet? We can recycle our garbage, have clean efficient machines and cars, or simply use less water. These every day things can change a lot in the way you live and to the planet.

If we continue to not recycle, not conserve energy, or clean air, we will kill our home and eventually us humans. Throwing away items that can be recycled diminishes energy, water and natural resources that can be saved by recycling. House hold batteries and electronics often contain dangerous chemicals that may, if sent to a local landfill, leak through the bottom barrier and pollute the ground water. This can contaminate everything from the soil in which our food grows and to the water which will eventually come out of aquifers into our tap water, many of these chemicals cannot be removed from the drinking water supply. Or from the crops that are harvested from contaminated fields. The risks to human health are monstrous. If you think that’s bad news here is more. Did you know 137 is the number of plant, animal, and insect species lost every day to rainforest deforestation? This equals roughly 50,000 species per year. This can be very bad to the human race, losing so many specie…

By going-green it can save our home and help it from diminishing beneath our feet. By making better choices as an indivial we can save our home and keep us healthy along with it. We can recycle simple produces, turn down the thermostat, and use less water. By doing these things we can save our home one green at a time. So go on, help save our home, your home, go green.


environment part of your personal brand .


An increasing number of industries have been making the careful shift to eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable systems and it is about time. A testament to this is the steadily growing demand for natural and environment-friendly products that a large number of brands are scrambling to meet.



The Indian consumer market – from cosmetics and skincare to tea and soft drinks – has found that wider access to the internet, the desire for better grooming and social consciousness are increasingly shaping choices in the market. Cementing this observation is the recent International Lifestyles Survey 2019 by Euromonitor, which studies consumer patterns globally. It found that 65% of shoppers were mindful of the organic ingredients used in the products, 66% were motivated by their ‘natural’ nature, and 67% of respondents ranked the environment-consciousness and eco-friendliness of brands as the highest parameter while shopping.


Euromonitor reviews emerging fast-moving trends that are on their way to gaining traction shortly, providing insights into changing consumer values and priorities and exploring the shifts in consumer behavior its effects on business globally.


Growth In Sustainable & Eco-friendly Products:

In the past 5 years we have seen the growth of e-commerce in India, pointing out the same Karishma Kansagra, Co-founder of Herb Island said, “The growth of e-commerce is the primary reason for the shift & demand that we have seen in organic, natural & eco-friendly lifestyle products. The consumer has been more conscious & aware than ever before which has driven the revolution in the beauty industry and has increased the demand of formulations that are effective & organic as well as the packaging is sustainable & eco-friendly,”




The humanity aspect of the brand also appeals to the consumers, where CSR was initially just for the corporates but now even start-ups have started contributing their bit towards issues that are not only close to their heart but also that represents their brand. Increase in awareness of global warming & saving the planet is also a contributing factor for more consumers making the shift towards green & sustainable

so many herbal and natural products flooding the market, it seems obvious that green indeed is the new black.

Green is most definitely the new black and “sustainability” is just as important for luxury products as it is for everyday needs. So shop wisely. Hopefully, you now have some new brands to turn to in your efforts to put your money where your mouth is.

As Always, Yours in the Love of All Things Green.




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Jenifer . J

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Nowadays we are changing to modern so that we are losing our old things and habits. The olden days we used to eat Ragi, wheat, pluses, cereals, grain, veggies and fruits. In modern days we are taking all these less and other items heavy. We should eat for our body it must get strength to fight with diseases so that olden days foods and medicines are the best. In olden days also there was diseases but now before curing one disease many diseases are coming line by line. So to cure this we need olden days food.

Ginger: This ginger helps to raise immunity in our body. It is very good throat infections and it kills all the viruses  which enters through  throat. While drinking hot tea mixed with crushed ginger it will kill all the infections in your throat if you don’t like to eat ginger mixed in food. We should use ginger everyday in everything so that it will be powerful and helpful for your body.

Papaya: In fruits this also a best fruit which helps human body function abundantly. That to country papaya is the best it will not be good as hybrid. All good this will be worst for kids even though try to eat country papaya. It is good in every thing. It really raises the immunity level. What  is possible to eat near us and good in everything. “If we eat apple we can keep doctor away” this is same like that but only the country papaya.

Turmeric: This the best medicine in food for all things we can use from our head to toe we can use turmeric. It’s a gift from god because it can cure what kind of thing as soon as possible. Turmeric we can use in milk and food. Turmeric is a best fighter against diseases this turmeric is used as powder in packets but the pure turmeric which is used in olden days it cures all things. Turmeric not only gives colour but also taste and kills the any kind of diseases, injuries and bacteria.

Almonds: We should eat at least four almonds daily.  It is very helpful for body and brain. If we eat daily we could remember each and everything and our body remains healthy. Almonds we should soak in water night and in morning remove the outer cover and eat in empty stomach. Almonds also fights against viruses and diseases. It also burns fat.

These are some of the immunity raising foods we eat without knowingly there is so much good things in each and everything

Train your Brain: How important it is to keep our brain healthy?

The brain is an important gateway by which social environment on people’s health through the mind” – Michael Marmot

What do we mean by Brain Health?

When we call a person healthy, we generally mean that the person can perform his or her daily functions with ease, or the various processes like Digestion, Respiration, Circulation, and Excretion in one’s body are occurring unhampered at a smooth rate.

Similar is the case when it comes to our Brain. The human brain can be perceived as the ultimate product of Human Evolution. Our brain is the central organ of our nervous system which is responsible for coordinating our actions, thoughts, memory, judgement, and emotions. This 1.5 kg organ controls our behaviour, body movements, senses, and intelligence. When our brain can perform its function well at all times, we say the brain is healthy.

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention defined brain health as an ability to perform all the mental processes of cognition, including the ability to learn and judge, use language, and remember.

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) presidential advisory defined optimal brain health as “average performance levels among all the people at that age who are free of known brain or other organ system diseases in terms of decline from function levels, or as adequacy to perform all activities that the individual wishes to undertake”.

Why is brain health important?

Our brain health is important for our overall wellness. Our day-to-day lifestyle has a major impact on our brain health. What food we consume, how much we exercise, how much sleep or rest do we take, how well we socialize with the outside world all extremely vital considering our brain health. A healthy brain is not a concept but a lifestyle. A healthy brain is essential for a happy and long life and only when our brain is healthy, we can pay attention, solve our problems and communicate better.

What are the challenges when it comes to poor brain health?

It has been observed that human ageing increases the chances of the burden of brain dysfunction and neurological diseases.

Poor brain health can affect a person’s life by causing decreased cognitive and physical function. This can be a huge burden and gives rise to stress. When the brain is unable to perform well, for example, say if a person’s memory or sense of judgement is affected then it reduces the level of independence which in some cases even leads to a situation of premature removal from community or workplace and adds to the burden of care.

According to American Heart Association, by 2030, the total cost of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and stroke is expected to exceed $1 Trillion.

Poor brain health paves the way for various types of neurological disorders. These neurological disorders may have different or common effects on brain health. For instance, Alzheimer’s is the main type of dementia, with a decline in different domains of cognitive regulations.

The aim is to prevent ourselves from such neurological disorders by keeping our brains healthy.

How do we keep our brains healthy? 

The latest studies show that certain changes in our lifestyles and actions no what our age is can improve the health and functioning of the brain. The main areas of focus should be:

Balanced nutrition

What you eat plays a major role in your mental health. Research shows that people who consume a Mediterranean-style diet which is said to be rich in whole grains, green vegetables, fish, olives, and nuts are able to maintain brain health and may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. with family and friends.

Enough sleep

It is essential to give at least eight hours of sleep per night to our bodies as it provides our brain the time to consolidate and store our memories effectively. A good sleep schedule helps lower the risk of sleep apnea which harmful to our brain health.

Physical exercise

Daily exercise results in increased blood flow to our brains which in turn improves brain health.

 Stress management

Social interactions, engaging in new hobbies like singing, dancing, reading, etc. wards off stress.

In conclusion, the need to enhance brain health is fundamental in today’s day and age and we must start to take the necessary steps to prevent ourselves from poor brain health and understand the brain-body connection for happy and long life.













How to start a startup?

There are almost 414 unicorn startups (startups whose valuation is more than $1 billion) out of which 52 are in India only.

Almost everything we use nowadays was once all in someone’s mind and that idea grew to be something substantial for example iPhones , laptops , hotels , credit cards etc. But all these companies were once startups formed in people’s garages and basements.

Not every idea has the potential to become a multi-billion dollar company , many are left in the dust and there are very few who make it big. So do you think your idea has the potential to change the world and are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

Before we start let me get one thing straight it will take ginormous amount of hardwork , dedication , patience , skills and last but not the least the ability to face failure before you make it big.

How To Start A Startup - Infographic
  1. So , first things first right off the bat we will talk about the most important thing in any startup i.e. THE IDEA.

The idea is the most important part of the startup , if you have the right idea at right point of time and you can make it big. The thing about idea is it should be solving a problem currently faced by the market whether it is by a product or a service. Once you get the idea right you are already once step ahead in the startup game. The idea can be innovative or a derivative but it has to have a sense if uniqueness otherwise what’s the point.

2. MAKE A BUSINESS PLAN : Go one step further in your idea by making a business plan. It has to be sound and in context with growth of the company. Whether it is taking a loan from the bank or seed funding the idea has to start taking shape in the form of business plan.

3. FUNDING : No startup can run without funding. In the world of startups there are many round of funding that happen such as seed funding , angel investors , round 2 funding before the company goes for an IPO. Securing the right amount of funding in necessary to sustain the business in the long run. Many startups fail just because they are unable to secure the funding.

4. BUILDING A TEAM : Building a team of competent people is an extremely necessary part of any startup. A team of competent , well versed and motivated people with one goal in mind can take the company to levels never seen before. But never rush to hire more people. Hire 50 people that give their 100 percent rather than hiring 100 people that give their 50 percent.

5. A BASE FOR THE STARTUP : Every startup has a base , a place where from where the company grew and it is a crucial part of a company’s future to select a location which is relevant in current market scenario and a place where it is most profitable for a company to run its operations from.

6. MARKETING AND ADVERTSING : You can’t sell your product even if it is the best in the world if people don’t know about the product. Marketing is as important as the product , and sometimes even more important than the product itself. You can market through various means such as advertisements , banners , hoardings etc. Speaking in current terms companies nowadays are changing pathways to Facebook and Instagram advertising where its cheaper and much mire efficient than the standard television advertising.

7. PREPARATION FOR FAILURE : No entrepreneur has ever succeeded in the first try itself. It takes year building a company with reputation. So be patient and be prepared for everything that life will throw at you because each and every step will be a lesson for a better future.

So , in conclusion we can say that building something from scratch is not an easy job and is extremely difficult in the case of startups. So buckle up because there are a lot of things to consider before starting a startup and with all your heart give it your best try.

Journey of mental health during this covid.

Amid this covid, let’s try to take care of our mental health in this toxic environment by being more sanguine in those circumstances.

what mental health actually looks like?  So, it’s all about the state of well-being,  focuses on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Cope up with everyday stresses with healthy practices. So with each step you take, you grow stronger.

Like all the people out there, I have also struggled with mental health issues throughout my life. It’s a daily battle, but one I choose to continue to fight every day with slight hope in my heart. Some days are better than others, but I am proud to say that these days I win more battles than I lose.

The thing which puts my mind at ease, like take a moment and smell the flowers, do the things that make your soul so refreshing, whether it’s smelling the flowers or taking 15 mins of quiet time or going for a walk or leisure time with your pets or call your friends. Mental health was given more importance in our society. Remember to give importance to what makes you smile and happy for real.

mental health

Whether you want to change your lifestyle, maintain fitness, or get rid of things that affect your mental health. Perhaps,  the thing is knowing what you want and putting it out into the universe is a good step into the world of manifesting. You have also had to be proactive with what you want. you can’t wish for something to happen and expect it to happen. You have to put into the work and do whatever it takes to receive your goals for what you want. Change can be so scary and nerve-wracking but when you focus on what’s best for you and your mental health at end of the day it will be worth it.

Get past any negativity towards yourself and combat it with love. You have the power to cultivate an ideal relationship, there’s no reason why you can’t have what you desire and deserve. you get one life, make it count, and do whatever it takes to get what you want. Fall in love, take the risk, live every moment to the fullest, and thrive.

The journey of our life is meant to be fun with lots of explorations and experiences. No matter how you travel your path but carry over the bunch of happiness that holds serene within you and let down all baggage that holds distress, negativities. Just dumb and throw all sort of baggage that affects you. It’s okay. The path ahead is full of miracles. Go ahead with your tranquilness of curiosity and courage on your paving.

 Do you know a secret about, how to grow in life?

Yes, the safest place to grow is to welcome criticism and grow from there.  just power up your limits and thrive for something new and it gives you a light-hearted pleasure, once you reach out.

So huge strength and love to all the people who are going through all such lows in life.  It’s okay to be who you want to be in this world full of preconceived notions and unrealistic beauty standards. We tend to cross over all of those resentful circumstances in our lives. Take easy on yourself.  Balance all your emotions with heart and mind.

Healthcare System of India

India’s Ministry of Health was established in 1947, after independence. In 1983, the National Health Policy was introduced, which aimed at universal healthcare by 2000. Universal healthcare means that all the people have access to health services, when and where they need it, without facing any hardships or financial obstacles.

Healthcare is mainly administered by the states. The Constitution of India tasks the respective states to provide healthcare to all the people residing in the state. However, there was disparity of medical coverage between rural areas and urban ones. Hence, the National Rural Health Mission was established in 2005 to improve the healthcare situation in the poorest of regions.

Fast forward to 2021, and there are still many loopholes in the healthcare industry, that need to be tackled effectively. There is great discrepancy between qualities of medical treatment in several regions ranging from urban to semi-urban to rural areas.

Accessibility or rather, the lack of it is a huge problem, deterring people from accessing healthcare. Physical reach is one of the major factors. Physical reach is defined as, “the ability to enter a healthcare facility within 5kms from the place of residence or work.” A study in rural areas found that only 37% of people were able to access IP facilities within a 5km distance, and 68% were able to access out-patient facilities.

Even if a healthcare facility is physically accessible, what is the quality of care that it offers? Many PHCs i.e. Primary health centers lack basic infrastructural facilities such as beds, wards, toilets, drinking water facilities, clean labor rooms for delivery and regular electricity.

Any discussion about healthcare systems, should take into account the central workforce, all the healthcare workers in this field.  However, the workforce is not distributed optimally, with most preferring to work in areas where infrastructure and facilities for family life and growth are higher.

Most of the health expenditures are accounted by the private sector. The private sector gives medical treatment in an efficient way, but also at a higher price. State run public sector is still the only option for rural areas of the country. It is common knowledge that private sector is a very powerful player in the healthcare sector. Huge amounts of healthcare costs lead to impoverishment and financial loss. Although, medical insurances are available, not many people have these and most of the treatment cost comes from the pockets of the households. The public sector offers healthcare at low or no cost, but is perceived as unreliable.

The solution to the problems of affordability of healthcare is to launch local and national campaigns. The percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) that is diverted towards healthcare should be increased. This in turn, will help boost the infrastructure of the public healthcare sector and attract more of the workforce towards these areas. This will motivate people to go to government hospitals to seek treatment.

Medical and health insurance programs should be rolled out, and awareness campaigns should be organized so that the target audience understands the directives of the government schemes. They say that the youth is the future of tomorrow. Keeping this saying in mind, healthcare students should be educated about the ground reality and economic and social issues in various parts of the country and the world. This will help them make conscious decisions in the future and hopefully bring in a realization of the enormity of the situation and the need to confront it as soon as possible.

To receive treatment and medical care is every person’s basic right, and as a nation, we need to take a stand against the problems in the healthcare sector and fight against all that is harmful to humanity.

A woman is a country’s fate, do not put her life at stake.

A Warm Greetings to all of my readers.This is totally gonna be about Women’s role in the society.Role doesn’t mean only to her personal life’s commitments here it’s also about her growth physically and the hindrances that she has had experiencing



A women in the society should Desire her life and life to the fullest as up to her limitations. There were days where a girl  is born it’s taken granted that she must live her life in order to please others. Her Carrier Aspirations, her Goals are things that are absolutely unimportant for her Family. Teaching her Household Works, making her Marriage holds greater significance in their minds. Luckily this situation has changed a little bit in the current world today!!



A Girl is by birth undergoes problems like when she was born in an Orthodox Family it is her starting issue attempt that she face in her like but unfortunately it’s a bad sign because such people aren’t been or being ready to accept a girl child was born, As they think that if the child born is a girl baby the family has to spend at her dowry. But instead of worrying about the gender of the child born they should thank god for giving such a pleasure in life and their family. Because children are the Gift and the Reward from God.So we should be  grateful for that.



As of this case a girl has to be more conscious as of this society. AS because a girl should be fully aware as because to safeguard her intimacy and privacy. It may be slight abnormal or unusual because it’s very important to know all about the world one she attains her puberty. She should be very conscious about her RELATIONSHIPS…Girls and even boys should be given a sex educational programme in their medium of learning as because if they are well aware of it there’s no problem in every aspects and meanwhile they will also learn about their life’s purposes and Relationships.


Sexual maturation (reproductive age):

As of our Indian Culture this is the period where she goes from her own  family to a new family. She begins to live her like in a different manner accordingly to her family where  gets married and now speaking about this particular stage this makes her to get into Intimate Relationship with her life partner. She enjoys every pleasure in her life but sometimes she may also get into stress.


Climacteric period

Climacteric is the period of life starting from the decline in ovarian activity until after the end of ovarian function. According to the definition, the period includes peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.


Post-climacteric (elderly) years:

In some women, hot flashes and other symptoms attributed to menopause persist for many years after the cessation of menses. The frequency and severity of such symptoms and response to hormone therapy in older women have not been well documented. Here she becomes a kind of stressed and depressed and goes to many emotional feelings.

As these are kind of sample of about the women’s difficulties in her personal life. Now let’s see bout the challenges and hindrances that she face towards their life socially and technically.

To say about the social hindrances she face this aspect in every moment and in every fields as because as in the case of schools/colleges  she face the gender differences if not taught  her importance towards the future it’s of no doubt that her male classmates don’t be able to accept her as a fellow respectable student. This is the first beginning of her issue.

Next if she goes to a work there more domination more than the thing before as because there is where she comes to face issues of inequality, domination and so on that  pushes her back of her courage and confidence.

Technical Hindrances is not very sure but it’s possible in the case that depends on the way of how you were brought up. This is very known hindrance as of a girl virtual world especially during these pandemic situations in the case of a girl of her graduation of university/colleges. As because right from our schooling some may not be well known about the gadgets. But as of now as everything is changing technical  it makes her to get a little bit tough as she has to learn everything new if she’s not known to those.

Especially parents of teenagers should give her hope that she does not feel deprived. Some parents’ think those usage of gadgets aren’t teaching good values but instead certain sessions should be arranged to make them aware of the benefits of technology. Teenagers especially a girl child gets certain low self-esteem as their parents always blame at her technology usage. There are the main reason that the teenager is unaware of it.



Another great revolution would be possible for every women is only when women are given equal rights and most of all this is not becoming common in our day to day live as because of every growing technology.But then there exists some strain which is caused by certain social evils.



All these can’t be solved if at all a woman becomes herself courage and call up every woman to become strong well enough to face the world. As a Teenager my personal suggestion would be  is to have a daring spirit,Passions,Self-Motivation, Self Confidence and so on everything.If all these are achieved in life then it’s of no doubt that a day you are surely gonna rock the world and that day would be totally yours.




Every teenager must work accordingly to this so that it ultimately reflects upon the society. Thus I am clear that as of this current situations women’s are getting motivated by these organisations that highlights on women’s strength and courage.If only the world gets to start by now it would reach up the destiny which has to be achieved.

“The rise of short-form content And marketing-Is it good or bad”?

Firstly, we need to understand the choice of right content  if company want to promote their product , so their content  should  be sourced, unique, concise, grammatically correct and is formatted properly. Because, long form and short form really does not matter that should be attractive, but if we are talking about form of marketing content so, content of marketing should always be in short form it help customer to understand everything about the product. Customer could easily read Short content while scrolling the website or page of product.


• With the help of short marketing content Company can easily increase their reach in market.
• Short content is really very eye catchy.
• Short content Increase Website traffic.
• Short content is very easy to understand.


When we post something on social media About the product And services on digital platform .It should be Short or interesting .
Example : about product ,Benefits of product, Price of product or some details about the product.

Content can be represented in many formats such as blog post, podcast videos, Webinar, e books ,industrial reports.
But that time limit should be minimum in podcast ,And word limit should be minimum in blog.

Company can promote their products With  the help of  advertisement in magazines, t.v,digital ads etc.

But nowadays, we can see so many companies promote their products with the help of social media and bloggers.Because , bloggers usually post content in short form.

Short form content is typically 400-600 words, can be read in as little as two minutes, and doesn’t require much critical thinking.

remember that short form content helps your business connect and engage with its audience while long form content is intended to educate and inform. To learn more about ways of taking your content to the next level

short-form content creation easy and inexpensive, the downside is it doesn’t require any deep investment from the audience and as we know short form content is easy to read on Mobile phones. Especially for customers because, on other platform or may be another site customer have so many different substitute. If your Content form is long They will not read it, they will prefer short content to read .

With the help of short content Customer can easily attract And through the Short content form company can genrate more traffic on website or their page.They can Also establish trust of customers .


So we can say the short content form is really good to attract customer towards the goodness of product and Company.