PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen – Book review

Jane Austen (December 1775 – July 1817) was an English novelist. The plots of her novel were often based on the situation of women; how their social and economic status totally depended on the family they are married to. She used social commentary, humor and realism to express her thoughts. Her works were approximately based on her social background. The books that she wrote were highly influenced by moral issues.

Pride and Prejudice, published in 1813, is one of the most recognized works of Jane Austen. The story revolves around Elizabeth Bennet (Lizzy) and how her character changes and develops through. It is a romantic comedy about how a man and woman surrender their pride and prejudice and come to realize their feelings for each other. It also shows how in the 1800, the only way to lead a decent and content life a woman had to marry in a rich house.

 Elizabeth is the second oldest daughter out of five of the Bennet family. The Bennet family is a combination of both silly and wise personalities. Mrs. Bennet is a lady of uncertain temper and mean understanding. Jane, the oldest daughter, was very beautiful comparatively among the five. Elizabeth, on the other hand, was quick-minded, cultured and wise. Mary was fond of reading while Catharine and Lydia spent their time flirting with youngmen, especially militia. Mr. Bennet, was the owner of Longbourn state, but he had no son but five daughters. Accordingly, the property would be inherited by a cousin of his leaving the daughters economically unstable. Mrs. Bennet was always keen to find a suitable and wealthy gentleman to marry at least one of her daughters off. It was a matter of great importance as at least one of the five needs to be economically stable to help the others. Elizabeth, considered the wisest, is often ashamed of her mother’s sheepish behavior.  

The events take place when the Bingley’s arrive in Hertfordshire where the Bennets reside. The daughter of Bennets and Mr. Bingley were introduced at a ball dance party. Mr. Bingley is attracted to Jane at their first meeting. While Mr. Darcy is a close friend of Mr. Bingley who is also present in the party. Darcy is usually an attractive person but is full of pride and haughtiness. Elizabeth gets provoked by Darcy’s comment on her claiming that she wasn’t pretty enough to dance with him. However, he falls for her wisdom and quick mindedness. Mr. Bingley begins to fall in love with Jane and Jane too. However, Mr. Darcy is logical and believes that Jane is after his money and so plays a role in separating them. The Bennets give up the hope of Jane’s marriage to Mr. Bingley and are disappointed, especially Mrs. Bennet whose aim in life is to marry her daughters. 

Mr. Collins and Mr. Wickham can be considered the antagonists who have created more toil in Elizabeth’s life. The Bingley sisters are no less; they carried a superior behavior towards Elizabeth. Mr. Wickham first shows interest towards Lizzy filling her up with hatred towards Darcy but then engages someone else. Wickham later elopes with Lydia, the youngest daughter of Bennets.  Later demands money to marry her and they have to do the same to save their reputation. Among these events Elizabeth is proposed to by Mr. Darcy and she, ignorant of the truth and full of hatred towards him, refuses him coldly. However, she later comes to know the true character of Mr. Wickham and Mr. Darcy, and regrets her past actions and prejudices.

The novel provides the reader cognizance through the chapters. It is a piece of reading which is more meaningful and worthy of learning than just entertainment. We learn more while reading it instead of getting a lesson at the end. It shows how even a sharp minded woman is dependent on her spouse to lead a good life. Not only this, but it gives us some life lessons and a new view to someone’s personality.

But to expose the former faults of any person without knowing what their present feelings were, seemed unjustifiable.
– Jane

Doing things we don’t mean to and ending up hurting others. We can never judge a person by what we hear from others.

It is very often nothing but our own vanity that deceives us.
– Jane

One can never be perfect. There is always room to improve. Too much pride may make us blind at times. There are times we skip the options that are right for us by underestimating them.

The novel contains a not rushed story with tons of valuable lessons.


‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ Khaled Hosseini

A Thousand Splendid Suns is a classical narration of thirty years of Afghan history.

“I will follow you to the ends of the world.”

Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

A gripping tale which can only fail to move the hardest of hearts. Khaled Hosseini, an all time best-selling author, with all of his published novels brings a heart wrenching story portraying female suffering and endurance under the Taliban rule.

The story is about a girl Maryam who is sent off to Kabul to marry Rasheed, only at the age of fifteen who befriends a local teen, Laila, a few years after her residence. And after the Taliban strikes rule, life becomes a desperate struggle against starvation, brutality and fear. Yet love can make people act in unexpected ways, leading them to overcome nerve wrecking circumstances with heroism. Hosseini strings every characters life with another in amusingly satisfying ways, the story teasing and testing your urge to turn the page throughout the way.

This books serves the purpose of throwing light on the difficulties afghan women and girls face since their childhood to their adulthood, enduring domestic violence and patriarchal issues. Khaled Hosseini pours all his feelings and emotions he had experienced during his childhood since Soviet army invaded Afghanistan by the1980’s. He uses his experiences and observations to portray a real image of Afghanistan under the Taliban rule. He successfully discussed on the issues like women rights through toxic patriarchy and domestic violence.

Hossieni’s story telling approach in this book will help you to get a closer view of these social issues as you lend your eyes and ears to the struggles of Afghan women and girls.

“Each snowflake was a sigh heard by an aggrieved woman somewhere in the world. All the sighs drifted up the sky, gathered into clouds, then broke into tiny pieces that fell silently on the people below. As a reminder of how women suffer.”

-Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

A book so intense, swirling with emotions and struggles at every foot will hopefully serve immense satisfaction at the door of your heart. Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns will hold you at the brim of suspense throughout the story, warming your heart with his unique way of stringing the words.

Read A Thousand Splendid Suns, an irresistible creation which will leave your mind blown.

Best Hair Online CBD Products in 2021.

‘Hair’ is one of the essential part of one’s life which enhances the beauty. To maintain this proper care should be taken. So when it comes to the ‘hair’ many products are available in the market which itself tells about their qualities and unique features in treating the damaged hair and promoting good growth of hair.

CBD is one of the hair products which fulfill the commitments of the beauty lovers to maintain their hair healthier and stronger. These products are rich in antioxidants, made from cannabis, which is full of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients which provides the nourishment to the hair.
CBD beauty products gives hair care concerns such as dryness, flakiness, irritation, itchiness, excess oil production and more. These products helps to repair hair damage to make them healthier and stronger.

Some of the CBD hair products are enlisted below in order to maintain the good hair

Fekkai CBD Scalp Calming Shampoo : This online CBD beauty products nourish the dry scalp with its soothing and moisturizing formula. It is most effective for colored hair.

Briogeo B. Well 100mg CBD + Arnica Flower Soothing Skin and Scalp oil : This online CBD products is mostly used in 2021. It contains many nourishing vitamins and minerals. This is a hydrating oil which moisturizes the dry, itchy scalp. It makes the hair gm hydrated and provides nourishment to the hair and promotes a good and healthier growth of hair.

Rain cry Rebuild Bond Repair: This is a blend CBD oil, which contains collagen peptides and lotus extract, help in the treatment of damaged bonds in addition to strengthening the strands. It protects the hair from breakage.

Giovanni Hemp Hydrating and Deep – Conditioning Hair Mask: It have hydrating mix of hemp seed oil and soothing aloe Vera, this online hair CBD beauty products stimulates & moisturizes damaged hair with scalp nourishment with help of vitamins, anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids.

These CBD products improves the circulation in scalp and promotes good and healthier growth of hair. Makes good strength of the hair. Nourished and thicker hair is dreams of many people. One must use these products in order to see useful results.

A Simple guide to jee

a new perspective

Getting into iit is considered to be “the job” to be done. As they say, ‘the best time to start preparing for jee is when you were born”, quite funny and hypothetical but the problem with views and opinion like these which keep floating around in our society and neighborhood is that even though they are obnoxious in certain way but everyone knows that they form a certain basis in reality. Why is it so hard? or is it really that hard?

Not because the portion is vast or questions are hard or competition is vast or anything like that, it is just that there is so much clutter and complexity around the whole preparation journey and methodology that it becomes extremely difficult for one to find a way around it whole and reach the set target. There are too many loops and strings to deal with when going through the standard methodized way at least for a normal person. So, what must be our take on it from the beginning or even from the midst, what must be our attitude and mindset regarding the whole thing. Well this article will help you get clarity about the whole picture as a part of personal experience and as a perspective to view it in a more rationalist and realist point of view so at least there will be a new approach to try out to make a difference. 

So here is a comprehensive guide:____

  1. Just stop the rush towards fancy books 

It is seen that whenever a new book comes out in the market or a popular new book whose name comes out of a popular youtuber, students rush for it. And then everybody has it and then it just sits on the rack and it is never opened again for the rest of the years after the initial day’s energy and excitement vanishes. Really there is no need to pay attention to these kinds of fancy books or materials or notes. Just stick to what you have. Nobody is distributing extra marks for buying new books. 

  1. Stick to what you have till end

At times there is an overwhelming feeling that what we carry is not as good as what the topper is carrying or it is not the best out there but one must understand that it simply doesn’t have to be. It is good enough and even if it is not, changing it or replacing it constantly or rarely would not help either, beat it. We don’t have to change it, we have to improve it, have trust in them, revise them and keep improving them. Using that same notebook, seeing that same handwriting over and over day in and day out and then adding things to it as our knowledge grows is the right way to go. 

  1. Implementation is all that matters

It doesn’t matter what you learned in the fanciest coaching of India, neither does it make much of a difference how much literature, theories, formulas or examples you have stored in your mind. What matters is the implementation, practice and application in the real world.

Practising questions over and over and over is what gives you mastery of any topic or chapter. From fluid motion to elasticity to rotation , from linear equation to calculus , form atomic structures to coordinate bonds, everything can become as easy as solving newton’s laws of linear motion question , but they need to be practised in real time on notebook. They need to be written and practised over and over until it becomes second nature and that is when that chapter or topic can be left for end revisions. 

  1. Revision and keeping up with what is going on in formal syllabus

Keep doing the revision of the topics which are finished in the past. Two months old or a year old, revise them to keep grip on them or else you will lose the grip over them. And it would be even harder to make a grasp on future topics. And also never fall back behind the formal syllabus pace. Keeping up with the syllabus should be the first priority. That said, there are a lot more things to it but these above mentioned are the ones that needs to be taken care of most, rest falls in its place with time as your understanding grows. 



Rating: 5 out of 5.


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Unity in diversity

The one strong
in teaching the Word,
the other strong
in the working of the Spirit.
The one strong in preaching,
the other
always searching
for the right wording.
The one very simplistic,
sometimes almost conservative,
the other
very explosive expressive.

have the Bible as their foundation,
the accent often differs
depending on the congregation.

That’s why the fruit of the Spirit
is an important, guiding element.
The Word says:
the truth will set you free.
In reality
the experience
may be different
for you and me.

in all that diversity,
there is an unity,
in the teachings of the Trinity,
saved by the grace of the Son,
confirmed by Himself
in the Gospel of Luke
and emphasized several times
by His servant Paul.

Traditional or charismatic,
eloquent or less eloquent,
praying in tongues
or just praying as we are used to,
through faith in Jesus
we are all saved,
a present,
a gift,
provided by our Father
in honor of His name
and called to persevere
until the end is near.

~Pragya Shakya










CBSE 12 exam has been cancelled for covid-19

The Union government on Tuesday decided to cancel the CBSE class 12 examinations keeping in mind safety of students. The decision was taken after Education Secretary briefed the ministers on possible options available regarding exams during a high-level meeting on Tuesday. The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

PM Modi said that the decision on Class 12 CBSE Exams has been taken in the interest of students. He stated that COVID-19 has affected the academic calendar and the issue of Board Exams has been causing immense anxiety among students, parents and teachers, which must be put to an end.

PM also said that COVID-19 has affected the academic calendar and the issue of board examinations has been causing immense anxiety among students, parents and teachers, which must be put to an end.

“CBSE will now take steps to compile the results of Class 12 students according to a well-defined objective criteria in a time-bound manner,” the PMO release said. Like last year, in case some students desire to take the exams, such an option would be provided to them as and when the situation becomes conducive.

In a media release, the CBSE said, officials gave a detailed presentation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who chaired a review meeting on Tuesday evening in this regard.

A plea to cancel the Class 12 board exams has also been filed in SC in view of the COVID19 pandemic across the country. The matter will also be heard in the Supreme Court on Thursday. The next hearing regarding cancellation of Class 12 exams is on June 3, 2021.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi to chair meeting regarding class 12 board exams
CBSE Class 12 board exam: PM Modi to chair crucial meeting today
The Ministry of Education had recently sought detailed suggestions from the states and union territories till on the proposals discussed in a high-level meeting held on the issue. The government has informed the Supreme Court, which is hearing a p…
By PTILast Updated: Jun 01, 2021, 11:05 PM IST1
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will chair an important meeting regarding class 12 board exams on Tuesday evening. Government sources said he will be briefed on all possible options that have emerged following extensive discussions with all states and other stakeholders.

The CBSE had on April 14 announced cancellation of class 10 exams and postponement of class 12 exams in view of the surge in coronavirus cases.

The Ministry of Education had recently sought detailed suggestions from the states and union territories till on the proposals discussed in a high-level meeting held on the issue.

The government has informed the Supreme Court, which is hearing a plea seeking the exam’s cancellation, it will take a final decision by June 3.
In Video: CBSE Class 12 board exam: PM Modi to chair crucial meeting today
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📌Exams are cancelled due to huge corona outbreak.
📌Honourable Prime Minister declared that the board exams will be cancelled this year keeping the health of students the main priority .
📌if any student disagrees with decision , he/she can appear for the exams once the situation gets fine.
📌Government ended with the perfect decision after many weeks of anxiety.
📌Decision came two days ago of the hearing in supreme court.
📌Decision was taken in favour of students as said by officials.

‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou

When we aren’t confident about ourselves, we definitely can’t win anything in our life. Are you scorned, oppressed, and belittled? Want a little bit of confidence boost? Then the poem ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou is for you. 

People may picture you however they want. They may lie about you, spread rumors, and pull you down to gutters but you should never give in to such slanders. Even if they make you look dirty, like a dust which never settles down, you ought to rise. 

You may trod me in the very dirt

But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

People, who talk ill about you, do so because they are blinded by petty emotions like jealousy and insecurity. They may not like you when you differ from the crowd and when you are being yourself while they cannot. You may find your happiness in small things and this might irritate them. So, they might try to bring down your confidence, even then you must rise. 

Why are you beset with gloom?

’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells

Pumping in my living room.

And, when you rise, rise like the sun or the moon, which rises everyday without fail with its fullest radiance. Like the tides which hit the shore with certainty and hope which springs higher in the darkest times, you too should rise. You know why you should rise? Simply because everyone is watching. They want to see you broken, shoulders fallen, heads down, kneeling and desperately crying at misfortunes. So, rise beyond expectations.

They may label you haughty when you differ and might be offended when you laugh happily. Even though they slander you, belittle, treat you indifferently and hatefully, you must rise like air which sees no confines. 

You may shoot me with your words,

You may cut me with your eyes,

You may kill me with your hatefulness,

But still, like air, I’ll rise.

They will be jealous and afraid of you rising, and so they will try to pull you down. But you must rise. People oppress others based on economic conditions, race, ancestry, and color. Even then you must rise. 

Out of the huts of history’s shame

I rise

Up from a past that’s rooted in pain

I rise

I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,

Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.

The poetess was strongly fighting against the oppression of black people and women. People of her race were ill treated and subjugated. She, the black ocean, is resolute to send tides of opposition against such oppressions. Though she had suffered and lived painfully, she will march into daybreak, proud of her identity that her ancestors had given her, and will rise and rise and rise. 

Leaving behind nights of terror and fear

I rise

Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear

I rise

Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,

I am the dream and the hope of the slave.

I rise

I rise

I rise.

Hence, never let yourself be held back by restraints and limitations. You are you and be confident about yourself. If you do so, you shall also rise. 

Intellectual property policy of india


According to World intellectual property organisation (WIPO) patent is an exclusive right granted for an innovation which is a product or process that provides, in general a new way of doing something or offers a new technical solution to a problem. To get a patent, technical information about the invention must be disclosed to the public in a patent application. It provides the patent owner the exclusive right to prevent others from commercially exploiting the patented invention. Since patents are territorial rights they are applicable within the boundaries of a country in which the patent application has been filed and granted.

Historically patent law in India can be traced back to Indian patents and design act, 1911. Other intellectual property laws which followed this act include copyrights act 1957, Patents act 1970, trademark act 1999, design Act 2000, geographical indication of goods act 1999, protection of plant varieties and farmers right Act 2001, and semiconductors and integrated layout design Act 2000. Many of the above mentioned acts were amended subsequently to align them with international norms. These laws cater to different intellectual properties like patent, copyright, trademarks, industrial design, plant varieties etc.

India amended its intellectual property legislations in 2005 to be abreast with TRIPS regulations. Patent Act 1970 (amended in 2005) has the following features-

1. Section 2 of the 1970 act defines invention as a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application. It defines inventive step as a feature of an invention that involves technical advance as compared to the existing knowledge or having economic significance or both and that makes the invention not obvious to a person skilled in the art.

2. The act enlists the inventions which are not patentable; persons who are entitled to apply for patents; application procedure; publication and examination of applications and various other provisions pertaining to patents.

3. It states that term of patent will be 20 years and ever-greening of patents is not admissible.

4. Patentees have certain rights and it is defined in section 48 of the act. The purpose of these rights is to prevent third parties from using the product or the process with commercial intent. The rights of Co-owners of patents are also mentioned.

5. Patents can be surrendered and revoked and the provisions are stated under section 63 and section 64. Revocation of patent can be made in public interest when the central government is of the opinion that a patent or the mode in which it is exercised is mischievous to the state or generally prejudicial to the public. The patentee will be given an opportunity to be heard.

6. The controller general of patents, design and trademarks is appointed by the central government. The powers of controller is enlisted in the act.

7. Section 84 details about compulsory licenses. At anytime after the expiration of three years from the date of grant of a patent any person interested may make an application to the controller for grant of compulsory license or patent without the consent of the patentee, subject to in the following grounds
-That the reasonable requirements of the public with respect to the patented invention have not been satisfied, or
-That the patented invention is not available to the public at a reasonably affordable price, or
-That the patented invention is not worked in the territory of India.
The first compulsory license was granted in 2012 to Hyderabad based Natco pharma for the production of generic version of Bayer’s Nexavar, an anti cancer agent.

Need for a strong IP policy

The patent act of India is in line with international standards and international best practices. The amendment of 2005 completed this process of aligning the act with TRIPS. This makes India a strong candidate to fight for its intellectual property. As an ode to this development India won the Basmati rice patent case and the turmeric case. A strong domestic intellectual property policy and awareness can bring economic laurels to India. Post 2005 amendment, a comprehensive act defining procedures and methods of dispute resolution in case of opposition proceedings to grant patents and anticipation has been made available to Indians. Government has spread awareness about intellectual property and the need to register it timely. Initiatives like traditional knowledge digital library (TKDL) further strengthen India’s game in intellectual property. The most recent development in the field of IPR is the abolition of intellectual property appellate board. The high courts will be taking over the function of addressing the appeals.

New ideas in tandem with the culture influences can make India a hotspot of innovation. Fermenting new ideas is an untapped strength of India. Hence a robust and updated intellectual policy is a must to harness these assets to the fullest.

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The Innards Hormones In The Brain Of Teenagers…

Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done !

~ Robert A Heinlein

A hormone is the signaling molecule fabricated by discrete glands in multi- celled organisms. In order to reach the aloof organs, it agents through the circulatory system. This in turn model the attitude and physiology. Neurotransmitters like hormones are agile. In myriad (several) processes. In- spite of hormones makes one way through the blood stream, it impacts only undeniable for some tissues and organs. The hormones are generally grouped into three types:

  • amines (molecules)
  • amino acids (peptides + proteins)
  • cholesterol (steroids)

How to harmonize the pH of the hormone stock solution? Which is amenable for thyroid disease?

By filter sterilization, most hormones are added to the medium. Iodine is necessary for the fabrication of thyroxine hormone by thyroid gland. The inadequacy of iodine in the diet will materialize less thyroxine hormone. This in turn evoke into goiter (swelling of neck). Some of the hormones that cascade out in an adolescent brain are stress hormone, sex hormone, and growth hormone. These all in turn are responsible for the development of the brain growth. The mood swings that they experience with is because of undulation in estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. The teen brain will be able to learn and adapt for all the things that they face. Since the brain of the teenagers are flexible in nature, it could be able to swap, adapt and retort to the surroundings. Some exigent activities, exercises could help the brain to get matured and get mastered by learning.

What are the changes that are notified in an individual when there’s an insufficient supply to teenage hormone?

More prone to sensitivity, often bowel movements, dry skin, weight loss, weakness of the muscle, frequent urination. But the teenage hormones balance out between the ages 8 – 14.

Whether the brain continues to mature even after it is done growing?

Despite of being developed completely in its size, the brain’s growth will not stop and i will continue to grow until the mid or late twenties. The prefrontal cortex gets matured at-last in the teenagers’ brain and it’s responsible for skills like planning/ taking a decision, prioritizing something by comparing, and controlling impulses. Despite the potential of the decision they are taking, they would have a risky behaviors. Many cognitive abilities like even controlling for the attention, reply on the proper functioning of a part of the brain called the pre- frontal cortex. But the pre- frontal cortex undergoes massive structural changes during adolescence, and it’s one of the last brain areas to get matured completely.

Is the teen brains may or may not be vulnerable to stress?

Compared to adults, the teens are more vulnerable towards stress due to the progression of brain development. These stress conditions may lead to depression, mental disorders, anxiety, etc. Being in the cognizance state, the teenagers could overcome the stress and get cope in their personal and professional life. During the adolescence stage only, many of the mental disorders start to appear. These alternatives happening inside the brain, not only affects the emotions, but also the physical and social changes of the individual in the society. This may also accompany with health related issues.

When you’re in your twenties, your brain hasn’t even finished baking, and your hormones are giving you all kinds of direction of which ways to go.”

Unity in Diversity

Unity and harmony are the two sides of the same coin and go hand in hand. Harmonious intermingling is the ability wherein different elements, creatively adjust under all circumstances. India is the best example in this context. It is the only country in the world where people from different cultures, backgrounds, mode of living, worshipping different gods come and still believe that they are the children of one motherland , mother India.

An important aspect of the Indian society is the coexistence of various ethnic groups. They have formulated an inter group behaviour. Hence, there is no mutual interference and also no merging of their identity. As a result, different cultures have blended together bringing unity amongst the people

In the current scenario, we the people of India proved that these statements of unity not only exist in the words but also in actions. In this most drastic situation of pandemic , various people regardless of their culture, religion, etc came in the frontlines to help each other in every possible manner whether in terms of feeding or providing medical facilities.

So, we should be proud enough to be a part of this land and be one of those peace loving people who never get tired of being kind.

Khushi Agarwal



INDIA homes a large majority of the YOUTH in the world compared to any other country! Due to this, it won’t be wrong to say that India’s future lies in the Youth’s hands today. But here arises the most important question that:


“DO THEY UNDERSTAND THIS”? The Answer is Not Many! Today, they are facing a Crisis, more than any other time or Era.That is ALCOHOL ADDICTIONS. ALCOHOL is a drug of choice among youth. Regardless of the repurcussions, they are consuming it and even getting addicted. The rate at which they are consuming it has no bounds at all. Besides, the youth of today’s era thinks it as having fun. The rate of their alcohol consumption have been increasing steadily, and that brings multiple heath concerns along with it. Damaging of sense organs, Impacting Liver, Suicides, our mental health and many more. Unlimited Consumption also leads to accidents due to Rash driving while drinking. The CONSTITUTION OF INDIA has given us many major freedoms due to which one has full freedom to do what he/she wants. But at the same time it has also placed some restrictions. That means you can enjoy your Full freedom but only till you are not affecting someone’s else’s freedom. You cannot do anything as you please, while drinking, as it affects the people and functioning of our society as well. Many young people are experiencing the consequences of alcohol consumption too much, at too early an age. As a result, Youth Alcohol consumption has become a public problem in our country. But the astonishing fact is that why do they drink? What can they achieve by drinking Alcohol? Well, the answer won’t be that hard to guess. As children move from Adolescence to young adulthood, they experience dramatic, physical, mental, and emotional feelings. Some handles them preety well. But for those who cannot even understand what is happening in and around their lives, ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION BECOMES THE ANSWER. Due to hormonal changes, puberty the ones who cannot stand up to this rough world, ALCOHOL BECOMES THIER ESCAPE. ESCAPE FROM REALITIES OF LIFE, ESCAPE FROM THIER FEELINGS, ESCAPE FROM THEIR FAMILIES, FRIENDS, THEIR LIFESTYLES, Everything!

The youth becomes the most vulnerable part of society to Alcohol. Especially- the students in high schools and colleges. In order to try new and adventurous things, or under peer pressure or many a times taking initiative on their own, they get caught into the vicious cycle of alcohol consumption unknowingly and innocently. Gradually, they get habitual and with time they seem to enjoy it. They get addicted, and the fact is sometimes some enjoy it! They enjoy being Addicted. But by the time they realise, it gets too late for them to break away without any outside help. In all this process everything and everyone in society gets affected. Sometimes, the addict struggles all alone even if he wants to break free but his addiction does not let him do so and resultantly he fails in all his attempts. A continuous intake of Alcohol results in an overpowering desire or compulsion to continue taking it and to obtain it by any means. They get so addictive that they can do anything for it. This results in many crimes like Robbery, Murder, Threats and many more!

Thus, it is high time people and the youth understand the importance of LIFE and starts valuing it and taking it more seriously. Alcohol consumption today is a major social problem which, though concerns an individual but ,in turn, affects the society at large. It is a widespread and critical problem not only in India but also Western societies and has become a matter of grave concern. Thus, this should be controlled and major steps should be taken by not only higher authorities but by the youths themselves towards their health and future. As their is a famous saying: GOD HELPS THOSE, WHO HELP THEMSELVES!

The Forgotten Identity


The books have always taught us that we youngsters are the future generation of India. According to research, this fact is not entirely true. We youngsters do not represent the entire generation in India. There is another commodity, living far away from the reach of the powerful media. They are the rich generation of India’s Adivasi (tribal) communities. Adivasis make up eight percent of India’s population. They stand as an unknown identity of our nation altho their rich culture has always contributed to the diversity of India.

The tribes in India form a significant part of the total population. As the new technologies emerged and India took a step forward to development, these tribes started drowning in the crisis. The law ignores that they are the citizens of our country; there are numerous contradictions about reservation, yet there is no answer that will improve their condition. The tribals are facing several serious problems. The major among these are poor economic conditions. Most of the tribals lead a life of poverty and hardships. As they lead a

nomadic life, their children don’t get formal education. Most of the tribal people do not have adequate money to start their ventures. The banks are not prepared to lend them because they keep moving around from place to place. The other major problem faced by our tribals is that they do not live at proper places where they have access to water, sanitation, transportation, and other facilities necessary for their growth. Apart from the financial loss during this lockdown, brutal acts against humanity have come into notice. A 13-year-old girl from tribal-dominated Sundargarh district in Odisha, on a fine day, decided to go and visit a nearby fair in the Biramitrapur area on 25th marc. A sudden lockdown got announced, and the fair got canceled, and the little girl left stranded in the area wanting to go home but no reasonable means to do so. After some while, she was spotted by patrolling police. She was brought to the police station by the cops. She got raped by the very inspector in charge of the police station Anand Chandra Majhi. Since that day, she was repeatedly summoned to the police station and raped again and again. The girl got pregnant, and the cops with her stepfather conducted an abortion at a local community clinic. A protection officer filed a complaint against the officers, the doctor, and the stepfather. The inquiry is still pending; as usual, it was difficult to find this detailed report of this barbaric crime which was supposed to be the national headline. Also, a disturbing video of a tribal girl brutally thrashed, by her family members, allegedly for eloping with a man from her village was found on social media. In the viral video, a man is holding both the hands of the girl, while two other men thrash her repeatedly. MS Bhabhor, Superintendent of Police, Chhota Udepur district told that the victim was a 16-year-old woman, a resident of Rangpur village in the district. Local news reports confirmed that the incident was from Chhota Udepur district in Gujarat and that the girl belongs to a tribal family. The reports further said that the teenager was beaten in public by her family members for allegedly eloping with a man from the village.

If you are wondering why you should contribute towards their development, Here is why-The first and the most important reason is that dignity of all communities should be respected and no community should be living in such harsh conditions like these tribes. Secondly, the tribal communities have consistently contributed to the diverse culture of the country. They are experts in wildlife and nature conservation, know various sustainable agriculture and living practices ethnomedicine, and have a rich culture of stories, literature, art, and dance forms. So why not protect our culture?

Also, they help to protect our environment. fight climate change and build resilience to natural disasters. These people have continued to experience extreme acts of inhumanity mentioned above. The contradictions continue to evolve for ages, yet no significant improvement has come into notice. Gandhiji coined a term for them – Harijans yet we treat them like they are the lowest rung of the society. Remember when you bestow respect for the tribal communities you offer honor towards your nation.


India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contracted 7.3% in 2020-21, as per provisional National Income estimates released by the National Statistical Office on Monday, marginally better than the 8% contraction in the economy projected earlier. GDP growth in 2019-20, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, was 4%.


The fourth quarter of 2020-21 recorded a growth of 1.6% in GDP, the second quarter of positive growth, after the country had entered a technical recession in the first half of the year. The Gross Value Added recorded 3.7% growth in Q4, compared to 1% in Q3. GVA had contracted 22.4% and 7.3% in the first and second quarters of 2020-21.


The GVA in India’s economy shrank 6.2% in 2020-21, compared to a 4.1% rise in the previous year. Only two sectors bucked the trend of negative GVA growth – Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (which rose 3.6%) and Electricity, Gas, Water Supply and other Utility Services (up 1.9%).

Health is Wealth

“Health is Wealth”. We should never forget that our health is a real wealth of the life . A good health reduces the stress level and we will have a healthy life without any sufferings. We live in a super fast busy time where one forgets to take care of himself because of his work. We forget to take healthy food in correct time. We forget to do exercise and some do not rest properly . These all will affect our body and we get many diseases. We should always take care of our health. We should eat healthy foods like green vegetables, salads ,fruits, milk etc.

Good health also needs physical exercise, proper sleep ,rest. We can stay healthy when we do these things. In early days life was so simple and they were free from challenges compared to now. Now a days many get affected by different diseases and they become weak often. In those days there were healthy people and their environment was also healthy. They were healthy because they did some of their activities by themselves. But in these days many technology has developed. It made people lazy and unhealthy. Now a days life is not easy as one get money when he sits in office for 8-9 hrs. There will be no physical movement and they become tired when they return home. They just live their daily routine to earn money and they become weak. It is important to have money but it is more important to have peaceful and healthy life. One should stay healthy and he should be fit in his life . Health is measured in three major meters: Physical, Psychological and Nutritional. Physical health is the appearance of a person. Psychological health means the ability in a person to maintain patience,calm. Nutritional health means the nutrients in their body to fight against disease with immunity. Many feel depressed when they don’t get want they want. Due to that many mental and physical problem occurs. Obesity and lack of physical fitness sets the stage for diabetes and serious health problems. Walking, running, cycling, playing, swimming, yoga are some of the activities which can maintain our fitness and lifestyle. One who is mentally and physically fit is strong enough to face ups and downs in his life. Eating healthy food, sleep and avoiding intake of harmful substance are some of the few ways to be healthy. Good health is not something we can buy. But it is a valuable savings account. BEING HEALTHY IS BEING HAPPY! What we eat is what we get. If we eat healthy food we will be healthy but if we eat junk food we will be sick. Eating good foods can have many amount of benefits in our life. Doing things to make you feel good are important to being healthy. Being healthy is not just eating good foods. There are many ways to have a healthy life. Being happy and positive will help our body and mind to feel fresh and we will be healthy is one way. Eating good food, exercising, and doing things that make us happy are some good habits. They have positive effects on our mind and body to make us happy.


Nothing great has ever been achieved without passion. It is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something. Passion can range from eager interest in or admiration for an idea, proposal, or cause; to enthusiastic enjoyment of an interest or activity; to strong attraction, excitement, or emotion towards a person.Yes, all stories of success have one common element in it called passion. Passion for what they want to achieve, enough passion to keep their eye from wandering away from the goal. It is that total passion that finally takes them to their goal of their choice. But what is it? Is created or followed? No doubt passion is created by an individual. It is something that you do with care and love. Something that brings you joy at the moment of doing it, that makes you forget about time and have a focus on that particular object, work or hobby etc., It is also a strong feeling of enthusiasm and excitement. Passion is the energy that comes from bringing more of you into what you do.
Without passion, life is like a sailor who is marooned on an island with no means of survival. Passion leads to purpose. Studies have shown that sense of purpose makes you more resilient, supports you in reaching your life goals, and contributes to a longer, happier, and healthier life. Thus, passion is a compelling enthusiasm which gives length to our creations and breadth to our imagination. It compels us to take risks and push ourselves past our current limits. And it is usually a result of something you are good at and enjoy doing. As well as something that compliments your skills and abilities.
Passionate people are always focused on what can be rather than what is. They’re always chasing their next goal with the unwavering belief that they’ll achieve it. Your work is what you do to get paid and for a living, whereas passion is something which you practice for pleasure or for the joy you get in doing it. If you could combine your passion as your work, then you will be doing your best in terms of work performance and you will enjoy doing work like never before.Your work is what you do to get paid and for a living, whereas passion is something which you practice for pleasure or for the joy you get in doing it. If you could combine your passion as your work, then you will be doing your best in terms of work performance and you will enjoy doing work like never before.
Developing a passion at early stage is a boon that helps you find yourself. Whether it’s reading, writing, playing an instrument, painting, photography etc. To be in touch with something that you are not looking for anything more than the pure enjoyment is a great way to treat yourself. Find your passion, and let yourself fall in love with it and become a part of who you are. Nothing can replace it.

The second wave of covid 19 ( 594 doctors died)





Cdisease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.

The first known infections from SARS-CoV-2 were discovered in Wuhan, China. The original source of viral transmission to humans remains unclear, as does whether the virus became pathogenic before or after the spillover event.

The great majority of people with coronavirus will have mild or moderate disease and will make a full recovery within 2-4 weeks. But even if you are young and healthy – meaning your risk of severe disease is low .

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) said that 594 doctors died during the second wave of COVID-19 across the country. It released an updated list on Wednesday and noted that Delhi (107), Bihar (96), Uttar Pradesh (67) and Rajasthan (43) have lost the maximum number of doctors so far.

While no such count is available for other medical staff currently, the Centre earlier this week announced a new system of processing the insurance claims under the  (PMGKP) —Insurance Scheme for Health Workers Fighting COVID 19

The Health Ministry noted that claims will be certified by the District Collector and after approval will be settled in 48 hours.

The move follows several States raising the matter of processing delays in insurance claims. “This latest order is aimed at cutting down delays and to further streamline and simplify the processing of the insurance claims,” ministry only said.


At least 594 doctors have died in the second wave of coronavirus infections in the country so far, with Delhi accounting for 107 such deaths, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) said on Tuesday.

State wise data put out by IMA shows that nearly every second doctor who died in the second Covid-19 wave died either in Delhi, Bihar or Uttar Pradesh. These three states together account for nearly 45 per cent of the doctors who died in the second wave.

During Corona second wave in India have lost of any people and children’s have loss of their parents. Indian people have also met financial crisi. Doctor and nurses also died in India’s surge in infections began around mid-March and increased rapidly, reaching a peak of more than 400,000 recorded daily cases on Friday, 30 April. OverOver subsequent days the numbers fell, with just under 360,000 on Monday, 3 May – leading to speculation that a peak had been reached.

But in the past few days, they have started to rise again, in line with a weekly pattern of fluctuations that shows the numbers usually dipping on a Monday.And on Thursday, 6 May, the number of new recorded daily infections reached a new high of more than 414,000.

Accurate assessments of the extent of the virus are only possible with widespread testing.India has been conducting nearly two million tests a day.This dipped at the start of this month to 1.5 million.But by Wednesday, 5 May, daily testing was back at almost two million again.

This temporary fall in testing may go some way to explaining the extent of the dip in recorded daily infections in the first few days of May.Testing has also been highly variable across the country, with some regions showing significant declines.”This happened during the previous 

peak, in September, too,” World Health Organization (WHO) consultant and economist Dr Rijo John says.”When India was about to touch 100,000 cases per day, the testing rates fell.”


By : G Gnana Priya dharshini



In the present condition where the second wave of coronavirus is alarming the whole world, something new has also barged in and is becoming a cause of worry-Mucormycosis. The Black fungus or “mucormycosis” in medical parlance is a new entrant into India, a rare and dangerous infection caused by a fungus by name “mucor” which can found on wet surfaces in general. These fungi are generally not harmful unless one has a weakened immune system. Black fungus is caused by mold found in moist places like soil or compost and are all pervasive in the environment. Black fungus attacks the respiratory tract. It is not contagious and does not spread from person to person. People get infected with mucromycosis , which are of several types, by breathing in fungal spores. Many people who were infected by COVID-19 were being infected by this deadly fungus due to low immune systems.


This disease is globally distributed , however its exact estimate couldn’t be placed due to insufficient data. Mucormycosis can become life threatening when it reaches the brain so doctors have to surgically remove eyes of patients to stop the infection from spreading too far and hence the infection needs to be detected soon and scraped off. The mortality rate considerably high in India due to delays in seeking medical attention and diagnosing the infection, and challenges and difficulties in managing the advanced stage of infection The estimates indicate that about 54% of people die of mucormycosis. Several people are also suffering from blindness as a result of this disease. The infection can also spread to other parts of your body through your blood. This is called disseminated mucormycosis. When this happens, the fungus affects organs like your spleen and heart. In severe cases, you might face several mental issues or also go into a coma. It can even be fatal at times.


  • Patients with Diabetes
  • People on immunosuppressants
  • People severely affected by COVID-19
  • People on ventilator support
  • Those with skin injury due to surgery or burns
  • Those who underwent organ transplant
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Long term steroid users
  • Premature birth or underweight birth


  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Cough
  • Swelling on one side of the face
  • Headache
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Sinus congestion
  • Pain in the belly
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Blood in your stools
  • Black lesions on the bridge of the nose or inside the mouth


  • Blindness
  • Damage to nerves
  • Blood clots


An early identification of the symptoms and timely treatment can help in successfully treating the infection. The use of specific anti-fungal medicines when administered properly can cure the disease. The most commonly used medicines include Amphotericin B which is used for severe fungal infections. However, it is strongly advised that self-medication must be avoided.


  1. Wearing a mask while venturing out especially to garbage dumping, garden, dusty areas etc.
  2. Avoiding over exposure of skin.
  3. The blood glucose must be constantly monitored and controlled.
  4. Maintaining proper personal hygiene.
  5. One must follow the correct amount of steroids to be taken as advised by your physician.
  6. Ensure that clean water is filled in the humidifier for those who use oxygen cylinders.


Brief History of Pandemics (Pandemics Throughout History)

Very few phenomena throughout human history have shaped our societies and cultures the way outbreaks of infectious  diseases have; yet, remarkably little attention has been given  to these phenomena in behavioral social science and in  branches of medicine that are, at least in part, founded in  social studies (e.g., psychiatry).

This lack of attention is intriguing, as one of the greatest catastrophes ever, if not the greatest one in the entire history  of humankind, was an outbreak of a pandemic . In a long  succession throughout history, pandemic outbreaks have deci￾mated societies, determined outcomes of wars, wiped out  entire populations, but also, paradoxically, cleared the way for  innovations and advances in sciences (including medicine and  public health), economy, and political systems . Pandemic  outbreaks, or plagues, as they are often referred to, have been  closely examined through the lens of humanities in the realm  of history, including the history of medicine . In the era of  modern humanities, however, fairly little attention has been given ways to plagues affected the individual and group psy￾chology of afflicted societies. This includes the unexamined ways pandemic outbreaks might have shaped the specialty of  psychiatry; psychoanalysis was gaining recognition as an established treatment within medical community at the time the last  great pandemic was making global rounds a century ago.

The Athenian Plague of 430 B.C.

The Athenian plague is a historically documented event that occurred in 430–26  B.C. during the Peloponnesian War,  fought between city-states of Athens and Sparta. The historic  account of the Athenian plague is provided by Thucydides,  who survived the plague himself and described it in his  History of the Peloponnesian War . The Athenian plague  originated in Ethiopia, and from there, it spread throughout  Egypt and Greece. Initial symptoms of the plague included  headaches, conjunctivitis, a rash covering the body, and fever.  The victims would then cough up blood, and suffer from  extremely painful stomach cramping, followed by vomiting  and attacks of “ineffectual retching” .Infected individuals  would generally die by the seventh or eighth day. Those who  survived this stage might suffer from partial paralysis, amnesia, or blindness for the rest of their lives. Doctors and other  caregivers frequently caught the disease, and died with those whom they had been attempting to heal. The despair caused by the plague within the city led the people to be indifferent to the laws of men and gods, and many cast themselves into self-indulgence . Because of wartime overcrowding in the city of Athens, the plague spread quickly, killing tens of thousands, including Pericles, Athens’ beloved leader. With the fall of civic duty and religion, superstition reigned, especially in the recollection of old oracles . The plague of Athens affected a majority of the inhabitants of the overcrowded city-state and claimed lives of more than 25% of the population . The cause of the Athenian plague of 430 B.C. has not been clearly determined, but many diseases, including bubonic plague, have been ruled out as possibilities . While typhoid fever figures prominently as a probable culprit, a recent theory, postulated by Olson and some other epidemiologists and classicists, considers the cause of the Athenian plague to be Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever .

The Antonine Plague

While Hippocrates is thought to have been a contemporary of the plague of Athens, even possibly treating the afflicted as a young physician, he had not left known accounts of the outbreak . It was another outbreak that occurred a couple of centuries later that was documented and recorded by con￾temporary physicians of the time. The outbreak was known as the Antonine Plague of 165–180  AD and the physician documenting it was Galen; this outbreak is also known as the Plague of Galen . The Antonine plague occurred in the Roman Empire dur￾ing the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161–180 A.D.) and its cause is thought to be smallpox . It was brought into the Empire by soldiers returning from Seleucia, and before it abated, it had affected Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. Unlike the plague of Athens, which affected a geographically limited region, the Antonine plague spread across the vast territory of the entire Roman Empire, because the Empire was an economically and politically integrated, cohesive society occupying wide swaths of the territory . The plague destroyed as much as one-third of the population in some areas, and decimated the Roman army, claiming the life of Marcus Aurelius himself . The impact of the plague on the Roman Empire was severe, weakening its military and economic supremacy. The Antonine plague affected ancient Roman traditions, leading to a renewal of spirituality and religiousness, creating the conditions for spreading of new religions, including Christianity. The Antonine Plague may well have created the conditions for the decline of the Roman Empire and, afterwards, for its fall in the West in the fifth century AD .


Drawing from experiences from ancient cultures that had dealt with contagious diseases, medieval societies observed the connection between the passage of time and the eruption of symptoms, noting that, after a period of observation, individuals who had not developed symptoms of the illness would likely not be affected and, more importantly, would not spread the disease upon entering the city. To that end, they started instituting mandatory isolation. The first known quarantine was enacted in Ragusa (City-state of Dubrovnik) in 1377, where all arrivals had to spend 30 days on a nearby island of Lokrum before entering the city. This period of 30 days (trentine) was later extended to 40 days (quarenta giorni or quarantine) . The institution of quarantine was one of the rarely effective measures that took place during the Black Death and its use quickly spread throughout Europe. Quarantine remains in effect in the present time as a highly regulated, nationally and internationally governed public health measure available to combat contagions .

Ebola Outbreak (2014–2016)

Ebola virus, endemic to Central and West Africa, with fruit bats serving as a likely reservoir, appeared in an outbreak in a remote village in Guinea in December 2013. Spreading mostly within families, it reached Sierra Leone and Liberia, where it managed to generate considerable outbreaks over the following months, with over 28,000 cases and over 11,000 fatalities. A very small number of cases were registered in Nigeria and Mali, but those outbreaks were quickly contained . Ebola outbreak, which happened to be the largest outbreak of Ebola infection to date, gained global notoriety after a passenger from Liberia fell ill and died in Texas in September of 2014, infecting two nurses caring for him, and leading to a significant public concern over a possible Ebola outbreak in the USA. This led to a significant public health and military effort to address the outbreak and help contain it on site (Operation United Assistance).

Covid -19 

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is defined as illness caused by a novel coronavirus now called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2; formerly called 2019-nCoV), which was first identified amid an outbreak of respiratory illness cases in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. [1] It was initially reported to the WHO on December 31, 2019. On January 30, 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency. [2, 3] On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, its first such designation since declaring H1N1 influenza a pandemic in 2009.


In the last of 2017, After my Madhayamik Examination  I have started preparation for  NEET. It consists of 720 marks in which Physics plays a vital role with 180 marks . Rank is completely dependent or varried in this subject. So , In the starting of preparation my tuition teacher recommends me to study physics hardly, and said to follow ‘Concept Of Physics ‘. The book is written by eminent Professor Mr. HC Verma of IIT Kanpur.   I bought this book from Amazon with the price of around 620/- . It consists of Vol-1, 2.   But When I have almost completed this book near to my final exam , I understood that I made me good enough in mathematical problems, but started to feel weakness in the theoritical part. There are all about 45% to 50% questions based on theory . So, I was feared about my preparation and become unconfident. Though the book is written by a eminent Professor but somehow he has forgotten to provide detailed theory in this books, he gives his all attention to the mathematical problems types questions .  So, If anyone is the beginner , I mean  after class 10 when a student has to must clear the all theory clearly here by this book he cannot get that scope. With out any background, any types of importance of any topic, without discussing what are the uses , He directly branched the all formulas. So a student cannot have any idea about the topic he can only know the formulas without any practical uses.   After every chapter he includes the short type answer, objective -1.2 and a another part of long mathematical questions tyoes exercise that will really help to do well and quickly in the exam hall. But as a starter I never recommend you , because at that time you should go to the theory part which is not described vividly in this book. So, if after your detailed and hard 2 years of study when you are expert in your theory then if you wanted to revise everything quickly and if you are wanted to practice different types of problems then it may be useful for you but not for any begineer.    So when you will start your physics after class -10 , try to unfollow this book , after your detailed course you may take this .  So, the main thing is , THIS IS NOT FOR THE BEGINNERS. Thanking You.

Covid 19 VS Tourism

     Travel and tourism is among the most affected sectors with a massive fall of international demand amid global travel restrictions including many borders fully closed, to contain the virus.

      Due to fear of the COVID-19 pandemic, people originally from mountain communities are coming back to their native villages. This is an increasing trend which brings both happiness and sorrow as many families haven’t been reunited in a long time, but the unfortunate and scary circumstances of COVID-19 make these reunions difficult. In the past decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and became one of the fastest growing economic sectors. Globally, the tourism industry contributed to $8.9 trillion to the global GDP in 2019 equaling a contribution of 10.3%. It is also to note that 1 in 10 jobs around the world is in tourism, equaling 330 million jobs.

       India’s Covid-19 lockdown may cause 38 million job losses in the travel and tourism industry,People living in  tourism places affect more then others. they earn lot of  money only in the summer season because of the climate and flowers shows without tourist people they are affected even for basic needs and foods. Data on international tourism expenditure continues to reflect very weak demand for outbound travel. However, some large markets such as the United States, Germany and France have shown some shy signs of recovery in the recent months.

The growth of Global Medical Tourism in the last decade has influenced overall growth of health care sector. Due to the multidimensional impact of the Pandemic COVID-19 in the form of a global healthcare crisis, falling global economy, restricted international travel, the medical tourism industry is undergoing a substantial decline.


Yes,it’s lockdown


Hey are you shocked ??

Some people find their happiness in small small moments they don’t need any big event or occasion To live their life happily.And of course no one need to tell them They are unemployed in covid Time.Because they know government has been announced the lockdown because of “corona virus” so daily wage workers are unemployed and now they just sitting together and just gossiping!!

Do you think they are wasting their time!Actually no Because,a daily wage worker Really know how to utilise his or her precious time.

Well , yes they are unemployed ,now they have no money and they are sad somewhere but see, they are happy too

You know why?

Because, their family is Happy to see them after so long time.

Think about  those families members : who went for work during covid time but never came back …

Because, your family is behind you ..isliye surakshit rahe or ghar par hee rahe….

Because ,yes it’s lockdown.


Will China’s ‘Three child policy’ be a Warning sign for India?

China released it’s 7th  National Population Census on 11th May, 2021 which showed the data of decreased birth rate in the country. China’s ageing population is increasing and birth rate is declining, concerned Chinese government in order to boost the level of fertility announced 6 years after the ‘two child policy’ to allow the married couple to have three children(‘three child policy’- 2021).

The census record shows the data of 264 million in the age group of 60 and above- 5.44% increase since-2010, 894 million in the age group of 15-59 – 6.79% decrease since-2010. The working group of china [age 15-59] was 925 million in 2011 was down to 894 million in this census.

 Main Reason for decline in the birth rate:

  • China’s One child policy 1979 – one child per family to control the population explosion. It reduced the youth rate and led to more old people.
  • The low impact of ‘Two child policy’ 2016 – financial problem was one of the main reason stated by people for not having many kids.
  • Change in the mind set of the people- an online poll conducted on 31/5/21 stated that out of 31,000 respondents 28,000 would not consider having 3 children and 1,600 said they would, SCMP report.

 Why India should consider China’s situation as a warning?

India is one of the youngest country in the world with 62%+ population in the working age group. It is facing population explosion for a long time, excessive birth control measures here could  lead the country to china’s current situation where the country would become old before becoming rich. In India, the places Sikkim and Lakshadweep are already facing the challenge of ageing population, reduced workforce. Ageing population and low birth rate will lead a country to not have enough youth to take care of the old, aged people would suffer and the country will also face more problems.


India currently needs to sustain population stabilization. The fertility rate is below replacement level in some state, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala and Karnataka. Replacement level is level of fertility required to have the same population level from generation to generation.


Vaccination: Why the hesitation?

Covishield and Covaxin are the two major words that is parading the tongues of Indian at the moment.

With the vaccination drives going on around the country, many people are energetic to be vaccinated to fight this “Mahamari”. Nearly 24 crore people have been vaccinated in India and still there is a long way to go. Some sort of hesitation can be seen among people about taking the vaccination and are blindfolded due to some sort of prejudice.

There is a case scenario where they see these vaccination camps as a sort of public socialization and are meeting their friends and family in the vaccination camps. Who could blame them? They have been locked up in their houses since March 2020 and its been more than a year since they can go out. And with the doses being of shortage and people moving from one camp to another only increases the chances of being contracted with the virus. Now, can we blame the officials for not controlling the public’s movements in the public places? The answer is yes and no.

There are some corrupt officials about whom there need not be further discussion but there ARE some officials who work hard, putting their families and themselves at risk, creating awareness, fining the rule breakers and finding creative and harmless ways to punish the lockdown violators and needless to say, get trending in social media. Believe it or not, social media is really helpful in this way.

Recently, there were a group of women police constables who danced to latest hits with their own twist in the lyrics about safety against the virus. Now, coming back to the vaccination drives, why are people hesitant? There may be several reasons. One might be not aware of the positive effects of the vaccination. There is no end to the gossip circle that goes around in our country and sometimes it can be so ridiculous that the topic would have strayed far away from the original topic of discussion. So, this might the second reason, because we have to accept that all bodies are different, some people react negatively to the vaccination and this one in a thousand story stops our people from getting vaccinated.

They think they might get affected too BECAUSE of the vaccine and not vice versa. Another category of people might think that they are safe enough and stay at home all the time, adhering to all the government polices and that the virus cannot affect them. They sometimes forget that the government also insists on getting vaccinated. But these reasons have slowed down recently as more and more people have started getting vaccinated but keeping in mind the population of our country, we still have a long way to go until each and every one of us get vaccinated.

We need to remember that a vaccination is only one way of fighting this virus and we cannot sit back and let our guard down after getting vaccinated. We still need to wear masks, maintain social distancing and stay at home. As our Hon’ble Prime Minister says, we need to stick together (not literally!!) and fight this virus.

trust issues

Mind set is everything

“ Trust issues” are something that people use as a barrier to stop themselves from getting hurt. It’s true that once the trust is broken, even if it is made up late, it is not as strong as before and there is always some suspicion. It is also kind of similar to when people say “First impressions are best impressions”. Now, if you look at them closely, these both concepts  are pretty contradictory to each other. The first one says that if you trust someone, and if they break your confidence, you won’t feel the same towards them again. And that trust you made up about them will have been with considerable time spent with them.

The second scenario is where you make up in mind that you somewhat like and trust the person at the very first glance and even if they make some mistake, that won’t make you change your mind, thanks to the first impression they made on you. Why is that, you trust gets broken with the person whom you’ve known longer than the person who make a very good impression on you? The choice lies in your hand, as always. As someone said, life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react to it. The answer to my question will be expectation. The person, whom you’ve known for quite some time, with whom you’ve felt comfortable with, tends to break your trust.

The thing is that, due to them being close to you and the pretext that they’ve known you for some time, you expect them to abide by your rules about your social security. You won’t expect any random person to do so, but the one who’s been with you, slowly gaining your trust and confidence. Also, it isn’t like you should always live in denial, too. There are circumstances when you need to make concessions to your loved ones about your insecurities and who knows, they will also help you to guide you overcome it, if you’re with the right person. Be it your partner, best friend/s, parents, siblings, relatives etc. The one, who made a good first impression on you would most probably be a stranger, a superstar of whom others have made a pre-conceived notions and of whom, you, have no expectations from.

You don’t expect them to abide by your rules, and if they do something contradictory to your views, you just move on, unlike your loved ones. There are also some people who, take the first impressions of the strangers to their heart and if something happens to break it, they let it. The stress is upon the words. “let it” because as always , choice is yours. The person probably is very vulnerable to heart break or trust someone pretty easily or is someone who is just always ready to take decision rashly and then later blame themselves. They need to stand for themselves and not change themselves if it is in their nature and try to improve themselves. Trusting people is hard enough, trusting yourself is harder than anything. Trust yourself and move forward!!

A woman is a country’s fate, do not put her life at stake.

A Warm Greetings to all of my readers.This is totally gonna be about Women’s role in the society.Role doesn’t mean only to her personal life’s commitments here it’s also about her growth physically and the hindrances that she has had experiencing

A women in the society should Desire her life and life to the fullest as up to her limitations. There were days where a girl  is born it’s taken granted that she must live her life in order to please others. Her Carrier Aspirations, her Goals are things that are absolutely unimportant for her Family. Teaching her Household Works, making her Marriage holds greater significance in their minds. Luckily this situation has changed a little bit in the current world today!!


A Girl is by birth undergoes problems like when she was born in an Orthodox Family it is her starting issue attempt that she face in her like but unfortunately it’s a bad sign because such people aren’t been or being ready to accept a girl child was born, As they think that if the child born is a girl baby the family has to spend at her dowry. But instead of worrying about the gender of the child born they should thank god for giving such a pleasure in life and their family. Because children are the Gift and the Reward from God.So we should be  grateful for that.


As of this case a girl has to be more conscious as of this society. AS because a girl should be fully aware as because to safeguard her intimacy and privacy. It may be slight abnormal or unusual because it’s very important to know all about the world one she attains her puberty. She should be very conscious about her RELATIONSHIPS…Girls and even boys should be given a sex educational programme in their medium of learning as because if they are well aware of it there’s no problem in every aspects and meanwhile they will also learn about their life’s purposes and Relationships.

Sexual maturation (reproductive age):

As of our Indian Culture this is the period where she goes from her own  family to a new family. She begins to live her like in a different manner accordingly to her family where  gets married and now speaking about this particular stage this makes her to get into Intimate Relationship with her life partner. She enjoys every pleasure in her life but sometimes she may also get into stress.

Climacteric period

Climacteric is the period of life starting from the decline in ovarian activity until after the end of ovarian function. According to the definition, the period includes peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.

Post-climacteric (elderly) years:

In some women, hot flashes and other symptoms attributed to menopause persist for many years after the cessation of menses. The frequency and severity of such symptoms and response to hormone therapy in older women have not been well documented. Here she becomes a kind of stressed and depressed and goes to many emotional feelings.

As these are kind of sample of about the women’s difficulties in her personal life. Now let’s see bout the challenges and hindrances that she face towards their life socially and technically.

To say about the social hindrances she face this aspect in every moment and in every fields as because as in the case of schools/colleges  she face the gender differences if not taught  her importance towards the future it’s of no doubt that her male classmates don’t be able to accept her as a fellow respectable student. This is the first beginning of her issue.

Next if she goes to a work there more domination more than the thing before as because there is where she comes to face issues of inequality, domination and so on that  pushes her back of her courage and confidence.

Technical Hindrances is not very sure but it’s possible in the case that depends on the way of how you were brought up. This is very known hindrance as of a girl virtual world especially during these pandemic situations in the case of a girl of her graduation of university/colleges. As because right from our schooling some may not be well known about the gadgets. But as of now as everything is changing technical  it makes her to get a little bit tough as she has to learn everything new if she’s not known to those.

Especially parents of teenagers should give her hope that she does not feel deprived. Some parents’ think those usage of gadgets aren’t teaching good values but instead certain sessions should be arranged to make them aware of the benefits of technology. Teenagers especially a girl child gets certain low self-esteem as their parents always blame at her technology usage. There are the main reason that the teenager is unaware of it.


Another great revolution would be possible for every women is only when women are given equal rights and most of all this is not becoming common in our day to day live as because of every growing technology.But then there exists some strain which is caused by certain social evils.


All these can’t be solved if at all a woman becomes herself courage and call up every woman to become strong well enough to face the world. As a Teenager my personal suggestion would be  is to have a daring spirit,Passions,Self-Motivation, Self Confidence and so on everything.If all these are achieved in life then it’s of no doubt that a day you are surely gonna rock the world and that day would be totally yours.


Every teenager must work accordingly to this so that it ultimately reflects upon the society. Thus I am clear that as of this current situations women’s are getting motivated by these organisations that highlights on women’s strength and courage.If only the world gets to start by now it would reach up the destiny which has to be achieved.

A Very Indian Poem in English-By Nizzim Ezekiel

Hello Readers!

Today it’s going be about an excellent literary work piece ” A Very Indian Poem in English “by Nizzim Ezekiel.For clear overview here is the abridgment.

Author Introduction-Poem Introduction-summary

Author Introduction:

Nissim Ezekiel was an Indian Jewish poet, actor, playwright, editor and art critic. He was a foundational figure in postcolonial India’s literary history, specifically for Indian Poetry in English

     Nissim Ezekiel is quite unique among Indian poets writing in English in so far as he is an Indian Jew of Bene-Israel origin. Ezekiel was born in Mumbai in 1924 and educated there. He later studied Philosophy at Birkbeck College, London. He stayed in England from 1948 to 1952 where according to his own view ‘philosophy, poverty and poetry’ shared his basement room. In 1982, he was awarded with the Sahitya Academi 

Poem Introduction:

                   The poem Very Indian Poem in Indian English, written in a   very light vein is an ‘Indian poem’ because the poet looks at the world around him through the eyes of a typical middle-class Indian. Apparently the speaker, the ‘I’ of the poem is literate but not highly educated. Here, the persona is voicing his opinions to a visitor.


                          In this poem the author Nizzim Ezekiel is very much    worried about the world, going into a situation where there’s no peace at all. He says that he has come to speak for peace and nonviolence. He is much hesitated and even frustrated that the people even can’t find their own way and reports that if at all they couldn’t find their right path they aren’t following the great motif of such a splendid leader like Mahatma Gandhi.

           He is much thoughtful about the modern and the ancient culture. He says that he can give score for the ancient culture and wisdom  more than 100% or even he can give them 200%.But when he speaks about the modern culture he says that the people are being so terrible and inhuman saying that it’s a fashionable. Thus it’s quite clear that he was an Middle class writer who doesn’t wants to show his decorum anymore.

         He also says the evil witty deed of a murderer that he noticed at the newspaper that he read. From this he insists us reading newspaper is a vital thing to know the world around you. He wants the world to be reborn with all goodness in the hearts and souls of Human Beings. He says a nice advice to everyone to be patient to your family so that it ultimately reflects up to the society. He says that all the men in the world are his brothers nameless of what culture, race, and religion and so on…

              He also says that Tolerance should be practiced like him. It’s because as we all are humans we do have the nature of performing mistakes. He says at the end about the parting of the reader and the writer that he misses our company. Thus Nizzim Ezekiel is quite a very humorous people who brings all moment very soulful.


Apple contains vitamins, dietary fiber, a range of nutrients and antioxidants. The wide range of nutrients helps in maintaining wellbeing and also cope with many health conditions. Its frequent consumption helps in reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and, obesity. Below are some incredible health benefits of apple:

A study shows that people who love eating apples have very little risk of thrombotic stroke. Apple lowers the risk of stroke because it contains nutrients. Moreover, it also contains fiber. According to a study, people consuming more fiber-rich food appeared to have very few cardiovascular diseases, heart disease, and stroke. A medium sized apple a day is quite enough to stay healthy.

A normal human body needs 13-20 percent fibers, needs 4 percent potassium and 9-11 percent vitamin C daily. As apple contains fiber, antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin C, all the daily required elements are easily consumed with an apple a day.

Fiber manages blood pressure. It lowers the risk of increasing the blood pressure that is good in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Vitamin C as an antioxidant protects and maintains heart health. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system and defends the body from diseases and infections. Potassium in apple relaxes the blood vessels and reduces the risk of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular complications.

People who consume apple daily have a very low risk of developing diabetes type 2. A big benefit of apple for a diabetic person is that if one starts consuming it daily, the blood sugar level reduces and, in this way, diabetes also gets controlled.

Apples contain bioactive compounds that help in promoting healthy gut bacteria that optimize the digestive system and prevent abdominal bloating. Especially, the fiber in the apple makes the person feel full stomach for a longer period which reduces the need to eat again and again or overeating.

Eating raw apple lowers the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol among healthy people. That is why they concluded that fiber in apples reduces cholesterol.

Apples are the best source of antioxidants. The antioxidants help in lowering the risk of lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer.

Apples contain water and fiber. According to a study, people who eat a slice of apple before meat, feel full after eating a meal. But those who prefer apple juices instead of eating it in raw form, consume more food. Moreover, people who eat apple slices before a meal consume fewer calories than those who do not. Therefore, eating an apple before a meal has two benefits. First, one feels full for a longer period and therefore feels okay without eating much and second, the fibers in apple optimizes the digestive system so a person feels good and healthy.

Interestingly, research founds that apple juice does not have the same incredible health benefits as a raw apple. So, always go for eating an apple instead of drinking apple juice.

” If u never tasted a BAD APPLE you would never appreciate a GOOD APPLE”




Covid-19 has been taken the world by storm and the whole world has been closed due to its spread. The highly infectious disease has been declared global pandemic and so far, there is no cure in sight to deal with it.In absence of any guaranteed cure of the disease, the world has scrambled to contain the spread of the disease with preventive measures. A larger set of protective measures have been adopted by nearly all the regions of the world that primarily includes the use of face masks, social distancing and hand washing. Due to the extremely small size of the particles that contain the virus, it was feared that the virus can even remain air-borne and therefore transmit to a distance of many feet. That fear got real when many healthcare staff and security personals also got infected who generally deal with Covid-19 patients from a distance. That fear alarmed the whole world and due to air travel of the respiratory virus through coughing, sneezing, talking, spewing, and throat secretion into the air, different cities from the across the world started recommending using face masks. Some East Asian countries have now made it common practice and some European countries have also started mandating face masks in public spaces. Respiratory particles emitted after sneezing, coughing, and even talking, produce some longer range smaller particles which evaporate into the air and leave the virus hanging. The smaller droplets are called aerosols and these droplets are packed with millions of viral particles that are causing infections in people. It was then found out that face masks do very well in limiting how far away respiratory particles and aerosols can travel. The uncertainty around face masks arises from a question like whether a healthy person should wear them too? The answer to it is rather complicated because of the virus nature. The distinction between sick infected with covid-19 and healthy is more complicated because people who catch coronavirus do not feel symptoms for 5-6 days on average. But they are contagious during that time and it has been found recently that about 25 % of people who catch it never show any symptoms at all but remain contagious. Viruses and bacteria stay on different surfaces depending on their type. One common way of coronavirus spread is by touching the infected surface and then touching eyes, nose, mouth, etc., and it becomes too easy for germs or infection to enter into the body. This type of transmission is called fomite transmission. The best defense for it so far is frequent hand washing and avoiding touching surfaces and face unnecessarily. According to WHO, respiratory diseases spread from human to human in the form of droplets carried through sneezing or coughing. The best way to counter it is by wearing a face mask. Each person must wear a mask to not receive the respiratory particles from others and to not transmit respiratory particles to others. Use any type of mask when you go outside like a cloth mask, dust mask, and surgical mask.

“Wearing a FACE MASK is better than wearing a VENTILATOR”



The successful journey of sree ayyappa education

sree ayyappa education centre was started in 1988 with the vision from darkness unto light,this had been upheld and followed with high esteem by visionaries who believes that knowledge along is the guiding light today our institution has under its wing a full fledged pu college with PCMB and PCMC in science, HEBA and EBAC in commerce our results have been excellent. Kumari. R.KEERTHANA OF 2ND put science passed out with flying colors securing the 139th rank in CET(medical)who is pursuing her MBBS course at bangalore medical College Master naveen.kumar.s of 10th brought laurels to our institution by bagging the 9th rank in the karnataka state level SSLC EXAMINATION ayyappa education has both state and CBSE it is prestigious institution in bangalore was visited by FORMER PRESIDENT OF INDIA people, s president and missile man of india ,scientists in missile and rockets BHARAT RATNA Award given To DR.A.P.J Abdul kalam visited ayyappa institution on 26 .06..2015 for silver jubilee celebration but even ayyappa institution giving scholarships to students the teaching experience of ayyappa education centre was different compared to other institutions they teach by education smart class in virtual mode to students it is easy for the students learn and easy ayyappa institution completed successfully journey of 34 years l studied my 5 to 2nd puc in ayyappa education I completed my education 8 years in ayyappa education centre that ayyappa education gives respect to all students we create a safe, social, and physical environment that helps students learn and succeed it is my convenience that each student will carry rich knowledge and better communication skills trading here to greater extent our institution has played pivotal role in shaping the career and personality of innumerable students who have made us proud by their success in different walks of life education is not only the basic source but also primary weapon to change the future of india the future depends upon the youth of nations students only can can change the faith of the country .our institution has played by their success in different walks of life education is not only acquiring of knowledge and skills but empowered students with a winning combination of confidence, character and all round development the institution is open to all students irrespective of cast or creed the aim is to nature young saplings into healthy fragrnt blossoms to enable the toddler who join the special to better future of india depends upon youth

Music Mantra: Music for Mental Health

Music has healing powers. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours” – Elton John




It is interesting to believe that music has healing powers as it enhances mindfulness. What is incredibly special about music is the fact that music is available to everyone everywhere. No matter what the situation is, music is one thing which does not need to worry about time and place and most people will agree that we all need music in our lives as it has its ways of opening hearts and sometimes helping people express themselves.

The most beautiful thing about music is, we can use music when we are joyous and we can use music when our heartaches. We all have that one song that has such deep imprints in our minds, which simply helps us in lifting our mood during hard times.

American musician Billy Joel once said, “It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we are from, everyone loves music.”

It is how deeply one can connect with music that makes it so therapeutic.

What is Music therapy?

Music therapy for healing mental health issues uses music as a therapeutic modality. This therapy is known to open up gates for communication that transcends the limitations of verbal expression. It helps in balancing emotions and also in expressing some deep-seeded feelings.

Music therapy employs its natural properties like mood-lifting to help people improve not only their mental health but overall well-being.

Barbara Else, the senior advisor of policy and research at the American Music Therapy Association says, “We have such a deep connection to music because it is ‘hardwired’ in our brains and bodies. The elements of music – rhythm, melody, etc. – are echoed in our physiology, functioning, and being.”

It has been observed that music therapy session mainly includes making and listening to music which is then followed by a discussion. It’s based on psychological disciplines like psychodynamic, behavioural, and humanistic therapeutic approaches.



There are two different types of music therapy

Active music therapy 

In Active music therapy, the therapist and the client(s) create music with various instruments, their voices, or other objects.

Receptive music therapy

In Receptive music therapy, the therapist plays an instrument and makes music and the client listens.

How exactly does music therapy help mental health?

A study led by Brunel University in the United Kingdom suggested that music may help in reducing pain and anxiety who have undergone surgery. A lot of patients suffer a lifestyle change that can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression and it has been observed that music can be used in such situations to relieve on from such stress.

The leader of the study, Dr. Catherine Meads said – “If music was a drug, it would be marketable. Music is a non-invasive, safe, cheap intervention that should be available to everyone undergoing surgery.”

Researches show that music triggers the release of opioids in the brain which is a natural pain reliever. People with mental health issues can use musical interactions as a means of communication and expression. This therapy aims to help individuals develop relationships and address issues they may not be able to address using words alone.

What are the outcomes/results one observes after music therapy?

  1. Reduced muscle tension
  2. Improved self-image/self-esteem
  3. Decreased anxiety/agitation
  4. Increased verbalization
  5. Enhanced interpersonal relationships
  6. Improved group cohesiveness
  7. Increased motivation
  8. Successful and safe emotional release
  9. Reduced social isolation
  10. Decrease in stress hormone(cortisol) in teenagers especially
  11. Improved aggression

Music is powerful. It promotes the idea of being calm and relaxed which has become extremely essential in today’s day and age where everyone busy rushing to achieve their goals at cost of their overall well-being. It is through music that one can sit, take a breather and try to relieve themselves from all the stress and anxiety.









Use of Remedesivir To Adults


Remdesivir is a broad-spectrum antiviral agent that has previously demonstrated antiviral activity against filoviruses (Ebola viruses, Marburg virus), coronaviruses (SARS-CoV, MERS-Co-V, SARS-CoV-2), paramyxoviruses (parainfluenza type III virus, Nipah virus, Hendra virus, measles, and mumps virus), and Pnemoviridae (respiratory syncytial virus) . Remdesivir was initially developed against the Ebola virus based on its antiviral properties demonstrated in vitro and in vivo in animal models but failed to demonstrate efficacy in randomized clinical trials. Remdesivir was shown to exhibit antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro studies, and it was proposed as an investigational drug early during the pandemic. However, based on data from randomized clinical trials that demonstrated superior clinical efficacy of remdesivir to placebo, remdesivir is the first and only available therapeutic drug that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical use in the management of patients with severe suspected or laboratory-confirmed COVID-19.

FDA approved indication or emergency use authorization (EUA) of Remdesivir (with clinical trial summaries)

  • Adults and pediatric patients (over age 12 years and weighing at least 40 kgs or more) hospitalized patients with COVID-19
    • Results of a randomized, open-label trial of hospitalized patients admitted with moderate COVID-19 illness who were randomized to receive a 10-day course of remdesivir(n=197), a 5-day course of remdesivir(n=199), or standard of care(n=200) reported that patient is receiving the 10-day course of remdesivir did not have a statistically significant difference in clinical status compared to patients receiving standard of care. 
    • However, patients randomized to a 5-day course of remdesivir had a statistically significant difference in the clinical status compared to standard of care.
    • Final results of another double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of remdesivir in hospitalized patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 pneumonia demonstrated that remdesivir was superior to placebo in shortening the time to clinical recovery. 
    • However, results from the WHO Solidarity Trial conducted at 405 hospitals spanning across 40 countries involving 11,330 inpatients with COVID-19 who were randomized to receive remdesivir (2750), hydroxychloroquine (954), lopinavir (1411), and interferon regimens(2063), and no trial drug(4088) reported that remdesivir, hydroxy chloroquine, lopinavir, and interferon regimens had little or no effect on overall mortality, initiation of mechanical ventilation, and length of hospital stay. 
    • Based on the encouraging data from three randomized, controlled clinical trials that purely evaluated the clinical efficacy of remdesivir in patients hospitalized with mild-to-severe COVID-19, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) approved remdesivir for treatment in adults and pediatric patients (over age 12 years and weighing at least 40 kgs or more) hospitalized patients with COVID-19.
    • Currently, remdesivir is the first and only available therapeutic drug that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical use in the management of patients with severe suspected or laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infection, with severity being defined as SpO 2</= 94% on room air requiring supplemental oxygen, mechanical ventilation, and/or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

Be Kind First, Be Right Later

The brilliant Japanese writer Haruki Murakami once wrote, “Always remember that to argue, and win, is to break down the reality of the person you are arguing against. It is painful to lose your reality, so be kind, even if you are right.”

When we are in the moment, we can easily forget that the goal is to connect with the other side, collaborate with them, befriend them, and integrate them into our tribe. We are so caught up in winning that we forget about connecting. It’s easy to spend your energy labeling people rather than working with them.

The word “kind” originated from the word “kin.” When you are kind to someone it means you are treating them like family. This, I think, is a good method for actually changing someone’s mind. Develop a friendship. Share a meal. Gift a book.

Be kind first, be right later

Life of the students is now safe

The long delayed decision has come now . The students of the country were anxiously waiting for this . Now they can stop studying and start enjoying their lives. But their
primary grudge is that they will not be able to attend the farewell. This batch is the luckiest batch of almost all the time.

Effects of Cancellation of Board Exams :

No parties will be opposing = The congress and the other non BJP parties now have no stand to oppose the Centre decision . What they wanted is fulfilled now .

Even the chief minister of some of the prominent states such as that of New Delhi have expressed their joys by way of Twitter . They all definitely support the Centre’s decision.

Difficulty for the Universities = Now the universities will have to find out a
new way of giving entrances to the students . It can be through ways of conducting entrance exams or by interviewing students .

There age old practice of giving admission to students by way of their scores in the 12th and 10th standards will come
to an abrupt end .

Assessments of the scores of the students = Now the teachers have to find out a new way of giving marks to the
students . They can do by giving marks to the students on
the basis of their past scores in pre boards or on the basis of
some other activities like extra curriculars .

This methord is not free from errors .Yet the safety of the students is a primary aim of the government at this point .
We support the government decision of cancellation of the
board exams as it considers the safety of the students its
utmost priority.

Tourism industry and covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a slump in the world economy. The pandemic has forced the people of the globe to switch their plans. All sports and technological events have been cancelled or have changed to be online. There is an overall economic contraction in the global economy as recession started setting in during the pandemic. However the tourism industry was worst-hit due to overwhelming travel restrictions and as well as a decline in demand from travellers and such measures were put into action to control the spread of the virus. There were four broad categories of restrictions, according to the report.

Of a total of 217 destinations,97 destinations implemented total or partial border closures;65 countries and territories suspended flights totally or partially;39 locations enforced border closures aimed at a specific group of destinations;16 countries and territories, or the remaining 7%, implemented other measures such as requiring visitors to quarantine.

For many countries, tourism is the main source of revenue and have suffered losses in millions. The United States has suffered terribly as it ranks first with a revenue loss of about $30.7 million followed by Spain. It is devastating to know but there is a total loss of about $195 billion worldwide in the first four months of 2020. The whole world came to a standstill and all countries could see their economic growth and revenue dropping but are unable to boost it due to the ongoing pandemic.


Tourism supports one in 10 jobs and provides livelihoods to millions in developing and developed economies. The pandemic played a massive impact on the livelihood of the workers in the informal sector due to the huge unemployment. They neither received proper income nor an alternative occupation. Many small businesses which were dependent upon tourism were hit hard and were not able to meet their expenses and hence most of the youth and the workers were laid off by their employers due to their inability to pay them.  The travel agents suffered more and more losses when their customers knew that the pandemic isn’t going to end soon and ended up cancelling their plans for travel in the near future.

The pandemic also affected various modes of travel such as air, land and water transportation along with the hospitality industry. As of April 2,2020 British Airways is reportedly poised to suspend 36,000 staffers. Aviation-supported jobs potentially fall by 46 million to 41.7 million. Direct aviation jobs such as jobs at airlines, manufacturers and air traffic management fall by 4.8 million. Cruise lines had to be cancelled due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Bookings and cancellations grew as extensive media coverage of ill passengers on quarantined ships hurt the industry’s image. In May 2020, Norwegian Cruise Line announced a quarterly loss of $1.88 billion and warned it may go out of business. Most countries around the world have imposed partial or complete closure of borders along with travel bans.

Millions being unemployed, uncertainty over economic recovery, global fears of continuing COVID-19 spread, the hospitality industry was among the first industries to get affected and would be among the last industries to recover.


Poverty and the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic, which led to a wave of infections in March 2020, brought the whole country to a standstill. Nation-wide lockdown was imposed, and movement of public was restricted. Many of us were fortunate enough to be in the comfort of our own homes, away from harm and any form of risk.  But for many unfortunate people of our country, this pandemic just made things a lot harder than they already were.

According to recent studies, the poverty rate of the country, during the first wave in 2020, almost doubled. Crores of people lost their jobs and livelihoods. The pandemic disrupted almost all the industries in the last year, leading to huge job losses across both, the formal and informal sector of the economy. For a nation that managed to reduce the poverty rate from 2011 to 2019, 2020 came as huge blow, and disrupted the progress that the country had achieved.

The number of individuals, that had incomes below the minimum wave threshold income (less than 375Rs), increased by 230 million during the pandemic. Incomes decreased all throughout the country, but the economically weaker section took a larger blow, with the poorest 20% losing their entire income.

During the lockdown, 61% of men remained employed, and 7% lost employment. This ratio was lower for women, where, only 19% remained employed and 47% suffered a permanent job loss during lockdown. Most of the women, who were unemployed, did not return to their work field even after restrictions were lifted.

The reports show that younger workers were much more impacted, they experienced higher losses and of a more permanent nature. Households have coped by reducing food intake, borrowing and selling assets and properties.  People had to dig into their meager savings for survival. People have stopped the basics like lentil as food inflation has spiked.


Cut to 2021. Rural Indians which compose the informal workforce have lived with irregular jobs for over one year now.  What exactly does one mean by ‘informal work force’?  The informal sector consists of low-skilled laborers who are desperate enough to work for miserly wages in order to meet their daily requirements. Due to this constant need of jobs, the employers can control the pay and the work hours which, in some cases, are inhumane and brutal. These informal workers have no safety net to fall back on and hence are in a very dangerous situation.

As per June 1, 2021, India’s economy contracted 7.3 percent, its worst recession since independence.  The government has faced growing criticism for focusing on loans to hard-hit businesses rather than direct cash handouts to vulnerable households. The focus, currently, should be to make sure that every citizen of this country is above the poverty line.

Social safety net transfers should be more prevalent, so that during an emergency, the family or individual has funds to fall back on. For employment of women, microfinance loans should be given, but it should be paired with extensive training and knowledge as to how it can help them learn new skills, and in turn help them start earning.

If we don’t make any changes, the second wave of pandemic will paralyze the economically weaker sections, who have just recovered from the first wave of the virus. These are all citizens of this country, and yet, they are being treated differently. Every job is important, and deserves respect and acknowledgement.  How can we progress as a nation, if 28% of our population is below the poverty line?


References :
Deccan Herald 29/5/21

DAWN 01/06/21

The importance of music

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to play guitar. I have always been interested in music , ever since I heard the beautiful music by Chuck Berry, John Petrucci and many more… Their playing style
  has just inspired me. I thought that, if I learned to play guitar, than I would  be just like them and would be able to play those incredible songs.

When I saw people playing the instrument it looked so easy as if the music was coming from within and the fingers were automatically moving with such velocity but  all the notes were crystal clear and distinguishable nonetheless.

I thought to myself how hard could that be because I  never noticed even a hint of frustration on their faces it just looked so effortless.. all I saw was plain happiness almost as if it was relaxing for them..

When I myself started learning how to play guitar is when I realised how tough it actually was and how much effort and training it first i just learnt how to play songs that I liked but when I started learning how to read music it went completely over my head in the beginning.

As the level increases the more practice I require and quite honestly I’m not able to give it the amount of time it actually needs for me to become A professional guitarist by a long shot.

But The one thing Ive realised is that with time anything you start gets easier , and day by day you get a little better at what you’re doing no matter what it is.. so it’s never a waste of time and there is absolutely nothing to lose in trying new things even if they’re out of your comfort zone or your time table.

They widen the horizon of your mind , give you some additional knowledge which is out of your academic course and out of the necessary things everyone  your age is doing .

It just makes you a little different and adds to your personality.

Learning how to play guitar has added to the number of languages i can read and understand now.. so when I listen to music it’s almost as if I  can Distinguish each note and actually understand it .I can just imagine how it would have been played, how tough it would have been and relate to what I now when I see professional guitarists no matter how relaxed they look or how effortlessly they’re playing I can clearly see the amount of hard work they must have put into it to come to that level.

By learning to play guitar, I acquired so many new talents. From learning to keep on trying until my accomplishments are met, to taking my own initiative to learn and understand new subjects, and to keep on playing no matter what.




HELLO! Reader this is the first essay about “WOMAN EMPOWERMENT”.


Women Empowerment is made up of two words women and empowermentEmpowerment means giving power or authority to someone. So, Women’s Empowerment means power in the hands of women. It signifies that women should be given equal opportunity in every field, irrespective of any discrimination.

 The notion of women’s empowerment entails three key elements: power, autonomy, and subjectivity.

First, three alternative sources of power increase women’s ability to make strategic choices in their lives: “power with,” “power to,” and “power within.”  In my opinion as a girl in the progress of becoming a woman always lie upon two platforms. Firstly, There were many educated and qualified woman who was not addressed or identified by any sectors just for the cause that they are women and enormously assumed as mentally and physically. such barriers should be vanished by leading those flair ladies should vanguard the Nation.

My other concern of woman empowerment or simply elucidated as “GIRL POWER” which was mistaken by many feminists in order to consider themself to be presiding or governing faculty and not letting the opposite gender raise their voice, which is offensive and egocentric literally. Even this statement can’t be accepted by many woman rightist.


Feeling entitled to make your own decisions creates a sense of empowerment. It includes the action of raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, and courage to defend ourselves.


I quoted the above sentence in order to highlight my opinion on WOMAN EMPOWERMENT. A strong woman should graciously accept both appreciation and criticism, knowing that a plant needs both sunlight and rainfall to grow. She should focus on both genders and especially the woman who was kept as a puppet by some of the evil-minded beings.

If there is sustainable development then there will be a good ascending of women’s rule which strives for rights and justice. At last but not least I also appreciate some really hard-working women. For example; In recent years, Blogging has become a powerful tool for the educational empowerment of women.

According to a study done by the University of California, LA, medical patients who read and write about their disease are often much happier mood than those who do not. From my point of view, every woman attains prosperity in her life. “we would not appreciate the sun if we did not know the rain.”

In conclusion, women represent half the world’s population, and gender inequality exists in every nation on the planet. Until women are given the same opportunities that men are, entire societies will be destined to perform below their true potentials. The greatest need of the hour is a change of social attitude to women.

Vaccination is good or bad?

India was in a critical situation because of the corona virus but now those who are affected by corona virus rating are falling down. The government has taken various steps to control the corona virus but all the steps have failed death rate was increasing because there were many people who are affected by corona virus there were no beds, no doctors, no oxygen, no medicine and no remedies. So many people died then in some places there were no place bury those who died by the affect of corona virus. This situation has changed a little because of lockdown and also all people are afraid that we too be affected by corona virus and die, so we can take vaccination so that at least we can save our lives. In India there are two vaccinations one is made in India that is Covaxin vaccination and another one is Covishield it was made by England and India. Another thing Sputnik vaccine from Russia it is also used in India because there is no enough Vaccination in India. Many people are showing intrest to vaccinate there are some who are not willing to vaccine. If we vaccinate we can protect others and ourselves because we are vaccinated in our body if there is corona virus the possibility of passing over to other person is very less and other thing if we are vaccinated and we are affected by corona virus it will not lead you to death or any serious conditions. Covaxin and Covishield both are good but there will be slight symptoms in our body because the vaccination should work in our body to protect us from the corona virus. There is some time of interval between two vaccines because the World Health Organization recommends there must be an interval of 3 to 4 weeks, but now it is extended beyond one month. Mainly those who are moving out from your house and old age people because they will be easily affected. Government is making many steps and keeping a target to achieve the goal that all the people in our country should be vaccinated. As a first step for their goal they are making awareness in villages that all should vaccinate. We know that in the first wave of corona virus there was huge people were admitted and some were died in America but now there is no such a huge number because they have vaccinated nearly half of the people in their country they are not asking any proof they are vaccinating all so the number is stable. India’s economy is falling down because all are staying in home so no work the prices of each thing we buy from any shop is raising because each and every person has faced many difficulties in this corona virus second wave. There is no way we have to come out of our house and work but safety is very important for all these situation there is only one solution it is none other than vaccination without vaccination we cannot fight against this corona virus there is no medicine for this virus. We have this vaccination, masks, social distancing and washing hand. We are already following these if we vaccine we can lead our life happily and safely.Vaccination is a good thing which is saving our life from corona virus.


an escape from reality

a very much needed thing in everyones life . yes this has been a really hard year for all of us .people are so worn out and uninterested nowadays ,so why not escape from the boring world and dive into the world of fantasies. does that seem unrealistic ?? well maybe it is .but why not give it a try it may help someone someday in something .

so what exactly we have to do ?
nothing much . try to figure out what exictes you for example some may be interested in reading books or dancing ,cooking or whatsoever. and there also will be people who have nothing and they think nothing exictes them .so for that category of people you are never late to try something new and explore the world of possiblities.

its is always better to start journalising .well i know this can mean different things to different people , but there are many benifits of writing down every events .it gives you time to reflect on what is happening in your life both the good positive things and the bad negative things .it can also be called a form of talk therapy..without the talking .hehe or is it just me? anyways you can give it a try, talk and reflect while you write, have a discussion with yourself about your life , but make sure no one else is listening that may put you in trouble.

if you are interested make something with your hands .nowadays there is a lot of DIY on the internet well that may exicte you or try to cook there is nothing much in that just helping the kitchen person will also serve the purpose . they also may get happy with that .

learn a new skill may it be music lessons or swimming . this is a realling idea to destress,it is a little intimidating if you are new to it just give it a shot you may love it .or start excercising well that sounds boring but you can try different forms of it to keep yourself fit like by taking boxing lessons ,swimming , dancing ,running ,cycling all these belong to the same family and anyhow serves the purpose .

and lastly if the situation is favorable take a vacation and go offline for a week . when you say vacation mean it ,dont just stay home from work and then do your work anyway. if you are a workholic person, plan it in advance and make it happen. even if you are obsessed with getting things done, chances are you will be more productive when you come back .

so relax a little ,coz why not!! 

Dogs help stop the coronavirus

French scientists find out that dogs can smell the coronavirus. The result is very good.

Dogs are better than some of the simple COVID-19 tests. The tests are good when somebody is healthy. Sometimes, they do not always find out that somebody is ill.

Dogs smell the coronavirus in people´s sweat. They are almost always right.

Dogs can help ill people in airports and other crowded places. It is fast and cheap. People do not need to undergo unpleasant tests.

Difficult words: sweat (when somebody is hot, ill or when he does sports, and his skin gets wet), crowded (a place with many people), undergo (to have something happen to you and usually it is not nice).

A Very Indian Poem in English-By Nizzim Ezekiel

Hello Readers!

Today it’s going be about an excellent literary work piece ” A Very Indian Poem in English “by Nizzim Ezekiel.For clear overview here is the abridgment.

Author Introduction-Poem Introduction-summary


Author Introduction:

Nissim Ezekiel was an Indian Jewish poet, actor, playwright, editor and art critic. He was a foundational figure in postcolonial India’s literary history, specifically for Indian Poetry in English

Nissim Ezekiel is quite unique among Indian poets writing in English in so far as he is an Indian Jew of Bene-Israel origin. Ezekiel was born in Mumbai in 1924 and educated there. He later studied Philosophy at Birkbeck College, London. He stayed in England from 1948 to 1952 where according to his own view ‘philosophy, poverty and poetry’ shared his basement room. In 1982, he was awarded with the Sahitya Academi

Poem Introduction:

The poem Very Indian Poem in Indian English, written in a   very light vein is an ‘Indian poem’ because the poet looks at the world around him through the eyes of a typical middle-class Indian. Apparently the speaker, the ‘I’ of the poem is literate but not highly educated. Here, the persona is voicing his opinions to a visitor.


In this poem the author Nizzim Ezekiel is very much    worried about the world, going into a situation where there’s no peace at all. He says that he has come to speak for peace and nonviolence. He is much hesitated and even frustrated that the people even can’t find their own way and reports that if at all they couldn’t find their right path they aren’t following the great motif of such a splendid leader like Mahatma Gandhi.

He is much thoughtful about the modern and the ancient culture. He says that he can give score for the ancient culture and wisdom  more than 100% or even he can give them 200%.But when he speaks about the modern culture he says that the people are being so terrible and inhuman saying that it’s a fashionable. Thus it’s quite clear that he was an Middle class writer who doesn’t wants to show his decorum anymore.

He also says the evil witty deed of a murderer that he noticed at the newspaper that he read. From this he insists us reading newspaper is a vital thing to know the world around you. He wants the world to be reborn with all goodness in the hearts and souls of Human Beings. He says a nice advice to everyone to be patient to your family so that it ultimately reflects up to the society. He says that all the men in the world are his brothers nameless of what culture, race, and religion and so on…

He also says that Tolerance should be practiced like him. It’s because as we all are humans we do have the nature of performing mistakes. He says at the end about the parting of the reader and the writer that he misses our company. Thus Nizzim Ezekiel is quite a very humorous people who brings all moment very soulful.

Friends Reunion

Friends is a US sitcom. It is popular all over the world. It is about six friends. They live in New York. The sitcom has 10 seasons. The last season ends in 2004. Friends fans want more seasons.

HBO plans a Friends reunion. Fans are very happy. The Friends reunion is on HBO Max last week. The six actors meet after many years. They talk together. They speak about some funny moments.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston play Ross and Rachel in Friends. They love each other in the sitcom. They say that they love each other in real life, too. It is in the first years of the sitcom. They are never partners in real life. Both Schwimmer and Aniston already have partners at that time.

Difficult words: sitcom (a TV comedy in which the same actors have sun

ny moments in each show), season (a time in which a show or play takes place), reunion (when a group of people meet after a long time), partner (a person who is in a relationship with another person).

Impacts of COVID-19

The term COVID-19 has become a part of every household in the whole world. It is a global pandemic which made us suffer physically, mentally and emotionally. It made us realize that, ” Nothing is important than the well being of our family and friends”. Only thing which no one can control is the death of an individual. Death is the sour truth of our life which we have to face it. No one can control the birth and death of any person. COVID -19 made a huge impact on realizing us the value of our lives.
In this article , I want to discuss all the ways through which we have suffer because of this deadly virus.

1) Financial Problems :- It has ruined several daily wage workers livelihood. In India, Mostly people work on daily wages. Their families are dependent on the daily earning of single bread earner in their family. Due to lockdown , Poor people who earn daily weren’t allowed to go to work which is the only means of their earning. They were not able to feed their families proper food . Food is one of the basic necessity that any individual would want. Government gave every family free rice and wheat but that is not sufficient to be able to eat properly while suffering from this virus. Many farmers protests were going on during this period . Even there were stories of many farmers who committed suicide due to this lockdown. There were not able to get the minimum amount of their crops.

2) Mental Health :- In India, Those who go to psychiatrist considered to be mentally unstable. Mental health should be our priority . Physical problems can be seen by doctors and cured by getting proper treatment. Mental health should also be a part of our daily lifestyle. Due to COVID-19 , We all have become mentally tired and unable to share our insecurities, fears and anxieties. It is the most important phase in life where we have to deal with all our problems by keeping our physical as well as mental health fit and healthy. Try to talk to your loved ones, share love and happiness with them and Normalize it being mentally healthy.

3) Food supply and Ration :– Due to lockdown in India, People are hardly getting proper supply of food and ration. Many shopkeepers have doubled the prices of normal food items. To access food and ration have become the most difficult task for Middle class people. There is a lot more suffering for Poor people who are unable to get the food items in reasonable rate. Due to unemployment and less of knowledge about their rights, they are being treated very badly in pandemic. There is no proper arrangement has been done by the government for them. Free wheat and rice can’t be eaten alone. To eat proper cooked meal, they need to have cylinders, spices, oil, etc. 

4) Education Sector :- Today’s generation is the upcoming future of our country. Education system has taken a downfall and charging more fees from the parents without providing the basic education to students. Due to unemployment, Parents are unable to fill the fees of school which has become a burden for them. They are not able to secure their children’s future. Online classes has not even taken serious by the schools and colleges. Some teachers are not taking their job seriously by taking the advantage of ongoing situation. The most cheapest thing is to ask fee even by not providing the education. It will be really hard for upcoming generation to come up strong and stay ahead in tough competition happening in the world.

5) Daily wage workers :- People who daily very hard to earn money to survive their livelihood are the ones who are suffering a lot. When suddenly lockdown happened, they were not able to return their home and got stuck in the middle of roads. Some workers travelled without any vehicles and covered a huge distance just by walking because they had no other choice. It is very hard to be a poor as Nobody really cares about you. 

COVID-19 destroyed multiple families . It will take lot of years to come up strong overcoming this difficult situation. It has a huge impact on every individual living in this world as it is a global pandemic. The only thing we should focus on is staying united and helping others.