Medical services, products’ need and its utilization in the pandemic !

India is seeing an enormous flood in COVID-19 cases and the best method to control the spread of the novel Covid is by remaining inside. Notwithstanding, there’s an assortment of medical services items that can prove to be useful to guarantee you stay solid at your home. Internet business stages, for example, Amazon and Flipkart have a variety of such fundamental devices that will help you stay fit, track your wellbeing, and deal with your skin as well. Among the most well known medical care items on Amazon are liners, oximeters, and advanced thermometers.

An oximeter is a clasp on gadget that can be put at the tip of the forefinger to check the oxygen immersion level of the blood, that is a fundamental factor to gauge to check on the off chance that you have contracted COVID-19 here and there. It’s a gadget that aides in estimating how well the oxygen is venturing out to various pieces of the body, especially the regions farthest from the heart.On Amazon, individuals appear to rest their confidence in Newnik Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, that has 1,129 client appraisals at the hour of composing. The gadget decides the SpO2 levels and heartbeat rate. The information is shown continuously on a huge computerized OLED screen.

On Flipkart, Zilant 6 mm Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine has arisen as the famous decision among clients. It’s anything but a four-sensor innovation to precisely show your weight on screen. On the off chance that you are somebody who likes to monitor their benefits, the item is for you. Valued at Rs. 749, the gadget has a 4.1-star normal rating dependent on more than 22,600 evaluations and 2,900 audits on the internet business stage.

A vaporiser can be amazingly convenient against normal cold, hack, and nose block. You can likewise utilize inhalants in the liner for added alleviation. Moreover, taking steam additionally helps your skin sparkle. It assists with clearing the obstructs and open facial pores. On Amazon, Rylan Face, Nose, and Cough Steamer has more than 120 positive client surveys with 93% clients giving it five stars. It costs just Rs. 699 and fills in as a vaporiser, spout inhaler, and facial liner.

Sitting at home and working for quite a long time may prompt body torment, particularly in the neck and back. Pristyn care PC Muscle Massager is the thing that numerous individuals like on Flipkart to assist themselves with conquering depletion. The item decreases muscle solidness and torment. Plus, it likewise decreases pressure, uneasiness and strain.

In the event that you are a wellness freak who preferences monitoring your pulse, rest cycle, and the amount you strolled for the duration of the day, then, at that point an action tracker is the thing that you need the most. On Flipkart, M4 Smart Band is amazingly famous among clients, with more than 2,260 evaluations. It’s anything but a pulse tracker, wellness watch, and action tracker. The band is Bluetooth-viable as well. The gadget is accessible at Rs. 440. It ought to be noticed that gadget is right now unavailable on Flipkart, at the hour of composing.

Gone are the times of mercury glass thermometers. In spite of the fact that they have been around for a long while, computerized thermometers have taken over of late. They are not difficult to utilize, quicker to deliver results, and more secure also contrasted with mercury thermometers. It’s significantly more significant these days as fever is one of the side effects of COVID-19. Dr Trust (USA) Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer is quite possibly the most famous gadget in the classification. It effectively fits under the tongue or the arm and shows the internal heat level on the screen inside 45 seconds to 1 moment.


The Covid pandemic and its outbreak was observed in India during the December 2019, since then, it’s been around more than 1 years. Covid is basically a communicable disease that spreads through a virus, called as Corona virus. Staring off with few patients, it has now turned into an Epidemic causing death of many people. Covid was supposed to be a disease affecting the physic and the internal organ functioning of the individual, however, it has been affected the overall life of the people in an adverse manner. During these times, many people have suffered badly, either physically, economically, socially, financially, mentally or psychologically. Some people lost their family member/members, others have to give up upon their jobs and businesses, it has been difficult to even fulfil the basic needs and desires.

At the worst, people have started observing symptoms of various mental disorders and psychological imbalances. The confinement within an enclosed area has became a cause of stress, depression, anxiety and tension in the lives of the individuals. The individuals have fallen prey to mental instability due to the feeling of loneliness or stagnation in lives. The demise of near-ones, loss of job and inability to make both the ends meet can be the additional reason for depression and stress among the people. The situation has been wickeder for the people who have already been suffering from such illnesses. As shown by a report, 4 out of 10 adults have reported the symptoms of anxiety or depression in US. Large number of people complain about the initial symptoms of negative mental health; such as sleeplessness, chaotic eating habits, increasing alcoholic consumption and worsening chronic conditions.

New research Seeks to Tackle Impact of COVID-19 on Children and Young  People's Mental Health — Department of Psychiatry

The pandemic has affected people of all the age groups and the symptoms of mental illness are also observed among the teens and young children. Stimuli to the surroundings atmosphere and regular introduction to the natural environment is necessary to ensure proper growth of a child, the pandemic has led to nation wide lockdown and the schools have also been shut down. As a result, the children/students are compelled to stay within their homes, they are unable to enjoy and play in the natural surroundings. They are unable to meet their friends and have a conversation with them. Also, the parents are working from home and while managing the household chores and their jobs, they sometimes miss out upon their child. This has developed a sense of sadness, anxiety and isolation among the children, negative thoughts are clutching and corrupting the young minds.

Also, as a student the schedule and studies have being a mess during the pandemic. The phenomenon of online classes is quite new to maximum of the students; it becomes difficult to adapt to the change. It is a misery for the students, particularly the young children who are completing their initial years of schooling through the online mode. Long screen times, online examinations, assignments, projects, etc. have made the education bulky and monotonous. The students are unable to get their eyes stick to their screens during the lectures, they either distracted or are unable to generate their interest. Even the high secondary and college going students find the online mode of education to be difficulty, primarily because it is completely new and also because they are unable to enjoy the particular environment of the classrooms. Thus, along with their risk to their health, they are also mentally disturbed because of the incompetence to cope up with the new methods.

Therefore, it can be observed that the pandemic has been really harsh for the people of all ages around the world. This has led to the mental and psychological breakdown of the adults and children/students. However, we can observe the situation getting better slowly and gradually, we as a nation are fighting against this virus and many infected persons are recovering are a faster pace. The need is to know the situation, try to stay motivated and help the people around you. These are the tough times but its not permanent; this too shall pass and thus, an individual must maintain their faith in their god and also upon themselves.

Hugging might even lower heart rates and blood pressure

The university of North Carolina conducted a studies with 59 women and found some interesting results after a short series of questions and general chatting about their partner some women ended each session with a 20 second hug

The women who received a hug from their partner had lower blood pressure and heart rates during stressful section of testing the researchers think that oxytocin that we mention earlier might be the causes for their better heart health

Hugging can be good for your heart health. In one studyTrusted Source, scientists split a group of about 200 adults into two groups:

  • One group had romantic partners hold hands for 10 minutes followed by a 20-second hug with each other.
  • The other group had romantic partners who sat in silence for 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

People in the first group showed greater reductions in blood pressure levels and heart rate than the second group.

According to these findings, an affectionate relationship may be good for you heart health.

Oxytocin is a chemical in our bodies that scientists sometimes call the “cuddle hormone.” This is because its levels rise when we hug, touch, or sit close to someone else. Oxytocin is associated with happiness and less stress.

Scientists have found that this hormone has a strong effect in women. Oxytocin causes a reduction in blood pressure and of the stress hormone norepinephrine.

One study found that the positive benefits of oxytocin were strongest in women who had better relationships and more frequent hugs with their romantic partner. Women also saw positive effects of oxytocin when they held their infants closely.

How to succeed in corporate -introverts


Extrovert and introvert people there’s a standard supposition that we understand what these terms mean. In case you’re outgoing, you’re a people person, certain, friendly and fast reasoning. In case you’re introvert, you’re modest, reserved, separated, potentially restless or even discouraged.

Like I said suspicions. Also, false of by the same token.

Introvert people are the ‘think, say, think’ types. Tragically, directors now and then don’t stay nearby long enough for them to get to the ‘say’ part.

Thus, the smart self observer with characteristics like quietness, modesty to request counsel and great listening abilities would impart a more fair and comprehensive way to deal with administration which improves usefulness, advances a culture of collaboration and enable others to sparkle by giving them space to show their insight or aptitude.

Society overall will in general support outgoing people, once in a while to the drawback of introvert. Society will in general reward extroverts starting in preschool and primary school. In the event that you lift your hand in class, you are compensated for being a functioning member. In the event that you give reports before the class easily, you are compensated. While social butterflies are known for making outstanding first impressions with their welcoming demeanor and bright personalities, their insatiable desire for conversation and consideration can deplete an energy’s vitality over time.

Introverts as valuable assets

Maybe it is the ideal opportunity for supervisors to quieten things down a bit, end self preoccupation ism and carry some genuinely necessary character variety to the working environment. It is something introverts are shouting out for.

The hypothesis noticed that, contrasted with extroverts, introverts have a normally high cortical excitement, and may handle a heavier measure of data each second.

This discloses why loners will in general keep away from loud or swarmed climate as their mind will be immediately over-burden making them shut down to succeed in corporate -introverts.

Tips to succeed in corporate -introverts

There is no sorcery projectile for overseeing self preoccupation. Be that as it may, introverts overseeing can figure out how to flourish in the present loud business world and working environment. The objective isn’t to change one’s character or normal work style, yet rather to accept it and develop it.

• Innovation is an extraordinary apparatus for self observers. Utilize long range informal communication Web locales like Facebook and Twitter to set the stage prior to associating with others face to face at gatherings and occasions. You can present yourself, send “news you can utilize” things, and warm up chilly leads all in a serene yet cordial way.

• It’s simple for contemplative people to stay no longer of any concern. So step up to the plate in offering data to higher-ups, colleagues, and undertaking partners. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked for updates or information on your accomplishments. Determine what information people require to feel confident about you and your presentation, then provide it to them as soon as possible.

• It’s significant for each person in the world to re-energize their batteries following a day at work. For a introverts notwithstanding, it’s anything but much more energy to communicate and overcome the day in a clamoring environment, for example, a corporate. In any case, re-energizing it as fundamental as getting up from the bed.

• It’s difficult to get by in an uproarious world as an introvert, however it’s anything but unimaginable. It tends to be testing however you can make it. When you comprehend your own qualities and play along those, you’re all set.

• It’s anything but a lot of mental energy for an introvert to interface with the rest of the world. Nonetheless, it will deplete them unnecessarily quicker on the off chance that they decide to be somebody else. You don’t need to make the discussion all when it’s anything but called for, and you don’t need to grin constantly at everybody.

• Numerous loners have whined about the social assumptions put on them at work and the measure of pressure this causes when they can’t (not reluctant!) to go along. In all actuality a contemplative person’s social tank can immediately run vacant. This sometimes implies you may need to turn down drinks after work or a gathering lunch. Yet, don’t feel remorseful about doing as such. You’ll be a lot happier if you do what you can, when you can. Allow some wriggle area for yourself.

• Utilize your rich inward life to help you produce work deserving of an advancement! Self observers are normally acceptable audience members, scholars, analysts, and thought generators. They assume a significant part inside the corporate world and are a priceless piece of the group. They can likewise be an amazing emotionally supportive network in any division. Utilize these qualities for your potential benefit to perform far in excess of assumptions. In the event that you do as such, odds are you’ll get taken note.

Why meeting rooms need more introverts?

Introverts can be found anywhere. Truth be told, two out of every three men we know are self-observers, and the greatest part is that 75 percent of people with an IQ of 160 or higher are thoughtful, with their inner-directedness expanding with insight.

Introverts are portrayed by an internal progression of individual energy. They are glad alone with rich creative mind and incline toward reflection over activity.

This may explain why, in crowded gatherings, they make an effort to open their mouth because they value formulating a well-organized concept before speaking or boasting over it, rather than extroverts who will interfere with you because they are frustrated to wait for their turn to speak.

Don’t partnerships need an all around considered thought contrasted with that where little reflection was shown?

Introverts are animated by more profound discussions of craftsmanship, reasoning, one of a kind business thought and so on. This characteristic of having significant cooperation helps in growing profound connections and an affectionate workplace. They may be characterized as frigid for this manner, but water runs deep, implying that they are more than meets the eye, as they have a great deal of empathy and respect for intimate associates.


The motivation behind why I am zeroing in on the qualities of introvert is on the grounds that I myself, a guaranteed introverts, went through this cycle of self-nullification during my growing up years, rather than accepting my actual self. Also, I see numerous people who can’t grapple with the way that they are more private and consistently center more around turning out to be another person as opposed to chipping away at their qualities.

Indeed, being a self observer anyplace can be testing, and the work environment is no special case. The uplifting news is, the more you comprehend about your contemplation, the more sure you will get in pushing ahead with it.

Hugging helps lower our stress throughout the day.

As you know how drinking too much coffee can kind of put us on edge for the next dew hours? Wll hugging can actually have the opposite effect like so many other unseen benefits this all goes back to good hormones some research believe that hugging and other Interpersonal touch can boot a hormones called oxytocin and also effects our endogenous opioid system

Big words right but basically it’s boils down to this simply through the act of hugging our brains can produce soothing chemicals that helps us feel more safe and less threatening throughout the day so when something stressful does come up we don’t have such an aggressive fight or flights response to it .

Effects of plastic bags on environment


Plastic bags are the main cause of plastic pollution. The pollution which is destroying our environment. To reduce pollution plastic bags must be banned. Humans try to decompose them but it does not decompose instead it leads to air, water as well as soil pollution. It is said that plastic bags are the leading causes of increasing pollution.
For this reason plastic bags are banned in various countries. In spite of knowing the consequences, plastic bags are still used widely in most parts of the world making it harmful for the environment.

Plastic bags are readily available in the market and are used widely.These are popular at the grocery stores, markets, etc because they are handy and are comfortable to carry the grocery items like rice, wheat flour, pulses. Apart from grocery items it is used to carry veggies, fruits etc.

It is available in various sizes; these are quite economical and also easy to carry or use. But the cost for using these bags -is overlooked. These bags are costing us our beautiful environment. The plastic bags that we use in our everyday life are very much harmful to the environment. The actual problem is much more severe than it appears to us.

Plastic bags are destroying the soil making our agricultural lands infertile. It also causes several other serious problems. To ensure a cleaner and greener environment many countries have banned the use of plastic bags. Among those countries, India is one of them.

Our country has banned the use of plastic bags in many states. However, the implementation of this rule hasn’t been proper.

These are still available in the market. The retailers provide goods in these bags, and the shoppers gladly take their stuff in these easy to carry bags. And another reason for this does not have a proper option to replace them.

It is time for each one of us to understand the severity of the issue and stop the use of plastic bags.

Plastic Bags – A Boon or A Bane /A Curse?

Plastic bags are lightweight and can be carried anywhere without much effort.

This may sound like a blessing to us, but in reality it is much more harmful than its uses. They get carried away by the wind and water because of its light weight. They end up landing on the seas and water and pollute them. They get stuck in fences and pollute the environment while getting carried away with the wind.

The material used to make plastic bags is polypropylene. This material makes them durable thus making them last for a longer time. This polypropylene is prepared from natural gas and petroleum. They are non biodegradable in nature.
Green-house gases like Methane Carbon, Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide are released during the production of various plastics products including plastic bags. This is a significant cause of global warming in the world today.

There is a misconception that recycling is an alternative to the misuse of plastic bags but recycling of plastic products cannot be a good choice because only 5% of the plastic bags can be recycled and the remaining 95% find their way in soil, water and landscape causing pollution. Only 35-40 percent of plastic bags are being recycled and the remaining 60% is not even known where it is gone.

As 60% of the plastic bags are not being traced, the producers are forced to produce more products to meet the needs of people. Everyone considers plastic bags as the most convenient bags to carry loads but it has the most harmful effects on human health.
Synthetic substances present in the polythene bags can disturb the typical working of hormones in the body.Most plastic pieces in the seas, like plastic bags, have a few contaminations, for example, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl) together with PAHs (Polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons), which disturbs the normal function of our hormones.

When the marine creatures eat these synthetic substances, they travel through the food web then later into the people who consume sea animals, especially the fish.

How can we minimize their use?
In many countries across the world plastic bags have been restricted in several nations all over the world.

In many states the Government of India has already restricted the utilization of plastic bags.

Strict measures must be taken to ensure that the use of these bags is stopped. There must be curbs on the production of plastic bags altogether.
Retailers for selling as well as those who are carrying and using plastic bags must be fined.
Good quality plastic available in the market must be made chargeable. This is a good strategy to minimise the use of plastic bags.
To provide a proper alternative of polythene bags is another good strategy. The alternative must be cost efficient and have to be similar in use.

We had often overlooked and underestimated the harmful consequences caused due to plastic bags because we don’t notice the long term effect of these small, easy to carry bags used in our daily life.

People keep on using these bags owing to their convenience. They completely ignore the real fact about these bags that they are harmful for the environment and are a threat to life on earth.

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The monsoon saga

Photo by Darius Krause on

The dance of the winds over the Indian Ocean and the resultant monsoon are majestic geographical process. We are among the twenty countries of the world where 80% of all rainfall is attributed to the monsoon. Monsoon is very intricately linked to India’s history, culture, geography and economy. Let’s take a round trip to the various facets of the monsoon.

The historical bearings of the monsoon– A good monsoon overlapped with the period when in the past when armies could no longer go for expeditions. On the contrary, a bad monsoon was the right time for waging wars and expeditions. The fact that the Mughal successions were somewhat parallel to the monsoon failures shows that the Monsoon was a political factor which could dethrone an emperor. Later In colonial times, Indian budget got the epithet of a ‘gamble on monsoon’ by a British officer, another historical footprints of the Monsoon.

Monsoon’s cultural collection– The melody of ‘Sawan ka Mahina’ and the numerous songs in a panoply of languages or the rich collection of poetry dedicated to monsoon are testimony of its cultural importance. Paintings depicting the joyous moments exhibiting monsoon are other examples. The festival’s and celebratory rituals to welcome the monsoons dear to the farmers of India is another colour of the cultural significance of the season. The charisma of monsoon served as inspiration for the cultural renaissance of India.

Geography of the mighty monsoon– It all starts when the continental interiors of Asia and Africa heat up during the summers. This rise in temperature causes change in the location of the zone of convergence of winds coming from North and South. This region is called Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). The heat leads to northward shifting of the convergence zone. Hence the winds coming from the southern hemisphere travels its way through the southern Indian Ocean and when it crosses the equator it turns slightly towards the east. This wind carries the moisture from the ocean and brings precipitation to India. This is an oversimplification of the complex process there a lot of other factors that influences it like, La Nina and El Nino.

Ecological significance– According to the Koppen classification of climatic zones, India has a monsoon type of climate. The green cover or vegetation of India is influenced by the monsoon. The rich species diversity of India, both flora and fauna, is due to the climate and the seasons. This country is a holy abode for nature enthusiasts. Apart from the already exists aesthetic beauty, the rich collection of plants and animals, we hear almost regularly about the new species being discovered. Monsoon should be acknowledged for this diversity.

Economics of the monsoon– India is an agricultural country and it is no secret that this agro-economy is dependent on monsoon. A good monsoon equates with a good harvest and good economic indicators. On the other hand a bad monsoon directly implicates India’s gross domestic product (GDP). The food security and self-sufficiency provided by nature’s bounty also helps in feeding the country and hence reducing the need to import it from other countries. The amount of money that would have been used in the import of food can be utilised to fulfil other needs.

Clearly, Monsoon has many stories. India and its romance with monsoon is an amusing tale that continues to date.

Mobile Phone – Good or Bad?

Cellular telephone is often also called “mobile smartphone”. It is a tool especially used for a voice call. Currently technological advancements have made our existence clean. These days, with the assist of a cellular smartphone we can effortlessly talk or video chat with all and sundry throughout the globe by just transferring our fingers. Today cellular phones are available in various shapes and sizes, having extraordinary technical specifications and are used for some of functions like – voice calling, video chatting, textual content messaging or sms, multimedia messaging, internet surfing, e mail, video video games, and images. For this reason it’s miles called a ‘smart smartphone’. Like each device, the cellular cellphone additionally has its pros and cons which we will discuss now.

Benefits of mobile smartphone

1. Now we may be related to our buddies, loved ones at any time we want thru many apps. Now we can communicate video chat with whoever we want, through just working your mobile phone or smartphone. Apart from this cellular also keeps us up to date about the entire world.

2. These days mobiles cellphone has made our life so easy for every day life activities. Today, you can investigate the live site visitors scenario on mobile telephone and take appropriate decisions to reach on time. Together with it the weather updates, reserving a cab and many extra.

3. With the improvement of cellular era, the entire entertainment world is now beneath one roof. Each time we lose interest with habitual paintings or in the course of the breaks, we are able to concentrate to music, watch movies, our favourite indicates or just watch the video of 1’s preferred song.

4. In recent times mobiles are used for lots kinds of legitimate paintings from assembly schedules, sending and receiving documents, giving shows, alarms, job applications, and many others. Cell phones have become an vital device for every running human beings

5. In recent times mobiles are even used as a pockets for making bills. Money will be transferred nearly instantly to buddies, family or others by using cell baking in the phone. Also, you will effortlessly access his/her account details and recognize past transactions. So it saves quite a few time and also trouble-unfastened.

Hazards of cellular telephones

1. Now day’s human beings have come to be hooked on mobiles. Even if we don’t want to cell we surf the net, play games making a actual addict. As cellular phones have become smarter, humans became dumber.

2. Extensive utilization of mobiles has resulted in less meet and talk more. Now human beings don’t meet bodily as a substitute chat or touch upon social media.

3. It is a primary challenge now of losing one’s privacy because of an awful lot cell usage. Today anyone should without problems get entry to the statistics like in which you stay, your pals and own family, what’s your career, in which is your property, etc; by using simply easily browsing via your social media account.

4. Because the usefulness of mobiles has improved so their costing. Nowadays human beings are spending a lot amount of cash on buying smartphones, which can alternatively be spent on more beneficial such things as schooling, or other useful things in our lifestyles.


A cellular telephone ought to each be superb and poor; relying on how a person uses it. As mobiles have become part of our lifestyles so we ought to use it in a right manner, carefully for our better hassle-unfastened life as an alternative using it improperly and making it an endemic in life.

Interpersonal skills

The way we interact with someone or in a group becomes so natural throughout time that we forget that it involves a very important skill called interpersonal skill. Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use daily to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. Without good interpersonal skills, it is often difficult to develop other important skills. It helps us to relate in positive ways with people with whom we interact. This may make and keep friendly relationships, which can be of great importance to us. It may also mean maintaining good relationships with family members who are the most important source of social support. It may also mean the ability to end relationships constructively.

Basic interpersonal skills that must possess :
1) Effective Communication
2) Positive attitude
3) Inclusiveness
4) Problem-solving
5) Assertiveness
6) Manners
7) Social awareness
8) Self-awareness

How to develop interpersonal skills?
1) Be a friend
2) Co-operate with others
3) Be patient
4) Accepting differences
5) Positive communication and interaction
6) Being courteous
7) Respect all

People with good interpersonal skills are usually seen as optimistic, calm, confident people who are considered quite appealing by all. These skills can improve many aspects of our life, and they help to make our relationships better. This skill equips us to get along with others and communicate with them.

Maroju Sanjana


Unemployment is now at an alarming level. Qualified people are sitting at home, suffering from unemployment. This is the form of governance of our country. Unemployment is on the rise in India. These are the things happening as a result of unemployment-

     The youth is slowly fading.

    There is not enough space for jobs.

    Self-confidence of the youth is declining day by day.

    Financial distribution is declining.  

No country can move forward well with such an unemployment rate. It has uprooted the roots of our life. It is a major obstacle in the way of speeding up the stages of life. If unemployment continues like this, the progress of the country will become a very difficult matter.


As we look again in our ancient instances we see so much improvement inside the world. The world is complete of devices and machinery. Machinery does everything in our environment. How did it get viable? How did we come to be so modern? It was all viable with the help of technology. Technological know-how has performed a chief role inside the improvement of our society.

As i have mentioned earlier science has got many adjustments in our lives. First of all, transportation is less complicated now. With the help of technological know-how it now less complicated to journey long distances. Moreover, the time of touring is likewise reduced. Various high-pace automobiles are to be had these days. These motors have completely changed. The phase of our society. Technology upgraded steam engines to electric powered engines. In earlier times humans have been touring with cycles. But now all of us travels on motorcycles and cars. This saves time and effort. And that is all possible with the assist of science.

Secondly, technology made us attain to the moon. But we by no means stopped there. It additionally gave us a look at mars. This is one of the finest achievements. This became most effective possible with science. These days scientists make many satellites. Because of which we’re the use of excessive-velocity net. Those satellites revolve around the earth each day and night time. Even with out making us aware of it.
Science is the spine of our society: Technology gave us so much in our gift time. Because of this, the instructor in our schools teaches science from an early age.

Technological know-how as a topic
Technology taught us approximately our solar system. The solar system includes 9 planets and the sun. Most noteworthy was that it also tells us about the starting place of our planet. Chiefly, we can’t deny that technology facilitates us in shaping our destiny. However now not only it tells us approximately our future, however it also tells us approximately our past.

When the student reaches magnificence 6, science receives divided into 3 extra subcategories. These subcategories had been physics, chemistry, and biology. First of all, physics taught us approximately the machines. Physics is an thrilling concern. It’s miles a logical challenge.

Moreover, the second situation changed into chemistry. Chemistry is a subject that offers with an detail observed inside the earth. Even extra, it enables in making diverse merchandise. Products like medicinal drug and cosmetics etc. Bring about human advantages.

Ultimate however now not least, the problem of biology. Biology tells us about its various elements. Furthermore, it even teaches the scholars about cells. Cells are found in human blood. Technological know-how is so superior that it did let us recognise even that.

Main scientists inside the discipline of science
Sooner or later, many scientists like thomas edison, sir isaac newton had been born in this global. They’ve accomplished remarkable innovations. Thomas edison invented the mild bulb. If he did no longer invent that we would live in darkish. Because of this thomas edison’s call marks in records.

Any other famous scientist was sir isaac newton. Sir isaac newton informed us approximately gravity. With the help of this, we were capable of discover many different theories.

In India scientists like A.P.J Abdul Kalam turned was there. He contributed lots towards our area studies and defense forces. He made many advanced missiles. These scientists did super work and we will always do not forget them.

Thalapathy vijay

Before thalapathy his name was Joseph vijay son of Joseph vijay chandrashekar an Indian film director and producer who directs film who works in tamil film and india cinema and other Indian languages cinema Joseph vijay was born on 22 June 1974 Joseph vijay completes his age of 48 on 2021 Tuesday 22 June but chandrashekar and shobha chandrashekar had two children one was vijay and second was divya her little sister died due some health issues after that vijay become very silent and upset because of her sister death Joseph vijay close friends are Sanjeev,simian, Srinath are vijay childhood friends from. school to college they studied together Three friends: Once there were three friends vijay, Sanjeev Srinath, was sitting on a bench and thought of their life is very difficult day by day life getting changed. Soon he heard weeping. He looked around and found another little friend. “Why are you crying? THE friend told:My name is Joseph vijay Sanjeev one friend told I want to become an actor,vijay has successfully completed his college in Loyala college, Chennai one friend was to become successful big film actor and succeed as one film director gave a chance to his friend vijay to act in an cinema in year 1984 his first film which many rumors and controversy about vijay many fails cried a lot worked hard now become successful actor and highest paid actor in cinema and many fan followers across the globe he is ICON OF MILLIONS FAN FOLLOWERS ACROSS GLOBE they call him has the title THALAPTHY VIJAY. Actually the real story starts now: 1] In 1984 his first film vetri became failure and never lost his hope 2] His career became successful in 1996 in poove unakkaga film called as a romantic hero 3] IN 1999 vijay got his first tamilnadu state film award for Best actor Thullada manamum thullu 1999 4] vijay become successful in films such as kushi and priyamanavala 5]IN following years vijay had successful films like friends, Shanahan which was box office success 6]IN 2002 there was successful film like Thamizh,Youth and Bhagavati released in 2002 7]His subsequent films were vaseegra and pudhiyageethai was released moderate success and received underperformed 8]2003 released of mandala film thirumala which reached 500 million rupees prised by tamilnadu state film award 9] Best actor nomination for Thailaiva 2013 and Jill in2014 10] 2014 a film based on farmers kathi directed by A.R murugadoss 2016 Theri film a police officer film directed by Atlee which crossed 1.5 billion across worldwide 🌐 in box office collection in india 200 crores I’m 20.days 11] 2017 a mersal film based on medical crime the film got National film award for Best movie and actor Best actor for mersal Given by IARA film award, Vikektan best actor, behindwoods best actor and samrat of South India film reached 250 million worldwide 12]sarkar,bigil and master released during pandemic in thetre 50% occupancy which gave a hope to all theater owner open the theater This main motivation is kill with your success bury them with your smile They call him has THALAPTHY VIJAY THE LEADER

Tallest trees on Earth

Tallest trees on Earth

The general idea says forests are ecosystems comprising of trees. But it was Stephen Sillett who discovered the forest in the trees.

Stephen was an explorer since childhood. He grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his brother Scott. When they visited their grandparents near Gettysburg their grandmother Helen Poe Sillett took them to the nearby forest and mountains to birdwatch. She taught them to identify various songbirds, plants, lichens and several other creatures.

Both Scott and Stephen developed their interests around these learnings and experiences. Scott became a research scientist specializing in migratory birds whereas Stephen was more interested in trees. By the time he was in college, Stephen’s curiosity pulled him to the tallest trees on earth: the ancient coast redwoods of North California. Redwoods have a lifespan of around 2000 years within which they can grow up to 380 feet tall having 20 feet wide trunks.

In 1987, Stephen along with his brother Scott and friend Marwood went to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in Northern California. They went deep inside the forest to find the tallest tree. The lowest branch of their target tree was 100 feet tall thus far beyond their reach. There was another shorter tree growing next to the target tree. Stephen used this tree to reach his target tree and jumped through the gap without any ropes or safety gear. He reached the branches of his target tree and Marwood followed him up. Both of them free climbed to the redwood’s crown. Stephen came across lichens, he noticed the higher he went, the thicker the branches were. He also found moist beds of soil many inches thick, made from needles, bark, fallen dust and other debris on the top of the thick branches. There were huckleberry growing at the pinnacle of the tree. Stephen continued his expeditions with safety gears afterwards and measured the architecture of the branches and tree trunks.

Stephen became an expert in the ecology of the tallest trees on Earth and rich diversity of life in their crowns. He discovered the life that no one had imagined. There are ferns, fungi and trees normally found at ground level at the high branches of these natural skyscrapers. Ants, bumblebees, mites, beetles, earthworms and aquatic crustacean copepods make their homes alongside flowering plants like Rhododendron, Currant and Elderberry bushes. Birds like Ospreys, spotted owls and jays search for food. A Pacific seabird Marbled Murrelet migrates to build its nest there. Squirrels and Voles and the Wandering Salamander also live on the tallest trees.

Stephen Sillett’s research has changed the way we view the tallest of trees. They are not just individual organisms but serve as habitats to several species and as ecosystems in themselves. Thus the research is of importance and enforces the ideas of forest conservation.

Starvation in North Korea

The north koreans are starving but they have no choice but to face such starvation . They cannot fight , shout or do anything . They are brutalized every second by the cruel emperor of North Korea . No one is allowed to raise his or her voice against the cruel emperor . They can only suffer under his regime . The problem with this country is that their are so many trade restrictions imposed on this country that no external trade happens in North Korea . Now since China is not allowing any trade with this country so it has resulted in starvation of the people of North Korea . Now they have no choice but to suffer indefinitely .


The rain has spoiled the World Cup Finals of cricket which is being played at the birth place of cricket . Hope there will be no rain in the upcoming days of the finals . All the cricket fans were anxiously waiting for the finals but now when it it being played the rain has destroyed the entire match . However the match is  going in the favor of the New Zealand side .  As most of the experts predicted earlier that the conditions were in the favor of the Kiwis side so what happened . Hope India could make a comeback soon if they do not want to loose the final test .








































The Cristiano Ronaldo Effect

Cristiano Ronaldo one of the best footballers in the world currently and an all time great has used his social media influence to bring down the image of a big brand Coca Cola  . What he did is not unknown to most of us . In just a minute thirty seconds he caused a whooping loss of six billion dollars to such a big brand . He took two bottles of Coca Cola and set it aside . And just said ” ” Drink Water ” . It has caused great damage to the brand name of the company . The power and influence which such big players have is shown to all of us very frequently . 


International Yoga Day is celebrated annually on the 21st of June, 2015, after it was set up by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014.
Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in India.
Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the united nations, suggested the date of 21 June, as it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has special significance in many parts of the world.

International Yoga Day 2021 Date, the Theme of International Yoga Day, is an annual event that is rooted in the Indian context, however, each year it is celebrated on the 21st of June, 2021. The idea of International Yoga Day and it was conceived by prime Minister Modi of India, who presented the concept to the 27th of September in 2014 during his address to the General Assembly of the united nations. The resolution to declare June 21 as the International Yoga Day was hosted by the Indian Ambassador to Ashoka Kumar Mukherjee.

The problem can also be seen as an arch, in time for the Indians, made of soft power, it has the support of the 177 countries, to maximize the number of people in each of the UN security council resolution. Currently,
the event was well attended by a variety of countries, from Canada to the United States of america.Yoga

On international Yoga Day in 2021, will be held on the 21st of June, all over the world.
The theme of International Yoga Day in 2021 Is “Yoga for health”.
Yoga is a very important place during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has grown to become a worldwide trend.
Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony. On international Yoga Day in 2021, it will be celebrated on the 21st of June of this year, the importance of yoga and this is the important part to play in the regeneration of the body and the mind, which leads to a healthy way of life.

Yoga not only provides for the health, both physical and mental relaxation, but also to develop the strength and stability. The many benefits of yoga and make it a very popular practice for people all over the world, especially during a pandemic, when it comes to the mental and physical stress.

The history of the International Yoga Day
Yoga is believed to have originated in India thousands of years ago, and it is also referred to in ancient mythology, such as the Rig Veda. On September 27, 2014, Prime minister Narendra Modi during his address to the General Assembly of the united nations (UN) is proposed to be a “Yoga Day”.


In his speech, Modi Yoga is referred to as “an invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition, and stressed the importance of yoga to be the perfect harmony between man and nature.” The draft resolution, which was adopted in India, and was supported by the 177 countries, and is the first International Yoga Day was celebrated on the 21st of June in 2015.

The theme of International Yoga Day in 2021 is:
According to the united nations web site, the theme for the International Day of Yoga in 2021 is ‘Yoga for health’, that is, the practice of yoga can help to improve the health of all people. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic aggravates psychological distress and psychological difficulties, a lot of people practice yoga in order to stay healthy and to fight for the isolation and / or depression.

Yoga plays an important role in the psychological care and rehabilitation of sick COVID-19 patients are in quarantine, and isolation. According to its website, is the message of Yoga in maintaining the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of mankind, has never been more relevant. The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked the States to the local community, and has been included in the Global action Plan on Physical Activity, 2018-30.

The Flying Sikh

It was 18th June, Friday morning when I read the news. Milkha Singh was no more. He had succumbed due to Covid-19 complications a few days after the passing away of his wife, Nirmal Kaur. This was a day of mourning for the entire nation, as we have lost an incredible athlete and an inspiring role model whose grit and determination defied boundaries.

But on this day, let’s look back and celebrate the journey of Milkha Singh and make sure his legacy stays immortal in the sands of time. Milkha Singh was born on  November 20, 1929, in Govindpura (now in Pakistan). He lost his parents during the partition. He then escaped to Punjab, where he stayed for some time with the family of his married sister. He was thinking of becoming a dacoit, but his friends persuaded him to get recruited for the Indian Army. During this time, in 1951, he was introduced to athletics. He was recruited by the army for special training in athletics.

Singh represented India in the 200m and 400m competitions of the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. His lack of experience meant that he did not progress from the heat stages but a meeting with the eventual 400m champion really helped him learn newer and different techniques for racing.

In 1958, Singh set records for the 200m and 400m in the National Games of India, held at Cuttack and also won gold medals in the same events at the Asian Games. He then won a gold medal in the 400m competition at the Commonwealth Games of 1958 with a time of 46.6 seconds. This latter achievement made him the first gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games from independent India. 

Singh was persuaded by Jawaharlal Nehru to set aside his memories of the Partition era to race successfully in 1960 against Abdul Khaliq in Pakistan, where a post-race comment by the then General Ayub Khan led to him acquiring the nickname of The Flying Sikh. I am sure most of the people who have seen his movie remember this defining moment where Milkha Singh ran like the wind. It showed that talent does not recognize cast, creed, religion. It traverses all these man-made boundaries and shows the world something awe-inspiring and heart stopping. 

Singh was promoted from the rank of sepoy to junior commissioned officer in recognition of his successes in the 1958 Asian Games. He subsequently became Director of Sports in Punjab Ministry of Education a post he retired from in 1998.

Singh was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian award, following his success in 1958. In 2001, he turned down an offer of the Arjuna Award from the Indian government, arguing that it was intended to recognize young sports people and not those such as him.

Milkha Singh played a very influential role in carving the name of India in all major sports events post independence. The world recognized India and the talent that this country possessed. Milkha Singh will be remembered in the history of a nation as the Flying Sikh, as the Indian who ran and left the track behind in a cloud of dust. His memory and story of courage and hard-work will always remain in our hearts and continue to inspire and motivate us.


Geoffrey Chaucer was born in London in 1340. He was an English author, poet, philosopher, courtier, and diplomat. He is also referred to as the father of English Literature.was the first to write what became generally well-known and recognized poems and stories in the language of the common people of his time – medieval English.

Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the reign of Edward III, lived through that of Richard II, and died the year after Henry IV ascended the throne. His father and grandfather were both London vintners and several previous generations had been merchants in Ipswich. His family name is derived from the French chasseur, meaning “shoemaker”. We know practically nothing about his childhood, but it is evident from the wide and varied scholarship with characteristics his writings that he must have enjoyed the advantages of a liberal education. At seventeen he received a court appointment as a page to the wife of the Duke of Clarence, Edward III’s son. In 1359 he was with the English army in France, where he was taken prisoner, but was soon ransomed for 16 pounds. Sometime after this, he married and became valet of the king’s chamber.
Chaucer’s literary career into three periods, which are called his French, his Italian, and his English period, respectively. His genius was nourished, to begin with, on the French poetry and romance which formed the favourite reading of the court and cultivated society during the time of his youth. Naturally, he followed the fashion and his early work was done on French models. Thus, besides translating proportions at least of the popular Roman de la Rose, he wrote among other quite imitative things, an allegory on the death of Blanche, John of Gaunt’s wife which he called The Bake of Duchesse (1369) and which is wholly in the manner of the reigning French school. Chaucer is the disciple of the great Italian masters, for The House Of Fame clearly owes much to Dante, while Troylus and Cryseyde by far his longest single poem, is based upon and in part translated from, Boccaccio’s Filostatrato. To the close of this period, the unfinished Legende of Good Women may also be referred. Finally, he ceases to be Italian as he had ceased to be French and becomes English. The Canterbury Tales in which we have Chaucer’s most famous and characteristic work.
The Canterbury Tales is a collection of 24 stories that runs to over 17,000 lines written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer between 1387 and 1400.The tales mostly written in verse, although some are in prose are presented as part of a story-telling contest by a group of pilgrims as they travel together from London to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. The prize for this contest is a free meal at the Tabard Inn at Southwark on their return. All this is explained in the prologue after which Chaucer proceeds to introduce his fellow Pilgrims. He lived to complete a small portion only, for the work as we have it is merely a fragment of 24 tales.

Climate change at the poles

At the ends of the Earth, life thrives despite extreme conditions. In the Arctic and Southern Oceans, organisms have evolved adaptations to cope with year-round cold and six months of darkness. But the tough critters living in these harsh climates belie the delicate balance that holds the ecosystem together—a balance that human activities are disrupting in alarming ways.

Among the biggest threats to the poles is rapid climate change. Atmospheric carbon dioxide has been rising for more than a century, with hefty contributions from the fossil fuels used to power our homes, businesses, and cars. The increasingly dense blanket of greenhouse gases is trapping heat and taking its toll on the planet, especially at the poles. Global temperatures have increased since the 1800s with models predicting their continued rise, and sea ice has been decreasing in extent and thickness. By 2040, Arctic sea ice may disappear altogether during summer months.

The warming of polar oceans has powerful implications for organisms living there—and for us. Polar sea ice helps regulate Earth’s climate. White ice reflects more of the Sun’s energy back into space than does dark water. Without sea ice, Earth would absorb more solar radiation—and our climate would be even warmer.

Many animals also depend directly on sea ice. Polar bears, for instance, hunt seals from the ice and gain most of their weight in winter. But with ice declining and breaking up earlier, bears have less time to hunt. Because their habitat is melting, the bears were listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act in May of 2008. Pacific walruses, which usually plow a large area of the ocean floor while looking for clams and other prey, have started congregating near the shore and on land because the sea ice is beyond their reach. Ringed seals, ivory gulls, and ice algae are just some of the other species that rely on the ice to survive.

Walruses use sea ice as platforms on which to nurse their young and launch their dives.
Walruses use sea ice as platforms on which to nurse their young and launch their dives. (Capt. B. Christman, NOAA)

In polar waters, tiny swimming snails called pteropods will feel the changes in another way. In addition to warming, the ocean is becoming more acidic as it absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air. Scientists predict that during this century, parts of the Southern Ocean will be so acidic that the shells of pteropods and other organisms will begin dissolving. Since they are an essential food source for larger animals such as herring, cod, and, and baleen whales, the problems pteropods face could disrupt the entire ecosystem. Their plight also spells trouble for corals and other marine animals that build their shells or skeletons from calcium.

Other species, such as caribou, are changing their migration patterns and ranges as seasons and weather patterns shift. For people who live near the poles, like the Inuvialuit people of Sachs Harbour, Canada, weather and hunting grounds are becoming more unpredictable. Knowledge of the environment that has served generations is being defied by a changing climate. Many northern communities have also observed coastal erosion and watched the permafrost—ground that is frozen most of the year—melting and buckling under their homes and roads. While not common, some communities like Kivalina and Shishmaref, both in Alaska, are planning to entirely relocate, with costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars

Father’s day

Father’s Day 2021: Date, history, importance of the day
Father’s Day 2021 Date: In India, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June. This year, it falls on June 20.

Fathers Day 2021: In India, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June. This year, it falls on June 20. Owing to the pandemic, however, celebrations will be minimal, just like they were last year. Most people exchange cards, bake cakes, prepare hearty meals, or even present flowers to their father as a symbol of their love and gratitude.

Father’s day also extends to those bonds which are equivalent to parental bonds. The day is dedicated to honouring and celebrating not only fathers, but also father figures who shape our minds, thoughts and are instrumental in giving wings to our wishes and desires. This day is dedicated to the efforts and sacrifices our fathers selflessly do for us.


Sixteen years old Sonora Louise Dodd lost her mother untimely. Her father, a widower, was left to raise Sonora and her five younger brothers. A war veteran, Dodd’s father selflessly took care of his children.

Later, Sonora drew a petition with regard to celebrating Father’s Day. She wanted to honour and acknowledge the role of fathers and all father-like figures on the date of her father’s birthday, which was June 5.

Even though the petition was not successful, Sonora convinced local church communities to participate. However, the day was later pushed to be the third Sunday of June. The resulting celebration, in Spokane, Washington, sparked Dodd’s lifelong mission memorialising the efforts of fathers, turning it into an event of national significance. Over the next half-century, Dodd travelled the United States, speaking on behalf of Father’s Day and campaigning for the cause.

Marine Renewable Energy

Whenever we speak of renewable energy the first few things which come to our mind are solar panels or towering wind turbines. There is one major drawback associated with solar or wind power which we usually tend to ignore and that is They’re not always available to us. The sun only shines during the day and the wind comes and goes. So, is there any other form of renewable energy from which we can derive power at all times? Well, the answer is yes and the solution is marine renewable energy. 

Marine renewable energy is also known as marine power, ocean energy, or ocean power is a type of renewable energy that utilizes sea, ocean, or river water and requires access to offshore grid and distribution systems. Offshore grid includes offshore wind, tidal stream, tidal range, and other technologies operated by wave energy. The tides which are formed due to ocean waves and river currents all have kinetic and potential energy that can be used to drive turbines and produce electricity. This will result in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels for energy.

Three main different types of energies can be derived from oceans or seas which are:

  1. Tidal current energy
  2. Wave energy
  3. River Hydrokinetic energy

Tidal current energy

Tidal energy is the energy that utilizes the kinetic energy of tides which comes into play when the water rises and then falls during tides. Tidal power surrounds gravitational hydropower, which uses the movement of water to push a turbine to produce electricity. The turbines are similar to wind turbines, except they are positioned underwater.

Tidal power can be generated using three different ways; tidal streams, barrages, and lagoons. Currently, the Sihwa Lake project is the world’s largest tidal power station in operation, which is located on the west coast of South Korea. The 254 MW Sihwa project, consists of 10 water turbine generators and produces enough power to support the domestic needs of a city with a population of 500,000 people.

 One of the main advantages of tidal current energy is that output can be expected – tides are predictable and constant by the virtue of gravitational forces. All engineers need to is analyse or assess the low or high tide to design efficient systems.

 Wave energy

 Wave energy is a form of renewable energy that can be harnessed from the motion of the waves. There are various methods of generating wave energy that involves placing electricity generators on the surface of the ocean. 

 Similar to tidal current electricity, wave energy is known to produce lesser carbon emissions as compared to energy derived from traditional fossil fuels, such as coal or oil, making it an eco-friendlier option.

 River hydrokinetic energy

The hydrokinetic energy conversion systems are the devices that are made to convert the kinetic energy of river streams, tidal currents, or any other man-made water channels into useful energy. The systems also require no special head and any physical structure to operate.

River Hydrokinetic energy is harnessed by utilizing the kinetic energy from flowing water in rivers. River hydrokinetic energy technology is similar to tidal energy; However, the difference lies in the flowing pattern. Rivers only flow in one direction and river hydrokinetic energy is available at all times, while there is water flowing.










How to remove Plagiarism in research paper

What is Plagiarism in research paper?

Regardless of whether or not you are in a conversation with a professional about whether you’ve got the concepts, and the key findings of the report, and external data sources to give your work credibility. However, there is a difference between the inter-linkages to external sources, lists of the impact, and a misrepresentation of the source of the ideas or words as your own. This is the reason why it is so important to avoid plagiarism and how to avoid plagiarism in your work.

On the off chance that you are confronted with the tremendous and tedious errand of making an examination piece, it very well may be unfathomably enticing to simply reorder someone else’s work. Be that as it may, not exclusively are counterfeited papers untrustworthy, yet it is likewise disapproved of by every instructive body and will bring about extreme punishments.

Plagiarism is, in the broadest sense, can be characterized as the duplicating of another’s work without giving legitimate credit. Specifically, with regards to this examination, it’s anything but conceivable to introduce the aftereffects of the second individual of recommendations, proclamations, and so forth, without giving an appropriate sign of the source.

How to remove Plagiarism

Instead of analyzing the ideas or the names of the source, see what you can say about them. Ask yourself what different perspective or point you can make in your writing that is completely yours. Keep in mind that if you are referring to ideas or source names to organize your point, you will still need to use the above guidelines to avoid cheating.

  1. Paraphrasing: Effectively summarizing without copying includes somewhat of a dance. Rephrase and configuration your writing in a unique manner, and attempt to try not to utilize such a large number of comparable words or expressions from the source.
  2. Citing: The key is to do as such without adjusting the importance of the actual thought. Keep in mind, you’re actually utilizing another’s thought so you’ll have to incorporate a reference to the source.
  3. Quotation: When you include source words in your text, word for word, one of the easiest but obvious ways to avoid cheating is to use quotation marks around the text to show that the words are not yours. The exact rating should also quote the source so that readers know who the quote is coming from.
  4. Testing tool: While doing research on a topic, some phrases or phrases may be so attached to you that you incorrectly insert them into your writing without the ad. If in doubt, using an online cheat testing tool can help you resolve these issues before submitting your work.There are several cheat testers online, such as the one offered by Small SEO Tools.
  5. Scanning: Grammarly also provides a copywriter scanner that scans your text for free borrowed content. These tools let you know whether your writing parts are included or not – and some even highlight specific words or phrases of concern and point out where the text came from.

Importance of Using Plagiarism Remover?

Everything used in the process should have certain advantages, which make it important to use. So it happens with free Plagiarism-Remove also online. Needed on your website, usually, a new blogger knows how to write content on our website so they can start copying content from another website and paste it into our profitable website at some point but after 4 to 5 months, Google sees that and gives you a strike. copyright from your website, make sure that is very dangerous. Do not do such foolish things. I copied the content from another website and pasted it on my website after the copied content from my website and pasted it on your website. Using Plagiarism Remover will give you an improvement on your general article and preparation for sharing and many other activities.


There are a variety of methods for removing plagiarism from a thesis. For example, you may utilize an online plagiarism checker to see how similar your article is to others that have been published online. Second, you could employ internet writing service specialists to write plagiarism-free essays for you. Furthermore, you may always learn how to thoroughly revise a work.

New social media rules framed after broad consultations with stakeholders: India to UN

India’s permanent mission at the United Nations has clarified that India’s new IT rules are “designed to empower ordinary users of social media” and were finalised after holding broad consultations with civil society and other stakeholders in 2018. “Permanent Mission of India would like to inform that MeitY & Information & Broadcasting Ministry undertook broad consultations in 2018 with various stakeholders, including individuals, civil society, industry associations and invited public comments to prepare draft rules,” the mission said in a communication to the rapporteurs.India’s statement comes after three rapporteurs of the Special Procedures Branch of the Human Rights Council in a communication sent to the government on June 11 had raised concerns over the new IT rules, 2021.
The rapporteurs had said that India’s Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, in their current form, do not conform with international human rights norms.IT rules designed to empower social media users’
Responding to the criticism, the mission said that the rules were finalized after an inter-ministerial meeting had discussed in detail the comments received.
It said, “The rules are designed to empower ordinary users of social media. The victims of abuse at social media platforms shall have a forum for redressal of their grievances. The IT rules finalized after due discussion with various stakeholders.”It said the enactment of new rules had become necessary due to widespread concerns about issues relating to increased instances of abuse of social media and digital platforms, including inducement for recruitment of terrorists, circulation of obscene content, the spread of disharmony, financial frauds, incitement of violence, public order etc.India’s democratic credentials well recognized’
“Permanent Mission of India would like to highlight that India’s democratic credentials are well recognized. The right to freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed under the Indian Constitution. Independent judiciary and robust media are part of India’s democratic structure,” the mission said.The concerns alleging potential implications for freedom of expression that the new IT rules will entail is highly misplaced,” it wrote.New IT rules seek only limited information'”On the traceability of the first originator of the information, it may be noted that the new IT rules seeks only limited information. Only when a message already in public circulation is giving rise to violence, impinging on the unity and integrity of India, depicting a woman in a bad light, or sexual abuse of a child and when no other intrusive options are working, only then the significant social media intermediary will be required to disclose as to who started the message,” India’s mission wrote in its response to the UN letter.Several social media platforms, which use end-to-end encryption technology to ensure user privacy, have argued that they will have to read, track and trace all user messages in order to trace the first originator of the texts that are offensive.Concern misplaced, disingenuous’
The mission said that the concern that the rules may be misused deliberately to make a large number of complaints so as to overwhelm the grievance redressal mechanisms created by social media platforms is also “misplaced, exaggerated and disingenuous”.It added that this argument shows a lack of willingness to address the grievances of the users of these media platforms while using their data to earn revenuesIndia fully respects right to privacy’
India said it fully recognises and respects the right of privacy, as pronounced by the Supreme Court of India in KS Puttusamy case. Privacy is the core element of an individual’s existence and, in light of this, the new IT rules seeks information only on a message that is already in circulation that resulted in an offence.The rules, said the government, have framed in exercise of the statutory powers of the IT Act, fully taking into account the principles of reasonableness and proportionality.IT rules not subject to parliamentary review, says UN report
The report by the UN Special Rapporteurs had said that the new social media rules “were not subject to parliamentary review or open for consultation with stakeholders”The report by the UN Special Rapporteurs had said that the new social media rules “were not subject to parliamentary review or open for consultation with stakeholders”.
“We believe such consultations with relevant stakeholders are essential in order to ensure the final text is compatible with India’s international legal obligations, in particular with Articles 17 and 19 of the ICCPR,” it added.Union law and telecommunications minister Ravi Shankar Prasad reiterated at an online lecture on Saturday that the guidelines issued by the Centre for social media companies came after a direction from the Supreme Court, adding that the instructions were essential to stop “misuse” of social media


In India and the world as the corona crisis is high all are suffering from this situation. Many people are afraid of this corona so they are moving towards their own town and place. Some people are affected by this so they could not go for work. In this lockdown many are affected jobs some will be moving from one job to another. The new students who are searching for job after college are affected. Many companies are giving very low amount to work in the company. In this situation all are staying at home the small hold business man are affected. Many of the business have to move from one place to another but because of this lockdown we cannot move out. In which side we turn there is rise in price each thing is in extreme rate in this lockdown. If one person start to raise the amount all has raised the rate in everything we buy for our daily usage. There is no money to run their family in each side there is a pressure on money. The farmers can do their work but at the time of cultivation he has sell to other countries and states. In some countries they have stopped because of this corona pandemic. So there is no way to get sufficient amount they will get some amount, but they have been cultivated much so that they are throwing in the road side everywhere. This situation is a total loss for everybody there is no idea that we can bring back our country to maintain the correct level. In India no one knows what to do to bring the life back. The only source to start a new life is only money to start their life again it helps them. All companies from small to top are asking for increase in amount and high post in their respective jobs. Government is running to save the people from this virus to give life in each person the government is giving so many offers. The government has told free bed, vaccination etc and they have less the amount of the things which we buy in this pandemic time. In the same situation the petrol, diesel and gas amount is in the top level all are requesting to less the amount. They are asking for loan without any intrest for two months. In each state all people are affected in one or other the central government cannot see only the amount raising. In this situation itself the china and Pakistan countries are fighting with India. To fight with them we want new equipments we must buy that and we should see the safety measures of the military persons. Each one is suffering in the winter to take care of them they need some amount. Even though many business and all give money for the central government they cannot see each and everyone because this corona is spreading for animals also. The government itself in a critical stage because the economy already going in minus. If this corona virus pandemic continues how the central government does is going to solve those problems. We have to see our own life all our in difficult situation.

Make this quarantine useful

1) The the time to exercise at home

Exercise empties the mind and fills you with positivity and power. Perfect for getting in the right mindset for the day ahead. Try to do at least one gym class every day. You will see the difference after you’ve done it. And it is so easy to do. Instructors and health coaches all around the world are putting their best efforts into giving out online classes for improving our experience during the quarantine. Simply check on Instagram and you will find many fitness coaches giving out free classes every day. Cardio, pilates, kickboxing, HIIT and Zumba just to name a few! If you are really not into traditional exercising, you can always try out one of the many yoga, stretching and meditation classes they also provide.

2) Learn new recipes
Wash your hands, put on some music, and start experimenting in the kitchen. It is such a fulfilling activity that we can do with our families and enjoy spending some time together, while cooking delicious brownies, or cookies, or cakes, or anything you really like to do. But don’t stay in the basic; why not get out of your comfort zone to try new things? Experiment with new recipes, try vegan dishes, gluten-free options, healthy choices, and of course a lot of desserts as well! Cooking is such an amazing and fun activity to do at this moment, and it really does take your mind off things.

3) Spend some quality time with your loved ones

If you are lucky enough to be with your family at home, take the time to enjoy and appreciate them. Grab a board game and have a game night all together. Get a glass of wine and some cookies, and sit around the table to share stories and moments together from years gone by. And if you are not with family right now, make a phone call. It’s the sharing of that moment that will make you all feel happier and safer.

4) Grab a book and relax with it
Find a comfy place around your house, maybe outside in the garden, or on that nice sofa in the living room. Grab a book and get immersed in it; you don’t have any time limits or schedules to follow! It’s a fact that reading can reduce stress, and in moments like this we might be filled with anxiety and frustration. Reading is an amazing way to relax.

5) Connect with friends
Whether you prefer to use FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, HouseParty, Zoom, Netflix Party, or any other platform that you like, take a moment every day to connect with your friends. Remember, we are all in this together, we all are isolated in our houses, and we all miss our friends so very much!

Call your group of friends often over a video call and play a game altogether, have a laugh, talk about all the things you would do on a random day out with them. And don’t forget to grab a glass of wine (or a soft drink of course!) to toast with them despite the distance!

6) Take advantage of classic sports replays
There are no live sports to watch on TV right now (which makes all of us sports fans extremely sad). But there is something amazing going on around the world: many of the classic sports matches from history are being replayed on TV!

Last week, we had the chance to relive matches from the FIFA World Cup 2002, and every day we can get access to new classic games. Take advantage and welcome back your family sports afternoons.

7) Make Fridays still count as Fridays
Many of us are dealing with schedules that are in ruins and daily lives that are all over the place at the moment. However, don’t forget to still make the weekends count. Either with your family at home, or with your friends over a video call, put on some nice clothes (rather than your pajamas!), turn on some music, grab a drink, and have some laughs all night long with them. We mustn’t lose the sense of fun and parties of the weekends…

8) Watch more shows and series
We always want more and more time to watch new shows, series and movies. Well, now we have it and we have to make it count! Conveniently, the newest season of Netflix’s world famous and addictive La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) series came out just a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it, this is your chance to start watching one of the catchiest and most addictive worldwide shows that we’ve seen in a while. You can also take this time to watch all of those long and deep films you’ve been putting off during the last few months as well.

9) Learn a new language
Because, why not? It is as easy as downloading an app like Duolingo, choosing the language you would like to learn and do a little bit of it every day. It’s a great way to take your mind off things and focus on a specific goal, which can help you organize yourself better during confinement.

Money is at Root of all Disaster

Believe it or not, the world is spinning around money- the supreme power. Money was and is the most important factor governing a man’s actions. All the luxuries and the necessities of life are dependent on money. Without money, pangs of hunger and thirst eat into the every bone of a person. Therefore, money is the means to achieve the goal. The goal is a comfortable life and money is the means to realise it.

However, in reality, money has become the cause of all the disasters in one’s life. It has divided the society between the rich and the poor. This fragmentation of the society has bred jealousy leading to theft and crimes wherein everyone is busy raising their bank balances.

Therefore, we should always try to focus on the fact that money should never become the root cause of our disasters and usage of money should be done in a most wisely and kindly manner as far as possible.

Khushi Agarwal

Mobile Phone – A Boon or Bane

Science has made the life very comfortable for human being. Civilisation started from the scratch. But today, men have everything within the reach of hands. Inventions of science are wonderful and useful. The invention of mobile phone is an appropriate example.

     The invention of mobile phone has brought about a revolution in the lives of the people of the century. If used properly, it can be a blessing but if misused, it can prove to be a curse.

Mobile phones are a boon because now that the internet can be accessed through cell phones, they have become a great source of information, entertainment and even monetary transactions. Besides being a tool of immediate communication, mobile phones are now a safety tool as well. Thanks to advancement in technology, friends and loved can be tracked down with the help of GPS installed on their phone.

Mobile phones, these days, are a state of the art, all-in-one multipurpose device, which can do multiple tasks at the same time. It can play music, calculate, take pictures and do many other things. One can send and receive messages in a matter of seconds thus, saving paper and cost of transportation.

However, if misused, mobile phones are truly a bane. Using mobile phones for a long time makes the user get addicted to it. Some consider it a major source of distraction especially for students.

Mobile phones also cause many health hazards. Radiation emitted by mobile phones can damage human brain cells and even lead to cancer.

Those listening to music in full volume, with the help of head/earphones are more prone to accidents than other because they are unable to hear the sound of the horn. It can also cause permanent deafness.

Mobile phones, now being equipped with camera, are sometimes used for immoral activities and later promoting them.

Mobile phones have the qualities, which can either make or break one’s life. It is up to each individual how he or she wants to use it.

Should Children Use Mobile Phones or Not?

It depends on how the phones are used. Instead of wasting time playing online games or posting on social media, children must optimise their use of mobile phones by amassing knowledge and enriching their talent. This will make mobile phones a boon for all children.

Academically, children can use mobile phones to:

Expand their knowledge

*Improve their English skills as a majority of language online is in English

*Improve their vocabulary

*Strengthen their mathematical ability

*Understand science concepts

*Improve their creativity

*Download educational apps

*Improve their dexterity and reflexes

If you’re deciding whether you should get your child a smartphone, remember that mobile phones are not all bad. Of course, kids will have fun with them, but they can still be used for educational purposes. Students can use mobile phones to practice their academic lessons and test themselves using online practice learning sites such as LetsPractise.

Making mobile phones a boon or a bane is in our hands. You can make the merits outweigh the demerits. Let us teach children to use mobile phones consciously for the right purpose to upgrade their lives.









Good manners

The practice of good manners leads to a positive attitude. We should not hurt anybody and should not lose our temper because these things cast a deep impact on our general life. Good manners are essential in life as they help us to behave well in the society. Good manners help us to win the heart of people in the public place.

Practicing good manners and following them all through the day will definitely bring sunshine and add qualities to life. Though traits within good manners are uncountable, some traits are a must. These good manners are necessary for all. Good manners are very important in our daily life. Importance of these in life is the well known facts.

Good manners creats an effective interaction with friends as well as make good impression on a public throughout the day. Therefore, parents must help their kids to inculcate all possible good manners in their habit.

Good manners always give the opportunity for a new conversation with people and hence the ultimate success in life. If someone talks to us bady, then still don’t talk him the same way. Always talk to him in our own positive way of behaving to give him the chance to change.

Good manners are vital to each and everyone in the society. These will definitely help us for getting popularity and success in life because nobody likes mischief and miss behaved person. Good manners are like a tonic to the people living in the society.

People with polite and pleasant nature are always popular and respectable by a large number of people. Obviously, such people are having magnetic influence over others. This, we must practice and follow good manners in our life always.

Courage is the key to success

The more we can manage to stop forward, take action and face our fears, the more courage we will build up and the bigger the results we will enjoy. Those who made it and enjoy success were not saved from feeling fear, Courage is not something we either have or don’t. Courage is believing in ourself, in our capacity and worth. Knowing that we will give our best courage and grows.

When we have courage choose a right way to do something that we like it’ll definitely leads to success. Many business men are able to achieve in their carrier because they have courage within them. We can do anything in this world when we have courage within us.

Courage and determination are like two wings that help our aspirations to soar high and land in the world of success l. Courage is the Hall mark of all successful people. If we have courage, nothing is required. Even strength and age cannot help us achieve what we want to achieve. Courage is the voice of self confidence in man pushing him further into the unknown.

Courage is a neccessity to overcome fears and achieve a desired goal. All the great people who have guided mankind to better future, have been people who had immense courage in them. Lincoln did the wondrous work with courage. Einstein showed exemplary courage since his childhood when he faced some really tough times at his school from where he was expelled just because he asked some sensible questions from his history teacher. Helen Keller is a perfect role model for the younger generation to be courageous. Inspite of being physically challenged, she faced all the ordeals of life heroically.

So everybody who wish to be truly successful they must instill courage as courage brings success to our life.


On 21st June, World Yoga Day is celebrated all across the globe. Health should always be our main priority. In this busy lifestyle, everybody is running after money and taking the health issues lightly. There is a famous saying called, “Health is Wealth.” The main reason of being unhealth is our day-to-day lifestyle in which it includes overeating, junk food, etc. Junk food is considered to be one of the unhealthiest foods for everyone like Pizza, Burger, Samosa, etc.

It becomes normal for people getting health issues even at the age of 35 and above. The problem of obesity is increasing at the higher level. Diseases like Blood Pressure, Sugar, Thyroid, Cholesterol problems are common among young generation. Yoga is a way to control all the problems that can occur in future because of unhealthy eating habits.  It is very hard to control our tongue in terms of ignoring such delicious food. Health over taste should be our first priority, to take the control of your health yoga is one of the best ways to do that.

Yoga maintains the balance between our state of mind and health. It is a practice which stabilizes your mind and calm you in difficult situation. One of the common asanas in yoga is meditation. Different asanas help us in creating a body which is flexible and strong. Yoga is for every body size and for every age. World Yoga Day is a way to celebrate the power and influence created by yoga.

Yoga has been proven very effective for every individual. It creates a positive mindset. It should be adapted by every individual as this is the best solution for our everyday problems.

“Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.”

Portrayal of Drugs and Substance Abuse in Mainstream cinema

The Mainstream cinema in India is globally recognized and admired by so many people living in all other parts of the world not just in India. People of India worship actors and get influenced by them very easily. Government also use actors to do the advertisement for stopping people using different narcotics substances like Tobacco, Cigarette, etc. Indian cinema is popularly known as Bollywood, it has a huge impact and influence among youth.

The future of India is in hands of young generation. It is the most sensitive age to be in as it can make your career or ruin it. It has been observed that young generation have a most high amount of tendency to get influenced. Risks are the part and parcel of everyday life and without taking challenges, you can never do better. Last two years were very tough for every person due to global pandemic. The actual generation who is confused about their future and career is the youth. It has been observed that, Depression and anxiety issues have been faced by almost more than half of the population. In this time, Mainstream cinema and Over-the-top media (OTT) platforms were the only source of entertainment. The entertainment sector was working despite being the worst situation in India to keep us entertained and stress free.

Mainstream cinema used to be our only source of entertainment. The content that was shown in Bollywood was sometime used to unrealistic and fictional which is not appreciated by today’s generation. The level of content has been decreased and only duplicate and similar content is shown in Hindi cinema. Visuals of youngster’s having liquor and drugs have become common in the cinema. We all have seen those films more of a vulgar content than a unique and creative content. To be popular and create hype about any film, it is not necessary to have such scenes which creates a delusion and creates an unrealistic image of being cool among their friends. It is human nature who always wants to try and experience new thing even if it can harm our body and makes us lost our senses.

In many popular films like Devdas, Dev-D, Udta Punjab, Fashion are the examples of portrayal of drugs and substance abuse which creates a lot of buzz among youngsters. It becomes their desire to try harmful substance like Drugs, Hookah, Alcohol, etc. In no time, their desire turns into addiction is a serious issue in the society. Government of India have banned narcotic products to sell in any part of India. Despite banning drugs, Illegal business of narcotic products is still going on. Such illegal business always targets the students of age between 16-21 as they can be easily influenced. Colleges are the prime spot of drug and psychotropic substances to sell.

In the past decade, OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, Voot, MX player have shown a tremendous growth among the young people. It is the leading industry and have a highly influential content on their platforms. Despite being recently introduced, it is taking over all the profits and growing at a very large scale. Netflix is the most popular among all of us, the content and shows are of top-notch scale. The Graph of its popularity is just increasing day by day. It will be no wonder, if they take over the mainstream cinema and will be the highest contributor in providing the best entertainment at very low price. There are lots of advantages we can discuss about the Over-the top media (OTT) platforms. But you have also heard that everything that gives you best experience have its own disadvantages.

Being a paid platform, the content shown in these platforms also have vulgar content be it displaying the content related to sex, normalizing the usage of drugs and liquor and use of abusing language. Such content creates a false image in the mind of user. The web show and movies are only a form of acting which is not a real scenario. The character played by actors are all fictional and an imagination of a director/screenwriter.  Problem with the youth is that they take such scenes very serious and always creates a false perception in their mind.

The misuse of drug and substance abuse should be controlled by the government. Being a responsible citizen, it becomes our prime responsibility to create awareness among youngsters and teenagers about the harmful effect of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarette, etc. Several rehabilitation centers, Non-Government Organization (NGO’s) are working towards making India a safe place for young generation where no narcotic substance can take away anyone’s life. The addiction makes you a slave of drugs and can increase your chances of ruining your whole future. It is very sad to see even educated doesn’t take their lives seriously.

The time for youth is very crucial & They should be focus on their bright career waiting for them. Government of India should take some serious actions against all those platform or cinemas who is promoting the culture of normalizing the drug and substance abuse among youth. The needful steps should be taken by Narcotics Control Bureau(NCB) department to control the misuse of drugs.

“One Life is to be productive not to be addictive.”


1.Myth: Grain products such as bread, pasta, and rice are fattening. You should avoid them when trying to lose weight.
Fact: Grains themselves aren’t necessarily fattening—or unhealthy–although substituting whole grains for refined-grain products is healthier and may help you feel fuller. At least half of the grains you eat should be whole grains.
TIP: Try to replace refined or white bread with whole-wheat bread and refined pasta with whole-wheat pasta. Or add whole grains to mixed dishes, such as brown instead of white rice to stir fry
2.Myth: To lose weight, you have to give up all your favorite foods.
Fact: You don’t have to give up all your favorite foods when you’re trying to lose weight. Small amounts of your favorite high-calorie foods may be part of your weight-loss plan. Just remember to keep track of the total calories you take in. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you take in through food and beverages.
TIP: Limiting foods that are high in calories may help you lose weight. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 External link have estimated daily calorie needs based on a person’s age, sex, and physical activity level.
3.Myth: You should avoid all fats if you’re trying to be healthy or lose weight.
Fact: You do not have to avoid all fats if you’re trying to improve your health or lose weight. Fat provides essential nutrients and should be an important part of a healthy eating plan. But because fats have more calories per gram than protein or carbohydrates, or “carbs,” you need to limit fats to avoid extra calories. If you are trying to lose weight, consider eating small amounts of food with healthy fats, such as avocados, olives, or nuts. You also could replace whole-fat cheese or milk with lower-fat versions.
TIP: consuming less than 10 percent of your daily calories from saturated fats. Try cutting back on solid-fat foods. Use olive oil instead of butter in cooking.
4.Myth: Dairy products are fattening and unhealthy.
Fact: Dairy products are an important food group because they have protein your body needs to build muscles and help organs work well, and calcium to strengthen bones. Most dairy products, such as milk and some yogurts, have added vitamin D to help your body use calcium, since many Americans don’t get enough of these nutrients. Dairy products made from fat-free or low-fat milk have fewer calories than dairy products made from whole milk.
TIP: Adults should have 3 servings a day of fat-free or low-fat dairy products, including milk or milk products such as yogurt and cheese, or fortified soy beverages, as part of a healthy eating plan.
5.Myth: Choosing foods that are gluten-free will help you eat healthier.

Fact: Gluten-free foods are not healthier if you don’t have celiac disease or are not sensitive to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye grains. A health care professional is likely to prescribe a gluten-free eating plan to treat people who have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten. If you don’t have these health problems but avoid gluten anyway, you may not get the vitamins, fiber, and minerals you need. A gluten-free diet is not a weight-loss diet and is not intended to help you lose weight.

TIP: Before you decide to avoid a whole food group, talk with your health care professional if you believe you have problems after you consume foods or drinks with wheat, barley, or rye.

Learning a new language

Languages are beautiful existence, its presence has made communication in the world better.  Are you someone who tried watching movies and series in a new language out of curiosity or for fun and then fell in love with that language and started learning it? Learning a new language is interesting, fun and also challenging. It will be so exciting if you are finally able to utter few words of that language you love or able to understand words said from that language. It is really cool if you are able to converse in multiple language.

Acquiring language skill is amazing along with enjoying the process being sincere and consistent is important to learn, giving up on a language because it tough or boring easily is not good, the learning method should be made interesting so that the monotony does not lead to quitting. There are so many resources available on social media for language lovers. Anyone willing to learn could access those sources and benefit out of it.

A person who can speak 2 languages is called as bilingual, who can speak 3 languages is trilingual and if a person can speak in 4 or more languages then that person is a multilingual/polyglot.

Pro’s of language learning:

  • Better communication
  • Helps to connect with people
  • Increases self confidence
  • Better employment opportunity
  • Helps while travelling
  • Motivates to learn another language
  • Helps to Understand that culture.

There are various reason to learn a language some people learn because of travelling to different places from time to time, some because of interest, because of work or situational requirement etc., Learning new languages increases your brain activity and improves decision making skills. Travelling to new place without having language problem will be comforting and helps you to meet and converse with people there easily. All the languages in the world are beautiful and unique it should be cherished and perishing languages must be saved.





Social issues related topic.. Childhood obesity

Not all children carrying extra pounds are overweight. Some children have larger than average body frames. And children normally carry different amounts of body fat at the various stages of development. So you might not know by how your child looks if weight is a health concern.

The body mass index (BMI), which provides a guideline of weight in relation to height, is the accepted measure of overweight and obesity. Your child’s doctor can use growth charts, the BMI and, if necessary, other tests to help you figure out if your child’s weight could pose health problems.

When to see a doctor
If you’re worried that your child is putting on too much weight, talk to his or her doctor. The doctor will consider your child’s history of growth and development, your family’s weight-for-height history, and where your child lands on the growth charts. This can help determine if your child’s weight is in an unhealthy range.


It is not always the responsibility of the Government to take care of the citizens when something like this pandemic, it is our duty as citizens too, to help those around us to the possible extent we can go to help our fellow citizens. This pandemic really bought to light the work individuals and NGOs did to help those who were affected by the pandemic.

Not only the patients but also who were stranded on the road, without food or water were tended to with the empathetic volunteers. Along with the Government, the doctors and nurses who are working hard 24/7, many people volunteered to help people who had lost their livelihood and their health. Among all those warriors, Sonu Sood stands out. He has been hailed as the angel to save people from their miseries, messiah to their cries for help.

It all started when the nation wide lockdown was announced in May 2020, and thousands of migrant workers wanting to reach their hometown. There was a huge upraising from many ventures against the Government to help them. Amongst all these confusion, Sonu Sood arranged buses, trains and chartered flights to help them reach their destination. That was when the nation took notice of him.

After that, he appeared in many headlines for helping Indian students from Kyrgyzstan to come back to India by arranging a chartered flight. By this time, he was seen as a knight in shining armor saving the people of India from the grips of the virus. Many of the downtrodden started approaching his “Ilaaj India” when there was a threatening lack of oxygen in the country.

The most heartfelt thing was he even sold his wealth in order to help people come back to their home, to help students who were stranded in other countries come back to India. He launched a website and an app called “Pravasi Rojgar” to help those who had lost their livelihood find a job and support their family. He also has started an IAS coaching scholarship, “Sambhavam”, to coach candidates for free from underprivileged financial backgrounds to clear UPSC examinations.

The whole country was shocked when he announced that he had contracted the virus. India as a whole prayed for him as he shared a positive message for others to be safe. What a thoughtful man! Recently, he has provided the in-demand oxygen plants and cylinders to the patients who desperately need them.

It is possible for every single one of us to help the people in need. We need not be billionaires in order to spend money lavishly. When you see a homeless in the street, it is enough for you to buy them a single meal, you will feel fulfilled. There are many organizations who accept donations from Re.1. Help as much as you can, whenever you can.

“I Am No Messiah” says he, in his autobiography named the same, released in December 2020, but I am sure there are thousands who disagree with that and seem him as a power who lifted them up when they were pushed down.

Father’s Day 2021

“It was my father who taught me to value myself.” – Dawn French

A father is a male parent of the child. Father may have a parental, legal, and social relationship with the child which includes specific advantages and responsibilities.

An enhanced amount of father-child relationship might help increase a child’s social security, scholastic success, etc. Their children might also produce greater problem-solving skills. Children who are usually raised with fathers observe themselves to be more cognitively and physically acceptable than their peers without a father. Mothers raising children together with a father reported less severe conflicts with their children.

Fatherhood as a lawful identity can be reliant on internal circumstances and behaviors.

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad, because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right.” – Wade Boggs.

Although your dad might tell you that he doesn’t want any gifts, you know that it is not possible for you to not gift him anything on such special occasions. After all, he’s the person you look up to all your years, and it’s only appropriate to get him a Father’s Day gift which shows just how much you value him and all that he does for you. Finding the ideal present for your dad is difficult.

So here is a list of gift ideas:

-Perfumes and fragrances






-Customized Mugs

-Grooming kit


Role of Fathers

As mentioned earlier, Anyone can father a child, but being a dad takes a lifetime. Fathers can perform an important role in every child’s life that cannot be filled by others. This role can have a tremendous influence on a child and help mold him/her into the person they become.

Fathers, like mothers, are a huge support in the improvement of a child’s emotional wellbeing. Children look up to their fathers to provide a physical and emotional feeling of assurance. Children want to bring pride to their fathers. When fathers are highly loving and supportive, it considerably improves a child’s cognitive and communicative development. It also imparts an overall sense of well-being and self-confidence.

Fathers not only determine who we are inside, but how we behave with people as we develop. The way a father approaches his child will determine what he or she looks for in other people. The patterns a father initiates in the connections with his children will manage how his children associate with other people.

Girls are dependent on their fathers for protection and heartfelt assistance. A father shows his daughter what a great relationship with a man is like. If a father is friendly and considerate, his daughter will look for those characteristics in men when she’s mature. If a father is powerful and heroic, she will associate similarly to men of the same quality.

Unlike girls, who represent their connections with others based on their father’s personality, boys display themselves after their father’s personality. Boys will ask for validation from their fathers from a very youthful age. As human beings, we grow up by copying the ways of those around us; that’s how we learn to operate in the world. If a father is loving and respectful, the young boy will grow up like that. When a father is missing, young boys look to other male figures to set the “practices” for how to perform and persist in the world.

Therefore, a father can definitely have a deep influence on their child’s life.

So today, don’t forget to tell your dad you love him, and thank him for being there!

J&K Police busts major Narco Terror Module in Uri area of Baramulla district; Ten persons arrested

In Jammu and Kashmir, Police have busted a Narco Terror Module in Uri area of Baramulla district and arrested 10 people with a huge quantity of heroin and arms and ammunition. Baramulla SSP Rayees Mohammad Bhat said that the recoveries include four pistols, ten grenades, 21 Lakh rupees in cash, 9 Kgs heroin worth 45 crore rupees and four vehicles. 

Over 27 crore 62 lakh doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered in country so far

The country has successfully administered over 27 crore 62 lakh vaccine doses so far. Health Ministry informed that more than 33 lakh 72 thousand vaccine doses were given in the country yesterday, on the 155th day of the largest vaccination drive. Out of this, nearly 29 lakh beneficiaries were given 1st dose, whereas over 4 lakh 71 thousand beneficiaries received their 2nd dose.

Health Ministry confirmed that so far over 5 crore 50 lakh doses of the vaccine have been given to people in the age group of 18 to 44 years. Nearly 20 lakh 50 thousand beneficiaries in this age group received their first jabs yesterday whereas over 78 thousand others were given their second dose.

The Ministry said, more than 10 lakh beneficiaries in the age group of 18-44 years have already received their first dose of COVID vaccine in Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra,  Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal.

So far over 22 crore 52 lakh people in the country have received their first dose of the COVID vaccine whereas around 5 crore 9 lakh have been fully vaccinated with both doses.

Health Ministry said, vaccination is an integral pillar of the comprehensive strategy of the Government for containment and management of the pandemic, along with Test, Track, Treat and COVID Appropriate Behaviour. The Liberalised and Accelerated Phase-3 Strategy of Covid-19 Vaccination has come into force from 1st of last month.

Centre to begin free distribution of 75 per cent of total COVID vaccines to all States/UTs from tomorrow

Centre will kick-start the free distribution of 75 per cent of total COVID vaccines cleared by the Central Drug lab to all the States & Union Territories from tomorrow. This includes vaccines for beneficiaries of all age group including those between 18 to 44 years. The move is aimed at strengthening and further ramping up the Covid-19 vaccination drive in the country.

The procurement of vaccines by the Centre, which is currently 50 per cent of the total doses cleared by the Central drug lab will be enhanced to 75 per cent. The vaccines will then be given to all the States and Union Territories for administration to people of all age groups. The announcement regarding this was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 7th of this month in his address to the Nation.

After commencement of this policy, the States and UTs will not have to pay any amount for the procurement of vaccines as Centre will bear all the expenses for the same. An early estimate suggests that the new policy will cost the Centre over 15 thousand crore rupees more than its previously allocated 35 thousand crore rupees for the Vaccination programme in the current financial year.

The Centre will also pay the GST of 5 per cent on the vaccines procured, making vaccination at Government facilities completely free for all eligible beneficiaries.

Seventh International Yoga day to be celebrated tomorrow; PM to address the lead event in morning

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the lead event of the 7th International Yoga Day tomorrow. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lead event of the International Day of Yoga (IDY) 2021 will be a televised programme and is scheduled to start at 6.30 AM on all Doordarshan channels.

The event will also include an address by Minister of State for Ayush Kiren Rijiju and a live Yoga demonstration by the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga.

Lakhs of Yoga lovers have already committed themselves to be a part of this activity, doing Yoga from the safety of their own homes. Those who require guidance for performing Common Yoga Protocol are invited to follow the live demonstration from the lead event which will be televised on all Doordarshan channels.

The Yoga demonstration will follow the Prime Minister’s address, which is scheduled from 7:00 to 7:45 AM. The live Yoga demonstration will be further followed by messages from 15 spiritual leaders and Yoga Gurus including, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Dr. H. R. Nagendra,  Kamlesh Patel, Dr. Veerendra Heggde, Dr.Hamsaji Jayadeva, O. P. Tiwari, Swami Chidanand Saraswati, Dr. Chinmay Pandey, Muni Shri Sagar  Maharaj, Swami Bharat Bhushan, Dr. Vishwas Mandalik, Sister B.K. Shivani, S. Sridharan and Ms. Antoinette Rozi.

The Ministry of Ayush has highlighted the important role of Yoga in one’s overall wellbeing, through various activities organised in the run up to the International Day of Yoga (IDY). The main theme of IDY 2021 is “Yoga for Wellness”, which is aligned to the current pre-occupations. Numerous digital initiatives taken by the Ministry together with nearly 1000 other stake-holding institutions made the practice of Yoga accessible to the public, despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

The Missions of India abroad are coordinating various activities in the run up to the 21st June in their respective countries, and as per reports, Yoga Day will be observed in about 190 countries globally.

PM Modi to chair a meeting of all political parties from Jammu & Kashmir on 24th of this month in New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a meeting of all political parties from Jammu & Kashmir on the 24th of this month in New Delhi. Centre has invited 14 political leaders of Jammu and Kashmir, including four former chief ministers.

The political leaders received the invite for the meeting over the phone. Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla reached out to the J&K leaders to invite them to the meeting at PM’s residence to discuss the future course of action for the Union territory.

This is the first such exercise since the Centre’s decision of revoking Article 370 — a provision that granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir — and its bifurcation into Union territories in August 2019.

The leaders invited to the meeting include four former chief ministers — Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah of the National Conference, senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti. Four former deputy chief ministers — Congress leader Tara Chand, People’s Conference leader Muzaffar Hussain Baig, and BJP leaders Nirmal Singh and Kavinder Gupta are among others who have been invited to the meet.

CPI(M) leader Mohammed Yusuf Tarigami, Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) chief Altaf Bukhari, Sajjad Lone of the People’s Conference, JK Congress head G A Mir, BJP’s Ravinder Raina, and Panthers Party leader Bhim Singh, too have received an invite for the meeting.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah and other central leaders are also likely to be present at the meeting. The meeting is said to be a part of the Centre’s initiatives to strengthen political processes in the union territory.

Earlier on Friday, Home Minister Amit Shah, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and top security officials met in the national capital to discuss various issues regarding Jammu and Kashmir with Lt Governor Manoj Sinha.

Unpleasant effects of social media

As discussed earlier, there are dangerous as well as harmful effects of social media. While these are extremely bad, there can be not-so-good experiences on social media which might not be harmful but can affect your mood and lifestyle adversely, not now, but in the long term.


A significant amount of people feel that social media made them feel negative emotions including frustration – and jealousy was the chief cause of that(according to various studies). This feeling is usually triggered by comparing people’s lives to others. Feeling jealous has caused an “envy spiral”, where people react to jealousy by adding to their profiles similar content that made them envious in the first place.


People can have a low mood just by spending a very short time on social media. People can feel this way because they see it as a loss of time.
According to researchers from the University of California, a good/bad mood may also spread between people on social media.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a phenom that was produced about the same time as the growth of social media. It is one of the most popular negative effects of social media on society.
FOMO is a form of anxiety that you FEEL when you’re worried about missing out on a great experience that someone else is experiencing. For eg, you might continually check your messages to see if anyone has invited you out, or concentrate on your Instagram all day to make sure that no one is doing anything cool without you.
This panic receives consistent fuel from what you see on social media. With increased social media use, there’s a greater occasion for you to see if someone is having more fun than you are right now. And that causes Fear Of Missing Out.

Unrealistic Expectations

Social media forms an unrealistic expectation from life and friendship in our minds.
Most of the social media networks have a sharp lack of online authenticity. People use Social Media to share their interesting experiences, how much they love their significant other, and load up heavily staged photos.

But in fact, you have no way of understanding whether this is all a sham. While it looks great on the outside, that person could be in heavy debt, on poor terms with their significant other, and desperate for Instagram likes as a form of validation.

Negative Body Image

Speaking of Instagram celebrities, if you look at popular Instagram accounts, you’ll find unbelievably beautiful people wearing expensive clothes on their perfectly shaped bodies.
Today, body image is an issue for everyone. Of course, seeing so many supposedly perfect people (according to society’s standards) daily makes you conscious about how different you look from those pictures. And not everyone comes to healthy conclusions in this situation.
It’s really important to remember that everybody is human. No one wakes up every day looking like a supermodel, and while many people have gone to great lengths to train their bodies, that’s not the case for everyone who looks fit. In search of social media fame, many people have definitely taken unhealthy routes to appear more attractive.
Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are, and you won’t have to stress about Instagram beauty.


The more time people spend on social media, the worse they feel later on, and the more their life fulfillment declined over time.

Social media’s effects on well-being are ambiguous, Social media, however, has a more negative effect on the well-being of those who are more socially withdrawn.

It may make you worse at multitasking

Continually checking your e-mail on your phone, changing over to Instagram to scroll for a bit, and then opening Facebook to share what you’re doing might drive you to think that you are a great multitasker. However, In real life, handling various accounts and rearranging your attention so often and swiftly worsens your capacity to focus on multiple activities.

People who multitask heavily on social media do not perform as well as more moderate social media multitaskers in a variety of cognitive areas. The most significant issues seem to be with tasks that ask for sustained goal-oriented mindfulness. Disabling notifications can reduce the temptation to keep checking social media.

History of flipkart

Flipkart was founded in October 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and former Amazon employees.The company initially focused on online book sales with country-wide shipping. Flipkart slowly grew in prominence and was receiving 100 orders per day by 2008.In 2010, Flipkart acquired the Bangalore-based social book discovery service WeRead from


In 2011, Flipkart acquired the digital distribution business and the digital content library of the Bollywood portal Chakpak. Following this acquisition, Flipkart launched their DRM-free online music store Flyte in 2012. Because of competition from free streaming sites, the site was unsuccessful and shut down in June 2013.With its eyes on India’s retail market, Flipkart acquired Lets buy, an online electronics retailer, in 2012, and Myntra, an online fashion retailer, for $280 million in May 2014. Myntra continues to operate alongside Flipkart as a standalone subsidiary focusing on separate market segments. In April 2015, Flipkart acquired App iterate, a Delhi-based mobile marketing automation firm. Flipkart stated that it would use Appiterate’s technology to enhance its mobile services. In December 2015, Flipkart purchased a minority stake in the digital mapping provider Map my India. In 2016, Flipkart acquired the online fashion retailer from Rocket Internet for $70 million and the UPI mobile payments startup PhonePe. In January 2017, Flipkart made a $2 million investment in Tiny Step, a parenting information startup.Flipkart invested $35 million in Arvind Fashions Limited’s newly formed subsidiary Arvind Youth Brands for a 27% stake in the company. Arvind Youth Brands owns Flying Machine.Flipkart Wholesale recently launched a digital platform for kiranas and MSMEs.In October 2020, Flipkart acquired a 7.8% stake in Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail for $204 million


In April 2017, eBay announced that it would sell its Indian subsidiary,, to Flipkart and invest $500 million in the company. While eBay suggested that the partnership would eventually allow Flipkart to access eBay’s network of international vendors, these plans never actually came to fruition. In July 2017, Flipkart made an offer to acquire its main domestic competitor, Snapdeal, for $700–800 million. It was rejected by Snapdeal, which was seeking at least $1 billion.[38]In August 2019, Flipkart entered into a partnership with Authentic Brands to license and distribute Nautica in India.Flipkart invested $4 million in the customer engagement and rewards platform EasyRewardz on 19 November 2019.

Mobile retailing

In February 2014, Flipkart partnered with Motorola Mobility to be the exclusive Indian retailer of its Moto G smartphone.Motorola also partnered with Flipkart on the Moto E, a phone targeted primarily towards emerging markets such as India. High demand for the phone following its midnight launch on 14 May caused the Flipkart website to crash. Flipkart subsequently held exclusive Indian launches for other smartphones, including the Xiaomi Mi 3 in July 2014 (whose initial release of 10,000 devices sold out in around 5 seconds),the Redmi 1S and Redmi Note in late 2014, and Micromax’s Yu Yunique 2 in 2017. Flipkart held a 51% share of all Indian smartphone shipments in 2017, overtaking Amazon India (33%).On 6 October 2014, in honor of the company’s anniversary and the Diwali season, Flipkart held a major sale that it promoted as “Big Billion Day”. The event generated a surge of traffic, selling $100 million worth of goods in 10 hours. The event received criticism via social media over technical issues the site experienced during the event and stock shortages.In October 2015, Flipkart reprised the Big Billion Day event as a multi-day event exclusive to the Flipkart app. Flipkart bolstered its supply chain and introduced more fulfillment centers to meet customer demand. Flipkart achieved a gross merchandise volume of $300 million during the event, with the largest volumes coming from fashion sales and the largest value coming from mobiles. In 2017, Flipkart sold 1.3 million phones in 20 hours on 21 September in its Big Billion Days promotion, doubling the number sold on the first day of the same event in 2016.In March 2015, Flipkart blocked access to its website on mobile devices and began requiring that users download the site’s mobile app instead. The following month, Myntra went further and discontinued its website on all platforms, operating exclusively through its app. The “app-only” model, however, proved to be unsuccessful for Myntra, reducing its sales by 10%, and its main website was reinstated in February 2016. The experiment with Myntra led to rumors that Flipkart itself would perform a similar move, but the company did not follow suit. In November 2015, Flipkart launched a new mobile website branded as “Flipkart Lite” that provides an experience inspired by Flipkart’s app and runs in smartphone web browsers.


Jamsetji Tata (1868-1904): The founder of the Tata group began with a textile mill in central India in the 1870s. His powerful vision inspired the steel and power industries in India, set the foundation for technical educaton, and helped the country leapfrog from backwardness to the ranks of industrialised nations.

Sir Dorab Tata (1904-1932): Through his endeavours in setting up Tata Steel and Tata Power, this elder son of Jamsetji Tata was instrumental in transforming his father’s grand vision into reality. It was also under his leadership that the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, the premier charitable endowment of the Tatas, was created, propelling the Tata tradition of philanthropy.

Nowroji Saklatwala (1932-1938): Sir Dorab was succeeded as chairman of the Group by Sir Nowroji Saklatwala. In 1938, following Sir Nowroji’s demise, 34-year-old JRD Tata was appointed as the new chairman.

JRD Tata (1932-1991): The late chairman of the Tata Group pioneered civil aviation on the subcontinent in 1932 by launching the airline now known as Air India. That was the first of many path-breaking achievements that JRD, who guided the destiny of the Group for more than half a century, came to be remembered for.

Ratan Tata (1991-2012): Ratan N Tata was the Chairman of Tata Sons, the promoter holding company of the Tata group, since 1991. He was also the Chairman of the major Tata companies, including Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Power, Tata Global Beverages, Tata Chemicals, Indian Hotels and Tata Teleservices. During his tenure, the group’s revenues grew manifold, totalling over $83 billion in 2010-11. Tata also serves on the board of directors of Fiat SpA and Alcoa. He is also on the international advisory boards of Mitsubishi Corporation, the American International Group, JP Morgan Chase, Rolls Royce, Temasek Holdings and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


Understanding digital marketing

At present, the world is going digital and more and more companies across the world are having an online presence. Digital Marketing has truly made differences in the field of advertising and marketing. The traditional marketing strategies are no more used by companies as internet media is more reliable and optimum. The internet marketing is highly effective, financially feasible and more comprehensive. Digital marketing provides powerful techniques to generate business and efficiently boosts the present scale to zenith levels.

Ever increasing rise in internet usage

The Internet has totally changed the way in which people used to buy required things and even the way in which different businesses provide their products and services. With the reduction in the price of smartphones, there has been a rise in the internet usage. This has resulted in the development of online businesses. Right from the cell phones to personal computers, garments to shoes, books to gadgets, people are increasingly using the internet to buy different products and services.

Online business challenges are the strength of digital marketers

With the organizations busy running their business, they are not able to invest quality time to understand top, middle, and bottom objectives to engage the audience. Digital marketer comes to your rescue as it lowers the business costs considerably. They help the business survive and grow by targeting the right people at the right time. They also identify and prioritize the key performance indicators by auditing your customers’ behavior on various digital platforms. Digital marketers analyze the performance of your online business industry and help companies make informed data-driven decisions for optimal customer experience.

“5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Co-Working Space for Your Digital Marketing Agency”

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Co-Working Space for Your Digital Marketing Agency
Coworking is becoming an increasingly popular option for those working in digital marketing. It is flexible, cost-effective and promotes creativity by allowing people to collaborate with like-minded professionals. However, choosing a coworking space is easier said than done. With thousands of spaces opening up around the world, choices can become overwhelming.

This is especially true when it comes to finding a space that encourages creativity, productivity and offers staff a sense of professional fulfillment. If you are exploring options for coworking, here are some factors worth considering.

Where your office is based will have significant impacts on your business. For example, being situated in a central neighborhood will be convenient for clients. Easy access to transport routes and parking availability will also be a big plus as far as workers are concerned. You may also want to consider amenities in the surrounding area such as coffee shops, bars, parks, and supermarkets that can all improve the experience for employees.

Coworking Culture and Community
Coworking spaces are designed to foster a sense of community. Being surrounded by like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs is one of the major benefits of this office option. Socializing with others from the coworking space is important in terms of alleviating loneliness, especially for freelancers or anyone working in a small team. Some coworking spaces formally organize events for their residents so consider this when choosing a space.
The Environment
While the idea of working from coffee shops is nice, it can often be distracting. Coworking spaces tend to be more distraction-free, but aren’t perfect. Some spaces may have an open plan with teams collaborating on joint projects, which could be problematic if you require relative silence to get your work done. You’ll also want to consider the type of equipment provided by the space. For example, some places offer ergonomic chairs and standing desks, while others have bean bags and pool tables. You’ll need to visit a space to figure out what is best for your team’s needs.

Would a dedicated room for taking client calls be beneficial? Is free coffee a must for your staff? In addition to the environment itself, you should consider other amenities that will help maximize productivity. Internet connections are a basic requirement, but you should also consider whether you need access to printers, scanners or projectors.

Finally, you’ll need to consider the bottom line. How much will membership fees cost? Take a close look at companies such as Novel Coworking that offer a range of packages that can provide expansive workspace that can be tailored to meet the needs of your company as it grows.

Coworking is growing in popularity and more facilities are popping up as a result. It is important for you to prioritize what your digital marketing team needs from the space and use these priorities to guide your decision. Finding the right environment for your business needs everything so be willing to put in the effort into your search. Making a good choice will pay off well for your staff.

– Jerisha. S



As a small business, you may think that you have limited resources to promote your products and services, but you’re wrong! There are various cost-effective and impactful marketing strategies you can use to elevate your brand, grow your customer base, and increase your sales!

For Starters, What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a mutual agreement where a Business – typically an online retailer – pays a commission to an external party (typically an influencer) to generate sales and traffic for them. The process is pretty straightforward, you pitch your product to influencers and bloggers that have a large following of your target customer base, provide them with their own unique link to your website or products and invite them to share that link for a chance to earn a commission on all sales generated from their private affiliate link.


Affiliate marketing is a great revenue-generating tactic used by all types of Businesses to drive sales and traffic. A good affiliate strategy can be a great boost to any brand’s digital marketing efforts.

How to Get the Most Out of Affiliate Marketing:

Among the many options and tools available today, affiliate marketing remains one of the best tried-and-trusted ways of marketing your brand and growing your business. Below are only a few of the many benefits you can enjoy by investing in affiliated marketing.

Raise Brand Awareness:

There’s no better and faster way of getting recognized by many potential buyers than through affiliate marketing! The affiliates you work with can help you increase brand awareness and widen your reach.


Since affiliates receive a share of your revenue, you can rest assured that they will be loyal brand advocates who will make an effort to introduce your brand to countless prospects, generate leads, and build trust among your target audience.

Reach a Targeted Audience:

Identifying your target audience is one thing, but figuring out how to reach them is a whole other matter. One of the biggest challenges you ever have to face is effectively reaching your target audience—if you can’t convey your message to the right people, then all of your efforts would go to waste!


Understanding and learning about your audience aren’t enough; you’ll need to develop a strategy based on that information to promote your brand effectively. Connecting to your target audience is much like any other relationship, where you’ll need to put in enough work and time to form a genuine and meaningful bond with them.


If you want to connect with your target audience, why not do it through affiliate marketing? By working with affiliates who resonate with your brand and have the right audience, you can be sure that your marketing efforts will reach those most likely interested in your products or services.


Nothing is more frightening than ad waste! Unfortunately, the amount of time and money you’ve invested in a marketing campaign won’t guarantee its success. There will always be a chance that you may fail to reach your target and objectives. While this is true, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to lose your precious money to nothing!


Through affiliate marketing, you can still promote your brand, products, and services without worrying about wasting money. If you’ve been looking for a low-risk, sure-fire way of acquiring new customers, then affiliate marketing may be for you!


Unlike other marketing strategies, affiliate marketing costs much less! Since the affiliate program is entirely performance-based, affiliates will only be paid a commission once a customer has completed the desired action. Paying based on conversions ensures that you don’t waste your money on things that turn out to have no value.

Scale Traffic and Sales:

Website traffic is essential to gaining potential customers and increasing quantifiable leads. When more people see your site, you will have more opportunities to appeal to your target audience and eventually get them to buy. However, gaining traffic is easier said than done. Getting people to your site is perhaps one of the most challenging parts of the process—so, how do you get them to click?

Your affiliates can significantly help in scaling traffic to your site faster! The more sites that link to your pages, the higher the chances of your target audience visiting your website and learning about your products and services. With increased referral traffic, your organic traffic will also be given a boost.


With many businesses moving online, affiliate marketing has become a key marketing avenue for many companies. With the digital world continuing to grow, it’s now more important than ever to build your brand and reach your audience through affiliate marketing! As long as you follow the proper steps you will be on your way to a successful Affiliate Marketing campaign.



Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

How to Become an IAS Officer?

To become an IAS officer, you must clear the civil services exam conducted by the UPSC. This is one of the toughest exams in India, although not impossible to crack. The civil services exam has three stages, each stage eliminating candidates who do not clear it.

The examination process usually starts in February, details of which are provided in the IAS Notification.

Starting with about 5 lakh candidates in the first round, only about 700 – 1000 are left at the end of the final game, which is the interview. Among those, only about a hundred can get the post of the IAS!

Tips to start your IAS preparation can be found in the linked article.

What is the main work of an IAS officer?

  • The IAS officer performs several varied tasks depending on his/her posting and department.
  • Much of the work involves an administrative charge of a district/area/department, policy formulation, policy implementation, heading PSUs, etc.
  • An IAS officer can also be sent on missions abroad or assigned to a department directly under the central government.
  • There are provisions to depute IAS officers to private organizations for short tenures as well.

IAS officers’ functional roles depend on the type of assignment they get. There are three types of tasks given to them:

  1. Field
  2. State Secretariat/Public Sector Undertakings
  3. Central Secretariat

IAS Officer Power

Powers and Responsibilities of an IAS Officer: An IAS Officer as a civil servant is responsible for the law and order and general administration in the area under his work. Generally, the functions of an IAS officer are as follows:

  • The tasks and responsibilities of IAS officers change at various points in their careers.
  • At the beginning of the trade, an IAS Officer joins the state administration at the sub-divisional level. As a sub-divisional magistrate, he looks after general administration and development work and law and order in the areas under his/her control.
  • The District Officer, variously known as District Magistrate, District Collector, or Deputy Commissioner, is the most esteemed and distinguishable post held by the service members.
  • At the district level, IAS officers are mainly delegated with district affairs, including implementing developmental schemes.
  • During the ordinary course of their career, the officers also oblige in the State Secretariat or Head of Departments or Public Sector Undertakings.
  • To take care of daily affairs of the government, including forming and implementing policy after consulting the minister of the concerned ministry.
  • Supervision of the implemented policies.
  • We are traveling to places where the policies are being implemented.
  • Responsible for personal care for the expenditure of public funds on the implementation of policies as the IAS officers are accountable to the Parliament and State Legislature for any indiscretions that may happen.
  • IAS officers at various levels like a joint secretary, deputy secretary make their contributions in the process of policy formulation and decision-making, and the final shape of the policy is given, or a final decision is taken with the agreement of the minister concerned or the cabinet depending upon the significance the issue.

Laws related to IAS Officer power:

  • Code of Criminal Procedure (1973): Sections 107, 108, 109, 110, 133, 144, and 176 list powers for maintaining law and order given to Magistrates.
  • Tenancy Laws define the powers of a collector regarding revenue.
  • National Disaster Management Act lists out powers of Chief Secretaries and Magistrates while directing disaster relief operations.
  • Arms Act, Drug Licences Act, Essential Commodities Act, etc., list out IAS officers’ power to enforce regulations in different situations.

These are the primary laws that deal with the powers of IAS, though there are close to 300 laws that define them on a case-to-case basis. These rules are also provided in an abridged form in All India Service Manuals, updated from time to time by the Department of Personnel and Training.

The service manuals also list out the IAS conduct rules. All civil servants are answerable to state and central legislatures.

The IAS Strategy Articles will help boost your confidence to aim for the life of an IAS officer.

What is the salary of an IAS officer?

After the 7th Pay Commission’s implementation, civil servants in India get a good take-home pay package.

An IAS officer’s basic per month salary starts at Rs.56,100(TA, DA, and HRA are extra) and can reach Rs.2,500,00 for a Cabinet Secretary.

Apart from the decent monthly income, they also get amenities such as reasonable accommodation, official vehicles, household staff, subsidized electricity, water, etc. To learn more about the IAS officer salary, check the linked article.

Life of an IAS Officer

The IAS is a perfect opportunity for people who wish to impact the lives of their fellow citizens positively. Bringing electricity to the homes of the poor, giving health and sanitation facilities to those who don’t have access, making roads to connect remote places can all be just a day in your life as an IAS officer.

Moreover, an IAS officer hobnobs with the who’s who of society. At the apex level, you could even be having tea with the prime minister regularly! For more on the life of an IAS officer, click here.

IAS Officer Training

Candidates who successfully clear the UPSC IAS Exam get the first taste of life as an IAS officer as soon as they join the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) for initial training.

The day-to-day life of an IAS officer during training is very disciplined and starts at 6 am sharp.

The following is the schedule usually followed at LBSNAA:

  • 6 am: Morning exercise/horse riding training for 60 minutes
  • 7 am to 9 am: Free time for morning activities
  • 9:30 am onwards: 8-10 hours of academic activity, including lectures, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Officer trainees are left free before and after dinner to socialize and prepare for the next day. Outdoor activities such as treks to nearby rural areas to learn to cope with adversity and understand the lifestyle of rural India are an integral part of the training.

The training of IAS officers also includes Bharat Darshan (a study tour of India). Read more on the IAS Officer Training here.

Once a trainee graduates as an IAS officer, their schedule changes according to their allotted post.

A typical day for an officer posted in the field would begin at 9 am and would involve:

Going through various daily reports.

Supervising various daily tasks of the department or district.

  • I was visiting different areas to review the implementation of developmental activities and meetings.

These activities can stretch into the late evening and usually end by about 9 pm.

During emergencies such as natural disasters, riots, etc., an IAS officer might put in continuous work coordinating response and relief teams well beyond regular duty hours. (source. byjus)

Top 5 Superfoods to stay healthy

1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are so brilliantly orange, thanks to their alpha and beta carotene. The body converts these compounds into the active form of vitamin A, which helps keep your eyes, bones, and immune system healthy. These phytochemicals also operate as antioxidants, sweeping up disease-promoting free radicals. One medium sweet potato-or about 1/2 cup-provides nearly four times the recommended daily value of vitamin A, plus some vitamin C and B6, potassium, manganese and lutein, and zeaxanthin.

2. Broccoli

This green powerhouse packs vitamins A, C, and K (which helps with bone health), as well as folate. There is another reason broccoli frequently earns a top spot on “superfoods” lists: it delivers a healthy dose of sulforaphane, a type of isothiocyanate that is thought to thwart cancer by helping to stimulate the body’s detoxifying enzymes.

3. Oats

Oats are a breakfast staple and quite the superfood. Eating more oats is an easy way to up your fiber intake, a nutrient most of us don’t get enough of. Fiber is good for our guts and waistlines and keeps us full-all essential qualities in breakfast food. Plus, oats are whole grain, and plain oats don’t have any added sugar. So for a superfood meal or snack, start with plain oats and turn them into healthy meals and snacks like blueberry oatcakes, homemade granola to enjoy fruit and yogurt, or DIY energy bites with peanut butter.

4. Nuts

What can’t nuts do? They’re packed with healthy polyunsaturated fats and magnesium, two essential nutrients for heart health. These nutrients may also ­offer protection against insulin resistance, which can lead to ­diabetes. In addition, antioxidant compounds found in nuts, including ellagic acid and resveratrol, can reduce the wear and tear on your body from free radicals. In turn, this lowers inflammation, which may reduce cancer risk. Plus, nuts provide insoluble fiber, which studies suggest may help you stay healthy by feeding beneficial gut bacteria. Spread nut butter on toast, grab a handful of nuts for a snack, or make your simple trail mix.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt contains probiotics or “good bacteria” that help keep our guts healthy. It’s also rich in calcium. Just 1 cup of yogurt provides nearly half the recommended daily value of calcium and delivers phosphorus, potassium, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and protein. Choose Greek yogurt for an even more considerable protein boost, and whenever possible, reach for plain. Flavored yogurts tend to have lots of added sugar which adds calories without nutrition.

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Impact of education due to covid19

How Tamil Nadu

Village’s Only

Graduate Helps As

Schools Shut Amid


“Earlier, very few were

interested but soon more

children joined classes.

They are now much more

interested in learning,”

Sandhya, BCom graduate

told ANI.



Coimbatore : 

Sandhya, the first and only graduate of Chinnampathy tribal village in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore, has stepped up to fill up the educational void in the lives of children caused by the shutting down of schools due to the COVID-induced lockdown.The BCom graduate is doing her bit by providing free classes to the children of her village.Earlier, very few were interested but soon more children joined classes. They are now much more interested in learning,” Sandhya told ANI.Sandhya also teaches children folk dance and music during the classes.She further said, “I am the only graduate from the settlement. Most of the children here stop studies after completing elementary or middle school as the families cannot afford to send them to school.””I am taking regular classes for all subjects. There is a primary level school in the village and the government provides all the facilities. But due to lack of awareness, there are many school dropouts in the village,” in the covid 19 time The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide, leading to the near-total closures of schools, early childhood education and care services, universities and colleges.starting with broadcasting video lessons via television and using online distance learning platforms. Organizations like EdCamp Ukraine organized online professional development and peer-to-peer learning opportunities for teachers to meet remotely and share experiences with online learning during the COVID-19 crisis. Ukraine also conducted information campaigns, such as “Schools, We Are Ready,” together with UNICEF, to inform teachers, administrators, students, and parents about the guidelines for safe and sustained learning under COVID-19 in the 2020–21 school year.these losses are found to be much higher among students whose parents have less education, a finding reinforced by a study showing that children from socioeconomically advantaged families have received more parental support with their studies during the school closure period.Most governments decided to temporarily close educational institutions in an attempt to reduce the spread of as of 12 January 2021, approximately 825 million learners are currently affected due to school closures in responsee to the pandemic. According tomonitoring, 23 countries are currently implementing nationwide closures and 40 are implementing local closures, impacting about 47 percent of the world’s student population. 112 countries’ schools are currently openEarly childhood education and care (ECEC) as well as school closures impact not only students, teachers, and families,but have far-reaching economic and societal closures in response to the pandemic have shed light on various social and economic issues, including  student debt, learning fooddinsecurity,and homelessness,as well as access to  and .The impact was more severe for disadvantaged children and their families, causing interrupted learning, compromised nutrition, childcare problems, and consequent economic cost to families who could not work in the covid 19 time school are not opening and children’s are studying in our Home .


By : G Gnana Priya dharshini



Menstruation is still now a social taboo in Indian Society.The major reasons behind menstruation still being a taboo in the Indian society are illiteracy, poverty and lack of awareness.

The blood coming out from vagina normally occurs as part of a woman’s monthly cycle called menstruation or periods. Every month, our body prepares for pregnancy. The uterus, or womb, sheds its lining in case of no pregnancy . The menstrual blood is partly blood and partly tissue from inside the uterus. We can say that periods are the onset of puberty in girls. During this time a girl goes through several physical and psychological changes in her body. It is associated with bleeding along with stomach ache , nausea as well as mood swings.
After the onset of puberty , it brings various rules, restrictions, isolation and changed expectations in the girls life by the society. These changes in attitude towards girls such as restrictions on their self expressions, schooling, mobility and freedom has far reaching consequences on the mindset of women.