Best 5 In demand jobs in 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 was one of the challenging years in terms of health and professional life. People who are planning to search jobs in 2021, whether you want to go in a same field, or you want to change your stre am, then prepare yourself with good skills.

Here are 5 best in demand jobs in 2021:

Business Development and Sales

Every company needs people who can bring in revenue. Employee in those roles should develop new relationships with all clients, and organizations as well. Hiring for these positions increased more than 45% between 2020 and 2019.

Data Scientists

They are high level professionals who work to extract the value out of data. Employees combine market, business, and customer data from many sources to process, observe and interpret it to uncover the underlying patterns within the data. These types of insights help to understand AI/ML tools which helps to automate business process, boost ROI, and also increase client satisfaction.

Digital Marketing

It is one of the most trending and in demand job position. According to LinkedIn, professionals who have or can grow marketing skills from data analysis to copy writing, they are more preferable. Skills required for this position is product marketing, digital strategy and brand management as well.


This is the most prestigious job and employee who work as a nurse did an amazing job in 2020 by saving so many lives and they still do. Undoubtedly, Nurses are in demand. For this position, a person should have bachelor’s degree and can face challenges any time, then this job role is perfect for them.


People with this job role usually have a high school diploma. Professional electrician can also work under someone and also they start their own businesses. Demand of Electricians is getting increased day by day.


Corona virus came up with lot of destructions. It has a major effect in our lives. It became stressful for every age group. Social distancing can make people feel isolated and it cause more stress and anxiety. Learning to cope up with stress will make you and your environment healthy. 

Stress can cause the following problems  :

  • Feelings of fear, anger, sadness, worry, numbness, or frustration
  • Changes in appetite, energy, desires, and interests
  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • Difficulty in sleeping or nightmares
  • Headaches, body pains, stomach problems, and skin rashes
  • Worsening of chronic health problems
  • Worsening of mental health conditions
  • Increased use of tobacco, alcohol.

Ways to cope with stress: 

  • Meditation 

Meditation can reduce the areas of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, heart disease and high blood pressure.

  • Make time to unwind 

Try to do the activities which you enjoy.

  • Connect with others 

Physical distance may effect our mental health .It is very important to connect socially in this challenging time. 

  • Take care of your body 

Try to eat healthy , get plenty of sleep and do exercise regularly.

If you are still struggling to cope, there are many ways to get help. Call your healthcare provider if stress gets in the way of your daily activities for several days in a row.


Lakshmi Sahgal was one of the strongest women during the Indian Independence Movement. She was an officer in the Indian National Army, and the Minister of Women’s Affairs in the Azad Hind Government. Lakshmi Sahgal is commonly called as Captain Lakshmi.


Lakshmi Swaminathan was born on 24 October 1914 in Madras to S. Swaminathan, a criminal lawyer and A V Ammu Swaminathan, a women social worker and an activist. During the Indian Independence movement women was not given much importance for education and was forced to marry in a very small age. But Lakshmi Swaminathan was a strong women who decided to complete her higher studies and then get married. She studied medicine and received MBBS degree from Madras Medical College in 1938. In 1939 she received her diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. She worked as a doctor in Government Kasturba Gandhi Hospital in Chennai. Captain Lakshmi married Prem Kumar Sahgal in March in Lahore. They had two daughters. Lakshmi Sahgal continued her profession even after her marriage. Lakshmi was a helping hand for the refugees who was arriving in large numbers because of the Partition of India. Her daughter Subhashini was a Communist politician and activist.

Indian National Army/ Azad Hind Fauj

During the surrender of Singapore by the British, Lakshmi Sahgal aided wounded prisoners of war in Singapore. Singapore at that time had several nationalist Indians working there such as K P Kesava Menon, S C Guha and N Raghavan. Subhash Chandra Bose had arrived in Singapore on July 1943. Subhash Chandra Bose had arrived in Singapore to draft women into the organisation. Dr. Lakshmi had a meeting with Bose and set up a women’s regiment, to be called the Rani of Jhansi regiment. Most of the women were interested to join the all-women regiment and Dr. Lakshmi became the Captain of this regiment. This was a turning point in Lakshmi Swaminathan’s life and later she was called as Captain Lakshmi.

Indian National Army also known as Azad Hind Fauj did not receive any approval from occupying Japanese forces regarding their participation in the war. In 1944 the Indian National Army along with the Japanese army marched to Burma for a war against them. But many were arrested by the British army and was sent to India. Captain Lakshmi was a part of the Azad Hind Fauj was also arrested and sent to India and was sent to jail.

After the Indian Independence, in 1971 captain Lakshmi joined the Communist Party of India and was also representated the party in the Rajya Sabha. Captain Lakshmi during the Bangladesh crisis, she organised relief camps and medical aid for refugees who streamed into India from Bangladesh. Captain Lakshmi was one of the member of All India Democratic Women’s Association. Captain Lakshmi along with others members of All India Democratic Women’s Association led many activities and campaigns. She led many medical camps and also organised many medical teams in many places. One of the notable medical camp conducted by Captain Lakshmi was in Bhopal after the gas tragedy in December 1984, worked towards restoring peace in Kanpur following the anti-sikh riots and Captain Lakshmi was arrested for her participation in the campaign against the Miss World competition in Bangalore. She was seeing her patients regularly at the age of 92. In 2002 the Communist Party of India, the Communist Party of India ( Marxist), the Revolutionary Socialist Party, and the All India Forward Bloc nominated Lakshmi as a candidate in the presidential elections. She was the sole opponent of A P J Abdul Kalam, who won the election and became the President.

In 1998 Captain Lakshmi was awarded the Padma Vibhushan by Indian President K R Narayan. In 2010, she was bestowed with Honorary doctorate by University of Calicut.


On 19 July 2012, Captain Lakshmi suffered a cardiac arrest and died on July 23 2012 at the age of 97 at Kanpur. Her body was donated to Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College for medical research.



It has been more than one and half year since the COVID-19 pandemic made the way for the great core of human progress and made us to understand the power of mother nature. To understand impact of the second wave on Indian economy, let’s remember the first wave and also its impact on the Indian economy. The first wave of covid-19 gave us the phrase where the nation went into lockdown for a long period with the less numbers of peak cases. But the lockdown continued. After reporting the very  first case in late January 2020 in the state of Kerala, India introduced rigorous effect of coronavirus (COVID-19). The following weeks saw a quick progression of covid leading to a suspension of all travel in and out of the country by March 22 that year. While infections proceed to increase during this period, We were now quarantined  to our homes to lower the spread of the virus. Economists slit the GDP rates for the anticipatable future due to the crystal clear impact of the lockdown. Unsurprisingly, the most touched industries i.e. services and manufacturing, precisely travel & tourism, financial services, with sinking rates of up to 23% between April and June 2020. In the direction of the end of 2020, however, India saw some appearance of healing of certain sectors. The pandemic came with inconstancy and hint on all aspects of business across the world.  For small businesses, however, it depended on how long they could ride out the storm. And this pandemic changed scenario and the daily lifestyles drastically. Economic activity began to take a hit again in March 2021, and it resulted the country to face the second wave of the pandemic. On May 31, Government of India announced the facts for GDP for the financial year 2020-21, GDP shrink by 7.3%. It can be considered as the most severe contraction from the time of independence till now. As the outcome, GDP forecasts were envisioned to fall, lays losses at over 38 billion U.S. dollars if lockdown resume till June 2021.



Manufacturing was the sector which underwent through the first as well as the second wave. To lower down the spread of coronavirus, many manufacturing sectors went for working at lesser capacity or made them to shut down completely. Manufacturing sector with non-essential facilities was also tremble for long time and with more strict restrictions. The fear of the continuing of the lockdown made migration back to their villages.


Strict rules and long period of lockdown has been seen in many rural parts of the nation. The Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Mandis seen to be closed for all the functions or have taken steps according to their situation. Specially, Mandis in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra were seen to be closed during peak of harvesting.


From the last 20 years services sector has been the backbone of the Indian economy contributing to more than half of the GDP. The first wave of covid-19 made a straight line required for an organization to development of infrastructure and processes for remote working. For the employees, first lockdown made them to work within the four wall which took time for them to get to work from home and be productive. But the second wave disturbed this pattern again.

The Gut & Brain Relationship

Recent studies show how gut health affects the brain and vice-versa. This relationship between the gut and brain is called the gut-brain axis.

As we all know that brain has specialized cells called neurons, these neurons are responsible for various biological processes in the human body. There are numerous neurons found in the human gut. One of the largest nerves in the human body called the vagus-nerve connects our brain to the gut and gut to the brain.

A study proved that how stress induces gastrointestinal problems. Also, the gut is responsible for producing short-chain fatty acids that affect the brain by reducing the urge of eating. Butyrate that is a form of short-chain fatty acids is responsible for the blood-brain barrier. Also, the gut produces amino acids and bile that affects the brain.

Like the brain, the gut also produced neurotransmitters such as serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Serotonin contributes to the feeling of happiness and GABA controls emotions like fear and anxiety.

Putting it in a nutshell, the health of the gut affects the health of the brain. Research is going on in the manufacturing of probiotics (probiotics are live edible bacteria that are taken for a healthy gut) that affects both the gut and the brain and such probiotics are called psychobiotics.

Mental Health and Lockdown

Lockdown has affected a lot of lives in various different ways. The situation has worsened than before. During this pandemic period, everyone irrespective of their financial standards is facing a crisis in their daily life. People are majorly focusing on the financial problems that people are facing nowadays. But who’ll stand for the people who are suffering from mental illness? Society must understand that along with physical health and personal economy, mental health is also a vital part of life. Lockdown was for the people to stay healthy. But is it really working? Because even if people seems to be physically fine they are not necessarily present at a good emotional state. 

Mental Wellness and How to Improve It - Domus Retreat®

How did lockdown affected people’s emotional well being?

The country faced huge economic decrement in this pandemic. Due to lockdown, most of the local businesses were kept close. Many companies were shut down due to less financial support. As a result of this, huge population of was unemployed. Even the newbies faced difficulties in finding jobs. We cannot deny that unemployment is a primary reason for the rise of mental illness during the lockdown.

As people had to stay home for a very long time, they could not get fresh air. Because people stayed home for a very long time it affected people’s mind. People started having mood swings. Domestic fights have increased and as a result, environment at home gets polluted. As a result of all this, people went into depression. Number of suicide attempts have increased than before. People who were under depts chose the option to end their lives so as to get rid of problems. Lack of physical activity resulted in other health problems.

Why is mental health important?

Before we understand the importance of emotional well being let us have a sneek peek at its importance. To stay emotionally fit, it is of high importance that society should know its significance. Here are a few reasons that shows how vital it is to be mentally healthy.

Mental health in association with physical health

Physical and emotional health goes hand in hand. If you are not happy, if you are in a lot of stress you’ll might face some physical health issues. For instance, if you take a lot of tension, your BP might shoot. You will have headache and many other physical problems. 

Life risks

Mental sickness leads to some life threatening acts. If left untreated, the person will go into depression and might take some dangerous decisions. An emotionally unhealthy person is not only a threat for himself but also for the people he is in regular touch.

Social problems

People who suffer from emotional trauma might isolate themselves sometimes. They can start drugs consumption. Violence, verbal abuse all these results in weak social relationship of those people.

Exercises to improve mental stability

Promote Mental Health by Communicating Benefits, Leading by Example

One can increase their mental stability with the help of extremely basic activities. No need of external help. Say no to medicines, psychiatrist, or any external counsellor. Follow these basic steps that are mentioned below and have a healthy mind.

  1. Discuss issues with loved ones. It is very important to open yourself in front of people. The more you keep things in your heart the more they affect you.
  2. Do meditation regularly. Meditation reduces anxiety and stress. 
  3. Maintain a diary. You should write your daily activities in your diary. This will help you understand how productive your day was. 
  4. Instead of thinking about the negativity in your life, focus on all positive things that occurs. 
  5. Spend time with your loved ones. Play games and other indoor physical activities that will reduce stress.
  6. Go for walks in your building complex and communicate more and more with people.

Lockdown has been a difficult phase in everyone’s life. Whether it be rich or poor, young or kids, employed or unemployed, everyone faced difficulties. As a part of the society it is our duty to help people in every possible way. We need to understand that our physical health is of no use if we do not have a good mental health. Countries throughout the world are facing these issues. We should understand that all this is temporarily and things will be good.

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“Tragedy King” bids adieu at 98

Mohammed Yusuf Khan aka Dilip Kumar left us today morning for his humble abode at the age of 98, due to his age-related illness. As he left us today many stars all over the country are paying respects to him through social media and expressing how he was an institution in himself and how he helped them and will help them to act in every phase of their life.

Dilip Sahab was or, say is indeed an institution in himself when it comes to films. He started his career in 1944 with a film called Jwar Bhatta which went unnoticed. After a few more unsuccessful movies, he got his break from Jugnu(1947) in which he starred alongside Noor Jehan, which became his first major hit at the box office. His next major hits were the 1948 films, Shaheed and Mela.

He got his breakthrough role in 1949 with Mehboob Khan’s Andaz, in which he starred alongside Raj Kapoor and Nargis. Shabnam also released that year was another box office hit.

The 1950s were the breakthrough years for Kumar’s career with movies like Devdas (1955), where he established himself as the actor who can portray such a complex character with so much love and can feel the pain of the character just by reading the script of the movie. Dilip Sahab had the quality of making his audience feel the pain, laughter and love just through his acting and his eye

Kumar with actors Raj Kapoor & Nargis in a scene of the film Andaz(1949)

Talking about Dilip Sahab feels incomplete if we don’t include the iconic film of every generation, Mughal-e-Azam. This movie set the benchmark of any historical movie made in future and will be made. He has cast again the beautiful Madhubala as Prince Salim, with Prithiviraj Kapoor as his father playing Emperor Akbar. Everything about this movie was just perfect, we felt the love and pain of Salim towards Anarkali through his performance and nobody has ever touched that level of acting ever. And nobody will ever be able to touch THE DILIP KUMAR level of acting.

Even before there were three Khans of Bollywood, there was “THE FIRST KHAN” and that was Dilip Sahab. Dilip Sahab was and is an institution to the whole future generation of actors in life on how to lead in life and not only movies. 

The “TRAGEDY KING” is a legacy in himself and nobody could be close to that legacy. He holds the Guinness World Record for winning the maximum number of awards by an Indian actor. He is the only actor who has received international accolades at that time when no one looking towards the Indian cinema. The Government of India honoured Dilip Sahab with India’s second-highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan, for his contributions to Indian cinema(2015). Elected to Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Indian Parliament. (2000-2006). Dadasaheb Phalke Award (1994). India’s third-highest civilian award, the Padma Bhushan, for his contributions towards Indian cinema (1991). Appointed as the Sheriff of Bombay by the Governor of Maharashtra, India for the period (1979-1982).

The government of Pakistan honoured him with its highest civilian honour, the Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Order of Excellence) (1998). Till the 2000s Kumar was the only actor to have won 8 Filmfare Best Actor Awards until his record was shared by Shahrukh Khan by the mid-2000s.

From the Independence of India to the late 2010s Kumar held the record of giving the highest number of box office grossing films(9 films) until his record was broken by Salman Khan by delivering 10 films. But when adjusted for inflation, the record remains with Kumar. His historical movie Mughal-E-Azam is the highest-grossing film (equivalent to 2000 crores in 2015) in India when adjusted for inflation.

Dilip Kumar’s death is shattering as it is the END OF AN ERA, the actor who had the capability to make his audience cry and laugh, feel love just by his eyes and expressions. And at the end, I would just like to end by saying one of his dialogues only, 

Taqdeerein badal jaati hain, zamana badal jaata hai, mulkon ki taarikh badal jaati hai, shahenshah badal jaate hain, magar iss badalti hui duniya mein mohabbat jis insaan ka daaman thaam leti hai, woh insaan nahi badalta”  

SELF LOVE : a step to be yourself

There is nothing wrong with putting your happiness first. It’s SELF LOVE

Self love, the two very beautiful words that opens up a way to fascinating life, not for others but of course for yourself.

Many people take self love as becoming selfish. Let me take the honour of correcting them. Dear, self love dosen’t mean that one is becoming selfish. From the childhood  we have been taught that our action should not hurt others, you can’t be happy if you hurt others, you should keep everyone happy. But what about us? Should we give the responsibility of our happiness to others? Is there any guarantee that other people will definately keep us happy or is there any guarantee that our one action will keep everyone happy? The answer to this is a big no. We can’t keep everyone happy and satisfied. Here not thinking about anyone dosen’t meant that you hurt someone intentionally and justify your action with self love. That’s of course wrong.

Thinking about ourself first, thinking for our happiness first dosen’t make us selfish. It is the most powerful thing that you can do in your whole life. Self love dosen’t give only happiness , it gives us motivation. Strength of facing difficult situations in life, builds up decision making capability because if you have learnt to love yourself then you can easily decide what is good for you and which decision of yours will make you more happy. It is the root of all. If you think that you can keep others happy, can love others unconditionally without loving yourself first then, so sorry dude, you are wrong. You can give someone something only when you own that thing and that’s why you can love someone unconditionally only when you love yourself unconditionally. Everything around you begins with yourself first. Each and every person deserve to be loved, not only by others but by own first. Start appreciating yourself for what you have done, start motivating yourself for what you want to achieve, celebrate your achievements. Trust me you will start feeling better, you will start to live better.

How to keep yourself happy


Start to know yourself. Start working on things that makes you happy. true self love is giving yourself unconditional respect, love and appreciation. It’s reminding yourself that you are worthy, valuable and deserve all the happiness. You can follow the following brilliant tips to start loving yourself first :-

  • Clear your mind : Make yourself clear about what you actually want and try to ignore all if and but. Here ignoring if and but dosen’t mean inviting problems by doing unjustified act. Doing anything with a baggage of doubt or by force can never give you a complete satisfaction and of course if you are not satisfied with what you are doing then you can’t be happy.
  • Follow your passion and hobbies : Start taking out few hours from a day for your passion or the thing what you like to do, thing that makes you feel better. every person have a some kind of hobbies but they tend to ignore those things in the pressure of their job or their hectic schedule. Try to invest a bit of your precious time in your hobbies as well. It will give you mental peace and will also enhance your working capacity.
  • Stop comparing yourself : All the problem starts with comparison. When you compare yourself with another creature, you feel demotivate. You feel like there is a person who is far better than you and for this you start blaming yourself also that why are you not like him/her. Why can’t you think it this way that each person in respect of other is different? Why can’t you think that you also possess some good qualities? Start thinking this way. You will improve. No person in the whole world is just perfect. Each and every person have some kind of good thing or bad as well. So, just accept yourself and try to improve only, not change or like anyone else. Be the improved version of yourself only.
  • Surround yourself with people with you feel good : This is important. Toxic people can destroy our each step towards our happiness. They are the biggest hurdle between us and our happiness. Directly they don’t target but their action does. Pick few people from your squad who are innovative, with whom you feel happy and comfortable. Their company will enhance your inner peace.
  • Accept what you cannot love : Every person have some bad sides, we have talked about this above as well. It’s easy to love what you love about yourself but not for what you don’t. Try to understand this very carefully. You don’t need to force either yourself or your mind to love what you don’t. Accept your flaws and just focus on improvement. Self love dosen’t mean that you are supposed to love everything about yourself. That will definately make you selfish. Just accept that yes, I am bad at this and I’ll improve rather than blaming, ‘oh god! Iam bad at this, now what next, blah! blah! blah!

So dear, take a deep breath, start thinking and start working for yourself as well. Only you can make you happy.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

You really need to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

                                                                                          -Lucille Ball

Women Empowerment

Hello everyone! I am here to talk about Women Empowerment.
It is an issue that we are supposed to be paying attention on long back. Women empowerment is something that is very important for a developed and successful country. Each and every educated one according to my proper knowledge will want women to get empowered as they know the importance having equality in a nation. In the earlier days women were supposed to keep quite in all the problem solving and decision making matters, they were expected to just do household chores. The condition and thinking was so bad that at some households women were supposed to have their meals after the men of the house.
Patriarchy was there on an extent that men were supposed to be the only leaders of their house. They used to take decisions and everyone should go according to what they say and what they feel is right. There was also a Sati system where women were told to die if their husband did. No one asked women if they want to do that or not. Irrespective of how a women feels about a certain thing, she was told to do it without giving any options or choices. People were so ignorant about the feelings of women.
Now as years have passed and people have gained knowledge. Modernisation has led to make women of some regions feel a little bit equal to men. Earlier there used to only be one earning member in the house that is man and women were always playing a role of depending members in the family. As time have passed women are getting chances to speak on certain topics and this is where I feel there is freedom of speech and expression finally given to a woman. In order to make women feel equal to men there are a lot of things we can do individually as well as forming groups and campaigns.
In an individual way we can let woman make certain choices and decisions that are considered really very important which will make them feel happy that they are given importance of taking such decisions for the family or any other matter. The idea of not eating together is however vanished in a lot of places now. Women have meals with their family at the same time but still there are some families who are following same old traditions that needs to be changed in order to see our country make progress. We should think that in today’s economy, to lead a healthy and successful life with luxury there should be more than one earning member in a family. This is where women should be encouraged to do jobs and earn so that even they get motivated and love themselves for being independent.
I feel that women is a very supporting pillar of a country. Other than taking care of household and reproducing, she should also be treated as equal in workplaces. Government has come with so many campaigns related to empowering women. Even we should altogether form groups and donate some amount of our salary for the women who are been thrown out of their houses because they didn’t obeyed those orthodox thinking. With that money we should find women good job opportunities and help them so that they don’t depend on anyone in their lives.
Thank you!

Shirishko phool (Mimosa Tree): Book Review

The narrator is a seasoned combat veteran. The veteran tells the story from beginning to end. Throughout the story, he changes his mind about war crimes. He dismisses them at first, but eventually identifies and condemns them. The novel’s development spans two years. The narrative emphasizes the seasonal variations and the Mimosa tree. The season reflects his own growth and situation.

About the book

This beautiful novel was written by one of the most talented lady in the Nepali literature sector, we all know her as Parijat. This book was published by Sanjha prakashan, in 2068 B.S., this novel was also awarded with ‘Madan Puraskar’ in 2022 B.S.

This tale tries to exhibit how an individual’s life, perspective, and impression of things might be affected by any experience. Suyog’s Army experience ended up being something that demolished his life and transformed him into an individual he disdains. He holds a similar discernment in the wake of leaving the gathering until he experiences Sakambari. This tale additionally portrays how a commonplace Nepali man sees a woman and how he feels about his significant other. The contemplations of a desolate individual are shown incredibly precisely in this work, including the impression that they detest their dejection yet are hesitant to enlighten others regarding it because of a paranoid fear of others downplaying their quandary.

About Parijat

Parijat traveled to Kathmandu to continue her education in English literature after growing up in a privileged household in Darjeeling. She claims that after studying several French, Russian, and Indian literature in particular, she was disappointed by Nepali writings. Consequently, despite her beginnings as a poet, she vowed to write an outstanding Nepali language novel. While studying for her I.A. and B.A. degrees, she wrote four novels, all of which she burned. She was then bedridden for three years due to sickness, during which time she penned her fifth novel, Shirishko Phool, which she opted to publish.


This is a story about a man named Suyog, who was a previous warrior in the British-Gurkha Army who served in WWII; he resigned after the conflict and presently gets by on his annuity. Suyog reviews a mate he made, Shiva raj, and how he was visiting his home interestingly and the scenes he saw there toward the beginning of the story. Shiva raj is a man with a great deal of obligation in his life; he has three unmarried sisters at home to help and their investigations. They’re subsequently found to be two heavy drinkers who ended up gathering in a bar.

Sakambari, one of Shiva Ram’s sisters, is the next character to enter Suyog’s life. She has a very different outlook on life and, in many circumstances, is diametrically opposed to Suyog. Suyog is continually made fun of by her, which keeps her picture fresh in his head. Unlike Sakambari, Shiva Ram’s other sister Mujura gradually becomes someone Suyog considers ideal wife material. He doesn’t love Mujura; all he wants is to marry her and have her as his wife to help him cope with his loneliness.

“Swasni lae prem pani garnae parcha bhanney kura malae thaha thiyena, prem katro jhuto, katro upahas, katro nirrarthakh”


This Nepali statement means “I didn’t knew that wife also need to be loved, Love is fake, rediculous, and meaning less”

By the statement, he makes it plain that love and relationships are not things for him to value, and that he even adheres to the old beliefs and conventions imposed by our old concept of society, which does not respect women.

Suyog’s relationship with Sakambari had always been one of antagonism and a smidgeon of hatred, but one day he finds that his animosity has transformed into a deep feeling he didn’t believe in: love. He had begun to love Sakambari, and the sense of being unable to tell Sakambari the truth about his feelings caused him to reflect on some old experiences.

He concedes to himself that he was at one time a creature, that his offenses were things he was unable to change and never felt horrendous about, and that his association with Sakambari was more than essentially physical. Suyog at last admits his warm gestures to Sakambari, yet amidst the disorder kisses her. He is embarrassed and repentant for what he has done, yet he is a weakling for not going up against Sakambari once more. Suyog is left repentant at the novel’s decision, as he at long last sees that his activities can hurt lives in manners he won’t ever envision. Suyog’s eyes are opened by Sakambari’s demise, which uncovers a fact.


Sirish ko Phool is not a book that is easily digested by the general public. Its bitterness may irritate you, yet you will be moved by its humanity. ‘Sirish ko Phool’ has an easy-to-follow poetic symphysis.Suyog, on the other hand, hasn’t changed his mind about women. ‘Sirish ko Phool’ is a tragic parijat work that carries the true feelings and brings the inner soul to life.

Bored in Quarantine? 10 Fun Things To Do!

Are you bored from being in quarantine due to the coronavirus? Here are some things to keep you occupied during the pandemic of COVID-19:

  1. Get some exercise! Ride your bike, take a walk, just get outside!
  2. Time to reorganize those areas of your home that have been needing it for years now. You have the time!
  3. That lengthy to-do list that never ends? Start chipping at the top and work your way through it.
  4. Pick up an art, such as writing (poetry, journaling your experience during COVID), painting, drawing.
  5. Use technology to interact with your friends and family (Apps such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc.). You can also play games or “cook” together!
  6. Watch new movies or TV shows that came out. Or get through the long “watch list” you’ve got going!
  7. Get outside more and start projects such as gardening/planting, small renovations, updates/upkeep, etc.
  8. Feel like learning? Start learning a new language, learn music, learn a new hobbie or craft such as crocheting, baking or robotics.
  9. Get crackin’ in the kitchen! Now more than ever people are having to cook at home, learn a new recipe- or how to cook altogether!
  10. This is the time to DIY! Start projects in the house or even for your kids such as making a doll or tree house, building furniture, or fixing what’s needed