Covid 19 and Mass Media

The year 2019 was a normal year until December when this normalcy was disturbed by the outburst of Corona Virus in Wuhan city of China. The villainous corona virus or Covid 19 has shattered humankind into pieces by killing people all around the globe. Within no time, the virus took a toll on social, cultural, mental, economical and every possible spheres of life. Despite the tragedy, people all over the world has been fighting hard against this unseen enemy with solidarity.

Role of Mass Media in Covid 19 pandemic

With the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, mass media has been a crucial tool for information generation. Because people were confined to their houses, mass media was the only source to get information about the ongoing situation. People began to watch the news like never before to update themselves with facts. Not just the latest news updates but with an easy access to social media, people are making use of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc for personal and business updates. Even the government agencies interacted with the common people through social media to share information regarding the pandemic.

Negative effects of Media during the pandemic

At the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, people were searching for all sorts of Covid 19 related articles and news and unfortunately a lot of misinformation has been circulated creating panic. Such misinformation and rumours manipulated the minds of the people leading to mental breakdown which further took a toll on the immune system. There has been cases where mentally weak people lost their lives after falling prey to rumours. However, many people were arrested for circulating fake news regarding Covid 19.

Positive effects of Media during the pandemic.

Keeping aside the negative aspect, the role of Mass Media is worthy of appreciation as it has been a constant source of making people aware about the DO’s and DON’T’s. News portals, social media users be it friends, family, health workers, politicians or celebrities encouraged people to stay in their homes, safe and healthy. People were encouraged to exercise and do yoga on everyday basis to boost their immune system. The Quarantine culture started to come in trend and people started embracing lockdown. The effect of Media on culture came to be more profound during the pandemic. We have seen people reviving their long lost hobbies, spending quality time with family which infact inspired many people to look back into their lives, taking a break from their hectic schedule.

But sadly, not everybody could embrace lockdown. This pandemic has been the worst nightmare for the wage workers, the migrant labourers and even the middle class section of the society to an extent. Fortunately, media came as a rescue for these people. When their plight was shown in the media, many influential people, NGOs came forward to help them with food, money, shelter, medical facilities and the like. Covid 19 has been extremely harsh for the elderly people especially with disabilities, people with serious ailments, people who lost their livelihood but people made use of Media platforms to raise funds and distribute money and essential items to the needy. Also in this pandemic, the term ‘Webinar’ has become quite popular. Many notable health workers, scholars and teachers kept in touch with people by conducting webinars to keep a check on each others’ mental health.

It can be seen that the role and impact of Mass Media in this pandemic is never ending. Like the two sides of a coin, mass media also have two sides – positive and negative. We, the people, must always approach the positive side and fight to overcome the virus. Also let us keep in mind what Malcolm said, “When I is replaced by We, illness becomes wellness.”


I had Crush on someone who had Crush on me.

At the point when you see somebody and have an alternate response to them, you are growing. This is the crush who illuminates you that you are growing.

You’ll never forget those times when you were being incredibly stupid and acting strangely. You may now giggle as you recall such events, but they were priceless.

My clock’s alarm had woken me awake. The time is 4:30 a.m.

“We are going to picnic.”I grumbled as I jumped out of bed and ran directly to my bathroom.

Mom: you’re big girl now of grade 6. You should understand your responsibilities sweetheart.

I brushed my teeth and took a bath quickly.

And then I dressed up my new jeans and t-shirt and walked downstairs. Thank God that my home is just opposite of my school. All of my friends used to come to my home before going to school. Our teachers, juniors and my classmates all of us gathered to go to picnic. There I saw a cute boy and he was, by the way, my junior. I didn’t even know his name and didn’t wanted to. I was just looking him like I haven’t seen any guy before. His hairstyle, his teeth when he smiled and his long sleeved sky blue shirt, it was the most beautiful feeling. It was the first time I have noticed a guy after all.

Wait a minute, what if I say he had Crush on me 2years ago. Back then, I didn’t know about that.

I wish I knew that earlier. But nevermind.

He was so helpful during the whole trip. He used to help everybody even me as and I didn’t know how to react. Silly me. He carried my excursion bag as I was having tough time reaching the destination. We had to climb up hills to reach. On the other hand, he was so active.

Even after arriving at the destination, I wanted to know what he’s eating. While returning from trip, he interacted with my friend and tried to talk to me but I was so shy to talk to him. Obviously I didn’t even know his name. Shy me innocent me. Couldn’t have eye contact. His eyes so deep expressive. I couldn’t meet him or phone them outside of school, which made it even better!

Oh those good old innocent days!!

Each waking hour of my life was spent thinking about my crush. There is certifiably not a solitary second when he isn’t in my thoughts. I continue to replay this in my mind and considering what I might have done any other way, yet I’ve never gotten another putt solidarity since.

After sometime, I was in class and one of my friend was talking about the boy who carried my bag. That was the time I knew his name. One day I went school earlier and just sitting inside the class. My friend told me look who enter the school compound. With no interest I asked who. She said the same guy who carried your bag in trip. I went outside the class but he had already entered his class just next to mine. There was a hole in the wall between our classes. Then me and my friend ran away to the wall and put our faces there to see him. He was looking a bit anxious but there was a cute smile in his face.

And in the recess he came to my class like seriously. After that day, he began to come to my class every day during break and recess.

After few months my cousin sister talked about him. I came to know that she had Crush on him as well. She asked me whether he belongs to my class. I said no he is my junior.

I had my final term examination of 7th standard.

As our school reopened, the excitement of new books, meeting our friends, new classroom 8th standard) seniority however and new admission was on peak. I went to school with full of excitement. Every day was new experience those days. Everyone was gossiping about that guy(my crush) got admission straight to class 8 and he will be our classmate. I was like seriously. Is it possible? Is it true? Then I realized that I was panicking so I kept calm and acted like I don’t really care. But back of my mind I prayed to God whether he came for me. But it was just childish to think like that. Only a miracle can give you what you want right.

We had never talked to each other ever but there was invisible connection that kept us close and knowing each other’s feeling.

One day my friend show me a letter saying that the guy (my crush) gave her this love letter. Listening to the sentence I was shattered and something inside me broke. In a second I burst into tears. She asked me what happened. I said nothing, I am happy for you both. When he entered the class, it was first time I ignored him like I don’t even know him and he doesn’t exist anymore. I can feel that he is getting mad over me ignoring him. But I was sad. I didn’t wanted to look at his face. I kept on ignoring him for months. Somewhere I started healing. I started being happy without him.

Few days after, he indirectly asked my best friend why I was ignoring him. My Best friend said she is shy and introvert so don’t expect anything from her.

One of the important part of school is farewell party. We were in class 9 so it was so special that we can be part of party in school.

We (class 9 students) everybody did decorations planning best for successful farewell party. But something happened to the party that changed my whole life. He (my crush) ate in the same plate in which I ate. I got confused if he gave love letter to my friend then why is he acting weird? The next day i entered the school and what I see is, he(my crush) and senior boys were having fight like literally senior boys were throwing stones on him. All of them were taken to principal room. There were roumor about principal rusticating everyone involved in fight. I can’t say how was I feeling.

During the recess, I came to know that the fight was because senior boys wrote something bad in my desk. Oh shit. Yeah exactly that was my reaction.

Next day, I had no hope of him coming back. I thought I lost him. I hadn’t even expressed my feeling.

Finger crossed!!!

My eyes on the door !!

And he came.

I was happy like anything. He looked at me and smiled. The kids and teens those days had no clear cue about their feeling. I was in mixed feeling happy, sad, anxious, excited, as well as curious. I wanted to talk to him. But again something stroke in my mind he already have someone in his life. And again I started ignoring him.

We were in 10th standard. It was our last year with the same friends. My friend (who told me that my crush gave her love letter) told me that she was telling lie about that letter.

Actually the letter was for me.

He came to my class only for me.

I didn’t know how to react.

I didn’t know what to do.

Later I calmed down myself.

Then it was the time to go to the 3 day tour to Darjeeling from school.

During the whole tour, there was a different sense of happiness. From that time I knew that he also likes me but didn’t know how to react. During the tour a different kind of feeling arises.

Ticklish feeling,

Feeling like flying in the sky.

Whenever he was around me I felt safe. We were not at all in talking terms but make me feel the most beautiful girl in the whole world. My eyes were only searching him. There was a time when I was talking sarcastic about him and replied so softly. It was first time we had conversation. This was the best feeling. Whom I feel for also have the same feeling for me. The distance was only because of a small misunderstanding. Sometimes during the tour I wanted to get disappeared with him. After 3 day tour, it was time to return to our home. I didn’t want to return. I was just enjoying my life like this for the first time.

Yes after the tour we returned to our daily routine. And yes, he then proposed me.

We continued our study we are interested in. Now he is a doctor and I am computer engineer and his wife.

Yes we got married after 10 years of relationship.


In August, 1947, when the Britishers left and India got its independence , the partition of subcontinent happened as India and Pakistan. The partition involved two territory Punjab and Bengal, wide range of non-muslim and muslim population living there. Bengal was divided into two half East and West. Majority Muslim shifted to East Bengal and later it became Bangladesh. In North-west India the punjab was divided into two , half of it became Pakistan and rest of it was Indiaa.This also led to division of British Indian Army,Railway,Indian Navy and Central tressure.This partion outlined the Indian Independence Act 1947 which led to end of British Raj and on 15th August in midnight, pakistan came into legal existence.

The partition displaced 10 to 20 million people, which created refuges in newly constitued territory.There was a large scale violoence happened, estimated huge loss of life. During this,75,000 to 100,000 women were kidnapped and raped, Later they worked and returned 12,000 abducted women to India and 6000 in pakistan. The Indian government claimed that 33,000 Hindu and Sikh women were abducted and Pakistan government claimed 50,000 women were abducted during the riots.Muslim women were sent to pakistan and Hindu and Sikh women were sent to India. Most of the Hindu and Sikh women refused to return to India as a fear that there family would not accept them. 15 million people were crossing borders from Pakistan to India during the violent partition, there were Hindus and Sikhs they were killed by mobs as said the violence was made by muslims community, the train arrived in india with death bodies in it. It is said that mobs rampaged, looted and bombed in every section and compartment of train. Womens, desperate to avoid rap and kidnap, committed suicide. By that time a milion or more have died. This violent nature created a ditance between India and pakistan and has affected a relationship in today’s day.

The India-Pakistan partition is one of an unforgettable history. Most of the people were not only attached to there religion but to there territoy. Britain was hestitated to use there own group to maintain order and law. The situation in punjab was more worse, weapons and demolishes soldiers were kidnapped. Where on the under side pakistan’s population end being more religious than they orginally were.There leader assumed they would be having fair amount of non-muslim population, who’s presencce would safegaurd muslim community in India. All though Pakistan apparently created a homeland for India’s Muslim minority,not all muslim supported this formation. Muslim remained largest minorty in India.there population was 10% in 1951. Gandhi was assasinated in 1958 by a Hindu nationalist who blamed him for suppoting Muslim community during the partition.

Both territory has faced mny consequences and problems in accommodating partition refugees.The number of refugees went up as both the territoy started a war over Jmmu and Kashmir in 1947-1948. This has led to fight and its still going on in 20th century.

As of now,the two countries are not even close to make a healthy relation, Kashhmir remains a flashpoint , both countries are on the verge ofhaving another war. Indian muslims are blamed and suspected for being a part of Pakistan and helping them throughout there plan.

How women and their roles have changed in Bollywood Industry

Times changed, thus did the parts of ladies being composed for the Hindi motion pictures. The break – as referenced prior – saw a downpour of activity motion pictures, and entertainers didn’t have a lot to do in those movies. Indeed, even the David Dhawan comedies had little to bringing to the table to the entertainers, hence leaving just a little extension for them to show their acting ability. It was uniquely with the development of the “youthful sentiment” type that ladies turned into an object of want. They generally were, however the 1990s and the mid 2000s had a blend of skin-show and thing numbers. A large portion of them absolutely unasked for.

The 1990s and the mid 2000s was the time of entertainers being alluded to as the saint’s “adoration interest”. Also, which is all well and good, since they did exactly that – cherished their legend, and that’s it. There were slaps, and there was criticize, and by that action, ‘Kabir Singh’ was a diamond.

There were sparkles of brightness as well – however too irregular to even think about being recollected strikingly. Meenakshi Sheshadri, Tabu, Madhuri Dixit, Kajol and the preferences had parts in their individual motion pictures that overwhelmed their legends, however not the idea. The films didn’t fixate on them – aside from a couple of like ‘Gupt’, ‘Dushman’, ‘Astitiva’, ‘Anjaam’ and the preferences. Yet, the crowd had not developed then to completely see the value in them.

With the rise of online media, woman’s rights and ladies strengthening became the overwhelming focus in discussions and conversations. Furthermore, in film. So prior when dangerous movies were hailed for the machoism of the legend, the post-2009 stage had individuals scrutinizing their cultural framework.

This was likewise the stage where entertainers took up filmmaking, and turned scholars, chiefs and makers. They were prior additionally engaged with these perspectives, yet this was the period of them dominating their male partners. Be it ‘Piku’, ‘NH10’, ‘Pari’, and the preferences, there were better jobs for ladies. Furthermore, the entertainers played them energetically.

The likes of ‘Highway’, ‘Raazi’, ‘Queen’ and ‘Padmavat’ centred on women, and did not become another art-house film. They were hailed as mainstream cinema, and primarily for their superlative content.

Recent years have seen a happier curve for women, as they no longer need a male superstar to invite audience to theatres. ‘Queen’, ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ and ‘Mulk’ became a cult just by the virtue of the content, and author-backed roles written for women.

A great thing has changed, and a ton needs to improved. Indian film, by that action, is making a course for recuperation. It is currently making films that have the idea as the saint. Furthermore, the starcast as the courageous woman. Poisonous manliness is being called out, and man controlled society is being exposed. The cycle has been steady, and is relied upon to proceed.


A houseplant is a plant that is grown indoors in places such as residences and offices, namely for decorative purposes, but studies have also shown them to have positive psychological effects. They also help indoor air purification, since some species, and the soil-dwelling microbes associated with them, reduce indoor air pollution by absorbing volatile organic compounds.While generally toxic to humans, such pollutants are absorbed by the plant and its soil-dwelling microbes without harm. Common houseplants are usually tropical or semi-tropical, succulents or cacti. Houseplants need to correct moisture, light levels, soil mixture, temperature and humidity. Without these conditions most house plants need to proper fertilizer and correct-sized pots.

Most species of houseplant will tolerate low humidity environments if they’re watered regularly. Different plants require different amounts of light, for different duration. Houseplants are generally grown in specialized soils called potting compost or potting soil.

Both under-watering and over-watering can be detrimental to a houseplant. Different species of houseplants require different soil moisture levels. Brown crispy tips on a plant’s leaves are a sign that the plant is under-watered. Yellowing leaves can show that the plant is over watered. Most plants can not withstand their roots sitting in water and will often lead to root rot. Most species of houseplant will tolerate low humidity environments if they’re watered regularly. Different plants require different amounts of light, for different duration. Houseplant are generally grown in specialized soils called potting compost or potting soil. A good potting compost mixture includes soil conditioners to provide the plant with nutrients, support, adequate drainage and proper aeration.

Houseplants are generally planted in pots that have drainage holes in the bottom of the pot to reduces the likelihood of over watering and standing water. A pot that is too large will cause root disease because of the excess moisture retained in the soil, while a pot that is too small will restrict a plant’s growth.

Psychological Effects

A 2015 study showed that active interaction with houseplants can reduce physiological and psychological stress compared with mental work. It appears that benefits are contingent on features of the context in which the indoor plant are encountered and on characteristics of the people encountering them. The phenomenon of biophilia explains why houseplants have positive psychological effects. Biophilia describes humans subconscious need for a connection with nature. This is why humans are fascinated by natural spectacles such as waves or a fire. It also explains why gardening and spending time outdoors can have healing effects. Having plants in indoor living areas can have positive effects on physiological, psychological and cognitive health.

Houseplant Care

Houseplant care is the act of growing houseplants and ensuring they have the necessary conditions for survival and continuing growth. This includes providing soil with sufficient nutrients, correct lighting conditions, air circulation and adding the right amount of water. Watering houseplants on a regular basis is necessary for the plant to remain healthy. They should not, however, be watered on a scheduled basis, because different plant species need different amounts of water and sunlight so it is important to know the specifics for the particular plants that are being grown.

Houseplants sometimes also need to be cleaned of dust and greasy films that collect on the leaves when they are indoors. Dusty, grimy leaves can inhibit growth.

Types of Houseplants

  • Pothos
  • Spider Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Aloe vera
  • Rubber plant
  • English ivy
  • Jade plant
  • Bamboo palm

Future of media and entertainment industry amidst this pandemic

Theatres, films or the Bollywood industry is some of the industries that have suffered a great loss during this pandemic and are still suffering from it.
The industry has lost somewhere between Rs. 600-900 crore due to the coronavirus pandemic. With cancelled shoots, delayed releases and complete shutdown of most movie theatres countrywide, the coronavirus outbreak has massively hit the prospects of big-budget films in particular.
This pandemic will take a toll on everyone associated with the showbiz industry right from the producers to the distributors, actors and especially daily wage workers who work on film and television sets. The worst part of this pandemic that no one knows when it will be ending as of now in 2021 we are still waiting to watch movies on bug screen.

Movies like “83” directed by Kabir Khan with Ranveer Singh in the lead and “Sooryavanshi” directed by Rohit Shetty in the lead with Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif has yet to release and all the fans are waiting for them. Aiming to release their films in theatres is a huge gambir because no one knows when will this pandemic end and even with the theatres open, and start operating with full or half occupancy people will take time to go back to their normal life.

“83” and “Sooryavanshi” first look

On the other hand, many producers have taken the route of digital release to overcome their expenses. OTT platforms have brought many good films over the last year to us, as er were able to watch those movies in our house only without going out in this pandemic.
Digitisation has helped many producers, distributers to pay the salaries of their employees during this last year and now also. Films that did not receive many audience appreciations when it was released in the theatre, is receiving positive reviews when it was released via OTT platforms.

Digital or OTT Platforms

Nobody knows what the future holds for our entertainment industry, will the theatres be reopened and if they will, will they be open with full occupancy or no. According to some critics, as of now and in the near future Digital platforms or OTT platforms are the future of our industry and we need to accept that fact as soon as possible.

Watching Clouds : A Mindful Activity

Clouds are beautiful, aren’t they? A clear blue sky with cotton white clouds is one of the prettiest views you can see from your balcony. Maybe it sounds silly but staring at a sky with clouds is indeed a great mindful activity. Watching the clouds go by with winds makes you think about those unsaid thoughts and at some level helps you to self-introspect. It somewhat like meditation.

In a life full of tasks and duties, take some time off and try cloud watching and you will realize how a simple activity like this relaxes your mind.

As Italians say, dolce far niente is equally important in our everyday lives. Dolce far niente means the sweetness of doing nothing. (This does not mean being lazy) The real meaning behind this is finding pleasure in doing nothing or relaxing.

This may sound easy but it is not. In today’s world when staying away from our phones and laptops seems like a tremendous job. How can someone enjoy the art of doing nothing.

Cloud watching is one of that ‘ art of doing nothing’ activities. Just sit down outside or take a walk outside and during this time try to appreciate those white coloured clouds in the sky. It may sound like a small activity but I think it makes a real difference.

Feel free to try out this mindful activity because it is free of cost 🙂

Book review : The power of your unconscious mind

This is our comment on the “power of the subconscious” by author Joseph Murphy. A self-help e-book will help those who are struggling to turn their ideas into reality. Power beyond our daily ability. The book is divided into several parts and contains many items. As the book draws to a close, the theory becomes more complicated. It is easy to follow the examples in the e-book, and these examples can serve as meaningful comparisons for breaking down complex sentences. Sometimes it can be regarded as a self-service e-book, suitable for those who have no motivation to take defensive measures and turn ideas into actions. Because, due to non-public prejudice, whether we want to solve these problems or not, we may become one of the biggest obstacles to our way forward. This is not a new book, it first hit the shelves in 1963. Even after six years, knowledge is still true. In a sense, unconscious thoughts have always attracted me because I was attracted to this idea a few years ago. The idea that we can explore without actively paying attention to the subject or listening to the recording in our sleep still bothers me today.The starting point of this idea is a journey about how the electrical impulses ignited in my talent can lead to physical manifestations in the form of something as simple as housework, and the complexity of my daily tasks that I minimize every day. It’s like owning a service vehicle when you reach a safe experience level; the body just reacts to the situation. In fact, when website visitors actively consider sharing tools or know very little about the content of the tournament, it slows down your reaction because the idea is executed faster when executed unconsciously. The author Joseph Murphy makes some lofty claims that this is still a reality beyond any scientific basis or certification. You should use your personal collective judgements, as well as the statements in the e-book, and try to get things done. Instill it in your life from him. Won’t hurt him. It may also be useful to you, or you may be tired of preparing to present important meanings, but it provides many options in e-books. Your genius should keep this idea and use it to make your existence higher than personalized. Because there is no single method for human thinking. Since subconscious thinking works from the beginning of our business to our last breath, we can find its wider application in the following simple steps. Obviously, he is a spiritual man who uses biblical royalties, and they turn the entire experience into thought, even if it does not include a spiritual perspective. I am a lazy atheist, and giving up the idea of ​​an unnamed god used to be a difficult capsule to swallow, but there is no scientific objection to some factors so I can check it, admit it for a minute, and others will think about it. I can quantify and examine myself.

A Vacation To an Unknown Heaven

During the lockdown period, most of the people have spent their lives indoor. Don’t you think that it is boring? Obviously, a lot of us might be planning to plan a trip once the lockdown is over. Are you a person who likes to be closer to nature? You are at the right corner! Today I will tell you about a beautiful place to plan a long vacation after the lockdown to get freshen up. It is Malvan. A lot of people are unaware of the place as it has not yet become a tourist attraction. But I believe that people should visit the beauty of this place at least once.

Malvan is located in the Southwestern part of Maharashtra with a long beautiful coastline. Along with the number of tourist places worth visiting, it is also a great option for outdoor activities at cheaper rates. For beach lovers, Malvan provides a long and beautiful coastline along with crystal clear water. If you enjoy living near forests, then too Malvan is surely a good choice. If you like to live in a place with a tint of ruralness then it is a sure shot. Despite Malvan has some awesome tourists attractions it still gives you the feeling of living in a village area. It is an excellent option for trekking as well. 

Vacation planning in Malvan

You can plan a long vacation in Malvan as it provides you with a lot of different activities and tourists attractions. Let us see some of the places that are the must of a visit. 

Sindhudurg Fort

temple inside Sindhudurg fort Archives - PixelVoyages

Sindhudurg is a beautiful fort built in the 17th century by the great warrior Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort occupies an Island in the Arabian sea and it is just off the coast of the Sindhudurg district. Your trip to Malvan is a waste if you will not visit Sindhudurg. The fort has a temple of Shivaji Maharaj. It also has footprints of this great warrior. The area is so windy that even if you visit the top of the fort when the sun is high, you will not feel the heat. The view of standing at a place surrounded by the sea is itself a beautiful experience. 

Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island | Adventure activities, Island, Tsunami

For beach lovers, Tsunami Island is an excellent place to visit. If you ask me, I have never seen such a clean beach in India. It is basically a small island off the Devbag beach formed due to a Tsunami. It offers you a lot of water sports that too at cheaper rates. 

Tarkarli beach

Planning a Pune to Tarkarli Road Trip? Here is How You Can Get There

This is another beautiful beach to visit in Malvan. It is a remote area so for the people who seek peace this is the right place. If you want to get rid of the city noise and go someplace quieter and close to nature then it is Tarkarli.

Rock garden


The rock garden is another beautiful location to visit in Malvan. The best time to visit this place is in the evening. It will give you an enigmatic view of the sunset. The place has huge rocks where you can click a lot of pictures and it ends with the sea. Do you need any more reason to visit this place?


Seaside story - Itchy Feet

Sawantwadi is a hill station with lush green forests that brings a lot closer to the ecosystem. It is also famous for its wooden toys and handicrafts. If you love to collect souvenirs from the places you visit then no other place in Malvan can be as best as Sawantwadi.

Sangam beach

Beach Resort - Tourist Places

Just ahead of the Tsunami island is the Sangam beach. The beach got its name because of its unique feature. Sangam means mixture. Here, the Karli river meets the Arabian sea. And as a result, this beach got its name as the Sangam beach. Don’t you think it is worth a visit?

To conclude, I will recommend visiting Malvan at least once. It gives you a lot of opportunities to explore and experience the beauty of nature. Parasailing over Sangam Beach, scuba diving along with the corals near Devbag are some of the memorable experiences one can have. The seafood of Malvan is one of its enigmas. When I visited this place for the first time, I fell in love with it. As the tourist industry has not much developed here, people are unaware of this beauty. Thus, it allows having a peaceful vacation in these less populated beaches having sunbaths.