Money 💰

It is not a theory not a concept which you can learn but a story with many emotions , unfortunately without words . A life of middle class family is just like this it seems that they have everything but the truth is everyone is suffering . The faces of the members seem to be happy but inside it there dreams are suffocating like a bird without wings . In this era where everyone is suffering to make there name to be written in golden words there are some of them who are killing there dream because of money and peer pressure , since no one is there to understand there dream and support them . The middle class family always suffer as they are neither poor hence no reservation in any colleges nor rich to pay the college fees . The middle class family always live in dilemma .There family is not enough educated which can understand the dream of their child or by chance if they can understand then no financial help can be provided . And the education nowdays are becoming so costly that if anyone dream to get higher education then they have to think hundred times to do or not . ”I have to live for others not for myself that’s the middle class morality”