A new human ancestor : Nesher Ramla Homo

There was a recent excavation in Israel found remains of a new human ancestor that none of us knew. The remains were found at the excavation site named Nesher Ramla. The results of dating the fossil show that the fossils are about 120000-140000 years old. The members of this group played a very vital role in the evolution of today’s homo sapiens. It is highlighted that this group of species joined the Neanderthals and Denisovans whom they later interbred.

This interbreeding among these populations was the thriving force for evolution. The scientists at the sites have still not named this new ancestor and is referring to it as Nesher Ramla Homo. With the discovery of this ancestor, the human phylogenetic tree is becoming much much more complex. Earlier new ancestors were discovered from South Africa and the Philippines named Homo naledi and Homo luzonensis respectively.

Nesher Ramla Homo is predicted to be the last ancestor contributing to European Neanderthal and East Asian Homo species evolution. According to the palaeontologist, a great level of cultural mixing has taken place due to this interbreeding between the two different communities. There is a lot more to know and discover about the human race still. The above study was done by Hershkovitz from Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Music Therapy

“Music is an outburst of the soul” – Frederick Delius

Music is a universal language, a form of expression that knows no boundaries. Music is the most beautiful part of our lives and we cannot imagine our lives without it. Music is nothing but a combination of words, melody and rhythm. Music is everywhere, right from the sound of raindrops to the frightening thunderstorm, voice of a babbling baby to the chirping of birds. Music is like a medicine that heals wounded souls, lifts up melancholy mood, brightens up our days and light up our nights.

What is Music Therapy

Music for treating people was used in ancient days but its use as a therapy has been popularised since the last century. Music is so powerful and therapeutic that it can be used as a tool to help reduce the severity of dieseases. Every age group responds to music in a positive way that makes them feel happy and when someone is happy, his body releases Dopamine and Endorphin hormones that keeps a person in a jolly mood even though he is suffering from physical pain and illness. Music Therapy is a clinical profession that meets with the goals of individuals through musical interventions. Music Therapy treats an ailing person by reducing his stress, anxiety, fear thus helping him to recover physically, psychologically and socially.

How Music Therapy helps

In the current scenario, stress and anxiety has become the toxic friends of people. Stress and anxiety when reach a higher level might also be fatal and therefore it is extremely important to get rid of these mental toxins. Research has shown that Music Therapy works well in treating a stressful and anxious mind. Music Therapy works the best for Alzheimer and Dementia patients. These dieseases have no permanent cure yet Music Therapy has become a ray of hope for them. These dieseases disconnect the patients from everyone but music connects them to the world. Researchers found that music stimulates the brain and upon hearing music, the patients revive their connection with their surrounding.

Music provides creativity, self discovering capability, self expression to a person who eventually let go of his stress and anxiety. Through music a person can connect himself to the world that helps in overall development of his character and well being. Even in general, if we have a bad day, just listening to music makes us feel good. Music Therapy not just encourage listening to music for healing purpose but also encourage people to participate in music making, practicing music that enhances memory, develop comprehension skills, learn and value qualities like patience and will power. When participating in music making, a person also gets the opportunity to express his suppressed emotions in a creative way which would bring him utmost satisfaction. Through the lyrics of a song or rhythm and melody of music, a person can relate it to his own life experiences and process it. Also, when a person goes through Music Therapy, he is exposed to multiple genres that introduce him to different cultures through which he can learn many new things necessary for his growth as a person.

However, Music Therapy is not a dominant treatment in curing physical ailments of the body yet it is a great therapy that helps in the process of recovery. Music Therapy helps people forget pain and anxiety and in that case medicine works better and faster leading to quick recovery. A person who does not feel physically healthy often feels isolated and keeps worrying about his health which makes his health even worse. Music Therapy comes as a rescue in such cases where the person feels motivated and positive after the music sessions. Music lowers the blood pressure of the body and control heart rates that makes a person feel stable when he is not keeping in good health. Music Therapy works like magic on children who face problems while speaking. Through regular Music Therapy sessions the therapist takes care of all the requirements of the child and work on its verbal developments.

Pre – requisites of Music Therapy

Before starting with music therapy, the therapist needs to know his patients well. Without understanding the needs of his patients, the therapist won’t be able to treat them up to the desired expectation. For a therapist, it is essential to know his patients’

Emotional state

Mental strength and abilities

Physical well being

Communication skills

Music preferences

History of past trauma

Social relationships

Only after having an in depth knowledge of these factors, the therapist can accordingly plan the sessions so that the patients can receive the needful treatment. During the session, the therapist can assess if the designed session has any effectiveness on the patient. If the therapist observe that the patient is not not responding, he can make changes and re – design the sessions.

Benefits of Music Therapy

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Reduction of pain

Strong social relationships

Cultural awareness

Reduction of feeling of isolation

Creative expression of self

Strong memory

Light and happy mood

Positive approach to problem solving

Proper speaking skills

Control over emotions

Therefore music has the capacity to heal even the unseen and unknown wounds of life. Music helps us lead a stress-free life and live with a determined and positive approach. It gives us strength to face every situation that life throws on us. Music is not just a part of life but it is life itself.


Transgender are the ones whose gender identity doesn’t match the sex as given at the time of birth. Being transgender is not the same type as being lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Transgender people can be identified by what’s inside them as male, female, or none of these. Whether lesbian, gay, or bisexual people get to know by whom they are attracted to and to who you are feeling attached to emotionally, romantically, and sexually. There are many different terms used for transgender people to describe themselves, which are Hijra, Chhakka, Jagappa, Kinnar, Aravani, etc. They are biologically male who then identify themselves as women or not men. Transgender people showcase them in a very different kind of ways, Some dress up differently, some have different their behavior, and also manners which makes comfortable to which who they are. Some stay as unidentified as they reject to understand the differences between ‘male’ and ‘female’. so they are called transgender, genderqueer, genderfluid, etc… Some people also have surgeries so that can match their gender type.

India’s parliament has passed a bill to protect the rights of the transgender community, but the latest laws are inadequate. Trans activist has analyzed various trans rights since the first bill was passed in 2016. The new law will violate the rights of their community rather than respect. In India, trans people deserve more government recognition without any intervention and discrimination. In 2014, the supreme court gave an order that transgender will be enjoying the title of the third gender and can have equal rights as others without any further due and discrimination, while also being entitled to a special education system which also improved the status of the transgender community. And ordered that they have the right to decide or choose their unidentified gender and should be accepted by everyone. In 2015 an essential link of right to legal recognition and equality. A 19-year-old transgender man publically opened up about being harassed by his parents. so the inspector in return wrote about every person has the right to be recognized in their own gender. The new law recognizes people specifies intersex people but offers no protection. It’s the law for protecting people from doing unnecessary surgeries. Such in 2019 it got banned in Tamil Nadu.


Naaz Joshi is India’s first transgender to come out to be known in India. She is the first transgender international queen, a trans rights activist, and a motivational speaker. She was born in 1984 in New Delhi. Naaz is a proud mother of 2 daughters, she adopted them when her family abandoned her. She told in an interview that the younger daughter is the daughter of a 16-year-old girl who threw her child in a dustbin.

There are many more famous transgender in India:-

  1. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi was assigned as male at birth. She is the most inspirational and influential transgender person. She is a Bharatnatyam dancer and a social activist, her parents accepted her when she came out as a transgender woman.
  2. Gauri Sawant has fought for transgender rights. She left her home at the age of 18 as she didn’t want to disappoint her father. She is an activist and she is a director of Sakshi Char Chowghi trust who runs to provide counseling sessions to assist newly trans women and those with AIDs and HIV.
  3. Sathyashri Sharmila is the first Tamil Nadu’s first transgender lawyer in 2018 came out in public, in 2007 when she finished law studies. After that she waiting for over a decade to get registered as lawyer so that she can help the trans community who all are facing issues from decades.
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

Transgender people faced many problems for the past few decades, they were given names, they were getting opportunities and are excluded from many things, and were called ‘impure’. Instead of supporting, they were looked at with pity. Then though they have proven themselves in every mainstream and what others were able to do, was done by these people. So here was the few of the famous transgender who broke the barrier and proven themselves as equal.

Is Remote Working A New Normal?

As dreadful as the year 2020 was, the disarray is yet to end. With bringing new well being measures and new typical during a pandemic, quite possibly the main investigations in mankind’s set of experiences was far off working.

We as a whole will be near finishing two years telecommuting, and pandemic has now shown us how distant functioning can be possible(or not).

Notwithstanding, does it carry accomplishment to organizations? Is it another ordinary that organizations will apply forever? Are there still organizations trusting that representatives will return to the work area?

There are a few positions and work settings where far off working can not be envisioned. However, Jobs that require chipping away at PCs and PCs will go the work from home course in coming years. In such situation the idea of half and half method of working is getting predominant.

What are the advantages for associations in work from home?

This is a fascinating perspective which isn’t about workers and their usefulness. Series of lockdowns since 2020 made a feeling of confidence in the psyche of businesses. The usefulness got almost no effect where the functional expenses took a significant drop saving them assets and expanding benefit.

Particularly, the large organizations are saving a great deal in functional expenses and in this manner conveying some lump of it to representatives in type of different stipends.

Remote Working in 2021- 22 & Beyond

1. Human Bonding:

Seeing a collaborator’s face constructs a more grounded bond than hearing an incorporeal voice on a telephone call. A fundamental piece of distant working is setting clear assumptions as far as key outcome regions with explicit errands and conduct destinations. Most remarkably is the correspondence between the advancements.

2. Staying in Touch:

It is relevant for colleagues to stay in contact and routinely check with the colleagues to give essential input. Likewise, workers are roused by how

3. Challenges:

There emerges a risk of being disregarded for advancements or profession improvement openings. Moreover, distant working let you permit getting a charge out of a greater amount of work/life balance however it doesn’t.

Priming work from home

Are you unsure if remote work is right for you? Are you thinking about leading a distributed team? Workers are more contented and productive when they work remotely, according to studies, but we’re here to assist you figure out if working remotely is as nice as it seems. Read over the benefits, advantages, and problems as you evaluate it so you can make an informed decision. As specialists in dispersed work, we’ll also discuss how our teams manage the challenges of working in multiple locations, as well as how this is the way of the future.

Clearly, there is a compelling case to be made for businesses to better accommodate remote workers. It’s a growing trend, and the opportunity to work remotely is becoming a must-have for certain employees—in North America, 74% of office workers say they’d switch jobs based on the company’s remote working policy. The advantages of having remote workers aren’t limited to the flexibility they enable people; they also assist corporations as a whole.

Advantages of Work from home

Remote working eliminates the need to drag yourself to the office. You simply need to wake up and get to work. The office-going population has long desired an alternative that would allow them to avoid the morning rush. Working from home accomplishes the same thing.

Remote working enables organizations to break down barriers to diversity by recruiting people from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and geographic backgrounds with diverse perspectives, which can be difficult to achieve if recruitment is limited to a specific location where people may not want or be able to afford to live.

This is particularly advantageous for job seekers who live in rural areas or small towns where there are less available local employment. This would allow people who move frequently, such as military spouses, to work from anywhere instead of having to transfer employment at every dislocation.

No one can deny that today’s lifestyle has driven families apart, and anyone who is able to balance job and family deserves enormous respect. Working from home allows you to spend the majority of your time with your family. When you stay at home, you get to look after your family and don’t have to worry about them as office workers do.

Working from home is also a boon for single mothers and wives. This permits us to strike the right balance between our professional and personal life.

If you work in a metropolis or downtown, lunch is expensive. It’s not unusual to see a $15 lunch or a $4 cup of coffee in San Francisco. Going to the grocery and making food at home can save you a lot of time.


The order in which you complete tasks at work is virtually never the same as the order in which you complete them at home. Outside of the office, it might be difficult to duplicate your schedule and routines.

My phone was set to do not disturb, and I was late for a meeting! Or maybe my boss sacked me and told me to focus on something else, and now it’s 4:45 Missing important call can be the biggest problem.

Power nap could potentially be advantageous… unless it lasts 45 minutes after your double entree Thai lunch is delivered.

The human brain has a high proclivity towards becoming distracted. When employees work from home, they are surrounded by people and activities. This generates a distraction, and it’s typical for you to be less focused on your work as a result. This may result in lower productivity than in a traditional work environment, and may even result in firing. Things have become clumsy due to the merging of business and personal lives.

What is Moral Education?

“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society” – Theodore Roosevelt 

All of us have grown up hearing the stories of “The Thirsty Crow” and “The Fox and the Grapes”.  We may have forgotten the stories, but the values still remain in our minds. From childhood itself, we have grown up hearing about moral values. And yes, they are so precious that they help us in becoming a good human being. Moral values are a set of principles that guide us throughout our lives. Moral values direct us to the right path to lead our lives. Imparting these from the early days helps one to distinguish between right and wrong. These values involve factors like loving others, helping others, respecting others, morality, honesty, etc. Finally, it helps to build a high minded person and to follow the path of righteousness. One can attain right and virtuous character only if he/she is able to follow moral values with complete honesty. Moral education should include the mental and moral development of an individual. As we grow up we keep on learning and transforming ourselves, so do our morals. We should keep in mind the fact that moral education can be effectively imparted to the younger ones mainly through examples and not by percepts. As kids are good observers, they notice everything we do. They keep on watching us, so try to be an example for them to adopt. Parents should also be aware of the type of companions they make. Teachers and parents should always monitor the behavior of kids. They should be able to apply moral values as it comes to practical life. The surrounding can also influence them, in building up moral values. Elders should remember to encourage and appreciate them for the moral virtues they hold. It motivates them to hold on to these values always. In the course of time, it becomes a part of them. The foundation should start from an early age itself, from home and is carried to the schools, colleges and also to the workplace.

The Benefits of Acquiring Moral Education are:

  • Moral education helps one to distinguish between right and wrong.
  • It gets reflected in one’s personality.
  • It helps in building a good personal and professional life.
  • It helps to eliminate problems like violence, dishonesty, jealousy etc from one’s life.
  • It can wipe out bad influences in the society like violence, crimes, agitations, child abuse, disregarding women, etc.
  • It also helps in building a positive approach to things, self-confidence, and motivation.
  • It helps in finding out the true purpose of life. These values help one to be dedicated, unselfish, loving and caring for others.

The method of teaching moral values to students is universal. Teachers and parents have a key role in this. If a child misbehaves, it’s common for people to blame their parents and teachers for this. Children usually tell lies for personal gains. Teachers should give proper guidance and advice to them. They are the student’s greatest inspirations.  The students always tend to look at their teachers as ideal ones. So teachers should be able to be a role model for them to imbibe moral values.  Reading moral stories can also help in developing moral values. Even students from refined and cultural families lose moral values if their companions and school environment are not proper. Children should have a strong base of moral values.  Our curriculum must include the biographies of great personalities who followed the right path in life. If effectively implemented, Moral Education will help learners with tools of judgment making and leading them to make effective decisions and choices. Therefore, the importance of moral education is vital and also it should be an integral part of the school and college curriculum. Finally, moral values give us happiness, immense satisfaction and confidence to face life as it is. These values help to mold gentle humans who are beautiful in values and nature.


A firewall is defined as a type of hardware & software program that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a defined set of security rules. It can be said that it acts as a barrier between internal networks and external sources. Purpose of a firewall is to prevent malicious or unwanted data traffic from entering the computer and protect computer from viruses and attacks. A firewall can be a network security device or a software program on a computer. This means that the firewall comes at both levels, i.e., hardware and software. A hardware firewall is a physical device that attaches between a computer network and a gateway. For e.g. broadband router, etc. On the other hand, a software firewall is a program installed on a computer that works through port numbers and other installed software. Apart from this, there are cloud-based firewalls. These are commonly referred to as FaaS (firewall as a service). A primary advantage of using cloudbased firewalls is that they can be managed centrally. These are best
known for providing perimeter security. Some Operating Systems like Windows 10 comes with built-in firewalls.

How does a Firewall Work & it’s functions:

A firewall system analyses network traffic based on pre-defined rules. It filters the traffic and prevents traffic coming from unreliable or suspicious sources. It only allows incoming traffic that is configured to accept. Usually, firewalls intercept network traffic at a computer’s entry point, known as a port. Firewalls perform this task by allowing or blocking specific data based on pre-defined security rules. Incoming traffic is allowed only through trusted IP addresses or sources. Firewalls have a variety of functions and capabilities with built-in features:

  • Network Threat Prevention
  • Application and Identity-Based Control
  • Hybrid Cloud Support
  • Scalable Performance
  • Network Traffic Management and Control
  • Access Validation
  • Record and Report on Events

Limitations of Firewall:

There are some limitations to firewall which makes use of antivirus necessary. These limitations are:

  • Firewalls cannot stop users from accessing malicious websites, making it vulnerable to internal threats or attacks.
  • Firewalls cannot protect against the transfer of virus-infected files or software.
  • Firewalls cannot prevent misuse of passwords.
  • Firewalls cannot protect if security rules are misconfigured.
  • Firewalls cannot protect against non-technical security risks, such as social engineering.
  • Firewalls cannot stop or prevent attackers with modems from dialling in to or out of the internal network.
  • Firewalls cannot secure the system which is already infected.

Types of Firewall:

There are mainly three types of firewalls, such as software firewalls, hardware firewalls, or both, depending on their structure. Each type of firewall has different functionality but the same purpose. A hardware firewall is a physical device that attaches between a computer network and a gateway. For example- a broadband router. A hardware firewall is sometimes referred to as an Appliance Firewall. Whereas, a software firewall is a simple program installed on a computer that works through port numbers and other installed software. This type of firewall is also called a Host Firewall. The following are types of firewall techniques that can be implemented as software or hardware:

  • Network Layer Firewall – filtering is done based on source and destination IP addresses.
  • Context Aware Application Firewall – filtering is done based on the user, device, role, application type, and threat profile.
  • Proxy Server – filtering of web content requests like URL, domain, media, etc.
  • Reverse Proxy Server – placed in front of web servers, reverse proxy servers protect, hide, offload, and distribute access to web servers.
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) Firewall – hides or masquerades the private addresses of network hosts.
  • Transport Layer Firewall – filtering is done based on source and destination data ports, and filtering based on connection states.
  • Application Layer Firewall – filtering is done based on application, program or service.
  • Host-based Firewall – filtering of ports and system service calls on a single computer operating system.
  • Next Generation Firewall – It has higher levels of security than packet-filtering and stateful inspection firewalls. Unlike other firewalls, this monitors the entire transaction of data, including packet headers, packet contents, and sources. They are designed in such a way that they can prevent more sophisticated and evolving security threats such as malware attacks, external threats, and advance intrusion.
  • Cloud Firewalls – This type of firewall is considered similar to a proxy firewall. The reason for this is the use of cloud firewalls as proxy servers. However, they are configured based on requirements. There most significant advantage is scalability.
  • Stateful Inspection Firewall – Stateful multi-layer inspection firewalls include both packet inspection technology and TCP handshake verification. These types of firewalls keep track of the status of established connections. In simple words, when a user establishes a connection and requests data, the SMLI firewall creates a database (state table). The database is used to store session information such as source IP address, port number, destination IP address, destination port number, etc. Connection information is stored for each session in the state table.

8051 Micro-Controller

Microcontrollers: It is a programmable integrated circuit (IC) that consists of a small CPU, RAM and I/O pins. Microcontroller units (MCUs) are widely used in many devices.

A microcontroller is a small and low-cost microcomputer, which is designed to perform the specific tasks of embedded systems like displaying microwave’s information, receiving remote signals, etc.

The 8051 microcontroller was invented in 1980’s by Intel. Its foundation is based on Harvard architecture and this microcontroller was developed principally for bringing it to be used in Embedded Systems. At first it was created by using NMOS technology but the use of NMOS consumed more power to work therefore Intel re-launch the microcontroller 8051 using CMOS technology and new edition came up with edition of letter ‘C’ in the title name, therefore the new modified version of microcontroller is called by name 80C51. The 8051 microcontroller programming is performed in embedded C language using Keil software.

Some Features of 8051 Micro-Controller are:

  • It having four register banks
  • 64K bytes on-chip programmable memory (ROM)
  • 128 bytes on-chip data memory (RAM)
  • Address bus is 16-bit unidirectional
  • Data bus is 8-bit bidirectional
  • 128 user defined flags
  • 16 bit timers
  • 32 general purpose registers each of 8-bit
  • 8051 microcontroller offers a number of special features such as ADC, UARTs, Op-amp, etc.

Architect of 8051 Microprocessor

Block Diagram of Internal Architect of 8051 Micro- Controller

CPU (Central Processing Unit): CPU act as a mind of any processing machine. It synchronizes and manages all processes that are carried out in microcontroller. User has no power to control the functioning of CPU. It interprets the program stored in ROM and carries out from storage and then performs it projected duty. CPU manage the different types of registers available in 8051 microcontroller.

Interrupts: Interrupts is a sub-routine call that given by the microcontroller when some other program with high priority is request for acquiring the system buses the n interrupts occur in current running program.

Types of interrupt in 8051 Microcontroller:

  • Timer 0 overflow interrupt – TF0
  • Timer 1 overflow interrupt – TF1
  • External hardware interrupt – INT0
  • External hardware interrupt – INT1
  • Serial communication interrupt – RI/TI

Memory: For operation Micro-controller required a program. This program guides the microcontroller to perform the specific tasks. This program installed in microcontroller required some on chip memory for the storage of the program. Microcontroller also required memory for storage of data and operands for the short duration. In microcontroller 8051 there is code or program memory of 4 KB that is it has 4 KB ROM and it also comprise of data memory (RAM) of 128 bytes.

Bus : Bus is a group of wires which uses as a communication canal or acts as means of data transfer. The different bus configuration includes 8, 16 or more cables. Therefore, a bus can bear 8 bits, 16 bits all together. The two types of bus used in 8051 microcontroller:

  • Address Bus: 8051 microcontrollers is consisting of 16 bit address bus. It is generally be used for transferring the data from Central Processing Unit to Memory.
  • Data bus: 8051 microcontroller is consisting of 8 bits data bus. It is generally be used for transferring the data from one peripherals position to other peripherals.

Oscillator: As the microcontroller is digital circuit therefore it needs timer for their operation. To perform timer operation inside microcontroller it required externally connected or on-chip oscillator. Microcontroller is used inside an embedded system for managing the function of devices. Therefore, 8051 uses the two 16 bit counters and timers. For the operation of this timers and counters the oscillator is used inside microcontroller.

Application of 8051 Microcontroller:

The 8051 microcontroller applications include a large amount of machines because it is used for incorporating inside a project or to assemble a machine using it. The major applications of 8051 Microcontroller:

  1. Energy Management : In energy management system the measuring device is used for calculating the energy consumption in industrialized and domestic applications. These systems are manufactured by integrating the microcontrollers inside their architecture configuration.
  2. Automobiles : Microcontroller 8051 is to be used for providing automobile solutions. They are largely be used in hybrid motor vehicles to control engine variations.
  3. Touch screens: The advanced degree of microcontroller integrate the touch sensing ability within their design .Transportable devices such as cell phones, media players and gaming devices are some example of microcontroller integrated with touch screens.
  4. Medical Devices: Microcontroller is used in various medical devices such as glucose and blood pressure measurement machine for monitoring and measuring the exact result in real-time computational environment.

Disability In the Media: TV Shows Featuring Disabled People

Representation matters. Disability in the media matters. 

According to PBS, “Portrayals of [marginalized people] in the media not only affect how others see them, but it affects how they see themselves.”

People with disabilities have yet to reach proportional representation on screen. More often than not, show producers seem to miss the mark on writing and casting disabled characters. Perhaps the storyline adheres to incorrect stereotypes and offensive tropes, or the show casts non-disabled people to portray disabled characters. In either case, it’s a form of ableism, “the discrimination of and social prejudice against people with disabilities based on the belief that typical abilities are superior.” Show makers must veer away from upholding ableism in media, as it’s not an adequate or appropriate representation for disabled individuals.

In this post, we’re highlighting shows that recognised the importance of disability in the media and cast actors with disabilities to play characters with disabilities.

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution is an American documentary film that won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival premiere.

Crip Camp Official Release Poster

The film follows Larry Allison, Judith Heumann, James LeBrecht, Denise Sherer Jacobson, and Stephen Hofmann, a group of Camp Jened campers. Camp Janed was based in upstate New York and described as a “loose, free-spirited camp designed for teens with disabilities.”

The viewer is given a glimpse into the teen group’s journey to becoming activists for the 1970s disability rights movement and fight for accessibility legislation.

Watch a story of activism and advocacy unfold in Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution, available to stream on Netflix.

Deaf U

Deaf U is a Netflix reality docu-series that follows a group of deaf and hard of hearing students at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. One of the series executive producers is Nyle DiMarco, a deaf activist, model, and actor, advocates for disability in the media and wanted to show various deaf experiences. His goal was “to show deaf people as humans, from all walks of life.” 

Deaf U Netflix Poster

The show introduces cast members Cheyenna Clearbrook, Rodney Burford, Tessa Lewis, Alexa Paulay-Simmons, Renate Rose, Daequan Taylor, and Dalton Taylor – each with different backgrounds, experiences, and stories to tell. 

Overall, Deaf U offers much to both hearing and deaf individuals and provides a unique viewing experience. One must rely heavily on the captions and subtitles if they don’t know ASL (a usual experience for deaf and hard of hearing people).

Meet the Gallaudet University students in Deaf U, available to stream on Netflix.

The Politician

Ryan Haddad in Netflix's The Politician

The Politician is a comedy series on Netflix that follows upper-class Santa Barbaran, Payton Hobart, in several of his political races, including a run for high school class president and New York State Senator. Payton’s ultimate goal is to become the President of the United States one day, and his group of closest friends and political advisors will do anything to help him.

One of the series recurring characters, Andrew Cashman, is a former classmate of Payton’s with cerebral palsy who helps him run in the New York State Senate race. Andrew Cashman, played by Ryan Haddad, who has cerebral palsy, is a cunning and charismatic character with the primary goal of impressing his high school crush, Infinity Jackson.

Catch Ryan Haddad’s performance in The Politician, available to stream on Netflix.

Sex Education

Sex Education is a British comedy-drama series about a socially awkward teenage boy and friends who set up an underground sex therapy clinic at their high school. The series is authentic, hilarious, and relatable, doing its best to depict the unchartered territory many high school students struggle to navigate, including relationships, identity, home-life, and mental health.

George Robinson in Netflix's Sex Education

In season two, the audience meets Isaac, a disabled teenage boy. Isaac, who uses a wheelchair, is a troublemaker with a massive crush on one of the series main characters, Maeve. Isaac’s character is played by George Robinson, who developed tetraplegia a few years ago after a rugby accident. With just a few appearances in Season 2 of the series, we’ll hopefully get to see more of Isaac’s storyline in Season 3, set to release in late 2021.

Binge the first two seasons and get to know Isaac in Sex Education, streaming now on Netflix.

When one sees a person on screen who looks like them or has had similar life experiences, it can make a lasting impact.

These movies and television series took steps to accurately represent disability in the media by hiring actors with disabilities and avoiding harmful tropes and stereotypes. Many of the shows recognized their lack of knowledge in the space and consulted with the disabled actors when writing for their characters. This created a space for a realistic and authentic portrayal of a person with a disability, rather than one fabricated by non-disabled people. 

As the saying goes, “Nothing about us without us.” The phrase, used by disability activists and advocates, rings true in the media and our society as a whole.

Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle is one that operates on an electric motor, instead of an internal-combustion engine that generates power by burning a mix of fuel and gases. An electric car such as Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric or Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Volt is a great way for you to not only save money but also help contribute towards a healthy and stable environment. Therefore, such as vehicle is seen as a possible replacement for current-generation automobile, in order to address the issue of rising pollution, global warming, depleting natural resources, etc. Though the concept of electric vehicles has been around for a long time, it has drawn a considerable amount of interest in the past decade amid a rising carbon footprint and other environmental impacts caused by fuel-based vehicles. Although, there are still a lot of vehicles running in world which makes use of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) which means an engine which generates mechanical power by combustion of a fuel. The number of electric vehicles on road is increasing tremendously and major player in this electric vehicle segment is Tesla. Tesla is famous for Elon Musk being it’s CEO and manufacturing Luxurious Electric Vehicles with a lot of features in them like self-driving,etc. However, other motor companies are also increasing the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles like TATA Motors in India and many other.

By buying an electric car, although you may end up paying more for your vehicle, the positives greatly overshadow the negatives. However, there are still two sides to consider when you’re thinking about investing in an electric vehicle.

EV’s get their power from rechargeable batteries installed inside the car. These batteries are not only used to power the car but also used for the functioning of lights and wipers.

Electric cars have more batteries than a regular gasoline car. It’s the same kind of batteries that are commonly used when starting up a gasoline engine. The only difference comes in the fact that in electric vehicles, they have more of them, which are used to power the engine.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles:

There are a lot of other advantages to electric vehicle apart from saving money on gas.

  • No Gas- Electric cars are entirely charged by the electricity you provide, meaning you don’t need to buy any gas ever again. Driving fuel-based cars can burn a hole in your pocket as prices of fuel have gone all-time high.
  • More Convinient- The electric vehicle is easy to recharge, and the best part is you will no longer need to run to the fuel station. Even a normal household socket can be used for charging an electric car.
  • No Emmission- The biggest advantage of an electric vehicle is that electric cars are 100 percent eco-friendly as they run on electrically powered engines. They do not emit toxic gases in the enviornment.
  • Low Maintenance- Electric cars run on electrically powered engines, and hence there is no need to lubricate the engines, anything related to the combustion engine or a ton of maintenance tasks that are usually associated with a gas engine. Therefore, the maintenance cost of these cars has come down. You don’t need to send it to the service station often as you do for a standard gasoline-powered car.
  • Safer to Drive- Electric cars undergo the same fitness and testing procedures test as other fuel-powered cars. An electric car is safer to use, given their lower center of gravity, which makes them much more stable on the road in case of a collision. They are even less likely to explode in the absence of any combustible fuel or gas.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution- Electric cars put a curb on noise pollution as they are much quieter. Electric motors are capable of providing smooth drive with higher acceleration over longer distances.
  • Battery Life- Batteries are an integral part of an electric vehicle. Most electric vehicle batteries are lithium ones, and their costs are improving every year.The full capacity of a lithium-ion battery cell should be good for 300 to 500 cycles. A good battery could last you up to ten years.

Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles:

  • Recharge Point- Electric fuelling stations are still in the development stages. Not a lot of places you go to on a daily basis will have electric fuelling stations for your vehicle, meaning that if you’re on a long trip or decide to visit family in a rural or suburban area and run out of charge, it may be harder to find a charging station. You may be stuck where you are.
  • High Initial Investment- As EVs are very new, you may be surprised when you take a look at the sticker price for EVs. Even the more affordable brands can be around $30,000 to $40,000.
  • Short Driving Range and Speed- Electric cars are limited by range and speed. Most of these cars have a range of about 50-100 miles and need to be recharged again. You just can’t use them for long journeys as of now, although it is expected to improve in the future.
  • Long Recharge Time- While it takes a couple of minutes to fuel your gasoline-powered car, an electric car takes about 4-6 hours and sometimes even a day to get fully charged.
  • Battery Replacement- Depending on the type and usage of battery, batteries of almost all electric cars are required to be changed every 3-10 years.

Health and Fitness

Health can generally be measured on major three parameters: Physical, Psychological and Nutritional. Physical health means the physical appearance of a person; Nutritional health means the presence of essential nutrients in the body to fight diseases with immunity. Psychological health means the ability in a person to maintain patience, calm and composure in all circumstances of life.

Health professionals consider cancer, diabetes and several other mental and physical health issues such as depression, lethargic attitude, etc to deficiencies in fitness and well-being of a person. Unhealthy and unfit lifestyle of a person also results in premature death. Obesity and lack of physical fitness in young generation sets the stage for diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health problems.

Walking, running, cycling, playing, swimming, gardening, skipping, weight-lifting and Yoga are some of the important activities which help us maintain fit and healthy lifestyle. A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes in the circumstances.

One should also spend time outdoors in the sun, inhaling fresh air and taking part in healthy activities. Staying active makes you stay energetic.

Out of the several components that affect one’s health, following are the seven key physical components to ensure the overall good health, fitness and mental well-being:

  1. Cardiovascular/Aerobic Conditioning
  2. Strength Training and Muscular Development
  3. Stretching – Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons
  4. Core Stability – Both physical and mental
  5. Nutrition and Supplementation – Balanced Diet

Eating healthy and nutrients rich food, exercising, taking sufficient sleep, avoiding intake of harmful substances are just few simple ways to stay healthy and fit. These are directly related to our mental, physical and emotional health.

Fitness and mental well-being are essential parts of a healthy life. The benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle are undeniable by all means.

Whether you decide to increase your activity levels slightly or develop and participate in a thorough fitness plan, it will pay you off in the long run. Exercise is good for your health of various organs of your body and makes you feel stronger.

Nutrition and fitness are essential for a healthy living. Not only we look and feel good, but by eating the right nutritional food and doing the right amount of exercise, we could also lower the chances of getting some pretty serious life-threatening diseases.

Things to be done for maintaining balanced healthy and fit lifestyle:

  1. Keeping body hydrated – Drink ample water
  2. Washing hands before and after meals – Maintain sanitation
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Intake of nutrients
  5. Regular, sound sleep

Conclusion: Sound health not only means keeping a health body but it also includes a healthy mental condition. Our health depends upon several factors such as food, pollution, regular sleeping habits, fresh air, water, sunlight, and healthy mental condition. Morning walks and physical exercises are very helpful for ensuring the fitness of our mind and body.


Rain is one of the most beautiful moments of nature. Rain is the falling of water from the clouds coming back to the earth, which is taken indirectly by the sun. Rain is a very beautiful moment that can enhance any person, and is able to make many people to admit it as a great blessing of God bestowed upon man by him in some specific time. Nature is beautiful and it has many forms, and scenes, each of which is different to one another and varies in their beauty. Rain is one of them that give a real feeling of happiness and gratitude in a sad or mournful time. There are various ways to enjoy rainy days. You can sit in your balcony and sip on tea while enjoying the whether. Moreover, you may go in the garden or terrace and bathe in it. Make paper boats and take a long drive on the road as well.

Rainy days are different from any other day. They hold great importance for everyone differently. People have different reasons to wait for the rainy season. No matter what the whether may be, a rainy day relaxes and soothes our soul. There are no age limits to enjoy rainy days people of almost every age enjoy it equally.

As stated earlier, rainy days are enjoyed by people of all ages. The kids are probably the most excited lot of all. Rainy days bring pleasant weather and uplift the moods of kids. Moreover, it gives them a chance to step out and play in the rain, jump in the puddles and make paper boats. Similarly, for students, a rainy day means a break from school. It gives them a break from their monotonous routine as the school declares a holiday. The joy of giving to school on a rainy day enjoying the weather and then realizing the school is closed is one of a kind experience. The students become relaxed and spend their day doing other activities like going out with friends and more. Most importantly, we see rainy days are of utmost importance for farmers. It is quite essential for the production of crops. It provides them with adequate water to make their crops flourish which will eventually benefit them.


A fresh, afternoon shower soothes our soul and rekindles our enthusiasm. The rain drops resting on the trees and flowers, and the chirping of a thousand unknown birds provide a surreal feeling to our minds. The sound of rain on tin roofs and the refreshing petrichor acts as a balm for our tired souls. Something is astonishing and beautiful in observing cats and dogs as they run inside sheds to shelter themselves from the torrential downpour. Rainy days are like recesses between our exhausting routines. We are all creatures of Mother Nature, and it takes very little to bring out our anarchic selves. Rainy days are those rare times when we take our eyes off our phones and gadgets and experience nature in all its glory. Few people can resist running to their balcony to take in the smell of rain. It fills our mechanical hearts with a strange warmth. The small raindrops on windowpanes and dandelions shine like pearls in the late sunlight. Rain comes with thunder and lighting. The grey clouds darken the usual azure palate and guard the sun. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and that renews our hope and inspires us.

Rainy days are perfect for introverts. They would cuddle up with blankets and a warm cup of coffee and their favorite book. They would plug in their earphones and listen to songs.

Learning Disability (LD)

A child with a learning disability finds difficulty in reading, listening, speaking, understanding mathematical concepts, and with general comprehension. It is a neurological condition that affects the brain’s ability for sending, receiving, and processing information. It is important to make a note that LD is not a cause of physical or mental illness, economic or cultural background. Neither indicates that the child is weak or lazy. Some children that begin with slow learners but cope with their studies in the future don’t fall under LD. Children’s approach to a specific type of learning is not LD but a child’s interest. 

Causes of Learning Disability

There is no specific cause of LD. However, there are certain factors that can lead to learning disabilities.

  1. Heredity: It is seen that the child with parents who had LD is likely to grow the same as well. 
  2. Illness during pregnancy or after birth: If a child had injuries during or after birth is likely to grow LD. Other causes such as drug or alcohol consumption during pregnancy, physical trauma, poor growth in the uterus, low birth weight, and premature or prolonged labor also result in LD. 
  3. Stress as an infant: If an infant had a stressful incident after birth such as high fever, head injury, or poor nutrition, then the child can grow LD. 
  4. Environment: Excessive exposure to toxins such as lead can be a cause of LD.
  5. Comorbidity: Children with LD have higher chances of attention problems or disruptive behavior problems. 25% of children with reading disabilities also have ADHD. Similarly, 15 to 30% of children with ADHD have a learning disability.

During regular physiological development, children acquire basic sets of basic cognition and motor skills. If the child has any delay or gap in this development then it can be a sign of LD.

Sings and symptoms

Dealing with children with learning disability - myRepublica - The New York  Times Partner, Latest news of Nepal in English, Latest News Articles

To diagnose this condition a series of well-researched and proven tests and assessments have to be conducted. Generally, 5% of school children have LD. A child with a learning disability might also have ADHD as well. The symptoms of LD may vary from person to person during every stage of childhood. Commons signs of LD are listed as,

  1. Problems with reading and or writing
  2. Difficulty with mathematics
  3. Weak memory
  4. Difficulty in being attentive
  5. Trouble to follow directions
  6. clumsy behavior
  7. Unable to understand and tell time
  8. Unorganized

A child with LD will also have one or more of the following symptoms.

  1. The child might make impulsive decisions
  2. Isolate themselves
  3. Get easily distracted
  4. Unable to say a word correctly or express 
  5. Poor performance in school
  6. Unable to speak properly or complete sentences
  7. Lack of concentration
  8. Unable to go with changes in schedules or situations
  9. Difficulty in understanding words or concepts


LD is diagnosed after multiple tests conducted by a group of specialists. They include child psychologists, special educators, pediatricians, or child psychiatrists. A clinical psychologist will conduct special intelligence tests that determine whether the child’s intellectual functioning is normal or not. Special educator assesses the child’s academic achievements with the help of standard education tests. These tests assess the areas of reading, spelling, written language, and mathematics. The counselor focuses on the behavioral issues that a child might have. When LD is detected, a pediatrician will enquire about the child’s performance in school and provide guidance to parents to get their child’s psycho-educational assessment done. Child psychiatrist checks whether there exist any symptoms of ADHD as there are higher chances of its coexistence. All of these, together contribute to treating children with learning disabilities.

Last words

A child with a learning disability is no different than any other child. It is just a neurological problem that can be treated with professionals help. It is important to give attention to this problem as it might be a big problem when the child is grown up. A number of medical and professional treatments are available to cope up with this issue. We should not ignore this matter and treat the issue as soon as possible. Because if it is left untreated then the children may lose the ability to cope up with the disability when they grow old.