Dealing with anxiety while working from home!

Telecommuting accompanies a ton of interruptions. There may even be a distinction from work since you don’t see your group consistently and surprisingly working in segregation. This may hamper your emotional well-being just as your general efficiency.

Right now, it is somewhat hard to decide when will the circumstance be typical once more, when will all the hustle-clamor start. Till all is good and well, we as a whole need to take a gander at the more brilliant side of life of working inside the got dividers of our home and with our families’ sponsorship and supporting us.

Making a daily practice and adhering to it can assist with diminishing some pressure that accompanies telecommuting. Work from home should not be tied in with escaping the bed, going directly to the PC to begin the workday, yet rather keeping a design and putting together those work hours to have the effect.

Make an assigned workspace for your office work to genuinely and intellectually separate work from home life. It very well may be any space, appropriate room, a corner in the overhang, or perhaps a region in your lounge; it simply must be away from interruptions, with satisfactory lighting and whatever other assets that you may have to work easily.

Telecommuting can to be sure be somewhat repetitive with no adjustment of working space or individuals around, which can now and then negatively affect your balance between serious and fun activities and every day efficiency. It is in every case great to take a little break from work and spoil yourself. Be that as it may, recollect, self-care isn’t something you do when you are anxious; all things considered, it is choosing to deal with yourself as a customary practice. So be inventive and track down a ‘glad’ spot to invest some energy reviving.

Ensure in these difficult occasions you stay associated with individuals around you. There might be chances that the telecommuting arrangement can cause you to feel restless and disengaged, yet opening up with individuals around you can help you feel somewhat better.

Self Employment Ideas

For a smooth living, a stable source of income has become an utmost necessity. The modern world grants many employment opportunities to the people to choose from. People choose their career options that suit their necessities and personality. People engage themselves in various jobs to secure their present and future. The 9 to 5 jobs are considered to be the most common and safe option for people that promises a good salary at the end of the month. In the present time of crisis, many people lost their jobs and with no source of income, life has definitely come to a standstill for them. To keep going with the flow of life, people have started to utilize their passion in a professional way that would fetch them money to lead a good life.

Self employment is that job opportunity where a person is his own boss. Although being self employed is not at all an easy task because there are challenges at every step. Initially, a self employed person might face many downfalls, monetary losses, uncertainty about continuity of the job and many such issues. Apart from that, stress, anxiety, feeling of despair, under – confidence, societal pressure, unfulfillment of economic needs etc might crush the person. But if a person believes in himself and his ideas, is determined and hard working, no challenge can break him. Ideas and proper execution of ideas are the key to a successful self employment opportunity.

10 Self Employment Ideas

1. Freelancing

Freelancing refers to that self employment idea where a person puts up his skills on the concerned websites so that they could be hired by companies for a period of time. Freelancers don’t work as employees rather they work on the basis of contract. Freelancing includes works like Content Writing, Proofreading, Web designing, Copywriting etc.

2. Blogging

Blogging is the most common self employment idea presently. To become a good blogger, one needs to have an internet connection, a laptop or maybe a smartphone and a lot of ideas on varied topics that would catch the attention of the readers. For example, right now, ‘Fashion’ is something that everyone is interested in and blogs on fashion would fetch a blogger with lots of readers and ultimately profit. The same goes with health and fitness blogs, travel blogs etc.

3. YouTube

YouTube has become the most popular platform on the internet where people showcase their talents. Some use this platform for entertainment purpose and for some it is a source of income. People post their music, dance, acting, cooking, painting and other such videos on YouTube. YouTube pays people when their videos cross a certain limit of views, likes and subscribers. Some people even earn around lakhs monthly from YouTube. It is a perfect platform to earn name, fame and money.

4. Make – up Artists

Make – up Artists are in great demand nowadays. A training certificate from a well known institute is enough to start with the job. Although the well established Make – up Artists have customers throughout the year yet the business of the Make – up Artists bloom more during the wedding season.

5. Home Bakers

In the past few years, home bakers have come up in huge numbers. People who are interested in baking have taken an opportunity to use their skills to earn money. Home bakers bake at the comfort of their homes and sell their eatable items.

6. Selling hand – made products

People good at art and crafts can make use of their crafting skills to start their own line of business. There are many websites where people sell their hand made products. Social media applications like Facebook, Instagram etc are used for promoting their products. Some of the hand – made products are so well crafted that it gives a tough competition to machine – made products.

7. App designing

With the popularity and necessity of smartphones, app developing industry is getting popular. With a proper training in an app developing course, one can start his career in this industry even remotely.

8. Social Media Influencers

This profession is the most discussed and popular profession of recent times. With the growing popularity of social media, social media influencers are growing in numbers. These influencers specialise in specific content and work on those contents. They make regular posts on their social media accounts on their specialised topics in an interesting way to attract the attention of the viewers. Because these influencers have a massive fan base, they are approached by the top brands for promotion of their products. This is of course a great self employment idea.

9. Tuitions

If a person thinks that he is good at any subject, he can start teaching students. Initially there might be one or two students but gradually if his students appreciate his teaching process, many more students would enroll themselves in his tuition. Because people give so much importance to education, taking tuitions is a good idea to start one’s career.

10. Photography

The photography industry is also growing rapidly. A person with photography skills can easily turn his passion for photography into profession. To begin with, one should take mini steps like concentrating on creating his own portfolio, learn from or intern under skilled photographers to enhance their already existing skills. After building a strong portfolio and promotion of his works, he could be approached by people to cover various events from which he can earn his living.

These are a few self employment ideas that people can make use of to earn their daily bread. Before taking up any self employment idea, one has to self introspect and self discover to know what he wants in his life. When a person turns his passion into profession, his zeal towards working immediately doubles than ever before.


Don’t you think, that it’s very important to know businesses before starting one? It is a yes from my side. Why is that a yes? There are millions and trillions of people who are looking forward to their startups and become an entrepreneur. But it is remarkable to be well versed on what business you wanna run, the experience of the same will help you in future. I would like to say experience is the only thing we won’t ever regret about. Experience is the kind of thing that makes the person uptight, it’s not just only about experiencing a job to start a business, it’s also about experiencing some actions in personal life that would help us to improve. prior knowledge will help you get all the appropriate and vital information on which you are planning to go on with. It will enhance your skills more, by experience you get more discipline, you can acquire the leadership skills if you do not have one you learn to be one. It is well said that, keep making mistakes until you are successful.

Many people nowadays are anticipated in starting something new or walk away to do something of own and resign from the old job. The idea seems interesting and passionate but the dreams look good while dreaming because, in reality, it is quite different from a dream which may create some trouble and also the loss of money put in for investment or setting some business up, this will happen if the person doesn’t know this.

Making a jump from employee to entrepreneur is a big move for one, it’s not only about making money but also about own mindset, also in changing a lifestyle, and the way of thinking.
What’s the thought in mind when we think about being an entrepreneur? will he be able to own a business or is being an employee is the best thing. As we all talked about mindset. Employees have a different mindset than an entrepreneur. Employees think like, they have been given this assignment and they have to finish accordingly. So that person has the level of discipline to work upon as soon as possible. Where, entrepreneurs think like, they know how to do it when to do it independently, as there are no restrictions and pressure from anyone. One can do it with whole lots of creativity and with responsibility.

There are advantages of working before starting your own business:
1. you can learn more about your idea and creativity, get more time to explore different business options and what suits you.
2. Can learn more about the industry and how’s it working and what are the ups and downs in the business. And also get to know where to invest, how much to invest.

This amazes me that everyone in the world wants to be more independent and all that stuff. But there will be some pieces of advice from parents and relatives about doing a job first rather than starting up a business first, and that’s true. But there might be a reason some people got an idea to start while they were working as a colleague. If you have the confidence of converting your ideas into a business then why wasting time.


Amidst all the problems that exist in India, the unemployment crisis is at the topmost position. A report by Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) reveals India’s unexpected increased unemployment rate to 24% in April 2020, then decreasing to 9.1% in December 2020 and 6% in January 2021. Thus impacted as many as around 90 lakh people losing jobs during the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown. The number of unemployed people might have deceased over the period, but unemployment still remains an unsolved problem in India.

Problems caused due to unemployment

Unemployment and poverty goes side by side. The problem of unemployment gives rise to the problem of poverty. Young people after a long time of unemployment find the wrong way to earn money. To get rid from the unemployment stress, they accept alcohol or drugs. The personal and social costs of unemployment include severe financial hardship and poverty, debt, homeless and housing stress, family tensions and breakdown, boredom, alienation, shame and stigma, increased social isolation, crime, erosion of confidence an self-esteem, the atrophying of work skills and ill-health.

Haryana- The highest unemployment rate in India.

Haryana recorded the highest unemployment rate in India, as per the data released by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy for February 2021. With a 26.4% unemployment rate. Haryana’s unemployment is nearly four times the national average. The spike in the unemployment rate comes after the state saw a considerable dip in the jobless figures in January 2021. In January, the unemployment came down to 17.7% from over 32% in December 2020. Economists and industries have attributed this to extreme volatility in the market.

Types of unemployment crisis in India:

  • Disguised unemployment: When organizations hire employees more than they need.
  • Structural unemployment: When employees skill set mismatch with their jobs roles due to the unavailability of jobs in the market.
  • Seasonal unemployment: When people do not have work during certain seasons of the year, like labourer in India rarely earn through daily wage jobs throughout the year.
  • Technological unemployment: It is when people lose their jobs due to technological advancements. Example- manual processes replaced by digital and automation.
  • Cyclical unemployment: When a massive number of employees are removed from the organization during recessions.
  • Frictional unemployment: When people are unemployed for a short period while searching for a new job or switching between jobs. The reason for this type of unemployment is not a shortage of jobs, instead the employees themselves quit their jobs in search of better job opportunities.

Major causes and impact of unemployment

  • Large population-India has crossed 1,389,456,823 population already with only $1,877 per capital income.
  • Low or no educational levels-As per NSO’s report, India’s average literacy rate is 77.7%. The sad part is, almost 2 million graduates and half a million postgraduates are still unemployed in India.
  • Low employment skills.Around 47% of graduates in India are not suitable for any kind of job role.
  • Job opportunity and skills mismatch-According to a report, 48% of urban youth face the problem of landing a suitable job, 38% of those who are employed are dissatisfied with their current job.
  • Societal responsibilities for women-Only 19.9% of educated women in India are employed, as many of them are graduates but have to get married right after their graduation, others quit jobs due to family responsibilities or pregnancy and maternity gap.

Solutions to unemployment

  • Education-For every problem in the world,education stands as the strongest solution. Education is the basic right of any citizen and it should be provided with minimum fees. Right from equal educational facilities, to skill-based and computer knowledge, the educational system can and should be improved.
  • Career guidance-Job seekers who are educated but could not figure the right career path should consult a career guidance expert. Every industry has numerous career opportunities but Indian workers lack complete awareness about the same. A career guidance expert can help job seekers understand the industry know-how, zero down on the best career option and choose the right career path for them.
  • Skill-based training-Every job role requires a specific skill set and every job seeker should get trained in those skills. Many EdTech startups provide career guidance with industry, job or company-specific training to hone organizational skills. These skills training sessions also include resume through mock interviews and everything that can help job seekers become employable.

Laugh Your Stress Away With These TV Shows

The current pandemic has been very stressful for many people around the world. Uncertainties in employment, increased job stress, academic stress and worry about the spread of the coronavirus and contracting the disease have been a few worries plaguing the minds of many people across the globe. Too much of stress and worrying is bad for both the physical well-being of the body and mental health of the psyche.

It is important to occasionally take a step back from the various problems and worries in life and destress. What better way to do it than with some laughter? The saying ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ is actually more than just that. Some of the benefits of laughter are:

  • It is a mood booster– Laughing releases endorphins. Endorphins are hormones which are responsible for the feeling of happiness and pleasure. The more a person laughs, the more endorphins get produced, which consequently lead to more happiness
  • It protects the body from effects of stress– When you laugh, your body’s stress response gets activated and then gets reduced. This causes a increase and subsequent decrease in the blood pressure and the heart rate
  • It gives a boost to the immune system– Prolonged stress and tension can compromise the immune system. Laughter decreases its effects thus strengthening your immune system
  • It protects the heart– Laughing lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow and improves the functioning of blood vessels.

Laugh your way to good health with these five American sitcoms:


Promotional visual for Friends

No list of the best American sitcoms would be complete without this iconic series. ‘Friends’ narrates the story of a group of six friends – Monica Geller, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller. The series follows their daily ups and downs. The series ran for a decade- from 1994 to 2004. Although some of the jokes and situations may be lost to a lack of relevancy in current times, the humorous situations the characters go through will make you laugh out loud.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Promotional visual for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Ever thought that a comedy cop series couldn’t exist? Brooklyn Nine-Nine is here to prove you wrong! As the name suggests, it’s based in the fictional 99th precinct of Brooklyn, as follows the daily lives of a group of New York Police Department personnel. The shenanigans they get into will have you in stitches the whole time! Season 8, which will also be the final season, comes out on the 12th of August, you might want to catch up on the story till then!

Modern Family

Promotional visual for Modern Family

Tired of seeing dramatic family soap operas? Itching for a family-based show with laughter, heartfelt moments and light-heartedness? Give Modern Family a chance. The show follows the life of the families of Jay Pritchett, his daughter Claire Dunphy and his son Mitchell Pritchett. The show is filmed in a mockumentary style, which further enhances its comedic value.

The Big Bang Theory

Promotional visual for The Big Bang Theory

Love science? Love comedy too? Don’t worry, the Big Bang Theory’s got you covered! This sitcom is centered around five friends- physicists Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, their neighbor Penny who is an aspiring actress and their co-workers, astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali and aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz and the various humorous situations they experience with each other, their co-workers and other friends.

Young Sheldon

Promotional visual for Young Sheldon

Couldn’t get enough of the Big Bang Theory? Loved Sheldon? Did you want to know more about him and want to see more of him? Watch Young Sheldon! The series is a spin-off acting as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory. The show is a narration of Sheldon about his life as a kid. Follow the hilarious interactions of the child genius and socially inept Sheldon Cooper as he tries to navigate the world!

Phytoremediation : A sustainable approach for ecosystem restoration

Phytoremediation is a technique by which toxic or harmful contaminants are bioaccumulated by the plants or trees by their internal metabolism. This technique, when used to treat land and water systems, is called phytoremediation. This technique is used by various institutions to treat water and land bodies that are degraded because of human activities.

Chernobyl is a place in Ukraine where a tragic Nuclear Disaster took place in 1986. Which transformed the place into an isolated wasteland with radioactivity. After decades of extensive plantation in Chernobyl, the place is totally transformed. Plants and trees which help in phytoremediation were planted in the area and the project turns out to be a total success. The Chernobyl we see now is a result of extensive phytoremediation in that place. Like Chernobyl, there are many other places where phytoremediation is being used for restoration.

A point to note is not all plants are made for phytoremediation. Some plants which are used for this purpose are duckweed, sunflowers, Four o’clock, Pteris vittata, barley, hemp, Paulownia, etc. The list goes on. Research is going on every day for the discovery of more such plants which can help in phytoremediation.

Advantages of phytoremediation are that the process helps in the elimination of toxic elements, a natural and a sustainable way for ecosystem restoration, improves the fertility of soil also the place where the technique is being applied not only becomes greener but also becomes aesthetically pleasing.

With advantages come disadvantages and they are time-based process and needs many years for the result, the specific plant has to be chosen for a specific area and its need, foraging of animals has to be restricted at any cost because the plants and tree uptakes toxic element and if other animals consume the plants or trees, it may cause toxicity to the animal as well.

Reiterating, I think phytoremediation is one of the excellent techniques for ecosystem restoration sustainably.

Is Dowry more important than someone’s life?

There are two categories of “male for sale ” first is the traditional one.. men whose parents straight away demand money n things,, give list of gifts they want n money to be distributed to relatives……..(anyways i compare such relatives of boy to nachaniyas who are taking money from girls father to dance. please stop saying they dance for their nephews wedding. But atleast in this category the girls family knows the exact cost n they decide whether they want to buy or not… and if the” product” they are buying the worth the cost or not….and few families happily do it because their daughters are not educated enough to go out n earn n they give one time payment to boy to feed clothe n shelter their daughters for life time plus a prestigious tag of “married” which gives a girl so much respect in society..and i wont forget to mention an annual maintenance charge when they give expensive gifts to girls family on their birthdays anniversaries, festivals, pregnancy of girl, childbirth..very cunningly there r so many customs which require a girls family to keep shelling out money one way or another….But again i say this particular breed of doolhas (bridegrooms) atleast tells his cost before he is bought under the leash of matrimony.

Second category are most dangerous.they will happily claim “dowry not required” n will be boasting they r well off n dont require anything..but wait….. Are they not sending interests after seeing what girl does, how educated is she n how much she earns…what parents do n what they earn..they assume that due to society showoff practices so common in middle class the family will give them dowry without being asked..n they r not stupid like gigolos who take one time payment for marrying a girl they will be taking monthly payment when they want the girls to give their salaries to them n ultimately have all control on her money…. who cares for a stupid TV fridge AC washing machine car when the trophy girl can buy these things with her four month salary…or even with what she already has in her can even cry about being in debts n ask the girl to clear them up all with her savings…(That’s another story no debts r ever mentioned before ..if a girls family know the guy has debts equal to his five year salary one will marry their girls to them..)so they just tell their salaries n later know that once a girl is bound to them legally n especially if she is satisavitri types who believes that her man is her everything n there is no life beyond marraige..she will be so happy to clear debts. .this is steal deal,,,,getting a girl who cooks cleans plus gives money too!…but the problem starts when the girl is not willing to part with her hard earned money or she cannot take the abusive behaviour of inlaws anymore..its then that the true colors of this breed shows..the seemingly teetotaler turns out to be a monster who will go to any extend to physically n mentally torture a girl, a girl who is intelligent educated n doing well in career will be a sorry picture then..few have guts to file divorce n walk away…better to spend all ur savings on a divorce case n get rid of such person than staying in this relationship n getting tortured everyday n also having no right over your hard earned money so a final piece of advice to parents seeking grooms for their daughters who were not able to find a mate for life on their own..even if u go for arranged marraige especially through matrimonial site, before finalising the wedding please get a detective agency to enquire about the boy…better to spend money now than later getting your battered daughter treated in ICU battling for life after the greedy in-laws poisons her or spending a fortune getting divorce if ur daughter is sane enough to leave the married tag happily..n if u urself endorse dowry n want to show off the party n dowry items atleast buy gigolo of first variety mentioned above, atleast they mention all costs clearly n have better chance of keeping ur daughter happy. but why do that too….either find a man for ur daughter or let her live alone.

Gigolos are not worthy of marraige. Don’t bother about the society….do they come n help when your daughter is beaten up?no do they go n try to covince the boy n his family not to torture the girl? no…are they ready to contribute the amount the greedy boy asks after one month of marraige? no infact the so called relatives n wellwishers will start avoiding u once they know there r matrimonial be mature n take right decisions. girl is burnt alive every 20 minute for dowry n not even one percent of cases of DV go to court. Women is silenced to save grace of family.