When Lord Shiva’s hand is on you, what signs might you expect to see?

Lord Shiva carries the title of destroyer in our texts. Every Shiva devotee is curious as to how Lord Shankar was born and who his parents are. In the Puranas, there are several accounts about Lord Shiva’s birth and his parents. Lord Shiva is said to be Swayambhu, or his origin is himself, according to the Shiva Purana. Bholenath exists beyond of time and space.

A narrative of Lord Shiva’s birth can be found in the Vishnu Purana. According to mythology, when Brahma ji required a child, he performed penance. Then Shiva, the sobbing kid, arrived in her lap. When Brahma inquired as to why the youngster was crying, he simply replied that because his name was not “Brahma,” he was crying. Brahma then gave Shiva the name Rudra, which means “one who weeps.” The birth of Shiva as Brahma’s son is also the subject of a mythical narrative in the Vishnu Purana. According to this, when the entire cosmos, including the earth, heaven, and Hades, was inundated, only Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh remained. Then only Vishnu, on his Sheshnag, was seen resting on the water’s surface. Then Brahma ji arrived on his navel’s lotus umbilical cord.

When one’s heart is full of devotion, there is no room in one’s head for impure thoughts. And someone who has bhakti will not appreciate someone just because they are affluent or powerful. He is unconcerned about wealth or pelf. In a discourse, R. Narayanan said that he will always have regard for those who are devoted to God.Appar claims that if a person is not a devotee of Lord Siva, he will be indifferent to him, even if he is as wealthy as Kubera, the God of Wealth. If a man is a devotee of Lord Siva, however, Appar will worship him regardless of his wealth.

Signs you can expect

  1. Your ego will crumble, and it will be at an all-time low.
  2. You’ll see that nothing is filthy or lovely; everything has its own essence.
  3. You will no longer seek acceptance from others; the only approval you will require is from your own soul and Lord Shiva.
  4. You’ll want to cry if you encounter someone in suffering or who is hungry.
  5. You will not pass judgment on anyone and will value human beings regardless of their financial, physical, or other characteristics.
  6. You will no longer objectify women; instead, you will perceive a woman as a human being, not a gender.
  7. Anger will be at an all-time low, and there will be perpetual enjoyment and a smile on the face for no apparent reason.
  8. Very upbeat, and a beautiful radiance will emerge.
  9. Your emptiness, restlessness, and hollow will be gone.
  10. You will begin to value animals and nature more than humans, and you will refuse to pluck even a single bloom from a tree.
  11. You will experience negative when you tell lies, criticize people, think nasty thoughts, and so on.
  12. Your mind’s conditioning will begin to crumble, and you will see the truth as it is rather than the truth as it is presented by society and education.
  13. You will be a very loyal person with a lot of love for everyone and few negative characteristics.
  14. Money will no longer entice you; instead, you will stop seeking it and begin to acquire it with a simple approach.


What is Success ? 👈

Success is something that makes our life meaningful. It is the highest point in the ladder that one wishes to climb upon. We all would have played the game of snake ladder. In this game, we are bitten by the snake many times especially when we reach easily towards target. The same is the story of success. The ladder for the success is full of challenges and we have to be ready to face and overcome these challenges to be successful in our life.

We need to work hard and value our time to make our dreams come true. Success is only granted to those who deserve it. They are the people who work accordingly to accomplish the goals of their life and make their dreams come true. Failure is a part of success. Despite being depressed with our failure we must try to learn from it. It helps us in knowing about our mistakes. The meaning of success is different for everyone. To someone, it is getting a good position, good wealth, etc. According to me, the real success lies in thing that you love and want to do. Success in that thing will make you happy and satisfied. For example dancing, singing, studies, sports, etc.

Steps For Success👇

  • Decide the Goal – We all must have a goal in our life. Life without aim is of no value. An aim in our life helps us to be focused and think about accomplishing the same.
  • Time Management – It is the most important factor that is required for getting success in life. Time lost can never be brought back. Everything in this world is meant to be done in a definite period of time. Therefore we must realize the importance of time and work accordingly to get rewarded with a happy and successful life.
  • Motivation – Everybody in this world needs an inspiration that helps us in pushing forward to accomplish our goals of life. It is something that instills a spark in us and gives us positive energy to work with dedication.
  • Hard Work – There is no substitute for the hard work in the process of becoming successful. There are people in this world provided with luck or genius minds but hard work is necessary for everyone. It is considered the key to success irrespective of the field.

How is Success Important in Our Life?👀

We all work to achieve something in our lives. The goals can vary but the final destination for everyone is getting successful. It is very important for us to become successful in our lives. It gives us a good name and recognition in our society. Success makes us more confident and happier in life. It also provides us great inner satisfaction as attaining success means getting the thing that we desire and love doing in our life.

It is most important for the survival of human beings. It opens up the doors of different opportunities for us. Success gives us the encouragement to move forward in our life. We can never live our life without encouragement or motivation. Success is something that makes our life meaningful and optimistic. It is something that gives a proper direction to our life. The successful people are an exemplar for other people in the society.


It is always said that in order to gain something in our life we have to sacrifice something. Success is also about the same. We need to leave our lazy behavior and luxuries of life far behind to become successful. This can be realized by you once you become successful in your life. And you feel proud of yourself that day.

Online shopping or Offline shopping?

Who doesn’t love shopping? Shopping is therapeutic. Everytime we go for shopping, our mood changes. We get excited when we get our hands on the things we have wished for. The sense of happiness that we experience is something so different. Human wants are endless and so are the reasons to shop.

These days there has been a debate going on, whether online shopping is better or offline shopping. However, both modes of shopping has its own pros and cons. People have not taken over just one mode of shopping rather they prefer both based on their convenience. Of course, it cannot be denied that online shopping has quite a bit threatened the functioning of offline retail stores.

Online Shopping

With easy access to Internet, we are just a few clicks away to get what we want. Online shopping is undoubtedly a relaxing and convenient mode of shopping. Right from clothes to groceries, digital gadgets to crafted products, almost everything can be purchased online. Especially in the time of pandemic, online shopping has bloomed greatly. People prefer to use online shopping platforms to get their essentials delivered rather than going out and risking their lives. However, online shopping has its own pros and cons.

Pros of online shopping

When shopping online we can get our hands on a variety of products at the same time. We can buy clothes, ornaments, shoes etc at once without having to hop here and there.

We can easily find branded and imported products online without any difficulty.

There is no particular time to shop online. We can place our order at any time of the day and at any day of the week.

Sometimes, in different shopping applications the prices of the same product varies. In that case we can make a comparison and buy from the pocket friendly app.

When shopping online, the ordered products gets delivered right at our doorstep which definitely is a great advantage of shopping online.

We can filter our choices and preferences to narrow down the search so that we can view only those types of products we are looking for.

In online shopping platforms, some or the other discounts goes on everyday that allows the buyers to shop at a lower price.

A buyer can confirm the quality and authenticity of the products by looking at the reviews and ratings provided by other buyers of the same products.

Cons of online shopping

The products takes a long time to get delivered. Sometimes, due to prolonged delivery the buyer might face certain problems.

Because we cannot touch or see the product we are buying in real, there might be some issues with the quality or size of the product. Every brand has different size and quality and so it is difficult to identify the quality and the accurate size of the product we order.

Sometimes, the picture of the product that we buy may be deceptive. We might receive something which not at all look like the one we have seen online. Getting what we didn’t order would be a disappointment. The disappointment would be worst if no ‘return’ facility is provided for that product. It would be a sheer waste of money.

With increasing rates of cyber crimes online shoppers have become the soft targets of the criminals. The bank details of the online shoppers might get hacked which indeed creates a big problem.

Offline Shopping

Offline shopping is the traditional mode of shopping. This mode of shopping has its own unique charm. Despite the popularity of online shopping, offline shopping has still survived. People often roam around the streets with their friends and families adding life to the shops and social relationships are established between the customers and shopkeepers. Offline Shopping too has its own pros and cons.

Pros of offline shopping

When we buy from a physical store, we can buy the products after closely inspecting the quality of it. We can take a trial of the things be it clothes, shoes etc that we wish to buy so that we don’t regret the purchase.

If by any chance, after the purchase we do not like the product, we can easily return or exchange it.

We need not wait for a long time to get the products we buy. We can immediately get it after we pay the price of the product to the shopkeeper.

No offline shopper buys something without bargaining. The customers enjoy it.

If we suddenly get an invitation to attend an event and we want to look presentable, the only option that strikes our mind is to shop from an offline retail store. We can immediately rush to the market and buy a dress, shoe, jewellery or any such things that we need without any delay.

Cons of offline shopping

Offline shopping can be tiresome. Sometimes people spend their whole day hopping from one shop to another to buy the product they want and still not find it. In that case, it would be a waste of time and energy. To return home empty hand after spending hours in the market can be frustrating.

Markets are a crowded area. Too many people getting into a shop can disrupt shopping fun. Waiting at a shop for a long time to get bills paid is not liked at all. People generally prefer to shop in a peaceful environment without much hassle.

Limited branded clothes are accessible in offline stores.

Buying from an offline store can be expensive most of the times. Customers find the same product online at a much lower price.

Inter – relation between online and offline shopping

Although both the modes of shopping has its own advantages and disadvantages yet there is an inter – relation between the two. Some offline retail store put up their products online for the customers to purchase. This way they earn a good amount of profit.

No mode of shopping can completely overpower the other. Both plays their unique role in providing services to people. People use both the modes as per their preferences and convenience. However, be it online or offline, it cannot be denied that shopping brings a smile on the face of the people. Yes, it is no less than a therapy.


Big Sur is a very famous tourist place in the whole world. It comes under the top 35 tourist destinations in the whole world. Big Sur is known for its intact scenic views and natural beauty. It is called the longest and the most scenic stretch of the coastal line of the United States. Bigs Sur is located on California’s central coast between Carmel and San Simeon, and also surrounds to the east of Santa Lucia and west of the pacific ocean. Research says that this place has the same number of visitors as Yosemite National Park, but this place provides limited services of bus, restrooms, etc. The traffic and congestion here are so normal because of the large number of visitors. This place is incorporated in a village which makes this place more authentic and cultural. Big Sur is an all-season place, every season shows the beauty of the place in its.

There is an iconic and most attractive tourist place to roam around, from hikes to historical sites and waterfalls to scenic views. It is a great weekend trip from San Francisco, this place is absolutely for nature lovers. It is one of the marvelous road trips of California and it comes under the many romantic places.
1. McWay FALLS
It is the best photographic waterfall on the sandy shores of McWay beach. It originally flows straight into the Pacific Ocean but in 1983 an incident occurred, rocks dropped into the water which created a beach. The waterfalls also provide water to McWay creek. Gray whales, seals, and birds like oystercatchers and pelicans can be seen between December to April at the shore.

McWay falls.

2. Pfeiffer Beach
There is a narrow and twisted road to reach Pfeiffer beach, it is a mile from the entrance of Pfeiffer state park. there’s a short walk from the parking lot to a breathtaking sea view, better than any other coast and beach. It just gives the vibe of awesomeness. The main and famous attraction of this beach is Keyhole Rock. This place has a natural arch in between. A popular place for enjoying the sunset view. Seating here at this beach and relaxing is a major vibe check.

3. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
This location describes the whole marine life. Here there is an abundance of wildlife and marine life which includes hundreds of habitats of sea creatures and is popular with photographers, scuba divers. This place is located at the north end of the coastal line. Hiking is very popular over this place which also navigates the incredible scenic views of the Ocean.

4. Ragged point
For tourists, this is probably the first spot. It will be a great experience at a Ragged point by pulling over at Ragged point inn and resort, it is top of a 300-foot cliff, the view from this place is unbelievable and the feeling of lush greenery and sound of water splashing over stones. Tourists can also have a look at the wildlife habitat within Piedras Blancas State Marine Reserve. In the coastal area, there is this amazing place elephant seal Rookery which provides hundreds of very large and loud elephant seals.

5. Partington Cove
It is a hiking spot, people usually part the vehicles outside go through a metal gate to hike which is a route of the ocean, the route is from between the forest.

6. Point Sur State Historic Park
20 miles south of Monterey and north along the coast from Andrew Molera State Park, the historic park is centered point lighthouse it is there since 1889, the historic lighthouse, which has guided many visitors through waterways to the states.

7. Andrew Molera State Park
It is the largest state park, it is best to explore a variety of things like coastal redwoods, High bluffs, and yes, beaches too. It is a very confusing trek but an adventurous one.

8. Garrapata Park
It offers beautiful beaches, hiking, and it is accessible from Highway 1. Garrapata is on the South end of the park near mile markers 17 and 18. Hiking extends to Soberanes Point, which has less crowd than other beaches.

Garrapata State Park.

9. Henry Miller Memorial Library
this place introduces countless artists, including poets, writers, musicians, etc. This place shows the artistic side of Big Sur with live performances, rotating artwork, etc.

10. Limekiln State Park
This place highlights much of what Big Sur is so special about. It had around 700 acres and provide plenty of things to do like hiking, picnic spots, a campsite, and three historic kilns.

Limekiln State Park.

The one who’s in love with nature and beaches, should this place as it says it’s a romantic place to be in.

What Happens to Kids When Parents Fight?

When parents repeatedly use hostile strategies with each other, a few kids can become troubled, stressed, restless, and sad. Others may respond obviously with outrage, becoming forceful and creating conduct issues at home and at school. Kids can foster rest aggravations and medical conditions like cerebral pains and stomachaches, or they may become ill as often as possible. Their pressure can meddle with their capacity to focus, which makes learning and scholarly issues at school.

Some parents, knowing how destructive conflict can be, may think that they can avoid affecting their children by giving in, or capitulating, in order to end an argument. But that’s not an effective tactic. “We did a study on that,” Cummings said. According to parents’ records of their fights at home and their children’s reactions, kids’ emotional responses to capitulation are “not positive.”

At the point when guardians have gentle to direct clash that includes backing and compromise and positive feelings, youngsters foster better friendly abilities and confidence, appreciate expanded passionate security, foster better associations with guardians, improve in school and have less mental issues.

High-struggle circumstances are upsetting for guardians as well. What’s more, a worried parent probably won’t invest a great deal of energy with kids. What’s more, the nature of the relationship might be influenced as it very well might be hard for guardians to show warmth and fondness when they’re irate and angry with the other parent.

Being presented to guardians battling builds the odds that children will treat others with aggression. It’s entirely expected for youngsters to start addressing kin quarrels with similar strategies they’ve seen you utilizing. Kids may likewise battle to keep up with solid connections when they’re more seasoned on the off chance that they’ve become used to family disunity or they may battle to distinguish who they can truly confide throughout everyday life.

A few investigations have connected dietary problems, like anorexia and bulimia, to high parental strife. A youngster may likewise have actual impacts from the battling, for example, rest issues, stomachaches, or migraines.

Parental clash has been connected to expanded hostility, wrongdoing, and direct issues in kids. Also, kids are bound to have social issues and expanded trouble in acclimating to class.

How to improve your tech skills during college

Listen out! It doesn’t matter whatever stream you’re studying! If you’re interested then it can change your career!

Need for technical skills:

Everyone has an account on social media. Everyone knows about Google and Amazon. At least everyone has a WhatsApp account. We use technologies daily but we’re not interested in how it is built. Nowadays computers and smartphones are the most important source in every industry.

Tech skill
It’s never to late to start!

 So, it gives good opportunity to people who are good at it. Even if it is a small business, its growth depends on its digital marketing, website exposure, database management, new implementation in the latest technologies, and so on. There are so many factors for you to start learning.

Why during college?

If you ever feel like not learned anything useful at college, then start your self-learning journey. It’s the right time to reach your goals. Don’t feel down for your grades, only your skills are going to take you up. Even you’re from different stream technical skills in Web development, Android app development, Artificial intelligence can change your career. 

Tech skill
Get your gang to learn!

 Everything is important during college studies, friends, fest, events, entertainment but skill is something only you can develop for yourself. Don’t get too much diverted!

Where to start?

Just try out everything, but only one at a time. This is can help you to find the domain you’re interested in. Then start developing that skill and become an expert in it. Some tips to learn:

1.If you don’t know where to start. Then start coding! There are emerging programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, etc.

2.Do online courses and start earning skills along with certificates! Because, Why not?   

3.Start watching the free tutorial on Youtube.

4.Practise what you learn.

5.Try internships based on your skills.

Demanding technical skill in 2021:

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Python/Django development
  • Web development
Tech skills
Discover new things!
  • Android app development
  • Cloud computing
  • Salesforce
  • Product management

What’s the benefit?

Learning can never disappoint you. Who knows? You can become a Freelancer, an Entrepreneur, a YouTube teacher, a software engineer, a data analyst and so more. Also, there are so many high-paying jobs for these technical skills all around the world. Everyone knows the software world is changing the world daily. So, for sure your technical skills are going give you a hand till the end. 

Happy Learning!

Consequences of Colonialism: How It is Still Having an Effect Today

The contemporary Middle Eastern dilemma began when Europeans established the lines at the end of World War I. Middle Easterners are perpetually at war over ethnic and religious differences as a result of the thoughtless distinctions — a characteristic emphasized by colonial overlords.

Before the First World War, the British Empire was the apex of dominance, ruling roughly a quarter of the globe as the world’s largest colonial empire. For nearly two centuries, Britain has continued to feed its drive for domination while ignoring its responsibility to its colonies.

The British took considerable attempts to enrich their motherland by exploiting the resources and manpower of their colonies. They collected taxes to meet Britain’s financial needs and compelled raw material production for Britain’s industries and exports, destroying the colonies’ integrated and self-sufficient economies. They insured that any united resistance to them would be repressed by measures like the “divide and rule” strategy. The British used religious differences to sow division in order to maintain control over the colonies. Religious differences in people’s minds are a cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

While the British professed to be on a civilizing mission, their actions fell well short of this goal and failed to exhibit a liberal attitude. To begin with, the idea of civilizing such old societies was faulty. Also during the First World War, the British made promises that were short-sighted. For example, they offered Jews a distinct homeland in the modern-day Palestinian region, while also promising the same to Arabs.

Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates have succeeded in constructing their new societies based on the essence of what looked viable for their society and culture, rather than on European principles. Burqas are still worn by many women throughout the Middle East as a cultural duty, and the official languages of these countries are local.

While Middle Eastern countries absorbed Western emphasis on scientific and political progress, they only instilled the best for their own countries rather than emulating the Western world in its entirety. People gained greater abilities as a result of their interactions with Westerners, making the country theoretically capable of competing with the West. The abundance of oil and other natural resources has elevated the commercial prestige and prosperity of countries like Egypt today.

People from these countries have relocated to Western countries that are supposedly safe and have adequate law enforcement. Unfortunately, they are not welcomed openly, are unable to get legal status, and are denied their rights. It’s difficult to deny that immigrants in some nations are treated unfairly, and that not all of them find a home. Intervening for personal gain while ignoring human responsibility does not make a country more strong. Despite the fact that the human species is an unified society, divisions such as provinces, countries, and continents have been drawn. As a result, it’s critical to freely offer altruistic help of an unworldly type that looks beyond boundaries.

Also The consequences of colonialism should not be overlooked or regarded as insignificant because they continue to influence how many countries conduct domestic and foreign politics today. Furthermore, it is a part of our nations’ narratives — both conquerors and colonized — and should be explored in order to avoid similar results in the future.


There are times when you feel the rage and anguish in the air, at least from a certain section of the society. Many are now raising their voices to improve their individual personality as well as the society as a whole. A society develops only when individuals themselves create ripples by hosting their arguments. Several movements are there which is woman centric and the MeToo movement being one among them. The #MeToo movement first began as an offline protest and later it changed to an online movement. The movement was started around 2006 and it reached the online platforms in October 2017. It’s the voice of the educated women against the deep trenched male dominant culture at the workspace. The #MeToo movement was founded by Tarana Burke, a social activist and community organizer. Burke, who is creating a documentary titled Me Too, has said she was inspired to use the phrase after being unable to respond to a 13-year-old girl who confided to her that she had been sexually assaulted. Burke said she later wished she had simply told the girl, ‘Me too’. It’s a platform for the oppressed and a means to express the abuse they had faced. When news of the allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein broke last October, it unleashed a torrent of emotion, especially on social media, offering permission to disclose current and past experiences of sexual harassment and assault. In an unprecedented quantum of use, it offered many angry and upset women accessible ways of venting often long-repressed feelings. It also gave rise to the #MeToo movement. A barrage of allegations has since emerged against high-profile men in entertainment, the media, politics, and tech. Many deny any wrongdoing. The repercussions are still in flux, but world’s power dynamics have undoubtedly shifted.

It’s a common practice in the world to abuse women irrespective of the age. It doesn’t mean that only women are being abused, men also belong to this but when compared the rate of abuse is very less. Abusing women has now become a part of culture mainly because of the stereotypes. #MeToo is one way to overcome these stereotypes. The reason for the #MeToo public explosion is that the judiciary or armed forces never bothered about their problems and their suffocations. It is seen that the law favors the oppressor more than the oppressed. The whole process shamed the victim. Many of the sexual assault happened when workplaces were not sensitive to the safety of women and social media platforms were nonexistent. Besides this, our power structure is dominated by men and the victims are young and vulnerable women.

Social media is both a boon and bane. It is depends on how we treat a certain issue.  #MeToo movement has been very active in social media since the latter half of 2017. It is in fact the social media that urged the advancement of #MeToo. The hashtag #MeToo is doing the rounds in every nook and cranny of social media. As more and more women come out on social media with accounts of sexual harassment and abuse a great political cultural change in being shaped. The change brought by #MeToo movement is immense and it has been able to give the possible credentials to women. It has achieved great success in challenging the social norms. Many men, who are charged of sexual assault through the #MeToo movement, some admitted and apologized to the misconduct they have committed. This, in this instance, has become an eye opener for many men. In this wave of storm, prominent personalities are named for their harsh behavior. The #MeToo is critical of the power and the way it enables sexual predators. #MeToo is trying to fill the gender gap that has been produced by the patriarchy. There are so many laws to protect sexual harassment of women in workplace.

In a feminist perspective, #MeToo is a translation of western culture. The #MeToo movement can be analyzed from the notion of female experience. The subjects involved in the process are all women of all age. It determines the point of view without any hesitance or shyness and in a courageous manner. The experiences differ from other females and males. It can be related to the ‘second wave of feminism’ which portrays equal rights and representation as its key motive. In #MeToo movement, there is no celebration of so called ‘feminity’. It’s a transformation from ‘inter – dependence’ to independence. In relation to Cixous’, ‘Ecriture Feminine’ which exemplifies women to writing about her body, #MeToo is a continuation of this concept and not only writing about body but also writing about the sexual violence that is faced by women. It was a renewal of an old tradition of thoughts and action. #MeToo movement revisits the history of Indian Feminism. The American Feminist critic Eliane Showalter classified the history of women’s writing into feminine phase, feminist phase and female phase. In feminine phase women writers imitated the dominant male artistic norms; in feminist phase a radical position was maintained and in female phase women started writing their own experiences. The #MeToo movement can he considered as a part of female phase as it involves expressing the sexual violence that is imbibed upon them.

Why digital multitasking is bad?

Do you also switch between two digital tasks at once? Like watching television and surfing Instagram feed or watching a Netflix show and watching some reels or maybe texting your friend while attending online classes on your laptop. A recent study showed how switching or multitasking your screen time can affect your attention span or memory. A survey showed how adolescents are addicted to their phones and the average screen time recorded was 7 hours and 38 minutes. But, with digitalization and pandemic, this screen time is much more increased to massive 10 hours and 45 minutes every day.

A research study performed at Stanford University proved how multitasking between two or more digital media affects both attention span and memory. The study was performed on the 18-26 age group and many memory-related tasks were assigned. An electroencephalogram or EEG was used for data collection. As frontal and parietal parts of the brain are involved in attention and memory, these areas were the principal focus.

The group which multitasked scored low in the memory tasks and increased alpha wave was observed with shrinking in pupils. In contrast, the other group which do not multitask scored higher in memory tasks and no such observations were recorded in this case. After the study, the researchers concluded that digital media multitasking and attention spans & memory are correlated.

Furthermore, multitasking or switching between digital media causes switch-gaps, which means it takes longer to take a task, and it also increases the number of errors in the tasks.

Putting in a nutshell in some way or the other, multitasking between digital media can affect your attention span and memory, so it is better to do one task at a time because a person who chases two rabbits catches neither.

Pegasus Spyware – A curse to privacy ?

What is the work of Pegasus and What is its origin ?

Pegasus owned by a NSO group- a private foundation, which many leading countries believe that it is the most powerful spyware ever created, it was coded to infiltrate into the smartphones of target users, be it IOS or Android, and it converts personal devices into surveillance devices. It is the main product of NSO group which was founded by Niv Carmi, Shalev Hulio and Omri Lavie. It is a Herzliya based company located near Tel Aviv, Israel which was founded in 2010, it is a subsidiary of Q Cyber Technologies group of companies.

What is the actual meaning of a Spyware?

Let’s get this straight, in simple words, a spyware is the term given to a category of software which aims to steal personal or organisational data/information without the consent of host. Once a spyware is successfully installed, it starts sending the data from that computer/mobile in the background to a third-party which is controlling this spyware. This third-party can be any government or The NSO group itself.

Pegasus can bypass your phone’s security and install malware that grants complete access to your device. It can access every message you’ve ever sent and received, every photo, video and email, can turn on your microphone, even when you’re not using a phone call, just record what you’re doing in the room. It can turn on your camera, and is also able to record what’s on your screen, can access your GPS, it can monitor your location. And it is able do all of this without you ever knowing.

So if you think that you are using online chatting apps like WhatsApp owned by Facebook or Signal owned by Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton which are famous for end-to-end encryption but this gets meaningless once Pegasus is on your phone. It is virtually undetectable which makes it even more lethal.

History of Pegasus software :

  • To begin with the brief history of Pegasus, in 2016 the Canadian Cybersecurity Organisation The Citizen Lab encountered it’s first case on the smartphone of Human Right activist Ahmed Mansoor.
  • In addition, in September 2018 The Citizen Lab published a report identifying 45 countries in which Pegasus was being used.
  • Furthermore, in the year 2019 WhatsApp exposed that journalists and Human Rights Activists in India were under surveillance by operators using Pegasus.
  • The latest case of this spyware is found India in July 2021, The Pegasus Project revealed that various governments used the software to spy on government officials, opposition politicians and many more eminent faces. Some records state that Indian government used the software to spy on around 300 people between 2019 and 2021.

Is spying legal in India?

The laws governing surveillance in India are The Telegraph Act, 1885 which indicates about the interception of calls and The Information Technology Act, 2000, it deals with the interception of data. Under both the laws, only government, under certain circumstances, is allowed to conduct surveillance. Moreover, hacking in India is illegal under IT Act.

Is there any solution to save us from this cyber attack havoc ?

Many Cybersecurity experts state that a phone infiltrated by Pegasus might not be able to recover completely, some traces can be found even after a strong factory reset.

Although they have introduced some preventive measures to save oneself from getting hitched with this software.

Open links only from trusted websites, contacts and sources while using your device.

Please make sure that your device is fully upgraded with the latest patches and system/app updates.

Keep your device safe by limiting physical access. This can be done by applying pin, password, biometric locking and face-locking facility.

Also avoid using open Wi-fi or hotspot as the host may steal your data from the network connection. Try using VPN to prevent this condition while using Wi-fi or hotspots it is a safer option to prevent your information.

Do have a backup of your credentials and important documents, if in case your device is lost, stolen or broken you will never lack from your data.


Technology, the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life, or as it is sometimes phrased, to change and manipulation of the human environment. Technology is the sum of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques processes and the like or it can be embedded in machines to allow for operation without detailed knowledge of their workings. Systems applying technology by taking an input, changing it according to the system’ use and then producing an outcome are referred to as technology systems or technological systems.


The use of tools by early humans was partly a process of discovery and of evolution. Early humans evolved from a species of foraging hominids which were already bipedal, with a brain mass approximately one third of modern humans. Tool use remained relatively unchanged for most of early human history. Approximately 50,000 years ago, the use of tools and complex set of behaviors emerged, believed by many archaeologists to be connected to the emergence of the fully modern language.

Is technology good or bad

These days it’s trendy to talk about technology as if it were purely a bad thing. After all, we’ve got companies violating our privacy and harvesting our data without being transparent about what they’re doing, tools like personal assistants recording us without our knowledge and regular breaches that put our personal information at risk. The same tools we’re concerned about can also makes our lives better from connecting doctors more quickly than ever to patient data to digital bus routes that make transport more efficient. Technology on it’s own isn’t bad or a good thing, it’s how it’s used that matters.

The evolution of technology is beneficial to humans for several reasons. At the medical level, technology can help treat more sick people and consequently save many lives and combat very harmful viruses and bacteria. Technology has also increased the productivity of almost every industry in the world.

Modern technology is used for many lifestyles conveniences from our smartphones to our vehicles, but it’s also saving lives every second by advancing our medical science. Technology allows the world’s most state-of-the-art hospitals to catch and treat diseases faster and more efficient than ever.

Technology reduces the cost of doing much of the work. The lower cost of production helps to increase the profit margin, which is essential in eradicating poverty. Technology opens up doors for new opportunities to do business or work. In turn, it increases the household incomes among the poor population.

Social media and mobile devices may lead to psychological and physical issues, such as eyestrain and difficulty focusing on important tasks. They may also contribute to more serious health conditions, such as depression. The overuse of technology may have a more significant impact on developing children and teenagers.

Technology addiction falls into a category of addiction termed behavioral addictions. Behavioral addictions are widely recognized by mental health and addiction professionals and include other behaviors such as gambling etc.


Technology has made our society make it to the point of ignorance to the fact that there might be a day when our technology does not work and they cannot at the moment live without it.We have grown to rely on our technology to make our lives easier.

You must know this, before getting VACCINATED!!

As we all are aware, coronavirus affects different people in different ways. Some people suffer from serious symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain while some people suffer from mild symptoms like loss of taste or smell, sore throat, headache etc.

Even after COVID recovery, people are getting infected by new fungal infections like Black fungus and White fungus. As the immunity of the body takes some time to recover, COVID patients are becoming easy targets for these fungal infections.

The only way to be safe from this coronavirus and its after harms, is to get VACCINATED.

Now, coming to the point of vaccination, people are having various misconceptions. Like,

  • Which vaccine should be preferred?
  • What will be the side-effects of taking vaccine?
  • Can vaccination guarantee protection against COVID?
  • Can anyone get corona after vaccination?

And so on.

All the vaccines , COVISHIELD, COVAXIN, SPUTNIK V have passed the standard approval of WHO(WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION). All are efficient and preventive against corona. These vaccines are made available free of cost at government institutions and hospitals.

Side effects:

Any side effects after taking vaccine are an indication of the working of vaccine inside the body. People can have side-effects like headache, body pain, low grade fever and fatigue. However, these side-effects will resolve in a matter of 2-3 days.

Lastly, vaccination does help in protection against COVID, but it can be ensured only after taking both vaccine doses.(1 & 2). People who have taken only 1st dose of vaccine, should follow the same guidelines of wearing masks, maintaining social distances in public, frequently sanitizing your hands.

Artificial Intelligence Taking Away the Jobs.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Artificial intelligent machines are the machines that work according to human programming commands and thereby also use their own intelligence to make decisions at times when needed. AI enabled machines are taught to do particular set of operations by machine learning processes.

Artificial Intelligence in Industries

Nowadays many industries are using AI enabled machines to do various work functions that were done previously by humans. Automated Robots are the best example of AI implemented in Industries. AI enabled Robots can do various operations like, Painting a car in Automobile Industries, Cleaning Robots for floor cleaning, Automated welding robots, etc. are performing various functions at very efficient rate eating up jobs of people.

Artificial Intelligence in Service sector

Chatbots are the best example of AI in service sector. Many telecom service providers, Banking service providers, etc. have started using AI enabled chatbots for getting reviews, complaints, service demand requests, etc. using chatbots inside their apps. Chatbots are eating up the jobs of receptionist who were involved in transferring calls, taking feedback like tasks. Although complete replacement is not done but in future if Chatbots grow more intelligent people are going to loose their jobs.

Artificial Intelligence in IT industries

Artificial Intelligence has also become threat to the community who is behind it’s creation, It won’t affect the skilled programmers but will surely eat up jobs of lazy programmers getting their jobs done by simply pasting things form open source. A recent example of it is GitHub Copilot. These kind of AI powered tools if they get more smarter and efficient have potential to take away jobs of mediocre coders. Besides developers the employees working for testing and support activities are also at a risk of loosing their jobs because of AI.

Other miscellaneous sectors

Many other small scale business and people involved in various activities like driving, selling things on streets, etc. are at risk. Big e-commerce companies are using AI enabled tools to attract large mass of people enabling them to provide products at cheaper rates. Self Driving cars are also becoming threat to their jobs.

Likewise there are many dark sides of AI, but there are also so many bright sides of AI that are making our life easier and happy. The Bright side story will be shared in my upcoming blog !

Trauma and Its Effect on Relationships

Traumatic incidents are uncontrollable, distressing events that leave a lasting imprint on the people they affect. People who have survived trauma often continue to live normal lives, but the effects of trauma may impact mood, motivation and relationships. It’s normal to experience some changes after a distressing and uncontrollable event, and it’s important to know when to seek supportive trauma treatment.

All humans have unique life experiences and backgrounds, and each person may react to a traumatic incident in a unique way. Events that are traumatic to one person may not feel as distressing to another person. Everyone reflects on and recovers from trauma in their own way, and it may have differing effects on relationships, confidence and the sense of overall safety each person experiences.

Types of Trauma

There are different types of trauma. Some people experience a single traumatic event in a given time period, while others experience what is known as “complex trauma.” Complex trauma occurs when traumatic incidents are repeated, or when new, unique traumas continually occur. For instance, complex trauma may occur in families that struggle with domestic violence, addiction, poverty, chronic illness or ongoing community violence.

Both single-incident trauma and complex trauma can impact relationships with co-workers, friends, spouses, family members and the relationship with self.

If you experience some of the following symptoms, trauma may be affecting your life:

  • Irritability or chronic anger
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia or difficult sleep
  • Agitation, impatience or an inability to sit still
  • Intrusive memories, nightmares or flashbacks
  • Feeling “out of body” or disconnected from other people
  • Becoming “shut down” or unable to accomplish goals
  • Struggles with depression or unhappiness
  • Changes in appetite
  • Needing to have things a “certain way” or repeat activities over and over
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Engaging in risky, dangerous or unusual behaviours
  • Wanting to hurt yourself or others
  • Difficulty trusting others
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Using drugs, alcohol or behaviours to numb anxiety or distress
  • Avoiding friends, loved ones or activities you used to enjoy
  • Worsening of other mental health issues or diagnoses

How Childhood Trauma Impacts Adult Relationships

Many people experience some type of traumatic incident before the age of 18. Psychologists agree that our early family environment can impact our adult relationships. Traumatic incidents that occur during childhood can become part of a person’s adult attachment style.

As children, we look to our parents and other trusted adults to help us form ideas about the world. Children want to know if other people are trustworthy if the world is a safe place and if their loved ones will be there for them if they are in need. The information they gain from the close adults in their lives helps form lasting impressions of the nature of love, friendship and trust.

Childhood experiences can create particular attachment styles that last well into adulthood. A person’s attachment style reflects how warm or close that person likes to be in relationships. Attachment style can influence the way we communicate with others, and how we handle separations, arguments and intimacy.

As adults, we can change maladaptive attachment styles through personal insight, counselling and support. Taking time to improve relationships can also improve other conditions, such as anxiety, PTSD or depression.

Consider the following styles of attachment, and see if any might apply to you or someone you love.

Secure attachment: A secure attachment style is the healthiest attachment style. People who have secure attachments often had supportive childhood caregivers. These individuals feel comfortable connecting with others, asking for help as needed, and sharing emotions with others to a reasonable and healthy extent. People with secure attachment do not live in fear of abandonment or rejection, and they have a healthy view of themselves and others.

Dismissive-avoidant attachment: Individuals with this type of attachment (also known as “insecure-avoidant”) often experienced childhood neglect or rejection from caregivers. These individuals may avoid being close to others and often strive to be very independent, even to extremes. They may be more likely to keep secrets or fear threats to their perceived independence.

Fearful-avoidant attachment: These individuals may have experienced some type of childhood abuse, chaos or neglect. This attachment style often occurs when loved caregivers are also a source of pain. The resulting attachment style may make these adults afraid to be alone, but also afraid of closeness and intimacy. They often have difficulty trusting others and may alternate from one extreme of closeness to complete avoidance.

Anxious-preoccupied attachment: This attachment style occurs when adults have experienced constant childhood change, inconsistent parents or caregivers who alternate between extreme attentiveness and distant coldness. As adults, these individuals experience a great deal of anxiety about their relationships; they may be clingy, needy or hypersensitive to any changes in their partner. This anxiety may drive loved ones away, thus becoming a bit of a “self-fulfilling prophecy” of abandonment.

Adult Trauma Disorders and Recovery from Trauma

Trauma that occurs in adulthood can also change attachment styles, because trauma impacts the way we see the world as a whole. Often, intimate partners, spouses and family members witness the most intense effects of an individual’s trauma. It can be frightening, confusing and difficult to witness the effects of trauma in a loved one.

Spouses and partners can also experience emotional after-effects of trauma together. Those partners who experience trauma at the same time may cope with the trauma in different ways, and those coping skills may strengthen or destroy relationships.

The good news is that it is very possible for spouses or families to grow closer and stronger after trauma. Family members who are educated about trauma often see better outcomes for themselves and their loved ones.7That is why it is absolutely imperative to seek supportive treatment for the effects of trauma

The MCU Phase One and its Top 3 Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a superhero media franchise of different types of media such as movies, television series, digital series among various others, produced and managed by Marvel Studios. They are based on the superhero comics produced by Marvel Comics. The MCU is a shared universe, i.e., all the superhero series take place in the same universe. This leads to different characters from different series crossing paths with each other, and different storylines affecting each other. Currently, the MCU has three complete phases: MCU Phase One, MCU Phase Two and MCU Phase Three. Each phase has its own set of movies. The current order of watching MCU Phase One movies are:

  • Iron Man (2008)
  • The Incredible Hulk (2008)
  • Iron Man 2 (2010)
  • Thor (2011)
  • Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
  • Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

Without further ado, here is MCU’s Phase One’s top three movies:

Marvel’s The Avengers

The Avengers

First in ranking is The Avengers; the culmination of MCU Phase One. It features a dream team of super heroes comprising of Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye, as they work to prevent Thor’s younger brother Loki, along with an alien race known as the Chitauri from taking control over the Earth. The cast comprises of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Tom Hiddleston as Loki. It is directed by Joss Whedon.



Released in 2011, Thor follows the story of Asgardian prince Thor, who after an unsuccessful and arrogant attack on the neighboring realm of Jotunheim, gets stripped of his powers and banished from his home realm of Asgard to the realm of Midgard, otherwise known as Earth. He meets and befriends humans, and learns how to act with humility and re-discover himself, all the while as a sinister plot enacted by his younger brother Loki involving Jotunheim looms in the background. The movie stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, a scientist and Thor’s potential love interest. It is directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America

Captain America: The First Avenger is set during the Second World War. The movie follows the journey of a young, weak man named Steve Rogers. He, along with his childhood friend James ‘Bucky’ Barnes decides to enlist in the American military. His weak physiology and health however ends up being a reason for him to be rejected. His unwavering resolve to serve his country during the wartime sees him becoming a volunteer to become an enhanced ‘super-soldier’. He then finds himself in conflict with Hydra, a Nazi science division and their leader, Red Skull. The movie stars Chris Evans as Captain America-Steve Rogers, Sebastian Stan as his childhood friend and later fellow comrade-in-arms James ‘Bucky’ Barnes and Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, an officer attached to the Strategic Scientific Reserve and Hugo Weaving as Red Skull.

Digital Economy

The Digital Economy refers to economic transactions that occur on the Internet. Economic transaction simply means the transfer of goods and services money.

Over time due to the continuous evolution of technology life has become smoother. 
The benefits of the digital economy are there for everyone to catch a glimpse of namely-

Increase in online businesses

Higher transparency

Easy availability of services

But it’s only one side of the coin. While the advantages of the digital economy are remarkable, it is also responsible for creating some inequalities in society as well.

Increased cybercrimes

Lack of security

The solution to the issue of inequalities in the digital economy lies in the hands of the establishment and the users of the technology. The government must form effective strategies in regards to educating the public & handling grievances through strings laws. Plus people should know their responsibilities and avert from taking advantage of the less informed.

Things to expect from your first counselling or therapy session

A counselling session is meant to help a person with certain mental or emotional problems and giving them advice and suggestions on how to cope up with them. Counselling is done primarily for the purpose of solving issues related to mental health . Major issues that have become common today are depression , anxiety , bipolar disorder and trauma which can even lead to an outcome as drastic as suicide.
Therapy can prove to be a very effective solution for such mental issues . There are many types of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy , psychoanalytic therapy , exposure therapy etc. Talking to a psychologist or doing some activities as directed by them can make changes in your overall mental and emotional health. You should choose your therapist according to your needs and convenience , for example if a girl feels more comfortable in sharing her experience with a woman then she can choose a female therapist .

When you sit for your first counselling session , there are some things which you can expect to happen . First of all , you may feel overwhelmed while sharing your experience with the therapist and it is totally normal . If you feel like crying , then you should cry . There is no need to hold back as you are sitting in the therapy to solve your problems . Giving an honest and true account of your feelings and emotions is important.

Your first session is not the only session you are going to sit for , there will be many in the coming future. So dont expect big results from your first experience . A mental issue that has developed over years or months needs time . Change will happen slowly and it will take some time to again start feeling better.

You should try sharing maximum with your therapist . Dont try to hide anything unless and until it is really something that you dont want anyone to know. There is no need to feel ashamed or judged as everyone makes mistakes . Make full use of your space and be comfortable before your start interaction . The therapist is not sitting there to judge you or punish you.

At some stage you may feel that sitting for the session was probably a mistake or you should not have done this . Remember you must have come for counselling only after feeling that there is no other option. If you feel that your therapist is not able to understand you appropriately or you dont feel that you struck a vibe or rythm with them , then you can very well change your therapist. You are not supposed to proceed if you dont feel so.

Your first session may be a little overbearing and can leave you feel light headed at the same time. You may feel guilt , remorse , anger or irritation while interacting and calm , relaxed and peaceful after the session.

Overall , your first counselling session is supposed to set you on a path to recovery from a mental issue. Dont be nervous or afraid as it is not an examination or a test . One thing that you can do to avoid being a little spontaneous during the session is to plan what you want to say and how you to say that. Planning will aid you in sharing your experience in a systematic manner . Take your time to plan and try to stick to your plan. So psych yourself up and All the very best to you for your first session !