Pareto Principle: A hack to success

80/20 Rule – Vilfredo Pareto was a renowned economist of Italy. Once while he was still studying, he was reading articles on wealth distribution and income in England in 1897. Then he came to know a unique thing, that the occupied land and money of England are in the hands of only a few people. Not only this, he was also surprised to know that only 20% of the people own the entire land of England.

The economist’s curiosity increased as soon as this fact came to the fore, and he studied it very deeply and found out from research, that this principle proved to be true not only about other countries and other times, but absolutely true about things other than money.

This rule states that any work in which we give maximum labor, 80% of the work gives us a good result of 20% of the labor. Whereas, on the contrary, 20% of actions give a person 80% good results i.e. achievement of the goal.

It will be clear from just a small example suppose, in a garden, if 80% of peas are cultivated in a garden, only 20% of pea pods are coming out. In this way this principle was formulated, it is also called Pareto Principle or abbreviated 80-20 principle. It is scientifically applicable to other things as well. Such as business, relationship, studies and health.

Where can we apply Pareto/ 80-20 Principle?

  • From study point of view: – It is generally seen that some students read the entire text material completely. When their exams are near. Even after reading everything, he could not remember a single question very well. he leaves after spoiling the paper.
  • Schedule Your Study Time: – Another thing a student can do is use the 80-20 principle. The first student studies from morning till evening during the examination to fix the proper time of study. Which is absolutely wrong. On the other hand, if we talk about the other students, he gets up at the appointed time and studies in a planned manner. So that his entire attention gets focused towards studies. Apart from other activities are also included in his daily routine. Even after the examination, he does not bring any kind of change in his routine. So that he gets good marks in the examination.

How To Apply Pareto Principle:

First of all, a person should decide the time, which work should be completed at what time. For this, you have to make a list, prepare this list for only 1 week, pay attention to the activities of a week, then you will know that as well as be surprised, you will get only 20% in the routine that went 80 percent of the planned routine. The activity itself is yielding good results.

Now your second task will be that you will reduce 80% of the tasks from your routine, and 20% will be oriented towards the tasks giving successful results, so that you can get 80% good results.

Advantages of Pareto Principle:

1) If you want to become a successful businessman, then to achieve this goal, under 80-20 rule, first of all, give priority to those tasks, so that your business can reach heights.

2) By applying this rule in student life also, the student can achieve his goal. For this you should study with special attention on selected important topics by staying in discipline at a planned time. This will focus the person, as well as The goal will be achieved.

3) Apart from studies, money, relationships are also very important for a person. It is very important to give importance to loved ones along with work. Using the 80-20 Rule, you will find that a successful person gives enough time to his close relatives, who stand like a rock in their sorrow and happiness.

4) It is not that you follow the 80-20 rule only to achieve a particular goal, you can also use it to make your routine effective, for this you will have to give special time to the work that you need Get better results.


In this way you must have understood, how far Pareto’s 80-20 rule is meaningful in making a person successful. How it can give a person great success in a short period of time. Not only this, it is also very effective in achieving you any goal. Whether it is business, education and relationships, everyone’s only goal is to make a person successful.

Sometimes success is not achieved even after putting a lot of effort, the reason behind this is that the person does not have any effective plan of his own, he wants to be successful only with the help of labor. Whereas for success, a person has to make various changes from time to time. Only then the person gets success. In order to be successful, a person should work in a phased manner with planning and diligence. This is only possible through an 80-20 principal.

Keep the artist alive inside of you!!

We all have an artistic side, sometimes we lose touch with this side of ourselves. Maybe we are busy chasing our dreams, or perhaps, like me, you’ve experienced long periods of time where you swore off your projects or just shoved them away, into the darkness. No matter what the reason remember this is a part of you and will always remain so, all you need is a little tap on the shoulder of genius that fell asleep due to the changing chapters of our lives.

An artist working on his art

There are a million reasons, which can force you to keep the art you wanted to work on for hold, because your priorities changed. Maybe the changing lifestyles – or our daily routines. The new hustler thinking way of life with the trending taglines ” hustle hard , fight back”. Sure hard work is key to success, but so is resting phase which gives us time to collect out pieces, disregarded more often than not.

Some of the this story will relate to my own experience of being a “creative” — in other words, a human being that likes to dabble in some form of artful expression — which applies to most of us. Whether your art be writing, painting, acting, singing, dancing — I’m sure we’ve all had moments where it seemed difficult to “pull off” or reignite that creative spark.

But, you can always find that spark in yourself . It’s never too late or early for anything in life.

Believe in yourself

Time is of essence but your will power is even more important, so have the courage to pick your pencil , to put on your dance costume, to sing once again or whatever you want to do once again.

“Believe you can and you are half way there.”

It is crucial to remember that self doubt is part of our lives, without exception. Thinking “Oh! I’m not good enough at painting, so I should just quit.” or “I can’t write anywhere nearly as good as that guy, so what’s the point?” These thoughts are not uncommon, they’re just hurdles you need to pass to reach the first and the most prominent step to resurrecting your creative genius.

Allow yourself to explore

Give yourself the permission to let loose, once in a while let go of your thoughts. Go on a journey, doesn’t have to be somewhere far but a rather new destination, the lake, the new cafe. Meet new people. Appreciate the beauty of things that you forgot to notice in a hurry. Go on a journey without planning anything. Go with the flow!!

Surround yourself with people who share your interest, your energy. Create a visual of your ideas that you can meditate on often. Put it where you can see it, it will inspire you. De-clutter your mind of unfinished business so you can think more clearly.

Let go and embrace your surrounding

Practice doing nothing

“Follow your heart instead of your deadlines.”

We are constantly on the go. We have things to do, places to be, deadlines to meet, and schedules to keep, going, and doing, and planning. Stop. Take a day or an hour to do nothing, think nothing. Give yourself time to reset the brain wiring that you’re constantly used to.

Think out of the Box

Step out of your comfort zone. Do something completely new and out of character for you. Do something that scares you and feel your self come alive. Yes, creativity is risky stuff. Being creative pushes against boundaries. You must risk. You must make more mistakes. Let yourself make mistakes. Art is not for the safe. If we operate within safety, our creativity suffers.

Take short breaks. Sleep because, “Lack of sleep has serious effects on our brain’s ability to function”. And an important thought there is no failure or success in art. An art is art and it’s worth is determined by the person who is there to evaluate it, therefore it’s relative.

At last, there are so many of us who are still keeping the genius inside us at bay. Bring it to life . Try something new. Risk. Try. Fail. Try something else. Do it all again. Remember to have fun ya’ll!!!!!



Is it important to involve youth in critical activities? Many initiatives have been taken in many colleges, schools among students to enter politics. It is said that the field of politics in India is not as suitable for youth and educated masses. This perception is being changed now, by educating them and changing their mind towards politics, and pursuing politics as a career. To select the political representative, everyone should be included, when young people are given rights to put their thought, voice and their influence to put on some right and generous decision. Because important audiences aren’t allowed to put their voices which is the consequence of the power of political representatives.

To make a difference in the longer term, it is important to engage young personalities to formulate in politics to put their voices forward to make today’s and tomorrow’s politics. Political Participation is not only the basic demographic rights but also to build a peaceful society, developing policies that respond to specific needs of youth. For them, they should be given proper knowledge, education, space to speak up, and they should be known of their rights and also the capacity to perform at all times. India is now in the transition stage, So, if there are any obstacles for youth to enter and perform in the political process, they will feel less confident, powerless because they will think that their voice is not heard and given less importance even after trying there level best to make society a  better one. The problem is general, as politicians lose their interest to respond to the needs of young people, sometimes if there are not being voted by that them. This leads to young people excluding themselves from making decisions, debates related to issues of politics, social-economic issues, even after demanding justice, environmental protection, etc. Youth will also increase the dialogue and talks between leaders and the general public.

In India, all major political parties have young youth as their wings, such as Indian Youth Congress, Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad. There has been an ongoing awareness on the importance of youth camps rights and importance of them to represent the need in the country by Youth India Foundation. They are also working on decrease the age of candidacy from 25 or lower. Rishabh Mukati is the youngest politician who is working for the public and also the slogan of public service.
Thus, bring a dynamic change in society and the current political scenario. It can be said that youth participation is not a desire it is much needed for our nation.

Public Relations in the Pandemic.

The world has always been changing since its formation but at a very slow pace until last year, that is 2020 with the breakout of Covid 19. When all these years we have learnt about man being a social being and that man cannot live without company, now all we hear are words like ‘isolation’, ‘distancing’ etc. We are advised not to come into contact with people unless it is extremely necessary. With the unexpected breakout of Covid 19, the world has changed tremendously. When everything in the world is on the verge of rapid change, so is Public Relations.

What is Public Relation?

Public Relation is the practice of maintaining a healthy relationship between organization and public/ employees, investors, partners and the like. It refers to a convincing communication process where the organization adopts instruments, ideas and strategies to bring about cooperation and understanding between an organization and public.

Impact of Covid 19 on Public Relations

With the Covid 19 situation across the globe, the flow of information has taken a different turn where the strategies and communication policies of Public Relations has taken a faster pace of mobility than pre – covid times.

The two extremely popular applications like Facebook and WhatsApp has become the best friends of the public through which they could connect with the outside world despite of being confined to the four walls of their house. Although these applications are informal source of communication yet business, education related information and even news are disseminated through it. Even government officials, political parties, several brands made use of these apps to maintain relations with the public.

With the horrifying outcome of the pandemic, the PR professionals ought to make sure that the public is served with verified and authentic facts and news rather than taking advantage of the fragility of the pandemic situation and circulating ‘sold’ stories. The PR professionals are endowed with national responsibility to serve the public with relevant information.

The PR professionals need to understand and figure out the wants of the public to maintain their bond. In the recent times, India has witnessed a sudden rise in the trend of binge watching when many popular shows and daily soaps were telecasted. Also, news channels has become the evening tea partners for many. To understand what the public wants has become the need of the hour.


It cannot be denied that Covid 19 has lead to digital acceleration in India and everywhere across the world . Even after the pandemic gets under control, this tendency to digitalisation would stay and leave behind an important legacy.

When the country has faced the cruel waves of the pandemic, the PR agencies are expected to feed the public with what times and public demands. The PR practitioners are expected to adapt to the changing trends in order to maintain healthy bonds with the public.

Co-Parenting: The Equal Responsibility of Both Parents to Look After Their Child

Co-parenting is the duty of both parents to look after their child. Just because a mother has given birth, it doesn’t signify only a mother’s responsibility towards her child. A father is equally responsible for every minute detail of the child. In this way, both the parents can bond with their child and get to know about their baby’s likes and dislikes equally.

Examples of how to co-parent for the father:

  • Changing diapers
  • Feeding the baby
  • Bathing and cleaning up the baby
  • Being present at the doctor’s visits
  • Shopping for the baby
  • Playing with the baby
  • Helping the mother prepare food for the baby
  • Putting the baby to sleep
  • Checking on the baby at night
  • Giving the baby medicines

Co-parenting is helpful for the mother as delivering a baby (through vaginal birth or C-section) is not easy at all. She needs proper rest and nutrition. Like most fathers’ lives don’t change after having a baby, a mother’s life should not change either. If both the parents take care of the baby equally, then the process of raising a baby becomes easy.

Fathers who co-parent become an inspiration for fathers who don’t. Raising a child is a very big responsibility, so it should be shared. There are many parents who have delivered more than one child, so the responsibility increases. It becomes very strenuous for the mother to look after the babies alone. There are many mothers who don’t get help from their family members in raising their children. There are many who cannot afford domestic help/ nanny for the babies. So, a father’s role is very important in this process. A mother tends to feel relieved after the father has stepped in, as she knows that no one will take care of the baby as well as the baby’s father.

There are many women who want to continue with their job/business after delivery. If the father starts co-parenting, the mother can fulfil her dreams even after having a baby.

A salute to all the mothers for delivering a baby (or babies), and to the fathers for co-parenting!


Time management is the ability to use time efficiently, which gives maximum benefit. It is said that if you acquire this technique then you can achieve anything in life, although efficient time management seems as easy as it is not easy. It takes too much effort in efficient time management. Self-discipline is the key to managing your time well.


 “If you can not manage your time, you will not be able to arrange any other part of your life”

Importance of time management


Good productivity

When you have a plan, you just have to implement it correctly. There is no need to waste time for what you do not have to do in the work, but what to do next, so that the level of productivity needs to be increased.

Increase motivation level

When you set a goal, it is imperative to increase your motivation level naturally. Work hard to get your goal so that you can prove yourself.

Make better decisions

Time management is about making the right plan of time. When you plan your work, evaluate all the good and evil that helps you make better decisions.

Increase in quality of work

If you will see what you need to do and what to do during your day, then the planning part will be completed automatically. You only need to pay attention to your work, which will increase the quality of your results.

Less Stress

Time management helps you to accomplish your tasks in less time and with fewer efforts. In this way it is also a great way to deal with stress.

Tips for efficient time management


Here are some suggestions that can help you manage your time efficiently:

Make a list

Pick up pen and paper, write down all the necessary tasks that you complete in the morning every day.

Prioritize your work

If you have written all your work on paper then give them priority immediately. Do not ignore the importance of fulfilling your tasks in the correct order.

Scheduled time

To manage your time efficiently, you have to set the time to complete each task you write.


Keep doing things as you have come to fulfill them. Along with the happiness of success, it inspires you to work hard.

Take off

Do not work one after the other. This can make you feel frustrated that can interfere with your productivity. Therefore it is often recommended to take a break in between the tasks.

Sleep well and eat healthy

If you do not complete your 7-8 hours of sleep every night, you will not be able to concentrate on the work, so that time management will be affected. Balanced diet pays a bigger role in time management.


The workout is very useful for time management. It not only keeps you fit but also reduces stress levels and increases your strength to focus. With this you can manage your time well and complete your tasks efficiently.


Arranging time is easy to speak instead of doing it Dedication and determination are needed to stay focused on your goal and manage your time efficiently. Once you master this art, you are sure to succeed in your work.


The MCU: Phase Three

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a superhero media franchise of different types of media such as movies, television series, digital series among various others, produced and managed by Marvel Studios. They are based on the superhero comics produced by Marvel Comics. The MCU is a shared universe, i.e., all the superhero series take place in the same universe. This leads to different characters from different series crossing paths with each other, and different storylines affecting each other. Currently, the MCU has three complete phases: MCU Phase One, MCU Phase Two and MCU Phase Three. Each phase has its own set of movies. According to popular opinion, Phase Three is generally considered to be the best out of the three. It also marks the conclusion of the current MCU storyline. The current order of watching MCU Phase Three movies are:

  • Captain America: Civil War (2016)
  • Doctor Strange (2016)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
  • Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
  • Black Panther (2018)
  • Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
  • Captain Marvel (2019)
  • Avengers: Endgame (2019)
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

MCU Phase Three is filled with any excellent movies. Plot-wise, character-wise, action-wise and character-wise, each movie is a delight to watch. These three movies are the best of MCU Phase Three:

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

When Thor: Ragnarok was released, Marvel fans all over the world were surprised. While the two previous Thor movies had a serious tone, Thor: Ragnarok is filled with bright humor. It follows Thor and Loki as they, along with the Hulk and a new ally Valkyrie, try to save and reclaim their home Asgard from the forced rule of their estranged sister, Hela. The movie stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Cate Blanchett as Hela.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s release in 2019 marked the first standalone feature for a female hero in Marvel, with an entire movie dedicated to her. Captain Marvel follows the story of Vers, a Kree soldier who’s crash landing on Earth shakes up her entire world. Along with Nick Fury and her friend Maria Rambeau, she must now fight against those she once held dear, including her mentor Yon-Rogg, and goes on to become one of the strongest heroes in the galaxy. The movie stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, Sameul L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau and Jude Law as Yon-Rogg.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame

One of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, Avengers: Endgame was a direct sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, and continued immediately from where it concluded. Avengers: Endgame brings back the avengers and their allies, some old while some new, in a final glorious battle as they take their last stand against Thanos and attempt to restore the universe back to normal. The movie marks the conclusion of the ‘Infinity Saga’ of the MCU, along with character conclusion acts of a few important characters and opens up the next saga of the MCU.

Mirabai Chanu-Biography

From lifting firewood as a kid to being elevated onto international podiums, weightlifter Mirabai Chanu’s story is one of a remarkable rise.

Saikom Mirabi Chanu was born on 8 August 1994 in Nongpok Kakching, Imphal, Manipur, to a Sanamahi Meitei family, is an Indian weightlifter. Ending India’s 21-year wait for a weightlifting medal at the grandest stages of them,star weightlifter Mirabai opened the nation’s medal account in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics 2020 on Saturday. She won Silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Women’s 49kg, helping to secure India its 1st medal of the games. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has also congratulated Mirabai for bringing her silver medal from this event. Saying that “India is full of happiness debut and great performance”.


Mirabai Cahnu sprung to International prominence at the age of 20, when she bagged the silver medal in the 48kg category at the 2014 Common Wealth Games in Scotland. Chanu qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics in the women’s 48kg category. However, she failed to finish the event, owing to no successful lifts in any of her three attempts in the clean and jerk section. In 2017, she won the Gold medal in the women’s 48kg category by lifting a competition record 194kg in total (85kg snatch and 109kg clean and jerk) in the 2017 World Weightlifting Championships held at Anaheim, CA, United States. In 2021, Mirabai Chanu became the 1st and only women Indian weightlifter to qualify for the 2021 summer games by securing the 2nd position in the 49kg category. The 27 year old, lifted 86kg in snatch and then created the world record by lifting a massive 119 kg in the clean and the jerk, for a total of 250 kg, which won her Bronze medal and a ticket to Tokyo Olympics.

Chanu won the silver medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, becoming the 1st Indian weightlifter to win silver in Olympics, winning a silver medal in 49 kg weightlifting with a total of 202 kg. Chanu managed to lift a total of 202 kg in the women’s 49 kg category to become the second Indian weightlifter after Karnam Malleshwari to win an Olympic medal. A new Olympic record was registered by Mirabai Chanu with a successful lift of 115 kg in clean and jerk.

Awards and honor

  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, highest sporting honor of India. Chanu received this award in the year 2018.
  • Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award of India, Chanu received this award in 2018.

Rs.20 lakhs from the Government of Manipur for the gold medal in the 2017 World Weightlifting Champions.

For winning the silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

  • Rs. 50 lakhs from the Government of India.
  • Rs. 1 crore from the Government of Manipu.

After Norman Pritchard, Rajyvardhan Rathore, Sushil Kumar, Vijay Kumar and P.V Sindhu, Chanu is India’s 6th individual silver medalist at the Olympics. “I am very happy, I have been dreaming of this for the past five years. I am very proud of myself right now, I did try for Gold but even silver is a great achievement for me,” Chanu told reporters after her sensational performance at the Tokyo Olympics.


Talent and hard work together can get any person to success, working hard can lead you to success and that success can be more durable because practice makes person perfect. Hard work is the only key to achieving it, it teaches us discipline, dedication and determination. Saikom Mirabai Chanu is the perfect example for hard work and determination.

Reasons Why Continuous Learning is Important

The digital revolution has put a premium on reskilling and upskilling, especially in light of enormous unemployment, rising inequality, and a talent deficit. As a result, businesses have taken the lead in providing a better learning environment for their employees. In fact, given the rapidly changing nature of the workforce, optimizing the learning experience has become more of a must than a requirement.We’ll go over everything about the learning experience, its value, and how it affects learner engagement in this article. We’ll delve into this topic in depth to provide you with the knowledge you need to offer an effective learning experience.

1. Maintain relevancy

Don’t let yourself down. Maintain your relevance in your industry by staying current with trends and adjusting your skill set. To stay relevant in today’s quickly changing technological environment, you must constantly master new skills.

2. Expect the unexpected.

Lifelong learning will assist you in adapting to unanticipated changes, such as losing your job and having to rely on new abilities to obtain work. You’ll be more comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on new employment chances if you keep learning.

3. Enhance your online presence

When you are always learning, you will continue to improve, advance in your job, and begin to obtain recommendations from coworkers and managers. It’s likely that you’ll change professions several times over your career, and you’ll need to learn new skills to keep up.

4. Confidence comes from competence.

Learning new skills offers us a sense of success, which enhances our self-confidence; you’ll also feel more prepared to take on new tasks and enter into new business initiatives.5. Generate new ideasLearning new abilities will open up new doors and assist you in coming up with creative solutions to difficulties. You may be able to earn extra money as a result of this.

5. Developing leadership abilities

Learning is a powerful instrument for providing knowledgeable experiences that meet unique life difficulties. It pushes people to reach out and grab hold of potential possibilities. You must have a passion for information since it will open new opportunities and give you the confidence you need to continue along this path.

6. Professional Advancement

The willingness to study can lead to a variety of opportunities for professional advancement. Although having a college diploma or a degree does not guarantee you a dream career, it does help. Employers nowadays search for supplementary or transferable skills, knowledge, and practical learning abilities in candidates before hiring them for any position.

5 Ideal Websites For Finding Freelance Work

The primary independent positions sites adopt an all inclusive strategy to work postings, which mean you can find a wide assortment of independent freedoms in whatever field you’re searching for work. There are such countless assorted sorts of independent positions.

What is Freelance Work?

Freelance work is a specific work or administration given by an individual exclusively and independently without being devoted as a representative.

A Freelance proficient is an independently employed proficient specialist organization who indirectly offers different administrations like Programming, Web plan, Graphic plan, composing, video creation, Music, deciphering, and so forth.

Top Websites for Freelance Jobs:

• Simply Hired:

Perhaps the best thing about Simply Hired is that you can glance through independent positions in your close by area. Additionally, there is a stock of top compensations and a device to figure your charge. This is obliging to even out for an exact work you need to do.

• Up work:

Up work is a passage for landing independent positions. It extends to all inclusive employment opportunity identified with IT and systems administration, administrator work, information science, bookkeeping, interpretation, and so on You can use this independent site for students to send boundless recommendations to customers. When you start a relationship with another customer, you will be invigorating an expense of 20%. It is an exceptionally responsive site for novices.

• Freelancer:

It is like Up work; you can construct a consultant profile and start offering on positions posted by customers. represents in excess of 50 million clients starting at 2021. It’s a predominant decision for the individuals who favor working distantly and get their feet in independent commercial centers.

• Fiverr:

Fiverr is a site that helps you to land your position as a specialist. It presents occupations associated with computerized advertising, interpretation, composing, sound altering, video altering, and so on This site additionally gives a simple method to fabricate a rousing portfolio.

• User Feel:

User Feel entryway gives site testing occupations in more than one language. For instance, the analyzer can within reach audit in the local language. To turn into an analyzer, you require enrolling on this site and breezing through a preconditioning assessment. This is the main method for accomplishing outsourcing fill in as an analyzer.

Risk Profile

Risk Profiling refers to the evaluation of an individual ability to take risks. It assists in making the risk profile of the investor.

As psyche of every person differs from others. 

People can be classified as:-

Risk-Averse -Don’t want to take up the risk.

Risk seeker– Is one who is willing to accept greater financial risk in exchange for more profits.

Risk Neutral- These people are neither risk seekers nor averse.

Due to it, new investors can plan their investments by knowing where they stand and what is right for them Mutual Funds, Shares, or Crypto.

Some other benefits –

•It helps in taking the right risk as per requirements and capacity.

•Bring the right investment opportunities to light, so a balance of risk and reward can be achieved.

•Help to identify psychological reactions to unexpected fluctuation in the market.

•Plan for the worst-case scenario.
Know your risk Diet