Appreciating Teachers Virtually On Their Special Day

Across the world, Teachers Day is the mark of appreciation in the world among everybody. It is one of the most memorable days in the life of a teacher and a student

It stands a greatly respectable job with significant honour and several responsibilities.

God made a profession like a teacher who can play multiple roles in their career as he knows he can’t be everywhere

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Like a Candle, they burn throughout to lighten our lives with their knowledge and leaves us with their knowledge and wisdom.

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Teachers are like magicians who use their magic wands to help us make our lives easier and more fruitful. They push us to attain our motivation and understands our problems without the need to tell them.

In Independent India, the first man teacher is known as Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was an Indian academic, professor, philosopher and politician and who served as the first Vice President of India (1952-1962) and the second President of India (1962-1967).

First Male Teacher of India

His famous quote is-

Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if 5 September is observed as Teacher’s Day

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And on the other side, Savitribai Phule is regarded as the first female teacher of India(1848). she was a trailblazer in providing education for girls and ostracised portions of society. she opened a school for girls with her husband, Jyotirao Phule.

First Female Teacher of India

Her famous quote is-

Awake, arise and educate. smash traditions. liberate.

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To celebrate this occasion, students perform songs and plays, affirming the contribution of their teachers. Students also show their devotion to their favourite teachers in the form of cards, speeches, flowers, and chocolates.

In this pandemic time of COVID, teachers have shown that learning never stops, they have made an effort very hard to discover solutions and establish different learning surrounding for their students to permit education to go on with.

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So, We also should not hold back from appreciating them. we all have seen how much they do and how their devotion help students to learn and grow even in this challenging time.

But now the question is How do we thank our teachers for their immense work?

There are various ways to celebrate this day virtually-

1.Students can make a short video to praise the teacher. they can dedicate poetry or some Thankyoulines.

This idea is ensured to bring tears to a teacher’s eye

2.Make a beautiful card, virtual stickers, or certificate or many more just to say #Thankyou

3.Make a lovely sketch to appreciate your teacher

4.Send your teacher a virtual gift card to thank them for all they do

5.Sing a Thankyou Song and post it to celebrate teacher’s day

6.And many more.

Just show your emotions towards your teachers and made them realize how valuable they are for the whole nation because teachers are the Nation builder

They have been our guiding spirits and role models and we are grateful to them.

Thank you!

Your guide on how to become a self learner

The world of self learning is quiet difficult to enter and unstructured. But it is the most sought after skill a person can possess in the 21st century. It is critical to achieving out aspirations and ambitions.

I, personally believe in the art of self learning, and we all should nurture out habit to become self learners. The time where we used to be dependent on some external presence to teach us something is a thing of the past. Re-wire your brains and trick yourself to teach yourself everything you want to learn and say, “Oh, what should I learn today!!”.

Be Self Reliant

The art of self study is for everyone regardless of age, gender, color, nationality…… name it. Although, it’s supremely beneficial for the students, as it is their “learning period”.


In an economy and society that innovates faster than ever in human history, challenges also crop up that require just as swift resolution. Facing a future that we cannot foresee, the ability to adapt and learn is key.

What was recent tomorrow is old today. If you cannot keep up with the pace of the changes in the world you wil be left behind because nobody is waiting for anyone. In the age of AI, technology adaptation is the basic survival necessity, including the social and environmental phenomena. The best given example, COVID-19 – a change so drastic beyond our imagination, even then humans have to adapt socially, mentally and technically as well. So, be the free bird you wished to become without limits.

Be positive

Goal setting is extremely important because it helps you increase productivity and also improves your focus. Having clear objectives means you are more likely to create a specific plan and take action to achieve your goals.

Find your interest, in subjects which are non-traditional, traditional, out of the syllabus. It’s fine as long as you develop a fascination towards it.


Whatever subject you want to learn about, the resources on the Internet are endless. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not as linear as a course or curriculum, but there are opportunities in that. Even if there is no classroom, no teacher, no structure or system there can still be a student.

“Nobody can stop a person from learning is he is willing to, similarly no body can teach a person if he doesn’t want to.”

Knowledge in pursuit of an interest, based on curiosity and life-long learning is collected in a more sporadic fashion. The nature of learning in a curious manner leads to serendipitous discoveries (information and people) and takes you down paths you may never of been exposed to. The only downfall of this path is you are your own parameters, no one else is coming to see if your did what you did or if you didn’t.


How will you know what you have learned? Or, even if you learned or not? Simple put it test. Create something that proves that you have the skill to create it. There can be two approaches, top-down and the bottom-up. What you choose to follow depends on what you prefer. Either you can learn something and then create something, or you can begin by creating something you want to but don’t know how to and learn along the way.

From, my personal experience I can tell that it’s rewarding in a strange yet cool way. It improves you confidence in yourself. You can showcase what you learned to the world, who’s knows maybe inspire some along the way. Find admirers, stumble upon something unexpectedly good, which opens a whole new world. The opportunities are never ending.

Learn what you don’t know

Learning is an never ending journey. It will go on with every breath of yours. So, let’s embrace it and internalize it. It’s not about numbers as most of have learned in our growing years, but it’s about discovering things and inventing things. Making changes to the present things and all the things in the future.

Always remember it doesn’t matter where you started and how far you came, but it’s all about the hurdles you overcame, and the value you added your journey as a whole. So Set goals-Achieve them and repeat.


Things That Will Make You More Productive

Boost Your Productivity

Don’t worry, here are few productivity tips that will help you work more efficiently.

  • Learn to say NO

Say no when it comes to things that doesn’t align with your goals . Say no to that friend who don’t want you to become successful. Start hanging out with people which helps you to see your goal more clearly.

  • Read Daily

Build a habit to read daily whatever you like. It can be anything a book, an article, a movie review etc. This will help you think outside the box. One should be aware about things that are happening around the world, catch up with new technologies.

  • Listen Podcast

If you are a college student then the right thing to do to make your college life productive by to listen from the experts and people who have achieved their dreams. There you will find many topics that might interest you or you can find what excites you more. It is more of a conversation between two or more people talking about various aspects of the fields. You can listen podcast anywhere without any distraction even when you are multitasking. Just plugin your earphone and listen the conversation that feels more natural as if they are infront of you.

  • Make TO-DO List Before Going To Bed

Before going to bed analyse what you have done today and what are things that needs to be given more attention. This helps you keep track of your performance. Making to-do list a day before will help you prioritize your work and relieve stress. Now you don’t have to waste your morning time just to figure out what you have to do. You just have to check your to-do list and start your day.

  • Writing Down Your Thoughts

One of the things that I have learned is that write down whatever thoughts and opinions crosses your mind. This is the best way as you can forget things. Later when you are free you can always continue from where you left or restructure your opinion and maybe this will help you to control your emotions and can figure out what are the things that needs to be taken care of. You can always keep a journal that will make you keep track of your progress.

  • Meditation

One way to channelizes your energy is by doing meditation. It reduces physical and mental stress, control anxiety level, increase positive feelings toward every individual and makes your mind calmer which helps you to take right decisions even at difficult situations. This also creates a positive vibe around yourself which makes other people to have faith and confidence in you.


The Independence Day is celebrated on August 15 every year to commemorate India’s freedom from the British rule in 1947.
15 August is a day of her re-birth, a new start. At the midnight of 15 August 1947, the British rulers handed the country back to its Indian leaders, ending a remarkable struggle that lasted years. It was 15 August 1947, the historic date, on which sovereign India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru unfolded the tricolour flag of the nation on the glorious Red Fort. The day is significant in the history of India as bringing an end to the British colonial rule in India.
But do you know the struggle of independence started long before you might know.
India’s struggle for independence started in 1857 with the Sepoy Mutiny in Meerut and it gained momentum after the First World War. In 20th century, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian National Congress (INC) and other political organisations launched a countrywide independence movement and revolt against the oppressive British rule.

During the Second World War in 1942, the Indian Congress launched the Quit India Movement demanding an end to the British rule which prompted colonial rulers detaining many campaigners, nationalists, and ministers including Gandhi.
Our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, gave a beautifully worded speech starting with the words, “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.”

Unfortunately as India got independence, it was divided into two countries, India and Pakistan. Pakistan celebrates it’s Independence Day on 14th August rather than 15th August though.

And that led to the birth of new INDIA .

ISIS – The Egyptian Goddess

-Aastha Joshi

Isis is an Egyptian goddess who lacked her own dedicated temples but grew as one of the most important deities of ancient Egypt. Her cult subsequently spread throughout the Roman Empire, and Isis was worshipped from England to Afghanistan. She is still revered by pagans today. she was most often represented as a beautiful woman wearing a sheath dress and either the hieroglyphic sign of the throne or a solar disk and cow’s horns on her head. she was a principal deity in rites connected with the dead; as magical healer, she cured the sick and brought the deceased to life; and as mother, she was a role model for all women. Occasionally she was represented as a scorpion, a bird, a sow, or a cow. she is mentioned many times in the Pyramid Text, in which she offers assistance to the dead king. The priests of Heliopolis, followers of the son god re, developed the myth of Isis. This told that Isis was the daughter of the earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut and the sister of the deities Osiris, Seth, and Nephthys. Married to Osiris, king of Egypt, Isis was a good queen who supported her husband and taught the women of Egypt how to weave, bake, and brew beer. But Seth was jealous, and he hatched a plot to kill his brother. Seth trapped Osiris in a decorated wooden chest, which he coated in lead and threw into the Nile. With his brother vanished, Seth became king of Egypt. But Isis could not forget her husband, and she searched everywhere for him until she eventually discovered Osiris, still trapped in his chest. She brought his body back to Egypt, where Seth discovered the chest and hacked his brother into pieces, which he scattered far and wide. Transforming into a bird, and helped by her sister, Nephthys, Isis was able to discover and reunite the parts of her dead husband’s body-only his penis was missing. Using her magical powers, she was able to make Osiris whole; bandaged, neither living nor dead, Osiris had become a mummy. Nine months later Isis bore him a son, Horus. Osiris was then forced to retreat to the underworld, where he became king of the dead. Using her magical powers, she was able to make Osiris whole; bandaged, neither living nor dead, Osiris had become a mummy. Using her magical powers, she was able to make Osiris whole; bandaged, neither living nor dead, Osiris had become a mummy. Nine months later Isis bore him a son,Horus, Osiris was then forced to retreat to the underworld, where he became king of the dead. Isis hid with Horus in the marshes of the Nile delta until her son was fully grown and could avenge his father and claim his throne. She defended the child against attacks from snakes and scorpions. But because Isis was also Seth’s sister, she wavered during the eventual battle between Horus and Seth. In one episode Isis took pity on Seth and was in consequence beheaded by Horus. Eventually she and Horus were reconciled, and Horus was able to take the throne of Egypt. Isis was the perfect traditional Egyptian wife and mother-content to stay in the background while things went well, but able to use her wits to guard her husband and son should the need arise. The shelter she afforded her child gave her the character of a goddess of protection. Several narratives tell of her magical process, far stronger than the powers of Osiris and Re. Isis became associated with various other goddesses, including Bastet, Nut, and Hathor, and thus her nature and her powers became increasingly diverse. Isis became known, like other fierce goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon, as the “Eye of Re” and was equated with the Dog Star, Sothis. The first major temple dedicated to Isis was built by the Late Period king Nectanebo II at Behbeit el-Hagar, in the central Nile delta. Other important temples, including the island temple of Philae, were built during Greco-Roman times when Isis was dominant among Egyptian goddesses. Several temples were dedicated to her in Alexandria, where she became the patroness of seafarers. From Alexandria her cult spread to Greece and Rome. Images of Isis nursing the baby Horus may have influenced the early Christian artists who depicted the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus. In many spells in the Pyramid Texts, Isis and Nephthys help the deceased king reach the afterlife. In the Coffin Texts from the Middle Kingdom, Isis appears still more frequently, though in these texts Osiris is credited with reviving the dead more often than she is. New Kingdom sources such as the Book of the Dead describe Isis as protecting deceased souls as they face the dangers in the Duat. They also describe Isis as a member of the divine councils that judge souls’ moral righteousness before admitting them into the afterlife, and she appears in vignettes standing beside Osiris as he presides over this tribunal. Late funerary texts prominently featured her mourning for Osiris, and one such text, one of the Books of Breathing, was said to have been written by her for Osiris’s benefit. [117] In Nubian funerary religion, Isis was regarded as more significant than her husband, because she was the active partner while he only passivelyreceived the offerings she made to sustain him in the afterlife. Isis continues to appear in modern esoteric and pagan belief systems. The concept of a single goddess incarnating all feminine divine powers, partly inspired by Apuleius, became a widespread theme in literature of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Influential groups and figures in esotericism, such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the late nineteenth century and Dion Fortune in the 1930s, adopted this all-encompassing goddess into their belief systems and called her Isis. This conception of Isis influenced the Great Goddess found in many forms of contemporary witchcraft. Today, reconstructions of ancient Egyptian religion, such as Kemetic Orthodoxy or the Church of the Eternal Source, include Isis among the deities they revere.

ISIS – The Egyptian Goddess

Isis is an Egyptian goddess who lacked her own dedicated temples but grew as one of the most important deities of ancient Egypt. Her cult subsequently spread throughout the Roman Empire, and Isis was worshipped from England to Afghanistan. She is still revered by pagans today. she was most often represented as a beautiful woman wearing a sheath dress and either the hieroglyphic sign of the throne or a solar disk and cow’s horns on her head. she was a principal deity in rites connected with the dead; as magical healer, she cured the sick and brought the deceased to life; and as mother, she was a role model for all women. Occasionally she was represented as a scorpion, a bird, a sow, or a cow. she is mentioned many times in the Pyramid Text, in which she offers assistance to the dead king. The priests of Heliopolis, followers of the son god re, developed the myth of Isis. This told that Isis was the daughter of the earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut and the sister of the deities Osiris, Seth, and Nephthys. Married to Osiris, king of Egypt, Isis was a good queen who supported her husband and taught the women of Egypt how to weave, bake, and brew beer. But Seth was jealous, and he hatched a plot to kill his brother. Seth trapped Osiris in a decorated wooden chest, which he coated in lead and threw into the Nile. With his brother vanished, Seth became king of Egypt. But Isis could not forget her husband, and she searched everywhere for him until she eventually discovered Osiris, still trapped in his chest. She brought his body back to Egypt, where Seth discovered the chest and hacked his brother into pieces, which he scattered far and wide. Transforming into a bird, and helped by her sister, Nephthys, Isis was able to discover and reunite the parts of her dead husband’s body-only his penis was missing. Using her magical powers, she was able to make Osiris whole; bandaged, neither living nor dead, Osiris had become a mummy. Nine months later Isis bore him a son, Horus. Osiris was then forced to retreat to the underworld, where he became king of the dead. Using her magical powers, she was able to make Osiris whole; bandaged, neither living nor dead, Osiris had become a mummy. Using her magical powers, she was able to make Osiris whole; bandaged, neither living nor dead, Osiris had become a mummy. Nine months later Isis bore him a son,

Isis is an Egyptian goddess who lacked her own dedicated temples but grew as one of the most important deities of ancient Egypt. Her cult subsequently spread throughout the Roman Empire, and Isis was worshipped from England to Afghanistan. She is still revered by pagans today. she was most often represented as a beautiful woman wearing a sheath dress and either the hieroglyphic sign of the throne or a solar disk and cow’s horns on her head. she was a principal deity in rites connected with the dead; as magical healer, she cured the sick and brought the deceased to life; and as mother, she was a role model for all women. Occasionally she was represented as a scorpion, a bird, a sow, or a cow. she is mentioned many times in the Pyramid Text, in which she offers assistance to the dead king. The priests of Heliopolis, followers of the son god re, developed the myth of Isis. This told that Isis was the daughter of the earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut and the sister of the deities Osiris, Seth, and Nephthys. Married to Osiris, king of Egypt, Isis was a good queen who supported her husband and taught the women of Egypt how to weave, bake, and brew beer. But Seth was jealous, and he hatched a plot to kill his brother. Seth trapped Osiris in a decorated wooden chest, which he coated in lead and threw into the Nile. With his brother vanished, Seth became king of Egypt. But Isis could not forget her husband, and she searched everywhere for him until she eventually discovered Osiris, still trapped in his chest. She brought his body back to Egypt, where Seth discovered the chest and hacked his brother into pieces, which he scattered far and wide. Transforming into a bird, and helped by her sister, Nephthys, Isis was able to discover and reunite the parts of her dead husband’s body-only his penis was missing. Using her magical powers, she was able to make Osiris whole; bandaged, neither living nor dead, Osiris had become a mummy. Nine months later Isis bore him a son, Horus. Osiris was then forced to retreat to the underworld, where he became king of the dead. Using her magical powers, she was able to make Osiris whole; bandaged, neither living nor dead, Osiris had become a mummy. Using her magical powers, she was able to make Osiris whole; bandaged, neither living nor dead, Osiris had become a mummy. Nine months later Isis bore him a son,


Divorce in India was always seen as taboo. In India, there’s a long process of litigation and a complicated process of hearing and filing which is very unethical and undesirable, so which ways divorce are avoided here. Last year, Despite lockdown and family courts remaining shut for about 6 months or more due to covid-19 average number of 19-20 divorce cases were filed per day. So, the question here is that “is divorce cases in India are on the verge of decreasing or increasing?” well the statics says that in 2011, the total number of cases was something around 7500 and which remain constant to an extent of nine years. In 2019, up to 7,800 divorce cases were filed before the family court. Last year, during covid around 5,000 cases were filed before the family court but rates have increased from 1,280 to 3,480 after covid-19. Thus, there’s an increase in divorce rates. The highest divorces cases are in Mumbai, Delhi on the second number, continues with Bangalore and then Kolkata.
Research says that divorce petitions are most likely filed by men rather than women, the core reasons for getting a divorce are more of modernization, compatibility issues, rising standard of expectations, lack of communication and understanding between the couple. Because both of them are busy pacing their professional life, a career that leads to all these conflicts. Nowadays, women are getting more career orientated and secondly, they have to be at home handling all the domestic chores at home. Some of them either don’t want to get married or some of them want to marry late at the age of 28-30 or more, after building a powerful career and being independent. Earlier girls used to get married around 20-22 and this education doesn’t matter and at this age young mind can be moulded.

Statics shows that lockdown has changed the life of married couples.
1.  In Indian culture, marriage is all about adjustments and compromises, apparently, with the lockdown, the lifestyle and expectations of married life have been changed. Because people are being self-reliant as they are educated and are not independent of others. The journey of ego starts between both husband and wife.
2. Some of them have an extramarital affair whether is it a husband or a wife. Having affairs can ruin the whole marriage and trust.
3. Not giving equal rights or suppressing each other can lead to conflicts.
4. Family conflicts of a family can affect the relationship of husband and wife, which tends to spoil their relationship. 5. Ego is hazardous for the maintenance of every relationship. Ego is good for one those who deserve it but not good for any sort of relationship. In fights, ego is the only thing that comes in between.

There’s this example from the series ‘The Family Men’, where Priyamani (Suchitra Tiwari) is Manoj Bajpayee ( Srikant Tiwari) wife goes for counseling because Manoj Bajpayee was a very busy person, doesn’t use to give enough time to his family, although he tries his best to make it perfect for their family. The personal spaces got refined and squeezed up. Many couples compromised a little bit more than usual with made it more tricky. There’s an increase in couple counseling by 20% as compared to before. Divorce also leads to the separation of a happy family and kids which may sometimes affect their future.

Importance of an Internship

Individuals from different sections of the society often see to get confused with their present career interest or worry about their career goals or want to give shape to their career after a gap. For them, internship exposure can be one of the ways to structure their career.

  • A recent college graduate who could not get a job through college placement and whose resume lacks professional experience can start their career with internship.
  • A mother who took a break from her career to take care of her child and want to start her career again, can join any organisation as an intern to update herself about the market.
  • Internship can be a good strategy for an individual who in his late 30s is planning to switch careers to convert his interest as his profession.

4 ways college students benefit from internships

  • 1. Students can apply their classroom learning in professional environments
  • Students can gain exposure to their chosen field
  • Students can establish critical networking connections
  • Students can gain coveted work experience

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.”

Shah Rukh Khan

Internships are not limited to college students. Anyone seeking a career change will find that internships introduce them to a new career, help them to explore different skills, and prepare them for new experiences. For college students, summertime is an ideal opportunity to explore career interests while still in school but not actively involved with classroom and homework requirements.

Reasons Why An Internship is Important to All Students

  • Application of education and career exploration. Internships are a great way to apply the knowledge from the classroom to real-world experience. Learning is one thing, but taking those skills into the workforce and applying them is a great way to explore different career paths and specializations that suit individual interests.
  • Gain experience and increase marketability. Having an internship gives you experience in the career field you want to pursue. Not only does this give individuals an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, it also prepares them for what to expect in their field and increases confidence in their work.
  • Learn how a professional workplace operates. Depending on your major, you may read about how organizations thrive and function in textbooks, hear from guest speakers who talk about organizational structures, or dive into case studies about workplace culture, but nothing compares to living the actual experience.
  • Professionalism. Internships can provide students with the soft skills needed in the workplace and in leadership positions. In a LinkedIn Skills Report (2018), 57% of people rated soft skills as being more important than technical skills. Skills, such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork can all be learned through an internship and utilized beyond that experience.
  • Build your resume. Most organizations and jobs that you apply to following graduation want employees to have some sort of professional experience, even for entry-level jobs. In the event that you are a finalist for a position and haven’t had an internship experience but the other finalist has, you may lose out on a job opportunity, so make sure you at least have one internship on your resume before leaving college to give you a leg up on the competition.
  • Figure out what you like and don’t like. While everyone probably wants to walk away from an internship feeling excited and passionate about the experience, there’s a silver-lining to be found if you didn’t enjoy the job: you’ll know what you don’t like. According to an article from, “figuring out what type of job you don’t want while you’re interning can help prevent you from accepting an ill-fitting job when you graduate.”

Stock Market

Money plays a crucial role in our lives. Every person has a desire to be rich for which people search different paths. One such path is the stock market.A stock market is a place where buying and selling of ownership of a company take place. These units of ownership are termed shares, which collectively are known as stocks.

Many regard it as a Gamble & state it’s an easy fortune for some, for others, it is a  road to doom.
There is some element of risk in this investment but majorly success depends on the person and their analysis of the stocks.

Some key things to consider while buying a share:-

• Face value(FV) of the share– Dividend is paid on the face value of the share.For example, if a share is traded for Rs 1000 with a face value of Rs 2. 100% dividend it would mean a sum of Rs 20 is paid.

•Past performance of the company- A company with a good performance record. Have a growth potential and the chances of price rise are more.
• Any major Change in government policy -Change may have an impact on the business environment. For instance, a policy that bars or regulates new competitors from entry will be a good indicator for the existing players.• ROI– ROI or Return on Investment tries to measure the amount of return a particular investment, relative to the investment’s costs.

Distinct Types of Writing Tone you should have known

The tone of a piece of writing is critical, but what exactly is it? To put it simply, tone refers to how a writer employs a given set of words in a specific way to convey their non-verbal judgments about a particular subject. The writer’s tone is crucial because it allows them to communicate facts with an attitude, personal perspective, and emotion. Tone and the author’s own voice might be utilized interchangeably at times.

However, the two should not be confused; the writer’s voice is just a reflection of their own personality, but the aim of the writer’s tone is to convey a specific attitude toward the subject of their writing.

When tone and voice are blended, a distinct writing style emerges that can be linked to a specific author.Any point of view, attitude, or emotion can be used to establish the intended tone in writing. If you can come up with an adjective, that adjective can be used to describe a tone. To put it another way, if you decide to perceive tone with specificity, you’ll find that you have an infinite amount of options.These endless tones in writing, on the other hand, have been classified into different categories, which include:


This tone is frequently associated with academic writing since it necessitates greater reading abilities, disciplined language, and emphasizes facts over the writer’s ideas.


The purpose of this tone is to be conversational while expressing the writer’s knowledge of the subject matter.


There are a lot of terrible things going on in our world right now. However, there is also the notion that our world can and will improve in the future if we all work together to achieve this goal. That is an excellent example of a positive tone in writing.


This tone seeks to elicit a sense of dread in the reader. Because the concepts you’re being presented with by a writer are essential, it can help you focus.


This tone emphasizes all of the wonderful feelings that one feels at the time of the deed. When you eat your favorite food, for example, you are happy. You feel delighted when you are shown affection and it is returned. This tone is used by a writer to develop relationships between the reader and the characters he or she has created.


It takes a lot more than just making you laugh to be hilarious. It can also encourage you to consider a range of tough issues in a safe environment.


When the world appears to be a dreadful place, it may appear that things will only grow worse and that nothing will ever improve. That kind of tone is an example of pessimism.


This tone can be menacing in nature because it speaks to people’s basic, universal anxieties, requiring them to confront them.

It’s crucial to note that just because there are fundamental forms of tone in writing doesn’t mean the writer has to employ only one tone while writing something.

In particular situations, the writer can use all tones in a certain way. So keep these tones in mind, as well as how each tone relates to the voice you’re using.

It’s even more vital to remember this information if you’re a writer; it’ll help you choose the proper style and explain the key points you want to convey to your audience.

How YOGA is an essential part of our life

Yoga is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind, and environment. The practice entails low-impact physical activity, postures (called asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation, and meditation. Most people are familiar with the physical poses or yoga positions but don’t know that yoga involves so much more.



1. Yoga benefits in weight loss

Sun Salutation and Kapal Bhati pranayama are highly useful for losing weight. Moreover, with regular practice of yoga, we tend to become more sensitive to our body and its needs. This, in turn, helps keep a check on our food intake and body weight.

2. Yoga Gives you Better Flexibility and Posture

Yoga must become a part of your daily routine to get a body that is strong, supple, and flexible. Regular yoga practice stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong. It also helps improve your body posture when you stand, sit, sleep or walk. This would, in turn, help relieve you of body ache due to incorrect posture.

3. Yoga Improves Immunity

Our system is a seamless blend of the body, mind, and spirit. An irregularity in the body affects the mind and similarly, unpleasantness or restlessness in the mind can manifest as an ailment in the body. Yoga poses help massage organs and strengthens muscles while breathing techniques and meditation release stress and improve immunity.

4. Boosts Your Self-Confidence

As yoga aims towards improving your mind-body connection, your self-esteem increases. It teaches you to accept yourself and your body without any judgment. This helps in increasing your self-confidence.

5. Brings Positivity in Life

When you perform yoga on a regular basis, there are many hormones in your nervous system that get stabilized and help you calm down. Yoga helps you connect with your inner self, which brings clarity and encourages you to focus on your life goals. You begin to look at your life with a renewed zeal and energy.

6. Yoga helps for inner peace

We all love to visit peaceful, serene spots that are rich in natural beauty. Little do we realize that peace can be found right within us and we can take a mini vacation to experience this any time of the day. Yoga is also one of the best ways to calm a disturbed mind.

7. Improved Concentration

Practicing even basic yoga exercises can help relax the mind and senses. A calm and healthy mind helps focus better. The ability to focus on one thing at a time is imperative to improved concentration. While there are emotional exercises prescribed by psychologists to develop laser-like focus and concentration, science is witness to the finding that nothing works better than an hour devoted to yoga every day.

8. Improves Your Sleep

As yoga relaxes your mind and helps reduce stress, it facilitates better sleep. It also improves your sleep patterns. Once you start a regular daily practice of Yoga and meditation you will see your circadian rhythm stabilize.

9. Helps in Anger Management

You can control your anger issues by performing yoga on a regular basis. The meditation and breathing exercises calm your nervous system, which decreases your anger and irritability. This results in reduced blood pressure and helps you lead a healthy and stress-free life.

10. Builds Muscle Strength and Tone

For the health-conscious, adding yoga to a daily exercise routine can increase strength and build muscle. Though many people practice yoga as an essential weight loss measure, specific yoga poses are designed to enhance body strength and sufferance.
Balancing yourself on one leg or your arms and holding these poses for a specified time helps increase your muscle strength and tone. Also, practicing a series of sun salutation cycles every day shapes muscles in your arms, legs, abdomen and back, and increases your core strength.


Thus, it can be said that yoga is a miracle and if it is done then it will guide you throughout your life. 20-30 minutes per day Yoga can change your life forever by promoting the balance between your physical, mental and spiritual health.


10 Good communication skills

Being able to communicate effectively is an essential skill. Whether it’s in our business life or our personal relationships, effective communication is the key to our success.

Life coaching for effective communication is a fantastic way to learn and attain this skill. Through a number of communication models, I’ll show you how to get ahead and stay ahead.

Here are my top ten essential skills for effective communication. Master these skills now, and they’ll serve you well for a long time to come!

1. Listening

One of the most important aspects of effective communication is being a good listener.

People do not like communicating with others who are only interested in telling you what they want to tell you, and don’t listen to what you have to say. Effective communication requires active listening, so practice active listening until it becomes second nature to you.

So what is active listening? Active listening involves hearing and understanding what a person is saying to you. Unless you understand clearly what a person is telling you, you can’t respond appropriately. Gain clarification by asking questions or rephrase what you’re being told, so that you’re sure you fully understand the message that’s being conveyed to you. For example, you could say “So, what you’re saying is…”

2. Non-Verbal Communication

The words we choose make up just 7% of the message being conveyed, which makes non-verbal communication all the more important. Body language is an important communication tool. Your body language should help convey your words. Other factors you should consider are things like the tone of your voice, your hand gestures, and ensuring eye contact.

A person is going to be encouraged to speak openly with you if you are relaxed and have a friendly tone. Adopt an open stance position, with relaxed legs and open arms. It is important that you make eye contact with the person you are communicating with, but be careful that you do not stare at them, as this is just uncomfortable. It is just as important that you recognise the non-verbal signals being displayed by the other person. These signals will give you an insight into how that person is feeling.

3. Be Clear and Be Concise

Convey your message using as few words as possible. Whether in person, via telephone, or email, convey your message clearly, concise and direct. If you are excessive with your words, the listener will either lose focus or just be unsure as to what it is that you want. Before speaking give some thought as to the message you want to convey. This will prevent you rambling and causing confusion.

4. Be Personable

When communicating face to face with someone, use a friendly tone with a simple smile, and ask a personal question. These things encourage the other person to engage in honest, open communication. When using written communication (e.g. email), you can achieve this by adding a simple personal message, for example, “How was your weekend?”.

5. Be Confident

Confidence underpins all effective communication. Other people will believe you will do as you say if you sound confident. Making eye contact, using a firm but friendly tone (never aggressive), are all ways you can exude confidence. Remember to always be listening to the other person and looking out for those nonverbal clues.

6. Empathy

Empathy is the skill of being able to understand and share the feelings of another person.

Even if don’t agree with the person you’re communicating with, it’s very important that you understand and respect their view. Simply saying to that person “I understand what you’re saying”, will let them know that you have been listening to them, and that you respect their point of view.

7. Always Have An Open Mind

Being an effective communicator requires that every conversation is approached with a flexible, open mind. This isn’t always easy to achieve, but is very important to communicating effectively. Always engage in active listening, and be sure to demonstrate empathy by acknowledging you understand what the other person’s point of view is. Adopting this approach will always ensure honest, productive communication.

8. Convey Respect

Other people will be more likely to engage in communication with you if you respect them and their ideas. Simply addressing another person using their name, will make them feel appreciated. If communicating via telephone, always keep focused on the conversation and avoid being distracted in any way. When communicating through email, take time to construct and edit your message, taking care to address the recipient by name.

9. Give and Receive Feedback

Giving and receiving appropriate feedback is an essential communication skill, particularly for those of us whose roles include managing other people. Providing constructive feedback, as well as giving someone praise, can greatly increase motivation and build morale.

It is just as important that you accept and encourage feedback from others. Always listen to feedback and act positively on it. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the feedback, simply ask a question to gain clarification from the other person.

10. Consider The Best Medium for The Job!

The final item on my list is knowing what the best form of communication is to use. Being mindful of using the best form of communication will result in your response being a positive one. Consider things such as, who it is you’re trying to communicate with, how important the topic is, and how busy that person might be. For example, asking your boss for a raise is never going to be taken seriously if you do it by text – so consider what’s appropriate!

Law of Attraction

Friends, you must have heard this dialogue from the movie “Om Shanti Om”, “अगर किसी चीज़ को दिल से चाहो तो सारी कायनात उसे तुमसे मिलाने में लग जाती है”. This is called the Law of Attraction as a principle. This principle states that your thoughts become reality, thoughts become things. For example: If you think that you have a lot of money, if you work hard to earn it through a right way, then you will really have a lot of money, if you think that I will always live in poverty, then this also becomes true.

I sincerely hope that you want to try the Law of Attraction and so are interested to know in detail. I believe that nothing in life happens by chance, every little thing is related to each other. So, if you are reading this, then surely some good change is going to happen in your life.

Believe me, if you take information about it with full faith and try to implement it in life, then everything in your life will be meaningful whose dreams you have been dreaming till now.

What is the Law of Attraction:

Law of Attraction Definition– From each of your thoughts an energy flows through which meets the cosmic energy spread in the universe. When both the frequencies meet together, then your idea becomes true in front of you.

This Law of Attraction dictates every person, event, situation and success in your life that you always think about and believe that it will happen.

What is the psychology behind this law?

The Law of Attraction It is a collection of our beliefs and our mental perceptions. Based on this, you can attract more of what you want in your life.

People who believe in the Law of Attraction tend to be highly focused in their lives. Because they know that every single thought of theirs is shaping their future.
Although some people do not agree with this. But the principle of the Law of Attraction is that it works so much for the one who believes in it.

Let me explain it to you by giving an example. Has it ever happened that even before doing any work, you felt that it would not be successful? Tried a lot to make that work successful but failed. Your mind is the most magnetic force in this world.

If something is not feeling right in the depths of your mind, then it will be exactly like that. As our conscience believes, it attracts the same circumstances or things.

History of Law of attraction:

If you look in the pages of history, you will find that Indian sages have been using it for centuries.

Nevertheless, the principles of attraction were first mentioned in a book by writer Helena Blavatsky in 1877. In 1886, author Prentice Mulford first clarified the principles of the Laws of Attraction.

However, many scholars, psychologists and spiritual masters believe that it has existed since the beginning of the world. That’s what I believe too.

If you study all the religious texts or history deeply in search of evidence, you will find that all the great kings, saints or religious gurus used the Law of Attraction in their lives to achieve their goals. had achieved.

Books on the Law of Attraction:

By the way, there are many books in the market which have been written on the topic of Law of Attraction. But the most popular book is Rahasya [The Secret].
The author of this book has met great people of the world and based on their experiences [law of attraction] has been written in a very simple and detailed manner.

He also has a movie called Rahasya [The Secret] which you can watch on YouTube.

How to use the Law of Attraction:

As soon as the frequency of the radio goes to the right channel, its voice starts to be heard clearly, similarly if the frequency of our thoughts and feelings is found, then that thought of yours can change your life.

To match these two frequencies, you should keep repeating these thoughts in your mind. Try not to just repeat the thoughts in your mind, but try to feel how you will feel when that idea of ​​yours becomes true. Things comes out better when you write it on an notebook whether be it rough or fair ideas should come out on paper as clear as possible.

For example, if you want to buy a car, then you should not have such feelings with that car that you do not know whether it will happen or not. Such negative thoughts are harmful.

So, you should have complete faith in your thoughts and feelings. Because faith and unbelief cannot work together. You must have complete faith in yourself. If you have faith and belief in yourself and your dream also you are working for it day and night then I suppose that nothing in this world or in the other worlds could stop you in pursuing them. So, good luck to those fellas who are going to try this concept in their real lives and someday they will achieve their dream.

Covid -19 vaccine

Equitable access to safe and effective vaccines is critical to ending the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is hugely encouraging to see so many vaccines proving and going into development. WHO is working tirelessly with partners to develop, manufacture and deploy safe and effective vaccines.

Safe and effective vaccines are a game-changing tool: but for the foreseeable future we must continue wearing masks, cleaning our hands, ensuring good ventilation indoors, physically distancing and avoiding crowds.

Being vaccinated does not mean that we can throw caution to the wind and put ourselves and others at risk, particularly because research is still ongoing into how much vaccines protect not only against disease but also against infection and transmission.

See WHO’s landscape of COVID-19 vaccine candidates for the latest information on vaccines in clinical and pre-clinical development, generally updated twice a week. WHO’s COVID-19 dashboard, updated daily, also features the number of vaccine doses administered globally.

But it’s not vaccines that will stop the pandemic, it’s vaccination. We must ensure fair and equitable access to vaccines, and ensure every country receives them and can roll them out to protect their people, starting with the most vulnerable.

How to Crack the MPHC Exam 2021 in First Attempt?

It is possible to crack the MPHC Exam in the very first attempt by the candidates if they put in the required efforts and possess the burning desire to ace the exam. It is necessary for the aspirants who wish to give the MPHC exam.

Candidates must develop a clear idea of the syllabus of the exam and also exam pattern to start a preparation. And most important thing is to manage your time perfectly.  If you have limited time before the exam then just practice as many MPHC practice tests as possible to get a good grip over the syllabus.

  • After developing a clear understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern, attempt previous year papers of the MPHC exam. To understand the syllabus better, candidates can read the [MPHC 2021 Syllabus] article.
  • Be consistent with your MPHC preparation.
  • It is of paramount importance that candidates are well acquainted with the latest exam pattern. To make the candidates aware, we have devised this detailed article on [MPHC 2021 Exam Pattern].
  • Prepare a proper strategy based on the time you can devote to the exam and stick to it.
  • Study thoroughly the topics that form a major chunk of the exam and revise them on a regular basis.
  • Give sufficient time to every section of the written test as all the papers are of equal weightage.
  • To pass this exam with flying colors, you can choose the {EduGorilla’s Sectional Tests}.
  • This article highlights the methods and tricks that candidates can use to ace the exam.

Tips to Crack MPHC

Cover the Basics

  • A clear idea of basic concepts at the beginning of preparation helps you in building your knowledge over other concepts as everything is interlinked. For this, you should have a better idea of the syllabus.
  • First, check where you stand in the preparation by attempting previous year papers of the MPHC exam and start analyzing your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Don’t rely completely on your strong areas of knowledge. Keep working on the areas that you are not great at.
  • If you are not clear about the basics then follow some good books to grasp the fundamental concepts.

Do a Self-Reflection

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses before the actual exam as it is crucial in determining your score.
  • If you are still wondering how to clear JAIIB in first attempt, grab a few previous year papers of the exam and evaluate them.
  • By attempting a MPHC mock tests, you can analyze your grey areas as we offer a report card that contains detailed information about your strengths and weaknesses. Doing this at the beginning of preparation saves a lot of your precious time.

Practice MPHC Preparation Tests

  • Practice enhances your learning abilities and improves your performance.
  • You can realize your mistakes and increase your accuracy level by attempting MPHC mock tests regularly.
  • Adopt a weekly or fortnightly routine to practice mocks from months before the MPHC exam.
  • Work on weak areas to improve your overall performance.
  • You can also keep a note of the time you are taking and manage the time accordingly by practicing a number of practice tests.

Prepare a Study Routine

  • You should dedicate a good amount of time to prepare to get the expected results. Keep all your works aside for some time and focus completely on the MPHC Exam preparation to get it in your first attempt.
  • Make time for revision in your timetable.
  • Plan a weekly revision schedule to keep a tab on everything that you studied during the past week.
  • If you can manage your time in the morning, dedicate these hours to covering new concepts of the syllabus.
  • Make sure that the timetable you devise for your exam preparation is realistic enough to be followed on a daily basis.

Written Test

Principles & Practices of written test

  • This paper comprises 150 questions and the chapter include elementary knowledge of general English & general studies {vocabulary, synonyms, etc.}, elementary knowledge of computer, translation of passage in shorthand to English, shorthand test, computer knowledge test, etc.
  • Solving questions from these topics help candidates in attempting questions from other chapters interlinked to these particular topics.
  • Practice previous year question papers and sample papers for MPHC to get acquainted with a variety of questions.

Legal & Regulatory Aspects of MPHC

  • You can rely completely on {MPHC practice tests} to solve questions from this section.
  • Prepare short notes to memorize details from this section.
  • Use the time you have in preparation wisely and don’t be anxious while writing the actual exam to get good marks.

Learning rules

  • Learn all the important topics.
  • Try to cover the entire syllabus of the written test section as it can act as a strength in your preparation for the MPHC exam.
  • Follow the right books to cover various topics of this section and revise regularly to remember all the concepts. Check previous year papers to know the type of questions and prepare all the topics in the syllabus.

Tips to Cover the Full Syllabus

  • To clear the paper of Legal & Regulatory Aspects of law, it is important that candidates prepare themselves based on the updated syllabus and stay confined to the latest exam pattern.
  • Along with this, candidates should refer to various subject-centric books to get a detailed understanding of the topics that are important in the MPHC exam.
  • Candidates should prioritize all the important topics of the exam in their preparation schedule in order to get a decent score.
  • Candidates should focus on long-term exam preparation as it would make them prepared enough to score well. It also strengthens the basics of the candidates.
  • Candidates need to keep their focus and determination in place during the entire process of preparing for the MPHC.
  • To prepare better candidates can make use of flowcharts and diagrams as it develops a strong understanding of the concepts.
  • Since time management is a major factor of every exam, by regular practice, candidates can increase their speed in solving the question paper and manage the time accordingly.
  • Candidates should divide their time according to the time the candidate takes to cover the syllabus in a particular subject.
  • By applying all these tips, candidates will succeed in their exam preparation and come out with flying colors

FAQS on How to Crack MPHC exam in First Attempt?

Q. Is it possible to crack MPHC just with six months of preparation?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to clear it.

Q. What are the steps to be followed to get good marks in the exam?

Ans. Have a clear idea of the syllabus and exam pattern, dedicate ample time for preparation, follow standard books, and practice previous year papers and MPHC test series.

Q. Do candidates have to apply separately for each attempt at the MPHC exam?

Ans. Yes,  aspiring candidates need to apply separately for each attempt at the MPHC exam.

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Trigger on DDL statement

This trigger gets fired when DDL statement such as CREATE, ALTER, or DROP command is issued. DDL triggers canbe associated with the database or with a schema. Moreover depending on the time of firing of trigger, this tigger canbe classified into BEFORE and AFTER. Hence the triggers van DDL statements can be as follows: – BEFORE CREATE and AFTER CREATE triggers fire when a schema object is created in the database or schema. – BEFORE ALTER and AFTER ALTER triggers fire when a schema object is altered in the database or schema. – BEFORE DROP and AFTER DROP triggers fire when a schema object is dropped from the database or schema. Example : Let us create a trigger called “no_drop_pass” that fires before dropping any object on the schema of the user with username “jyo”.It checks whether the object type and name. If the object name is ” passenger_det”and object type is table, it raises an application error and presents dropping of the table. The syntax for creating the trigger is as follows. SQL> connect Enter user-name :system Enter password :******* Connected. SQL>CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER no_drop_pass 2 BEFORE DROP ON JYO. SCHEMA 3 DECLARE 4 MESSAGE VARCHAR2 (1000) := 5 ‘No drop allowed on’ 6 DICTIONARY_ OBJECT_OWNER || ‘-‘|| 7 DICTIONARY_OBJECT_NAME ||’from’|| LOGIN_USER; 8 BEGIN 9 IF DICTIONARY_OBJ_OWNER = ‘JYO’ AND 10 DICTIONARY_OBJ_NAME = ‘PASSENGER_DET’ AND 11 DICTIONARY_OBJ_TYPE = ‘TABLE’ 12 THEN 13 RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR (-20905, MESSAGE) ; 14 END IF; 15 END; 16 / Trigger created. The trigger is executed as shown below. SQL>connect Enter user-name: JYO Enter password : ***** Connected. SQL> drop table passenger_det; drop table passenger_det * ERROR at line 1: ORA-00604 : error occurred at recursive SQL level 1 ORA-20905 : No drop allowed on JYO. PASSENGER_DET from JYO ORA-06512 : at line 11

The evolution of Database Management system

The main objective of the database is to ensure that data can be stored and retrieved easily and effectively. It is a compilation of data (records) in a structured way. In a database, the information is stored in a tabular form where data may or may not interlinked. Hence we cam say that basically database is a compilation of database files and each database file is further a collection of records.

The chronological order of the development of DBMS is as follows 1. Flat Files (1970s-1990s) 2. Hierarchical (1970s-1990s) 3. Network (1970s- 1990s) 4. Relational (1980s-present) 5. Object-Oriented (1990s- present) 6. Object-Relational (1990s-present) 7. Web enabled (1990s-present) 1.Flat Files (1970s-1990s) : Flat files database is a database that stores information in a single file or table. In text file, every line contains one record where fields either have fixed length or they are separated by commas, whitespaces, tabs or any records and they cannot contain multiple tables as well. 2.Hierarchical (1970s-1990s) : As the name indicates, hierarchical database contains data in a hierarchically-arranged data. More Perceptively it can parent can have many children but one child can only have one parent i. e.,; one-to-many relationship. Its hierarchical structure contains levels or segments which are equivalent to the file system’s record type. All attributes of a specific record are listed under the entity type. 3.Network database (1970s -1990s) : The inventor of network model is Charles Bachmann. Unlike hierarchical database model, network database allows multiple parent and child relationships i. e., it maintains many-to many relationship. Network database is basically a graph structure. The network database model was created to achieve three main objectives: . To represent complex data relationship more effectively. . To improve the performance of the database. . To improve a database standard. 4.Realationl database (1980s-present) : Relationship database model was proposed by E. F. Codd. After the hierarchical and network model the birth of this model was huge step ahead. It allows the entities to be related through a common attribute. In the table there are alternative keys. This property makes this model extremely flexible. 5.Object – oriented database (1990s -present) : Object-Oriented database management system is that database system in which the data or information is presented in the form of objects, much like in object-Oriented programming language. Furthermore, object oriented DBMS also facilitate the user by offering transportation support, language for various queries, and indexing options. Also, these database systems have the ability to handle data efficiently over multiple servers. Unlike relationship database object-oriented database works in the framework of real programming language like JAVA or C++. 6. Object- relationship database (1990s-present) : Defined in simple teams, an object relationship database management system displays a modified object- oriented user- display over the already implemented relationship database management system. When various software interact with this modified- database management system, they will customarily operate in a manner such that data is assumed to be saved as objects. The basic working of this database management system is that is translated the useful data into organized tables distributed in rows and columns, and from then onwards, it manages data thr same way done in s relational database system. Similarly, when the data is to be accessed by the user, it is again translated from processed to complex form.

Covid-19 and learning Process

Impact of online learning process and only one way of progression during the hard times of human world

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During covid-19, virtual learning was effective way of learning as it gives opportunity to various students for exposing there interested areas and it helps in building skills. Not only this, learners came into overt contact with technology. This destabilizing effects all of us but online classes divert the attention of students through knowledge gaining process. Beside this, it has certain de- merits in the life of learners as they become lazy, inattentive and there routine gets disturbed. Simultaneously students take these classes lightly and the procedure of learning gets slow as compared to physical classes. Although, students have social impacts as they are unable to have interaction with there peers, teachers and other members of society which they have while going to school and college. It also hit mentally to the students because of the boundation for going outside the home. Therefore, online classes has both pros. and cons upon students in various ways. Technology has a major role for keeping the holistic growth of learners as it helps in there solace. Virtual learning becomes good source during difficult days of students. Children of every group can enhance himself/herself by the use of technology. As a result, this process leads to efficient and productive learning.

Self Confidence

Confidence is something that can be tough thing to build up. Not every one is born with inbuilt sense of self-confidence. Sometime it can be hard to develop confidence, either because personal experiences, have caused you to lose confidence or because you suffer from low self-esteem.

A confident person does what the believe is right, even if it’s unpopular. If that person is willing to take risks then his/her confidence increase. They also admits their mistakes and learns from them. A confident person will be able to accept a compliment and is also optimistic.

Self confidence is very much important because self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment. Children with a health sense of self-confidence are able to feel good about themselves and know that they deserve respect from others. For example-if a guitarist know how to play a particular song in front of the audience then that’s self-confidence. Confidence in oneself, one’s abilities etc. A measure of one’s belief in one’s own abilities is also termed a s self-confidence.

Confidence can help you take on the world with more energy and determination, resulting in better relationships, quality work and a feeling of being connected with your surroundings. Self-confident people usually can influence others more easily as well as control their own emotions and behaviors more responsibly.

On the other hand, low self-confidence might make you feel full of self-doubt, be passive or submissive, or have difficulty trusting others. You may feel inferior, unloved or be sensitive to criticism. Feeling confident in yourself might depend on the situation. For instance, you can feel very confident in some areas, such as academics, but lack confidence in others, like relationships. Having low or high self-confidence is rarely related to your actual abilities, and mostly based on your perceptions. Perceptions are the way you think about yourself and these thoughts can be flawed.

Low self-confidence might stem from different experiences, such as growing up in an un-supportive and critical environment, being separated from your friends or family for the first time, judging yourself too harshly, or being afraid of failure. People with low self-confidence often have errors in their thinking.

How to increase your self-confidence

  • Recognize and emphasize your strengths. Reward and praise yourself for your efforts and progress.
  • When you stumble on an obstacle,treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Don’t dwell on failure.
  • Set realistic and achievable goals. Do not expect perfection, it is impossible to be perfect in every aspect of life.
  • Slow down when you are feeling intense emotions and think logically about the situations.
  • Challenge making assumptions about yourself, people and situations.
  • Recognize that past negative life experiences do not dictate your future.
  • Express your feelings, beliefs and needs directly and respectful.
  • Learn t say no to unreasonable requests.
  • Individual counseling can also help increase your self-confidence if you need more help.

Still lack confidence

Sometimes the quick fixes don’t help in the long term. If you’re feeling bad and things just don’t seem to be improving, it’s worth talking to someone who knows how to help you. Professionals like psychologists can help you develop strategies to help you build up your confidence. They may also be able to help you understand any underlying problems that might be causing you to feel bad about yourself.

Science and Technology

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Science and technology is like a fire, it can cook man’s food or cook the man himself. As natures law, nothing is harmful until it is used with harmful intentions. In this modern world one of the basic need of of Human beings is technology. Can you just imagine your own life without technologies? your answer would be a big ‘NO’ because you cant even read articles like this without technology.

Science and technology have given man innumerable machines, gadgets, and devices such as TV, AC, computers, vehicles, internet, smartphones, etc. These things have made his life so easy and full of comforts.  Science and technology have the potential to solve all of man’s problems and challenges provided it is put to right use. But this potential is not being explored. Man is busy misusing science. For example, our planet earth has so much of Uranium, Thorium, Plutonium, etc. that if used optimally, abundant power can be generated for all the people living in all the countries of the planet. The sad thing is man’s focus is on creating deadly nuclear weapons out of these wonderful resources given to him by beneficent Nature.

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All the problems related to pollution, environmental degradation can be fixed by science. All the cities around the world can be turned into smart cities using science, all the vehicles that emit toxic gases can be converted into zero emission vehicle using science. all the sewage, garbage, effluents, toxic fumes coming out of chimneys can be turned into non-polluting substances using science. However this is being done only in the most advanced countries of the world.

f there is a thing of development of a country or development of a city or a development of specific field, then the development needs Technology. Development in Science and technology is very important to our futuristic world.

And because of futuristic Technologies and Science the humans can stay their life properly and because of which there might be not a problem in the future to leave a people on the earth

We can say that technology, science and development are equally proportional to each other. Development of the science and technology depends on the analysis of technologies and scientific fields.

How to stay fit and healthy

In our daily life, this is a biggest problem of everyone to stay fit and healthy. Staying fit and healthy plays an important role in our life…


5 ways to stay fit and healthy :

  1. Cleanse your body

The first step to restoring your health is to purify your body.

your body needs detoxification to throw out the harmful toxins. To do this one has to follow a clean diet of fresh fruits and juices, which helps to purify the blood streams and cut down on toxins making the body lighter, healthier and healed.

2. Exercise daily

Move your body constantly to improve your health. With the help of daily exercise we can balance our body hormones, manage our stress and manage weight to the best.

A healthy exercise routine brings positive energy, healing, detoxification, and freshness in to your life.

3. Maintain healthy diet

For maintain our diet, we should eat right and healthy food to giving your body requires nutrition.

we should avoid junk foods, fizzy drinks, caffeine and sugary drink in our daily diet to save from the unhealthy additions to the body..

4. Follow healthy sleeping patterns

After having spent an entire day juggling between the meetings, stressful situations, food habits and running errands, it is important to unplug and recharge your own energy.

The more number of deep sleep hours brings health and happiness into life. it restores body health..

5. Drink more and more water

water is detoxifying and there is no alternative to water.

For optimum functioning of the body, our body needs proper hydration. and the single most productive aid to this is water.

Keep drinking throughout the day and catch up on hydration for your body to heal naturally and flush out the toxin. Its a natural healer….


 We humans work every day  We live our life , we follow the routine. We don’t even realize when we get caught up in this busy life . Isn’t  it astonishing . Working  days a week makes us mentally and physically . 

Stress is a mental problem that is increasing at a high rate in our society . If you see around you will see how people are sad and  depressed . For avoiding stress and work load , people often start drinking and smoking without even realizing that it is a more bigger trap. 

Music listening is often suggested as a remedy for soothing mind and improving mental health . Music relaxes the mind , energize the body and helps in pain management . 

Listening music while working is a very effective way of improving your after result of the work . Playing more upbeat music improves speed and work quality . 

Music can improve your memory . Students who listen music while studying has shown better result than others . But some students find it difficult , it also depends on the individual .

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is a 2017 movie released on the 3rd of November. It is an action-adventure superhero movie and is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Thor: Ragnarok is the third part of the ‘Thor’ series, preceeded by Thor (2011) and its sequel, Thor: The Dark World (2013). It is directed by Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Tessa Thompson, Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum in main roles. It is written by Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle and Christopher L. Yost.

The story follows a reunited Thor and Loki as, along with the Hulk and a new ally Valkyrie, they attempt to escape the planet Sakaar in order to save their home Asgard from their tyrannical sister Hela and save their realm from the prophesied armageddon of Ragnarok. The movie cast sees Chris Hemsworth reprise his role as Thor the God of Thunder, Tom Hiddleston reprise the role of Loki, God of Mischief and Thor’s younger brother and Mark Ruffalo reprise his role of the Hulk. The franchise sees new additions to the cast in the form of Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson and Cate Blanchett. Tessa Thompson plays the role of Valkyrie, a former Asgardian warrior who once fought against Hela and now lives as an enforcer on Sakaar. Jeff Goldblum plays the Grandmaster, the ruler of Sakaar who imprisons Thor. Cate Blanchett plays the role of Hela, the Goddess of Death and Odin’s firstborn daughter whose ambition is to take over the Nine Realms.

When Thor: Ragnarok was released, it caused quite a lot of discussions between Marvel fans due to the general nature and tone of the movie. Both Thor as well as Thor: The Dark World had a comparatively serious undertone. Thor: Ragnarok is the exact opposite. Thor: Ragnarok is colorful, bright, loud and filled with moments that will have you in stitches. The action sequences in the movie are very good and never feel over-the-top. The entire main cast has done a fantastic job and portrayed their characters wonderfully. The characters themselves are fleshed out and the main quartet of Thor, Loki, the Hulk and Valkyrie have good chemistry with each other. Thor: Ragnarok was well received by both the public as most critics.

Thor Ragnarok cast
The main cast of Thor: Ragnarok with director Taika Waititi

According to director Taika Waititi, many of the movie dialogues, 80 % in his words, are actually improvised. This ended up working out quite well for the movie, as a few of the improvised lines have become iconic and served to enhance the movie experience. The “Get Help” scene was improvised on-the-spot by Chris Hemsworth. It went on to become a fan-favorite scene from the movie. The “He’s a friend from work!” dialogue was an input from a child who had visited the set of Thor: Ragnarok through the ‘Make A Wish’ Foundation. The childhood snake scene was once again an improvisation by Chris Hemsworth.

Get Help scene
The ‘Get Help’ scene
Friend from work
“He’s a friend from work!”
Snake incident
The childhood snake incident

The next installment of the Thor series and the direct successor to Thor: Ragnarok is currently titled Thor: Love and Thunder. It is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four and will be released on the 6th of May, 2022.  

‘Toofan’ review: Farhan Akhtar’s boxer fights the battle of the bulge

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s boxing drama also stars Mrunal Thakur and Paresh Rawal in pivotal roles.

The progress of Toofan is written on the body of its pugilist hero: light on its feet in the early triumphant phase, heavy in the middle, sluggish during the drudge years but sprightly again after the demons have been chased away.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s boxing drama traces the ascent of Mumbai hoodlum Aziz Ali from the pits to the top of the heap. Aziz (Farhan Akhtar) and his buddy Munna (Hussain Dalal) are enforcers for Dongri gangster Jaffer (Vijay Raaz). A chance encounter with sparky doctor Ananya (Mrunal Thakur) sets Aziz on the straight and narrow.

That path leads to coach Narayan Prabhu (Paresh Rawal), who, despite his barely concealed contempt for Aziz on account of his faith, spots Aziz’s talent in the ring. Dongri or Dubai, it’s all the same, Narayan sneers. But he nevertheless sculpts the directionless hunk before him into a match-winning champion.

The setbacks suffered by every screen boxer in the history of screen boxing drive mentor and mentee apart. Toofan – the title refers to Narayan’s nickname for Aziz – is faithful to the cliches of this kind of movie. But it’s saved from being a storm in a teacup by a well-mounted production, committed performances and likable characters.

A regulation boxing film, if done well and kept to a trim runtime, isn’t a bad thing at all. The problem with Toofan is that it doesn’t put enough flesh on a barebones story to justify its extraordinary 162-minute running length.

Toofan is based on a story idea by Farhan Akhtar and Anjum Rajabali’s screenplay. The early portions of the Amazon Prime Video release are fleet and fun, if deeply familiar. Aziz’s encounter with Ananya leads to an old-fashioned romance, filled with idealism, tenderness and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy songs.

Aziz’s progress is so rapid that it appears that the movie has all but wrapped up within an hour. But a secret known only to Ananya explodes in Aziz’s face, leading to many more minutes of agony until the expected fightback.

A tale of grit and glory with generous lashings of stardust, the movie uses its Mumbai setting to re-introduce us to Gully Boy dialogue writer Vijay Maurya’s keen ear for the city’s unique slang. Mumbai’s famed cosmopolitanism is reflected in the tolerance that marks the Aziz-Ananya coupling. It’s as fairy-tale as they come, but allows a woman to have her own corner of the ring in an overwhelmingly male genre.

External factors explain what needed to have been deeply interior states. Aziz is a benign thug who loves orphans on account of his own hardscabble childhood. Narayan has a reason for using an unspeakable slur to describe Muslims. 

The exploration of religious bigotry is laboured, a spanner in the works thrown in just to get Aziz out of the way, The villain that ruins Aziz’s party too comes out of nowhere.

Toofan moves along on the strength of Farhan Akhtar’s immersion in Aziz’s travails and Mrunal Thakur’s winning warmth. Akhtar’s physical transformation, which follows a similar feat in director Mehra’s Milkha Singh biopic Bhaag Milkha Singh, lends the boxing scenes the necessary punch and power.

Paresh Rawal, cleverly cast as a Muslim-hater, makes for a solid grouchy patriarch. The notable cameos include Mohan Agashe as Narayan’s drinking buddy and Supriya Pathak as Ananya’s helpful colleague. 

A walk-on part for Sonali Kulkarni, one of the heroines in Farhan Akhtar’s directorial debut in Dil Chahta Hai 20 years ago, indicates that while some things have changed forever in the imagination of the Hindi movie universe, others haven’t. Akhtar still gets to play a young man in a delayed coming-of-age story. Kulkarni, as Narayan’s wife, suggests that some fights are destined to be lost.

Who is a good leader ?

Leadership is a quality which can be inherent in a person or acquired through practice and experience like many other qualities. A leader leads the group and at the same time sets an example for the amount of efforts to be put by each member.

A good leader acts like a catalyst in the group , giving direction to the efforts of members and facilitating effective communication among the people.

He always welcomes all suggestions regarding an issue with open arms without making the members feel that their suggestion is useless or not good as the other member. He considers all the suggestions seriously and tries to include all the members in discussions.

A good leader is a visionary and a strategist who plans ahead and implements in a meticulous manner . He acts as a facilitator and a coach .

At last , a good leader inspires the followers with every action and every word he speaks .