India-Afghanistan relation:

The relation between India and Afghanistan dates back to the post independence period. Both Government of India and Royal government of Afghanistan have happily signed the Treaty of Friendship in 1950.

India-Taliban relation:

In 1996, the capture of Kabul by Taliban have posed serious threat to the Indian interests and influence in Afghanistan. Hijacking of IC flight 814 and followed landings in Kandahar, Afghanistan added fuel to the existing disturbances between India and Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The U.S have shown it’s heroic characteristics in it’s invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 when it ousted Taliban from Afghanistan. The situation is saved for India. This gave vaccum for the India to regain its influence in Afghanistan and made investments worth over $3 billon. From then onwards economic and defense ties have cemented between India and Afghanistan.

Current situation in Afghanistan:

The withdrawal of U.S troops from Afghanistan base gave an opportunity for Taliban to bag more territories under its control. Over third of Afghanistan which tantamount to more than 400 districts have came under Taliban control.

Is this gonna be headache to India?

Yes of course it is. As India made huge investments in Afghanistan, there is a need for India to be concerned about the political situation in Afghanistan.

About the talk-to-the-Taliban option:

Considering the investments made in Afghan, it is necessary for India to count all it’s stakeholders. As Taliban powers have accentuated with the withdrawal of U.S troops, India should think about the talks with Taliban in order to safeguard it’s interests.

India should develop stronger ties with Taliban as anything less than that would give more space to occupy for Pakistan which pose threat to India’s internal security.

Taliban was also in desperate need of recognition in international community. So the chances for Taliban welcoming India’s partnership are more likely.

As Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan are competing to portray themselves as shapers of Afghanistan’s political and geopolitical destiny, India cannot be the odd one out in this regard.

The proactive approach would aid India open up the congested north-western frontier,proceed for back channel talks with Pakistan, to give way for India’s continental strategy.


India talks with Taliban shouldn’t dilute the existing cordial relationship between India and Afghanistan.

India should shed it’s inhibitions and replace the hesitant and indulge in open talks with Taliban instead of doing backchannel talks.

Taliban even in a desperate need for recognition in international community so it is obvious that Taliban would be intrigued to have more global partners.

India should adopt a layered approach in dealing with the issues in Afghanistan. Safeguarding India’s interests should be short term goal while finding a solution for political situation in Afghanistan being the long term goal.

India should be the part of unfolding great game in and around Afghanistan.


Non-engagement with Taliban would do more harm than good. The talk-to-the-Taliban is indeed the best of the many less than perfect options available to India. Any step taken in the direction of developing talks with Taliban is welcoming in both strategic and economic sense.

Kerala Move against Dowry

Societies have a long history of male domination, which can be witnessed from ancient rituals and customs.

Men are traditionally bread earners whereas their counterparts females are homemakers.With time few things have changed but the major picture remains quite constant.

Dowry is an unethical practice in our society, hidden behind the name of gifts or blessings by elders. 

Many strategies and steps are taken by the government, but still, it’s prevalent. A new development took place in the string of events as now Kerala government directs employees to give affidavits that no dowry is taken by them.

This circular was issued by the Department of Women & Child Development.Under its new rules, all-male married employees are directed to submit a declaration stating that no dowry is taken from the bride’s family.

It comes after several cases of deaths due to dowry-related crimes reported in the state.

The declaration is to be submitted to the concerned department within 30 days of marriage, signed by the employee’s wife and inlaws. In case of a fake affidavit, legal action will be taken against the official.

Moreover giving or taking of the dowry will be punished by the imprisonment of a term not less than 5 years and a fine of Rs 15,000.


Self-improvement is a process of development of oneself, which is mainly focused on the inner process or the attitude towards the world and getting rid of all the harmful habits and behavior which also creates happiness, gives us the satisfaction of one true self, changing oneself into a better person, It improves us to cope the various situations and flaws which we encounter in life, and it mainly focused on the improvement of positive mindset rather having the negative one. Self-improvement is a very time consuming process because improvement doesn’t come to you overnight, it can take a year or more. It is important to prioritize your life for self-improvement, it needs the dedication to work upon yourself. There are some ways for improving like reading books, meditating, try something new each day whether it is painting, cooking or something different. These are the easiest effective way of improving.

There are 5 areas of personal development.
1. Mental personal development is all about growing your mind, how does your mind works, and how to remove all the negativity. Because everything depends on what is actually in your mind. Some examples, from which it can help in development are reading books, news, watching different YouTube videos, watching motivational videos, and maybe can do some interesting course as an extracurricular like for a month or 2,  by setting time for this each week, month and year will help you improve your mental skills which will lead to the first step of self-improvement.
2. Social personal development is all about how you communicate with others. Sometimes, some people are likely introverts, they hesitate about how to start and to end, which also leads them to think they are of no use, why is this difficult for me? But all these thing’s need improvement, skills can be pursued if you try things out. Being social is an important activity to go with. Learning new languages, practicing public speaking skills, and last not least active listening is a must.
3. Spiritual personal development is about being religious or spending time with yourself, which is different for each person, some are atheists and some do believe in it. But it is not only about praying, it is about learning about the particular religion more by reading like Bible, sometimes this helps us meet our inner true self.
4. Emotional personal development can be healthy and unhealthy, it depends on how your emotions are. One can take out their inner thoughts by sharing them with their friends, or by journaling. Because keeping and holding up to your emotion will just make it worse when it comes out.
5. Physical personal development is all about taking care of physical health. It includes eating habits, sleeping habits, working out, regular check-ups, etc. By keeping healthier habits, will keep your physical development intact.

It is important to know that you can’t do everything at once, the whole process needs its own time so that you can improve stepwise and in an appropriate manner. Remember that as we grow and develop our self in life we tend to learn more flaws and list of weakness and strength which will change in every mode of life. It will become better by time but then you will realise other faults, which will seem to be important to improve. So, keep focusing on yourself and keep noticing your flaws so that you can handle it with care and time.

Top 5 Well Paying Part-time Jobs in 2021

When you’re keen on doing part time jobs, there comes an idea “What amount will I procure from the low maintenance occupations? All things considered, indeed, you can acquire well from low maintenance occupations as well. For jobseekers meaning to find low maintenance administration, the positions extended beneath compensate fairly and give employment opportunity dauntlessness and development down the way.

5 Part-time Jobs you can look for:

1. Copy Writer:

These days, there are numerous organizations who are looking forward to recruit independent marketing specialists to standpoint their work undertakings. Regardless of whether you want to produce site point of arrival content, compose sites for organizations, or something tantamount, you could make great compensation while doing it as low maintenance work.

Pay Scale: Part-time publicist begins with 5-10k month to month. With experience and better customers, can make up to 50-70k/month.

2. Graphic Designer:

Assume you’re keen on planning and delineations. All things considered, this low maintenance occupation will be ideal for you as Graphic creators are the ones who work in programs like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to produce designs for a variety of purposes.

Pay Scale: It is one of those jobs where your creativity decides your income. For part-time graphic designers, the income ranges between 10k to 1 lacs.

3. Data Entry

In the event that you like composing and your composing speed is acceptable, this work choice is ideal. This sort of occupation should be possible either on location or on the web. For certain positions, you’ll require explicit abilities like information on clinical phrasing or lawful.

Pay Scale: The salary ranges between 5k-20k month.

4. Translator Job:

These days, you can see different sorts of dialects accessible, and individuals are anticipating learning. In case you’re the person who realizes a subsequent language like (German, French, Chinese, Sanskrit, English), then, at that point it’s a lucrative work. You’d go through your days making an interpretation of one language into another, either verbally or recorded as a hard copy.

Pay Scale: The language is the key for the amount of money one can make. While local Indian language translators can make up to 10-20k per month, for foreign language translators it can go upwards of 50k.

5. Application developer:

In the event that you understand the advances and skill to foster an application. Then, at that point this work can be a solid match as low maintenance work. Numerous organizations are anticipating employing low maintenance application designers to make, keep up with, and update applications.

A part-time app developer can initially make 10-20k/month, but with experience, it can up to 3-5 lacs (yes, it’s true)

The Fall of Berlin Wall

East German soldiers building the wall of Berlin

After the end of World War II, the city of Berlin had become a peculiar situation. It was transformed into an island-like city, which was occupied by four countries. Each country divided Berlin into its own sectors. These four countries were the Soviet Union, America, Britain and France. In 1948, efforts began to bring into existence a separate country, West Germany, and Stalin had objections to it. Stalin cut off the parts of West Berlin adjoining his sector from West Germany in revenge.

The Berlin Wall began with barbed fences and was replaced by concrete structures.

Things became such that West Berlin became a permanent neck bone for the surrounding areas of East Germany, and things changed dramatically in the blink of an eye on August 13, 1961.

The Wall of Berlin:

It was one o’clock in the morning, when the border police and armed forces of East Germany were deployed along the borders of the Soviet sector. On the other side in front of them were the police of America, Britain, France and West Berlin. Large-scale barbed wire installation began on the East German side, concrete poles erected in a hurry. Even the pre-existing lampposts were also being used for siege.

Four days later, regardless of West Germany, construction of a more permanent concrete structure was started in East Germany. This was the Berlin Wall. One issue was also the exodus from East Germany to the West. Every sixth person from East Germany went to West Germany and this exodus took place via Berlin.

This wall suddenly separated the people who were neighbours till yesterday

Escape from East Germany:

After 1958, the years of the communist administration began to rise in view of the way doctors, professors and engineers were leaving East Germany and going west. A policy of strictness and leniency at the same time had failed to deter people from leaving East Germany. It was also agreed between the four countries running Berlin that the borders of the areas under their control in the city would be kept open.

But this condition was only facilitating the exodus from East Germany. In May 1960, East Germany’s notorious intelligence police was formed, but this too was able to catch only one in five people who fled.

In July 1961, Nikita Khrushchev accepted the request of East German leaders Walter Ulbricht to allow the construction of the wall dividing Berlin

Siege of Berlin:

The result of the meeting was that in late July, the Soviet Union approved plans to build the Berlin Wall. The plan to build the wall was kept secret so as not to cause a stampede among those who wanted to leave East Germany. The Soviet Union made the decision just a day after President Kennedy’s speech on July 26, 1961. Khrushchev, through the Soviet Union’s ambassador to East Germany, sent Walter Ulbricht a message of siege through the barbed fence of Berlin.

The message was clear, this work must in any case be completed before the end of the peace agreement. In reality, the leaders of the Soviet Union were rekindling the same diplomatic crisis that they had laid in November 1958.

US President Kennedy made it clear in his speech that he was ready to go to war for the protection of West Berlin.

What happened in 1958:

The Soviet Union at that time told the Western powers to agree to a peace deal or to evacuate West Berlin. Then the Western powers were forced to recognize East Germany as an independent country under this peace agreement and the German Democratic Republic came into existence. It had all three roads, railways and air traffic.

Kennedy made it clear in his speech that he was ready to go to the extent of war to save West Berlin, but he remained silent on the issue of East Berlin. And that’s what happened as expected. The communists got complete freedom in their area. However, the world saw East Germany as a puppet country of the Soviet Union. Upon gaining sovereignty, East Germany gained control of the routes connecting West Berlin to West Germany.

It had all three roads, railways and air traffic. Kennedy made it clear in his speech that he was ready to go to the extent of war to save West Berlin, but he remained silent on the issue of East Berlin. And that’s what happened as expected. The communists got complete freedom in their area.

Implementing the plan:

After this ‘Operation Pink’ started. Work began on the plan for the siege of West Berlin in a very secret way. Many top government officials were kept unaware of this plan. It is said that only 60 people in East Germany knew that something like this was going to happen. Erik Honecker, who held the number two position in the East Germany Communist Party, was also one of them. A decade later, he became the leader of East Germany.

This work was to start on Saturday night and be completed by Sunday morning. The Communist Party had bitter memories of the June 17, 1953 attack. On 24 July, the party’s security department calculated that 27,000 people would need to be employed and 500 tons of barbed wire would be required.

The Soviet Union and East Germany deployed tanks to support the siege of Berlin.

An uncertain choice:

Iron barbed wire was gradually transported from the border areas to the capital. Tanks were deployed in the name of security arrangements to carry out the siege work with barbed fences. The secrecy was maintained in such a way that the western powers did not even notice it. Although the CIA and the British intelligence agency had expressed its possibility in the past.

The West German intelligence organization had informed Chancellor Konrad Adenauer about this plan. So much was certain that the Western countries knew that the siege of West Berlin was an option and East Germany was working on this plan. But they were not sure about its date.

West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer also warned about the importance of West Berlin to the Communist regime of East Germany.

‘Operation Pink’ :

According to a document from the East German intelligence agency Stasi, “The most important lesson of the successful operation of August 13 is to keep an operation undercover. It is as effective as a successful attack on the enemy at the right place at the right time.” .

On August 1, Khrushchev and Walter had a lengthy phone conversation that Moscow had released a few years earlier. After some light talk in the beginning, the two talked about the security issue of West Berlin and the plan for the wall.

On August 12, Walter ordered the implementation of this plan. Work on ‘Operation Pink’ had started. John F. Kennedy later said, “A wall is not a great thing, but a better alternative than a battle.”

How to overcome DEPRESSION

If you feel depressed, it’s best to do something about it — depression doesn’t just go away on its own. In addition to getting help from a doctor or therapist, here are 5 things you can do to feel better.

Depression makes you cynical and is deeply self-damaging. Depressed people only hurt themselves more.

Ways to overcome Depression:

1. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. According to me exercise can help in the treatment and prevention of depression in several key ways:

  • It increases your body temperature, which can have a calming effect on the central nervous system.
  • It releases chemicals like endorphins, which can boost mood.
  • It reduces immune system chemicals that may worsen depression.

2. Get plenty of sleep

Getting plenty of high-quality sleep is necessary for both mental and physical health. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people with insomnia have a tenfold risk of developing depression compared to those who sleep well.

To get better sleep, you can:

  • not look at any screens for two hours before bed (including your phone!)
  • meditate before bed
  • have a comfortable mattress

3. Stay away from toxic people

We’ve all met that person who just makes us feel bad about ourselves. Sometimes they’re an outright bully, and other times they subtly put us down to make themselves feel better. They may even be someone who takes advantage of us. Regardless of the specific situation, toxic people should be avoided at all costs. They can lower our self-esteem.

To avoid toxic people, you should:

  • Stay away from anyone who makes you feel worse about yourself.
  • Cut people out of your life who take advantage of you.
  • Know the signs. If someone spreads rumors or talks badly about someone as soon as they leave the room, they’re likely to do the same for you.

4. Nurture yourself with good nutrition

Depression can affect appetite. One person may not feel like eating at all, but another might overeat. If depression has affected your eating, you’ll need to be extra mindful of getting the right nourishment. Proper nutrition can influence a person’s mood and energy. So eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and get regular meals.

To prevent depression with your diet, you should:

  • Eat balanced meals with lean protein, and lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce high-sugar and high-fat foods.

5. Try to notice good things

 Depression affects a person’s thoughts, making everything seem dismal, negative, and hopeless. If depression has you noticing only the negative, make an effort to notice the good things in life. Try to notice one thing, then try to think of one more. Consider your strengths, gifts, or blessings. Most of all, don’t forget to be patient with yourself. Depression takes time to heal.


Depression can make you feel like you’re living in a black hole that you’ll never escape. Fortunately, that’s not true, and you can learn how to stop being sad. One day, you’ll make it out and find that your life has a lot of greatness to offer you.

Keep in mind that although the above suggestions can be effective, depression that perseveres should be investigated further, and seeing a doctor to talk about any symptoms and get medical advice is a step in the right direction.



Being a student is not a cake walk. There is immense pressure that we students are under 24X7. Amidst getting a good cgpa , maintaining a social life ,participating in college fests , exams,building a resume and planning our future we are consumed with anxiety. But here are a few tips to keep the anxiety level under control and in check.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on
  • MAKE A TO DO LIST – Its easy to be overwhelmed when things are not organised and planned which can be the root cause of anxiety. So make a to do list of the things you want to accomplish on a particular day the night before , and watch your anxiety mitigate.
  • STAY HEALTHY AND HYDRATED – Our physical health can have an impact on our mental health as well . Going out to get some fresh air everyday , or engaging in any physical activity like swimming , cycling etc and drinking tons of water can boost the levels of serotonin in your body an help you stay fit and relaxed .
  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP – Not getting enough sleep has negative health benefits and can aggravate anxiety . So make sure to get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep .
  • STUDY REGULARLY – Studying the night before the exam can cause a lot of stress and anxiety . So it’s best to go through your study notes regularly and not leave it for the end moment.
  • JUST BREATHE – College can be difficult at times , but remember you are not alone , this too shall pass. Don’t forget to enjoy your college life .

Hope this helps .


Ever thought about your self-esteem level. Follow these journal prompts & write up to find yours! This is going to help you improve your self-esteem and discover yourself.


Answer these questions honestly <3…..

1.Best compliment you’ve been given.

2.What is a unique talent you have?

3.Write about a time you were recognized for your accomplishments.

4. Five things you did right today.

5.Three reasons you deserved to be loved

6.A time you regretted your decision.

7.Describe a mistake you made in the past week.

8.Write about the word confidence.

9.List of goals to accomplish in the next year.

10.Devise a plan for your three priority goals.

11.Talk about your favorite role model.

12.Your best personality trait.

13.Five things you are grateful for in your life.

14.What is the most negative thought in your mind right now?

15.What does the word ‘courage’ mean to you?

16.A past fear you were able to overcome.

17.Thank you letter to your body or mind.

18.Something you want to change or improve to feel better about yourself.

19.Ten things you are thankful for right now.

20.Favorite self-esteem or confidence quotes.

21.Something you need to tell someone negatively affecting your life.

22.Discuss your support system.

23.Playlist of mind-boosting songs.

24.How could you make your life positive?

25.Do you compare yourself with others?

26.What unique traits do your friend envy?

27.One thing you can do right now, your future self love you for.

28.What does the word ‘brave’ mean to you?

29.Five things you have done for others that made you feel good.

30.What does it mean to have High self-esteem?

Celebrate life!
Celebrate life!

I hope this helped you guys to figure out something about you, you’ve never seen for yourself. All I need to tell you is, you are not low or high, you are just yourself what you think about more.

Theoretical vs. Practical Education

Education is important and should be obtained by everyone in order to gain information and abilities. It is the only way to raise a generation of responsible human beings capable of absorbing good teachings and passing them on to others. It teaches us many topics and opens up a wide range of professional alternatives for us that we would not be able to pursue if we were ignorant. Education can be delivered in two ways: theoretically or practically. However, which of these two is more beneficial to the learner, and which should we value more?

  1. It does not necessitate the use of a cup.Some people have the uncanny ability to recall everything they read, even if they have only read it once. Others, on the other hand, must cram it in order to remember it. And theoretical knowledge can necessitate a lot of memorization. If you don’t want your child to become a bookworm who is always immersed in a stack of books, you must balance practical education with theoretical instruction. We don’t need to cram information from a book when we’re looking at things and experiencing them in the real world.
  2. When we cram a lesson for a test, our brain tends to retain it for a short period of time, which may be smaller than the duration of the test, and so does not serve that goal because our brain forgets it quickly. You make an effort to memorize a theorem or explanation word for word, yet you constantly forget something. While putting it into practice, whether through experiments, real-life projects, or educational excursions, the knowledge and the whole learning experience stay with us for a long time.
  3. Could you have ever grasped the concept of light reflection if you hadn’t seen a mirror? Even if you read about a phenomenon or a lesson in the greatest possible way, it will not be able to penetrate your mind. You had to watch it happen in front of your eyes rather than hear it through someone else’s words. Because everything is available, practical knowledge can be quite beneficial. Whether it’s comprehending scientific phenomena or immersing oneself in literature.
  4. Reading a lesson over and again isn’t always helpful. However, carrying out exercises or investigations based on it necessitates practice, and as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” You will make no progress if you continue to read a guide book for a new language without speaking it. But if you start utilizing that language and conversing with other people, you’ll notice a difference. You’ll notice a difference. So, until the theoretical training is turned into practical activity, simply sitting in a corner with a book or listening to a lecture does not constitute practice.
  5. Learning facts and ideas is useless unless you are aware of how they are used in real-life situations. I spent the most of my middle school years wondering why knowing Sine theta square plus cosine theta square equals one is useful. However, after learning about its applications, I realized how important trigonometry is in architecture and related professions. So, until you apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life situations through practical experiments, theory won’t help you much, and you’ll keep asking why you’re studying that particular topic in the first place.
  6. Don’t you prefer field excursions, projects, and experiments than books, assignments, and lectures? I’m sure they do because they’re far more intriguing and engrossing than reading your typical book.
  7. While most activities involve team projects or programs where students are required to work in a group or as a team while imparting practical knowledge to students, the majority of activities involve team projects or programs where students are required to work in a group or as a team while imparting practical knowledge to students. For one thing, it increases a student’s capacity to engage with his or her peers and encourages everyone to work together. Furthermore, learning in a group makes the process more enjoyable because pupils are able to grasp more information. They enjoy each other’s company, and the entire teaching process becomes less tedious and more enjoyable. You also learn more while having a good time.
  8. Theoretical education is far less engaging than practical education. It entails more than just lecturing and educating, regardless of whether the student understands the principles or not. Teachers who teach in a straightforward manner or publications that may or may not include interactive tasks are commonly used in theoretical education. In contrast, student contributions are not only welcomed but often required in practical projects. Interactive sessions, experiments, and interactive exercises are all vital aspects of practical education that assure student engagement and help them learn and understand more. And since learning is the primary goal of school, it is necessary to raise one’s degree of learning.

Green Computing – The Future of Computing


It is a study and practice of environmentally sustainable computing. In other words, minimizing the environmental impact of computer system and its resources effectively and eco-friendly. We on a daily basis uses computers and other components which has a huge impact on environment while manufacturing and disposal so to minimize the impact we practice green computing techniques.

Many materials that are used for building PC’s are hazardous and difficult to recycle. The goal is to manage improper use of power consumption and reduce the use of hazardous material and maximize the lifespan of the product. Now-a-days many IT manufacturers are investing in designing and implementing green efficient computer devices, reducing the use of hazardous materials and efficient disposal of electronic waste.



In 1992, the US Enviromental Protection Agency launched Energy star. It was a voluntary labelling program which was designed to promote and recognize energy-efficient in monitors, climate control equipment, and other technologies. “Green Computing” was coined shortly after the “Energy Star” program began. This result in the widespread adoption of sleep mode in computers and electronics popular among consumer electronics.


Now a day’s  computer is very basic need of all individuals. It makes our life easier and saves our time and efforts but it also has a downside. As computer devices are used in a larger scale (in large sector) which increases the power consumption and also generate a large amount of heat which increases the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) which has adverse impact on our environment. To decrease their impact the green computing comes into existence.

Reasons of using Green Computing –

  • We are producing PCs on a larger scale and manufacturing of electronic devices uses hazardous substances such as lead.
  • Old computers and electronic devices produces a lot of heat which causes the emission of greenhouse gas (CO2) which is one of the gases that are responsible global warming.
  • Improper disposal of electronic devices can produce hazardous waste.
  • We consume most of the natural resources to get the electricity that have adverse impact on the environment.

Green Computing

Advantages of Green Computing –

  • It saves power consumption and reduces the amount of heat produced from the electronic devices.
  • Encourages the use of renewable resources.
  • Reduces the energy cost. Cloud computing can be used to reduce the energy cost and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from the data centers.
  • Encourages recycling and proper disposal of unwanted electronic devices.
  • Minimizing waste during manufacturing of computers and its resources.
  • Green Disposal – Reuse, Refurbish, Recycle

Disadvantages of Green Computing –

  • Green computing is quite costly.
  • Some computers that are green are considered underpowered and inefficient.
  • Maintenance and adaptation of a green computing system is considered to be highly difficult.
  • Rapid technology change.


People don’t care about ecological impact when buying computers. Currently, they are not much efficient but it is the near future. Green computing can lead to energy consumption, reducing enviromental impact of technology and promote sustainability.

Advantages of Speaking English – Reason Why?

There are more than 6,500 languages around the world spoken by billions of people. Why close yourself off from the rest of the world by only sticking with your native language? If you don’t know which language to start with, you can’t go wrong with English. Spoken in many countries across the globe, English allows you to communicate with a large number of people.

One of the most useful languages to learn is English. 1.5 billion people are speaking English today. Across the world, English is the default choice of countries and major industries. You might even be surprised some of the countries that become more accessible to you just for learning the language. The benefits of learning English are immense and vast.

Today, we’ll explore some of the fantastic benefits you could acquire from learning English. Some might even surprise you!

English makes travel easier

English is the most generally communicated in language from one side of the planet to the other. That’s a big advantage unless your goal in life is to remain within 40 kilometers of where you were born throughout your life.

English skills get more respect

It is weird but true. We in India give more respect to those who speak in English. I don’t know the reason and I don’t like this but that’s not important. Judge people on their inner worth, not the language they speak. But, till the time everyone begins doing it, learn English so that you are not judged unfairly.

Biggest movies and books are in English

Hollywood is the biggest movie industry. Almost all prominent books in the world are either written or translated into English. English language music is huge.

Why would you want to miss out on such a huge body of fun and mind expanding stuff?

English helps the world know our culture

This is important. The world today is not about forcing people, it’s about convincing them. It’s called soft power. With our 5,000 year old culture, why should we be defensive and behave like frogs in a well? Why not study the culture and present it in front of the world in the best possible way? Didn’t Vivekanand do that? Didn’t he do it in English? Isn’t he one of the brightest torch bearers of our glorious culture?

English skills are our national advantage

Yes, and that’s no exaggeration. One of the very few areas where India beats China is the number of English speaking people. Major advantage and we don’t want to surrender it to our friends from Shaolin.

English communication gives power & influence

Knowledge is in English, knowledge is power and you need power to fight for yourself. Most of the modern day knowledge and communication tools work in English:

  • Courts, law books, websites – most of them work in English.
  • Social media works in English.
  • Mainstream media has a majorly influential English segment.

If you don’t know the language, you are denying yourself more than half the weapons.

I was trying to learn English and I was very worried about my accent. I’m sure I’ll always have it but I remember Tom Hanks said to me, “Don’t lose the accent. If you do, you’re lost.”

Antonio Banderas

Being able to speak English as a second language is a very positive addition to a person’s skill set as many careers are opened up to people who know another language, in particular, English.

Save Trees

Trees are the backbone of all ecosystems on which mankind and other living and non-living being rely. Tress help in maintaining the ecological balance of the earth by emission of oxygen, absorption of carbon dioxide. Most important benefits of trees are, it helps the environment to provide an enormous amount of energy and reduce the toxic carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and pollutants by absorbing. Helps in improving water quality, prevent soil erosion, helps in saving energy. According to U.S Department of Agriculture, 1 acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide which is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people. Consumption and the demand of paper is the most important factor in the depletion of forest trees as to produce 3000 sheets of paper 1 tree ha to be cut.

Beneficial reasons to plant a tress in your yard

Trees are a vital part of our world, and our crucial to our survival. They provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe, shelter for wildlife, and food to eat. But, there’s so much more. Here are the reasons why trees should be a staple in your landscaping.

  • Trees increase property values-Everyone wants their home to have the highest possible property value. Landscaping with trees and plants can increase your property value by as much as 20 percent, according to some estimates. That is a great return on investment in terms of the small amount of upkeep they require.
  • Trees clean the air-A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year and can sequester 1 tone of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old. In addition, trees absorb odors and pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and ozone, and filter particulars out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.
  • Trees slow water runoff-Flash flooding can be significantly reduced by plating tress. According to Colorado Blue Spruce, either planted or growing wild, can intercept more than 1000 gallons of water annually when fully grown, which helps recharge underground aquifers.
  • Trees prevent soil erosion-A trees root system binds the soil and its leaves provide a barrier to wind and rain thus preventing soil erosion.
  • Tress help buffer noise pollution-Trees that are planted at strategic points in a neighborhood or around your house can abate major noises. This is especially nice if you live near a freeway or airport.
  • Trees cool our homes, streets, and cities-Trees can cool a city by up to 10 Fahrenheit by shading homes and streets, breaking up urban “heat islands” and releasing water vapor into the sir through their leaves.
  • Trees can save you money on energy costs-Building off the previous point, strategically placed trees can save homeowners up to 25 percent on energy bills by provided shade in the summer and windbreaks in the winter.
  • Trees are beautiful-This is non-brainer. Trees are stunning parts of our natural landscape. From the first buds of spring to the colorful leaves in the fall, trees are gorgeous. They make a great decoration indoors or outdoors.
  • Trees are sacred-Trees were sacred to many ancient worlds, and still hold special meaning in many cultures today. The Druids believed a number of trees to be sacred, including the Ash tree from which healing wands were made. Today,many people in Madagascar worship them because they believe their ancestor’s spirits live in the forests.
  • Medicines are derived from trees-While many drugs that come from plants and tress have been replaced by synthetics, there is no denying how important they are when it comes to modern medicine and research.

Advantages of planting trees in reducing global warming. planting trees can cut air-conditioning or electricity costs up to 50 percent. Planting trees for the environment is good as they are renewable, bio-gradable and recyclable, if we plant 20 million trees, the earth will get with 260 million more tons of oxygen.

Climate change has caused an increase in wildfires all around the world. Planting trees incorrectly or even ignoring them during their first few years of growth, can aid in the spread of forests. This will burn down more tress and further contribute to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Urgent need for climate action

Nature has given us a bounty of resources for survival and we have time and again moulded the rules of nature according to our needs and wants . As a result , humanity today is facing serious problems such as global warming , forest fires , soil erosion , pollution etc. Some recent events such as forest fires in California , Nevada , Amazon forests and Spain , floods in China , Japan and India , Earthquakes in Northwest Asia have had very disastrous consequences .

The Corona virus pandemic very clearly states that when nature takes control , even human beings , the superior species cannot stand in front of it too long . Nature has a self sufficient and self fulfilling system where things take place in a meticulous manner . When someone tries to disrupt the process , disasters are bound to happen .

Melting galciers , Rising temperatures , droughts , floods , rising sea levels and ozone layer depletion are all life threatning consequences of reckless use if resources. The posterity is going to condemn us for our actions . The need of the hour is to immediately amend our actions and mold our goals according to the rules of nature , ensuring sustainability of the surroundings.

DPSRU- India’s first pharmaceutical university

Delhi pharmaceutical science and research university is a prestigious institution and is the first pharmaceutical university in India established in 2005. It is an indispensable name when we talk about the field of pharmacy in India. This university aims to foster center skill in drug area and contribute in building pioneers, chairmen and faculty who can take up obligations as experts in pharmaceutical and allied health sciences suitable for local area, foundations and ventures.


The university campus is destined at Mehrauli – Badarpur Rd, Sector 3, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi. It is a beautiful campus with the main attraction being at the entrance the rainbow fountain. Then there is a lovely auditorium which has witnessed many Significant events of the campus ,with a seating capacity of 450. It is a centrally air-conditioned auditorium. One can also find the sports Complex and the swimming pool inside the campus. The library of the University is well equipped with all modern facilities. It is fully air-conditioned. The library has almost 17000 books. And talking about the food court a very hygienic and clean food court is available for all staff, faculty, and students inside the university campus. It provides a very good quality of food.

Sports Complex

Now discussing about the college’s

The university is a state University and comprises of two colleges both located in the same campus

Delhi Institute of pharmaceutical science and research (DIPSAR) ans school of pharmaceutical science (SPS)

Dpsru building

What’s the difference between both college’s ?

These isn’t much difference between the two as both not only have the same campus but sometimes the same faculty teaches both students of both. The only difference is that DIPSAR Was shaped before SPS. DIPSAR was earlier a part of the Delhi University (DU) and was later shifted under DPSRU when the university was formed. Since SPS was constructed later it has Comparatively better infrastructure . SPS has 7 floors where’s DIPSAR has 3 floor’s. So, the number of Lab’s are more at SPS. Classrooms of both are air Conditioned and projectors are present in classrooms.


Now talking about the number of seats available for admission

Both DIPSAR and SPS have 60 seats each available as per the guidelines of PCI and 80% seats in both are reserved for the students of Delhi.

Admission to the university for under graduate courses are strictly based on class 12th board’s score.

The university offers many courses like Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Ph.D., Diploma courses, Certificate courses. It offers D. Pharm, B.Pharm (Regular+Lateral), BPT, M.Pharm, MHA, MHM, and MBA (Pharma). Other than these courses, the university also offers sports pharmacy and Management skill courses for the students. DPSRU also comprises of an innovation and incubation department for betterment of the students.


Discussing about placements

The university offers many marvelous placement and job opportunities to its students. Many leading corporate houses like R and D giant, Dabur, Novartis or Eli-Lilly, Zyl a, Abbott, Cipla, Fortis, IQVIA or WNS, etc. The salary package offered by these companies is INR 5.5 LPA to INR 7.7 LPA for M. Pharm and INR 3.5 LPA to INR 5.2 LPA for B. Pharm courses.

What is going to happen in Afghanistan ?

US president Joe biden has chosen 11 September , 2021 as the date when all the US troops would be completely out of Afghanistan ie he chose the anniversary of 9 /11 attacks as the troopers’ last day . The withdrawal is going to cause a vacuum in Afghanistan as Afghan military is not going to be sufficient to fight against Taliban alone. Taliban already claims to have 85 percent of the country under its control. Also their recent demand for women starting from age 15 for marraige to the commanders has been opposed and criticised a lot by afghans as well as other non Afghan entities . Thousands of people have lost their homes and have been relocated in refugee camps.

Where there is more instability , military presence can be seen easily whether we take example of Afghanistan or Myanmar . The vaccum created by the withdrawal of US troops would need to be filled or else Taliban is going to sweep accross whole of the country.

Taliban has stated that it will be their decision about what to do to any force or troops that remain in Afghanistan after 11 September. If Taliban do not take all Afghan interests in account , then there will be no peace and stability in the country. But observing the current situation one can say that there is a possibility of civil war as Taliban is not going to give way to any other entity.

After the events , Taliban has gained legitimacy which means India will have to engage directly with Taliban now. Recently we had to withdraw our diplomats and other offce bearers out of Kandhar and other provinces as there was a possibility of war seen at that time. India needs to be active and patient in order to see results in Afghanistan .

Green Buildings

The Need for Green Buildings

It is an often overlooked and uncommonly known fact that infrastructure like buildings also contribute to the environment strain. Both the construction of buildings as well as their maintenance require the consumption of a lot of electricity, water, energy, as well as raw materials and the like.  They also contribute to emissions released into the environment. According to data from the year 2018, buildings and their related activities had a contribution of around 28 % of the world’s total CO2  emissions. Apart from the environmental aspect, there is the human aspect as well. Often construction workers develop respiratory diseases due to the inhalation of toxic fumes as well as particles let out by the materials used in construction. This situation can be improved by designing sustainable, green buildings.

The Concept of Green Buildings

Green buildings are sustainable infrastructure. They are planned in such a way that right from their design, to other steps such as construction and operation in order to minimize consumption of various resources like energy, water, materials, etc. and make them more efficient. It maintains and improves the quality of the environment in the surrounding area. The important factors to be considered during the planning of a green building are:

  • To maintain a natural habitat in the surrounding areas. Often green buildings have greenery grown in them too
  • To not build in any area which might be even slightly environmentally sensitive
  • To reduce the consumption of natural resources
  • To reduce the amount of water used during building construction
  • To try and reduce the water footprint of the building
  • To reduce energy consumption
  • To use renewable energy
  • To increase the energy efficiency of the building
  • To use sustainable and non-toxic materials in the construction phase
  • To implement and promote recycling technologies in the buildings
  • To design the building in such a way, that it remains durable for as long as possible
  • To create buildings which are adaptable and resilient to various climatic changes and conditions

Evaluation of Green Buildings

With an increase in interest and infrastructure in green buildings, there arose a need to have some sort of regulatory body to oversee the making of standards for the evaluation of green buildings. Both worldwide as well as domestically, regulatory bodies were created to evaluate activities related to green buildings and confer certificates. The granting of these certificates depends on the specific criteria declared by each respective authority.

In India, the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) is the regulatory authority overseeing green buildings. It is a joint set-up by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and the Government of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). GRIHA has multiple types of rating standards for different conditions and building types and infrastructure. They can be viewed here:

Examples of Green Infrastructure

In India:

Suzlon One Earth, Pune

Suzlon One Earth, Pune

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

CII- Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad

CII- Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad


Olympic House (IOC Headquarters), Lausanne, Switzerland

Olympic House (IOC Headquarters), Lausanne, Switzerland

One Central Park, Sydney, Australia

One Central Park, Sydney, Australia

Amherst College Science Centre, Amherst, Massachusetts

Amherst College Science Centre, Amherst, Massachusetts

Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi review: This Seema Pahwa directorial is poignant and thoughtful, but not preachy

Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi is a great attempt at bringing the issues of a dysfunctional family out in the open.

Seema Pahwa’s Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi unfolds during the 13-day mourning period post the death of the family’s patriarch, the eponymous, Ramprasad.

The film has striking similarities with Pagglait, which was also released on the same platform a few weeks ago. However, the treatments of the films are markedly different from each other. While Pagglait deals with the issue of empowering the wife after her husband’s death, Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi deals more into the psyche of a mom and how she feels left alone after the death of her husband, the father of the family. Will the herd of kids and grandkids stand up to the occasion? Or will these 13 days become just another occasion for a fun family get-together? While both stories deal with relatives coming in for the 13 days of mourning and forgetting the actual cause of being there and talking about varied other family issues, somehow Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi ends up being a notch higher than Pagglait.

The story by Seema Pahwa is slightly predictable as it’s something that every one of us has seen in our personal lives. But stories like these tend to get into the zone of high-pitched Baghbanesque melodrama, but Pahwa keeps a stern grip on the narrative, safely steering clear of that and brings the film home.

The best part about Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi is the flawless acting by the cast that includes stellar performers like Naseeruddin Shah, Supriya Pathak, Manoj Pahwa, Vinay Pathak, Ninad Kamat, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Vikrant Massey, Konkona Sensharma, Divya Jagdale among others. These ace actors make the whole experience seem as if you’re sitting right in the middle of it all. However, the treatment of the film is more like a theatre play (it is adapted from Pahwa’s own play, Pind Daan); in fact, the problem is that it neither looks entirely like a film and nor does it look entirely like a play. So, that dichotomy is something that pulls the project down. Also, one tends to be left a tad disappointed as actors like Vikrant Massey, Vinay Pathak, Konkona Sensharma and others are hardly allocated adequate screen time and one is left wanting more. However, even in that limited duration and often with sparse dialogues, they manage to make their presence felt with their nuanced performances.

Sagar Desai’s music is poignant and makes you feel for the family on display. Songs like Ek Adhoora Kaam and Bulawa Aaya Hai remain with you after you’re done with the movie. Sudip Sengupta’s cinematography is raw and shows things exactly how they should be. The constant repeating shots of an electrician trying to fix the intertwined wires on an electric pole are symbolic of the complicated relationship that the members of the family have. Lastly, the editing by Dipika Kalra is crisp and the movie doesn’t seem to drag at any instant.

Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi is a great attempt at bringing the issues of a dysfunctional family out in the open. Whatever it is worth, it is indeed a great ONE-TIME WATCH.  Although I watched it two times for the subtle Lucknow jokes that people from there would love it.


Time is a precious resource that we should not waste .  But we should also enjoy ourselves . Only working or studying , will not make our life any meaningful . When we have extra we can do something to enjoy it or to learn something different .


1. PLAY GAMES – Playing games makes our mind to work creatively and helps to reduce stress. It is one of the best way of enjoying your time alone or with your friends .Many people find it exciting playing  different games on mobile or in there computers . It not only makes you relax it also makes your mind relax . You don’t have to think much. 

2. WATCH SERIES – Nowadays there are lots of new platform to watch series of different countries in different languages . It is fun to watch shows of different countries as it teaches you the culture of that country . 

3.LISTEN MUSIC – Listening music is one of the best way that you can do to spend your free time . There are lots of genres of music present nowadays .Also in many platforms or application you can listen music. Music reduces stress makes your body and mind free of unwanted things .

4. READING – Some people find book reading the most fascinating activity . Book reading increases your creativity , your knowledge and your thinking process . When we read a book , we imagine things and thus it makes your brain work out of the context . 

5. SLEEPING – Sleeping is loved by most , it’s not a joke . Sleeping reduces most of the problems that we don’t know . If you get less than 7hr sleep in a day , your mind will start shrinking and that’s a fact . Taking proper sleep and naps may increase your life span.  

First Olympic Gold Medal for Bermuda

Olympics is a leading international sports event held every four years. With more than 200 participant nations.

Each year hundreds of athletes from all over the world gather at the host country and rival each other for first place in different events. This year Bermuda,  a British island territory in North Atlantic which first participated in the games in the year 1936. Witnessed a major development as Flora Duffy wins first-ever gold for the country in triathlon.

Who is Flora Duffy?Duffy, a 33-year-old female athlete who was diagnosed with anemia in 2013. But still, she managed to bounce back. She is also a two-time former world triathlon series champion.

What is Triathlon?Triathlon is a grueling race made up of a one-mile open water swim, 25 miles of biking, and a run of 4.6 miles.

The 33-year-old finished with a time of 1hour55:36 minutes. Her opponent, Georgia Taylor-Brown ended in second place took a minute more than her. Third place was secured by the Katie Zaferes of the United States.


Mumbai: a place of dreams they say but a place to please your tongue they never say.
Mumbai is one of the rear cities in India where one can enjoy all types of cuisines be it south India, north Indian, Chinese or Italian. Khaogali is the hotspot for the Mumbaikars to fill their cravings at pocket-friendly prices. With a diverse culture,  people enjoy all sorts of cuisine at any hour. There are hundreds of places hundreds of restaurants to look in and hog but I’ve managed to shortlist 6 places out of it.

1. Khaogali (Kalbadevi) Situated in the proper Bombay city midst the busiest market in the entire country Zaverii Bazar (the gold market) khaogali gives a lot of options to never get bored. Masala khichdi is recommended which is a type of marwadi snack for just under 50 bucks, it is a must-try.

2. Guru Kripa restaurant (Sion) :
Very near to the sion station guru, Kripa provides a great option for fast food chats. Don’t even call yourself a Mumbaikar if you haven’t had guru Krupa’s chole samosa’s, Gadbad is a unique dish that has diff variety of flavors. In front of Guru Krupa, there’s this place called A-1 samosa, they provide 25 varieties of samosa including pasta samosa, Chinese samosa, and much more.

3. Mamledar misal ( Thane ): Amid thane market calendar serves finger-licking misals like kolhapuri misal, puneri misal is quite famous and along with talk ( buttermilk in Marathi ) which is the meal for thousands. Misal is a Maharashtrian dish with pav and sabzi with namkeen over it.

4. The breeze ( Powai )
Powai being the center of nightlife in Mumbai, there are a lot of clubs and pubs to spend a quality night. Breeze being one of them situated at the rooftop of 22 floors tower gives an astonishing view of the city where there are separate sections for dining, enjoying the view, and partying and dancing.

5. Sukh Sagar ( Mumbai ): Situated near the queen’s necklace Sukh Sagar owns 4-5 restaurants in the same lane for different cuisines and served you at any hour The ice paan there is a specialty. Pizza and pav bhaji is famous too.

6. Khaogali (Ghatkopar)
The khaogali in Ghatkopar is completely different from that of Mumbai and has modernized creative options to try It has WTC for pasta, Achija is famous for pav bhaji blossom famous for Chinese but the one that stands out for me is malai gola and rolling ice cream. The concept of rolling ice cream is so creative and mind-blowing. There is a machine which is covered by ice and as the name suggests it keeps rolling where the fruit is smashed and some sweetener ingredients are added and we are ready to go, ice cream made by fresh fruits.

Most importantly, Mumbai doesn’t disappoint anyone whether it’s the foodie or the one who sells for Thousands of people in Mumbai make living by the food industry. It may be by selling mum fail ( peanuts ) on a train, or having a panipuri, or owning the Sukh Sagar restaurants. It is a city where dreams come true.