Healthy lifestyle .

Life is what you make it . It is said that a human being with a purpose is most powerful than any other ordinary person . In this world , where obstacle strikes back of opportunities , one have to make there own path towards the destination which is to be decided in present for the future .

In today’s world were more and more people are engaged in their respective works . The desired to change the way of living just go out of their limitations and the improvement in the same seeks the time and discipline at the same time .

Happiness of an immense satisfaction of living a desired life just cannot be expressed in thoughts and words . The way of living depends on the lifestyle they have and maintain it as per the requirements. Living a life includes being happy, energised, as well as facing any situation with strong will.

In the matter of time the most important aspect of an individual’s life is going towards a goal set out . It is always said that a good health is the greatest wealth for an individual more than any thing . So , it’s totally depends on the individual to move towards the path of an successful  healthy lifestyle .

Contributions required :

The investment to our healthy lifestyle we make today will eventually be outsourced in our  future . A healthy lifestyle gives a boost to an individual and to improve their overall health . It includes everything starting from a nutritious healthy diet to adequate sleep with regular exercise .

Even doing the things one is passionate about to avoid stress and anxiety leads to surround  us with a positive energy , maintaining all this is just not difficult nor does it require a lot of work , just the utilisation of some time effectively and efficiently goes important . With the help of daily schedule one can go ahead with this .

With regards to the efforts made by an individual leads an overall development leading to prosperous growth an  individual . Being mentally and emotionally fit is both is part physical fitness . Doing exercise is just not the sole reason for being living a life as an attachment towards the need and desire .

Healthy lifestyle is really important as it not only leads an individual to lead a positive attitude towards everything but even lead an overall positive Improvement and development in their personality  .

Last but not least, have a positive attitude. Do your best to look at life as if “the glass is half full.” One must believe in themselves, have good support systems, and think positively (“I think I can, I think I can…”) to succeed.

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How to Launch a Marketing Campaign for Your Small Business.

When one starts a business with getting the most out of whatever they plan to work out ,only when all the decision regarding the assessment is taken with full potential and with the smart work .

When running a small business or startup its just common for any business to get a most out the the work handling , but it’s for the time being and one have to make plans . Plans are just must . It’s as important for one as the backup , as no profit so , even no loss and at some  space it’s just get into the minds of many .

So , when it comes to run a small business marketing campaign that should not only work out but even  succeed , its come to the effort of an individual which will not only attract them but even make them indulge in it goes with the initiative that exists outside of your ongoing marketing tasks will include the following :

To short out the end goal :

The end should always be assured before starting , as it will not only saves one’s time but even makes anyone to plan things according and increase the success rate .

•     The goal should be decided :

Before going ahead to start a campaign , the aim of the campaign should be decided as what is actually the motive behind the compaign , weather its for the promotion of new product  or to increase the sales or just rasing awareness about the product and brand , . The goal should be decided .

The budget of the campaign should be decided :

As it will not only plan the things according but even reduce the pressure in the spot , .

Why can one afford could be easily be done by setting up the budget .

•  The identification of the audience :

To target the audience came to be an important aspect , not it now depend on the campaign which is actually about , .

So the targeted audience could be child or adult .

•       The channel of conversation :

The channel of conversation goes important as it’s the medium through one can lay out the message to the targeted audience . It can be TV, radio , or just a stage campaign .

•    The result should always be Analysed :

The result from the starting till the end should be analysed and measures could be taken within time for any of the issues .And analysing should the whole campaign , As what was exciting part and what problems did one faced . Than how many customers attracted Should one will be organising it again ,

Well  marketing campaign seems to be easy , but it takes a lot from not only the organiser but from every people involved in this and After a phase it will be successful

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What is Sports betting ?

It all starts with an attempt to go ahead in the path decided with the purpose present with perseverance and striking tough for it . It can be as effective that one can build an empire by its saying whereas one can eventually lead the breakdown when it just come up with not a wining situation .

Whether one is waging out of the cash from their pockets or hundreds of thousands on the single stand for a timeframe . Sports betting is the largest industry which attracts people worldwide .

It’s just a chance of scope of an individual . So sports betting is all about placing the wager on the outcome by predicting the sports results . It’s not only about betting on limited source but it covers a vast culture which includes from polo , hockey , football , baseball , to mixed arts , races and even more . Every year more than anything is staked out of in this field , in golf courses from around the world .

Almost most of the sports betting being deprived of a history creation .

The frequency of sports bet upon varies by culture, with the vast majority of bets being placed on association football, American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track cycling, auto racing, mixed martial arts, and boxing at both the amateur and professional levels. 

All about it ( how it works )  :

People were more prone to this just crossing their fingers expecting of the results .

It can be both practiced legally and illegally.  For many of the business , the global sports betting business is booming

With its starting , it was appearing just as confusing but let it be and staring from wherever one is goes to be more important way to learn things .It’s just the practice for betting in the same but if one is new to betting , learning and understanding odds goes important , and once one understands of the event likely to happen will able to out with their full potential .

Many of the business revolve around the sports betting as to encourage this to go at a higher position with respect to heading the way towards it , making them to gamble . It’s just the way one starts their business in this field .

For many , it’s more or less about enjoyment , as it’s just not about the bet . They enjoy it and just go ahead with another betting even they go out of failure .

Sports betting reflects out one’s capacity and capabilities to strive hard to reach out to the inclined force.

Thank you.

SWOC Analysis (Tropicana and maaza)


Tropicana Products, Is an American multinational company which makes fruit-based beverages and specializes in the production of orange juice.

Swoc analysis:

Strength :

• Strong brand image: Tropicana has created a strong brand image for itself and has positioned itself as a substitute for fresh juice.

• Global Presence: as ,it’s a PepsiCo product.

• Healthy option

• Strong distribution: Tropicana, as a product requires special attention during distribution. This is where PepsiCo helps Tropicana tremendously.

Weakness :

• Considered Costly: Tropicana is considered to be costly as compared to local products in the same quantity.

• Reduced Quantity: Instead of increasing price of products, Tropicana resorted to reducing quantity of product to about 8-10%.

• Low Rural Penetration: Packaged Juices are difficult to distribute and are more dependent on higher margins .


• Increasing Health Consciousness: Health awareness around the world is increasing.

• Focus on low-calorie drinks: . Tropicana should focus more on low-calorie products by including flavours .

• Tie-ups with restaurants, hotels : Tropicana can look for tying up with large chains of hotels that lead to increase in revenues.


• Presence of Fresh Juice Joints: Fresh juice is still more preferred than packaged juice.

• Promotion of healthy products may affect PepsiCo’s other products: promoting consumption of healthy products may backfire in the sales PepsiCo’s aerated drinks example Pepsi etc.

• Intense competition: Tropicana faces intense competition from many competitors around the world.


Maaza is a Coca-Cola fruit drink brand from India . Its most popular drink is its mango fruit drink.


• Presence across the world: Maaza has a market in most parts of the world.

• Customer recognition: Maaza through the characteristics taste difference from competitors has been able to secure a fan following in India.

• Powerful branding: The Company has used a variety of tools and channels for branding.


•. Monotonous advertising pitch: Both Frooti and Slice have changed their advertisements and given themselves a much-needed makeover .

•. Single Flavour: Maaza though it tried to launch other flavoured drinks like pineapple and orange eventually withdrew those drinks since they were unable to gain a significant

market share.

• Coco Cola is riding on the success story of Maaza and is overconfident of it is unbeatable. Leads to loss to invest in maaza.


• shift of preference: Across the world consumers are shifting from aerated drinks to fruit juices.

• unexploited market: unexploited resources should be efficiently utilized .

• Health consciousness


•. Competition: The Company faces a lot of competition from brands such as Slice and Frooti who are in a constant struggle to become market leaders…

• The threat of substitution: There is a lot of negative marketing on how flavours used in fruit drinks are toxic to the body. This makes people substitute these drinks with juices made from ,Challenge sudden spurt of growth: Frooti which was number three in the Indian market overtook its nearest rival Slice in 2016 through a new logo and a change of strategy.

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Historical background and origin of 3 nursery rhymes.

A nursery rhyme is a traditional poem or song for children in Britain and many other countries, but usage of the term only dates from the late 18th/early 19th century. Rhymes were written for many different reasons. Some rhymes were written to honour a particular local event that has since been forgotten, while others were written to express feelings of love. Rhymes were also used to hide real meanings, such as when someone wanted to express displeasure toward the government or the sovereign without being executed! Another reason for rhymes is that they’re easy to remember, and therefore could be spread by word-of-mouth—an essential feature for a large population of people who could not read or write

Some of the rhymes includes:

  • Old Mother Hubbard –

The Old Mother Hubbard rhyme allegedly refers to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and his unsuccessful attempt to get an annulment for King Henry VIII. Old Mother Hubbard is Cardinal Wolsey. The cupboard is the Catholic Church. The doggie is Henry VIII. The bone is the annulment Henry wanted in order to end his marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

  • Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

“Mary” is referring to Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII. The Catholic queen received quite a bad reputation during her short reign for executing Protestant loyalists. The garden in the rhyme is referring to the growth of a graveyard. Silver bells and cockleshells are believed to be euphemisms for instruments of torture. The “maids” is slang for a beheading instrument called “The Maiden” that came into common use before the guillotine.

  • Three Blind Mice –

The first written variation of Three Blind Mice dates from 1609. The three blind mice were three Protestant loyalists who were accused of plotting against Queen Mary I. The farmer’s wife refers to the queen who with her husband, King Philip of Spain, owned large estates. The three men were burned at the stake.

  • Ring Around A Rosy –

 Ring Around A Rosy is said to refer to the Great Plague of 1665. The plague caused a high fever and a rash in the form of a ring hence the name, Ring Around A Rosy. Putting herbs and spices in the pocket of an ailing person in an attempt to freshen up the stale air was a common practice, thus the “pocket full of posies”. “Ashes, Ashes” is an American variation of the English version which is “A-tishoo, A-tishoo” or someone sneezing. Plague sufferers had a fit of sneezing before they passed away or when “we all fall down”.While the alleged meanings of some of these rhymes may or may not be true, it sure is a fun way to remember events in British history.

While the alleged meanings of some of these rhymes may or may not be true, it sure is a fun way to remember events in British history.

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Vodafone Idea Limited is an Aditya Birla Group and Vodafone Group partnership. The Company provides pan India Voice and Data services across 2G, 3G and 4G platform. With the large spectrum portfolio to support the growing demand for data and voice, the company is committed to deliver delightful customer experiences and contribute towards creating a truly ‘Digital India’ by enabling millions of citizens to connect and build a better tomorrow. They use the power of technology to enhance our customer’s lives – through ubiquitous presence and connectivity through our PAN India urban and rural coverage, a continuously expanding 4G LTE network, integrated worry free propositions and some of the best entertainment on mobile – all packaged into a completely unmatched customer experience.

There innovative and truly differentiated offerings – be it our Prepaid Unlimited propositions, RED Postpaid plans, Truly Unlimited International Roaming products and many others – reflect the passion with which we aim to serve our customers, always!

Company analysis :

1. With a subscriber base of nearly 1058.86 million, as of March 2016, India accounted for the second – largest telecom network in the world. The subscriber base has expanded at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.96% during FY 07–16.

2. With 462.12 million internet subscriptions, as of July 2016, India stood third-highest in terms of total internet users in 2016.

3. Since 2012, the share of time spent on watching videos on mobile devices has grown by 200 hours a year.

4. As of March 2016, urban tele-density stood at 154.01% and rural tele-density at 51.37%.As of March 2016, Bharti Airtel was the market leader, with a 24.31% share in the total subscription, followed by Vodafone (19.15% share).

6. The top five players in the sector include – Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, and BSNL – accounting for 78.74% of the total subscribers in the country.

7. BSNL is the market leader with a 60.28% share, followed by MTNL (13.60%); BSNL, MTNL, and Bharti together account for 87.46% of the total fixed-line market.

Vodafone Idea ( Professionally Managed)


1. To Handle the Rising Dominance of Reliance Jio in the Telecom Industry:

 The main reason for the Vodafone-Idea merger is to Handel the rising dominance of Reliance Jio in the Telecom industry. As Jio announced to provide free services in the first 6 months. As a result, it started to capture the maximum part of the market.

2. Price War:

 The free services from the Jio started the price war between the companies in the telecom sector.

3. . Merger Brings Confidence:

 As a result in case of a price war merger brings confidence in companies with synergy benefits. Shareholders will benefit if a company’s post-merger share price increases due to the synergistic effect of the deal. The expected synergy achieved through the merger can be attributed to various factors, such as increased revenues, combined talent and technology, and cost reduction.

4. Expected To Hold A Strong Position In The Industry: Such as in some circles it became the largest cellular service provider and in some circle, it was the second-largest after Bharti Airtel. So, a joined company can focus on being the service provider.

Functioning and working Of Top-level Management:

1. Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer – Ravindra Takkar

 i) He has been closely associated with the growth and evolution of Indian telecom since Vodafone Group‘s entry in 2007. He held a number of senior roles in Strategy and Business Development and was also the CEO of Vodafone Enterprise business in India.

 ii) In addition to his responsibilities at Vodafone Idea, Ravinder also serves as Director on the boards of Indus Towers Limited, Cable & Wireless Global (India) Private Limited and Vodafone India Services Private Limited.

2. Chief Financial officer – Akshaya Moondra

 i) A member of the National Leadership Team, he is responsible for arranging and managing company finances, capital allocation, statutory and management reporting, budgetary and internal controls, revenue assurance, strategic business finance, investor relations, secretarial and other compliances

 ii) Ranked as the Top CFO in Indian listed companies across sectors for 2016 by Finance Asia and amongst Top 3 CFOs in Asia in Telecom Sector by Institutional Investor for 3-years, Akshaya joined telecom after spending over two decades in various Aditya Birla Group companies – Grasim Industries, South East Pulp, Thai Rayon, Thai Epoxy and Allied Products and Thai Acrylic Fibre.

3. Chief Operating Officer – Ambrish Jain

 i) Ambrish Jain is the Chief Operations Officer of Vodafone Idea Limited, India’s largest telecom service provider, effective 31st August 2018.

ii) A member of the National Leadership Team, he drives pan-India circle Operations and Service Delivery.

4. Chief Regulatory & Corporate Affairs Officer – P. Balaji

i) A member of the National Leadership Team, Balaji leads the company’s Regulatory, Public Policy and Government

Relations activities along with Industry advocacy, Corporate Communications, Reputation Management and CSR.

ii) Prior to his present role, Balaji was the Director –Regulatory, External Affairs and CSR at Vodafone India. He was responsible for leading the company’s Regulatory, Public Policy & Government Relations activities and also the External Affairs function overseeing Corporate Communications, Reputation Management and administering Corporate Social Responsibility and the Vodafone Foundation in India.

5. Chief Commercial Officer – Rajesh Shrivastav

i) A member of the National Leadership Team, Rajesh leads all activities related to the company’s Capex and Opex spends, and all Supply Chain aspects including Procurement, Contracting, Warehousing/Logistics, Inventory Management etc.

ii) Prior to his present role, Rajesh was the Chief Commercial Officer at Idea Cellular where he was instrumental in procuring world class equipment for Network, IT and Services including Towers, Sales/Marketing and Service Delivery requirements.

6. Chief Marketing Officer – Avneesh Khosla

i) As the CMO, he spearheads the company’s consumer initiatives and is focussed on building a strong franchise for Brand Vi – India’s newest telecom brand, born out of the world’s largest network integration.

ii) At Vodafone Idea, Avneesh is spearheading key strategic agendas around driving a strong business transformation through a digital first approach.

What Can Be Done To Fix The striking problems, some of the steps are mentioned below:

Payment of Debt:

● vodafone idea owes a huge amount of debt to the government in form of spectrum payment the only way out for it from this crisis is to pay the huge sums of money they owe. Not only is it hindering its ability to invest in new projects but it also reducing its credibility because of which firms and public are afraid of wasting money in their company.

● There could be some relief if the government decides to save the distressed telco by extending the moratorium on spectrum-related payments. After all, a majority of the company’s debt is owed to the government for spectrum.

Raising Funds From Reliable Sources:

● Vodafone idea is in dire need of funds to boost their sluggish operations and to invest in new infrastructure. Investing in new infrastructure would help Vi to compete with its competitors Bharti Airtel and Jio who has been investing intensely in new infrastructure to gain more subscribers. Recently there were news about Vi planning to raise 6000 crores but failed to do it. Now it need to raise huge amounts of funds from both internal and foreign sources so that it repays its debt and invest in new infrastructure.

Providing New Services:

● Vodafone Idea should look at new possible ways to gain lost market share they should try to introduce new services like Tele media services and digital TV services. They can also provide services which their competitors are providing at a much cheaper rate to attract customers. They should try to create an integrated ecosystem by giving discounts on other products after purchase of one of their key products or services.

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Things Every HR Professional Needs to Do to Succeed

Some of the functions that an individual as an HR professional should perform to make the organization more successful, if staffed with an HR department are mentioned below:

• Employee Training and Development:

 Enabling employees to develop the skills they need for the future is an essential responsibility for HR. Most employers understand the value of investing in the (future) skills of their employees. After all, the success of the organization depends on how well the employees are trained for the job and what are their growth and development opportunities within the organization. It’s the responsibility of the HR department to lead these efforts in the right direction. The role of HR should be to ensure that the employees acquire the company-specific knowledge and skills to perform their tasks efficiently. It boosts the overall efficiency and productivity of the workforce, which ultimately results in better business for the company. HRM plays a very crucial role in preparing employees for bigger tasks and responsibilities, which leads to the holistic development of employees at work. And an organization that provides ample growth and development opportunities to its employees is considered to be a healthy organization.

• Building a better communication system:

The company can also focus on building a better communication system with the recruited employees. There are several types of communications, that happen in various ways like there is a grapevine for informal groups and there is chain network and wheel network for the formal groups. The appropriate network should be encouraged, according to the requirements. A company should also focus on the informal groups, as it helps them to understand the employees on a deeper level.

• Performance management: Performance management is a continual process of evaluating how employees are performing and recognizing achievement. Many organizations conduct performance reviews on a regular schedule, often regularly, with additional reviews as desired by the employees. If an employee is underperforming the employers may impose discipline or create a performance improvement plan with goals to achieve within the specific time period. For serious matters employees may be fired. All disciplinary policies should be written out in the handbook, and managers should be trained to implement them accordingly.

• Hr professionals should create a dynamic environment for an organization:

Organizations have to survive in a dynamic environment so managers should keep making changes in the organization to match the environmental changes. The employees in the organization are generally resistant to change. Efficient hr motivates employees to adopt the changes willingly by convincing them that change is not only beneficial for the organization but it improves the employee’s work also in the competitive world.

• Research and development:

The company should allocate some members for research and development which will include activities that our company undertakes to Innovate and introduce new product services. The goal should typically be to take new products and services to market and add to the company’s bottom line which allows a company to stay ahead of its competition. Through research and development companies can design new products and improve their existing offering.

• Feedback:

The company should take feedback from their employees about the work. For example – Do you have any suggestions on how to make the work environment more fun. Or, Are you having issues with your job in your current position? Or, is there a work style or culture you don’t like in the company.

• Human Resource Planning:

This HR function is all about knowing the future needs of the organisation. What kind of people does the organisation need, and how many? Knowing this will shape recruitment, selection, performance management, learning and development, and all other human resources functions.

• Job Design and analysis:

One of the foremost functions of HRM is job design. Job design involves the process of describing duties, responsibilities and operations of the job. To hire the right employees, it is imperative to identify the traits of an ideal candidate who would be suitable for the job. This can be accomplished by describing the skills and character traits of the top-performing employee. Doing so will help one to determine the kind of candidate you want for the will be able to identify their key minimum requirements in the candidate to qualify for the job. Job analysis involves describing the job requirements, such as skills, qualification and work experience. The vital day-to-day functions need to be identified and described in detail, as they will decide the future course of action while recruiting.

• Employee Hiring:

Recruitment is one of the primary functions of human resource management. HRM aims to hire efficient employees to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. All this starts with hiring the right employees out of the list of applicants and favourable candidates. An HRM helps to source and identify the ideal candidates for interview and selection. The candidates are then subjected to a comprehensive screening process to filter out the most suitable candidates from the pool of applicants. The screened candidates are then taken through different interview rounds to test and analyse their skills, knowledge and work experience required for the job position. Once the primary functions of HRM in recruitment are completed, and the candidate gets selected after rounds of interviews, they are then provided with the job offer .

• Recruitment of employees to maintain international relations:

As an HR manager, one would recommend hiring some professionally trained personal who are proficient at maintaining international relations as the business wants to bring their communication products to a new international market this year. This will ensure that there is no misunderstanding between them and their foreign counterparts . Also they will make it easy to communicate with business partners . They can also make it easy for businesses to comply with all the paperwork needed to start an international business.

• Creating an employee grievance system:

As the organisation is going to recruit more employees there may be chances that new employees are not happy with their working conditions or the new and old employees are not getting along that well so to solve every problems of the employees the HRM department should create an grievance system through which employees can file their complaints . Also every HR department member would be asked to give their best to solve problems of all employees in every possible manner .

• Providing family benefits:

As an HR manager, one would recommend the management to provide incentives to not only employees but to their families also. Incentives like family vacations and full family insurance should be given to employees so that they feel more content and satisfied with their work . Organising guest lectures for family planning would also help to improve employee satisfaction and knowledge so that they can lead a better and meaningful life.

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Challenges faced by a school student when it comes to choosing a career

A rock star. An astronaut. A professional athlete. These are some of the answers that one gets to hear when they ask a child what they want to become when they grow up. When you’re a child, your career aspirations are filled with fantastical expectations stuff dreams are made of. But sooner or later a child realizes that life is a harsh reality and the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows and that they might not become the next Cristiano Ronaldo, Shawn Mendes, or Angelina Jolie. As they grow up there focus shifts to (frankly less glamorous) careers.

One of the biggest milestones in a person’s life is choosing a career. For many people, career selection is a harrowing task while for some it’s a smooth ride. At the tender age of 16 or 17 one doesn’t know what they want to do in life. Our young and impressionable minds are swayed by attractive yet empty promises such as big packages and secure employment. Teenagers see the world as they know, not as how the world is. It is difficult to peep into the reality of every profession at such a young age.

Parents want the best for their children and with these intentions often impose their career choices on their children. At the same time, children should respect their parents for their intentions.

This additional pressure from parents to choose the right career path makes matters worse. Many a time students succumb to this pressure and get stuck doing something that they never wanted to do. In a rush to choose their future, students often blindly follow someone else’s life choices. Thus, entering into what we call a ‘rat race’. When these teens are all grown up and have become mature enough to make informed choices they start second-guessing their former decisions. But by then it’s too late to make things right. What follows is a vicious cycle of hopelessness, dejection, and repentance.

Every school student has to go through these circumstances. They have to overcome their indecisiveness, emotional and intellectual immaturity, and also parental pressure. All children have a personality and diverse interests. The interest does not necessarily lead to a very specific career path but the choice of career should be based on trying to maximize the utilization of the skills and capabilities of the child. The entry of career counselors and psychologists into the scene and the inclusion of various psychometric tests has immensely helped young kids navigate these difficult waters, providing them with the necessary information regarding diverse professional paths. This helps them reach an informed conclusion.

 Parental pressure should not deter a student to not pursue their passions. But at the same time, one should have a structured plan to achieve their goals. In the end, every student must remember that their future is in their hands and they have to live with the outcome of their choices, not their parents, friends, relatives, or anyone else for that matter and if they don’t take control of where they are headed in life then life will take control of them.

 A Retrieved Reformation Short story by O. Henry .                                



 “A Retrieved Reformation” concerns the surprising fate of Jimmy Valentine, a skilled safecracker who returns to society after he is paroled from prison. Major characters include Jimmy Valentine; Mike Dolan, his partner in crime; detective Ben Price and Annabel Adams, the girl with whom Jimmy falls in love.

As the story begins, Jimmy is called to the warden’s office. The warden hands Jimmy his pardon from the governor and advises him to stay out of trouble: “You’re not a bad fellow at heart,” he says. “Stop cracking safes, and live straight.” Jimmy laughs, feigning surprise, denying he had ever committed the bank robbery that had sent him to prison.

 Jimmy leaves prison  and takes a train to another town where he meets up with Mike Dolan, a friend . After picking up his key from Mike, Jimmy returns to his room above Mike’s restaurant where he had lived before detective Ben Price arrested him. Jimmy finds his safe cracking tools still hidden in the wall where he had left them. A week later, a string of bank safe burglaries in the Midwest comes to Ben Price’s attention; he knows Jimmy Valentine is back in business and sets out to catch him again.

Meanwhile, carrying his burglar tools in a suitcase, Jimmy arrives in small, remote Elmore, Arkansas, where he plans to rob the bank. Walking toward the hotel, he encounters a beautiful young woman. Their eyes meet, and in that instant, Jimmy undergoes a complete reformation: “Jimmy Valentine looked into her eyes, forgot what he was, and became another man.” After talking to a boy on the street, Jimmy learns she is Annabel Adams, whose father owns the bank. Jimmy continues on to the hotel, where he registers as “Ralph D. Spencer.” In a conversation with the hotel clerk,

Jimmy learns that Elmore does not have a shoe store and that business is good in the town. He does not rob the bank; instead, “Ralph Spencer” settles in Elmore, opens a profitable shoe store, becomes a social success, and makes the acquaintance of Annabel Adams. A year elapses. Still using his “Ralph Spencer” alias, Jimmy enjoys great success. His business is growing, he and Annabel are soon to be married, and Annabel’s father and sister have accepted him as one of the family. To cut completely the ties with his past, Jimmy writes a letter to one of his former friends, asking the man to meet him in Little Rock. Jimmy plans to give the man his set of safe cracking tools. The day before Jimmy is to leave for Little Rock, Ben Price arrives in Elmore, spots Jimmy Valentine, and learns he is about to marry the banker’s daughter. Ben Price has other ideas.

The next day before leaving town, with his burglar tools in his suitcase, Jimmy goes to the bank with Annabel, Annabel’s sister, and the sister’s two little girls, May and Agatha. Annabel’s father wants to show off the new burglar-proof safe he has recently installed. While all are admiring the safe, Ben Price comes into the bank and watches the scene; he tells a bank teller “he was just waiting for a man he knew.” Jimmy is unaware of the detective’s presence.

Without warning, May playfully locks Agatha in the bank vault, throwing the bolts and spinning the combination lock as she had seen her grandfather perform the maneuver. The safe cannot be opened, Mr. Adams exclaims in horror, since the timer and the combination had not been set. Furthermore, Agatha will soon run out of air in the vault. Jimmy and the others can hear Agatha crying out in panic. Annabel turns to Jimmy, begging him to do something, at least to try.Jimmy looks at Annabel with a “soft smile.” He asks her for the rose she is wearing. Confused, Annabel hands him the rose. Jimmy puts the rose in his vest pocket, throws off his coat, and pushes up his shirtsleeves: “With that act Ralph D. Spencer passed away and Jimmy Valentine took his place.” Using his tools, Jimmy opens the safe in record time, freeing the sobbing child.Once Agatha is safe, Jimmy puts on his coat and walks away; he hears Annabel call out to him, but he does not stop. When he encounters Ben Price, who has witnessed the dramatic scene, Jimmy tells the detective, “Well, let’s go. I don’t know that it makes much difference, now.” Price, who seems to be acting rather oddly, replies, “Guess you’re mistaken, Mr. Spencer . . . Don’t believe I recognize you.” With that, the detective leaves.

Things learn from the story

The tone of the story, with its gentle humour and sentimentality, is representative of much of O Henry’s work. Although Jimmy Valentine has no intention of abandoning his life of crime, love magically transforms him in an instant. Also, many of O. Henry’s stories develop themes which, in their simplicity, can be summed up as “the moral of the story.” In the case of Jimmy Valentine, goodness is rewarded. Cracking Mr. Adams’ safe does not send him back to prison; it prevents his being .




Tata motors limited formerly is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company . like other companies Tata motors is even facing challenges with the global semiconductor storage and disruption in the supply chain .  Even due to covid-19 and lockdown crises it is facing a struggling period . the shortage is the result of substantial in the demand due to pandemic and increased use of semiconductors in advanced Vehicle. It have already faced controversy over the development of Nano Return on investment on Tata motors shares in low. other competitive car manufacturers have been in the passenger car business for more years , therefore Tata motors limited has to catch up in terms of quality and lean production ,as it relative shares a smaller proportion of market share in passenger vehicle in India.

 Tata motors face intense competition in its domestic as well as foreign competition as well as reducing its share .The regulatory intervention is effective sales of commercial vehicle as well as domestic car sales leading to Tata motors losing money on every car sold in India Presently.


• Bargaining Power of Supplier:
Suppliers bargaining power depends upon the underlying factors affecting the
supply chain. The critical factor affecting suppliers’ ability is the importance of
suppliers, the nature of supplies and the value for the buyer’s supply chain.
• Bargaining Power of Buyers:
The buyers’ power to bargain depends upon the underlying factors and the industry. The other generic
factors that impact buyer power are buyers’ concentration, better alternatives, and competitiveness of
the market. The automobile manufacturing industry is highly competitive; significant players are
competing for each market segment.



➢ The goods and factors company is a great opportunity to automobile companies.

➢ The Indian demonetisation policy has largely affected cash intensive industries like automobile manufacturers .


➢ India’s growing economy is an opportunity for automobile manufacturers as it is considered consistent with robust growth .

➢ The intensive competition in the automobile company.


➢ The changing lifestyle of millennials whereby they have shifted from car ownership to access and buying car has become unnecessary.


➢ The Indian emission norms where by car manufacturers have to give the declaration of the emission level of cars the manufacturer will impact the automobile industry .


➢ The introduction of intelligent connected cars is a major trend which will impact the whole industry.


➢ With the government taxing automobiles only 28% and a reduction on smaller cars and SUVS this will positively impact the automobile industry and the buyer at the same time.

Strategies of Tata motors Limited :

• It is recommended that the company should fallow differentiation strategy and focus on providing unique goods and services to win over the market .

• Digitalisation: Competitive advantage Provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Reinvent processes, improve quality and promote consistency.

• Investment in Renewable energy :Low cost, energy efficiency, low emissions, and reusability.30 % of the world’s energy by 2024 Generates saving and commercial opportunities

• Acquisition and mergers of other businesses globally: More resources , scale of operations will increase. Benefit their shareholders Consequently increasing profits .

All the way it help Tata motor to cope up with things.

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The information technology has revolutionized various aspects of our life it has provided an easy way to go for digital payments. The common people started to move from traditional payment system towards digital payment systems which ensured safety, security and convenience. With giant technological leaps in the smart phone and easy internet access led Indian market to accept digital payments. Initially the scope of digitalization into the market was not that popular but due to changes in the technology people became more aware of digital payments. Quick transfer of payments can take place from anywhere in the world within seconds. The percentage of the digital payments through other modes is also increasing in a significant speed for instance Google pay, Paytm etc. All the transactions in the digital payments are completed through online. It is an instant and convenient way to make payments.

objectives was :

1.To study the impact of cashless transactions on individuals and their behavior
towards adopting digital payments.
2.To understand the problems faced by the people while making online
3.To analyze people’s opinion as to why digital payments can be a source of

India is a diverse country with mixed economy. Cashless economy is an economy where all the transactions are carried out digitally without using cash. Going cashless means it includes e-banking, use of debit/credit cards, Googlepay, phone pay, digital wallets, etc. A cashless country lessens the pester of carrying cash in hand to make a sufficient payment. Digitized payments have become the most efficient and convenient way of transaction. This process helps in the financial transaction. We can also define cashless economy as a flow of cash in an economy in a non-existent way. To get rid of corruption and boost our economy, the only solution is technology- to convert from cash to cashless economy. A cashless India is the first step towards making the dream of digital India a reality. The goal of cashless economy is to become a 100% cashless world. However, it’s not possible but a closer to it is possible. It helps to increase digital literacy. A cashless economy helps create huge employment in IT and software sector. The country will transform itself from informal to a formal sector. The real path of a cashless economy was laid in 2016 by the implementation of demonetisation. “Faceless, Paperless, Cashless” is one of professed role of Digital India


A system where no real cash is accessible for use is a Cashless System. Payments are made electronically i.e. through credit/debit cards, net banking and virtual wallets. The idea of Cashless economy is essential for the Digital India program and its vision is centered around changing India into a general public which is carefully competent and where there is no cash lane. The Government of India is functioning dedicatedly to push India towards a Cashless Economy. The plan is to smooth our the economy and curb corruption. Dispatch of Cashless Economy has achieved an ocean change in Indian Financial Framework. Since digital transactions are simpler and quicker, individuals are

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Habit 4 Think Win-WinBook by Stephen Covey.

Most of us learn to base our self worth on comparison and competition . We think about succeeding in terms of someone else failing . Here, Balancing between both courage and consideration is required .when it comes to interpersonal leadership the more genuine character is the higher our level of proactivity, the more committed we are to win ,the more powerful influence will be.

In order to establish effective interdependent relationship we must commit to create in Win-Win situation that are mutually beneficial and satisfying to each party .

So one time Stephen was asked to work with a company whose president was very concerned about the lack of cooperation among his people . Stephen was told the basic problem of the company that the people are not cooperative .if this problem is solved, they would definitely be able to produce so much more . Stephen was said to help them to develop a human relations program that will solve this problem . When Stephen looked deeply into this, he found that there was real selfishness and unwillingness to cooperate, a resistant to Authority ,defensive communication .when he look into it ,he found out the reason behind This behaviour of the managers, is it because of the reward which is somewhere for not cooperating or well known that the reward are much more greater for the people who cooperate .

Covey noticed a chart on the wall of the office behind a curtain , were a numbers of racehorses all lined up on a track, super imposed on the face of each horse was the face of one of his managers ,at the end of the track was a beautiful travel poster of Bermuda , once in a week the president use to show them this chart and discuss about cooperation ,about working together and to make more money by their efforts and will asking about the one who is going to win the trip to Bermuda. It was like telling one flower to grow and watering another. he wanted cooperation , he wanted his people to work together to share idea to all benefit from the effort ,but he was setting them up in a competition with each other .One manager’s success means failure for the other managers.

The problem in this company was the result of a flawed paradigm .The president was trying to get the fruits of the cooperation from a paradigm of competition and when it didn’t work he wanted a technique , a program ,a quick fix antidote to make his people cooperate. But you can’t change the fruit without changing the root working on the attitude and behaviour would have been hacking at the leaves so we focused instead on producing personal and organisational excellence in an entirely different way by developing information and reward system with reinforced the value of cooperation.

Whether you are the president of a company or the janitor , the moment you step from Independence to interdependence in any capacity, you step into a leadership role you were in a position of influencing other people and the habit of the effective interpersonal leadership is think Win-Win.

This habit is about working in collaboration with others and not competitively it’s about getting the most out of every relationship you have ,it is where two people form a group because the value gained from sharing ideas thinking collaboratively and finding the winner is so significant developing this habit in was consistently thinking of others ,considering their values and ensuring their thoughts and feelings are at the forefront of your mind. In doing this you can ensure that your behaviour is appropriate given the time in situation and you can work with that person without any healthy conflict or upset but it’s not just about being emphatic it require confidence courage and openness as well.

Stephen covey states that in order to manage our relationship with others effectively we need think win /win . beyond being a technique it is a philosophy .

According to the author there are six Paradigms of human interaction: / win : all of the parties win agreements and solution are mutually beneficial to everyone involved . With a win/win solution , all parties feel good about the decision and feel committed to the action plan . It sees life as a cooperative , not a competitive arena .

2. win / lose : if I win ,you lose,” win lose people tend to use their power positions and authority to get their way . One alternative to win/win is win/lose, the paradigm of the race to Bermuda . Most people have been deeply scripted in win/lose mentally since birth . There is a place for win/lose thinking truly competitive and low trust situation . But most of our life is not a competition, most of life is an interdependent , reality .most result depend on cooperation between people . And the win/lose mentality is dysfunction to that cooperation .

3. Lose /win : the other way around – “I loose ,you win “. This is the paradigm of people pleasing . Lose – win people seek popularity and validation . Lose/win is worse than win/lose because it has no standards , no demand , no expectation, no vision . People who think lose/win are usually quick to please or appease. Both win/lose and lose /win are weak position , based in personal insecurities.

4. Lose/ lose : both people lose, this happens when two win-lose people get together both of whom as stubborn and ego invested if the philosophy of conflict and war. Lose/lose is also the philosophy of the highly dependent person without inner direction who is miserable and thinks everyone should be too “ if nobody ever wins , perhaps being a loser isn’t bad.”

5. Win / simply think win : people with the wind mentality don’t necessarily want others to lose its is relevant they just want to get what they want. When there is no sense of contest or competition . Win is probably the most common approach in everyday negotiation .

6. Win /win or no deal: if you can’t reach a mutually beneficial agreement then there is no deal. .According to convey , ideal paradigm is to always think Win-Win in any and all situation .As it helps to create better relationship and build character.But many times “it depend” .if you win a football game , that means the other team loses .If you work in a regional office that is miles away from another regional office , and you don’t have a functional relationship between the offices , you may want to complete in a Win/lose situation to stimulate business. However ,you would not want to set up a win /lose situation like the “race to Bermuda” contest within a company or in a situation where you need cooperation among people or groups of people to achieve maximum success . If you value a relationship and the issue isn’t that really important , you may want to go for lose/win in some circumstances to genuinely affirm the other person. Than even you might go for lose/win if you feel the expenses of time and effort to achieve a win of any kind would violate other higher values. Maybe it isn’t worth it .

To best choice , than depends on reality. The challenge is to read the reality accurately and not to translate win/lose or other scripting into any situation .

Five dimensions of win win

1. Character

Covay identifies three traits that he considered essential to win win paradigm

1. Integrity

There’s no way to go for win win in our own lives if we don’t even know in a deep sense what constitutes a win, what is in fact harmonious with our innermost values .and if we can’t make and keep commitments to ourselves as well as others, our commitment become meaningless.

2. Maturity

Maturity Is the balance between courage and consideration. if I am high on courage and low on consideration, how will I think win/ lose .if I am high and consideration and low on courage, I will think lose /win the basic task of leadership is to increase the standard of living and the quality of life for all stakeholders.

3. Abundance

The abundance mentality ,is the flow out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security . It is a paradigm that there is plenty out there and enough to spare for everybody. it result in sharing prestige, or recognition of profit,of decision making.

2. Relationship

Without trust the best we can do is compromise ; without trust ,we lack the credibility for open, mutual learning and communication and real creativity. This especially true when dealing with someone who has a win /loss paradigm. We have to plan a communicate more and do so with genuine courtesy, respect, and appreciation for that person .even when the point of view clashes with our own .it is also important to listen with great depth not just to hear the word but to really understand the root of other person worldview .

3. Agreement

Covey provides five element for creating win /win agreement.

• Desired result – identify what is to be done and when.

• Guidelines – specify the parameters within which results are to be accomplished.

• Resources – identify the human, financial, technical ,or organizational support available to help accomplish the results .

• Accountability- set up the standard of performance and the time of evaluation.

• Consequences- specify good and bad ,natural and logical what does and will happen as a result of the evaluation

4. System

If you want to achieve the goals and reflect the values in your mission statement ,then you need to align the reward system with these goals and values .It does not matter whether dealing with a business, community, family etc .If cooperation is the goal, the reward system must line up accordingly.

5. Processes

By processes , covey appears to mean , to solve the problem . There is a four step process covey suggest :

• See the problem from the other point of view. Really seek to understand and to give expression to the needs and concern of the other party as well as or better than they can themselves.

• Identify the key issue and concern(not position ) involved.

• Determine what results would constitute a fully acceptable solution.

• Identify possible knew options to achieve those result .

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Internet Slangs

With the increase of use of social media and chatting apps, there also has been an increase in the usage of slangs in the conversations. Internet slangs are basically the unofficial forms of language used among peers or in informal conversations. Since, these slangs are constantly being updated, here are some widely used internet slangs:
• AMA- Ask Me Anything
• ASAP- As Soon As Possible
• ATM- At The Moment
• BRB- Be Right Back
• BBL- Be Back Later
• BFF- Best Friends Forever
• BTW- By The Way
• DM- Direct Message
• DND- Do Not Disturb
• ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival
• FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions
• FIFY- Fixed It For You
• FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out
• FWB- Friends With Benefits
• FWIW – For What It’s Worth
• FYI- For Your Information
• GTG- Got To Go
• HTH- Hope This Helps
• IC- I See
• IDK- I Don’t Know
• IDC- I Don’t Care
• IKR- I Know Right
• IMO- In My Opinion
• IRL – In Real Life
• JAM- Just A Minute
• JFY- Just For You
• LMK- Let Me Know
• LOL- Laugh Out Loud
• MYOB- Mind Your Own Business
• N/A- Not Available
• noob- Newbie
• NP- No Problem
• NVM- Never Mind
• OMG- Oh My God
• OMW- On My Way
• PC-Personal Computer
• Pls-please
• RBTL-Read Between The Lines
• ROFL- Rolling On Floor Laughing
• TBA- To Be Announced
• TBC-To Be Continued
• TC- Take Care
• TIA-Thanks In Advance
• TMI- Too Much Information
• TTYL- Talk To You Later
• TY-Thank You
• WBU- What About You
• w/o- without
• WDYM- What Do You Mean
• XOXO-hugs and kisses
• YOLO- You Live Only Once

iPhone 13 series unbeatable display?

Apple iPhone 13 series was launched a few weeks back. With some crazy and exciting features the iPhone 13 series is at the top of the table leaving every smartphone behind. It has become the most expensive flagship for Apple with the high end variant priced at Rs 1,79,900. In terms of display the Apple iPhone 13 Pro MAX is the best and the brightest. The Cupertino based tech giant is getting good reviews over the internet as the sales have begun. People have always loved how Apple offers the best value for money. There are a lot of Android users who have ditched their old smartphones and have joined the Apple smartphone league this year. The features make it more exciting and convenient for the Apple iPhone users that we have hardly seen someone switching their phones with some other smartphone. Recently, the giant iPhone 13 Pro MAX has been rated as a smartphone with the best and the brightest display. 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro MAX; Display

The OLED panel built in the iPhone 13 Pro MAX has proven to be particularly impressive. The device features a Super Retina XDR display with a ProMotion feature of 120 Hz and has set several records. It has an OLED panel with brightness of over 1,000 nits which is the brightest amongst all other smartphones released this year. This display can reach a brightness level of 1200 nits while watching HDR content. However, all OLED displays offer good contrast but the Apple iPhone 13 Pro MAX has impeccable color accuracy. 

The anti-reflective coating in the Apple iPhone 13 Pro MAX has good performance as the measurement of reflectivity is just 4.6 percent that allows you to see the screen perfectly in direct sunlight.  Apple iPhone 13 Pro MAX has been rated A+ for a high quality OLED display.

Facebook holds Instagram Kids for a while

Facebook placed a hold on Instagram for Kids after a pushback

The progress of Instagram kids is currently on hold as a social media platform for children under age 13, Instagram for Kids is an app developed for content consumers which covers a vast audience that is new to social media and want to consume polite and more filtered content.

Instagram is a social media platform that allows people to share their pictures, stories, reels and videos with the world and connect with individuals with the help of the Internet.

Instagram officials said the update might get delayed, it will provide enough time to indulge developers with parents, policymakers, regulators and experts to hear their concerns and result in the final development of the application for the younger audiences around the Globe.

The update took on hold due to mental health issues and anxiety in some teenagers to stop this, Facebook developers working on the content that has to push for teenagers.

Why is Facebook doing this now?

The company’s move follows an explosive mid-September report by The Wall Street Journal that found Facebook knew from its own research that Instagram was harming some teens, especially girls, leading to mental health and body image problems and in some cases eating disorders and suicidal thoughts.

In public, however, Facebook has consistently played down the app’s negative side and until now has barrelled ahead with the kids’ version despite alarms from experts, lawmakers and its own research. It has also relentlessly criticized the Journal article as cherry-picking from Facebook’s research, though it did not dispute the facts. That story, however, was based on internal research leaked by a whistleblower at the company.

Crawlers, Robots and Spiders on Internet

What is a web crawler?

A web crawler, Spider, or web search tool bot downloads and lists content from everywhere the Internet. The objective of such a bot is to realize what (pretty much) every site page on the web is about, so the data can be recovered when it’s required. They’re designated “web crawlers” since creeping is the specialized term for consequently getting to a site and acquiring information through a product program.

These bots are quite often worked via web indexes. By applying an inquiry calculation to the information gathered by web crawlers, web search tools can give pertinent connections because of client search inquiries, producing the rundown of pages that appear after a client types a pursuit into Google or Bing (or another web index).

What is a search ordering?

Search ordering resembles making a library card inventory for the Internet with the goal that a web search knows where on the Internet to recover data when an individual looks for it. It can likewise measure up to the list toward the rear of a book, which records every one of the spots in the book where a specific subject or expression is referenced.

Ordering centers generally around the text that shows up on the page, and on the metadata* about the page that clients don’t see. At the point when most web search list a page, they add every one of the words on the page to the record aside from words like “a,” “an,” and “the” for Google’s situation. At the point when clients look for those words, the web search result goes through its file of the relative multitude of pages where those words show up and chooses the most pertinent ones.

How web crawlers work?

The Internet is continually changing and extending. Since it is absurd to expect to know the number of absolute website pages there are on the Internet, web search result bots start from a seed, or a rundown of known URLs. They creep the website pages at those URLs first. As they creep those website pages, they will discover hyperlinks to different URLs, and they add those to the rundown of pages to slither straightaway.

Given the immense number of website pages on the Internet that could be filed for search, this interaction could go on endlessly. Nonetheless, a web search result will follow certain strategies that make it more particular with regards to which pages to slither, in what request to creep them, and how frequently they should slither them again to check for content updates.

What are Robots?

Search robots, otherwise called bots, drifters, insects, and crawlers, are the instruments many web indexes, like Google , Bing , and Yahoo! , use to construct their data sets. Most robots work like internet browsers, with the exception of they don’t need client cooperation.

Robots access site pages, regularly utilizing connections to find and connection to different locales. They can file titles, outlines, or the whole substance of reports considerably more rapidly and completely than a human could.

While their speed and productivity make them extremely interesting to the chiefs of web indexes, search robots, particularly inadequately built ones, can overpower a few workers. Executives can prohibit or restrict robot access by putting robots.txt records on their workers that diagram how their locales are to be gotten to.

What are Spiders on web?

A Spider is a program that visits Web destinations and peruses their pages and other data to make sections for an internet searcher record. The significant web search tools on the Web all have such a program, which is otherwise called a “Crawler” or a “Spider.” Spiders are commonly modified to visit locales that have been put together by their proprietors as new or refreshed. Whole destinations or explicit pages can be specifically visited and listed.

Greenhouse Effect

GreenHouse effect, a warming of Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere (the most minimal layer of the environment) brought about by the presence of water fume, carbon dioxide, methane, and certain different gases noticeable all around. Of those gases, known as ozone depleting substances, water fume has the biggest effect.

The beginnings of the term Green House effect are muddled. French mathematician Joseph Fourier is now and then given credit as the main individual to coin the term GreenHouse effect dependent on his decision in 1824 that Earth’s environment worked also to a “hotbox” that is, a helio thermometer (a protected wooden box whose top was made of straightforward glass) created by Swiss physicist Horace Benedict de Saussure, which kept cool air from blending in with warm air. Fourier, nonetheless, neither utilized the term Green House effect nor acknowledged barometrical gases for keeping Earth warm. Swedish physicist and actual scientific expert Svante Arrhenius is credited with the beginnings of the term in 1896, with the distribution of the main conceivable environment model that clarified how gases in Earth’s climate trap heat. Arrhenius first alludes to this “hot-house hypothesis” of the climate—which would be referred to later as the Greenhouse impact in his work Worlds really taking shape (1903).

Human activities contribute to global warming by increasing the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect happens when certain gases known as greenhouse gases collect in Earth’s atmosphere. These gases, which occur naturally in the atmosphere, include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, and fluorinated gases sometimes known as chlorofluorocarbons

 Consumer preferences towards online food products.

   Abstract :

Food is one of the most common products for human beings. It is a basic source of survival. Today where people are at home or office or maybe at the spot of exchange, online food is one of the best and most productive ways for ordering as well as to satiate the hunger.

. Shopping for food online is a different thing from shopping for other things. Despite most of the population who, are dependent on online food services, many people Or consumers are still concern about the food safety of online food products.

Even where the internet has directly given a positive impact on consumers to get a better amount of satisfaction towards its easy access. However, even today, there are many factors affecting the consumer Behaviour towards it,  that involve ,the prices,  the accessibility , the preferences of the individual .

In this running world , online shopping is the only thing that is preferred with a believe of getting most out of whatever people need .

But whenever the term arises for shopping or ordering  food products online their attitude lead  to  An arena  in terms of their psychological state in terms of making purchases on internet .

Well , its all depend upon , identifying the problem of deciding to make purchases which are always based on there ever – evolving expectations and need .

         Introduction :

With an advancement of internet, the extension of the online food services has been boosted enabling people to search , compare prices and access to these  services conveniently .When compared to physical presence the consumers are more satisfied towards the services provided by online food delivery service and with its products .

In today’s words , the industry are providing a services leading to its 70%  in gross domestic product .Nowadays , many online food portal provide the better usage of facilities provided by the restaurant .

Many people , just from the start of the child to an working professional is accustomed to ordering the food for breakfast , lunch , dinner which is rapidly increasing in the metropolitan cities in the country .

One of the reason was for the maximum convenience and transparency .To get through to consumer needs , the person involve in the  online food servicing business constrain up with providing with increase facilities and services to them . With an updated knowledge of ones expectations will enable the firm to retain the customers to the greater extent .

The process of delivering a food from a restaurant with the help of cooperative web page created involves in  online food ordering , as it takes place .Payment of which is made with either the credit cards and with the  availability of cash on delivery. So basically, it’s a platform to reach a customer with their right  preferences and their needs .

So , with a growing online, platform to ordered the  food products is increasing with the fast pace . Due to the development in the cities and urbanization . Especially with the continuous arrival of professionals the  online food products, service segment is now thriving at a Sizzling  pace , some of the online food services includes food panda , Zomato , swiggy , just eat etc .

Even the customers , attraction towards the advertisement squeeze their time making them attracted towards it leading to of the factors for increasing sales and buying preferences . Even the most convenient method opted for their attraction was cash on delivery . It get easily delivered  their home and  with an easily assess to it putting a Breakout time free zone , buy just  a top of their  Smartphone which get  them food home .

The recent creativeness offer online food servicing accent kept them fascinating  towards it , Which involves :

  • Facebook ordering
  • Mobile ordering
  • Online coupons
  • One and only smartphones .

 Following questions are asked while doing research :

1. Why people are more prone to buy online food products?

2. What factors are affecting customers to purchase or order food online?

3. Why are people so attracted towards buying online food products ?

4. How often customer go ahead to order online food products?

.OBJECTIVES which were included

1.  changing attitude of customers from buying food from restaurants to buying

food online .

2. To study which segment is prone towards buying online food products.

3. To know the reason for preference towards online buying of food.

4. To analyse the level of satisfaction towards the consumption or purchase of online food.


  • Maximum of the respondents are in our survey is students who are pursuing graduation .
  • Most of the respondents are from 10- 20 years of age.
  • Maximum of the respondents are aware about online food products and their services.
  • Most of the respondents prefer online food products.
  • Maximum of the respondents are choosing to buy online food products and services for quality.
  • Most of the respondents said that the online food products are meeting their expectations.

9 .  Conclusion :

When compared to physical presence the respondents are satisfied with buying online food products .Main reason for the purchase of food products online comes here as to sometime , and with convenient access to it. Both male and female have the same type of behaviour towards liking and purchasing physically . Many of them are students pursuing graduation .Many buyers are attracted towards the advertisement and fascinated towards a delivery faculty at home or the work place. Where main reason for dislike of the food products goes is, the inability to touch and feel the product utmost.

 Well all after the other ,a good way of network mainly in this pace of running life. It takes consumer ,all their psychological thinking with a better expectations. Last but not the least is about the new online portals and credit cards give them a one tap access to whatever they are in need. So, it’s a medium of far more accessible than on wandering for it physically providing them comfort zones.

Thank you.