Making a Career in Community and Social Services

The community services industry is a largely overlooked sphere and the wide array of possibilities bubbling here go unnoticed by the general population. Moreover, this sector is pivotal to the development of the nation. It is essential for preparing young adults to become principled citizens in a globalized world. Students looking to start their careers should be made aware of the opportunities available here.

Job Prospects

According to one report by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the social and community employment sector is expected to grow by 12 per cent between 2020 and 2030.

There is a wide range of career opportunities in this domain including health inspectors, correctional and probationary officers, marriage therapists, disability assistants, and rehabilitation counsellors. In contrast to other sectors, community services give employees a myriad of client areas to choose from. That means one can continue to grow and diversify until one lands their perfect niche.

 Jobs would typically be advertised on social media or community issue-focused websites. Local authorities will give notice of the jobs on their respective websites, as will larger charities.

Most employers generally comprise officials of local authorities, not-for-profit organizations, rural development groups, organizations concerned with particular groups or issues such as refugees or asylum seekers, drug addicts, sexual abuse victims, etc.  

Since these workers aid marginalized groups and tackle the problem persisting in their local area, they would be required to work closely with other organizations such as the police, schools, and other agencies and operate mainly within inner-city areas, small towns, and rural localities.

Educational requirements

The field is well suited for individuals who are keen to help people in need and contribute to a positive change in society. One can chalk out their education by specializing in areas of drugs and alcohol abuse, family and domestic violence, housing, or adolescent development to get a more enhanced perspective before stepping into this fast-growing industry. It would also help in bettering the chances of securing employment for the candidate. Although entry to this field is not restricted by educational qualifications having a degree in any subject certainly helps.

Key skills for workers

Prospective job seekers wishing to go the extra mile should focus on honing key skills like written and oral communication skills, sincerity, patience, tact, and the ability to earn the trust of others, and finally an in-depth understanding of policies that affect target groups.


Standard responsibilities include helping communities share resources effectively, recruiting and training volunteers, presenting verbal and written reports to the superiors,  generating funds for the operations, creating awareness about important issues, developing projects to help sections of society afflicted with various social evils like drug abuse and managing the audit processes,


The challenges involved in this career would push the person to grow and evolve into a more empathetic individual while exposing them to people from all walks of life. Being a noble profession also enriches a person’s social standing in society.

All things considered, this is a highly recommended line of work.

Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior.

A primary goal of management education is to develop students into managers who can think ahead, exercise good judgment, make ethical decisions, and take into
consideration the implications of their proposed actions.

Organizations are complex systems.
Where is a need to understand how the system operates esp. in a sociotechnical system – humanity and technology.
Human behavior in organizations is
sometimes unpredictable.
Behaviors may come from deep-seated needs, lifetime experiences and personal value systems ,Human behavior in a organization can be partially understood
And Applying the frameworks of behavioral science, management and other disciplines.

There are no perfect solutions to
organizational problems well, Increase the understanding and skills – work relationships can substantially upgraded

An organization is a collection of people
who work together to achieve individual
and organizational goals. Or it can be a consciously coordinated social unit,
composed of two or more people, that
functions on a relatively continuous basis
to achieve a common goal or set of goals.

Organizational behavior is actually the study of human behavior in the workplace,
And the interaction between people and the organization, and the organization itself.

It’s basic goals focuses on the behaviour of people under a variety of even understanding the reason for the same . Managers need to remember that organizational behavior is a tool for human benefit

Organisational behaviour encompasses three broad areas which are mentioned below
1.The Behavior of People in Organisations

2.Organisational Structure

3.Behavior of organization

Anone studying about the importance of organisation and organizational behaviour will get to know it’s major aspects and Develop its skills to function effectively in the workplace. It even leads in the Growth of personality through insight into human behaviour as well as Enhance overall organizational effectiveness.

Thank you.

Consumers Perception towards OTT Platform VS Theatre.

The Internet is rapidly transforming the show business in India. the dimensions and effect of the longer-term use of digital content is very large for the country’s mobile user base, led by the launch of three G and 4 G networks and many subscribers. Audiences are using numerous different technologies to look at films, documentaries, and web series on their smartphone devices. Some examples include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Zee5, which provide movies and other video content through internet. it’s become a challenge to the Movie theater industry. Now that theatres are pack up and film releases are suspended during the national shutdown, cinema owners worry that the universal experience of viewing
movies will eventually change digital platforms, resulting in a dip in viewers
visiting once the screens open again.

Over-the-top (OTT) media platform refers to something sort of a digital video platform which is distributed explicitly to consumers bypassing cable, radio and satellite television channels over the web that sometimes act as distributors of these content. Over the past few years, owing to the increase in internet consumption, the media and entertainment sector has seen a
significant push. The fundamentals of the cinema industry are being redefined.

When it involves OTT platforms, on a mean every user holds minimum of
two OTT platforms, most important advantage of OTT platforms is that buyer’s access plenty of content during a freemium model where OTT platforms offer free content with a selected collection and there would be an incentive to modify to the paying subscription. OTT platforms have allowed users, at
their own convenience, to access a spread of content at low expense.
When it involves Movie theatres, Majority of the viewers choose a movie
once very month Viewers are able to spend 500-1000rupees to observe a movie. Majority of the viewers opting to observe a movie within the theatre when it’s a highly content driven movie. Thus, a change in
consumer watching habits is often seen where theatres were highly
preferred for commercial/big star movies, but now it replaced by content
driven movies. From the info, it is often said that folks prefer watching content mostly in OTT platforms and infrequently in movie theatres. Convenience is that the
biggest reason behind the utilization of over-the-top application. Second
biggest reason is choice of wide selection of content. Third on is availability of content on demand.

The Indian audience’s perception of trends within the Indian media and show business is encouraging. The Indian audience claims that these applications are transforming the Indian media and entertainment sector, and therefore the reasons for these improvements are media
convenience, content efficiency, economical media, and innovative
projects. Research reveals that the longer term of Over-the-Top (OTT)application in India is promising. But certain factors of theatres like Screen size and Sound quality, theatrical experience and ambience can’t be achieved by OTT platforms. So, people will certainly reach bent theatres, but it’ll happen slowly thanks to things, but it can never be completely erased on the existence of OTT platforms. To summarize, the report
suggests that the OTT industry has disrupted the movies industry which
because the industry dynamics changes, both mediums won’t only coexist
but even prosper together.

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Caste Atrocities In Contemporary India.

Position related brutality in India has happened and keeps on happening in different structures. As indicated by a report by Common liberties Watch: Unfair and savage, brutal, and debasing
treatment of more than 165 million people in India has been advocated based on standing. Position is drop based and genetic in nature. It is a trademark dictated by one’s introduction to the
world into a specific rank, independent of the confidence rehearsed by the person. Caste signifies a conventional arrangement of unbending social definition into positioned
bunches characterized by drop and occupation. Caste divisions in India overwhelm in lodging, marriage, work, and gender and danger of social exclusion, financial blacklists, and actual violence. eral social connection divisions that are supported through the training.

The Dalits | Still untouchable
Article 46 of the Indian Constitution.
Today, 68 years after Autonomy, as Dalits keep on enduring the worst part of savagery and segregation featured lately by the appalling self destruction of Rohith Vemula, a Ph.D understudy
in the Hyderabad Focal College who hanged himself, accusing his introduction to the world as a “deadly mishap” in a chilling last note-we were
unable to be any further away from what the Constitution had requested from a free and reasonable India

A ghost of self destruction passed by a few Dalit students was frequenting India. Out of 25 students who ended it all just in north India and Hyderabad since 2007, 23 were Dalits. This remembered two
for the lofty All-India Foundation of Clinical
Sciences in New Delhi, and 11 in Hyderabad city alone. Deliberate information doesn’t exist for such suicides, however the issue runs far more
profound than a couple of understudies choosing to take their own lives in the wake of being crushed by the framework. Dalit problem in India peruses like a whole information sheet of misfortunes. As indicated by a 2010 report by the
Public Basic liberties Commission (NHRC) on the Anticipation of Outrages against Booked Ranks, a wrongdoing is carried out against a Dalit like clockwork. Overall, three Dalit ladies are assaulted, two Dalits killed, and two Dalit houses
consumed. As indicated by the NHRC insights set up by K.B. Saxena, a previous extra boss secretary of Bihar, 37% Dalits live underneath the destitution line, 54% are undernourished, 83 for
every 1,000 kids brought into the world in a Dalit family pass on before their first birthday celebration, 12% before their fifth birthday celebration, and 45 percent stay unskilled. The information likewise shows that Dalits are kept from entering the police headquarters in 28% of Indian towns. Dalit kids have been made to sit
independently while eating in 39% government schools. Dalits don’t get mail conveyed to their homes in 24% of towns. What’s more, they are denied admittance to water sources in 48% of our towns since distance stays a distinct reality
despite the fact that it was abrogated in 1955.

India’s caste system is perhaps the world’s longest enduring social progression. A characterizing highlight of Hinduism, station incorporates an intricate requesting of gatherings of people based on custom immaculateness. An
individual is viewed as an individual from the position into which the person is conceived and stays inside that
standing til’ the very end, albeit the specific positioning of that rank may differ among districts and over the long run. Contrasts in status are generally supported by the strict dictated by one’s deeds in past lifetimes.


The infection doesn’t see race, religion, shading, standing, doctrine, language or lines prior to striking”, while this glossed over, apparently fair- minded assertion from the Indian government has
been prevalently embraced and worldwide
worshipped, it doesn’t detract from the way that it was incredibly repetitive and proudly harsh.
Alongside the assertion—the revelation of public lockdown on 25th Walk 2020, the endorsed proportion of social separating, the cross country
burden of Fundamental Products Act, infection testing rules and any remaining activities of the individual state organizations have been in
finished dismissal to the limit contrasts and variety of the nation’s social and monetary set-up Government Initiatives . Deliberately ignoring the
standing class order and their commensurate connection in India, the state’s response to the
infection has been regardless commenced on such natural biases. Guaranteeing that the infection would influence the individuals who are
living on the 24th floor of an extravagance lofts in Mumbai and the Chamars and Musahar people group living in ghetto cum-ghettos similarly, is an endeavor to homogenize the populace while
invisiblising the individuals who are at the lower part of the financial pecking order of the station framework. Hence, the prevalent view that Coronavirus is considerably more fair-minded
than a large portion of us, is itself covered with predispositions which comes from the remaining alive station class advantage. The problem of utilizing social removing as a worldwide popular expression was only a hint of
something larger. There is more than what meets the eyes. Standing framework is that butterfly whose fluttering wings affect a wide range of associations of a person. From the way one dresses and lives and to the manner by which once makes money and makes an occupation, rank is a convincing despot which orders
everything, including this infection. It is standing based positions, for example, rummaging, sterilization, channel cleaning, their ensuing negligible social qualities, lacking compensations prompting unhygienic ghetto based way of life
which makes Dalit and Adivasi people group tortured not simply by their station personalities and its repercussions yet in addition by the deadly dangers of Coronavirus

Government Initiatives

Indian Government has enacted laws to remove untouchability and has also brought in many reforms to improve the quality of life for the weaker sections of society. Few among them are:
• Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental
human rights
• Abolition of ‘ untouchability’ in 1950
• Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe
(Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989
• Provision of reservation in places like
educational institutions, for employment
opportunities etc.
• Establishing social welfare departments and national commissions for the welfare of scheduled castes and tribes.


i. some benefit based training to youngsters from adolescence can tackle the issue of casteism somewhat.
ii. Different social organizations like family,
school, and Broad communications should be given the duty to build up an appropriate, wide viewpoint among youngsters, which will invalidate the sensations of casteism, for instance,
making mindfulness about the evil impacts of sustaining the conventional rank framework.
iii. Scholarly projects should be taken up in rustic territories as the position sentiments, which further propagate casteism, are more in country
regions. These sensations of caste can be limited by the arrangement of social schooling among rural population.

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(News)Diwali with a difference: NGO runs campaign to help marginalised people

It all starts with an attempt to go ahead in a path decided with a purpose in the present with severance and striking or facing it.

Life is what you make it . It is said that a human being with a purpose is most powerful than any other ordinary person . In this world , where obstacle strikes back of opportunities , one have to make there own path towards the destination which is to be decided in present for the future . Our value increases  based on our ability to see our worth and when difficulties strike hard in life keeping ourselves with the same pace till the storm passes .

In keeping with the spirit of the festive season, a Pune-based non-government organisation (NGO) is running a pan-India initiative by distributing “Diwali happiness kits” that include groceries and hygiene essentials , In keeping with the spirit of the festive season, a Pune-based non-government organisation (NGO) is running a pan-India initiative by distributing “Diwali happiness kits” that include groceries and hygiene essentials For many it more or less about the donation or charity but it’s not actually what they think it’s actually about this small smile and happiness on the face of the child .

Diwali an occasion, an event is an beginning and cerium of good over event , and bring a plant of hope as a light over darkness as symbolizing the victory . The way comes out with the spark of prosperous and growth many .

 All the way , A hope for small things brings a tremendous smile on a small child . It’s Just takes a matter of time to spend a moment for them . Diwali , an occasion of happiness for everyone , that brings a hope as well as joy for individuals, celebrating it in our customs of growth and prosperous for many .

Just with the one step of an individual will eventually lead a drastic change in their lives . It’s not about the donation or charity one gives , but it’s about the blessings with an opportunity for them to go ahead in their path of destination . It brings smile on the face of a child with an opportunity for them to go ahead .

The organization mainly Emphasis on the growth and development of unprivileged children which eventually lead by providing them support system.

With the start of this prosperous fevital , which brings a glint of hope for many people , children’s and poor , the NGOs are provided them a “Diwali happiness gift” ,which  includes groceries and toiletries

This Diwali let’s one make some contribution to an unprivileged one .

Thank you

Prejudice And Discrimination in our Society.


It focuses specifically on the equality groups set out in the Equality Act 2006: groups which share a common attribute in respect of age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.
Prejudice and discrimination have been prevalent throughout human history. Those who practice discrimination do so to protect opportunities for themselves by denying access to those whom they believe do not deserve the same treatment as everyone else.. Many prejudices seem to be passed along from parents to children. The media—including television,
movies, and advertising—also perpetuate demeaning images and stereotypes about assorted groups, such as ethnic minorities, women, gays and lesbians, the disabled, and the elderly. Prejudices may bring support from significant others, so rejecting prejudices may lead to losing social support. The pressures to conform to the views of families, friends, and
associates can be formidable. In response to early socialization, some people are especially prone to stereotypical thinking and projection based on unconscious fears. People with an authoritarian personality rigidly conform, submit without question to their superiors, reject those they consider to be inferiors, and express intolerant sexual and religious
opinions. The authoritarian personality may have its roots in parents who
are unloving and aloof disciplinarians. The child then learns to control his or her anxieties via rigid attitudes. To date, solutions to prejudice that emphasize change at the individual level have not been successful. In contrast, research sadly shows that even unprejudiced people can, under specific conditions of war or economic competition, become highly prejudiced against their perceived “enemies.” Neither have attempts at
desegregation in schools been successful. Instead, many integrated schools
have witnessed the formation of ethnic cliques and gangs that battle other
groups to defend their own identities.

Prejudice tended to mean having a set of idea about someone that is based
on assumptions or preconceptions, rather than a person’s actual action. For
Example: racism, sexism, ageism, classism, homophobia, nationalism etc.
Prejudices can either be positive or negative—both forms are usually
preconceived and difficult to alter. The negative form of prejudice can lead
to discrimination, although it is possible to be prejudiced and not act upon
the attitudes. Discrimination is the actual behaviour of excluding or restricting members of one group from opportunities that are available for other groups. For
example: age discrimination, sexual orientation, national origin, sexual
harassment etc. Unfortunately due to our past history, discrimination had
been among us from since decades. And it’s still on-going. These things had
led to human conflict which resulted in crime, war, and mass murder such
as genocide. Discriminations affect people’s opportunities and well-being.
Societies continue to make distinctions based on ethnicity, race, sex or
gender and other characteristics that should have no bearing on people’s
achievements or on their wellbeing. Prejudice and discrimination could
affect health of the victim in several ways. Discrimination could determine
groups living conditions and life changes affecting such areas as education,
employment, and housing. As per humanity every single individual existing
should have equal rights and opporcunity in all the areas of life.


Therapists are not immune to prejudicial attitudes. Indeed, most schools
offer therapists little training on the role of racism, sexism, and other forms
of prejudice and discrimination in therapy. Prejudice can undermine the
therapeutic process and harm clients. Some examples of how prejudice can
affect therapy include:
Altering perceptions: A therapist’s prejudicial beliefs about a group
can affect their opinion of clients. For example, a therapist who thinks women tend to exaggerate things might not take seriously a woman’s claims of sexual abuse.
Minimizing experiences: A therapist’s prejudicial beliefs about how
prejudice and discrimination affects people can undermine their ability to help. A therapist might underestimate the extent to which police killings of unarmed black people affect black mental health, or
may be unaware of how high-profile sexual assault cases affect sexual
abuse survivors.

Not recognizing power dynamics: A therapist who harbours
prejudicial beliefs or who is unaware of the effects of prejudice might not recognize power dynamics in therapy. For example, a white therapist might not understand why a black person is reluctant to
discuss racism. In family therapy, a therapist who is prejudiced might
not notice power dynamics between male and female romantic
Gas lighting: A therapist who is blind to the effects of prejudice or who does not recognize their own prejudices may inadvertently gaslight by questioning a client’s experiences or reality.

Prejudice can manifest in other ways, too:
✓ Prejudice directed at a therapist may undermine the therapist’s
ability to help.
✓ A client may seek therapy to deal with the effects of prejudice on
their life and mental health. Prejudice can make virtually every
aspect of life more difficult, and has measurable lifelong mental and
physical health consequences.
✓ Prejudice may be a factor in couples or family therapy. To offer
comprehensive help, a therapist must recognize prejudice and
identify its role in the family.
✓ A client might seek therapy to overcome prejudicial attitudes.
Though prejudice is not a mental health diagnosis, it can have
profound and lasting effects on people and the world.
✓ Prejudice infects an entire society, but making change begins with
changing individual minds and lives.
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Gender equality.

Gender equality, referred to as sexual equality or equality of the sexes,
is that the state of equal simple access to resources and opportunities no matter gender, including economic participation and decisionmaking; and therefore the state of valuing different behaviors,
aspirations and wishes equally, no matter gender. Gender equality is that the goal, while gender neutrality and gender
equity are practices and ways of thinking that help in achieving the goal. Gender parity, which is employed to live gender balance during a given situation, can aid in achieving gender equality but isn’t the goal in and of itself. Gender equality is quite equal representation, it’s strongly
tied to women’s rights, and sometimes requires policy changes.

Gender equality isn’t solely a elementary right, however a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and property world. There has been progress over the last decades: a lot of women area unit planning to faculty, fewer women area unit forced into early wedding, a lot of girls
area unit serving in parliament and positions of leadership, and laws
area unit being reformed to advance gender equality. Despite these gains, several challenges stay: discriminatory laws and social norms remain pervasive, girls still be underrepresented in the
slightest degree levels of political leadership, And one in five girls and
women between the ages of fifteen and forty nine report experiencing
physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner at intervals a 12month

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may reverse the restricted progress that has been created on gender equality and women’s rights. The coronavirus irruption exacerbates existing inequalities {for women or ladies for women} and girls across each sphere – from health and
therefore the economy, to security and social protection. Women play a
disproportionate role in responding to the virus, as well as frontline tending employees and careers reception. Women’s unpaid care work has inflated considerably as a results of faculty closures and therefore the inflated wants of older individuals. Girls are tougher hit by the economic impacts of COVID-19, as they disproportionately add insecure
labour markets. Nearly 60% of girls add the informal economy, that puts
them at larger risk of falling into financial condition.
The pandemic has additionally junction rectifier to a steep increase in
violence against girls and women. With imprisonment measures in situ,
many ladies area unit at bay reception with their abusers, troubled

knowledge shows that, since the irruption of the pandemic, violence
against girls and women – and notably force – has intense to access services that area unit affected by cuts and restrictions. Rising

Gender difference and discrimination to exist in our society. Still there are specific field in which men and women are not treated equally. A lot of people in India are thinks that men and women does not have equal rights and that women are dominated. Women are equally
entitled to live in freedom as well as dignity. It is important to promote common values such as respect for human rights and equality between women and men. While progress is being made to increase gender equality across the globe, people need to be more aware of disadvantages that women still continue two face and take action to promote equality.

Thank you.

Consumption of healthy food.

“Healthy” food is a term which we often hear by almost everyone. It’s not only that
people are becoming more health-conscious but also following a trend which
supports healthier food. Whether it be your favorite Film star or Youtube and
Instagram influencer everyone is emphasizing how important it is to eat healthy food. From getting a good body to clear and even-toned skin everything depends on your diet which obviously includes healthy food items. So in this age of technology where people spend most of the time on Instagram and other social media where every other influencer is flaunting their good physique and fairness everyone is intimidated to become the same by eating good and healthy food. There’s a trend which is shifting towards healthy food. From physical to mental wellbeing everything is related to healthy food. To provide a more comprehensive assessment of why people are shifting towards healthy food we have done a survey that aims at analyzing and finding opinions and behavior of people towards healthy food.

With Increasing problems in the environment, the concern for consumption of the right food has become the main concern of people. Half of the problems nowadays have only one sole reason for its cause, that is unhealthy food. People now realised how important it is, to keep and maintain a healthy body. Serving your body with healthy food will not only increase your life expectancy but also improve your
mental health. From youngsters to grandparents, everyone is so attentive as to what is on their plate. A pandemic could also be considered as a means to the end, the end is eating healthy. As we are tackling and confronting new types of diseases each day, it has become fundamental to prioritize healthy food over unhealthy. Not only laymen but also companies and everyone who is associated with producing food has
realized the changing environment and shifted their sole focus on either producing healthy food or innovating new methods to make the current produced healthy.

Eating right has now occupied space in the priority list of the people. Good food
provides umpteenth benefits starting from good mental health to healthy living,
which is now believed by a lot of people. So the shift in trend is justified by the
benefits it supplies. A lot of youngsters have started to treat themselves with the
right food so that, it doesn’t affect them adversely in the upcoming future. With
modernization we can see the drastic change in the mentality of all the classes of people, choosing healthy food over fast food. Not only government policies are in
favor of this, but even the corporates have also started paying a huge amount of
attention to it. They’ve experimented so much to provide a good taste with
appropriate nutrients, that now people will not struggle in search of healthy food.
The whole shift of population towards healthy food carries a lot of expectations
such as low-stress level, good body, better living, etc. One shouldn’t let stress
dominate over his or her mind as that has been proven to be one of the causes of
craving for fast food. With all the minute things avoided, one can expect this shift
to occupy more people in it.

Thank you.