The Data Industry – A Brief Overview

The data industry is projected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next decade. Massive amounts of data are being generated every day with a quintillion bytes being the safe estimate. Data professionals and statisticians are of paramount requirement in this fast-paced, data-driven world. They perform many tasks ranging from identification of data sources to analysis of data. Additionally, they find trends and patterns in the existing data at hand, however, the real set of duties would depend from organisation to organisation. Since data is relevant in almost every field now, the statistical requirements would also understandably change with the various sectors.

Candidates aspiring to step into this industry would be expected to have a fair knowledge about the statistical software in use, being proficient in one increases the job prospects manifold. It is nevertheless advisable that the potential employees narrow down the types of companies they wish to work for, say, for example, biostatistical organisations, and hone their skills accordingly.

The most popular programming software utilised for statistical analysis is STATA, SAS, R and Python.


In the words of StataCorp, Stata is “a complete, integrated statistical software package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics”. This software comes in handy while storing and managing large sets of data and is menu-driven. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Stata is one of the leading econometric software packages sold in the market today. Such is its importance, that many universities have incorporated this in their coursework to make their students jobs ready. Over 1400 openings posted on Indeed put forward Stata as a precondition for selection. Facebook, Amazon and Mathematica are some of the many companies that require STATA as one of the qualifications for statistical and econometrics related positions.


Being an incredibly versatile programming language, Python is immensely popular. It is accessible for most people as it is easy to learn and write. Organisations ranging from Google to Spotify, all use Python in their development teams. Recently, Python has become synonymous with Data Science. In contrast to other programming languages, such as R, Python excels when it comes to scalability. It is also considerably faster than STATA and is equipped with numerous data science libraries. Python’s growing popularity has in part stemmed from its well-known community. Finding a solution to a challenging problem has never been easier because of its tight-knit community.


This is a command-driven software package that proves to be useful for statistical analysis as well as data visualization. SAS has been leading the commercial analytics space and provides great technical support. The software is quite expensive, making it beyond reach for many individuals. However, private organisations hold a very large market share of SAS. It is relevant in the corporate world to a large extent.

Educational Qualifications and Online Courses

Employers typically look for statistics, economics, maths, computer science or engineering students for data-related jobs with more preferences given to candidates with post-graduate degree holders. The key skills in demand include proficiency in statistical software, model building and deployment, data preparation, data mining and impeccable analytical skills. People looking to upskill themselves or diversify into a different career path to attain a higher pay bracket should give the data industry a shot. Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn and various other platforms provide affordable courses in data science, programming and analytics for this purpose. A career in data is a rewarding one, and also ensures maximum job satisfaction. This is a highly recommended profession in today’s time.


College Life!

College Life is one of the maximum incredible and lovable times of an character’s lifestyles. Unlike School Life, College Life has a one of a kind experience, and someone wishes to have this experience in his/her lifestyles. College Life exposes us to complete new experiences which we always dream of experiencing after our college lifestyles. Lucky are folks who get the risk to revel in their university existence, as many people don’t get this chance due to their situations or economic problems. For all and sundry, College Life has a different which means. While a few people spend their university life via partying with buddies, others end up extra careful about their career and study difficult. Whatever the manner, each character experience their college lifestyles and constantly desire to relive that point as soon as it is over.

College existence is a big transition from college life. We go through a number of adjustments while we input university. Our faculties had been a secure location where we had grown up and spent half our lives. The transition to university is so surprising that you’re now not covered via your teachers and friends of your faculty time. In faculty lifestyles, we have been continually dependant on our buddies or teachers. College life teaches us to be independent. It makes us stronger and teaches us to combat our personal battles. It also makes us critical about our careers. We make selections so as to affect our destiny all through ourselves, as in faculty existence our parents did it for us.

College existence experience is certainly one of a kind. The most not unusual reminiscences people have of university existence are genuinely goofing around with buddies. They don’t forget how the group of buddies walked around the college in style and gambling stupid pranks on each other. I assume, university existence would be a combined bag of fun, freedom, experiments and obligations. It will incorporate new hopes and aspirations, new joys and disappointments and new pals. Those wiser than us say that college days are the first-rate days of 1’s life. The selections we make now form up our future.

Changes in Education

It all started on the ending days of march 2020 when lockdown began in India, everyone was at home and there were no signs of going out. At that time many problems came out among students like stress, anxiety, frustration, and boredom and we missed going to school/college and hanging out with friends. 

Soon schools and colleges started the medium of education through the internet. First, we all thought it would be easy to cope up but it didn’t work out to be like that. Various methods were used for classes like reading material, assignments, communication via email, live chats or messages, and delivering content by live sessions, presentations, recorded videos, or lectures.

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 Both students and teachers faced a lot of problems in this medium.

Technical issues

Many students were not well equipped with devices and a high internet connection that is required for online learning. Due to this, they face problems in going live for virtual learning and other platforms that require an internet connection. And most of the teachers were not much familiar with technology as it was their first time teaching on this medium.


Because online learners use their computers and the Internet to participate in online learning, they may be tempted by many distractions. Students working on an assignment may find themselves surfing the Web, checking social networking sites, or catching up with video games. 

Lack of In-Person Interaction

Despite of getting reading material, communication via email, live sessions, presentations, recorded videos, or lectures for the students. As compared to traditional ones, students find it difficult to communicate in person who struggles with understanding concepts. Many times these students do not even approach teachers to clear their doubts as they are shy to speak up in front of everyone.


In online mode, the task of giving assignments is easier but it is difficult to evaluate the students on basis of their performance. There would be students who would be copying everything from the internet. In a recent survey, it was found that 73% of students cheat during online examinations via internet, and 27% were cheating through books. 

Time management

In many cases, both students and teachers find difficulty in managing their time with online learning and doing household work. Online learning is completely new for them and requires intensive work. Everyone needs a well-planned schedule to manage their time in an effective manner. Online learning provides flexible time unlike traditional classrooms, whereas in traditional classes the schedule is highly maintained.


The course and its content is designed earlier with respect to traditional classrooms. But with the shift to online learning, it requires redesigning of course which can take a considerable amount of time. In most cases, these courses work well in traditional classrooms but go flat in online learning. It happens when there are no content-related activities, assignments, or projects that can be done online.

Covid 19 brought a very big change in Education. Well in the end from my own perspective I can say conclusively that both traditional and online methods are in need of much evolving in fulfilling the needs of both teachers and students.


Childhood is the best time and significant time in anybody’s life. It’s the principal phase of life which we appreciate in the manner we like. Plus, this is the time that shapes up what’s to come. The guardians love and care for their youngsters and the kids to the equivalent as well. Additionally, it’s the brilliant time of life wherein we can show kids everything.

The recollections of childhood have their own place in any singular’s heart. As one grows up, one feels increasingly more connected with his youth, the best time frame in a singular’s life. Having no tensions, stresses or work, a kid is liberated from the grimy and dirty commotion of the common life. At the point when people recall the recollections of youth, they feel charmed as it is the most wonderful period which is liberated from any sort of stress or nervousness. Youth minutes are the best snapshot of life. Whenever lost, these never returned. This is the ideal opportunity for the youngsters to play, to be adored and taken care of their wellbeing. Many guardians attempt to experience their fantasies through their youngsters. However, guardians ought not do such incredible treachery towards their kids. They should look what their kids need, what are their likings. Guardians should not put presure on their kids for considers. It has been seen that now a days pressure is there on investigations and guardians put should weight on them, yet this does more mischief than anything to them.

At the point when we were kids, the littlest of things gave us colossal joy. Neither did we need materialistic stuff to be content, nor there was a spot for childishness in our souls. Since we’ve strolled past the most lovely period of our lives, the main way passed on to encounter it again is to esteem, recall and remember that load of sweet recollections sooner rather than later. Besides, they show everybody the illustration of mankind that they have forgotten in this chaotic way of life of this world. Furthermore, these youngsters are the eventual fate of the nation and on the off chance that they don’t develop as expected, in future how might they help in the development of the country.

As we develop we feel greater connection to our youth and we need to get back those days however we can’t. That is the reason many individuals say ‘time is neither a companion nor an enemy’. Since the time which is gone can’t return and neither do our adolescence. It is a period which numerous artists and essayist acclaims in their manifestations.