Walt Disney, a name that would forever be in the history, was born on 5 Dec., 1991 in Chicago. He was a very creative child and he started selling his creative paintings to his neighbors. He started his company name Laugh-O-Gram which went bankrupt later during Alice Wonderland project. He went through a lot of hard-work. Disneyland started on 17 July, 1955.  

Not only we have spent our childhood while watching the movies made by Disney but we have been spending our current time while watching the movies made by Disney which are making everyone crazy all over the world.

Have you heard of the name of the movies like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity war?

Of course, you would have, after all who doesn’t?

These movies are made by the Disney itself. They have a very higher market share in comparison to other studio. Disney has been growing like crazy over the past few years. In the recent years, Disney’s revenue has grown so much. In 1993, they bought up like$8.5 billion and in 2020, it went up to $65 billion.

Isn’t it amazing?

Disney is 8.5 times bigger than they were 25 years before. A big part of their growth can be assumed from their strategic acquisitions. One of them was of $71 billion acquisition involving Fox’s assets that was finalized in March, 2019.

In 1993, Disney bought Miramax, a movie company, for $60 million and really turned them into something. After running it for 17 years, they decided to sell in 2010. They ended up selling it for 660 million dollars.

In 1995, Disney spent $19 billion for Capital Cities. Capital cities had bought the TV network called ABC who was already the owner of ESPN. In 2001, Disney acquired Fox Family for about $2.9 billion. They quickly renamed it as ABC Family. In 2004, they bought Pixar for $7.4 billion, at that point Pixar had yet to create anything that could blow up the audience’s mind. In 2009, they bought Marvel for $4 billion and this acquisition is being continued to talk about the people. But before the acquisition, Marvel already sold a lot of character like Spider-man but Disney did get some good ones. In February 2015, Disney, Marvel Studios, and Sony made a deal to share the Spider-Man film rights. In 2012, Disney paid $4 billion dollars to buy Lucasfilm which is the owner of the Star Wars franchise.

Disney will continue to be dominant in the movie and streaming industry and would provide us with some marvellous movies in upcoming years.


How to optimize your Blog Content

                                     How to Optimize your Blog Content through SEO Strategy?

         The Process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims to improving the quality of website to a website and a web page to a search engines. Strategy of SEO content marketing is not an appropriate for every website where else other Internet marketing strategies are more effective.

SEO Targets on Unpaid Traffic:

  • Unpaid Traffics are known to be organic results.   
  • There are Billion searches in a single day, many people for specific product and this searches are commercial intent and leads to immense amount of specific, high-intent traffic.
  • This focus rather than the paid traffic, because unpaid traffics are originates, different kinds of searches.
  • Which includes; video search, academic search, image search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. 

Internet Marketing Strategy:

  • This Strategy mainly focuses on how search engines work, the in-build algorithms in computer dictate search engine behaviour.
  • It instructs what people search for, the actual search terms, search engines are performed under the targeted audience.
  • When websites ranked higher on Search Engine Results Page (SERP), the SEO content marketing has to perform because websites receives more visitors from a search engine.
  • The most successful Internet marketing campaign depends on high-quality web pages to improvise their sites and allows the site owners to measure the rule.

Optimizing search engine for Blog Content:

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a practicing of designing and optimizing search engine. 
  • Search engine marketing focuses on excellence more than the relevance.
  • Difference form SEO content marketing is, between the paid and unpaid priority ranking in search results.
  • Most of the organic search traffics are not paid for search engines.
  • In addition, the accessibility of web crawlers, user web accessibility has become immensely important for SEO, this is considered to be a wise business.

How to Optimize your Blog posts for SEO?

  • The best way to optimizing the blog post is depend on how we creating it, SEO perform to get more traffic for your blog.
  • As a beginner, we have to plan for actual keyword search, what the real audience look for.
  • The keyword technique is mostly used by SEO experts and content creators, this helps to plan for content strategy.
  •  Topic plays a vital role for your blog it makes users to click your website to see the article.
  • If we were using single all in one SEO plugin have to focus on keyword in your article’s setting.

 The Evolution of SEO:   

  • In last two years with Computer-programmed algorithm updates and changes to Google search results page. 
  • Now SEO evolves dramatically, so it requires more great content.
  • In 2021, investing in organic traffic is a viable marketing. 
  • SEO becomes most important in digital marketing.
  • According to Bright Edge’s study, organic traffic is responsible for more than 51% of visitors to the websites.

How to Increase the Traffic for your Blog Content?

  • As a Blogger, we have to know about the audience preference to increase website traffic.
  • To succeed in SEO, you need understand the user intent.
  • Have to use keyword attractively to grab the viewers to your website, such as; t-shirt sale, instead we can put Amazing t-shirt sales Hurry!!!
  • To get high CTR (Click Through Rate), have to use unique keywords to gain a high position among all websites.

Real story of Beauty and the Beast

Jeanne Marie Leprince d Beaumont published Beauty and the Beast in 1756. Her story, a short and sweet tale with a small cast of archetypal characters, loving yet helpless father, the protective brothers and jealous sisters, and the hideous but noble hearted hero. Beauty, the youngest, as she was handsomer, was also better than her sisters. The two eldest had a great deal of pride, because they were rich. They gave themselves ridiculous airs, and would not visit other merchants daughters nor keep company with any but persons of quality. They went out every day to parties of pleasure, balls, plays, concerts, and so forth, and they laughed at their younger sister because she spent the greatest part of her time in reading good books. One day her father mistakenly got shelter at Beast’s castle which made Beauty to come their to save her father. Beast, a prince, lost his father at young age. Selfish prince who along with his castle servants is cast under a curse by a wicked enchantress. The prince is turned into a beast, and sentenced to live as a beast until he learns to love and accept love in return. After Beauty comes into his life everything changes and later he becomes human by getting love from Beauty.

Petrus Gonsalvus, Spanish, Pedro Gonzalez, lived during the period 1537 to 1618c, referred to by Ulisse Aldrovandi as ‘the man of the woods’, was born in 1537 in Spain. His life has been well chronicled as he became famous during his lifetime because of his condition, hypertrichosis. Gonsalvus first came to the court of Henry II, King of France in 1547, and was sent from there to the court of Margaret of Parma, regent of the Netherlands. He married while there, later he was moved into the court of Alexander Darnedest, Duke of Parma. Four of his seven children were also afflicted with hypertrichosis universal is and painted. His family became an object of medical inquiry by Ulisse Aldrovandi among others. Despite living and acting as a nobleman, Gonsalvus and his hairy children were not considered fully human in the eyes of their contemporaries. But the power of strength came from his better half, his wife. Gonsalvus eventually settled in Italy with his wife. It is believed that marriage between Petrus Gonsalvus and Lady Catherine may have partially inspired the the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. The greatness of a lady made history and romance.

Korean food from kdrams

When you watch a movie or series, what interest you the most? Yeah it depends on each person, some may like the plot or music, some may like the characters or actors, some may like the locations or setting, some may like the fashion or outfit, but for the foodies like me, what matters or interest the most is the food shown in that movie or series. If you are a foodie, then this article interest you a lot. Korean dramas are famous for their OST, plot, fashionable actresses, good looking actors but it also famous for the korean food. You guessed it right, let’s look into some of the korean food that I found amusing while watching Korean dramas.

Kimchi is the popular side dish of Korea which is made of fermented cabbage, radish and other vegetables. You might have noticed this dish a lot in Korean dramas. Boys over Flowers, in which we could see Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) make this with Geum Jandi’s family and in large number of dramas. It could make a great side dish for ramen and some soju.


Gimbap (seaweed wrap), which looks like sushi roll but differs from it. As gimbap is made of rice mixture consists of sesame oil whereas sushi is made of rice mixture consists of vinegar. Gimbap is on the go food, we get it even in the conventional stores of korea and it is the picnic food. It is showed in lot of dramas like She was pretty and Pinocchio etc..

Ramen, you might have heard this word a lot. There is this slang in Korean dramas that goes like, “want to eat some ramen in my house?”, it has a different context than a literal meaning. Our concern is on food, so let’s look into it alone. Ramen means noodles, there are different kinds of noodles in Korean cuisine like cold noodles, meat broth based noodles etc., It shown in every other dramas. You might have noticed it in Boys Over Flowers and What’s wrong with Secretary Kim.

Korean fish cake (Odeng or Eomuk) are mostly seen in the streets of Korea. Skewered fish cakes are popular Korean street food. This is made of fish and vegetables deep fried in oil and then put in skewers with broth. In Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Book Joo, our Kim Book Joo eats this fish cake skewers a lot which really tempts us to taste it.

Fish cake

Tteok-bokki (spicy rice cakes) is also the most popular street food of Korea. This dish basically made of boiled rice cakes added in spicy sauce. In Vincenzo, there is one lady who have this Tteok-bokki shop, when Vincenzo tries to eat it got splattered all over him. It is seen in other dramas like Sweet Revenge 1 and even in Squid game. Sometimes it is too spicy, so people finds it hard to eat.

Korean BBQ and Korean fried chicken, have this distinct flavour than the normal BBQ and fried chicken. Korean BBQ contains meat, marinated meat, vegetables and noodles. Kim Book Joo gives us the rule to follow while eating Korean BBQ, and her father owned Korean fried chicken shop in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo. In addition to that, we could find Korean fried chicken in other dramas like Crash Landing On You and School 2017.

There other foods like Mandu (dumplings), Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles), Miyeok-guk (seaweed soup), Korean bread toast, rolled eggs, soju and Makgeolli (rice wine) which grabbed our attention. Okay, I’ll stop making your mouth watery by all these food. Comment below your favourite Korean food that facinated you while watching Korean dramas.


I couldn’t even tell you how much time I’ve spent watching Netflix.

Today everyone thinks of it as a video streaming service but I’m sure many of you remember that they actually started out by renting DVDs.

There were two people who started Netflix together, they were Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Before founding Netflix, they were working in the software industry in the Silicon valley.

In 1991, Reed Hastings was the co-founder and the partial owner of a company named pure software. Within five years, that same company became so big which made it involved in a near billion dollar merger to a company named Atria that further made a new company called Pure Atria.

Soon after that, they acquired a small start-up with only nine people in it and Mark Randolph was one of those people. He became the Head of the Marketing where he soon started working with Reed.

They became quite good friends as they used to live close together. After one year of that big merger, Rational software acquired Pure Atria. This transition led them to leave the company for the better. They had the money, experience and the time to think of a new business. They used to research on ideas for their new business in the big portion of the day.

They knew that internet community was growing at an excessive limit and will continue to grow in the future as well but they didn’t know what products to sell.

They were gravitated towards the ideas of movies but then they extract the exact potential of DVDs. For them, DVDs could bring them a profitable business. DVDs were released in early 1997 in United States and these two started testing them immediately.

They test these with CDs and the test went well. In April of 1998, they started NETFLIX. It is a startling fact that if DVDs would not have been released at that exact moment then Netflix was most likely would never been existed. So, starting of something can lead to the generation of something more marvellous phenomenon and only a starting push is required to do so.

When the service first started, they offered DVDs for a 7 days rental period. They procured more money by selling them rather than renting them.

In 1999, they completely stopped selling movies and it was kind of a bold move to cut off their main source of the revenue. For that year, their sales accounted for only 3%. They were getting sales due to lack of competition but once the competitions start their sales could have gone down. So, they came up with the idea of monthly subscriptions…

They called it as Marquee Program where some one can four rentals for $15.95 per month which also included shipping in it. In February, 2000, they extended their subscription to unlimited rentals at $19.95 per month with the limit of 4 at a time.

There were no due dates or late fees in Netflix which people hated in other rental shops. They always thought of a strategy for a long term. Basically, they were never concerned about making quick money. They wanted their product to be known for the better.

For their first five years, Netflix made about nil money and they sacrificed something to get much better in the further future.

Reed Hastings keep investing his money on Netflix for a long period of time. Even though the company was facing the losses, it had believers.

In 2002, they raised 82 million dollars through a public stock offering. Netflix went crazy with their marketing budget.  They would run advertisements all over the internet. They would run radio commercials, prints, mails and they even had the free trials to promote Netflix every place they could get into. Needless to say, all that hard work actually got paid off.

In 2004, they announced their partnership with TIVO saying that they would work together to develop an effective way of streaming movies over the internet. Everyone was excited about this. In reality, it was in 2007 when Netflix actually started its first streaming through their watch now service.

Today the streaming service make up of 98% of their total revenue and Netflix has become a leader of its own in the streaming of movies.


Nebula, a cloud of dust and gas inside a galaxy. If the gas glows, Nebulae become visible, or if the cloud reflects starlight or obscures light from more distant objects.

Nebula, the term refers exclusively to interstellar medium. All nebulae that appeared in the Milky way galaxy are forms of interstellar matter. Solid grains of cosmic dust accompanied with gas between the stars. Depending on the spatial situation, temperature and density of the material appearance differs.

Fairy uniform chemical composition that corresponds to the composition of universal atoms, 90 percent hydrogen, and remaining are nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, neon and other elements.

Nebulae are divided into two broad classes : Dark Nebulae and bright nebulae.

Dark Nebulae

Nebulae that appear with irregular shape of dark patches in the sky , known as dark Nebulae. Dark Nebulae are high in density and with cold molecular clouds. Edward Emerson Barnard , the American Astronomer was the first one who record dark nebulae systematically by using long exposure photography. Barnard categorised 370 dark nebulae all over the sky.

Dark Horse Nebula

From Earth’s perspective, dark horse nebula is a large dark nebula. It is also known as Great dark horse. Region of dark nebulae is dark horse that appear as silhouettes because they block out light from shining nebulae or stars behind them.

Bright Nebulae

Dense clouds of gas when compared to dark nebulae within the interstellar medium. Bright Nebulae also called as Galactic or diffuse nebulae. Several subclasses of bright nebulae are

  1. Reflection nebulae
  2. Planetary nebulae
  3. Supernova remnants

Reflection nebula :

It shines due to the reflection of nearby stars. It does not create its own light. Because of the dispersion of blue light efficiently than the red colour, reflection nebulae mostly appears in blue colour. It corresponds to the effect, responsible for the blue colour of the sky.

Planetary Nebula :

Planetary Nebula is the beautiful nebula in the universe. It consists plasma and glowing gas shell . A planetary nebula forms when a stellar core dies. Core of the low madd stars becomes a ” white dwarf ” and also called a ” degenerate dwarf ” and the outer envelope of the star is ejected and the ejected envelop expands away from the central star and creates the nebula. Elements such as oxygen, carbon, helium are present in the planetary nebula.

Supernova remnants :

A Supernova remnants (SNR) is born as the result of violent disruptions of stars and it consists ejected material of the stars. Major source of galactic cosmic rays is supernova remnants. Walter Baade and Fritz Zwicky, suggested the connection between cosmic rays and supernovas.

Nebulae play s crucial role in the chemical evolution of the galaxy. Studying Nebulae helps to understand how a star evolves during its lifetime.

Guide to Korean Dramas

Dalgona candy, red light blue light, glass bridge, marbles have become the talk of the town, no not just town, but the whole world recently, after the epic success of Squid game. If you are a movie buff or someone who is interested in good movies and series, you should invest some time in Korean dramas. As it has lot of content in it which was unknown before but now it is on limelight, thanks to squid game. You may be a diehard fan of kdramas or you may be a rookie, don’t worry this article is for you.

What is korean dramas without Rom-Coms about school life. Let me recommend you some of the best school based kdramas of all time. First, School 2013, School 2015, School 2017 and School 2021. No they are not anthologies, each drama has different story line which will amuse you. There are other notable school dramas like Boys Over Flowers, The Heirs, True Beauty, Reply 1988, Sweet Revenge 1, Sweet Revenge 2, Love so Beautiful and Sky Castle which have covered real problems like bullying, high school pressure, class differences etc…

Then comes the fantasy, Korean dramas consists of a wide range of fantasy stories and they all make a great hit as well. For example, Goblin, Hotel Del Luna and My love from the star are the proclaimed fantasy dramas. If you love fantasy mixed with reality, then kdrams will entertain you a lot. Other dramas like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Tale of the nine tailed, my roomate is a Gomiho, Korean Oddessy, King Eternal Monarch, Between the Worlds or W, Doom at your service, Bride of the water god and Angel’s last mission love etc…

There is a stereo type prevailed that korean dramas are just Rom-com but there are violent and action dramas are there in it too. For example, Vincenzo, the story of a mafia which contains a lot of action in it. There are Psychopath dramas like Stranger from hell, Mouse trap, Blood, Penthouse 1 and 2 and It’s okay to be not okay which are disturbing to watch. Squid game is the best one which broke that stereo type.

Historical dramas are fun to watch too. It helps us to know the history, tradition and culture of Korea. If you like history genre, you can try watching, Hwarang (people watch this just because of V from BTS is starred in it), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Tale of Nokdu and River where the moon rises etc..

There are some professional based kdramas like Pinocchio which depicts the politics in media and journalism. Sports based drama like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo and Fight for my way. Army based dramas like Crash Landing on You and Descendents of the Sun are fabulous to watch. Doctor playlist 1&2, doctor which is based on medical field. Itewon Class and Start-up depicts entrepreneurship. Secret life of my Secretary, What’s wrong with Secretary Kim, Her Secret life shows about corporate company. And some extreme comedy dramas like Laughter in Waikiki 1 & 2 and Mr.Queen are there too.

Hometown Cha Cha, Yumi Cells, Happiness, Beloved Summer and Silent Sea are some of the recently released and ongoing kdrams. These are the list of Korean dramas of different genres. What is your stand on Korean dramas? Do you like them? If so, what’s your favourite kdrama?