Well, I think there is no one out there who is working but not heard the name of Zoom. From students to office workers, it has become a common virtual workplace. Who could have thought that such a world would be contracted to a small screen and to a small video meeting platform. Almost every big company has its own video meeting platform, be it google or Microsoft. But the growth that Zoom has shown in the recent years is really remarkable and incredible.

What makes them so special to rule over this industry??

Growth in the market:

When there are new customers out there then they don’t need to worry for the growth. When the online market was increasing its expand then new customers will be more too.

The company started in April,2011. Initially, it called to be Saasbee. They soon changed it into Zoom Communications. And then ultimately to Zoom Video Communications. It has been released before Apple launched their face time app and Microsoft decided to buy Skype for $8.5 billion. Zoom has been growing so much especially during this social distancing thing.

People using this app have increased so much in the number.

Easy to learn and use:

If you have used other video meeting apps, then you would be able to compare Zoom to them. It’s quite obvious how Zoom is more convenient to use than other apps. It is easy to learn and has more features. The closest substitute that it has is probably Google Meet but still ZOOM will be ZOOM.

It’s stock price has also increased from June 2020 that was $68 to over $200 till this date. It is unclear whether it would stay at this height or not.

Zoom came from the vision of a man named “Eric Yuan”. He is the perfect leader and has been the CEO of the company ever since.

He is originally from China. He had this idea when he was in the college and wanted to meet his wife. But he had to take 10 hour long train to get to meet her. He despised that idea and started to think whether there could be a better way out there. He wanted to work in the Silicon Valley after keeping that thought in his mind. Though he was denied for the American VISA for about 9 times but he still did not give up. Eventually, he got the VISA and found the job of software developer despite not being influent in English. He worked at a small company called WEBEX. They soon become known for their communication services.

Cisco acquired Webex for more than $3 billion. Eric Yuan became the vice president of the communication services department then. He quitted his job after the company started to ignore that department. He decided to make his own company which would be customer-oriented company. This is the another trait of Zoom that it has been providing the customer oriented services.

With the success of the company, Eric Yuan has become one of the richest persons out there with network in billion dollars. Eric Yuan identified a growing market and applied his passion and experience into creating a customer oriented highly accessible service because of that they’ve been able to attract investors and steadily grow into a multi-billion dollar industry leader and then on top of that in 2020 when the demand reached unexpectedly high levels they were in a position to take advantage of it. Zoom has been growing at an unexpected rate since then.   !!


Aftermath of kdramas

You may wonder what is mean by aftermath of kdramas? There is no returning back from Korean dramas, I understand, but still sometimes you may be busy and you may have a very little time to have entertainment in your schedule. In that cases, you couldn’t afford to watch 16 episodes of a drama, I know some of you finish a drama at single night though. If you want some alternatives of drama or shorter version of it, this article will help you. So no delay any longer, let’s get into it.

People watch kdramas for a lot of things, like for it’s plot, great scenes, good actors and lot of things. If you love the plot of kdramas, you could watch Korean movies which is shorter version of kdramas. And if you like actors or actresses of kdramas, you can watch the movies they starred in. For example, if you love Goong Yoo of Goblin, you can watch his movies like Train to Busan, Silenced and Kim JiYoung Born 1982. If you like Park Seo Joon, you can watch his Midnight Runners and Parasite (he had a cameo role, but it can be one of the reason for watching this Oscar winning film). If you loved the chemistry of Hun Bin and Seo Ye-jin in Crash Landing on You, you can watch their pair in Negotiations. There are enormous movies like these for you to watch.

Original Sound Track (OST) of kdramas is another notable traits for the success of it. You may like Stay With Me OST of Goblin, Paradise of Boys over Flowers or anyother OST. If so, then you can try hearing K-pop music. K-pop industry has tremendous success in the recent years, there are various K-pop bands that acquired world wide reach. There are bands like BTS, Got 7, Seventeen, Astro, Monsta X,Stary Kids, Black Pink, Red Velvet etc.. Well, most of you watch kdramas after being a k-pop fan, but still it’s my duty to mention them.

If you are a reader, then I got something for you. After watching Korean dramas, you may want to read more stories about Korea. Here, I’m going to suggest some novels and books of Korean literature which is available in English. Kim JiYoung Born 1982 by Cho Nam Joo (yes, it was a book first, then adapted to movie), b, Beyond Me by Kim Sagwa, The Plotters by Un-Su Kim, Untold night and day by Bae Suah, At Dusk by Hwang Sok-yung, The Hole by Hye-Young Pyun and The Vegetarian by Han Kang.

And if you want to know more about Korea and Korean Culture, you could go up to social media creators who make content based on Korea like the tourism, fashion and food. There are some channel like Assian Boss and Tree man which make social awareness videos in Korea. There are some Indian creators like Piyuchino, Radhiga_bangia who make content based on kdramas and Korea. And if you need more, you need to stop your obsession, don’t have rage on me, as RM of BTS says focus on your studies. What’s you favourite OST of Kdramas? Tell me in the comments

Women characters in Harry Potter

Have you watched Return to Hogwarts new year special? What a great way to begin a year! Harry Potter is the part of our childhood and it holds a lot of memories within it. Well, let’s dive into the memory lane a little. In this article, we are going to look upon the important women characters of Harry Potter. As you all know, J. K. Rowling is the creator of Harry Potter and she is a women writer who aced the representation of women in her work. Let lumos maxima the witches of Harry Potter.

Hermione Granger, the girl of golden trio, is one of the greatest and notable characters of Harry Potter. She is witty, kind and smart. Whenever Harry or Ron is in danger, she was there to help. She is the tenacious student, best friend, great witch, kind hearted and what else, she is the definition of perfect. Her knowledge is unbeatable. She is undoubtedly “The greatest witch of her age”. Her character represent how women are knowledgeable and capable.

Mothers in Harry Potter, for example Lily Potter sacrificed herself in order to save Harry from Voldemort, whereas Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix in order to save Ginny Weasley. Mother’s love for their children is the purest and highest level of love which is shown in Harry Potter. Molly cared for Harry throughout the end, eventhough Harry lost his mother, he get motherly love from Molly. At the end Harry was saved by a mother’s love as Narcissa lied to Voldemort that Harry died after knowing Draco is alive.

Ginny Weasley is another important character of Harry Potter. She is the sister of Ron Weasley and the only girl in Weasley family. She had a crush on Harry and at last married Harry. She is tough and brave. Unless other Weasleys, she is famous in Hogwarts and fast to learn spells. She performs hard spells like a pro and fought dark powers courageously. Her character shows that women are strong and powerful.

Luna Lovegood, what to say about her, she is unique and peculiar. She is the one that reminds us that being different is nothing wrong and we should be the one who we really are. She may be called as lunatic but she never bothered about other’s comment. She is soft and honest with everything that what makes her unique and she never afraid of anything. She helped Harry when he is doubtful of himself. One should learn from her that being yourself is never wrong.

Next one is Professor Mcgonagall. She is the best professor of Hogwarts ever. She is the teacher who supports children as well as punish them if they do any wrong. She rightfully take decision and aids everyone in need. She found out Harry’s interest in Quidditch, she stood against Umbridge and Moody, when they punished students wrongly. Students are her priority. She is the epitome of a teacher. What’s your favourite women character of Harry Potter, let me know in the comments section.