Let’s talk about TIK-TOK

TikTok is the app which made a chaos in the world with  its features and popularity. Almost every corner of the world has some people who either make TikTok videos or watch them.

But there are countries like India and Indonesia that applied the censorship on this app due to its negative effect on the young generation and Spreading the misleading information out there in the world.

What were the reasons behind this app and what made this app super famous?

In 2014, two friends, Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang had the idea of making an educational app. They wanted to make a short video app through which people would learn more about the educational topics in short period of time.

They thought that there was this need of that idea and had the funding of $2.5 Lakh. They created that product but they failed in the market as the educational content was not sufficient to absorb and understand that quickly.

They learnt from these mistakes and decided to go for some other ideas. They observed that the younger generation at that time was indulged in the taking selfies and having cameras on all the time. They got the idea of creating a social platform which would be the combination of video, music and photos after observing in the market. They focused more on the duration of the video that the video should be at least of 15 seconds and more. With these ideas and the old experiences, they launched the app named “ Musical.ly”. It was getting the responses but it did not turn out to be a trend.

They had the feature of lip-syncing and they saw potential in this feature. They started to promote their app through this feature and it turned out to be a trend. This app has always been in top apps in the iTunes

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

People already had Instagram, snapchat and Facebook, they needed  something new now. So, the creators decided to come up with a platform consisting all these features.  Musical.ly had an overwhelming response. In 2017, Chinese company ByteDance bought that company in 1 billion dollars. There are in-app purchases in the app through which it generates the revenue. Through funding as well, this app reached the revenue of 75 billion dollars. Also, Musical.ly turned into the Tik-Tok in 2018.

This app has been growing and creating controversies ever since then. Even when everything has turned online, this app did not get affected much but despite it grew more bigger.