Thank you for staying connected
During my pathetic plights and sleepless nights
Thank you for lending your shoulder
For my rivers  of tear and bundles of fear
Thank you for taking an extra mile
To bring a pile of smile in my face
Thank you for putting your hands together
To dry up my tear and fly up higher
Thank you for teaching me
Not to be scared to fall or to fail
Thank you for loving me
In times of good and times of bad
Thank you for accepting me as your sister
And being my problem duster
Life is worth living again under your arms
To the infinity and beyond ❤
                            -Ur lil sis




The period of British history when Queen Victoria ruled; includes the entire second half of the nineteenth century, a time when Britain was the most powerful nation in the world. The Victorian period was known for a rather stern morality.

The importance of Education was not fully realised by the people of England Before the Nineteenth century. There was no state Educational system for the common people, and the Majority of the working class was completely Illiterate. Different sections of people followed Different Systems and Standards.


In the earlier period, there were many kinds of Schools in England. The only schools available for the working Classes were three Kinds-dame schools, the schools supported by private subscription, and the charity and Sunday schools. the only aim of these schools was to save the soul of men and women by bringing them up a Bible reading, evangelical Christians. Primary education of the poor was neglected in England. The secondary education of the well-to-do underwent remarkable Development. children of the upper and middle class went to the public schools which were founded by kings and town corporations in the earlier many villages (dames) old women taught the children the alphabet for a small fee.


Dr.Thomas Arnold, the illustrious Headmaster of Rugby and Father of the poet Mathew Arnold. He focused on the Moral Education of the Boys. He emphasized the study of religion and introduced the monitoring system for maintaining discipline among students. He retained the practice of flogging and he insisted on the right to expel any boy. Arnold introduced the modern history, geography, and modern languages.


Gladstone’s education act made provision for the establishment of a school board in every District. Gladstone’s government made attendance at elementary schools compulsory. The school board must provide education for children between the ages of five and twelve. This education was cheap but not free, Elementary Education improved after1870. Some of the famous schools founded by Arnold were Eton, Harrow, Rugby, and Westminster.


A Royal Commission was appointed to study the system of education in the country. The board of education was established in 1899. Something more effective was done by Prime Minister, Arthur James Balfour. His Education act of 1902 was established. this act insisted that elementary education was restricted to children under fifteen. For older children, Central schools were started. An education committee was set up to look into the running of schools. Training colleges for teachers were set up to improve the teaching methods.


During the Victorian period, There was a great development in women’s education. Some of the examinations of Oxford and Cambridge were opened to girls as well as boys. In 1848, Queen’s college for women was established and it was followed by Bedford and Cheltenham College. London University gave it’s degree to women for the first time in 1879. The Victorian Age is a “Golden Age to every woman and Middle class and poor class people in England .

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Broken Friendship

With the arrival of new
You tend to forget few
You didn’t give due
Instead gave a cue
That was the clue
Which made me blue
As you want to blow
I’ll go with the flow
When you are not fair
Why should I care?
You lost nothing and
I learnt something
My drear friend
Here comes THE END.



I’ll do it tomorrow. But you want to watch Netflix. Ofcourse you’re gonna ditch your work. I would say this is the most dangerous habit of all the times that would not only eat your mind and soul but also your whole life. Your weeks, months and then years would pass out in no time and you’ll wonder about what you even did in the past year.

The time which  you could use to improve yourself into a better person went in vain. Now, don’t regret it because there’s no point in it. Don’t forget about your past mistakes instead learn from them and use your precious time in a better way. Keep procrastinating and one day, you’ll regret so much that you’ll be wanting to rewind the time. But in reality, there’s no time machine unfortunately.

  • SKILLless

Well, we have been spending our lives more in homes due to the corona period, so what skills did you learn in that time? Don’t give the excuse that you didn’t get the time at all. Because that’s going to be a pure white lie, so better be vigilant about it. During quarantine, we got abundant time to make ourselves a person with some skills which’ll help us to become financial independent. You had the time to watch some web series but not for developing any technical skills inside you. Well, you are not late even now. It’s better to start late than not doing for the whole life. Life is not all about living it but living it to the fullest. If you don’t have something which makes you unique or something useful or someone who has his or her own identity then what’ve been you doing till now?? Question yourself, is this some kind of life you wanted where you have to sleep the whole day in your cozy bed or watching drama series? Don’t narrow down the meaning of your life.

  • No Exercise

Did you do the exercise the whole day? If your answer is YES then “you deserve my salute” but if it is “NO” then get up and do it now. Your screen time has increased, you don’t know how to get up and do some warm up then man!! Your life is going to be very short. It’s sad but its true. Your body is not a machine that it does not need to be cared for day by day. Not only the exercise helps your body to be flexible but it also helps the mind to think better and in a calm manner.

  • No time management

You are not procrastinating, well that’s good for you but you are just doing the work while eating or you are waking up at 1 pm and sleeping at 2 am. Well, that’s not the kind of life a human lives, I guess. You need to manage your time. PEOPLE HAVE A LOT OF ASSETS BUT I WOULD SAY MY MOST IMPORTANT ASSET IS TIME. If you don’t use it carefully, your other assets would not be valuable enough anymore then. Better use it wisely.

  • No family and friends’ time

I know that work is important but sacrificing your friends and your FAMILY for your work is not worth it at all. Sacrificing and killing the time that you give to your friends and family is worthless. Why we are earning the money and why are we participating in the rat race of this life. We want that our families would not suffer.  You can’t live alone at all. We are social animals. We need to do socializing whether we want or not. We need families besides whatever we do is for our family, friends and ourselves. The little-little things that we enjoy with them are what makes this boring life soothing and bearable. If you have this opportunity to treasure them then better use it carefully!