So what kind of relationship do you have with yourself? How do you treat yourself? Society has always given importance to relationships, but we are never enlightened about the relationship that we must have with ourselves.
Hey, you are a loser!
No, you can’t do it!
You are dreadful!
Visualize someone saying this to you. How will you feel? Hostile! And when you say them to yourself then…?
Yes, you can have a toxic relationship with yourself.

Signs of a toxic relationship:-
I know many incidents might have happened in your life that pushed you back to underestimate your worth.
When it’s time to have fun, then thoughts of your failure trigger you.
Ok, so some of the past happenings where you faced criticzm can turn you to a cruel person towards yourself.
If a person was sexually abused in his/her childhood and only that person knows about it, he/she has never communicated about that with anyone then imagine what he/she may be going through? That experience can turn him/her into a cruel person.
But the truth is that no one will understand the reason for that kind of behaviour. So, there may be many occurrences that happen in your life that you don’t disclose to others, these turn you to behave in a certain way. I believe that an individual’s behaviour is framed by the kind of incidents that happen in his\her life but no one will judge you on that basis.

What to do then?
Never suppress your feelings. Share your feelings with someone whom you think will understand you. But most of us don’t feel comfortable articulating our feelings. So just write down whatever you are feeling. Just write down those failures, those past experiences. Start writing journal. Trust me, you will start feeling better.
Next, you can do is list down all the achievements. Ok, so now most of you may think, what achievements are you talking about? We haven’t achieved anything great. Even making your bed, getting a good score, cooking a meal for yourself, these all are small achievements and when you start counting them, you will start feeling good about yourself.

There may be situations when you are around toxic people who are turning you toxic as well, then just remember that no one is going to come to take you out from that situation.
Believe it or not, it’s a fact that no one is going to believe you till you achieve something, for achieving something in life you have to believe in yourself. No matter how much your inner self reminds you of your past experiences, your failures, embarrassments, you have to push yourself away from all these, just work on yourself, JUST START, eventually, you will develop that confidence that will make you believe in yourself. Only you can take care of your mental health, don’t destroy it because of negative self-talk. Pretend to be the happiest in your worst phase of life till now, it may sound weird but I have tried this and it worked out very well for me. Initially, you will find it difficult and when you will start pretending then eventually you will be really happy. When life gives you lemons, why only make lemonade, make whatever you think will be the best for you! 🙂



Biodiversity is very essential for the health of the biosphere and it provides the raw materials for man to make him adapt to the changing environment. Man derives many direct and indirect benefits from living things. Biodiversity provides ecological services also. The uses of Biodiversity are as follows.

1. Consumptive use value:

It includes food, medicine, fuel, fiber, timber, clothing, etc. 80,000 Species are edible wild plant species. 90% of the crops have been domesticated from wild tropical plants. Many wild animals were also sources of food (now it is banned). 75% of the world’s population depends upon plants for medicine. For instance, penicillin from a fungus namely Penicillium, quinine from a plant namely, cinchonas, tetracycline from a bacterium, and cancer-causing drugs like vinblastine and vincristine from a plant namely, Catharanthus roseus (Nithyakalyani) are obtained.

2. Productive Use Value:

The products are commercially usable. The wild gene resources are traded to introduce desirable traits in the crops and domesticated animals. Productive uses of biological resources are fuel, timber, musk, tusk, ivory, honey, fiber, gums, resins, medicines, silk, wool, etc. Though there is a ban on trade in products of endangered species, illegal smuggling does take place.

3. Social Value:

Biodiversity in India is related to our religious, cultural, and spiritual uses. Many plants like Tulsi, Pipal, Hibiscus, and Datura are considered to be sacred. Peacock, cow, snake, bull, and owl have a place in our spiritual arena.

4. Ethical Value:

We must protect every life. It is based on the concept ‘Live and let live’. we must enjoy watching all animals -Kangaroo, Giraffe, Zebra, etc., though they are not useful to us directly. We should not cage birds for our pleasure and pastime.

5. Aesthetic Value:

Biodiversity provides us with a good deal of fun and recreation. This type of tourism is known as ecotourism which generates 12billion dollars as income per year. If we have a lion in a zoo we get about Rs.2 crores as income per year. But if we kill the lion we get only Rs. 50,000\-. A teak tree fetches Rs.50,000\- if cut down; But if it lives, its value is priceless by way of its ecological role.

6. Option Values or Unknown Benefits :

We must try to explore the potential of Biodiversity for the future benefit of mankind. We must protect the biodiversity to find out drugs to fight diseases like cancer and AIDS.


According to Erwin(1982), 5 to 30 million species of the world are yet to be described and are living in tropical forests. So far only 1.7 million species have been described. These include green plants and fungi (3lakhs), insects (8lakhs), vertebrates (40,000), and microorganisms (3.6 lakhs).

1. 20,000 to 30,000 taxonomists all over the world do serious research and describe name, and classify plants every year.

2. 20,000 species are being discovered and named every year. There are about 2.5lakhs species of plants described so far.

3. The continental drift is a main reason for the increasing diversity.

4. In tropical forests, about 1,25,000 species of flowering plants are considered to be in existence.

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