F.R.I.E.N.D.S- A Show that makes you Love your Imperfect Life.

I am sure most of you might be aware of the famous American television sitcom named- “Friends” and for some of you( I think many of you), it might be your favorite. I, myself am a very big fan of this sitcom. I guess some of you might have this question in your mind- “Why write about a sitcom that is already well-known and loved by most?” Well, my answer would be because this show made me feel that your ordinary life is beautiful. And even if it makes me one of those cliched fans, I am fine with it.

About F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The sitcom Friends was created by David Crane and Martha Kauffman which aired on NBC for ten years from 1994 to 2004. It is a story of 6 friends starring Jennifer Aniston as ‘Rachel Green’, Courteney Cox as ‘Monica Gellar’, Lisa Kudrow as ‘Phoebe Buffay’, Matt LeBlanc as ‘Joey Tribbiani’, Matthew Perry as ‘ Chandler Bing’ and David Schwimmer as ‘Ross Gellar’ residing in the New York city. The story revolves around the lives of these 6 friends showing how they deal with their daily lives, relationship problems and career issues.

Friends was a critically acclaimed television series that went on to become one of the most successful shows of all time. The series received 62 Primetime Emmy nominations, with its eighth season winning Outstanding Comedy Series in 2002. The show was voted no. 7 on Empire magazine’s The 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and no. 21 on TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S teaches its audience to get through the difficult times

  • Rachel
    Rachel Green, a woman who belonged from a rich family, who never thought of taking a job flees on her wedding day because she was not in love with her fiancée and restarts her life on her own without taking any financial support from her father. She struggles initially, working as a waitress in a coffee shop for 2 years after which she finally quits to pursue her career in Fashion. Gradually, she ends up working for good fashion companies and establishes identity of her own.

    Another striking incident in Rachel’s life was when she got pregnant with a child on a one-night-stand with her ex-boyfriend Ross. She was obviously scared and unprepared but she learns and manages to be a good single mother.
  • Monica
    Monica with her dream of opening her own restaurant or becoming head chef of one, struggles in New York City for many years until finally she becomes one.

    She also wanted to be in a committed relationship and get married one day. In the journey of finding “the guy” for her, she gets into very unusual and unstable relationships which sometimes breaks her heart until finally she falls in love with her best-friend, Chandler with whom she gets married.

    Monica also always wanted to have children and broke-up with her ex-boyfriend, Richard, whom she loved very much because he didn’t want them. After she got married to Chandler, they tried to have kids but there were some complications so they decided to adopt.
  • Phoebe
    Phoebe, the weird but kindest one in the group had a rough life since childhood as her father abandons her family and her mother commits suicide after few years. She faces all kinds of troubles- not having a shelter, food and any guardians.

    As a grown-up she works as a masseuse, always wanting a family of her own. Finally, she marries Mike and starts her new life with him.
  • Joey
    Joey, a handsome young man who pursues a career in acting struggles to make his ends meet because of his unstable career choice and not getting a good role in a movie or a show. Nevertheless, he never gives up and finally gets a show in the end.
  • Chandler
    Chandler, the sarcastic guy of the show, had commitment issues because of his parents’ divorce when we was a child. He panics during the times when he realizes that things are getting serious with his girlfriend, Monica. But because of his true love and Monica’s support he overcomes his commitment issues and lives a happily married life with her.
  • Ross
    Ross, a paleontologist marries a woman who after seven years of marriage realizes that she is a lesbian which leads to their divorce. He marries another woman, named Emily after few years and that marriage also ends because he takes the name of his ex girlfriend, Rachel during his wedding vows. The series of divorce doesn’t end here because he gets divorced again as he gets married to Rachel in Vegas while drunk and not in his senses.


No matter how difficult life got for these 6 friends, they always fought, learned and moved forward. They always kept hope of better things and worked towards their flaws. They all lived ordinary lives like we all do, faced struggles like we all do but smiled through the pain. I think that is all what we should do. Whatever is the pain or struggle in our lives, with the right set of people, we can always overcome it, some people are always going to believe in you. I would like to quote some lines from the theme song of F.R.I.E.N.D.S-

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job’s a joke, you’re broke
Your love life’s DOA
It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear
When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month
Or even your year, but
I’ll be there for you”


What Is a Staffing Agency?

Looking for work can be a full-time job, from networking and researching job postings to writing resumes and cover letters to interviewing and following up with hiring managers. But, what is a staffing agency, and exactly what does one do for job seekers?

Temporary staffing provides you the human resources you need for a specified period. However, the employees continue to be on our payroll, and they work for you. We will take care of the rest like identifying the kind of employees you need and going through the hiring formalities and documentation. All you need to do is let them work for you. Once their job or requirement is over, you inform us, and we will take care of their exit. It is as simple as that.

A staffing agency — also known as a search, recruiting or staffing firm or service — is an organization that matches companies and job candidates. By registering with a staffing agency, you have the potential to make connections with multiple hiring managers looking to find the right people for their job openings. You can save time and find opportunities you may not be able to find on your own.

So how do staffing agencies work, and how can they help you achieve your employment goals? Here are eight tips for job seekers on what you need to do, what you can expect and how you can get the most out of a relationship with a staffing agency.

1. Choose the right specialized staffing agency

Not every staffing agency is the same. Before investing in the relationship, spend some time learning about them. Make sure it’s equipped to help someone with your career profile and professional goals. Also find out if it is a general staffing firm or one that targets specific industries. At Robert Half, the world’s largest specialized staffing firm, we offer you many opportunities in several fields.

Will you have fees to pay if you get placed in a position? That depends on the staffing agency. Robert Half, for instance, never charges fees to represent you as a job candidate.

2. Get registered with the agency

At most staffing agencies, you’ll begin by submitting your resume and a cover letter. Once the agency reviews and accepts these documents, you may be asked to take part in skills testing and an interview with one of their recruitment experts so they can learn more about you. Then they can help you improve your resume, prep you for interviews and share local hiring trends.


3. Treat the interview seriously

Approach the interview with a staffing manager just as you would any job interview with an employer. The goal of the staffing agency is not to grill you, but to get a good sense of the opportunities that best suit you.

Even if you’re connecting remotely, make sure you’re well-dressed, well-groomed and well-prepared. You should be ready to talk about your employment experience, work habits, career objectives and workplace culture preferences. If the staffing agency is considering you for a position at a specific company, do some research on the business so you can ask relevant questions.

4. Decide if you want temporary or full-time work

Employers often turn to staffing agencies to find candidates for temporary or project-based work. Others are looking to hire full-time employees. In addition, there is a growing trend toward temporary-to-full-time positions. For many people, this can be the best of both worlds, giving both the employer and candidate a chance to get to know each other before making a longer-term commitment.

Clarify whether you want short-term, long-term, or temporary-to-permanent employment. This will help all parties — you, the recruiter and the hiring company.

5. Let the job search begin

After your interview, the recruiters will be equipped to represent you with more than your resume. They’ll have a full picture of your hard skills, soft skills (especially communication skills), short-term employment objectives and long-term career goals.

So far, the process sounds a lot like applying for a job — and it is. But once the agency has determined you’re a viable candidate for placement, it will leverage its contacts at companies in your industry and search for open positions that correspond with your qualifications and preferences. Well-connected recruiters often have deep industry contacts and knowledge of unadvertised job openings.

6. Keep making yourself marketable

The best staffing firms offer a plethora of professional development and training opportunities, so take advantage of them while you’re waiting to hear back. It’s a great way to improve your employment prospects and distinguish yourself to potential employers. Robert Half, for example, has more than 8,000 courses and online reference materials, as well as access to free continuing professional education and program credits.

7. Respond as quickly as possible

If your agency contacts you about an open position, don’t wait to reply. Many jobs need to be staffed ASAP, and you don’t want to miss out on a good opportunity. Once your recruiter finds a potential match, they will typically arrange an interview for you with their client to determine whether it’s a good fit.

Some staffing agencies will help negotiate pay and other terms of the engagement on your behalf. They may even take care of all the associated paperwork for you, so all you have to do is show up at your new gig.

8. Stay engaged with your recruiter

If you aren’t getting any interviews, ask your agency representative what you can do to improve your chances. On the other hand, if you’ve been successful in garnering interviews on your own, keep your recruiter informed. The staffing agency may have contacts at the company who could help you land the role.

It’s important for you to stay on top of the job search process and keep in regular contact with your recruiters. While the agency will notify you when a potential job becomes available, it’s acceptable to check in with your recruiter once every week or two.

A temporary staff can lead to cost savings and enhanced productivity for your organization. One of the leading temporary agencies, Staffing Agency Monroe LA combines innovative technology with the human touch to save costs, enhance quality, and maximize efficiency for your business. Embrace flexibility and business freedom with our excellent contract staffing services.

We cover temporary staffing, permanent placements and specialties (dedicated units focusing on specific market segments). Our staffing services are offered through our well-known network of branches. We deploy a unique unit structure in many countries, where each unit consists of two consultants who are responsible for both client service and candidate selection. 

Our consultants are experts in the local labor market, and work with you to understand your business and your needs. They use the latest technologies to source talent and put their people skills to good use to ensure the right talent comes to you. This is how we support you in taking your business forward. 

Retail, Hospitality, and Telecom were some of the leading sectors that employed temporary staff. Now, this bug has bitten the juiciest apple, the IT sector. Temporary staffing is not limited to junior level but has touched senior level employees too.

  • Looking for a way to reduce your administrative costs and liabilities associated with permanent employees?
  • Looking to migrate employees from existing company rolls?
  • Do you need human resources on a flexible period basis that can add to your margins, profits, and bottom line?
  • Do you need human resources for particular positions or in groups?
  • Talks to us and let TalentPro surprise you as to how temporary staffing can impact your business and finances directly.

Finding qualified talent remains challenging for many small companies. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries all take precious time away from a business owner’s existing obligations, which may end up hurting the business in the long run. That’s why some employers partner with staffing agencies, which take a lot of the time and effort out of the search for candidates by providing their own workers for open roles.

How much does a staffing agency charge?

Staffing agencies typically charge 25% to 100% of the hired employee’s wages. So, for example, if you and the staffing agency have agreed on a markup of 50%, and the new employee earns an hourly wage of $10, you will pay the agency $15 per hour for their work.

In addition to the markup you will pay, you may be expected to cover additional fees for filling the position or a contract buyout fees, if you hire a temporary worker permanently.

ABORTION LAWS IN INDIA: history and development

India's 'Conditional' Right to Abortion, Health News, ET HealthWorld


abortion, a subject that has become very popular throughout the world in recent times, is the termination of pregnancy before the completion of the gestation period. With its diversity and the astounding socio-economic differences that exist in its population, India has often struggled with law implementation. The woman in this country is at a disadvantage as access to abortion facilities proves to be complicated. The author critically analyses various abortion laws dating from pre-independence to modern-day India and people’s changing attitudes. In the end, the paper suggests remedies that the government can do to improve the lack of abortion facilities.


Women in impoverished nations face severe public health problems due to unsafe abortion complications. Abortion is permitted in India for a variety of medical and social reasons. Officially, women can obtain safe abortion services from skilled medical experts at registered institutions, and minors must obtain parental approval. In practice, women are denied safe abortion services due to a lack of access to authorised abortion providers, the threat of forced contraceptive acceptance, the financial costs of legal abortion, the stigma associated with induced abortion, and a lack of awareness about the procedure’s legality. As a result, women frequently turn to inexperienced clandestine practitioners practising in hazardous conditions. The implications of such abortions range from life-threatening to chronic reproductive system morbidities such as infections, permanent incapacity, and infertility. Every year in India, an estimated 453 women die due to maternal causes for every 100,000 live births (UNFPA 1997). This statistic obscures the wide disparity across states. While national and state figures are imperfect, they can depict certain tendencies. In 1992, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh had 738 and 711 maternal fatalities per 100,000 births.

Laws in the pre-independence era

The Indian Penal Code 1862 and the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898, which sprang from the British Offences Against the Person Act 1861, made abortion a felony punishable for both the woman and the abortionist unless done to preserve the woman’s life. Abortion laws were liberalised across Europe and the Americas in the 1960s and 1970s, and this trend continued in many other areas of the world into the 1980s.  Abortion legislation liberalisation in India began in 1964 in response to increased maternal mortality due to unsafe abortion. Doctors regularly encountered seriously sick or dying women who had resorted to unsafe abortions performed by inexperienced practitioners. 

Post independence era

medical termination of pregnancy act(MTP) 1971

the Government of India established a committee in 1964 led by Shanti Lal Shah. The primary purpose of constituting that group was to examine the challenges associated with the liberalisation of abortion legislation and offer ways to enhance the present law. After the committee delivered its findings, the Government of India introduced the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Bill in Parliament in 1970. The Medical Termination Pregnancy Act, 1971 is based on the British Legislation of Abortion, 1968, although the basic notion of liberalising abortion law originated from the family planning board. The legislation has three basic goals

  • When the mother’s life is in danger or the women’s bodily or mental health is jeopardised.
  • When the pregnancy is the result of rape or intercourse with a mad lady. (Humanitarian ground)
  • When there is a chance that the child may be born with sickness or deformity.

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1971 is divided into eight sections. This was a ground-breaking step because it would liberate women from exploiting women and society. They can also have a role outside the house. This act will assist them in making decisions for themselves rather than those of their family and society. It is entirely up to her whether or not she wants to bear the kid. Aside from the prohibition of illegal abortions, another major goal of the legislation is to give women the right to privacy.  The government is also attempting to reduce the population with this act, as people can now abort the pregnancy if they so want. The eight sections of this act contain various vital points and rules such as when pregnancy can be terminated by medical practitioners, where it can be terminated, and no legal proceedings will lie against any registered medical practitioner who acted in good faith or did not intend to do the act in any wrong sense.

shortcomings of the MTP act of 1971

For a variety of reasons, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act has been challenged. Its significant medical learning was a major source of criticism. Mid-level health providers and practitioners of alternative systems of medicine are excluded from the “physicians only” regulation for abortion providers. The necessity for a second medical opinion for a second-trimester abortion further restricts access, as rural regions are under-equipped and few physicians. Furthermore, the twenty-week restriction for abortions has been called into question, since legal and practical obstacles have created delays in many circumstances. In extreme instances, the Supreme Court has permitted termination of a pregnancy after 20 weeks. Another major issue is that no express provision or literature in the code allows unmarried girls/widows to have abortions.  Even though the MTP legislation does not restrict unmarried women or widows from having abortions, the abortion carriers’ social, ethical, and moral views provide a slew of problems for abortion seekers. Except in the event of a lunatic or a girl under the age of 18, abortion providers are not permitted to seek the approval of parents or guardians. However, abortion providers harass a young unmarried woman who attempts to have an abortion with their express agreement

The medical termination of pregnancy (amendment) bill 2021

On March 16, 2021, the Rajya Sabha adopted the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2021, which amends the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971. The bill’s main focus is the change to the clause allowing abortion up to the 24th week of pregnancy. The Bill governs the condition of pregnancy, emphasizing extending the time limit for abortion. Before the legislation, abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy needed the approval of two doctors. The new law enables abortion up to 20 weeks if just one qualified medical practitioner agrees. The recent amendment also gives state governments the authority to decide whether a pregnancy can be terminated after 24 weeks due to fetal abnormalities. To assess fetal abnormalities, the state must establish a medical board comprised of a pediatrician, radiologist/sinologist, gynecologist, and others. Furthermore, under the most recent modification, the identity and other details of a woman whose pregnancy has been terminated should not be divulged except to a person authorized by legislation for the time being in effect. Another significant issue is the failure of the contraceptive provision to give access to safe abortion based on a woman’s decision, regardless of marital status. Section 3 of the Act has been changed due to the alteration. Instead of ‘married lady and her husband,’ the new amendment substitutes the phrase ‘woman and her partner.’

flaws in the amendment bill 2021

One of the most severe criticisms has been the inability to address sex-selective abortions. Many women in India have sex-selective abortions as a result of family or spouse pressure. A woman is compelled to contain but cannot communicate her grief or disinterest in continuing with the pregnancy. Another difficulty in drafting abortion legislation is that they overlap with the POSCO statute. As previously stated, the MTP statute has a confidentiality clause that protects an individual’s identity, but POSCO does the exact reverse. There is a required duty under POSCO to report sexual assaults against children, including females who can provide consent. 


Abortion legislation in India has gone a long way. The progression from criminalising abortion to lawfully allowing abortion for unmarried women is admirable. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act 2021 was an essential modification in the contemporary era. However, one might infer that the government’s legislative process has been abhorrent. The MTP (amendment) law was enacted seven years after the health, and family welfare ministry recommended it. The MTP statute was approved seven years after the Shanti Law Shah committee was formed. This demonstrates a delay in the implementation of legislation. The government must take the initiative and identify the issues. The medical termination of pregnancy (amendment) bill 2021 is forward-thinking and protects women’s rights. It is worth noting that no legislation or policy is immune to criticism. The establishment of medical boards was essential since seeking higher courts for approval to terminate in each case would result in delay and expense. The issue of accessibility for the rural population is now legitimate and significant. Rather than criticising and defending the legislation, the best path forward is to strive toward improved execution.

The government must take note of the POSCO and MTP dispute, and it is reasonable to foresee a formal change in POSCO in the future years. India has a population of around 130 million people. It isn’t easy to introduce legislation, mainly dealing with people’s ethical, moral, and ideological views. With the resurgence of contemporary culture and the enduring roots of historical traditions, a delicate balance must be struck between the two. A famous example is the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act 2021. The law is planned, sensible, and scalable. It has made a powerful statement to stand the test in a neo-traditional country like India.

Tiruchi girl excels in online teaching

A Tiruchi-based engineering student has taken up teaching fundamental science subjects and computer programming to students in the United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, and Singapore at a time when online education has become unavoidable due to the pandemic. K. Viswathika of Woraiyur, who is pursuing a B.Tech in Computer Engineering at a Bengaluru institution, didn’t realise she could earn money while studying when she taught chemistry and physics to her niece in California approximately seven months ago. Viswathika conducted a demonstration and registered her on an online education portal in response to his niece’s answer. Aliyah, a London Grade IV student, was her first love.

Viswathika received several referrals for coding programming and chemistry, physics, and maths through her.

She teaches 20 pupils from the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, and Singapore. She continues to receive inquiries from a wide range of pupils. Ms.Viswathika makes her classes interesting and participatory by incorporating her knowledge of information and technology as well as online teaching tools. I’m excited to use internet approaches to connect students from all over the world. Ms.Viswathika says, “It happened because of my enthusiasm for teaching.” She said that a short-term English training with the British Council in Chennai had helped her communicate better with international pupils.Despite her Indian accent, she had no trouble communicating with the UK students. She spent the daytime attending online lessons at CMR University in Bengaluru, where she is doing her B.Tech, and the evenings taking online classes. There is a lot of potential for online education to cross borders. “There will be recognised online schools in the not-too-distant future,” adds Viswathika, who has built two pharmacy management software for pharmaceutical corporations. She’s hired five MBA interns to help her discover customers for her products. In online classes, a girl from Trichy teaches. She told them that this is a fantastic opportunity for me and everyone else, and she was overjoyed.Because education is the most important power, all kids will do well in class. She is also a role model for me.


THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS LANDSCAPE HAS CHANGED SIGNIFICANTLY ACROSS THE WORLD AS A RESULT OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCE According to Startups.co.uk, there were a record number of start-ups in the United Kingdom in 2014, with 581,173 enterprises registered with Companies House.

Are you considering starting your own business? Or do you want to advance in your existing position? You might want to explore getting a master’s degree in entrepreneurship or an MBA with a concentration on entrepreneurship to help you improve your business and management abilities. Changes in the work environment, as well as changes in how individuals connect and communicate, have all resulted in new opportunities.

There are an increasing number of examples of experts who have decided to start their own firm. While ‘starting a business is easier, faster, and cheaper than ever thanks to modern technologies,’ according to the Chairman of the Centre for Entrepreneurs, Luke Johnson, as stated on Startups.co.uk, 50% of UK start-ups fail within five years, according to RSA data cited by the Telegraph. This is a sign that such projects require highly-trained personnel to focus on long-term planning, operations, day-to-day company management, as well as innovation and employee motivation and engagement.



A master’s degree in entrepreneurship or an MBA with an emphasis on entrepreneurship is designed to enable inventive individuals to become entrepreneurial leaders in a global environment. Innovation management, organisational management, finance, business formation and development, marketing for entrepreneurial enterprises, and project management are among the topics covered in the classes. Their goal is to provide you with the entrepreneurial abilities you’ll need to succeed in a quickly changing globalised environment while also allowing you to grow professionally and personally.


The programmes emphasise personal communication skills, teamwork and people management, as well as presentation abilities, which are important for future entrepreneurs who must be well equipped to persuade investors, attract new company, and increase their chances of success.


The most crucial step before commencing on this journey is to choose the correct programme to bring you to your future business profession, therefore learning about the options available is the first step. Business schools across Europe provide a wide range of master’s and MBA programmes in business and management, as well as entrepreneurship.If you’re considering the United Kingdom, the London School of Business, for example, offers master’s degrees in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behaviour; the University of Oxford’s Sad Business School offers master’s degrees in Organizational Leadership and Strategy and Innovation. You might also look into a master’s degree in Management Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Birmingham Business School, Manchester Business School, Imperial College Business School, Nottingham University Business School, or the Newcastle University Business School’s Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Master.

If you’re seeking for an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship, look into Nottingham University Business School’s programme.

If you want to study outside of the UK and want to learn about entrepreneurship, look into master’s degrees or MBAs with a focus on entrepreneurship, such as the Global Entrepreneurship Program offered by EMLYON Business School in France or the Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship offered by Solvay Business School in Belgium.

You obtain competitive language skills, you manage to expand a global network, and you learn to appreciate and value diverse cultures through such internationally focused programmes.

You will learn how to work and live in a multicultural environment, which will benefit your business not just in local markets, but also in global business cultures.


The United Kingdom, particularly London, but also Manchester and Birmingham, is a significant draw for aspiring entrepreneurs. The practical aspect and link to the professional world are two of the main benefits of studying a business and entrepreneurship focused degree.

According to CB Insights’ 2014 European Tech Report, venture capital funding in tech startups increased by 78 percent last year.

According to the survey, the United Kingdom leads Europe with 225 deals, followed by Germany with 154 and France with 63.

There are several professional opportunities, and many corporations host start-up competitions or incubators to assist new businesses. Consider the London Google Campus, where entrepreneurs may study, discuss ideas, promote their firm, and attract investors or business partners; or accelerators and incubators like Seedcamp, Microsoft Ventures, Tech Stars, JLAB, or Telefonica’s Wayra.


Through campus events, incubators, and technology and innovation centres, universities and business schools also assist students in connecting with firms and investors.

A degree like this can help you hone your logic abilities and build strategic thinking so you can make a difference within an organisation by bringing in innovation, or even start your own business. You’ll be provided the tools and resources you need to hone your entrepreneurial talents and turn your business ideas into reality.


Check out the entrepreneurship and innovation programmes offered at institutions across the UK and Europe in the online directory at QS Course Finder if you’re looking for a degree focusing on entrepreneurship.

why 14 February is a black day for India

February 14 is known as a black day for India as the country had lost 40 Bravest officers back in 2019. On February 14, 2019, a suicide bomber of the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed terror group had attacked in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir.The suicide bomber was a 22-year-old.

The terrorism between the Pakistan and Hindus had never end war. But why only the pulwama attacked being so highlighted. And why it is called as a Black day for India. I know these thoughts are coming in your mind. The pulwama attached was on a large scale and this time our army soldiers died in number and the whole attack was planned by Pakistan themselves and Indian army and Indian people were unknown with the fact that this type of terrorism is going to place. And our indian army was not prepared for that attack. This is the reason why 14 February is known as a Black day for India. Because we were not atall prepare for such loss at that stake.

And this huge loss made our day black. And we still feel bad and sad about the event which was taken place back in 2019. In October 2020, in a shocking admission, a senior Pakistani Minister admitted that Pakistan was responsible for the Pulwama terrorist attack in India. When this news comes than all india was shattered that Pakistan is shamelessly claiming the fact. And we are still not come out of it. We always try to resolve the problem but Pakistan has always been making this type of stunts to hamper us in a large scale.

Pakistan will alway ruined our reputation as they always have a problem with India. And this dispute can never be resolved just because of partition and the Jammu and Kashmir distribution. This war has no end and everyone will suffer be it India or Pakistan.

I hope we get a ray and we can fight back against the wrong practices which are taking place and outshine as a individual country who know how to give back to our rivals. In a most decent and logical way. We cannot stick to the quote fire for fire. We have to fight back but in a correct way.

14 February valentine’s day

what is valentine’s day? Have you guys ever thought it’s just for the couples or its more than that. If you ask me than I would probably say that it’s more than that. It’s the symbol of love. we cannot define the love for our love ones because it’s very precious and cannot be explained in words we can only express in the way we want and it’s not just for teens or the couples but this day is for our precious one and that could be anyone. To whom we actually thankful and grateful that they are the part of our life. And they are the one who actually love us. They can be friends, family, and partner who actually being our part. This day is just to be kind and generous towards their love from several years. They are pouring to you and expecting nothing out of it.

That is selfless love for anyone because atlast they want you to be happy and stay forever in their life. As their life is incomplete without you. You are a special person in their life. Gifts are the symbol of love and happiness. Which make your love towards them more strong and realise the importance of them in your life. We usually don’t see their love and concern but when you realise their importance than you showcase it in the form of gifts. We just want to make them realise that how you are important in their life.

Saint valentine is the one who make people realise the importance of love. It is not for the couples but also the one who actually being our part of life who always loved us. He also went jail due to his love theory but still his power of love has made people realise the importance of love towards people is very much needed. Even children are also gifted because they are the symbol of love. The love cannot be distributed it only being expressed.

I hope know we know the meaning of valentine as this is the only symbol of love and happiness and it cannot be divided just expressed in your own way.

Book Review on ‘Letter From Peking’

letter from peking

I can’t remember when exactly did I started reading this book. But I’m quite sure I started it after reading “The diary of a young girl”. I was at my mom’s house. I was eventually bored there and had nothing to do there. So I went to a room where there was some of my mom’s old books were kept. I was just peeking into the old bookshelf and that’s where I found this book “Letter from Peking” written by Pearl S. Buck.

I had no idea about this book. But this book kind of looked attractive with a Chinese girl’s image on it and the pages were in a good shape. So I picked it up from the shelf. At night when my mom called me I indeed asked her about this book, she said that she clearly remembers this book and she bought it around when she was 20 years old and it was one of her favorite book. I was also so shocked that she clearly remembers each everything written inside the book.

Let’s move on to the review of this book. The book is all about the Elizabeth waiting for her husband. As it was my mom’s favorite book. I read it completely and I must say that that I liked the book but there were some situations in the story which I personally didn’t like. I would say that the book is written very well. The writer has explained the Chinese culture so nicely, that you will indeed fall in love with their culture and the way they respect people. I think Pearl. S Buck has given importance to the culture while writing this book, which I really enjoyed while reading. Moving on to the story. The story was held during outbreak of communist revolution. Where Gerald who is half Chinese and half American sends his American wife Elizabeth and his son Rennie to United States to stay there for their own security. But Gerald stays in china because he thinks it is his country and if he goes to United States with his wife and son he will feel like a foreigner over there. So Gerald stays in china and writes letters to Elizabeth.

The book actually starts from mentioning about a last letter written by Gerald that he has to marry a Chinese women and stay there. In the whole book Elizabeth waits for Gerald for years and in these many years a lot of things happens such as Rennie grows up and he starts hating his father. Elizabeth brings Gerald’s father to her house to stay with her and Rennie. Bruce a doctor in Vermont who treats Baba (Gerald’s father) starts liking Elizabeth. Gerald’s Chinese wife sends Elizabeth some letters about Gerald, how much he loves Elizabeth and thinks of her all the time.

According to me it’s a good book to read. While reading one will really like the characters in the book. But the writer has written the book very beautifully. It’s all about the patience of waiting. It’s a sad kind of a book. But it is was worth reading.

written by, kris katelin.