Your every steps counts.

Your life decisions is all depends on your steps. As which decision is right for you will plays a greater impact on your future. So we have to take the steps very patiently. Because your small step will always plays a greater role in your future. And we always make that in our minds and learn from our past mistakes. But still we could not able to do that task. And miserable fail. Because we never plan and never see the situation both the ways. We just see the positive side and forget about the negative impact of that step. And their your decision makes your future good or bad. It’s all depends on you not destiny or God. There are two ways the god give you but the choice is always yours. How you want to do that thing. So all the things happening in your life is on your call and you are responsible. And also you are the one who will come out of it.

Just you need to believe in yourself. That’s it rest all the things automatically will bring a great change in your life. Everything is not planned it’s on you. How you will take that path and change your future. No one is lucky. You are lucky when you believe in yourself and bring a great change in your life. It is difficult but not impossible. The small things will always play a wide role in your life. You all are intelligent and mature people. So you know how things work. Other people are just the part of our life and believing them or not is all upto us. Things still be complicated if you trust or not. Because you have to learn from your mistakes and if you not Learn than how will you grow. so you have to make contacts and believe people for your own sake.

Wherever you go you will see yourself down. But your steps will take you on that path were you will one day get that last stair. And you will never come back on your knees again. That movement will be very far but your every step will always there for your success. And even failure. But one thing you will always learn from your every steps even you succeeded or not. But that steps will always be your own as you have made them for yourself. You will come out and outshine one day. Because you always learn from your past mistakes. And evern if you achieve the target than also you will always remember your steps. From where you have achieved this goel. You cannot forget your steps because they are the only one who actually made you stand here in front of everyone. And speak for yourself. As now you know you as an individual and what you need to do or not is only depends on you not others.

This has cleared your all doubts that you are independent. And nobody has right to interfere and place judgement or tell you better about your life. You are better person who knows you better than others. So don’t rely on anybody for your things. You very much know what you want and need in your life. So understand yourself and all the things will automatically in your favour and every step you will take for your own sake not for other. you play an important role in your life. So every step you take is your own choice as it is your life. And you have the right to live your life as you want to live.




The World Commerce Agency (WTO) is an international organisation that was founded to oversee and liberalize global trade. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the successor of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which was established in 1947 with the intention that it would be quickly replaced by a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) known as the International Trade Organization (ITO). Although the ITO never materialized, the GATT was a huge success in liberalising global commerce during the next five decades. By the late 1980s, there were proposals for a more powerful multilateral agency to oversee trade and settle trade disputes. The World Trade Organization (WTO) commenced operations on January 1, 1995, following the conclusion of the Uruguay Round of international trade talks (1986–94).


The ITO, together with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, was initially envisioned as one of the fundamental pillars of post-World War II reconstruction and economic development. The UN Conference on Trade and Employment finalised a draught charter for the ITO, known as the Havana Charter, in Havana in 1948, which would have established broad laws covering trade, investment, services, and business and employment practises. The agreement, however, was not ratified by the United States. Meanwhile, on January 1, 1948, the GATT entered into force as an agreement negotiated by 23 nations in Geneva in 1947 to phase out the use of import quotas and lower tariffs on merchandise trade.

During the last round of talks in 1994, the original GATT and any revisions made previous to the Uruguay Round were called GATT 1947. This group of agreements differed from GATT 1994, which included the changes and clarifications made during the Uruguay Round (referred to as “Understandings”), as well as a dozen additional multilateral agreements on merchandise trade. GATT 1994 formed a fundamental component of the agreement that founded the World Trade Organization. 

The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), which attempted to supervise and liberalise trade; the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), which sought to improve intellectual property protection across borders; the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes, which established rules for resolving conflict between members; and the Trade Policy Review Mechanism, which dovetailed with the GATS (though the latter two were terminated at the end of 1997 with the creation of related WTO committees). These agreements were signed in April in Marrakech, Morocco.By the 2020s the WTO had more than 160 members. 

Goals and operations

The WTO has six primary goals: (1) to establish and enforce international trade rules, (2) to provide a forum for negotiating and monitoring further trade liberalisation, (3) to resolve trade disputes, (4) to increase the transparency of decision-making processes, (5) to collaborate with other major international economic institutions involved in global economic management, and (6) to assist developing countries in fully benefiting from the global trading system. Although these aims were shared by the GATT, the WTO pursued them more completely in practise. For example, although the GATT was almost entirely focused on products (albeit most agriculture and textiles were exempt), the WTO includes all goods, services, intellectual property, and some investment regulations.

Furthermore, the permanent WTO Secretariat, which took over from the temporary GATT Secretariat, has reinforced and codified systems for assessing trade policy and resolving disputes. Because the WTO covers many more items than the GATT, and because the number of member nations and the scope of their involvement has constantly increased—the combined share of international commerce of WTO members currently approaches 90% of the world total—open access to markets has risen significantly. Both the GATT and the WTO rules fulfil at least three functions. To begin, they seek to defend the interests of small and weak countries against the unfair trade practises of large and powerful countries.

The WTO’s most-favored-nation and national-treatment provisions require each WTO member to provide equal market access to all other members, as well as to treat local and international suppliers similarly. Second, the rules compel members to regulate trade solely through tariffs and to give market access equal to or better than that established in their schedules (i.e., the commitments that they agreed to when they were granted WTO membership or subsequently). Third, the laws are intended to assist governments in resisting lobbying efforts by domestic interest groups demanding preferential treatment. Although there have been notable exceptions to the standards, their inclusion and repetition in the fundamental WTO accords were designed to guarantee that the greatest abuses be avoided. The WTO was expected to improve economic wellbeing and lessen political tensions by giving greater clarity and predictability to international markets.

Trade Dispute Resolution

The GATT offered a forum for settling trade disputes, a role that was significantly expanded under the WTO. Members have agreed not to take unilateral action against one another. They are instead required to seek redress through the WTO’s dispute-resolution system and to follow its rules and judgments. The GATT’s dispute settlement procedures have been automated and considerably simplified, and the timeframe has been tightened. Dispute resolution begins with bilateral meetings facilitated by the director-mediation, general’s or “good offices.” If this does not work, an impartial panel is formed to hear the disagreement.

The panel sends a secret draught report to the parties for feedback, and then revises it before revealing it to the whole WTO membership. In contrast to the IMF and World Bank, which both employ weighted voting, each WTO member has only one vote. However, most decisions are taken by agreement, just as they were in the previous GATT system. After 60 days, unless one or both parties file a notice of appeal or the WTO members reject the report, it is automatically approved and legally binding. The procedure is expected to take nine months, and if an appeal is filed, the WTO Appellate Body will hear and rule on any claim of legal mistake within 60 days.

The WTO also aims to raise awareness about the scope and impact of trade-distorting measures, which it does through yearly notification requirements and a policy-review system. All changes in a member’s trade and trade-related policies must be announced and made available to trading partners. This requirement was a significant step toward more transparent government for many developing nations and countries whose economy were formerly centrally managed. The WTO evaluates the trade policies of the world’s four major traders (the European Union, the United States, Japan, and China) every two years, the policies of the next 16 largest traders every four years, and the policies of the world’s smallest traders every year.

Following thorough talks with the member countries under review, the WTO Secretariat releases its evaluation, along with a companion report from the government. As a result, the process checks how well members are achieving their obligations and gives information on freshly expanded markets. It also offers a more solid foundation for forthcoming trade discussions and trade dispute settlement.


The rate of worldwide economic integration through the GATT and WTO global trade agreements has been slower and less thorough than some members would want. Some have proposed deeper integration within subgroups of (typically neighbouring) member economies, such as those parties to the European Union, the North American Free Trade Agreement (which has since been supplanted by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, signed in 2018). for political, military, or other reasons—as well as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Despite the most-favored-nation clauses in the WTO’s founding agreements, the organisation does permit such preferential integration under specific situations. Despite the fact that many such integration agreements arguably do not cover “substantially all trade”—the WTO’s core condition—there has been little disagreement on the formation of free-trade zones and customs unions. Politically sensitive areas, such as agriculture, are the most prevalent exclusions from such accords. Beginning in the late 1990s, the World Trade Organization (WTO) was the object of harsh criticism. Opponents of economic globalisation (see antiglobalization), particularly those opposed to the rising influence of multinational companies, stated that the WTO violates national sovereignty and favours huge businesses at the expense of smaller local firms striving to compete with imports. Environmental and labour organisations (particularly those from wealthier nations) have complained that trade liberalisation hurts the environment and the interests of low-skilled unionised employees. Protests by these and other groups at WTO ministerial meetings, such as the 1999 demonstrations in Seattle, Washington, United States, which drew approximately 50,000 people, grew larger and more frequent, in part due to the development of the Internet and social media, which made large-scale demonstrations possible.

In response to such criticism, WTO advocates said that regulating trade is ineffective at protecting the environment and labour rights. Meanwhile, some WTO members, particularly developing nations, have resisted efforts to implement rules that would allow for fines against countries that fail to satisfy high environmental and labour standards, alleging that such regulations would amount to disguised protectionism.

Despite these objections, WTO membership remained appealing to nonmembers, as indicated by the expansion in membership after 1995. Most notably, China joined the WTO in 2001 following years of talks. The conditions for Chinese membership were in some ways more restrictive than those for developing countries, reflecting the concerns of some WTO members that the admission of such a large and still somewhat planned economy might have an overall negative effect on free trade.

Another Anime Review


Quiet after watching Death note I actually didn’t have any anime to watch so searched in google in order to get some recommendation on some goo anime’s. I actually wanted to watch a horror anime, so I got some recommendation from google such as Tokyo ghoul, Parasite and Another. When I read the summary of Another I actually was very much amused by the story so I started watching it. I really liked it and I was so thrilled by watching it that it was very scary.

So the story of Another actually starts from a place called yomiyama where a new guy called kouichi transfers and attends the yomiyama school at the 9th grade class 3. This 9th grade class 3 has its own speciality. The actual starts in the year 1972 where a boy called misaki who was quiet popular in his class died suddenly and everyone so demised by this situation in the classroom started believing that misaki is still alive and when the 1972 batch graduated they even kept an extra seat for the dead guy misaki, this is actually considered to be a trigger for the curse started by the 1972 batch. From the next year onwards students started dying because of this trigger. To stop all this situation some counter measures were taken because there was an extra student in the classroom and the students are not able to find out who this extra student and because of this extra person other students were dying. The actual story starts in the 1997 due to transfer of the extra student kouichi. In this particular year the students actually made a girl called mei as an non existent student. And kouichi decides to stop this curse by sending the dead back to dead.

I must tell you this is a must watch anime if you are an actual horror anime lover. There will be a lot of events with a lot of trigger warning. so watch it at your own risk. This anime while I was watching kind of made me think of final destination as we can see that one by one people die due to a trigger. That’s actually something happens in another anime as well. If you are a fan of horror’s this is a must watch anime for sure.

The fruit of patience is sweet.

We have listen this phrase many a times and we also know what it means. But we never applied it in our life. Because we don’t have that patient to wait and watch our results. On the right time of our life. We need Everything immediately because we never made this realise by our parents. That everything we need their is a struggle we cannot get everything so easily. We have to earn it. But parents forget these norms and gave there children everything they want. And these habits do not change with time. It increases as the time passes because know they know they will get anything they want because there parents will gave them at any cost. This practice is wrong because when we try to make them realise at that age they completely take it in opposite ways. And try to create violence and even hurt themselves for such a useless things.

We have to make our children understand the importance of time. They have to learn it at a very young age. So that these things never ever become a drawback for their family. And it’s consequences can be huge. So making them realise this will make you and your child free from so many wrong things. We as a parents want that our child get everything. But in that cases we always forget when they grow up they will never understand the importance of that thing. And they similarly demand for other things. And it will not end here. They can also choices on human being also and that can be very dangerous and harmful for anyone. We have to say no for things where we think that it is really important for our children. Than they might realise that how much the thing cost. And they will understand that why our parents Said no at that time. These thing look small but it’s effect are large. We have seen obsessed and phycho people they all have suffered from the things which had taken place in their past but they never come out of it. Because all the incidence happens in their childhood had placed a greater impact in their life.

Your childhood memories cannot be vanished. Even it is good or bad you can’t forget that moments which were a part of your life. Even if you want to you cannot do it. Because childhood is a growing state of an individual so everything happens in that stage will always be in your mind and soul. So what you have learn and observe at that stage. That will remain with you forever. You think that when the kid will be mature he will understand. But understanding do not come by age or learning. It comes by observing and watching. So what they will see in their childhood they will take that thing as a reality and believe them blindly. And make them clear that all the things will easily get immediately after you say to your parents. But that is not true. we have to understand that everything is not easy to get.

We have to struggle for each and everything. Even for a toy because parents can give you that toy very easily but you will forget it’s importance in your life. So when you get good mark and than you achieve that toy. Than you always remember that you have earn it. By giving your all time to your studies and work hard to achieve that toy. It looks normal but it is not. You can easily see a poor family were the kids get more mature because they have observed there situation and deal with them. Equally sacrifice their childhood just for their family. Whereas a rich kid who had Never seen any situations like this and get everything which they want on hand. Will never understand society and will never fight against with their troubles. Because they never see the harsh time. And they have not struggled for single thing. They all have get everything without even saying. And never ask for the money they spent or need they all will get the money when they needed.

Don’t loose hope even you wish to end.

Believe in yourself as your life is very precious than anything. Difficult time is to make you more strong and independent. Because they want you to deal with any situation. If you get all the things so easily than you will never value the importance of life. So a stom is a part of the life where we have to follow that norm. God is great. Don’t blame them for anything wrong because they are your elders. Who knows what is right and wrong for their children. How to prepare them for the world around them. Today you don’t understand what they want to do as an individual. But later you realise the importance of that time. Because that time only decide your future. Getting away from everything will not make your life easy.

People think leaving everything aside will make them achieve their targets. But they forget that it will not end there it will increase day by day for their family. And even for themselves. Because your soul will never be happy and your spirit will never in peace. Which you badly wanted after your death. And you will just roaming around in the world like an alien. So please never Suicide. Because your body will be dead but your soul will never get its way. There is lot more than exams result, boyfriend/girlfriend, loss of someone, depression,anxiety, etc. You have to live for your family as they are more important than anyone else. You have to be strong and realise that your weakness is your big strengths. And fight against it. With all your dedication and believe in you. We are personalities who can fight with anything which come across our ways. But we could not fight against the smallest dispute which happens and affect us in a bigger way. This is because we loose hope in ourselves and think we are looser and everyone will judge us. Because we are a useless person and we could not able to become as our parents or family, friends, relatives or society want us to be.

It’s ok if you could not achieve that goel. Because you have something different which will definitely make you unique and interesting in front of everyone. But you have to be patient and wait for that movement or time. where all of them will be shocked and you can see that shine in your parents eyes. which you want to see from several years. This will only happen when you will believe in yourself. And just Focus on your dreams and achieve it. And dreams do come true only you have to believe in them. And your capabilities to achieve them. Than noone can able to snatch it even they want to. so make yourself strong and dedicated towards your dreams and you definitely get successful. And your parents will be proud when they see your achievement one day. They will not understand know but when you prove them wrong they realise your skill and appreciate your talent. Wait for that one day. All your downs will automatically become your ups and than you realise the importance of that down fall in your life. And than you always remember your downs than your ups. This is true because that really matters in your life that is why it is there in our life. Everything in your life has a reason you have to fight against it and find out your ways from there.

Your weakness is your big strength.

This is reality your weakness is your big strengths. As they make you fight against many problems which you never imagined. This because you improve and see your weakness and work upon it. And slowly and gradually they become your strength. Where your weakness always be pointed to break you but people don’t know that you not breaking or putting them down but making them more strong and giving them ability to fight against it. The problem of people is to down people but they forget that putting others down will not make them weak but more ability to achieve a target. Because their inner ability will gave them that opportunity to shine.

The gold is always been seen by people as you can easily get or see it’s shine. And can significant the difference in gold or colour. Similarly you can see the strength of people easily and you could not break it. Even you want to compete you cannot achieve what you want. So people Focus on weakness so that you can do what you want to do. Firstly it seriously happens what we want to do but. Slowly and gradually we realised that it not the same we want to do. We make them more strong and independent than previously. They know have the strength to fight against anything. They want to. This is because we see the dimond but it’s shine do not gave us clear judgement as it look ordinary. As a normal stone but when we realised it cost us more than a gold. As dimond is extremely expensive. Than we realised it’s importance. Similarly we see our weakness as a ordinary thing which is useless but we do not see it’s impotance and how it is more powerful and expensive than any other strengths we have that is why we left our flaws in bottom of our heart because we don’t know it’s importance.

We do feel that we should come over our weakness and not allow others to play with it. But unfortunately these things happen and you feel leftover and could not come out. This is because you are broken as they broke your trust and use your weakness as their weapons to distroy you. But they don’t realise that it’s is very much needed as a individual to fight for yourself. When making your weakness as a power to fight against other. And your weakness make you more powerful than your strength. Because you strength will never make you grow. Their could be best thing in others and that target can be achieved . But when your weakness make you fight than you can achieve anything. Because you have learn and earn that by working very hard and fast as that fire is built by other. To make yourself stand in front every one. Even strength are also achieved by hardwork and their also a fire. But both target are different because strength shows your improving the skill you accuare. But weakness is where you don’t accuare that skill but still you prove other wrong.

Is science a boon or bane?

We live in a technological and scientific era. Science is essential to man’s survival. Science has overtaken our life to the point that nothing can happen in our day-to-day job without it. Science is intertwined with our food, transportation, education, administration, recreation, and social lives in numerous ways.
To determine if science has arrived to mankind as a blessing or as a source of destruction. It is necessary to understand what science entails. Science is defined as a method of categorising and classifying experiences. We, as males, are fascinated by the various things and events that occur around us. We have our doubts about what they are. Why are they taking place?


If such is the case, why are these questions the cornerstones of science? Then comes thinking, analysing, reasoning, synthesis, and contrast, before finally revealing the truth. According to scientists, everything has a methodology and there are always procedures to follow, such as observation, hypothesis, experiment, theory, and proofs. These steps were followed by all scientists who knew the route.

Science’s goal:

The goal of science is to seek truth and grasp previously unknown phenomena. A scientist does not accept ideas just because they have previously been accepted by others. Reasoning is the source of great discoveries. It will take a lot of patience and observation.Civilization as we know it now is the outcome of numerous discoveries made in the realm of science. Our current industry may be traced back to the creation of the simple wheel. Electricity has altered the world as a source of energy. Science has aided our revolution’s success, and we now have enough food to feed everyone. We have sufficient clothing and better housing. All of this is only possible due of science. Science has created the radio, television, and movies that entertain us. As a result, a common man must conclude that science is a blessing to humanity.

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There is also the opposite side of the coin, in which such knowledge gave birth to destructive weapons such as guns, rifles, rockets, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, and so on. It is science that has electric power, nuclear energy, and hydroelectric power, but atomic energy is not employed for peaceful reasons, as happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a result of science, and it is humanity’s curse.

Leaving that aside, another invention of science is environmental contamination. With the help of science, industrialization has poisoned the air, food, and the entire atmosphere. The ozone layer is sending out alarming signals. As a result, a person can consider science to be a curse.