We talk about equality than why woman get few benifits?

I believe in equality and I know womans can do anything own their own without any help and support and woman has proved us in Today time that they are not less than any man. But still this male dominated society has always made woman weak and helpless because of their soft Nature and crying often. Which they usually does but that doesn’t mean that woman are weak. They are much stronger than a man. And this has scientifically proven by scientists. And woman lives more than a man. And only the woman has the ability to gave birth to the young ones.

We always have to proof us even we have done lot of things. Still we get few benifits like seprate woman couch, reservation, less money in bus etc. There are lot many other things which a woman got so easily. Just they think they are weak so they are not in the competition world. But they are completely wrong.In history woman are the symbol of Durga and Lakshmi as they depict both very efficiently that is why they were superior and they are ruling the empire. But today woman are treated as a useless piece. Which they only want to uplift. But we don’t know we already have that power to achieve anything own our own. The problem is male want the woman to be in his feet that is why they portrayed the woman in the similar ways.

But I don’t think there is any need of such things. Because if woman get to know her powers than all the male have to suffer for their deeds. But as the society always make them quite. That is why woman never ever faught against their right to equality act. Where it is specified that all of them are same than why they don’t treated similar to the law. Why they got so liberty and this make male to say things. Which are not atall true about us. We have only gave them the chance to speak. If we don’t gave them chance to say it than they could not able to put a finger on us.

Every picture has different story similarly every story has different side.

We have seen many picture which depict so much from a single frame. We can analyse so much from a single picture can you image. It is just because of the moment which is captured in a single frame is not fake it’s real and showing the emotions of that thing in that situation and activities they are performing at that time. Every picture has a different story and in every story their is different elements but one thing is same. Which is the beauty and craft. And also the variation is very much similar in some cases. But one thing which differ the story that is the concept of the picture. For you the story could be sad but for other it can be source of regaining their old memories.

Similarly the story can be portrayed in the manner we want not actually happened in reality. Reality is far beyond than we see,so always vary both the side and than only come to any conclusion. We always pictured everything from one side but the problem is we do not picture the other. Firstly we always see the negative side because it impacts us more than positive. In negative there can be something positive but we forget that and continue to believe in the negative one only. Because our eyes are seeing something and our heart is completely opposite to the negative. It can be true but it cannot be. But if you want to be sure about it you have to find the other part as well.

In a jiksaw puzzle we see that the picture is not complete without a single piece. Similarly our life is also incomplete without every element which we miss in the span of life make our pictures incomplete in that phase. You have seen the two sides. It can be positive and negative as well. But if we see both the side than we can make out a good solution from that and it will be the best decision for you. If you really want to make your life less complicated than you should follow the middle part where you can play safe and secure and you will never regret your decision.