Top 8 Best Online Certifications & Courses Free

  • Top 8 Best Online Certifications & Courses Free

1. Coursera

2. Udemy
3. IBM
4. Futurelearn
5. Zenva Academy
6. Cognitiveclass
7. Udacity
8. Google Codelabs

Accounting Concepts

What are Accounting Concepts?

The underlying rules, assumptions, and conditions that establish the parameters and restrictions within which accounting operates are known as accounting concepts. In other words, accounting concepts are generally accepted accounting principles that serve as the foundation for regularly preparing universal financial accounts.

Basic accounting concepts will also assist you in making timely but informed operational decisions on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, this will save you time and money, two of your most significant resources. Even if you use accounting software for your firm, you need have a basic awareness of these ideas.

Finally, knowing the fundamentals of accounting will help you have productive conversations with your financial advisors as you strategize for your company’s future.

Objectives of Accounting Concepts

  • The main objective of accounting concepts is to establish uniformity and consistency in financial statement preparation and maintenance.
  • It serves as a foundational idea for accountants in the preparation and maintenance of business records.
  • Its goal is to develop a common understanding of the norms or assumptions that all types of companies must follow, allowing for more comprehensive and comparable financial data.

Basic Accounting Concepts

Business Entity Concept: According to the business entity concept, business’s transactions must be recorded separately from those of its owners or other businesses. This necessitates the use of separate accounting records for the organization that are fully free of any other entity’s or the owner’s assets and liabilities. Without this idea, several businesses’ records would be mixed together, making it difficult to distinguish the financial or taxable results of a single company. For example, The only shareholder of a company receives a $1,000 payout. This results in a loss of equity in the company’s books, as well as $1,000 in taxable income for the shareholder.

Money Measurement Concept: The money measurement concept is an essential accounting concept that is based on the premise that a corporation should record only those transactions on the financial statement that can be quantified or described in monetary terms.
Money measurement idea, also known as Measurability Concept, asserts that while recording financial transactions, transactions that cannot be stated in terms of monetary worth should not be recorded.

Periodicity Concept: The notion of periodicity states that an institution or corporation must account for a specific period of time, usually a financial year. The frequency with which financial statements are prepared can range from monthly to quarterly to annually. It aids in the detection of any changes that occur throughout time.

Accrual Concept: The accrual basis of accounting is based on the principle of recording revenues and expenses as they are incurred. The usage of this approach has an impact on the balance sheet, as receivables and payables may be reported even if there is no accompanying cash receipt or payment.

Both generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and international financial reporting standards support the accrual basis of accounting (IFRS). Both of these accounting frameworks offer guidance on how to account for revenue and expense transactions when there are no cash receipts or payments to trigger the recording of a transaction under the cash basis of accounting.

Matching Concept: The matching concept is linked to the Accrual and Periodicity concepts. According to the matching principle, the entity must account for just those expenses that are related to the period for which revenue is being examined. It implies that the organization must keep track of both revenue and expenses for the same time period.

Going Concern Concept: A going concern is an accounting term for a corporation that has the financial resources to continue functioning indefinitely unless it can show otherwise. The ability of a corporation to produce enough money to stay afloat or avoid bankruptcy is sometimes referred to by this word. If a company is no longer in operation, it has gone bankrupt and its assets have been liquidated.

Cost Concept: All acquisitions of items (e.g., assets or items needed for expenditure) should be recorded and held in books at cost, according to the cost concept of accounting. As a result, unless otherwise mentioned, if a balance sheet shows an asset at a given value, it should be presumed that this is its cost. For example, If a building is purchased for $500,000, for example, it will remain in the books at that price regardless of its market worth.

Realization Concept: This concept is linked to the concept of cost. The realization idea states that an asset should be recorded at cost until and unless the asset’s realizable value is realized. In practice, it’s true to say that the entity will record the asset’s realized value once it’s been sold or disposed of, as the case may be.

Dual Aspect Concept: According to the dual aspect concept, every company transaction must be recorded in two independent accounts. This idea underpins double entry accounting, which is required by all accounting systems in order to produce trustworthy financial accounts. The theory is based on the accounting equation, which states:

Assets= Equity+ Liabilities

The accounting equation is obvious in the balance sheet, where all assets must equal all liabilities and equity. Most company transactions will have an effect on the balance sheet in some form, therefore at least one portion of every transaction will involve assets, liabilities, or equity.

Conservatism Concept: When there is uncertainty about the outcome, the conservative principle states that expenses and liabilities should be recognized as soon as feasible, while income and assets should only be recognized when they are guaranteed to be received. When offered a choice between numerous events with equal probabilities of occurrence, you should acknowledge the transaction that results in a smaller profit, or at the very least a profit deferral. Recognize the transaction resulting in a lower recorded asset valuation if a choice of outcomes with similar probabilities of occurrence may effect the value of an asset.

Consistency Concept: According to the consistency principle, businesses should employ the same accounting procedures or principles throughout their accounting periods so that users of financial statements or information can draw meaningful inferences from the data.

The consistency concept is important for determining company patterns that span multiple accounting periods. If a company’s accounting techniques are constantly changing, it will cause confusion and financial statements will not be comparable between accounting periods.

Materiality Concept:

The concept of materiality in accounting relates to the idea that all material elements should be appropriately recorded in financial statements. Material elements are those whose inclusion or absence causes major changes in the decision-making process for business information users.

The concept of materiality also allows for the disregard of other accounting principles if doing so has no impact on the financial statements of the company in question.

As a result, the financial statements’ information must be complete in terms of all material aspects in order to present an accurate picture of the business. The users of financial statements can be shareholders, auditors and investors, etc.

A corroding steel frame

Typically steel does not corrode easily. Perhaps that was the reason why the civil services won the epithet of the steel frame of India but the recent turmoil in Lakshadweep and the episode in West Bengal tells a different story. The former is linked to the loopholes that exist in the administration itself while the latter exemplifies the influence of politics on administration.
The island which was known till yesterday for its natural beauty and booming tourism industry is now under the limelight for all the wrong reasons. The trending #savelakshadweep is the new slogan aimed at drawing the attention of commoners to the threat posed by the controversial policy changes to the local culture of the island. Lakshadweep administrator Praful Khoda Patel has been accused of ‘imposing saffron agenda and corporate interests’.
The administration is being indicted for destroying people’s livelihood, eliminating their staple food (beef), and closing down dairy farms. These alleged religious colored actions have given rise to widespread opposition from the native inhabitants and civil society. The administrator has been given the powers of the district panchayat compounding the argument that administration is the new Goonda-raj. Health, education, fisheries, animal husbandry and agriculture now fall under the jurisdiction of the administrator. An administrator is an agent of the centre, therefore all fingers are pointing to the union government. The protestors are demanding a recall of the administrator. The Kerala assembly even passed a resolution to this effect.
In the second story, West Bengal chief secretary Alapan Bandopadhyay was suddenly recalled to Delhi. The whole tussle started when Bengal CM and Bandyopadhyay left a meeting being chaired by Prime Minister to review damage and mitigation caused by cyclone Yaas. According to the service rules an officer has to report to the prime minister in such an event. The centre has accused the chief secretary of breaching the service rules. However, CM stated that the rules were abided but the centre is of a different opinion.
These two instances show the Dark side of the Indian administration. Ideally, an officer should maintain political, ideological and religious neutrality and work under democratically elected representatives. When neutrality is compromised then the system fails to work for the common good of the country. The case of Lakshadweep is quintessentially a testament to this fact. The voice raised against the administration not only creates mistrust among people but also taints the name of the entire organisation.
The Supreme Court of India described a civil servant as a person who serves a master that is; the state. There is a difference between the state and the political party governing that state. Failure to see this difference by either of the two, the party in power or the officer, is detrimental to a functional democracy. In West Bengal, an officer is on a tight rope because of the animosity between the parties in power in state and centre.
India is one of the most diverse countries in the world needs a strong steel frame to rely on. The corrosive elements like political biases or unabated political pressure, should be kept far away or it won’t be long when we see the beautiful monument of democracy we built from blood and sweat, crumble to dust.

Class 12 Board exam cancelled (PM says safety of the students it’s very important)

Central Bord of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) have been cancelled.

There will be no Class 12 board exams this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday, ending weeks of anxiety among students and parents over the Covid situation in the country. The decision was taken because of “uncertain conditions” due to COVID-19 and based on feedback from different stakeholders, said his office.

Students should not be forced to appear for exams in such a stressful situation,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office The health and safety of our students is of utmost importance and there will be no compromise on this aspect,” said the statement, quoting PM Modi.Both CBSE and CISCE Class 12 exams have been cancelled.

Government of India has decided to cancel the Class XII CBSE Board Exams. After extensive consultations, we have taken a decision that is student-friendly, one that safeguards the health as well as future of our youth,” PM Modi tweeted.

The CBSE will now take steps to compile the results of Class 12 students according to “well-defined objective criteria in a time-bound manner”, the PMO release said. Like last year, students who still want to take the exams will be given a chance when the situation improves, said the government.

The decision was announced shortly after PM Modi’s meeting with key ministers and officials from various related ministries and stakeholders.

COVID-19 has affected the academic calendar and the subject of board exams was causing immense anxiety among students, parents and teachers, which had to be put to an end,” said the PMO statement.

The decision comes two days ahead of a Supreme Court hearing in which the Centre is expected to file its reply on a petition seeking exactly this. The court had posted the hearing to June 3 after the Centre requested time.

At a meeting  on May 23, the CBSE had recommended that the exams be held between July 15 and August 26. It also suggested two options: regular exams in 19 major subjects at notified centers and shorter-duration exams at schools where the students are enrolled

A majority of states had favored holding the exam, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal had said after that meeting. Mr. Pokhriyal was on Tuesday admitted to AIIMS hospital in Delhi with post covid  complications

The Prime Minister asserted that the decision has been taken in the interest of students and that the anxiety among students, parents and teachers must be put to an end.The CICSE had last week asked its affiliated schools to submit data, including average of marks obtained by Class 12 students in Class 11 and during this session.The board had postponed Class 12 exams which were scheduled from May 4 in light of the devastating second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic

The 12 Board exam cancelled . In the prime Minister “said” to the students safety and security it’s very important for the students.

By : G Gnana Priya dharshini

The Habit of Reading: An Exercise of the Mind

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”– Walt Disney

How does one increase his/her attention span, knowledge, and emotion quotient at the same time? Well, the answer is only a single word – Reading. The fact that reading is such an essential habit to develop cannot be stressed enough. It is not just a habit but an exercise of the mind. Just as our body requires exercise to function well, our brain also requires exercise to develop better and reading does just that.
Understanding the written words is one way by which our mind grows in its ability. Reading exposes us to new information, new things, new places, and new people too. Reading books provides the luxury of traveling to different places from the comfort of our homes. By reading books, we get to travel places that we won’t be able to see in real life and we get to meet people we won’t be able to meet in real life.
Reading is good for everyone, not only kids but also adults.

Why is reading so important?

Reading takes us to a whole different world of imagination. When we read with a focus in silence, our brain becomes clearer and we are able to connect. This helps us to link things to one and another, structure things, and plan solutions. It helps to increase our attention span and fills us up with great amounts of knowledge. Reading broadens our horizons and helps us improve our communication skills by expanding vocabulary.
Reading is also well known to reduce stress and anxiety. Through reading, we are exposed to think in a new way and explore different angles to view something we have known for a long.

Advantages of Reading

Some of the major benefits that one can derive from reading are

Better vocabulary

When we read, we come across so many new words, so many new phrases which we have never heard of. With children, it not only helps with vocabulary but also with learning how to pronounce these words correctly from the start.

Critical thinking

Developing critical thinking is one of the primary benefits of reading books. For example, if one is reading a piece of fiction say a mystery novel or a thriller novel it forces the reader to think and find their way to the climax. Or if the one reads a book that is non-fiction it makes the reader think whether the author is right or wrong or whether their opinion matches with that of the author.

Improves writing skills

Just as we are influenced by the artists and the influencers who we see on Instagram nowadays; similarly, we are influenced by a well-written book. When we read well-written books, it affects our ability to write better as we observe different styles of writing.

Effective communication skills

Reading plays a vital role in improving communication skills by perfecting our oratory skills. It helps us learn new words and perspectives. It helps us strengthen language and sharpens sentence structure. It provides a better command over the language.

Increases focus and concentration

Today when we all are surrounded by the internet and all our attention is diverted to social media and streaming services like Netflix, our ability to concentrate and focus is compromised one way or the other. When we read, we devote all our attention to the story and we tend to absorb details and the rest of the world just moves away. Reading can be a good break from continuous use of smartphones and interaction with the world through social media.

Reduces stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are known to disturb our mental health. In current times when people are stressed or anxious about not one but multiple things like lifestyle, work, health, peer, etc., books of different genres like romance, science fiction, autobiographies, etc helps as a stress buster and helps us be calm and relaxed. By reading people get the time to take their minds off of work-related tensions.


Reading should be made a non-negotiable habit in one’s life. The benefits of reading are remarkable. Books are our best companions, they just give, give and give. It’s up to us how much knowledge we want to gather.











Importance of reading

Teacher helps to prevent environment

Firstly St Paul’s college is where I am studying in bangalore north most beautiful campus with such a massive interior and exterior of the building is amazing with all four sides covered with trees,plants and birds there is beautiful ecosystem which inside a village like area that college is beautiful and massive colorful with very big campus which greenery when it comes to winter season it will be so cold chilling weather and rain drops falling along plant which is beautiful in nature fresh air chilling during summer you can experience the beauty of college nature is astonishing during raining the college reflects on water like a mirror the college is best known for media studies mostly we have to actually part of college has a massive studio for film and recording everything will happen in that studio in black and red coloured with apple computers best sounding and editing material and studio voiceless chamber no sound can hear from outside it has two level door lock that no one will get to known whatis happening inside and inside people don’t understand what’s happening outside Pinetop silence no voice can be heard from outside if a flood at all happen no one will get to known what is happening that college name is ST PAUL’S COLLEGE which in bangalore that college main head in Italy Rome city main headquarters that college has many branches in india that st Paul’s college bangalore had three head to run the college in smooth surface firstly has a principal DR.FATHER THOMAS M.J principal of the college very kind hearted person in college Seconly FATHER Arockia swami administrative of college thirdly Xaviour Susan sir coordinator of the college and admissions department is taken take by SPC Nagarjuna and Uma mam in college office and fees,receptionist by Mr. Nisha taking outside visitors visit father or any other from outside Nisha reports to father immediately then Shelly sir our technical expert take care of entire college technical support and media support is done by him neatly cleaner who cleans our college neat and clean day and night next we have three department and one spice department



Sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of every person’s overall health and well-being. Sleep is important because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Getting adequate rest may also help prevent excess weight gain, heart disease, and increased illness duration.The poet is affected when the wind has brought the rain again as it is now splashing into the house through the broken windows.


“To Sleep” is a poem by William Wordsworth. Here, the speaker is someone who suffers from insomnia. He lies sleepless all night, wanting to be able to sleep, but he cannot. He imagines a flock of sheep leisurely passing by, one after one.The poet sees all of the above while he lay awake in his bed, unable to sleep. b. The poet is trying to fall sleep by imagining all the different sounds that nature enriches the world with .


The poem is about the power of sleep to restore the sleeper. The speaker clearly feels that human beings cannot tolerate too much consciousness and need periods of ‘forgetfulness divine’ when the soul can be protected from the troubling thoughts which lurk beneath the surface of conscious thought. The poet William Wordsworth addressed Sleep as a mother in his poem ‘To Sleep’ because he was suffering from insomnia, he was unable to take the blessing of the morning. In our life mother is like our positive vibes, as well as morning comes in our life as fresh thoughts and joyous health.The poet couldn’t sleep for three nights because sleep was running away from him. … Many of us can identify with Wordsworth’s experience of being sleepless the whole night as they are stressed out by the pressures of life and so they cannot fall asleep until the birds twitter their dawn chorus.In Macbeth, sleep symbolizes clear conscience, peace, and innocence. Sleep is vital when it comes to good health and well-being of characters. Sleep is a significant symbol in the play because it tells us more about the inner state of characters.


This sonnet by one of the leading second-generation Romantic poets addresses sleep as a ‘soft embalmer of the still midnight’. Sleep allows us to escape from what A. E. Housman referred to as the sour taste of ‘all I ever did’, when one’s conscience begins to prick us, keeping us awake.


The Benefits of Getting a Full Night’s Sleep. Sleep Can Boost Your Immune System. … Gaining Zzz’s Can Help Prevent Weight Gain. … Sleep Can Strengthen Your Heart. … Better Sleep = Better Mood. … Sleeping Can Increase Productivity. … Lack of Sleep Can Be Dangerous. … Sleep Can Increase Exercise Performance. … Sleep Improves Memory.


However, symbolically the word “sleep” suggests death and darkness. Hence, this line refers to a long journey ahead before the speaker could go to eternal sleep of death, or it simply proposes that the speaker has many responsibilities to fulfill before sleeping or dying.

How ever know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” –

” I want to be like a caterpillar: eat a lot, sleep for a while, wake up beautiful.” –

“What hath night to do with sleep?” – …

Gilgamesh’s Epic (Gilgamesh’s Epic)


Symbols-Moral Themes-Contribution-Conclusion Literary history-Character analysis-Two versions of this epic-Similarities between this epic and the bible-Symbols-Moral Themes-Contribution-Conclusion

History of literature:

The Epic of Gilgamesh () is an ancient Mesopotamian epic poem that is considered the oldest extant noteworthy literature and the second oldest religious document after the Pyramid Texts. Gilgamesh’s literary history begins with five Sumerian poems about Uruk’s king, Bilgamesh (Sumerian for “Gilgamesh”). The “Old Babylonian” form, which originates from the 18th century BCE and is named after its incipit, is the first surviving version of this composite epic. The Standard Babylonian version was afterwards created.

Character Evaluation:

In this epic, the main characters are…

Gilgamesh Enkidu Humbaba shamath Ishtar Gilgamesh Enkidu Humbaba shamath Ishtar Gilgamesh Enkidu


Uruk’s King, the most powerful of mankind, two-thirds deity and one-third mortal, and the ideal embodiment of all human virtues. He is a valiant warrior, a just judge, and a visionary builder.


Gilgamesh’s companion and friend. Enkidu was reared by animals and has a hairy and muscular body. Enkidu resembles Gilgamesh in appearance and is physically comparable to him. He wishes to be Gilgamesh’s adversary, but instead finds himself to be his soul partner. Gilgamesh and Enkidu are punished by the gods, who give Enkidu a lengthy, painful, and ignominious death for murdering the monster Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven.


The terrifying demon who defends the Cedar Forest, which is off-limits to mortals. He is the epitome of awe-inspiring natural power and danger. Like an exploding volcano, his mouth is fire, he roars like a flood, and he breaths death.


She is the goddess of love and fertility, as well as war. Ishtar is known as the “Queen of Heaven.” She is a caring mother figure at times and a bitter and vicious mother figure at other times, despite her unpredictability. She is the patroness of Uruk, which has a temple dedicated to her.


Shamhat works as a prostitute at a temple. She begins the process of bringing Enkidu into civilization by sleeping with him.


There are two variants available.

Two main versions of the epic have been largely reconstructed from the many sources discovered: the Standard Babylonian version, or He who saw the depths, and the Old Babylonian version, or Surpassing all other kings.

Version in Babylonian standard

The opening lines, or incipit, of the Standard Babylonian version differ from the older form. The earlier version begins with the lines “Surpassing all previous kings,” whereas the Standard Babylonian version begins with the lines “He who saw the deep” (“deep” alluding to the mysteries of Gilgamesh’s information brought back from his meeting with Utnapishtim) regarding Ea, the spring of learning.Gilgamesh was taught how to worship the gods, why human beings must die, what qualities make a good monarch, and how to live a decent life. The Babylonian epic contains the account of Utnapishtim, the hero of the flood myth.


Versions from Babylonian times

This version of the epic, known as surpassing all other monarchs in certain pieces, is made up of tablets and fragments from various sources and degrees of preservation. It is mostly incomplete, with several tablets missing and large gaps in those that have been discovered. They are given names based on their current location or the site where they were discovered.


There are some parallels between this epic and the Bible:

As a companion for Gilgamesh, the gods create Enkidu, who runs wild with the animals in the open plains. The Garden of Eden account in Genesis and the myth of Enkidu’s transition from nature to culture and civilization have some striking parallels. In both cases, a woman is blamed for causing a man who had previously eaten and drunk with the animals to become estranged from nature. When Enkidu is rejected by the animal world, Shamhat clothe him and teaches him to drink beer and eat bread, both of which are technological advancements that distinguish humans from animals.


Symbols include:

Religious symbolism abounds in Gilgamesh. Sacrifices, festivals, sex, dream interpretation, and shamanic magic were all part of Mesopotamian religious ceremonies, and they all feature in the storey. The hirsuteness of Enkidu represents the natural, uncivilised state.

Themes of morality:

The Epic of Gilgamesh has a number of moral themes, the most important of which is that love is a motivating force. The inevitability of death and the dangers of engaging with the gods are two more moral themes in this epic. Enkidu and Gilgamesh’s friendship motivates both of them to become better men in different ways.

Marketing Basics

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. A market is an arrangement between a seller and a buyer in which:

  • The seller agrees to supply the goods or the service.
  • The buyer agrees to pay the price.

Defined this way, the market is not necessarily a geographical location. Products and services are purchased over the phone, through mail and electronic mail, as well as through the online.  For any organisation, marketing makes the economy strong and stable.  The lesser the stress on the marketing function, the weaker will be the economy. Marketing is complex mechanism involving many people in one form or the other. The major marketing functions are buying, selling, financing, transport, warehousing, risk bearing and standardization, etc. In each such function different activities are performed by a large number of individuals and bodies.

Marketing strategy is the comprehensive plan formulated particularly for achieving the marketing objectives of the organization. It provides a blueprint for attaining these marketing objectives. It is the building block of a marketing plan. It is designed after detailed marketing research. A marketing strategy helps an organization to concentrate it scarce resources on the best possible opportunities so as to increase the sales.

Importance of Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing strategy provides an organization an edge over it’s competitors.
  • Strategy helps in developing goods and services with best profit making potential.
  • Marketing strategy helps in discovering the areas affected by organizational growth and thereby helps in creating an organizational plan to cater to the customer needs.
  • It helps in fixing the right price for organization’s goods and services based on information collected by market research.
  • Strategy ensures effective departmental co-ordination.
  • It helps an organization to make optimum utilization of its resources so as to provide a sales message to its target market.
  • A marketing strategy helps to fix the advertising budget in advance, and it also develops a method which determines the scope of the plan, i.e., it determines the revenue generated by the advertising plan.

Marketing is not just one single strategy, but rather a combination of many different techniques and tactics. Below listed  are  some essential marketing strategies that are popular

Marketing Plan: Discover what a marketing plan is, why you need to design one, and the keys to creating a strong plan. Without a marketing plan, a company or brand can’t reach its goals.

Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is the discipline of marketing which focuses on developing a strategy solely within the digital environment.

Direct Marketing: Direct marketing is a type of campaign based on direct, two-way communication that seeks to trigger a result from a specific audience.

Email Marketing: Email Marketing is one of the most profitable and effective techniques in terms of return. Naturally, it consists of sending emails to your audience, but make sure to define your segments well in order to be effective.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing is a broad concept which brings together all marketing campaigns and actions focused exclusively on mobile platforms and applications (i.e. smartphones and tablets).

Viral Marketing: Having something go viral is every company’s dream. Viral Marketing spreads from one person to the next and is capable of going incredibly far incredibly fast.

Performance Marketing: Performance Marketing is a methodology which applies various marketing methods and techniques and guarantees advertisers that they only have to pay for achieved results.

Inbound Marketing: This methodology focuses on creating valuable content to attract qualified traffic and work towards the final sale.



Effective Communication

Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages through verbal or nonverbal means, including speech, or oral communication; writing and graphical representations (such as info graphics, maps, and charts); and signs, signals, and behavior. More simply, communication is said to be “the creation and exchange of meaning.”.  Communication is a two-way progression that empowers you to exchange your thoughts, notions, and opinions with each other. Communication has now become overbearing to flourish in the world of business.

We have already stepped into a modern world! Haven’t we? The excessive exposure to the use of gadgets and increasing knowledge because of that makes us more sensitive today. We are always worried about our image in society and on social media. And, when we are concerned, it is bound to create sensitivity around the way we behave and communicate in the larger groups, our office, in our neighborhood, or on social media. And as we are humans, we get impacted by what others do and how they react.  Social dynamics bring together the ideas from people who would want to influence the changes and thus communication is the act of conveying your thoughts to others through the use of mutually understood signs which will influence their behavior.

Social dynamics such as seminars, interviews and even conversations during networking call for excellent communication skills. One person can be distinguished from another with the development of different skills which can influence people around them and one of utmost importance skill that is the influence are the Communication Skills. It is the sole medium through which people share their ideas, feelings, knowledge, and thoughts with others. If you have effective communication skills, you will be able to present yourself and your knowledge with everyone confidently and be able to stand out from the crowd.

Someone has truly said that if you want to be a good communicator, learn how to be a good listener. One with better listening ability master’s communication skills. Listening is as important as speaking and is the key to developing good communication skills.  Communication can be verbal, visual, or written. To ensure that you maintain the social dynamics of the society, as an individual, you need to be a good communicator. Here‘s what you can do to improve your communication which can create a positive impact on Social Dynamics around you:

  1. Always know what type of communication you are doing and where. Is it a written, oral, social, etc.? Is it happening between two people or a larger group?
  2. Be confident and have the courage to speak what you think. But that does not mean that you speak without thinking. Always take some time to think and then react to a situation that might be as small as a casual conversation with people in a group.
  3. If you are getting prepared to speak in public or make a presentation, do the practice. It is very well said that “Practice makes the man perfect.” In case you are speaking for the first time, remember that new skills take time to shape up, but every time you use your communication skills, you prepare yourself for opportunities and future consoles.
  4. When you are speaking or communicating, make sure that you have eye contact with others, and you use gestures to express yourself. Gestures are a great way to communicate a positive body language, make optimal use of them.
  5. To create an impact on what you want to present, have the right attitude and behaviour in your communication. When the qualities as honesty, peace, culture, optimism, etc. reflect in your talk, it definitely elevates you and your communication.
  6. User right words and learn to speak words that are simple and not confuse people. Do not hesitate to bring a change in your communication style on the basis of past experiences so that others do not have to say to repeat the thing.

With strong communication skills, you can clearly impact your business. Great communicators are the ones who bring solutions, drive change, motivate and inspire their colleagues.

By improving communication skills, we can improve employee engagement, teamwork, decision-making, and interdepartmental communication in the workplace.

wrong foot

At some point in our life, we all have wondered what exactly is wrong with societal upbringing. How can innocent children turns to drug using teenagers who are always on the edge and how can someone who was so pure hearted once is now getting involved in fights and possess egoistic anger? Well, there are many factors for this but do know the important one? Around in 70% families in our country, our parents don’t show love, respect and affection towards each other openly. Even their parents didn’t and this goes long back. This is evolutionary psychology. According to evolutionary psychology, our ancestors who had psychological advantages passed down these behavioral traits to future generations, resulting in a population of offspring that then had these adaptive behaviors. If you observe, our families find affectionate display as unethical. As the social norm goes – It affects young mind and doing so means crossing our cultural barriers. NO. Our culture is something we should be proud of. India in known for it’s rich cultural diversity. We are the ones to set the cultural barriers or societal norms. How can showing love ,affection and respect towards each other have a bad effect on our children? It’s the literal opposite if you think. Parents fights and scream at each other in front of their children and in some cases, there is even violence. How is that right? How is that okay? No one questions how will that affect their children. Here’s an example:

Scene 1– You are walking in a park with your 10-15 years old kid. You see a couple hugging on a bench near by. What will be your first reaction? What will you do? Will you act normal and pass by or will you quick turn in a different directions so your kid won’t see them? In most cases, people walk the other way to avoid.

Scene 2– You are going somewhere with your kid. You hear some violent screams and you move towards it. When you are getting close, you see there are few people gathered and two men are fighting and screaming at each other. What will you do? Because in most cases, people just go and watch them fighting out of curiosity about why are they fighting. They stand there with their kids and watch.

I personally think that we should be more cautious about the second scene. We should save our kids from violent nature which causes real and actual damage on the young minds. Not about affectionate nature in our house or in surroundings. You are responsible for your ward’s future and nature. Ask the right questions. This is not about bad-parenting, this is just a factor which could affect the future of your child as well as our country’s future. Small changes in your perspective will help your child be a better person and a responsible adult. After all, our Nature is our Future.

Why career mentorship is very important for the students to start at the age of 13 ?

Why career mentorship is very important for students to start at the age of 13?

Do you have a mentor, a career mentor in your life?
If not, don’t you think it’s late. Well not really nothing is too late when you are alive. When I passed 12th was fully confused regarding my career and future, I was thinking about what should I do next for building my career. At that time, I didn’t have any mentor but now have found my mentor.
What’s the role of a mentor and the importance of mentorship at the age of 13?

A mentor is a person who identifies your strength, weakness, talents recognize your ability. A good mentor inspires you to learn, to work towards your goals, and make sure you achieve success. A good mentor teaches you the art of thinking, enhances your thought process like the Chanakya did, and makes Chandragupta Maurya ” Great Samraat ” and helps in making Mauryan Empire.
Chanakya was the best mentor of all time. And mentorship is a relationship between a mentor and his mentee. It’s a process in which the mentor first identifies the strength, ability of his mentee finds out in which he is good, and at what he is lacking, and then gives advice and suggestions and reflects the mentee’s strength and capacity.
Most of the students face difficulty and problems in choosing a career, they don’t know what would be the best career options amongst all and in what subject they can do well.
Students don’t have self-knowledge that students need to explore themselves and a mentor could help him/them in that.
Career mentorship should start at the age of 13 because the study shows
Children aged from 12 to 18 (adolescence) start thinking.
They can do abstract and complex thinking they start raising questions on important issues. And they can think about the consequences of their action.
So we can start mentoring them about their career and help them to explore their strength and weakness.
Career, not a particular job or work we do, it’s a long-term process and journey, where you work, learn, improve your skills and get experience.
There is a beautiful quote about a  career.
” it’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.”
So, to find out your passion for choosing the best career options and achieve success in life career mentorship is required at a very young age.

What’s the need of buying Twitch followers and views?

Who doesn’t like to play games? Nowadays, everybody plays online video games and If you play, you must have heard about twitch, or maybe you are a streamer or gamer on Twitch. It’s a free online gaming platform for all. It provides live streaming services, eSports broadcast, music broadcast, and much other entertainment-related stuff. Twitch is an American company founded by Justin Kin in 2011 and later in 2014 acquired by Amazon for $970 million. After that acquisition, it became famous amongst teenagers to aged people. On average, 15 million views come on Twitch daily and there are approx 8.5k channels. And you know the “Just chatting” category is dominating over Twitch where, users stream anything related to music, dancing, cooking anything that that hat means anything so it’s a little bit dangerous for children because people can do anything for popularity and a lot of trolls, irrelevant comments, etc. Like YouTube, Facebook, and several other apps it’s also earning money only by advertising, subscriptions, and bits, it’s a currency by Twitch. Buyers buy bits to support and to cheer up their favorite streamer, games, and eSports player.
Views and followers play a very crucial role in the growth of any channel not only over Twitch but also every social media platform whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Most of the gamers, streamers, YouTubers buy views, and followers.
So, what’s the need to buy views and followers?
Buying views and followers it’s not a new concept it’s quite old and common it’s called botting. Research propound that million of users buying views and followers regularly.
More the views more the followers and businesses and companies choose you to promote their products and you get paid. More advertisements more popularity, more money.
More views and followers create your brand image.
It will enlarge your profit through subscription and advertisement.
Get you up in the search results in all the Categorises.
You will have a large fan base.
The popularity of Twitch increasing day by day therefore, competition is high.
But there are lots of other ways to increase views and followers on Twitch buying is not the only option other too. For instance, using social media, streaming a lot, watching other popular streamers networking, connecting with others. Most of the well-known and famous streamers suggest earning views by effort instead add of buying. And still, you are buying views and followers it should be real, not fake.

Now the most important question is that, Does buying views and followers violate the terms and conditions of Twitch?
While buying views and followers make sure you buy real views and followers, each follower’s account should be authentic and active. This type of engagement doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of Twitch. But if your views and followers are artificially created or duplicated it called views botting and follower botting and it does violate the terms and conditions of Twitch and for this high chance of getting banned. So for the growth of your channels, you can buy views and followers but make sure it should be real.

How to prepare for a Group Discussion?

What is Group Discussion?

Group Discussion comprises of group of individuals who discuss a topic of similar interest, either formally or informally. Group Discussion tests the individual’s leadership skills, general awareness, communication skills, social skills and behavior, listening skills, confidence and problem solving skills. Formal Group Discussion normally comprises 10-15 members and lasts for 15-20 minutes. The seating arrangement for a group discussion is circular, semi- circular, horseshoe or rectangular. Usually 3-5 minutes are given for preparation after the topic is given by the moderator. After the start of the discussion, the moderator(s) silently observes the speakers and judges them on various parameters. Anyone can start or end the discussion and moderator doesn’t help anyone with the topic.

How to prepare for a Group Discussion?

  • Reading: Reading is a never ending process. The more you read the better. Reading helps you in gaining knowledge on various topics. Its important to be in touch with current affairs, debate topics, etc. It is also important to read different articles on same topic to know various perspectives about the topic.
  • Mocks: We all are aware of the fact that practice makes a man perfect. Forming a group discussion group and practicing helps to overcome shyness and confident. Also, it improves the communication skills.

Initiating a Group Discussion

Initiating a Group Discussion is the best way to grab moderator’s attention. It is a high profit- high loss strategy. Initiating a group discussion grabs the attention of moderator and fellow candidates however stuttering or stammering while initiating causes irreparable damage, that is why it is important to initiate only when there is in-depth knowledge about the topic. However, make sure to participate later also even if you initiate.

Techniques to initiate a Group Discussion:

1. Quotes: Starting with a quote is an effective way to start the group discussion. Quoting something catchy which is relevant to the topic grabs the attention of fellow candidates and moderator. For example, Customer is King- There is one boss: the customer.

2. Definition: Defining the topic is also an effective way. Any discussion should always start with definition of the topic. You can always start a group discussion by giving introduction or by defining the topic. For example, Advertising is a diplomatic way of telling a lie- define advertising.

3. Question: Asking a question related to the topic and then answering it yourself is also an effective way to start a group discussion. Also, it promotes a flow of ideas. For example, “What does war bring to the people of the nation”?

4. Shock Statement: Starting a group discussion about the topic with a shock statement immediately grabs the attention. For example, Impact of population on Indian Economy- “At the center of the Indian capital stands a population clock that ticks away relentlessly, It tracks 33 births a minute.”

5. Facts, figures and statistics: Telling a facts, figures and statistics about a topic shows your knowledge about the topic and can give you an advantage if you start with it. However, make sure you quote only correct facts because wrong facts adds to disadvantage.

6. Short story: Initiating with a short story is also an effective way to start a group discussion.

7. General Statement: You can also start group discussion with a general statement to put it in the right perspective. For example, Should Sonia Gandhi be the Prime Minister of India? – Before jumping into conclusions like, “Yes Sonia Gandhi should be…”

How to interrupt someone in Group Discussion?

  • “Excuse me, but I feel that what you are saying isn’t universally true..
  • “Yes, I agree with your idea, and I would like to further add to it..”
  • “Yes, I think you are right when you say that, but could you clarify what if…”

How to ward off stubbornness and aggressiveness in Group Discussion?

  • Ignore the person and address the others.
  • Be assertive and inform the person that he is wrong.
  • Point out to him that his point is well taken and the group must progress and discuss other views.

How to conclude in a Group Discussion?

Most group discussions do not have any conclusions but it is important to summarize a group discussion. A group discussion can be summarized if the time is available on hand otherwise no summary is needed.

How to summarize a group discussion:-
– Avoiding raising new points
– Avoid stating only your views
– Avoid concentrating on only one aspect of group discussion
– Keep it brief and concise
– Include/Incorporate all important points
– Summarization includes end of Group Discussion
– Do not add anything after Summarization.