Review on ‘True Beauty’

We usually think Korean Dramas are just about a girl meeting a boy and falling in love but we fail to understand the purpose and the hidden messages behind them. True Beauty is one of the k-dramas which teach some heartfelt life lessons. This story is not just about a “love triangle” or good looking people, its so much more. The show tells us about how love is not just about the appearance but is much more deeper than that, its about how one shouldn’t regret the choices they’ve made in life, this show tells us that no matter how lonely you feel, there is always at least one person who will love you unconditionally and care for you no matter what, it tells us how being selfish sometimes is okay, sometimes putting your loved one’s happiness before you is necessary, it tells us how accepting yourself is very essential and most importantly, it gives us a strong message that everything has a reason behind it to happen, everyone has reasons to do what they are doing be it big or small, we must respect every single human being on this planet.

The casting is done perfectly with each actor suiting their role and portraying it beautifully.

This show is full of mixed emotions, it will make you cry as much as it made you laugh. Very realistic scenes and no unnecessary drags. Watching the siblings fight and watching the characters getting embarrassed publicly or even in front of their crushes will make you relate to the characters very much and that’s something I love the most about the show. They mix the genres in such a realistic way that makes us relate to the characters too!

As a girl who suffered with acne in the past, I can relate to Lim Jugyeong a lot and can understand her emotions.

My personal favorite character is Lim Hee-Kyung(Jugyeong’s older sister) I love the bold personality she has and the attitude to get what she wants.

Another thing I love the most about this show is how the female characters like Kang Soojin and Lim Hee-Kyung are crafted in such a way that they are strong and independent.

There are such different characters of such different personalities which is so much fun to watch.

I would highly recommend people to watch this show, it’s gonna be worth it!