Review on ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’

The start of the show is really good, it picks it up straight away while explaining the complications very well so you don’t fall behind. Some episodes I did feel jumped ahead a bit randomly but nothing bad. The characters are really good. They are quite likeable and each have there own back stories…besides Itadori, the main character, whose life before really wasn’t explored. The other two…em…dark dog boy and hammer girl stole the show for me as they had interesting character arcs with great redemptions throughout the show. The villains were pretty standard, nothing all that negative to say…they are powerful, challenging and cool to look at, but again with lack of character arcs. The plot of the show is pretty good aswell, it has a really strong start and mid section but fades out towards the end with some major pacing issues. The ending was kind of bland in my opinion, I don’t really want to watch more, it was pretty random. But the action was cool…all the action in the show is, probably the biggest selling point really. It’s fast, fluid and filled with unique spins and ideas of how to fight. The wacky cast of curses also allows an even wider range of moves to can be used by both heroes and villains. To conclude the show is excellent and it does deserve the praise it is getting. I have my opinions as I’m sure everybody else does and I give it a 7/10 gud job!

Edit: (second time watching) previously (the first paragraph) was my first review of this which I gave 7/10 but after re watching it in Japanese( which might have made a difference) I can say that I enjoyed it a lot more. Maybe I wasn’t focusing the first time, but the story had so much more meaning…it flows extremely well and has a consistently fast pace which is perfect for this type of show. The show also never runs out of ideas, every villain, every character is unique and has different powers which allows for so,e incredible action scenes. I also found the comedy much funnier this time around, I have no clue why but it was just far better this time! And that’s why I movie it form 7/10 to 9/10! Far better the second time!