Era of Small Business

Small business, a word which before lockdown meant just a business that is done on small scale. However with the onset of lockdown the number of Small Businesses exponentially went up . Soon it became a trend specially among the gen z to have their own small business page and website.

Small businesses that are now in countless number on Instagram, Facebook, etc sells a variety of goods from food materials to fabrics , from accessories to home decor . Everything and anything was available on your screens and are ready to be delivered at your doorsteps.

Small businesses do seem lucrative as it not only gives you financial independence but you also get a sense of being a businessman/ businesswoman of your own homemade brand … they say boss bitch! It not only helps the young business owners make money on their own but also train them to run a business at larger scale in future.

Since lockdown is almost over and now everything is opening up these small business owners are also actively moving out of screens and setting up shops and stalls. You can easily spot small businesses setting up exhibitions in any event you attend . Not to mention the amount of crowd gathered around these stalls. Although it’s all a trick to stick that customer with sweet talk. But nothing is wrong in it since we all are doing something to earn our living.

Since small businesses know the value of personal touch to the customers they have taken advantage of it very efficiently. From handwritten lovely messages with the parcel to providing free goodies , they show that businesses are not about money but about love. And that’s the beauty of it.

Source : Pinterest