Our fellow living beings – Animals

Yes , Animals whom we don’t think as equals. Humans think they are the owners of this planet but they should know that are not the only one living here . Thousands of other creatures also live with us and they deserve a decent living space too. They are not below us , they just don’t talk our language or you can say we don’t talk their language.

Every now and then we see cruelly beaten animals, starving dogs, cut cows, burnt pigs and stil no one seem to be bothered because that didn’t happen to a human .

This kind of discrimination and behaviour needs to be eliminated. Every living being deserve a life and we humans don’t have any right to snatch it from them. They also have families. Eating their sons and daughters will not add to your health but will surely cause mental stress to that parent.

Its time that we all raise our voice and stand united for the welfare of animals and protect them . When the we talk of welfare for all it should not only include humans but other animals too.