The Dead Sea Turned Red.

Salt lake in Yuncheng is frequently referred to as China’s “Dead Sea” for an odd cause. The rich magenta, green, and yellow hues of its waters are a result of algae blooms and insects that are reproducing quickly.

The uncommon occurrence is brought on by the algae Dunaliella salina, which, according to NASA, is normally green in marine habitats but may become red when exposed to high salt and intense light because of “the development of defensive carotenoids in the cells.” Plant compounds called carotenoids are what give the lake its vivid colours.

The tests revealed that the contaminated waters had high quantities of ammonia, nitrogen, and permanganate, a substance used in metal cleaning, tanning, and bleaching. The Hubei authorities claimed that the pollutants appeared to have come from the Han River without going into further detail. To lessen the pollution, water was being diverted from the neighboring Lake Chang.Industrial, agricultural, and domestic pollution have badly contaminated the majority of China’s canals, rivers, and lakes.


Parrot: A Talking Bird.

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to talk to your pet or animal worldwide? Surprisingly, some species of birds and parrots come into existence here. But can they acknowledge a real conversation?

Probably, yes. The majority of words are definitely barely understood by parrots, according to researchers. However, they are conscious of the situation in which words are spoken and can associate those terms. Suppose a parrot might say “How are you?” when you just enter the room because though they aren’t likely asking for well-being but it has heard you saying that several times. Thus, your pet bird now associates your entrance into the room with that word.

The repeating sounds which you might have observed in parrots are called Mimicry. They mimic a wide variety of sounds, including spoken phrases, groaning gates, and howling animals. The majority of parrots just imitate their owners. They’re not truly stating what they mean. However, some properly taught parrots have developed the ability to comprehend human speech.

However, it is a fact that parrots don’t have vocal cord-like humans. They don’t push air through the vocal cord to create sound. Instead, they guide air over the trachea with the help of their throat muscles (windpipe). They alter the trachea’s thickness and structure to produce various sounds. 

The fun part is parrots are not the only birds who can imitate budgies, cockatiels, and even crows can imitate sounds.

Wish I Could Tell You:Book Review

It is unimaginable to predict one’s personal life. What one has been facing or their past? This book begins with the people in the organization called a fundraiser that sells stories to create a fundraiser for one in need. However, who knew one could find their love while performing duty.

The story focuses on anusha as she discovers herself in the little world of, feeling betrayed and saddened. She grudgingly looks for a deserving cause to help as she struggles to deal with her sentiments and the responsibility of earning money for charity. Ananth, who has been on the opposing side, believes that no life is less valuable than another and that no cause is unworthy of support. However, book revolves around two main characters. Ananth is a really decent guy who has a positive state of mind. The man is upbeat and finds beauty in everything and everyone. His general optimism motivates him to sign up with, a charitable organisation. This group raises money for individuals who are in need as part of its charitable mission. There is a distinctive girl in his life who goes by the name of Mohini and has many hardships and difficulties in life. She thinks and perceives individuals in their most repulsive light. She has been encouraged to write before and has been seeking for the right narrative, but it kind of confounds her. She finally joins the group where two individuals get together in search of a character. Although your mind could lead you to believe otherwise, this book uses illusions to create a reality that is both real and unreal, virtual and tangible. Finally, it might be claimed that both of them are trapped by these edge.

Moreover,there exists a team behind them dedicate their entire lives to going above and beyond the call of duty to save lives. In front of them lies the digital world of social media, where people watch, participate, judge, make decisions, and occasionally save lives. Staying closer is the only option since their lives—both virtual and real—are so intertwined with the lives of their families. They can’t keep apart from one another.

The past story of the two characters unfolds part by part and their growing out from the past is fascinating. It is not a typical romantic love story that can be expected but something that can not be explained in words. However, some questions that a reader might expect to be answered at the end of the story are incomplete. But the presentation of each theme and plot is commendable and for a teen is a must try!

Exciting films and shows to come out this year


2022 like any other year has a lot of interesting projects that have my attention and I am eagerly waiting for a few films. The 1st film that I’ll be talking about is THIS MUCH I KNOW TO BE TRUE. This film is a musical journey of a man who sees himself through the devil. It is directed by Andrew Dominik. Nick cave and warren Williams make music which is influenced by the devil. In the trailer, there is a dialogue which goes like “you have discovered that the veil that separates your ordered life from disarray is very thin”. The trailer has some gritty visuals that immediately make you immersed in nick caves’ world. I am very excited about this project. It is slated to release this July in India.


The second film that I am looking forward to is NOPE by Jordan Peele. Jordan Peele has delivered some excellent films in the past in the form of US(2021) & GET OUT(2017). US is my personal favourite. It is about a family who finds out that there is an exact clone version of themselves who is trying to kill them. The reason they despise the real family is that they’ve been living in the dark for their whole life while they get to live a happy and normal life. The thing that makes them envy the other family so much is that they have their bodies and they have their traits but their souls differ. This is the thing that separates them. It was a very interesting watch and that is why I am looking forward to this film which will come out later this year.


The third project is not a film but it’s an HBO series called succession. Succession is probably the best HBO show ever. It’s about a media conglomerate which is owned by the Roy family. It sheds light on the family politics that go behind the scenes and how a media conglomerate works. We get to see how every member of the Roy family has some personal motive and no one can be trusted. Everyone wants to be at the top and they can go to any margin for it. The show also tells its audience how the Roy family handles their public image by constantly changing the narrative for their own good. It’s a kind of show that always moves in tandem with what is happening and has happened in the past. The story is so well connected that you can understand the character development of all the actors in the show. The first 3 seasons are already out so watch it if you haven’t already. Season 4 will most likely be out by this year’s end or the start of 2024.