Track2Training Talent Awards

Talent Awards for Writers

All existing and new participants can be eligible for this award.

Track2Training is Going to give Talent Awards to Writers, Scholars, Students and Professional.

At the Talent Awards, we want to shine a spotlight on the writers and scholars across the globe who have excelled in the field of writing and research. These scholars have done great work by writing good articles and engaging communities in a positive way. They are doing a great service with writing good research papers and articles.

Reviewer of the Month

This award is for those who like the posts and articles of others on our platform.

Social Impact of Writing

This award is for those who write positive comments to motive the writers on our platform.

Best Writer of the Month

This award is for those writers whose articles get the most no. of likes and comments.

To Claim your awards, authors need to write a mail with link to their post to

Award will be given at first week of the preceding month for with awards will give given. For example, award of June month will be given to scholars in first week of July. Start working to get the Award Certificate for your good work.

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Track2Training Awards

Now, more than ever, we appreciate the power of communities. Communities inspire us. They rally behind us. Communities give Track2Training opportunities to make meaningful connections, experience different perspectives, and share knowledge and skills. That’s why this year, we’re celebrating the Track2Training Writers who’ve contributed to the global talent community.

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