Adapt the change!!

Change could happen in any person life in any way, I had my breakup for it to make that change in me, so I had my story which helped me to see life through a new perspective!

As everyone had there breakup stories, I too had mine, and it Sincerely helped me grow as a person, so as everyone think, I also used to think I had a different relationship than others, I also used to think maybe this is forever listening to that person used to be my routine , listening how was her day ,what did she eat, what time she did what, I always think yeah maybe this is said being complete in life and maybe in most of relationship this is how this works,

I had 2 year long relationship at time of my high school and I always thought that we are different, as we see in today movies how every couple says we are different but I really thought we are we really didn’t liked to showcase how things are going between us to rest of world and I ever thought that I love you once said to someone meant forever yeah an old school stuff I always thought.

But you never realize maybe the other person doesn’t feel the same anymore or they never felt

So when I faced my breakup, I was not ready to be honest no one has to ever planned it but when it happened I felt like I lost myself I did each thing that a mad person do after breakup just to justify myself yeah my love was true, I lied, hurt myself , drink, alone dark nights, Physiatrist and much more shit just to justify myself that my love was true,

But I never faced a reality that rather than a full stop why don’t I treat it as a coma, everyone had a lesson which make a person more stronger and shows some harsh reality of lives but why don’t treat life full of expectations but just from ourselves

I ain’t saying for learning a lesson you should have a breakup but if any tragedy is giving a change rather than justifying it ,trust on yourself and scare the shit of that change and be the person the nature wants you


  1. I completely agree with this. If we all decided to not judge the moment we are stuck on and just move on without labeling any certain moment, it would really help us in the long run!

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