Pegasus – A malicious software

Pegasus, a malicious software, has been developed in 2010 by the Israel firm, the NSO(Niv Carmi, Omri Lavie, and Shalev Hulio-company’s founders) group. It was initially discovered for iOS devices later it extended to the Android devices.

Birth of Pegasus:

2016 – Hackers send malicious link to the targeted persons(smartphones,laptops) via text messages and email. This process was given a name called “spear fishing”.

2019 – Pegasus got updated where a single missed call on WhatsApp can infiltrate a device and even delete the record of this missed call which makes it difficult for the user to know what had happened to their device.

Also in the same year, WhatsApp Pegasus exploited a bug in its code to infect more than 1,400 iPhones and Android phones. These include journalists, government officials and human rights activists. But soon WhatsApp done away with the bug.

2021 – The Pegasus Project,an international investigative journalism effort, proved that various governments used the software to spy on opposition politicians, government officials, activists, journalists and many other.

Working of Pegasus:

=> Once the Pegasus got installed in a device, the entire control of device is in hacker’s hands. It gives access to hacker to gather data and forwards to the third party without the consent of the user.

=> It can read messages, emails, take screenshots, access contacts and know browser history.

=> Through hijacking, hacker gets access to microphone and camera turning it into a real-time surveillance device through capturing all activities in the phone’s vicinity.

=> Pegasus sends back the private data of the user to the hacker including contact list, calendar events, passwords, text messages and live voice calls from popular messaging apps thus accentuating the chances of user being blackmailed.

=> It is a software that can compromise a phone without the user having to click on a single link called “Zero-link-attack“.

=> Business executives, activists politicians, heads of state, many Royal Family members of Arab, journalists were found to be on the targeted list.

How to detect:

Mobile Verification Tool: A tool to check whether your phone has been targeted to attack or not and works with both iOS devices and Android. It has been developed by researchers at Amnesty International.

Measures taken to mitigate cyber crimes:

International Telecommunication Union: It is a specialized agency within the United Nations which plays an significant role in development and standardization of telecommunication and cyber security issues.

Budapest convention: An international convention which seeks to address Internet and computer crime by improving investigative techniques and increasing cooperation among nations. India is not a signatory to this convention.


The government need to take certain measures to restrict the usage only for authorized agencies and purposes. Unrestricted usage will become power to hackers and a pain to the society. To reap the benefits of this software, proper implementation is necessary.

Improve Your Personal Development Skills – Tips to help you!

Nowadays, merely having a qualification isn’t enough in the job market. To land that dream job, it’s vital that you have specific skills, especially soft skills, for example, being able to communicate well or to work in a team.

Generally speaking, you don’t acquire these skills at university, but you do acquire them in daily working life. But how? Let’s take a look at some useful methods, tips, and examples.

What are skills?

Skill – an ability to perform a specific task or activity to a high level of proficiency

It’s possible to acquire and hone skills to perfection (or near‑perfection) through practice and dedication. Learning and mastering a skill involves far more than just a theoretical understanding of facts or concepts.

Personal development skills can be traits or qualities you already have or ones you can gain through education and training. Individuals will value different personal development skills depending on their goals, but here are some examples of skills people commonly practice to facilitate personal growth.

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Organization
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-confidence
  • Adaptability
  • Integrity
  • Work ethic
  • Leadership


Communication includes your ability to speak, write and listen. With these skills, you can understand what others are saying and feeling and also convey your own ideas and feelings. Good communicators can speak clearly and confidently, using a tone that is positive and appropriate for the situation.


Also called people skills or social skills, interpersonal skills are the verbal and nonverbal behaviors and reactions to interactions with other people. They affect your ability to build relationships and make impressions on others in social situations.


Organization skills include the tidiness of your physical and digital spaces as well as your ability to plan, schedule and prioritize. Good organization can help save time, prevent miscommunications and improve efficiency.


Problem-solving is your ability to handle challenging or surprising situations. Good problem-solvers can stay calm when they encounter obstacles and assess all their options to find the best solution.


Self-confidence is the belief in your abilities, actions and decisions. If you have confidence in yourself, you might be more likely to pursue ambitious goals, try new things and believe you can succeed.


Adaptability is your ability to adjust quickly and easily to new things. People who handle change well often get along with a variety of personalities and thrive in any environment. They can also remain calm in surprising situations.


People tend to trust those who are honest and stand by their values. Integrity means doing what is right and telling the truth, even if doing so presents challenges. Having integrity can lead to a good reputation and opportunities for advancement.

Work ethic

Work ethic includes not only hard work but also reliability, responsibility, quality, determination and discipline. People with good work ethic tend to be productive and have a positive attitude.


Leadership is the ability to guide people. Good leaders can motivate others and help them reach a shared goal. They build confidence and improve morale.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Viktor Frankl

Cixous and Feminine writing

The history clearly shows that men are capable of writing the feminine and they can create woman’s writing by erasing or rejecting the boundaries of phallocentric ideas and the practiced confining which is assigned for women within the patriarchal structures. Many works produced by men are disjointed and disturbing in terms of narration and figurative language and has mirrored one man’s ideologies and experiences. They are all connected to the coded restrictions and limitations prescribed by centuries of patriarchy. By linking writing with having a penis, these authors insist that writing, or creativity in general, is a biological act, one that is rooted in the body, and specifically in the male body.
Cixous stated that women should surrender to their own bodies and to write with their bodies in order to produce real, strange, cyclical, non-linear texts of fiction and literature by introducing a concept called ecriture feminine. Ecriture feminine can never be codified. Critics opined that it is in a constant state of flux, ever-changing, ever-moving, bringing forth delights, disorganization and strangeness in ever changing ways. Cixous writes that “Nearly the entire history of writing is confounded with the history of reason […] it has been one with the phallocentric tradition” Woman has been ashamed due to repression by patriarchal ideology. Woman must “Write! Writing is for you, you are for you; your body is yours, take it”
Cixous believes women can most accurately tell their story by writing through their bodies. All through history women have been defined by and contained within their own bodies as a result of repressive male activity. Cixous suggests that women who have been defined by the male gaze has two options. The first option is that they can remain trapped inside themselves thereby perpetuating the passive role determined for them by the male. The second alternative women have, and the option Cixous supports, is that they can use their bodies as a tool. By using their bodies as a medium of communication, women are able to speak with the very thing that they have been confined within.
Cixous speaks positively and optimistically about women’s ability to reclaim their right to speak and write in a feminine style. She explains that the style must take on an unconventional form.
In her writing Cixous deviates from the accepted masculine style but she deliberately calls attention to the fact that she can not express her true thoughts as she feel them, by exposing the inadequacy of the current language. Since the immediate creation of a new language is not a feasible option, women are left with the option of only revealing the flaws that exist. Exposing these flaws is the only way women will be able to overcome the obstacles that are constructed by a patriarchal society. Sahe says “Language is the repressor of woman as it is governed by the governing masculine order”.
In The Laugh of the Medusa Cixous cries for a dismantlement of this structured alien discourse by saying woman must be together as woman and not allow the phallogocentric, male dominated world to prevent us, as woman, from being heard and recognized. Therefore she inscribes a form of writing for woman, with her own language, syntax and structure.

Why do girls hate boys?

Find out the secret reason!

Not all girls are the same

Okay, Not all girls are the same also not everyone is the same. Only some girls find boys annoying. Generally, Girls growing in a male dominant family hate every boy. This is because they can’t do anything they wish and they were supposed to obey every order of their male dominant in their family.

Girls hate for boys start from their home
Girls hate for boys start from their home


Generally, girls love to share their emotions with their family but they are prohibited to show their feelings. This is because of some rude male in their family. They lose love for their family because their family failed to show they believe their girl. 

There’s also a chance because of their toxic relationship or the worst experience they had with their believable male friends. Maybe the wrong guidance of understanding the male community. All this is because an important male in their life failed to believe, show love, give freedom and teach about the good male community.

What happens next?

This leads girls to hate all men in the world. They stop believing that one day a man can change their life. They believe all men are born to submissive women in their life. They hate speaking with men. They believe there’s no good man on this planet. 

No, these girls are not feminists. They just want freedom from the male-dominant male dominant in their life.

Why girls hate boys?
Why girls hate boys?

A Man’s duty 

When it comes to understanding only men can educate clearly about their community. It comes like a dad to daughter, brother to sister, husband to wife, duty to teach them. They have to explain clearly the difference between good boys and bad boys, good relationships and toxic relationships.

 This can only be done by a man raised by a good mother. So, it’s not only a man’s duty also a women’s.


Remember when a girl hates boys, she needs the right education about the world, men’s community, and true love. She needs to socialize with everyone to overcome her hate.

Hey Guys, I tried my best to help you. If you ever come across a girl like this, Try to help them out.

Why you should be happy?

Sometimes, Everyone will say you should be happy. But Why? Find out!

You’re not alone:

Hey you, Yes you…Listen, buddy everyone is suffering from something in life, it’s not just you. Take your time. Don’t spend your life regretting the decision you made as a mistake. Life is too short! Be happy with what you have. Enjoy your human happiness.

 Why Happiness?

Everyone is making mistakes in every move of their life. You should choose yourself before everything because a positive psychological study shows that happy people can also make people around them happy. It’s simply a boomerang or a science of happiness,

“You’re happy–>Everyone is happy–>You’re happy”

Learn to forgive yourself.

How to be happy?

Okay, this is a quite tough question. You can if you wish!

1.Accept Yourself.
2.Love Yourself.
3.Choose happiness.

Well, this list can go longer. Hold to your positive emotions. In this world happiness, your happiness matter.

 True Happiness?

“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert

 If You’re not a happy single, you can’t be happy in a relationship. Life is all about how you see, if you’re sad of your misfortune, “It’s okay, Something else is protected for you. Maybe you deserve better.”

“If you get what you want, then it’s God’s direction. If you don’t get what you want it’s God’s protection.”

It’s your pursuit of happiness, in the world of happy people.

Be kind. 

 Be yourself.

Be patient.

The last thing I wanna say is. Don’t hurt anyone. Think before your action. It is okay to be lost, but not too long. 

Discover yourself! Your life begins when you decide to change it!

Happiness is always a choice!

Climate change the greatest threat

Drought and Climate Change | Union of Concerned Scientists

Every other year we face various challenges due to climatic change. The human community is not the only living thing who are facing the problem rather, each and every living organism in the planet is affected due to the climate change. Some scientists have claimed that climate change was first noticed in 19th century when natural green house effect was first identified. Thomas edison was the one who initially voiced concern for climate change and spread awareness for renewable energy. Since that day many people and organisation came forward to promote renewable energy and various steps to reduce the rate at which the climate is changing.

The biggest threat of climate change is global warming. climate change leads to global warming and everybody knows about it but how does it actually affect our planet ? Well the global warming increases the average temperature of the earth due to which the glacier sheets melt and end up increasing the sea level which can submerge majority of the land and it will not only affect the human habitation but also affect the animals life as some animals do not have the capability to handle high temperature.

It can affect the economy as well, as the change in climate might result in droughts and can affect the cultivation of crops which will affect almost every human from every background. Due to climate change many natural resources are also depleting due to which the price of such resources are touching skies and it might become almost impossible for any normal human to afford it. Also pollution is another reason which is affecting the health, not only of humans but also of animals and plants. And who do you think is responsible for this ? obviously we humans are behind this destruction and only we have the power to stop this. Governments can only talk about the possible solutions and it’s implementations but it lies in our hand whether we are implementing right steps to reduce climate change or not. Atleast we are able to raise our voice against it but think about the poor animals who are suffering because of our deeds and can’t even fight for their rights to live in a healthy environment. So next time when you throw a plastic search for a dustbin first. I know such acts won’t have an immediate impact on environment but it really does have long term positive impact on environment.

Tagore’s Red Oleanders

Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore (7 May 1861 – 7 August 1941) was a poet, artist, educator, philosopher and humanitarian.

•Even though he often introduced himself as “Āmi Kobi,” or “I’m a poet,” he contributed extensively to various genres of writing, such as novels, short stories, plays, dance-dramas and essays.

•Composed roughly 2,230 songs and his writings address a variety of topics.

• In 1913 he became the first non-European to receive the Nobel Prize for literature.

•In 1915, he was knighted by the George V, King of the United Kingdom and Emperor of India, but he later renounced the knighthood as a protest against the 1919 Jaliānwala Bāgh massacre.

•His songs, Jana Gana Mana and Amar Śonar Bangla, later became the national anthems for India and Bangladesh respectively.


•Rakta Karabi first appeared in Prabasi– a Bengali magazine- in 1924 and in the same year the poet himself translated the play titled Red Oleanders and was published in the Visvabharati Quarterly.

•Red Oleanders was regarded a disaster by the Western critics.

•Indian life, philosophy, religion etc created a communication gap between the writer and Western readers.


•The play is the most mobilizing instrument for counter attack on post colonial society, and the by-product of the modern materialistic system.

•Nandini, the protagonist marks her presence at a time of the oppression of humanity by greed and power. The antagonist is the King, who stands for absolute authority but hides himself behind an iron curtain.

Red Oleanders is one of the sixty plays by Rabindranath Tagore.

•A play about evil and good, about greed and human sympathy, which separates and keeps fellow begins together.

•Story of Nandini who frees the oppressed souls of soulless mining Yaksha town where people forget the beauty of nature, the green meadows, the dazzling sunshine, the tenderness and love between humans.

•Nandini represents human virtue.

•The King transforms the town into a fort and humans are reduced to digging machines who search for gold in the dark – larger public including Nikhil ( the person Nandini loves ) were forced to fulfill the selfish motives of the King and the prople associated with him.

•Digging gold in darkness – Greedy persons will end up in darkness.

•Mining town of Yaksh is a dull place- people have forgotten the beauty of nature and the importance of love for one another – significant issues about where the society is heading.

•The play not only foresees ecological imbalance but also points out some aspects of urban industrial environment.

•The play not only foresees ecological imbalance but also points out some aspects of urban industrial environment.

•The transformation of the King which is the central theme of the drama symbolizes by action-reaction relationship between Nandini and the King.

• The King ultimately emerges as a symbol of human creativity turned perverse.

• He has all the power that human civilization has generated but this power has turned dead and perverse.

•The first three scenes could be taken as exposition scenes, which establish the situation, the level of action and the dramatic mode of the play. •Red Oleanders is described as a ‘a drama in one act’- , a form of play with certain distinctive features like one situation, one theme, a few characters.


•Imagery is the use of pictures or words to create images, especially to create an impression on mood.

•The wall symbolizes the distances that are built between the rich and the poor of the society.

•Yaksha Town is the first imagery used in the play- before the play was written existed a God Kuber who had tremendous amount of gold – Yaksha town digs Gold mine- Kuber’s servants were known an Yakshas.


•Symbols are objects, characters, figures, and colors used to represent abstract ideas or concepts.

•Nandini, Ranjan, Kishore, Bishu and the rest symbolizes the human characteristics like delight, sovereignty, independence, self determination love etc.

•The king is the symbol for absolute greed and dominant. The network of walls between the king and Nandini are the social distances between common folk and nobility,which does not hold any importance other than material possession.

•Yaksha town symbolizes an exploited ecosystem and illusory choice.


•Portrays a reality of the modern world.

• The king is an example of the revolution of industries and modern day advancement.

•The king keeps building and expanding his rein with modern advancement and buildings without any thought for nature and the people affected.

•This can be referred to the modern world Clearly as to how industries and government destroy nature without any notice.

•Nandini’s fight portrays women power and how affective it can be.

•Nandini stands and fights one target at a time, this also give us a message that you should always start with a goal in order to achieve a dream.

•This story about “Red Oleanders” portrays the way the world is going and how it works.

•Red Oleanders also carry similarity and bring together to a very well known work of literature in the Indian culture Mahabharata.

•The most evident similarities start with the resemblance that Nandini bears with Draupadi, the lead female character of the Mahabharata.

Why digital multitasking is bad?

Do you also switch between two digital tasks at once? Like watching television and surfing Instagram feed or watching a Netflix show and watching some reels or maybe texting your friend while attending online classes on your laptop. A recent study showed how switching or multitasking your screen time can affect your attention span or memory. A survey showed how adolescents are addicted to their phones and the average screen time recorded was 7 hours and 38 minutes. But, with digitalization and pandemic, this screen time is much more increased to massive 10 hours and 45 minutes every day.

A research study performed at Stanford University proved how multitasking between two or more digital media affects both attention span and memory. The study was performed on the 18-26 age group and many memory-related tasks were assigned. An electroencephalogram or EEG was used for data collection. As frontal and parietal parts of the brain are involved in attention and memory, these areas were the principal focus.

The group which multitasked scored low in the memory tasks and increased alpha wave was observed with shrinking in pupils. In contrast, the other group which do not multitask scored higher in memory tasks and no such observations were recorded in this case. After the study, the researchers concluded that digital media multitasking and attention spans & memory are correlated.

Furthermore, multitasking or switching between digital media causes switch-gaps, which means it takes longer to take a task, and it also increases the number of errors in the tasks.

Putting in a nutshell in some way or the other, multitasking between digital media can affect your attention span and memory, so it is better to do one task at a time because a person who chases two rabbits catches neither.

Microplastics & Nanoplastics : Architect of ecosystem degradation

Humans throw-away tonnes of plastic every day without even thinking that the same plastic is returning to them and can affect their biological systems. The plastic we throw away every day affects the entire ecosystem. Recently, a plastic dump was found stuck in the Arctic ice. When the plastic we throw away ends up in the water, tiny organisms ingest them and it enters their biological system as another eats on them and the cycle continues.

This is what biologists call bio-magnification. When organisms were exposed to plastic, it was seen that the plastic affected their biological system. For instance, when a team of scientists at the University of Plymouth exposed marine mussels to microplastics, they saw these microplastic damaged their DNA, ruptured their digestive tracts and deformed their gills. The same applies to other organisms as well. The plastic we throw aways turns into microplastic and nano plastics, which are so tiny and destroy biological systems. These nano plastics and microplastics are so tiny that they are indistinguishable from crustaceans, birds and other organisms.

Not only water, lots of microplastics and nanoplastics also end up in the soil which later gets incorporated by the bacteria, fungi and detritus living in the soil, therefore, screwing up the food web of the soil. The microbes in the soil have a special role in decomposition and affecting them would result in a disturbance in the process of decomposition. There are numerous studies done on how these microplastics and nanoplastics are degrading the ecosystem.

An interesting fact is that humans are the only species who are using plastic in day to day lives if we adopt some better choices or alternatives, we can save the whole ecosystem.

Green Algae : Predator or Autotrophs?

Green algae contributes about half of the oxygen to our atmosphere. They are one of the important species for the ecosystem. Green algae is in the oceans in many forms, such as single-cell or multiple-cell. Both single-celled and multiple-celled algae are autotrophs and make their food by performing photosynthesis. Recent studies done on single-cell green algae show that they also feed on bacteria that are found in the oceans.

They can act as a predator and hunt on these bacteria. This research opens a new chapter in the world of biology because it was earlier mentioned that these single-celled algae are autotrophs. Something visibly justified that why they are autotrophic is because they contain chlorophyll like other plants and thus perform photosynthesis. So does single-cell green algae autotrophic or heterotrophic? The answer is both.

They perform both photosynthesis and predation according to their needs. The needs means the environmental needs as this research suggests that when proper conditions for photosynthesis are provided to these single-cell green algae they did not feed themselves on bacteria and stick to photosynthesis to make their food. In contrast, when conditions are suitable for performing photosynthesis were not provided to the single cell green algae, they changed their methods and adopted predation. Hence, reiterating that these single-cell green algae change their animal behaviour when extreme environmental condition occurred for their better survival. Which actually proves Darwin’s theory ‘The survival of the fittest’.

The above research was conducted by ecologist, Eunsoo Kim and her team.

A new human ancestor : Nesher Ramla Homo

There was a recent excavation in Israel found remains of a new human ancestor that none of us knew. The remains were found at the excavation site named Nesher Ramla. The results of dating the fossil show that the fossils are about 120000-140000 years old. The members of this group played a very vital role in the evolution of today’s homo sapiens. It is highlighted that this group of species joined the Neanderthals and Denisovans whom they later interbred.

This interbreeding among these populations was the thriving force for evolution. The scientists at the sites have still not named this new ancestor and is referring to it as Nesher Ramla Homo. With the discovery of this ancestor, the human phylogenetic tree is becoming much much more complex. Earlier new ancestors were discovered from South Africa and the Philippines named Homo naledi and Homo luzonensis respectively.

Nesher Ramla Homo is predicted to be the last ancestor contributing to European Neanderthal and East Asian Homo species evolution. According to the palaeontologist, a great level of cultural mixing has taken place due to this interbreeding between the two different communities. There is a lot more to know and discover about the human race still. The above study was done by Hershkovitz from Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Some Unheard Phobias


Eisoptrophobia is the fear of mirrors. People having this phobia cannot look at themselves in the mirrors or any other reflective surfaces.


closeup photo of sunflower

Xanthophobia is the fear of yellow colour. People having this phobia seems to get terrified seeing a yellow colour flower or a school bus and many more such yellow coloured things. They always try to avoid seeing the colour yellow at all costs.


clear glass jar with brown liquid

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of sticking peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. People having this fear avoid eating peanut butter in any form.


person holding balloons

Globophobia is the fear of balloons. People having this phobia tend to run away even at the sight of a balloon.


person holding gray corded hair dryer

Anemophobia is the fear of winds. People having this phobia gets triggered by air vents and even hair dryers.


person in green shirt washing stainless steel sink

Ablutophobia is the constant fear of cleaning, washing and bathing. It is a very uncommon phobia.


selective focus photography of butterfly on orange petaled flower

Lepidopterophobia is the fear of butterflies. People having this phobia says that they get triggered by seeing the pattern on the wings of the butterflies.


Trypophobia is the fear of holes and circles. Extensive research is taking place on Trypophobia. People having Trypophobia are trigger by the image (and many such similar images) shown below.


brush on watercolor paint

Chromophobia is the fear of colours. People having this phobia has a negative stimulus for colours and has also reported hormonal imbalances.


pizza with berries

Who does not like a double cheese margarita pizza? The truth is people who have Turophobia hates it. They often get nauseated even at the sight of cheese.

Meet Ham : The first Chimp in Space

On 31st March 1961, A chimpanzee named Ham was sent to space. NASA was later planning to send a human into Earth’s orbit. With Ham’s help, the project to send a human into earth’s orbital became successful. The competition was getting ignited between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had previously sent a dog to space and thus proving that mammals can survive in space. And this was how the ‘chimp in space’ project was born. Ham’s space flight lasted 16 ½ minutes and he spent a total of 6 ½  minutes in gravity.

NASA used to call Ham ‘Number 65’ as they thought that media and viewers will cling to a cute name and thus he was never called Ham until he arrived safely from space. Ham was given hardcore training by NASA so that Ham would survive in space.

On  31st January 1961, he was strapped to his capsule called the bio pack, he was also attached with biosensors. He was monitored using computers by NASA officials. Ham’s capsule was cracked due to the high speed and there was a loss of air pressure. Also, Ham landed 132 miles away in the Atlantic ocean from the predicted landing spot it took the recruited USS donner hours to search for harm but at last, he was rescued it was reported that due to the crack Ham was at high risk and was saved only by his suit.

After the space mission, it was reported that Ham was reluctant to sit back in that space chair. The data collected from Ham’s mission was really helpful to send Alan Shepher Jr., the First American in space in May 1961.

After the mission, Ham was sent to a zoo in Washington DC where he lived 17 years in solitude and 3 years with other chimpanzees. Unfortunately, he died on 19 January 1983 at the age of 25 (which is too young for a chimpanzee) His body was buried at the International Space Hall of Fame, New Mexico. Also, his skull is preserved at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Maryland.

Image result for ham the the chim in space

Top Six Remote Places On Earth

Alert, Canada

Alert is a small village in Canada. An interesting fact to know is that Alert has a population of 5 people. This village is 500 miles away from the north pole. Also, due to its proximity to the north pole Alert, experiences 24-hour daylight or 24-hour Darkness due to its location. It is one of the remotest places on earth.

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is an island located in the southern part of the Atlantic ocean. This island is one of the remotest places and is only accessible via boats or ships. Trista da Cunha has a population of 271 people.

Mutuo County, China

Located on the hills of China and elevated to 8200 feet above Mutou County is another remotest place in the world. Though it is isolated Mutuo County has a population of 10000 which astonishing. This place is isolated from the rest of the world. Attempts have been made to construct roads in Mutuo County but unfortunately, the projects failed as the place is vulnerable to landslides and mudslides.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Image result for McMurdo Station

McMurdo is situated in Antarctica. Though this place is not inhabited, Researchers and Scientists often visit McMurdo for their research work. In total 1200 scientists work in McMurdo Station.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

The name may sound hard to pronounce and so is it to live in this place where 500 people are residing. The water here is mostly frozen and hence the place is inaccessible by boats or ships. People here are dependent on fishing and hunting.

Angle Inlet, USA

Image result for Angle Inlet

With an area of 5.22 Km2, Angle Inlet is another isolated place on earth. The place though comes under the USA but the place is only accessible through Canada due to the location. This place is really popular for fishing.

Relationship Goals (Ft. Animals)

Macaroni Penguins

Image result for Macaroni Royal Penguin

Gifting flowers is so cliché. Look at these Macaroni penguins gifting their partners stones and sticks as a sign of love. Isn’t that a real love language? The majority of the Macaroni penguins are monogamous which means they breed with each other for the rest of their lives.

Bald Eagles

These Bald Eagles are another such creature who mates for life.
The Bald Eagle couple devotes a lot of time to built their nest as strong they can. The National Audubon Society says that a strong nest built by these eagles showcases their strong relationship bond.


Image result for coyotes couples

They are one of the most loyal animals. They never stray from their family or partner ever. They are loyal to each other even when the bad times.

Prairie Voles

Image result for prairie voles couples

These cute little creatures have high levels of oxytocin. The Prairie Vole couple loves to make their nest together, raise their children together and mate throughout their life.


Image result for sea horse couple

These water living creatures are another example of animals who mate throughout their lives. Another interesting fact about seahorses is that in this monogamous relationship the male is the one who gives birth and has a brood pouch to hold their babies.


Beavers relationship rule states “until death do us part”. These creatures mate throughout their lives and seek new partners if and only their partner dies.


Image result for gibbon couple

These monkey-like animals choose their partner and stay with them forever. They raise their kids together and the kids stay with their parents until they are adults after that they leave their parents in search of their partners.

Isn’t it amazing how these animals set relationship goals for us humans 🙂


Dogs have not always held a special place in the hearts of their human companions. Their role among humans was mostly utilitarian until the 18th century, when the term “man’s best friend” came into the lexicon. Their working roles are reduced today, but their importance at home has only increased. From pets to sporting companions to service dogs, canines add a measurable degree of quality to the worlds of the humans they share their lives with.


Dogs provide companionship and company. They can be a comfort to people who crave unconditional interaction with another living being. According to Vanderbilt University, dogs can decrease levels of human loneliness and give humans a sense of purpose as they care for their animal companions. This can be especially beneficial for people who live alone, don’t socialize much, are empty-nesters or recently experienced a major change of life, such as the loss of a close human companion to death or divorce.


Dogs provide a sense of security for human companions. Trained watchdogs can provide a high degree of security, while even small house dogs can offer a sense of protection by alerting their owners to approaching strangers or unusual circumstances in the home. Dogs employed by government agencies and police organizations sniff out contraband in places likes airports and large public venues to ensure public security. According to a Texas A&M website, dogs utilized specifically for security purposes require a specialized degree of training to be safe and effective for their handlers.

Teaching Responsibility

Many families use the family dog to help teach responsibility to children. Kids can be taught valuable traits and life skills through positive interaction with the family pet and by taking responsibility for feeding, walking, training and grooming. Children can learn the value of treating all living things with respect and dignity when they have the opportunity care for and love a family dog.

Stress Reduction and Health Benefits

Dogs can help reduce stress levels in human beings and are often used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. Playing with a dog, exercising, walking or running can help human beings reduce stress levels and increase their health and well-being. Studies by Harvard University and Kansas State show dog interaction with humans can help combat challenges associated with some form of heart disease and autism.

Service Animals

Dogs raised as service, assistance or therapy animals can open up the world for disabled individuals. Specially trained animal companions help with daily activities and assist people with challenges to make their way in the world. Service animals can make it possible for physically disadvantaged individuals to work, travel and live independently. Search-and-rescue dogs can track human scent in even the most challenging environments.


The acceptance of queer identity is not so easy in society. A hetero normative society wishes to build the society in a ‘normal’ manner. A strong consciousness of morality is manufactured and working in our society. As per heterosexual norms, sexual minorities are not human beings. They are portrayed to be unnatural and aberrant. The major reason behind the negative approach against them is that their life leads the ‘normal’ society into a feeling of insecurity. If a situation arrives where we have to admit their sexual identity, it would be the end of all established social laws on sexuality. It would be terrible for us to suffer if a homosexual makes any change to the existence of our ‘natural’ society. The social construction of Indian males and females doesn’t accept the individuality of homosexuals; in other words the elimination of power structure. In a hetero normative society, homo and heterosexuals are influenced by the power structure; the difference is this power structure is not that much visible to the ‘normalized categories’. Issues regarding the purpose of reproduction also make homosexuals ‘abnormal’. A hetero normative society provides two options to the homosexual community. This focuses specifically on sexuality as a primary component of human identity, social organization, and textual representation. There are certain theories related to homosexuality.

Gay/Lesbian theory:
It emerged prominently as a distinct field only by the 1990s. It emerged as a part of feminist studies. Both are similar in many ways, though the lesbian/gay movement has not yet gained the momentum of feminist movements. The lesbian/gay criticism field is strongly multi-disciplinary, with perhaps a predominance of cultural studies over literary material. But lesbian/gay criticism is not of exclusive interest to gays and lesbians. It may help define the nature of this field and make an initial comparison with feminist criticism. Books by gay/lesbian writers or critics are not necessarily part of gay/lesbian studies and the purpose of this criticism is that lesbian/gay studies do for sex and sexuality approximately what women’s studies do for gender.

Queer Theory:
The lesbian theory was not fully distinct from feminist studies. It was just a subfield called lesbian feminism. The second kind of lesbian thinking, designated libertarian lesbianism by Paulina Palmer, breaks away from feminism and makes new allegiances with gay men rather than with another woman. And this kind of lesbian theory sees itself as part of the field of ‘Queer theory’ or ‘Queer studies’, terms increasingly used by gays, despite the homophobic origins of the word ‘Queer’ as an abusive one in this context. The queer theory includes both queer readings of texts and theorizes the ‘queerness’ itself. The queer theory builds both upon feminist challenges to the idea that gender is part of the essential self and upon gay/lesbian studies to close examination of the socially constructed nature of sexual acts and identities.

Key Figures

Judith Pamela Butler is an American philosopher and gender theorist whose work has influenced political philosophy, ethics, and the fields of third-wave feminist, queer, and literary theory. She stated that no one can’t lay a specific claim to sexuality, but one can perform an identity: repeat clothing, gestures, attitudes, etc can be imitated as we as parodied. In one of the essays, she says “Since I was sixteen, being a lesbian is what I’ve been”. It indicates one has to constantly or repeatedly perform identity to maintain that.

Michel Foucault is a key poststructuralist influence on the development of queer theory. By his sociological research, he was able to identify four specific types of humans- that society has tried to control throughout history.
• Hysterical woman- commonly referred to as nymphomaniac.
• The masturbating child.
• The Malthus ( political economist Thomas Malthusian) couple: control reproduction, the rise of birth control, ethics of population control, etc.
• The perverse adult: Foucault termed this category as homosexuals. He says that homos and heteros are binaries but they are mutually dependent upon each other.

Key Principles

• Sexuality has always a connection with our social existence.
( Our attitudes towards sex, emotion, and erotic activity reveal much about the social classification and society’s economic and political priorities.
• Negative social attitudes about expressions of social desire have had a profound impact on many individual’s public and private lives.
• Social attitudes about sexuality have changed over time.
• Men’s same-sex desires have been treated differently from women’s over time.
• Social attitudes about sexuality have changed significantly across cultures, religions, classes, and ethnic groups.
• Social attitudes about sexuality resonate through literary texts that may challenge or maintain the status quo.

Hyperthyroidism Awareness

It is important to remember that hyperthyroidism can occur at any age. While most may present with a rather typical constellation of symptoms, many may present with exacerbation of pre-existing conditions which may make the diagnosis initially elusive. Worsening anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, panic attacks, palpitations, hypertension or diarrhea may not initially signal that the thyroid is involved. Clinicians must have a low threshold to check thyroid function early to rule out a component of hyperthyroidism.

Once a suppressed thyrotropin (TSH) has been detected, further investigation with serum triiodothyronine (T3) and free thyroxine (free T4) can help delineate overt from subclinical disease. A thorough history of past thyroid disease, as well as current medications and supplements, can help detect any pre-existing diagnoses or exogenous sources of thyroid hormone or over supplementation with iodine. More commonly, hyperthyroidism is due to either Graves diseasetoxic multinodular goiter or toxic adenoma. Distinction between these can usually be made with the assistance of a thyroid uptake scan, TSH receptor antibody measurement, and thyroid ultrasound. An additional physical exam finding of exophthalmos can further support the diagnosis of Graves’ disease. Understanding the etiology can help guide patient expectations. A small percentage of patients with Graves’ Disease may undergo spontaneous remission after 1 to 2 years, which may prompt patients to wait before considering a definitive treatment option.

With confirmation of the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism, focus is on hormonal control with an antithyroid medication (ATM, most commonly Methimazole in the United States). This may be augmented with beta-blockade, steroids, cholestyramine or SSKI for those who are difficult to control.

Many patients may need further consideration for definitive management with either radioactive iodine ablation (RAI) or thyroidectomy. Your local resources may also influence these options, but it is critical to understand that all three treatments (ATM, RAI and thyroidectomy) are possible options. Certain patient factors and priorities may alter the preferred definitive treatment. Smaller gland size, easy to control hormones, and lack of eye symptoms are factors that may favor continued ATM management. A large goiter with compressive symptoms, difficult to control hormones requiring high dose medications/ multiple modalities, pregnancy, severe eye disease, multiple nodules within the thyroid with or without thyroid cancer, or desire for rapid and reliable hormone control may favor thyroidectomy. RAI is a good option for patients with a smaller gland size, and a desire to pursue definitive management but avoid surgery.

There are also relative contraindications for treatment options. ATMs may have serious side effects, like agranulocytosis or liver failure, which prevent further use, or may cause skin eruptions making long term use intolerable. Additionally, high dose requirements or fluctuating doses may make long term use of ATMs not reliable. Women who are pregnant, wanting to become pregnant in the next 6 months to 1 year, breast feeding or have small children in the home will want to avoid RAI. Patients with severe eye involvement, have a large goiter with compressive symptoms, or are smokers should also avoid RAI. Thyroidectomy will be a poor option for patients with multiple previous neck operations on or around the thyroid due to internal scarring, or who are high risk for general anesthesia. Additionally, if they have a history of previous gastric bypass surgery, they are higher risk for major complications from hypocalcemia/hypoparathyroidism after thyroidectomy.

To help the patient navigate these decisions, it is important to allow them the opportunity to discuss each treatment option with respective physician experts – medical management with endocrinology, RAI with endocrinology and potentially nuclear medicine as well, and thyroidectomy with the thyroid surgeon.

In summary, patients with hyperthyroidism require medical control, as well as a clear understanding of the etiology of their hyperthyroidism. Patients with Graves disease, toxic multinodular goiter and toxic adenoma have more than one treatment option, and it is important for patients to be educated and engaged in treatment decisions.

For Further Reference:
American Thyroid Association Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Hyperthyroidism and other causes of Thyrotoxicosis| by the American Thyroid Association

Self care is not selfish thing

Often times, when we do something for ourselves, it is considered selfish. Growing up it is common to be taught to take care of other people and put others first. However, when it comes to our mental and emotional health, these types of actions of neglecting yourself to put others first can have huge consequences.

Self-care can be confusing and it can make you feel like you are putting too much attention on yourself. But remember, self-care never has and never will be selfish, especially when it comes to mental health.

In order to take care of other people, you must take care of yourself first. 

Why Self-Care is Important

Self-Care is one of the most important things that a person can do for themselves. It is not only vital for your physical health, but also your emotional and mental health as well.

There are many misconceptions around self-care and what exactly it entails. However, self-care is really not that complicated. At the most basic level,

self-care is just doing good things for yourself. This could be anything from working out, to taking an hour every night to journal, anything that makes you feel good.

Self-care requires you to know and understand yourself. You are forced to listen to your body and mind, understand what resources are running low and what you have to do to replenish them. 

There are many benefits that come with performing self-care. Some of them include increased productivity, improved resistance to illnesses & better physical health are just a few. These benefits are just the beginning.  Some of the other, more personal benefits are, enhanced self-esteem, increased self-knowledge, and most importantly, you have more to give to other people.

When you are mindful about reguarily carving out time for yourself and making sure that your physical, emotional, and mental needs are being met, you will feel better in all aspects of your life.

This makes it easier for you to work with and help others in their time of need. Just like when you are on an airplane, you have to take care of yourself before you can help anyone else. 

Stigma Around Self-Care

Self-care can be hard, not only because of the stigma that surrounds it, but because it can be extremely difficult to admit that you need help or to take care of yourself when you are struggling with your own mental health.

Growing up, it is extremely common to hear that you should put others before yourself. Kids are taught that being too vain or thinking about yourself is selfish. When you take time to take care of yourself, friends and family may start to get frustrated or say that you need to spend more time thinking about others and spending time with them.

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However, the worst stigma, is self-stigma. The voice in your head that tells you to stop focusing on yourself, saying that you don’t deserve the time or attention that you are giving yourself.

You start to think about all of the things that you are neglecting and the people who deserve your attention more. However, this self-stigma, and any outside stigma, is far from true.

By taking care of yourself you are making sure that you will be able to help and encourage others.  

How you can Take Care of Yourself 

Self-care can be difficult because of the stigma that comes with it. However, understanding how, and being able to take care of yourself is one of the strongest things that you can do.

It is also important to distinguish between the things that actually make you feel good and things that you think make you feel good, but often have the reverse effect, like drugs & alcohol, over-eating, and taking risks. 

There are many different types of self-care; the most well-known is physical self-care. When people say that they are trying to take care of themselves this is often what they mean.

Physical self-care can be helpful not only for your physical health but also to help you let off steam. This doesn’t have to be going to the gym, it can also mean dancing around the house to your favorite song, doing yoga, or going outside and going for a walk. This could also be taking a nap when you need some extra rest or giving yourself a break when you are down or unwell.

However, while physical health is important and this type of self-care can make a huge difference, it can also be harmful to your mental health if you focus on your physical self too much and too often. Working out and getting the ‘perfect’ body isn’t what self-care is all about.

It is vital to remember the other parts of yourself that need to be taken care of, make sure that you aren’t focusing on the outer-self to avoid taking care of your inner-self. 

Sensory self-care helps to calm the mind. This will help you to live in the moment, focus better, and let go of the past and forget your anxieties.

This type of self-care is all about sight, smell, touch, and sound. This could be considered sitting outside at the beach, enjoying the feeling of the water on your skin from a shower or a bath, or listening to calming music. Anything that helps you feel calm and relaxed. 

Interrupting the Waste industries with Innovation

Rubicon started with a striking thought: make a cloud-based, full-administration squander the board stage, offering productive assistance anyplace in the US. Their versatile application accomplished to squander the executives how Uber had helped taxi administration. Five years after the case’s distribution, Harvard Business School Associate Professor Shai Bernstein and Rubicon organizer and CEO Nate Morris examine how the product startup utilized innovation to disturb the waste business and other suffering exercises of educator Bill Sahlman’s case about Rubicon. Americans discard a ton of stuff. That is to say, more than individuals in different nations. Americans normal 4.5 pounds of waste each day, contrasted with the worldwide normal of about 1.6 pounds each day. Presently, four and a half pounds may not sound so awful, yet it adds up. That is 1,600 pounds for every person, and 6,500 pounds for each family throughout a year. All in, Americans created 292 million tons of waste in 2018, as per the Environmental Protection Agency.

Teacher Shai Bernstein’s exploration centers around monetary issues identified with new companies and high development firms, and the association of these issues with advancement and enterprising movement. Nate Morris is the author of Morris Industries, a Lexington, Kentucky-based aggregate that is rethinking the mechanical economy. His energy to settle the ecological dangers presented by worldwide waste drove him to establish Rubicon. Along these lines, just to give a smidgen of setting. In this way, the Rubicon case is being instructed in our pioneering finance class, which is a second year EC course in which we are essentially strolling through the life-cycle of the firm, attempting to consider various wellsprings of capital that match the organizations at the various phases of the development of the organization. Also, in the primary model of the class, we are explicitly considering various attributes of plans of action that make a few firms more alluring to financial backers than others.

Another intriguing angle here is that the business has basically been working with enormous occupants for quite a long time. Furthermore, here we have Rubicon that is carrying innovation to the business and attempting to disturb the business with altogether different plans of action and altogether different methodology, which makes this so fascinating to see the crash between totally different ways to deal with squandering the executives. And afterward the other part that I would make reference to is that, toward the day’s end, Rubicon, what Rubicon does is essentially significant for our general public. Furthermore, pondering supportability, reusing, ESG, is a subject that truly, at the core of Rubicon’s central goal, and furthermore a large number of our understudies are truly enthusiastic about this theme. Thus, I believe that likewise adds to the ubiquity of this case and to the interest of understudies for this situation.

It’s a truly fascinating combination of innovation and industry elements and this manageability issue that, if you unite them all, makes it a truly intriguing case.”Waste is a point that not very many individuals need to discuss, not to mention start a new business. What’s more, the vast majority of the setting around our industry rotates around a famous TV program, The Sopranos. A spectacular show, done. Also, many individuals scratch their head about, truly, is that the business that you picked? Also, I was quickly attracted to the business for two or three unique reasons. I’m a Kentuckian, I experienced childhood in Kentucky. Went to a government funded school there. Was raised by a single parent in a common home, and experienced childhood in an association home too. My granddad was exceptionally associated with my life, ran an association and grew up around association laborers”, says Nate Morris.

The exorbitant of the unhurried COVID Vaccine instigate.

Government authorities ought to have emptied substantially more cash into delivering and appropriating COVID-19 immunizations to save more lives and salvage the economy quicker, as per new examination co-composed by 16 analysts including Harvard Business School teacher Scott Duke Kominers. Although government authorities found ways to speed antibody advancement last year, the United States and different nations might have paid to develop a fabricating framework and shore up the production network expected to create immunizations at higher limits. That additional speculation might have saved billions or even trillions of dollars in worth, Kominers and his co-creators revealed in Market Design to Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccine Supply in the March 12 issue of Science.

The benefit of having the option to deliver antibodies at scale the moment they clear preliminaries is very high in a pandemic,says Kominers, the MBA Class of 1960 Associate Professor of Business Administration at HBS. You are losing many billions in crude monetary movement every month—and that is not in any event, representing the wide range of various types of misfortune the pandemic has caused. So you can place a great deal of cash into building plants ahead of time, just to have ones prepared to create the immunization that works.

Indeed, even as immunization endeavors acquire force all throughout the planet, hundreds keep on dieing every day. The pandemic, which shrank the worldwide economy by 4% in 2020, has additionally driven in excess of 119 million individuals into outrageous neediness, as per the World Bank. Furthermore, in the United States, the Federal Drug Administration this week instructed states to stop the utilization regarding the Johnson and Johnson antibody after six ladies fostered an uncommon blood-coagulating jumble, raising new worries about complete immunization supply.

Kominers spent the early months of the pandemic expounding on commercial center plan strategies that could offer help—for instance, by utilizing conveyance commercial centers to carry food to the old or by appropriating hand sanitizer all the more impartially. Kominers joined Accelerating Health Technologies—a gathering of scholastics investigating approaches to speed COVID-19 inoculation—to dive into the financial matters of the infection. The gathering noted in the paper that numerous nations attempted to increase antibody improvement and creation in the course of the last year. The US, specifically, dispatched Operation Warp Speed, which put resources into promising antibody competitors and resolved to purchase a huge number of portions of effective immunizations, giving an ensured market to the shots.

Government authorities likewise may have stressed they were betting a lot on antibodies that probably won’t work out. Moreover, on the off chance that you construct a creation limit far ahead of time, you may wind up not utilizing some of this on the grounds that an immunization turns out not to work, he says. The typical sense is to delay until you know which antibody works and afterward increase creation. Yet, that wasn’t the right nature here. Likewise, governments may have been careful about putting citizen cash toward building foundations for private enterprises—regardless of whether they recovered the interest as diminished immunization costs. In any case, once more, on account of COVID-19, the worth of these speculations would have far exceeded the possible expenses.

Undeveloped embryos seem to switch their natural clock right off being developed

As individuals age, so do the entirety of our cells, which gather harm after some time. In any case, why our posterity doesn’t acquire those changes — viably maturing a youngster even before birth — has been a secret. At the point when you are conceived, you don’t acquire your folks’ age, says a formative researcher at MIT who contemplates the eternality of germline cells like eggs or sperm.For some explanation, you are at zero.Experts once imagined that germline cells may be ever-enduring — some way or another shielded from the progression of time. However, examines have given indications of maturing in eggs and sperm, scattering that thought. So specialists have theorized that germline cells may rather reset their age after origination, switching any harm.

Researchers portray proof that upholds that revival speculation. Both mouse and human germline cells seem to reset their organic age in the beginning phases of an undeveloped organism’s turn of events. A restoration period that happens after an undeveloped organism has appended to the uterus sets the developing undeveloped organism at its most youthful natural age, named “ground zero,” scientists report June 25 in Science Advances. Seeing how germline cells invert maturing could assist analysts with creating medicines for age-related illnesses, like joint pain or Parkinson’s, says Vittorio Sebastiano, a formative scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine who was not engaged with the work. In such illnesses, certain cells may get broken because of harm. Resetting the age of those cells could keep them from causing issues.

It’s conceivable that this revival period “can be utilized and seized by one way or another to essentially attempt to advance comparable cycles of restoration in ordinary cells,” Sebastiano says. Vadim Gladyshev, a natural chemist and geneticist who studies maturing at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and partners utilized atomic clocks to anticipate the surmised periods of mouse incipient organisms in the beginning phases of improvement. The timekeepers measure epigenetic changes, substance labels on DNA that can accumulate as cells age or are presented to things like contamination. Such labels can change a quality’s movement yet not the data that the quality contains.

By following epigenetic changes, the group tracked down that the age of the mouse incipient organisms remained steady during the principal phases of cell division quickly following preparation. In any case, by around 6.5 to 7.5 days into improvement, after an incipient organism connected to the uterus, the normal natural period of undeveloped organisms had plunged — a sign that cells were going through some kind of revival occasion. A mouse undeveloped organism’s ground zero might be somewhere close to 4.5 to 10.5 days after preparation, the analysts say. Eventually during improvement, however the specific point is as yet muddled, mouse incipient organisms’ natural age then, at that point started to climb. Contemplating human incipient organisms at the soonest phases of advancement is restricted, so comparative information for people was inaccessible, Gladyshev says. Yet, some human undeveloped organisms that were marginally farther along being developed than the mouse incipient organisms didn’t promptly age, a clue that a comparative interaction occurs in individuals. The examination is an initial step and suggests more conversation starters than answers.

New device actuates profound cerebrum neurons by joining ultrasound, hereditary qualities.

Neurological issues like Parkinson’s illness and epilepsy have had some treatment accomplishment with profound mind incitement, however those require careful gadget implantation. A multidisciplinary group at Washington University in St. Louis has fostered another cerebrum incitement method utilizing centered ultrasound that can turn explicit sorts of neurons in the mind on and off and definitely control engine action without careful gadget implantation.The group, driven by Hong Chen, collaborator teacher of biomedical designing in the McKelvey School of Engineering and of radiation oncology at the School of Medicine, is quick to give direct proof appearance noninvasive, cell-type-explicit enactment of neurons in the cerebrum of warm blooded creature by joining ultrasound-incited warming impact and hereditary qualities, which they have named sonothermogenetics. It is likewise the main work to show that the ultrasound-hereditary qualities blend can powerfully control conduct by animating a particular objective somewhere down in the cerebrum.

The senior exploration group included specialists from both the McKelvey School of Engineering and the School of Medicine, including Jianmin Cui, educator of biomedical designing; Joseph P. Educator of anesthesiology and pharmacology at the University of Washington.The work gave proof that sonothermogenetics inspires conduct reactions in unreservedly moving mice while focusing on a profound mind site. Sonothermogenetics can possibly change our methodologies for neuroscience, investigate and reveal new techniques to comprehend and treat human mind issues. Utilizing a mouse model, Chen and the group conveyed a viral development containing TRPV1 particle channels to hereditarily chosen neurons. Then, at that point, they conveyed a little eruption of warmth by means of low-power centered ultrasound to the select neurons in the mind through a wearable gadget. 

We can move the ultrasound gadget worn on the head of free-moving mice around to target various areas in the entire cerebrum,” said Yaoheng Yang, first creator of the paper and an alumni understudy in biomedical designing. The work expands on research led in Cui’s lab that was distributed in Scientific Reports in 2016. Cui and his group figured out interestingly that ultrasound alone can impact particle channel action and could prompt new and noninvasive approaches to control the action of explicit cells.

 In their work, they tracked down that engaged ultrasound regulated the flows coursing through the particle channels on normal by up to 23%, contingent upon channel and improvement power. Following this work, scientists discovered nearly 10 particle channels with this ability, however every one of them are mechanosensitive, not thermosensitive. The work likewise expands on the idea of optogenetics, the blend of the designated articulation of light-delicate particle channels and the exact conveyance of light to invigorate neurons somewhere down in the mind.. Sonothermogenetics has the guarantee to focus on any area in the mouse mind with a millimetre-scale goal without making any harm to the cerebrum, Chen said. She and the group keep on streamlining the procedure and further approve their discoveries.

Unemployment-hindrance to development

Unemployment became a never ending war problem in front of our country .But the outbreak of covid19 make this problem more dense. Now along with the problem of unemployment the problem of disguised employment is in front of us. Unemployment means the numbers of individuals in the state are finding jobs for which they are fit, and they are willing to, but not getting that. Or simply a person is willing for a paid job or searching for one. It is a curse to society and decreases the economic growth of the country. The particular age group of unemployment is adults. The main reason for unemployment is the rapidly increasing population is one of the most affecting factors of unemployment. Slow economic growth, industrial growth is also the main reason for unemployment.
Unemployment leads to an increase in poverty and sets back the economic growth of the country. The women’s unemployment rate is higher in rural areas than in urban sectors of the country. Unemployment also misguides or makes our youth helpless to do criminal activities. The migration of people from rural to urban areas for the search of the job also affects it. As the demand for jobs is high and the number of posts is less. Unemployment is also a reason for our youth is getting addicted to drugs. Due to lack of a job, they get addicted to drugs, alcohol, and may even get into criminal activities. The government, as well as the society or we, should focus on population control and make people aware of its ill effects, long-time advantages, and ways to control which help the government to provide jobs to needy ones if there are some limited members.
Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Agriculture in India is not developed enough to accommodate all the unemployed youth. Our agriculture is still dependent on old and traditional ways of farming. And our education should also be upgraded as it mainly focuses on practical aspects of learning, should offer the vocational course and with that indirectly it will give the job to teachers.

Mob lynching-to what extent correct?

Mob Lynching is an open punishment applied by a gather that does not have the authority to do so. Most times, lynching occurs when a group believes that a person has committed a crime, even if it has not been trialed or convicted. lynching’s practice may include public hangings, tar, and feathering, or other forms of extreme punishment or execution performed in public. Lynching differs from uncommon types of punishment because the public performs it outside the legal system. This is often handled by a group of people. Lynching is a mob justice in which ordinary people come together to terrorize or punish someone they think violates a legal, moral, and social standard. Today in our society cases of mob-lynching occur in the name of homecoming, love jihad, cow protection, and self-defense camps, the longstanding issues of communalism against the community are being expressed now as violence. The crowd is making a target of people .also many cases recorder where There is an attempt to provoke communities suffering from such attacks. 

The instant “justice” of the crowd also reveals the breaking of people’s confidence in law and order. mass lynching cases are mainly caused by the spread of rumors, suspicions, or religious beliefs. If we understand the events in what order they happened then, we may consider that some were the consequences of caste-based horrors, some were because of religious beliefs, and the rest was because of false news or rumors.

No doubt we should respect religious beliefs, but what if few people kill a person based on suspicion or suspicion? But the main question is that too what extend it is justified to take law in the hands. And to do injustice with someone in the name of the justice. Now need of the time is that government itself investigate the matter and give punishment to those who are culprit.


Evil corruption

Corruption refers to a form of criminal activity or dishonesty. It refers to an evil act by an individual or a group. It includes activities like bribery or embezzlement. Most people in positions of authority are susceptible to Corruption. Corruption certainly reflects greedy and selfish behavior. Bribery is the most common method of Corruption which involves improper use of favors and gifts in exchange for personal gain. the favors include money, gifts, company shares, sexual favors, employment, entertainment, and political benefits. Also, the personal gain can be – giving preferential treatment and overlooking crime.

One important way of preventing Corruption is to give a better salary in a government job. Many government employees receive pretty low salaries. so they resort to bribery to meet their expenses. So, government employees should receive higher salaries. , high salaries would reduce their motivation and resolve to engage in bribery. By Increasing the number of workers we can curb Corruption. In many government offices, the workload is very high. This provides an opportunity to slow down the work of government employees. Consequently, these employees then indulge in bribery in return for faster delivery of work. Hence, this opportunity to bribe can be removed by bringing in more employees in government offices.

Strong laws are very important for stopping Corruption. strict punishments need to be meted out to guilty individuals. Furthermore, there should be an efficient and quick implementation of strict laws. Applying cameras in workplaces is an excellent way to prevent corruption. Above all, many individuals would refrain from indulging in Corruption due to fear of being caught. Furthermore, these individuals would have otherwise engaged in Corruption. Furthermore, the politician supports them due to the benefits they receive. Corruption is a great evil in society. This evil should be quickly eliminated from society. 

Prominence of education

Education is the act of discovering things around us. And so the prominence of the education in a person life. To discover the real meaning of life. We need to educate not ourselves but our environment also. Education helps us to easily recognize and deal with any difficulty and makes balance throughout the whole life in every aspect. Education is the first and foremost right of every human being. And therefore we have the right to education in our constitution. Without education we are incomplete and our lives are useless. Education helps us to set a goal and go ahead by working on that throughout life. It improves our knowledge, skill, confidence level, and personality. It empowers us intellectually to interact with others in our life. Education brings maturity and teaches us to live in a society with changing environment. For adaptability, education is a must. It is the way to social development, economic growth, and technological development. For being a proper social person we need to educate ourselves.

Education plays a great role in everyone’s life by building personality, improving knowledge and skill, and providing a feeling of well-being for a person. Education has been divided into three categories in our country as Primary education, Secondary education, and Higher Secondary education. It develops our analytical skills, character, and overall personality. Education plays a pivotal role in nourishing his present and future by ensuring aim of the life. 

Every child must to go school at his/her appropriate age as everyone has equal rights to education from birth. The growth and development of any country depend on the quality of the education system set for young ones in schools and colleges. However, the education system in every area of the country is not the same so the proper growth and development of the people and society vary according to the weak and strong education system of the particular region. The future of our country is the youth and the more our youth will learn more advanced our nation will become.

Agony of covid19

COVID has not only affected us by entering our bodies but the agony of Losing family members, jobs, income, a completely disrupted education system, and constant fear of what next have severely damaged the peace of people. Even doctors, nurses are under the agony of constant threat and tremendous work pressure. Oxygen plants are being constructed and vaccines are being produced, however, what the mind has been going through cannot be cured by steroids or vaccines.

These are some of the thoughts that haunt many of us who are infected or have lost people close to us due to COVID. Whenever we surf the internet through information pieces or even when we watch the news, we see they offer COVID helpline numbers, hospital details, and other valuable information on how to tackle COVID. In the same way, we can have a COVID Mental Health support helpline, wherein people can interact with therapists or more precisely connect to somebody who can listen and feel empathetically.

At this point advice like yoga, meditation, or “keep yourself engaged” does not work. There has to be sharing, there has to be handholding throughout the process of recovery. To heal completely from COVID or COVID implications the mind needs to be healed as well and we all have to pay attention to this

Mental Sickness

Covid-19 has shaken the entire world. Even though Major Pharma companies have developed vaccines intending to end the pandemic. we are still struggling to find an end to this pandemic. One of the issues that India faces is the delay in immunizing the population again Covid-19. The delay is partly due to overpopulation. And If the vaccines are not effective against the new variant, it needs to be redesigned to combat the new variant, prolonging the pandemic.

Due to covid, our country has to suffer Major economies struggle to cope with the health care burden as millions of infected people need hospitalization for several days, depending on the severity of the disease.

No one knows when lockdown will be enforced again to control the situation. Many are losing their families and not allowed to attend the final rites due to strict quarantine and lockdown measures. Along with these major problems This disease has seriously created mental health issues, and it may take years to recover from such mental health conditions. Governments have to set up a separate budget to manage increasing mental health issues. The freedom to move around has now been crippled by Covid-19, and most people in lockdown are confined in a small space, limiting them to have face-to-face interactions with their dear ones and friends. It has affected people from all walks of life and has led to mental health issues. It is hard to find a common solution to all as mental health issues differ from person to person. Students are the worst affected community as Many schools and colleges have resorted to online teaching, which isn’t as good as a regular session. 

The digital screen has now become our portal to communicate with the outside world. Many children have lost their parents in this second wave in India and have become orphans since then. There were several appeals to the Government of India requesting to support the children who have lost their parents/guardians/adopted parents. In such a drastic situation people are feeling alone. The best thing to overcome negative thoughts is by performing regular meditation and yoga, listen to music, news, recall sweet memories, watch favorite movies, plays, and read books. Only by overcoming our negative thoughts we can overcome mental sickeness.

Coca Cola controversy

As Cristiano Ronaldo snubbed Coca-Cola at the press conference ahead of Portugal’s Euro 2020 opener, the move had a spiralling effect all across the football fraternity. The move also coincided with the share prices of Coca-Cola dropping down, wiping off about USD 4 billion from their brand value. However, industry experts don’t feel the two incidents were related.


  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s Coca-Cola snub at a Euro 2020 news conference has been a huge topic of discussion
  • The move also coincided with the brand value of Coke sinking by USD 4 billion
  • A market expert, however, has brushed aside any connection between the two

Ronaldo wasn’t pleased seeing Coca-Cola bottles placed on the table as he arrived to attend the press conference with Portugal manager Fernando Santos on the eve of the Hungary match. He put the Coke bottles aside and picked up a water bottle saying ‘Agua’, asking people to drink water over soft drinks.

While the move was to promote a healthier lifestyle, the fact that Coca-Cola is an official sponsor of Euro 2020, is bound to leave both the beverage brand and UEFA a little disappointed.

“Coke and UEFA will both be fuming,” sports marketing expert Tim Crow, who worked as an advisor to the beverage-maker for 20 years, was quoted as saying by The Athletic. “The fact is there’s an agreement between them, which all the FAs and players sign up to, and one of the contractual agreements is going to press conferences where you’re surrounded by the sponsors’ branding.”

It’s certainly not ideal that one of the most famous and most followed athletes on the planet makes a gesture like that. The sports marketing community will have raised more than an eyebrow in Ronaldo doing that,” he added.

A day after the incident, reports of Ronaldo’s move hurting Coca-Cola’s stock prices and brand value surfaced but Crow has dismissed any co-relation between the two incidents. Branding it as ‘complete nonsense’, Crow said that the investors in the United States of America are not impacted by what happens in a European football match’s press conference.

American investors are not driven by what happens in a press conference ahead of a European football match. It doesn’t work like that. Tonnes of stocks went down for several reasons but the two things are not related. There are a billion servings of Coke every day. I think they’ll be OK,” he said.

How to Make Money Blogging

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Affiliate Marketing

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Normally, we’re not big fans of selling ads on your site. You need roughly a million visitors per year for the large ad networks to take you seriously, and affiliate marketing is almost always more profitable and just as passive.

That being said, some niches like recipes, fashion, and news are hard to monetize through many of the other methods mentioned here, and they get LOTS of page views. In that case, putting a few ads on your site can make sense as a supplementary income source.


There are many reasons to start a blog for personal use and only a handful of strong ones for business blogging. Blogging for business, projects, or anything else that might bring you money has a very straightforward purpose – to rank your website higher in Google SERPs, a.k.a. increase your visibility.

As a business, you rely on consumers to keep buying your products and services. As a new business, you rely on blogging to help you get to potential consumers and grab their attention. Without blogging, your website would remain invisible, whereas running a blog makes you searchable and competitive.

There are many reasons to start a blog for personal use and only a handful of strong ones for business blogging. Blogging for business, projects, or anything else that might bring you money has a very straightforward purpose – to rank your website higher in Google SERPs, a.k.a. increase your visibility.

As a business, you rely on consumers to keep buying your products and services. As a new business, you rely on blogging to help you get to potential consumers and grab their attention. Without blogging, your website would remain invisible, whereas running a blog makes you searchable and competitive.

Blogs and websites

Many people still wonder if there is any difference between a blog and a website. What is a blog and what is a website? It’s even more challenging to differentiate between the two today. Many companies are integrating blogs into their websites as well, which further confuses the two.

Hugging helps lower our stress throughout the day.

As you know how drinking too much coffee can kind of put us on edge for the next dew hours? Wll hugging can actually have the opposite effect like so many other unseen benefits this all goes back to good hormones some research believe that hugging and other Interpersonal touch can boot a hormones called oxytocin and also effects our endogenous opioid system

Big words right but basically it’s boils down to this simply through the act of hugging our brains can produce soothing chemicals that helps us feel more safe and less threatening throughout the day so when something stressful does come up we don’t have such an aggressive fight or flights response to it .


The hope to open anxiety & depression is a collection of heartfelt honestly by a people

In past few year articles anxiety depression and a host of other mental health condition have taken the internet by storm things that’s decades age many people were afraid to talk about they fear doing so might make them appear weak or flawed or troubled but not a wave of openess and honestly has led to more and more people to talk about there mental health and the issues they might be facing

You might be woundering but what exactly is mental health you have heard of things like anxiety and depression and you are some what familiar with negative effects stress can have on the body but you don’t know about the nuances of these things and why caring for our mental health such a crucial part of living happy healthy and well rounded life.

The Novavax vaccine could help immunization in centre and low- pay nations and realities behind it

Novavax has banded together with SII to supply 20 crore dosages of its immunization between September to December. The organization has been pushing for crisis authorization in a few nations as the US has effectively amassed a monstrous antibody keep money with Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson candidates.India, which is in a gigantic inoculation drive to shield its populace from the lethal Covid, is soon prone to get another immunization from US-based Novavax. The Covishield is being utilized broadly in the Indian inoculation drive. Novavax’s CEO, said that the organization intends to apply for administrative freedom internationally and is focusing on center and low-pay nations that are confronting the brunt of Covid-19 because of the mash of immunizations.

NVX-CoV237, planned by the Maryland-based organization Novavax, is a recombinant protein immunization that utilizes spike proteins to show the body how to foster invulnerability against the novel Covid. Novavax analysts started by embedding a changed spike quality into baculovirus and contaminated moth cells. These tainted moth cells delivered spike proteins that combined to shape the spikes seen studded on the novel Covid’s surface. The scientists then, at that point collected the spike proteins from moth cells and gathered them into nano-particles that mirrored the atomic construction of the Covid-19 infection, however they didn’t recreate.

Once infused into the arm, the nanoparticles draw in the body’s invulnerability cells compelling them to react rapidly and firmly. The nanoparticles are then conveyed by safe cells known as antigen-introducing cells that tear separated the spike protein and show the sections on their surface. This actuates the body’s B cells that begin spilling out antibodies. The recently created antibodies ‘recollect’ the infection’s spike protein get enacted when a genuine infection attempts to contaminate the body.As and when Covid places its spike proteins on the cells, the antigen-introducing cells remember it and annihilate it.

The viability is comparable to equal up-and-comers from Pfizer and Moderna. It’s anything but an adequacy of 100% at forestalling moderate or serious infection, the New York Times detailed. The Phase III preliminaries were dispatched in the United Kingdom in September 2020, where it’s anything but an adequacy of 96% against the first Covid variation. The organization is likewise fostering an antibody against new variations of Covid-19. Novavax has now extended its clinical preliminary to incorporate youngsters as youthful as 12 years.With regards to shipping the antibody, Covavax offers an interesting benefit to Pfizer, Moderna or Indian immunizations like Covi Shield as it tends to be kept stable for as long as 90 days in a cooler, not at all like different antibodies that need to be kept in a frozen state. The organization has kept up that it’s anything but a creation objective of 150 million portions before the finish of the second from last quarter in 2021.

Google is utilizing AI to plan processors that run AI all the more effectively

Architects at Google have requested that a man-made brain power plan quicker and more proficient processors – and afterward utilized its chip plans to foster the up and coming age of particular PCs that run exactly the same sort of AI algorithms.Google works at such a huge scope that it plans its own microchips as opposed to purchasing business items. This permits it to improve the chips to run its own product, however the cycle is tedious and costly. A custom chip for the most part takes a few years to develop.One phase of chip configuration is an interaction called floor-planning, which includes taking the settled circuit chart of another chip and organizing the large numbers of segments into a proficient format for assembling. Albeit the practical plan of the chip is finished now, the design can hugely affect speed and force utilization. For cell phones, the need might be to slice power utilization to extend battery life, yet for a server farm, it very well might be more critical to amplify speed. 

Floor-planning has recently been an exceptionally manual and tedious assignment, says Anna Goldie at Google. Groups would divide bigger chips into squares and work on parts in equal, messing around to discover little refinements, she says.But Goldie and her associates have now made programming that transforms the floor-planning issue into an assignment for a neural organization. It’s anything but a clear chip and its huge number of segments as a mind boggling jigsaw with a tremendous measure of potential arrangements. The point is to improve whatever boundaries the designers choose are generally significant, while additionally setting every one of the parts and associations between them precisely. The product started by creating arrangements at arbitrary times that were tried for execution and effectiveness by a different calculation and afterward took care of back to the first. Thus, it slowly realized what methodologies were compelling and based upon past victories. It got going sort of arbitrary and gets truly downright terrible, however after large amount of emphasis it turns out to be very acceptable and quick.

The group’s product created designs for a chip in under 6 hours that were equivalent or better than those delivered by people more than a while as far as force utilization, execution and chip thickness. A current programming device considered RePlAce that finishes plans at a comparative speed missed the mark regarding the two people and the AI generally speaking in tests. The chip configuration utilized in the trials was the most recent form of Google’s Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), which is intended to run the very same kind of neural organization calculations for use in the organization’s internet searcher and programmed interpretation instrument. It is possible that this new AI-planned chip will be utilized later on to plan its replacement, and that replacement would thus be utilized to plan its own substitution. 

The group accepts that a similar neural organization approach can be applied to the different other tedious phases of chip configuration, slicing the general plan time from years to days. The organization expects to repeat rapidly in light of the fact that even little upgrades in speed or force utilization can have a tremendous effect at the immense scope it works at. There’s a high chance of expense in not delivering the future. Suppose that the enhanced one is substantially more force productive. The level of the effect that can have on the carbon impression of AI, given it’s conveyed in a wide range of various server farms, is truly significant. Indeed, even one day sooner, it’s anything but a major contrast.

Micro- organisms are associated with how infants experience dread!

The human stomach related framework is home to an immense local area of microorganisms known as the gut microbiome. The MSU-UNC research group found that the gut microbiome was diverse in babies with solid dread reactions and newborn children with milder reactions.These dread reactions – how somebody responds to a terrifying circumstance – in early life can be pointers of future psychological wellness. Furthermore, there is developing proof tying neurological prosperity to the microbiome in the gut.The new discoveries recommend that the gut microbiome could one day furnish scientists and doctors with another device to screen and support sound neurological turn of events. This early formative period is a period of enormous freedom for advancing solid mental health, said the head of the new investigation distributed June 2 in the diary Nature Communications.The microbiome is an energizing new objective that can be possibly utilized for that.Studies of this association and its part in dread reaction in creatures drove Knickmeyer, a partner educator in the College of Human Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, and her group to search for something comparable in people. Also, concentrating how people, particularly little youngsters, handle dread is significant on the grounds that it can help conjecture psychological wellness sometimes.

Fear responses are a typical piece of kid improvement. Kids ought to know about dangers in their current circumstance and be prepared to react to them. In any case, on the off chance that they can’t hose that reaction when they’re protected, they might be at uplifted danger to foster nervousness and sorrow later on in life.On the opposite finish of the reaction range, kids with particularly quieted dread reactions may proceed to foster insensitive, apathetic characteristics related with solitary conduct, Knickmeyer said.To decide if the gut microbiome was associated with dread reaction in people, Knickmeyer and her colleagues planned a pilot concentrate with around 30 babies. The specialists chose the accomplice cautiously to keep whatever number elements affecting the gut microbiome as predictable as could be allowed. For instance, the entirety of the youngsters were breastfed and none was on antibiotics.The scientists then, at that point described the kids’ microbiome by investigating feces tests and surveyed a kid’s dread reaction utilizing a basic test: seeing how a kid responded to somebody going into the room while wearing a Halloween cover.

We truly needed the experience to be charming for both the children and their folks. The guardians were there the entire time and they could bounce in at whatever point they needed. These are actually the sorts of encounters babies would have in their ordinary lives.Compiling all the information, the specialists saw huge relationship between explicit highlights of the gut microbiome and the strength of baby dread responses.For model, youngsters with lopsided microbiomes at multi month old enough were more unfortunate at 1 year old enough. Lopsided microbiomes are overwhelmed by a little arrangement of microorganisms, though even microbiomes are more balanced.The analysts likewise found that the substance of the microbial local area at 1 year old enough identified with dread reactions. Contrasted and less unfortunate kids, babies with uplifted reactions had a greater amount of certain kinds of microscopic organisms and less of others.

The group, nonetheless, didn’t notice an association between the kids’ gut microbiome and how the youngsters responded to outsiders who weren’t wearing covers. Knickmeyer said this is likely because of the various pieces of the cerebrum engaged with preparing conceivably alarming situations.With outsiders, there is a social component. So kids may have a social attentiveness, however they don’t consider aliens to be quick dangers. At the point when kids see a veil, they don’t consider it to be social. It goes into that no fuss appraisal part of the mind. As a component of the examination, the group additionally imaged the kids’ cerebrums utilizing MRI innovation. They tracked down that the substance of the microbial local area at 1 year was related with the size of the amygdala, which is important for the mind engaged with conveying fast choices about expected intimidations.

Drawing an obvious conclusion proposes that the microbiome may impact how the amygdala creates and works. That is one of many fascinating conceivable outcomes revealed by this new examination, which the group is presently attempting to imitate. Knickmeyer is additionally getting ready to fire up new lines of request with new joint efforts at IQ, posing new inquiries that she’s eager to answer.We have an extraordinary chance to help neurological wellbeing early on.Our long haul objective is that we’ll realize how we can deal with cultivate sound development and improvement.

Why unemployment occurs?

Being 2nd in terms of the population can seem a curse to our country especially in terms of employment. The competition that youngsters face these days is because of this population. Even those who get a job didn’t get the desired salary. Most employees are not paid in proportion to the work that we put in. What’s more, this is not a new problem or one that has been created by a single government. In our country, low monthly incomes are a norm – across all states, and as a consequence, wage inequality remains high. Wage growth significantly trails economic growth in the country. The sluggish growth of our GDP has led to a rise in inequality and widened the economic divide between rural and urban India.

The sad part is that India’s unemployed are mostly the higher educated and the young. And those who have jobs are not satisfied enough. If you believe that only a few people at the top are getting huge paychecks, think again. Because data suggest that we aren’t creating too many high-paying jobs either. And even though labor productivity has risen in India, growth in remuneration has remained slow. The sad part is statistic, graphs of unemployment are still the same. The new jobs and opportunities are nothing in front of our population. This problem needs to review and can be to some extent need to be solved through bargaining power. Skilling, sometimes, multi-skilling at all levels is the most effective way to fight the wage crisis and the coming job crisis -the crucial designation before talent can be matched with demand. If the skilling exception isn’t corrected, job seekers will end up in the bad job trap. Skills produce productivity, and productivity brings with it higher pay.

The problem is that the business power of workers in India is low and getting more worse. Wage changes are also a result of changes in the way of production. Throughout the last few years, production has become more capital intensive or less dependent on labor in nearly every manufacturing industry in the organized and unorganized sectors. This is true, if to a lesser extent, for agriculture and services as well. While technical know-how and increased use of machinery is a change that needs to be welcomed since it translates to increased productivity, in labor surplus economies like India, the enhanced productivity does not automatically translate to higher wages for employees. Therefore need of the time is to cope up with the desired need of the institutes and became more high tech by learning more digital skills.

Pandemic, Placement, and Future of young generation.

Covid19 binds us to our shelters, and study remains restricted to computer screens. In one way or another way, covid19 does impact the life of the people. So to the final year students. Due to covid19 outbreak and lockdown, many students did not receive their job letters those who received them faced delaying joining dates even after getting hired. some students did not get a call back from the employer regarding their status of employment. Along with elders, students were hoping too for things to get back to normal But the second wave of the virus crushed all the hopes of the students. Students will have to set in the new normal of digitization.

Firms have changed their hiring process also from full-time to unpaid or stipend-based internships, to cut costs. Companies are even reducing the number of hiring employees and are also offering comparatively lower compensation packages. Only a few companies have joined so far for placement in the but only with minimal vacancies. besides affecting the health sector, Covid19 has also posed major setbacks for small businesses and it’s going to affect freshers.

Marginal or no placements have hugely affected students. There’s a persistent fear of remaining unemployed even after college ends. Sadly, the institutions no longer take the responsibility of getting their students placed and ensuring their economic and financial safety. Also, there’s a lack of strategy behind planning placement drives. Government should interrupt to negotiate between the colleges and companies for the interest of the students.. The government has to put in extra effort to ensure that unemployment levels among the youth do not increase further. A lot of people lost their jobs during the pandemic. Now, the challenge in front of freshers is to compete with those who are experienced enough but unemployed. Our state should look into this matter and try to create job opportunities for the youth so that the number of unemployed population could be declined.

Soonest recollections can begin from the age of over two!

The discoveries, distributed in peer-surveyed diary Memory, pushes back the past finishes of the normal period of earliest recollections by an entire year. They are introduced in another 21-year study, which followed on from an audit of effectively existing data.When one’s most punctual memory happens, it is a moving objective as opposed to being a solitary static memory, clarifies youth amnesia master and lead creator Dr Carole Peterson.Thus, what numerous individuals give when asked to their soonest memory isn’t a limit or watershed starting, before which there are no recollections. Maybe, there is by all accounts a pool of possible recollections from which the two grown-ups and youngsters sample.And, we accept individuals recall a ton from age two that they don’t understand. 

That is for two reasons. To start with, it’s exceptionally simple to get individuals to recollect prior recollections basically by asking them what their most punctual memory is, and afterward asking them for a couple of something else. Then, at that point they begin reviewing significantly prior recollections – at times up to an entire year sooner. It resembles preparing a siphon; when you kick them off its self-prompting.Secondly, we’ve achieved that those early recollections are methodically misdated. Again and again we discover individuals think they were more seasoned than they really were in their initial recollections.” 

For over 20 years Dr Peterson has concentrated on memory, with a specific spotlight on the capacity of kids and grown-ups to review their most punctual years. This most recent examination audited 10 of her exploration articles on youth amnesia followed by investigations of both distributed and unpublished information gathered in Dr Peterson’s research facility since 1999. It highlighted a sum of 992 members, and recollections of 697 members were then contrasted with the memories of their parents.Overall, it shows that kids’ most punctual recollections precede when they think it occurred, as affirmed by their folks. 

In a portion of the exploration investigated by Peterson, the proof to move our potential memory clock is “convincing.” For instance, while checking on an examination which talked with kids following two and eight years had passed since their most punctual memory they had the option to review a similar memory, anyway in the resulting interviews gave a later age regarding when they occurred.Eight years after the fact many accepted they were an entire year more established. In this way, the kids, as they age, continue to move how old they thought they were at the hour of those early memories,says Dr Peterson. Furthermore, she accepts that the finding is because of something in memory dating called ‘extending’.

At the point when you take a gander at things that happened quite a while in the past, it resembles glancing through a lens.The more far off a memory is, the extending impact makes you consider it to be nearer. It turns out they push their most punctual memory ahead a year to around three and a half years old. Yet, we found that when the youngster or grown-up is recollecting occasions from age four and up, this doesn’t happen.She says, in the wake of sifting through the entirety of the information, it plainly shows individuals recall much more of their youth and significantly farther back than they might suspect they do, and it’s generally simple to help them access those recollections.

The ruthless approach of private institutes.

Right to education a right that is just on the paper. The pandemic situation makes access to education more challenging. The expensive fees of institutes, colleges, and tuition teachers along with the cost of digital gadgets. Make it a dream for the unprivileged child. Along with expensive gadgets, the additional cost of the internet is a matter of concern. This all thing make together cost of education very expensive. That is not affordable for all. The Pandemic hit makes our environment full of grief. Many lost their loved ones as well as earning hands. The question is in that situation how an innocent child pays for the education expenses. the answer is simple. The unprivileged child eventually drops out of school. People have to deal with financial pressure and subsequent anxiety. The pandemic has financially impacted the Indian middle and upper-middle class. Also many lost their jobs during the covid19 hit. The savings are diverted towards the needs. The reduction in earnings with the additional monthly cost of electricity, rent, and other bills make education cost impracticable.

Even during this time that certain private colleges are charging mercilessly an expensive amount of fees. This has put enormous pressure on families that sometimes have only one earning member per family. OR those who lost only earning members of the family. They have continued with their regular scheme of fees without issuing even the slightest bit of deduction. Even the government is not supporting the pitty family;
Even though government gives the judgment that Colleges should not charge more than the students’ tuition fees because they practically have online-only classes. Many students think it is not justified to charge students for the facilities they are no costs such as the library, sports grounds, canteen, etc. Some colleges have given ridiculous explanations about electricity bills, infrastructural cost and maintenance fees. But on the ground private institution didn’t care about this judgment and continue to charge whole fees from the students.
The colleges even ruthlessly pressuring the students and the parents to pay the semester fees on time, which would result in serious consequences if not paid. Private colleges are still looking at their profit margin even during a pandemic. The second wave hit more badly than the first wave. half of the population is covid positive. and admitted to the hospital looking for the medicine, oxygen cylinder, and ICU wards. The grief situation as well as the financial expense in the medical treatment. Given the scarcity of beds, private hospitals are charging a huge amount to the patients’ families. They have no option but to comply. The medical expenses are an additional burden that they have to bear. The bills keep adding and resulted in borrowing .and then never adding a circle of depth began. In such a sad situation how can a student pay his fees?

The students not only have to give compulsory examinations but they also have to pay with the financial expenses. Owing to this expense, students in the middle and lower strata of society are thinking to drop out the college. They are taking up whatever odd jobs they can get with little pay to support their family. Many of them had plans to pursue degrees post-graduation, but they have no option but to give up given the circumstances. In certain families with more than two children, it is becoming an increasing burden for the earning member to keep up with the rising expenses.

Lack of income source, lack of money, and diversion of savings towards basic needs as well as medical expenditures are some of the reasons stated by students facing such a crisis. Even authorities are not assisting the common people. Government is silent on this issue. That’s the reason many students give theatre life as being hopeless by committing suicide. Students want the college to either waive off the fees or provide them with some aid or assistance. The absolute lack of understanding for students has been reflected by these colleges. The mental fatigue and pain caused by this constant pressure are harmful to the well-being of students and parents as well.
It is unfair on the part of private colleges to seek their profits during the pandemic situation. Instead of charging such a high amount, they should either waive it off for students going through a financial crisis or charge them just the tuition fee. The students are already facing mental pressure and anxiety. There is a lack of accessibility to online education existing already. Some have had to purchase laptops, good mobile sets, and costly data packs to attend classes. To assume that everyone’s financial condition will remain unaffected because they belong to a privileged background is wrong and fallacious.
Some colleges are giving excuses that they have to pay to there teachers. Therefore they have to ask for money. But it is not convincing enough for the students who have time and again asked for a breakup of the fee structure. The students are helpless at this point. Even after approaching multiple authorities, they have not received a helpful solution. We can help these needy students through our small contribution. We common people should assist those who are in need.


What is this crytocurrency that everybody is talking about? In simple words, it is digital currency in encrypted form. Money transaction is processed and validated through data mining. As of now, using crypto currency is a very complex process. Still, it is becoming popular in recent times worldwide.

Here, money transaction is carried out between two parties only.Hence there is no third party involvement. After validation and processing through data mining,it is kept in public ledgers but the transactions are kept confidential.Once a transaction is validated, miners get this crypto currency as reward.

Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum ,Pipple are some examples of cryptocurrency. Out of this, Bit coin is the most popular crypto currency.

Cryptocurrency works on Block Chain Technology, which is a decentralised technology spread across many computers that manages and records transactions.

There are more than 4000 cryptos worldwide as of now. It’s users are called miners. This virtual currency is exchanged over the internet and uses cryptography as a means of security. There is no central authority to manage this system and it is immune to government interference.It is highly confidential and totally decentralised person to person payment method. All the transactions and accounts can be traced but the owner accounts are usually not easily traceable.

International money transfer can also be done through crypto. As it is becoming popular nowadays, it’s value is getting increased. Some people even use it for investment purposes. A large number of individuals and businesses have started using this. Many online websites also accept virtual currencies as payment.

Bitcoin is a premier crytocurrency created by Satoshi Nakatomo on 31 st October, 2008. It is pseudonomous and is controlled by users called bitcoin miners. These miners use different computer program and resources to solve highly complicated mathematics problems and get a number of bitcoins in exchange. They do this by verifying transactions and adding them to a public ledger called Blockchain. It holds the transaction history of all bitcoins in circulation. These miners keep the network secure and ensure that all systems are synchronized together. Those miners who help to accurately track the transactions and maintain network are rewarded with cryptos.

Ripple or XRP is an open source digital payment platform. Here money can be transferred in actual currency or cryptocurrency. XRP is used as a bridge currency to settle cross border payment in a faster and cheaper manner.

The cryptocurrency has neither been made legal nor banned. In India, they are not in use legally. Experts are advising on shutting down its trading. Likewise, other major countries are thinking of banning cryptocurrencies. So we have to wait and watch if the crypto will become the future of transactions or goes away for good.

Child Labor and the miserable fate of unprivileged children.

Youth is the future of the country. if this statement is true. Then why our country is not able to eradicate the sin of child labor? we encounter the term child labor every time. and take it very casually. That’s the reason it still prevails within our society. we can find children doing work in 

Every city, lane, and corner of society. We have been taught since our childhood that child labor is wrong. the future is in the hand of the young fellow who is making their livelihoods in factories, big industries, and local vendors and shops working endlessly.

Why this young fellow has to deprived of their education? why their childhood is stolen from them? why do they bear to do the work from such a young age? While other children are enjoying their childhood.Why some unprivileged kids have to work with heavy machinery and weapons under a huge risk to their health, just to earn a two-figure income to afford a single meal. children have to resort to working and earning, instead of learning. who is responsible for their worst situation? The ones who should be earning are the young and unemployed youth, who are sitting at home without any scope for jobs. who will take responsibility for them? The need of the hour is to provide these children education They are the future of India, and they deserve an education.

Child labor means exploitation of children through any work that deprives them of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and is mentally, physically, socially, or morally harmful.  The practice of child labor is a crime ad people employing it people are the biggest criminals of Indian society. Another reason why child labor is wrong is that by making a child work, we are decreasing the quality of our education system and spoiling the innocent life of that child.

These children are suffering in the dark world of mental and physical pressure. by allowing these children to work in our houses and societies, as by employing them we are spoiling their future and career.

child labor is the evil part of society and needs to be eliminated. 

By taking the labor of children we are spoiling the life of an innocent child for their cheap labor and our selfish motives. If we want to maintain the quality of the education system, we have to educate children, especially those from rural areas who are deprived of education, basic amenities, and other advancement opportunities.

For the progress of society and our economy, this evil practice needs to be removed. so that our economy will be balanced so flawlessly that there will be no cases of poverty and child labor in the upcoming years. We should not forget that child labor arises from poverty, so we need to eradicate their poverty level through the power of education leading them towards their career goals.

The lack of knowledge and skill leads to child labor. Therefore the need for time is to increase the accessibility of education to everyone. we need to start moe initiatives like mid-day meal. to increase the reach of students to education.

Digital Disparity.

Covid19 expanded the digital divide. And shows the disparities within the society between the rural and urban, rich and poor. Lockdown compelled the shift to the virtual model. some of the students managed to receive an education without any obstacles. but many unprivileged students have been deprived of it. resulted in drop out of college and institutes due to the financial crisis of lockdown. Before the pandemic differences prevail in access to education but corona widened the gap. Rural areas have severe internet connectivity problems but Half of India’s population is living in rural parts of the country.

India is the second-largest populated country in the world. But it is a developing country. to maintain education for all during the lockdown when the schools are shut is quite challenging. the digital divide between the government and private institutes can be witnessed. Virtual learning wasn’t much challenging for private school students. Unlike the students of the government schools, who didn’t have access to the digital equipment. the Unprivileged children can’t afford access to quality internet and gadgets. Thus being deprived of education. The right to education is meaningless in the covid scenario. The government needs to bridge the digital divide to ensure students’ education. Some students are ahead of others. As many students drop out of school due to financial problems.

 Access to the internet on their mobile phones is a matter of concern as well. The need of the time is to provide digital infrastructure and tools access to unprivileged ones to access online classes. The digital divide has led to incidences of student suicides. many students committed suicide after drop out. Even in urban areas, disparities prevail. those living in slumps and downtrodden areas can’t afford education.

The government needs to focus on technology and extending the vision of digital India.

Those who have access to education face many hurdles such as in assembling notes, in paying attention due to bad network coverage. Getting time to do self-study is also difficult. preparation of online tests is another problem. seeking notes from some of the online sources is also difficult because some websites charge for the subscription which is not possible for everyone. students have to sit in front of the computer screen for many hours and Practical knowledge is not possible during the pandemic because it is hard for the students to perform practical virtually. even for teachers, it is difficult to prepare presentations for the students. 

pandemic hit increases our dependence on technology. The focus had always been on practical knowledge and skills. we are being actively tested for our knowledge without any proper structure of assessment. Most importantly, not all teachers are not good at technical stuff to manage classes or material distribution.

. COVID-19 also raised prominent questions about the need, significance, and value of virtual learning platforms. The majority of the students have been affected negatively and therefore the government should come up with such education policies that would benefit all the students. Common people also need to volunteer to lead a hand to needy people.

The complex paradigm of streams.

“Now what?”This question every student encounter in life after completing school. A career plan is the most significant and difficult question of life. Our whole life depends on this small question. Sometimes we choose our path and sometimes our society decides for us. 

The question  “What do I want to do in life?” is hard to answer.

It is tough for a school student to find their path at such a young age, because of the complicated model of ‘streams’. Studying science means you are limited to the medical and the engineering line. Studying commerce means being captured in chartered accountancy, banking, and finance and learning humanities imply that I must choose to become a lawyer or journalist.

The problem is the high competition within society The tragic fact is that we can never come back from this model of education, studies, and streams. we don’t have the right to choose subjects that are a combination of different streams. The reason streams are a challenge for us is that they directly affect our careers. Choosing a career is choosing life. As a career is related to financial independence. The question became more significant. every parent expects from there child to pursue a career that has the reputation, high earning prospect, and quite popular in society. Boys, in particular, are supposed to choose a career that can support their families financially one day. Today passion and happiness don’t matter when it comes to a career. The thing that matters for society is the reputation of the career. For society, boys should not go for teaching jobs, fashion designing and cooking are something that society doesn’t consider ideal jobs. some jobs are called ‘feminine jobs’ not meant for boys. Like cooking is related to females. Some jobs get undermined like fashion designing is compared to tailoring.

Students’ choices are also impacted badly by the stereotypes and repercussions. and they have to choose paths unwillingly as per society’s concern. Even though we are heading towards an impartial society, such differences prevail in our society. The ‘pay scale’ affects the choice of career. Women are still paid less and the gender pay gap continues to widen. 

Lack of awareness of new opportunities is a major challenge that school students face. We are not aware of the options beyond the ‘visible careers’. Visible careers are those careers that we see in everyday life, such as doctors, teachers, engineers, journalists, politicians, and businessmen. We lack knowledge about other options we have. There is a world beyond these visible careers: such as being a therapist, an urban planner, a singer, a beautician, a blogger.

so many jobs are available now because of the internet. such jobs can provide a great opportunity to the newcomer. Like social media marketing, a YouTuber, a blogger, a digital marketer. But the problem is students don’t have access to and knowledge of this career.

 Your career should be based on your strengths. The best choice of career comes from one’s passions and hobbies. Your career should inspire you and be the reason for your existence. It is you who can decide your career, not others. and being yourself and the following passion makes you happier.

Traditional education system how much effective?

Covid Pandemic left many Indians unemployed. While unemployment has always been a cause of attention for India. But mandatory experience and training made it more worse and challenging. the lack of practical skills holds us back. The recent unemployment numbers among educated youth show the drawback of India’s faulty education system and the lack of the right learning opportunities for young professionals.

 The government of India wanted to create a workforce of skilled professionals but the coronavirus pandemic made the situation drastic and critical. There was a time when a degree could help a person getting a desired job. But with more competition., a degree is not sufficient itself. The biggest issue is practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge. Classroom learning is more focused on theory. When students step into the professional world, they find themselves not capable enough to handle the work because of the drawbacks of our education system. Our country has educated unemployed people. Shows the inadequacies in our education system.

companies want educated fellows with practical skills. That our education system is unable to give. Because it is limited to academics. Youth lack new-age skills that companies need from their employees. With limited online and offline courses for industry-specific training such as engineering, IT, etc., Most young professionals lack confidence while dealing with problems at their workplace. Moreover, since schools, colleges and universities are following the traditional system of education. it acts as a hurdle when professionals come to face real-life circumstances.

Students need to develop new skills. So that student can learn something above education and makes students ready to be professionals. India has the potential to be a preferred destination for global sourcing. Skill development can bring this to reality by instilling more confidence in young professionals. As their skill increases their employability will increase, and ultimately lead to the nation’s financial growth.

The government needs to assist India’s workforce informally trained. With immediate competition, we need to adopt better strategies too. we need to improve standards of education and adopt newer methods. The higher the standards of training and skill development, the better our workforce can be. The country National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) can also contribute to solving the problem by creating more awareness and come up with suitable programs that can help professionals.

Transformation can only come with the government. The education system, industries, and students collectively understand and recognized the significance of skill improvement.

A new version of Censorship.

 As per the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITy), social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram have to follow the new Guidelines of government failing which can lead to a ban. guidelines were issued in February 2021, and social media platforms had around 3 months to acquire these guidelines. The companies are yet to respond to the Intermediary Guidelines. The decision taken due to the fake headlines do nothing but spread fear among people. 

According to the constitution, India is a democracy at least on pen and paper. However, certain powerful people in the Central Government, to strengthen power, are now trying to silence free speech on social media. Free speech is a right granted to all human beings globally. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) recognizes it as a fundamental right. India happens to be one having this right. This means, Indian citizens should have access to this right, and it’s the government’s responsibility to see that this right is being protected.

Yet, these powerful individuals within the Central Government, have time and again gone to unbelievable measures to control this right. 

. The disappointed young people of today turn to social media to express their objections about everything they found mistaken or unsuitable. Be it a person of any class, culture, community, and religion. everyone turns to the internet. And the only way to check these critics would be by introducing “Agreement Officers”.That is exactly what the government has done through its intermediary guidelines to check who’s saying what on the internet.

If this guideline came into being. There exists no mechanism for the common mass to raise their voices. The only time when the masses get to raise their voice is during the elections. But then again, it’s the media that controls the elections these days. Unfortunately, reporting is done in such a way that we’re persuaded in support of a particular political party. This plan, if achieved, will badly affect the very foundation of our democracy.

Criticism makes democracy strong. But these guidelines go against it.

Maybe government believes that criticism isn’t important anymore and hence has concluded that the internet should be controlled. It’s dishonest of this country to say that other countries are trying to crush free speech.

The government needs to come into a discussion with the social media companies and the common people. But the government didn’t give a single thought to it. It is nothing but censorship in disguise.

live-In Relationships Illegal or not?

Denial of granting protection to a couple who are in a live-in relationship only because it is socially and morally unacceptable. is it justified on the part of Punjab and Haryana High Court? The boy and the girl had been in a living relationship that goes against the girl’s parents will.

The couple asked for protection from the court for their life and liberty after being frightened by their families. Unfortunately, they were denied protection. the denial of their right under Article 21, in this case, is inappropriate. The judgment by the court seizes their identity as per Article 21 as well as the right to “life or liberty”.Article 21 declares that every individual has the right to their life or personal liberty. Therefore to secure their right the couple moved before the Punjab and Haryana High Court for the protection under Article 21, which is dismissed by the court on the ground of social and moral unacceptability. while rejecting the petition, the high court interpreted that the term “person” means those who are recognized by law as being capable of having legal rights and being bound by legal duties, not a couple. After getting married, a man and woman are considered capable of having legal rights and duties known as rights in the institution of marriage. But only when the marriage has been done as per their respective marriage laws in force in India.

The denial of the right to life and liberty is completely inappropriate in the law. Since no law in India criminalizes pre-marriage, it would be more like legislation by the judiciary to hold pre-marriage illegal based on social morals. There is no force of law in an opinion that has been embraced by the conservative majoritarian masses of India who find it illegitimate. The decision rendered by the Punjab and Haryana High court erred in ascertaining the aforesaid point. In place of assistance, the couple became the subject of discrimination held by the conservative majoritarian masses.

Why Asbestos removal is vital ?

Asbestos is a natural mineral constituted of soft and flexible fibers that are resistant to heat, electricity, and corrosion. These characteristics make the mineral valuable, but also make its exposure highly toxic. Asbestos removal is indispensable because it causes severe health problems such as cancer. Also some fatal issues, including asbestosis, mesothelioma. The most critical part of it is that some don’t reveal immediately but remain in your system for a longer period, sometimes years later. If high levels of asbestos exist in the house then its inhaling can lead to severe health problems such as mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer that can cause respiratory problems, ranging from a simple cough, allergies, and pneumonia. If you breathe asbestos fibers, this can get trapped in your lungs and can damage your lungs very severely if not removed properly. It may not even be possible to breathe because it will make you cough. The dust is terrible too because it can enter your lungs and get trapped in them. Some cases have shown that asbestos particles can go up to the lungs.

Even if someone does not get lung cancer due to their exposure to it, they will still experience many other health hazards. Direct contact with asbestos materials can easily penetrate your skin or you could suffer from skin irritation. Asbestos is not easily noticeable, but it may be everywhere. A toxin that’s slowly wreaking havoc on your health. accompanying health problems, it can decrease your property value also. Chances are you could lose a potential buyer if asbestos is not properly removed from your house. Asbestos Poses Environmental Dangers as its materials are not easily separable and fibers are microscopic. its removal requires special equipment. With the smallest cracks or gaps in your walls or floors, you can easily be exposed to high quantities of asbestos. That makes quick treatment of asbestos even more indispensable.

importance of internship and training.

In today’s digital era, competitiveness rise seriously. To be effective as an employee we need practical assistance and training. The practical experience and training not only help us to be productive but helps in magnifying our skills. Every time we learn a new skill it added to our personality development. Now companies are looking for a well-groomed personality. Internships are good means to enhance our knowledge, skills and to learn something effectively and practically. For the right utilization of the spare time, Internships are good means. Also, it is added to our resume and curriculum vitae. which increases the possibilities of selection during the placement. Internship and training are of different varieties. Some are in the workplace and some are work from home. Both means are useful in their way. Through the workplace internship, you can get practical experience and more chances of interaction with new people. Possibly you will find a great mentor in that way for your career guidance. And through work from home, you can save your time and devote it to learning something else. Every year, Government invests a big chunk in the training of the students. Because training increases the productivity of human capital. That will help in the long run students. For professional courses such as business and management. It is advisable to have prior experience. So that you became proficient enough to answer the practical solution of the problems. When you involve in training and internship you learn how to manage the work at the basic level. That will enhance your problem-solving and analytical skills.

Even our finance minister Nirmala Sitaram begin her work being a salesgirl. Ambani the leading and renounced groups come into existence after continuous years of hard work. Most intellectuals and psychologists recommend students to go for the internship because it will increase their knowledge, confidence to face the problem during work. Just as the college experience helps in dealing with the office environment. Similarly, internships help the student to identify the problems that they can deal with during work, with the identification of problem. students can look for the possible solution at the bottom level. Such experience helps students in the long run. So students should look for the internship. A career such as marketing, business, management is something that can be handled only when you exercise them on daily basis. So internship helps you in getting practical knowledge. In addition to it, things like content writing can be learned only by practice. For the practice, you can opt the internship. That will invest your time properly that you can waste here and there in other activities. Especially during summer vacations, you can utilize your time through involving in any internship.

Research shows that those students who indulge in internships are more productive and good at problem-solving than those who are much in academics. Academic knowledge is vital to understand the problem But if you want solutions, you should go for the practical experience that only training and internship can give you. In fact placement cells in the colleges also look for students who have practical experience. During the internship, you will learn some vital skills as well like confidence and body language. Internships and training also make your financial security. Some internship provides stipend also for the work. Also, expertise in work during the internship can lead you to get a permanent job. As some agencies provide regular or permanent jobs to their best employers during the work. Many students receive jobs while doing the internship. Especially look at the intens for hire. Therefore internship and training have a significant place in a student’s life. Even Doctors and Engineers have to go through technical training before beginning their work.

mental illness during pandemic

Mental Illness during Pandemic.
Covid19 pandemic hit the masses most severely mentally. The trauma from looking for the medicine, hospital beds to dealing with the mass of dead bodies, from being left jobless to mass migration and suffering. These all circumstances severely impacted our mental state. A tremendous number of people have lost their dear ones. And some are fighting for their life. While their loved ones and family are busy in the constant search of medicines and oxygen cylinders. Those who are safe are also suffering from mental illness by looking at their environment. Full of grief, devastation. This time is very hard. And financial crisis makes this problem. So many families especially of the lower class. Left without money and aid. Those who earn daily and labor are struggling a lot. These financial bottlenecks resulted in mental illness. Especially those students who are handling the digital divide. Faces stress and mental illness. All students couldn’t afford online education due to a lack of digital gadgets. That acts as a hindrance to the growth and education of unprivileged students. The cost of academic education and institution creates a financial burden for the students and the family. some can deal with it. But those who couldn’t eventually end up dropping out there college and institute. That leads to mental stress among the students. Recently, the cases of suicide by students increase manifold. That shows how mentally covid have impacted the students. Therefore cases of suicides are reported manifold. Students who are privilege enough. Also facing mental trauma. Online education also created an additional problem, technical glitches, electricity problems, access to devices, are major problems related to online education. That cause mental stress, headache as well as eyesight problems. This problem can be overcome through everyone’s participation. All need to contribute. By providing financial aid to the needy. And by including in the conversation as much as possible with our friends and family in this hard time. Chatting with each other acts as a medicine to cure the ailment of mental stress.

Students misery

The covid pandemic not only impacted adults but students also. At one place the children lost their childhood and on the other hand, students are concerned about their career, future that seem bleak to them due to covid devastating impact on the economy.

 one of the most significant reasons is finance and the need for funds. Students are concerned because the global pandemic has created havoc in the employment sector. This resulted in many job losses in the informal sector. As the country is closed so those earning money daily and business have to suffer. The question of school, college, and tuition fees is another issue. This, in turn, has been magnified in the lives of the students and the youth of the country. The financial crisis within the family has bothered almost the majority of the population, especially the students.

The very first concern is the digital divide. Accessibility of digital gadgets especially among the lower economic classes. Eventually, which means withdrawing from school to some students. Being already distorted by financial emergencies, the necessity of digital devices acts as a hindrance in the way of student learning. leading to many students dropping out from formal courses and institutes. increasingly pitted against the highly competitive labor market with most being trapped in the vicious cycle of underpaid labor or disguised unemployment.

The government too is not in a position to solve this problem of digital devices because of treatment and aid expenses.

this economic crisis has an unfortunate effect on the mind of the students. The financial dependence on the family, often severe, mostly reduces them as isolated victims. It also hinders the access to academic opportunities of the student. . Many family members getting affected and the huge expense occurs on treatment, amidst the acute scarcity of oxygen cylinders and other medical pieces of equipment.

The students are facing the problem of academic costs at the same time when a lump sum amount is required for admission failing which the seat might get canceled.

Further, the debt trap will lead to a greater burden in the future for repayment with interest, leading to more psychological suffering. The hostility between maintaining academic costs as well as fending for health expenditure has had severe effects on the young minds, putting their future and aspirations at stake. In this situation, a and well-planned approach is needed to address the issue of financial crisis which can be aided by the government. 

Is it a Happy New Year?

The Year 2021, this year seems like giant waves of oceans going down and down. Our country gets badly downtrodden due to the social, political, and economic issues that continue to prevail, due to an invisible enemy in the form of the deadly virus.

This virus shows no mercy to anyone doesn’t matter which class, culture, and religion person belongs to; it spares no one. As the cases went up, so did the false WhatsApp forwards, chaos, panic-buying, and fear among people. The increased cases and dilemma is frightful people. As people taking hurt over their mental health, too.

From the news of unknown viruses to fearing even a slight increase in body temperature, to look for medicines and oxygen cylinders, people have experienced it all. In the beginning. To ‘deal with a spontaneous and devastating situation the Indian government announced an out-and-out 40-day lockdown. Everything came to a standstill—except divisive journalism and discrimination.

While most people don’t have the privilege and luxury to stay home, quarantine isn’t a blessing for many. it lead rise in mental illness since the coronavirus outbreak. The level of stress and anxiety has heightened.

The apprehension about job security, draining of savings, or unavailability of basic things for survival, ambiguity. People who were already suffering from mental illnesses looked upon engaging themselves in outdoor activities and meeting their dear ones as the only coping mechanism. Now they have no option but to dive into the same misery they were battling. along with that crimes such as theft, murder, extortion, molestation, etc., are increasing at an unpredicted rate

COVID-19 is just not another death-dealing health hazard. It has more profound implications that society would have to bear post lockdown too.

Enlightenment as a mass betrayal

The radio, newspaper, and TV. All are mediums of communication. They all were invented to enlighten human beings. Every creation has its purpose So they have. It’s true that for daily information we depend on this medium but does this products assisting us. Or it’s just deception. The reality is they are a tool in hands of cooperation to earn profit. And increase their business. Providing information is just a business. we get only that much information that cooperates giants want. As half of the media is dominated by politicians and giant cooperates. That influences their credibility. Hard to believe but this is a bitter truth. this invention acts like a tool in those hand who have money. consumerism is created intentionally through media in the form of advertisement. Advertisement creates a desire in human beings. This desire resulted in more consumption thus adding profit to the big giants. That shows how people are betrayed. Today content is created in such a way that doesn’t make a person intellectual. But merely a passive consumer.
In this gamble and deception, along with corporate giants, politicians are also involved. They use the mediums to propagate their message. Thus people consider the propagated message as truth. Start believing it and thus there ideology and perspective got to change. These tactics can be a hindrance to the democracy and sovereignty of the country. The enlightenment that media promise somehow vanishes because of the huge enrollment of money. People themself need to enlighten. By becoming the active audience by actively analyzing, understanding every message. We can be saved from this mass deception through the mass medium. Just we need to be vigilant in our approach whenever we encounter a media product. we need to understand the hidden motive behind that content. We need to know who is the creator of the content. And what purpose the content fulfills for the creator. Thus content by media or medium of communication needs to be observed. To better understand them. To save ourselves from enlightenment as mass deception.

“Online Education and Digital Divide”


Recently our Union minister Prakash Javadekar said in the Lok Sabha, “No child was deprived of online education during the pandemic as the government had taken several steps in that direction.” Such a statement is nothing but a mere lie when we encounter reality.

A majority of Indian school students do not have the means or privilege for online education. Some face network and technical glitches. Some face electricity problem. The non-availability of gadgets is another problem. Accessible and compulsory education has always been a challenge in India. Right to education is something that is written merely on paper not exist in the real world. The pandemic broadened the pre-existing gap making online education a commodity of sheer privilege. During the lockdown, thousands of students have suffered due to the digital divide. Taking the example of the Indian state with the highest literacy rate, Kerala witnessed numerous cases where students took away their lives due to a lack of accessibility to digital tools. sometimes Internet accessibility act as a hindrance.

 the obvious failure of the system and concerned authorities witnessed from the devastating act of suicide by the students. Not just that; for powering devices, access to electricity is crucial for digital education. Some states such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have a severe problem with electricity.

In the rural area, the houses received electricity for less than 12 hours a day. most of India’s population lives in villages where only 15% of rural households have access to internet services. Whereas in urban areas, it’s 42%. Moreover, India witnessed a spike in unemployment during the lockdown affecting the livelihood of millions.

Especially compulsion of electronic gadgets for online education became a severe problem as in rural areas subsistence is very difficult. Not every rural person could afford expensive gadgets. In most households with a meager income, eating three meals a day was not guaranteed, purchasing costly internet plans or devices cost them a fortune. From mortgaging assets to cutting off on essential household expenses, families have done it all to make online education a possibility when the government schemes failed to reach the neediest. 

Although several NGOs, social groups, and individuals rose to link this digital gap by sponsoring smartphones and laptops, the negligence by the authorities can’t be overlooked. An ordinary Indian citizen expects its government is to at least acknowledge the problem. After all, how will one solve the problem if one does not acknowledge it!

Nepotism in today’s Bollywood

we are living in a feudal society, but still, nepotism permeates everyone. however, the film industry is trapped in nepotism.
Nepotism can be defined as an act of using power or position in an unethical manner to get the dear ones in the same field. It not only exists in business but also in the Bollywood industry. this topic has been raised many times in the Bollywood industry and unfortunately having a negative impact rather than a positive impact on the lives of celebrities. Before the incident of Sushant Singh Rajput, this topic was not discussed seriously. But after his death, Bollywood was trapped in nepotism and many celebrities were interrogated. many celebrities talked about nepotism openly. Some talked positively and some in a negative manner.
Kangana Ranaut came into the industry in 2006 with the movie Gangster. She was the one to raise this topic negatively as she labelled filmmaker Karan Johar as the flag bearer of nepotism in the show Koffee with Karan. Due to this, she gained prominence. She also called Tapsee Panu and Swara Bhaser outsider. After Sushant Singh Rajput death many actors were trolled and questioned on nepotism . Because of this, many celebrities also lost fan following.
We often say that some star kids are excellent actors and done their work very well. But we said some not all because some star kids don’t take their work seriously and due to the lack of seriousness films get flopped. Nothing is wrong with exercising power based on one’s family background/star kids, but at least chance should be given to the newcomers or outsiders and even to those who don’t have any connections or godfather in Bollywood. So, they can make their names and show their talent to the public.

Real Happiness

Today in this consumerist world, the actual meaning and definition of happiness got changed. Earlier the happiness lies within the relations between the people. But growing industrialization and materialistic nature. Change the meaning of happiness for common people. today’s happiness is not the smile of the people. But the luxury became the source of joy and happiness. Social media and the internet managed to make human beings individualistic. Relation and ties among the masses are just a matter of messages. The real happiness now lies in materials and luxuries. Humans want more and more. The never-ending demand and grief of the human have wiped the concept of the real happiness. It changed its meaning. It alters its values. The early tradition, rituals, and get together don’t matter anymore. Today rituals are just a matter of fun. People don’t believe in meeting with each other. Humans today happy in the isolation. With all the materialistic objects and comfort. But if material and luxury are not happiness. Then what is happiness? It is something that we get after seeing someone happy. It is something we get after helping someone else. By looking after anyone else than yourself. It means keeping aside the greed and doing generous work. It means sidelining your sorrow, ego for someone else happiness. The sad fact is that today humans do not look after happiness. Now the happiness doesn’t matter to humans. Human is lost somewhere in the consumerist world. And so human happiness also lost.
The need of the time is to look for the real happiness. To realize that real happiness comes when you do something for someone else. Materialistic things can give you comfort and luxurious life. But it can’t give you that warmth that happiness that feeling that a real human being can give you. Human being need to understand his/her role as a human And need to look after other people to there dearest one. So that along with happiness ,humanity can be saved.

Designing the Buyer Centric Funnel

In these industrial times, all the companies want to bait their customers, in fact for a much longer time than just one visit or purchase. This leads to continuous, relentless competition in the markets for the purpose of bagging more and more loyal customers. This is where the use of a Sales Funnel enters the talk. But is it possible to keep your customers devoted to your product without a well-designed, blockage-free funnel? The answer is ‘no’.  A sales funnel signifies the path which is taken by a customer from being just an explorer of your product to being a loyal customer for a long time. Through this article, we will go into depths of a customer’s psychology and get some insights on how to design a “buyer centric-funnel”.

Understanding the Funnel

The requirement of an effective method for better sales of a company’s product cannot be dismissed, keeping in view of the increase in a feud for loyal customers in the market. Also, with the coming up of e-commerce sites, grabbing a customer’s attention will be the predominant field to work upon, for the sellers. 

  1. Awareness- This is the key point that should be kept in mind while designing the funnel. Awareness does most of the work when it comes to putting the customer in a phase of scrutiny. To start with, we need to put forward a problem in front of the customer and provide a promising solution for the latter to build up the curiosity. At this stage, we wouldn’t mention our product to the customer.
  2. Consideration- Here, we need our customer to get so intimate with the product that he/she starts knowing about it like the back of his/her hand. We need to give out demos, free trials, triggers and customer stories to the customer to build up their trust in our firm because, to sell to a customer, you have to barge into the thought process of a customer.
  3. Purchase- Now you have to sell the product to your buyer and assure your product stands out from the products of all your competitors.
  1. Get into your buyer’s head- That’s where the whole concept of ‘Understanding the buyer’s psychology’ comes in. We need to ask ourselves questions like “What inspires them to buy our product?”, “How can our product be a solution to their problems?”, “How can we redesign our product to fit their needs?” and work on the answers to these questions.
  2. Slogans- Through close study, we come to a conclusion that firms with good slogans are doing better off in the market. The slogans and advertisements of these firms draw customers by getting stuck inside their brains.
  3.  Quality Maintenance- The quality of your product and extended benefits to loyal customers also gives your firm a new standing among the competitors. We also need to carefully appraise the field where our product fails to deliver and redesign it with wit.

Flipping the Sales Funnel refers to the process of retaining the loyal customers of the firm to gain new customers. Some firms in the market tend to forget its old customers in search of a bigger reach and new customers which lead to the degradation of the firm’s reputation in the market.

To gain ground, we need to build new customers on top of the old ones which can be done by referrals of the consumers to one another. Referral and reputation go and hand in hand. In fact, referrals are the leading intermediary stage for building a good reputation for the firm. According to a survey, 92% of people trust referrals from people they know.

We also need to adapt to the new rules of the market and focus more on redesigning products according to the wants of our targets for our technique to be successful. Rewarding the everlasting customers will be a plus point to this.

The design of a proper sales funnel is the most crucial part for the firm and should be done with patience and sheer determination through proper study and fact consideration, for the firm to leave its mark in this market race.

“The best sales questions have your expertise wrapped into them.”

-Jill Konrat

Biden Rules begins

President Joe Biden has baited office in a country looking prominently different than it did on his forefather’s inauguration Day.Covid19 has killed more than 4,00,000 Americans, with a big part of socio-economic toll impute to federal Mismanagement, The US has also renounced its role as leader of the free world, squabbled with democratic allies while keeping authority populist’s everywhere, snicker at its post-truth misadventures. This month’s attack on the capital represented the domestic broadcast has poisoned the polity. In the short, the new administration has its work cut out invent correctives at multiple levels. It is a mighty challenge. But democracy is hypothetical on elections making a difference.

The promise of a new dawn is both powerful and credible. The diversity, temperance, and experience of the incoming cabinet strongly suggest that they have a good measure of the problems at hand, and the ambition to attempt solutions one clear aspirational target is 100 million doses of covid19 vaccines n the first 100 days. Then, Janet L Yellen, who will be the new treasury secretary and America’s top economic diplomat, has verbalized as priorities both addressing the economic damage of the pandemic at home and repairing relationships with various allies abroad to take on china’s (illegal, unfair and abusive practices) collectively.
After the vain of institutions and Clutter or flailing seen in the Trump years, it will indeed take solid international cooperation to revitalize the global rules-based order. The incoming secretary of state Antony Blinking has shown a welcome so be saying,(We’ll engage the world, not as it was, but as it is)Pragmatically speaking, rebukes on human rights issues for India may be part and parcel of Washington’ liberal festival alongside the many Indian and American in the Biden Team.

A line over endorsement for Aducanumab, new medication for Alzheimer’s sickness.

Aducanumab, a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease and brought over for approval. FDA approved a drug for Alzheimer’s disease. There are millions of  people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease globally. Of them, about 1/4th million are in the US, where the drug has been approved for usage. The approval came within the medical circles over the procedures in recommending its use for the debilitating disease.

Aducanumab, new medication for Alzheimer’s sickness and line over approval. The FDA supported a medication for Alzheimer’s infection. This choice of the FDA has gotten questionable with specialists saying that clinical preliminaries of the medication had returned unsatisfactory.There are more millions of individuals experiencing Alzheimer’s sickness all around the world. Of them, around 1/4th million are in the US, where the medication has been supported for usage.Developed by Biogen, the medication named Aducanumab is said to hinder the movement of Alzheimer’s sickness that influences the working of the cerebrum. The endorsement came following a very long time of discussion inside the clinical circles over the strategies in suggesting its utilization for the incapacitating infection.

Alzheimer’s sickness is the most widely recognized type of dementia and contributes to 70 %of the cases. As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is a disorder wherein there is disintegration in memory, thinking, conduct and the capacity to perform regular activities.Dementia is one of the significant reasons for handicap and conditions among more seasoned individuals around the world. The sickness has a physical, mental, social, and financial effect not just on individuals who are experiencing it yet in addition on close families.The illness, arranged in three phases, is related to indications like absent mindedness, forgetting about time, having expanding trouble with correspondence, trouble in perceiving faces and encountering conduct changes that may heighten and incorporate hostility.

Aducanumab, which will be sold under the brand name of Aduhelm, is a monoclonal immune response that lessens amyloid-beta, which is a protein that prompts plaque development in the mind. Plaque arrangement occurs because of the aggregation of flotsam and jetsam in the cerebrum from neuron breakdown. The medication works to moderate the crumbling interaction of the cerebrum by decreasing this plaque development. Nonetheless, there is no proof to help that the medication will help in memory recovery.

While Aducanumab has been endorsed by FDA, there has been a significant debate over the clinical preliminaries directed to test the medication. The endorsement depended on two stage 3 preliminaries. While the first showed some improvement in quite a while, the second neglected to show any benefit.During the clinical preliminaries of the medication, 40% of the stage 3 preliminary members, who got a higher measurement of Aducanumab, experienced cerebrum expanding or dying. As indicated by reports, most were either asymptomatic or had migraines, dizziness or sickness. Nonetheless, no stage 3 member passed on because of the medication trial.The endorsement is a takeoff from the FDA’s set up measure that requires two persuading concentrates before a medication is utilized. Researchers are stressed that the choice could settle for less needed for getting a clinical item supported. The FDA has now requested that Biogen direct another clinical preliminary.

Women empowerment

Amongst covid-19 pandemic, 2021 budget has potential to increase women labor force participation up to 2 percent this year.

Nirmala Sitaraman, Minister of finance, the government of

India shared that budget 2021 has the potential to increase the employment of

women. COVID-19 pandemic had disproportionately impacted women

forcing them to drop out of the workforce. The women labor force participation according to the center comes down from 25 percent to 21 percent, due to job loss by women. In urban India only 12 out of every 100 still employed are women, a shocking

statistic, down from the already low 18. No doubt the covid 19 pandemics have resulted in many challenges such as pay disparities and expensive child care is an economic downturn that hit women workers measurably harder than men. Whenever the economy shrinks people lose jobs, then look for another job but women aren’t sitting it out so much as being pushed out by disproportionate job loss, 

lack of child care, pay disparities, and lack of public policy to support working women. women with children are much more likely to report that working from home has hurt their productivity and affected their careers  .there are three drivers of increased women labor force participation 1.Jobs that exist in locations where the woman has family support.2) Contemporary and new skilling (like digital marketing, for instance) that allows for marketability3) A government mandate that enables small businesses to be rewarded for hiring more women. The allowance of women to work in all shifts is a move towards reducing the gender divide brought in by COVID-19. This will help industries such as IT and BPO in Special Economic Zone’s, manufacturing companies in sectors such as Textiles, Pharma- as well as large organizations with a national presence. The textile industry, one of India’s ancient industries that employ the largest numbers of women has received a big stimulus with the announcement of seven Textile Parks. The third aspect which would allow small businesses to be rewarded for hiring women has not seen any pull in any of the budgets presented in the few last years. Large organizations in metropolitan cities have already bought the business case for both genders that led to women’s employment being enhanced. It is the 2 and 3 level metropolitan cities and towns that need the influence of involvement. And this is where there is a large population of women – educated, career-seeking, and yet unable to earn

reasonable money due to the non-availability of jobs matching their aspirations. As per data, young women in the age group of 20-24 across urban locales, are more interested in being employed than similar-aged women in rural India. As such, this is a very important talent pool, waiting to be engaged. The BPO and micro-enterprises in these locations will require a stimulus to engage women more proactively. Had the budget addressed this, by providing a bit small, yet encouraging a sum of money to employers of women, India would have seen a jump in women’s job creation to almost double-digit increases, which will have a multiplier effect on the economy.