Luxurious Home In Travelling Bus

The vehicle among the vehicle! This vehicle is so big that another vehicle will keep inside that comfortably. The interior of this vehicle is nothing like the 5-star hotels. What are not there? While entering this vehicle your eyes will sign. This is known as the world’s first Land Superyort.

This vehicle is made by one of German Motor Company. It looks like a bus but its interior is luxurious. The company focused on the customer’s luxury and comfort while designing this magnanimous bus. The manufacturing company will keep a vast comfortable bed inside this bus. Trendy and modern kitchen equipment, microwave, machine for washing kitchen dishes, and a 60-gallon refrigerator are the things that will available inside this splendor bus.

Generally, what important items we use in our home, all are accessible in this bus. Only safety of customers is not the main objective in this bus, it is also designed based on environmental safety by the manufacturing company. So this design is purely based on solar energy and avoids toxic environmental products.

You will see the solar panels and attached a 1000 liter water tank at the roof of this bus. On the inside, you will find all  Bose company music systems. Wooden floor blueprints are fixed on the bus floor that a customer can never be bored. Due to those features, the interior of this bus is very attractive. You can not imagine that a Ferrari car will comfortably enter and moved inside this bus due to its large space. This bus has also a mini garage. Inside the drawing-room, you can watch a 55 inches TV, sitting on tables and sofas. This Superyort has painted beautiful walls. You can see outside from this bus but can not see the inside.

This Superyort price is about $20 lac which is 14 Core 86 lac in Indian rupee.