Luxurious Home In Travelling Bus

The vehicle among the vehicle! This vehicle is so big that another vehicle will keep inside that comfortably. The interior of this vehicle is nothing like the 5-star hotels. What are not there? While entering this vehicle your eyes will sign. This is known as the world’s first Land Superyort.

This vehicle is made by one of German Motor Company. It looks like a bus but its interior is luxurious. The company focused on the customer’s luxury and comfort while designing this magnanimous bus. The manufacturing company will keep a vast comfortable bed inside this bus. Trendy and modern kitchen equipment, microwave, machine for washing kitchen dishes, and a 60-gallon refrigerator are the things that will available inside this splendor bus.

Generally, what important items we use in our home, all are accessible in this bus. Only safety of customers is not the main objective in this bus, it is also designed based on environmental safety by the manufacturing company. So this design is purely based on solar energy and avoids toxic environmental products.

You will see the solar panels and attached a 1000 liter water tank at the roof of this bus. On the inside, you will find all  Bose company music systems. Wooden floor blueprints are fixed on the bus floor that a customer can never be bored. Due to those features, the interior of this bus is very attractive. You can not imagine that a Ferrari car will comfortably enter and moved inside this bus due to its large space. This bus has also a mini garage. Inside the drawing-room, you can watch a 55 inches TV, sitting on tables and sofas. This Superyort has painted beautiful walls. You can see outside from this bus but can not see the inside.

This Superyort price is about $20 lac which is 14 Core 86 lac in Indian rupee.

World’s Most Expensive Salt

Without salt, food is tasteless. In everyday diet, it is necessary to intake a balanced quantity of salt for good health. Let’s know about one of the world’s costly salt.

This salt is like general salt that we will use in our daily life. But its price will increase after 30 days. Why does this happen? This type of question strikes your brain. Though it is like common salt it is made with bamboo sticks.

Its price is $100 per 8.5-ounce jar. For 100 long years, Koreans are using this bamboo salt. They are prepared this salt with their traditional style.

It is prepared by heated this salt in bamboo pipes. During this process, the elementary particles mixed up with this salt and dangerous particles are destroyed. Making this salt is very difficult because after keeping this salt in bamboo pipes, they will heat it 9 times. Later, it will turn to purple color. After completion of this process, the salt acquires some medicated nature that makes this salt costly.

This purple salt is 10times costly than the Himalayan pink salt. All those making processes are handmade, and it is true. No technology will be used to make this salt. This bamboo salt takes 45 days to 50days to prepare. The bamboo pipes are made from 3 years old bamboo roots where Koreans kept the salts.

This process will take 12 to 14 hours. These bamboo pipes heated up to 800-degree Celcius in this making process, after the bamboo pipes are brunt and the rest is pure salt. After this challenging process, the world’s costly salt will produce.


We are watching different kinds of videos on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Someone can also share their videos on this platform. While we are using social media, we love to share our videos and photos, also share our articles. Though the podcast is one of the parts of social media where we can share our thoughts and information about any topic with people, it is in the form of audio. It has also subscribers and followers. If your podcast is good enough then the followers will increase accordingly.

What is Podcast?

It is a type of radio show, but it is running on the internet. It is also called an Internet Radio Show or Netcast. Instantly, you can listen to any podcast as your wish. In the podcast, we will found an audio series based on any topic.

Most of the podcasts will be telecast once a week. Nowadays many apps and websites are available for listening to podcasts like google podcasts, apple podcasts, Spotify, audible, stitcher are popular platforms. Even though podcasts are different types, any single person or a couple of people can run podcasts. You can comments on any topic, answering people’s questions, news podcast and many different types of the podcast on this platforms.

After recording the audio, you can upload it. You can entertain yourself by listening to podcasts while working or enhance your knowledge. The podcast is a free service. Any person can easily share their podcast on the internet. In today’s market, many people create different podcasts like technology, education, business, economy, news, sports, and many more.

Types Of Podcast

  • Podcast Novels

  • Scripted Podcasts

  • Enhanced Podcasts

  • Video Podcasts

  • Live Podcasts

Some Of famous Apple Podcast

  • 1619 (history)
  • Bear Brook (True Crime)
  • Belevied (News & Politics)
  • The BigOne (Science)
  • The Dream (Society)
  • Everything Is Alive (Comedy)

Billionaires Morning Habits


Habit makes a person perfect. We can distinguish a person from their habits. Good habits make a positive effect on life and bad habits developed negative thinking and many more. We have seen many examples in our surroundings that are always concerned about their habits.

A day starts with a good habit always boosts your productivity throughout the day and also leads to a better time management schedule. So it is important that what you will do after you get up in the morning. Now a day’s most students and young people are always dreamed about the luxurious lifestyle of billionaires. It is possible when they include some habits in their daily routine. We are discussing some of the billionaire’s morning habits.

Let’s scroll your mouse down to know the secret of these billionaires.

Jeff Bezos

We all know Amazon. Jeff is the founder of this big e-commerce company. He always cares about his sleep. Jeff does not set an alarm to get up in the morning. He solved his critical task and high IQ meetings before lunch, approx. 10 am.

Elon Musk

Mad genius Elon musk is a workaholic in nature. He always loves to work. He works like hell and works insanely to achieve the goal. He works up to 120 hours a week. But apart from this entire busy schedule, he always wakes up at 7 am. After that, he will be busy reading some critical emails and answering those emails. He loves to drink coffee while doing all this stuff. Breakfast time is too short for Elon. Then he drops his five sons at school and is ready to showers. After, he drives to work.

Jack Dorsey

Twitter is a popular social media platform introduced by this big man Jack Dorsey. It is a part of our daily life nowadays. Jack gets out of bed at 5 am. He loves to meditate for 30minutes and then worked out for half an hour. Next, he drinks coffee and prepared it for his office.

Warren Buffett

He got up at 6:45 am after 8 hours of sleep. He loves to read newspapers like Wall Street Journal and USA Today in the morning hours before his daily routine.


Though she had a struggling career but never give up on anything, which she was passionate about. She is very punctual and starts her morning routine by taking her five dogs for a walk. Then she reads a card from her’365 Gathered Truths Box’. After, she checks her mobile to read her daily Bowl of Saki. She always worked out in her backyard for an hour and meditates for few minutes.

Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook man always starts his morning by checking his mobile, browsing Facebook, and read messages in messenger and WhatsApp on the bed. He does not care about his daily dressing style. He never wastes his time on taking a small decision like what he will wear in the morning. So you will always see him in the same outfit.

Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Gates loves to cardio after he wakes up in the early morning. He is watching educational DVDs while on the treadmill for about an hour. He always skips his breakfast. He also enjoys Cocoa Puffs cereal.

Anastasia Soare

The famous makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills founder Soare wakes up at 7 am and first jumps into her phone to check Instagram. She loves to drink two cups of black coffee while answering her emails. She worked out for an hour and ate her breakfast before going outside.

Hope you will know some absorbing morning habits of some billionaires.

Read more about those above person’s life and apply some of the habits in your routine.

No doubt you will be there on the list within some years.


Market and marketing these two words revolve around in our daily life. A product without marketing is nothing. From a needle to an airplane everything needs marketing. As we all know, consumers and the market are directly proportional to each other. Both are dependent upon each other. Digital marketing is a far better thing than traditional marketing such as magazine ads, television, direct mail, and billboards. Now in the 21st century, everything is online and connected to the digital world. In recent times, digital marketing is an essential platform to establish any product or anything in front of consumers. Through this platform, you can reach more global customers.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing. It is a path of promoting brands or products to connect with valuable customers using the internet or any kind of digital media like the computer, mobile, or tablet. In simple words, the marketing which performs on a digital platform is called digital marketing. Mobile, internet, email, and social media are the mediums where digital communication takes place. So, we can say the digital strategy helps to reach customers in a timely, relevant, and cost-effective manner.

Types of digital marketing

There are many ways to promote your brands and product online. Below, we are discussing the many different ways of digital marketing.

1.Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube are the most popular social media marketing platform. In those platforms, the customers are always active. It is a trouble-free way to attract consumers. Social media marketing helps to know how well you connected with your consumers through the built-in engagement metrics. Many brands use social media marketing to communicate with audiences. The number of shares, comments, likes or total clicks to your website is the measuring factor of social media marketing. Social media marketing not only attracts consumers also creates brand awareness through online discussion.

2.Affiliate Marketing 

By promoting another person’s business is the prime thing in affiliate marketing. You can earn money in this way. It is a revenue share model. You get a commission whenever a customer buys something that you will promote for that merchant. In every single item sale, you earn money according to this.

3.Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a marketing tool that helps to optimize the web page. Optimizing the web pages is based on some key points.

  • Level of user engagement
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Number and quality of inbound links
  • Quality content

SEO helps for ranking a web page on Google. It’s a non-predictable thing that you are never 100 percent sure about your web page ranking. It’s due to the frequent changes of the algorithm by Google. You have to work on your website accordingly.

4.Content Marketing

Valuable, creative, and relevant content are the prime things to a target audience.SEO played a vital role in content marketing. We read about the product like its origin, its features, its price, its merits, and many more. When a consumer buys a product, they are willing to know the details. In traditional marketing, some salespersons are there to describe that product or brand. But in content marketing, content is the vital thing between the consumer and the product. If the content is not genuine and well written, then the customer may not buy that product.

According to a survey 

  • 92% of marketers think content is an important asset for their company
  • 62% company have 5000 content writers for publishing the content daily
  • 84% audience expect helpful and relevant content from the company on online platform before purchase 

Innovative and unique content can rank high your website on the Google platform.

5.Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is applied to automate sales to increase revenue and maximize efficiency. Frequently it is used by marketing and sales departments. It also helps to automate online marketing campaigns. It has the power to accelerate sales by 14.5% and can also lower marketing overhead by 12.2%. By selecting the appropriate automation software, you can automate digital marketing.

6.Pay-per-Click Marketing

It’s a complex process when and how people see your ad. Search Engine Results Page fills the spot based on what is necessarily an immediate auction. It is an internet advertising model used for manages traffic to websites. In this marketing, when a user clicks on online ads, advertisers pay for that. An algorithm is used for ranking the ads based on certain aspects.

  • Bid amount
  • Ad quality
  • Keyword relevance
  • Landing page quality

Usually, businesses should pay $1 to $2 per click. By research, a small or medium-size industry spends approximately $108,000 to $120,000 per year. The competitive market is the main thing for the expensive cost of Google’s PPC advertising program.

7.Native Advertising

The sponsored posts on the news website are the best example of native advertising. Its other name is sponsored content. Native ads are listed as digital ads. The message podcast and GE, Taco Bell and Snap chat, Patron Tequila, and Twitter are examples of native advertising.

5 Demanded Job Oriented Programming Languages In 2021

In this digital world, programming is a common thing in our daily life. We can see it everywhere, from the medical store to your grocery store. In this automated world, the interaction between machines and human beings is gradually increasing. Programming and coding help this interaction so smoothly. We can regularly use bar code scanners, word processors, websites, and apps every minute in our life.

Programming enhances our brain function. It helped our analytical brain to develop logic. It also improves our IQ. But it is a bit confusing to learn such programming languages as there are many programming languages discovered till now. It’s a general question among students, What programming languages they should learn and practice to get a job in 2021.

Below is the list of programming languages that are trendy now. It is popular due to its flexibility and frameworks. Let us discuss some languages.


Python is in demand now for the crucial role of data in business. Its various tools, frameworks, a vast collection of libraries, and readability are the prime factors for beginners to learn easily, and within less time. Python is mainly used in web and mobile apps development, server-side development, machine learning app development, data science, artificial intelligence, and many more. User-friendly data structures, easy integrations with web apps and GUI-based desktop application makes it more famous in 2021.

It is an open-source language. It is best for developing 2D imaging and 3D animation packages. Many popular video games like Vegas Trike, Toontown are developed using Python. By learning this, you can earn up to $72,500 annually. Youtube, Instagram, and Quora are the platforms developed in Python.

2.Java Script

It is famous for its widely used frameworks like Node.Js, Angular Js, and Vue Js. It is a server-side scripting language.JavaScript is used for backend and frontend development like web development, mobile apps development, and developing video games. It is mostly used in creating a dynamic web page and add special effects to web pages. It helps for validation while developing websites.

It is a simple language embedded in languages like HTML, CSS, and Java. In India, an average JavaScript developer earns approximately Rs.338,078 annually. Facebook, Google use Javascript in their frontend also.


Java is an ever-green and most secure programming language. It is developed by Oracle Corporation. It listed the second rank in the PYPL(PopularitY Of Programming Language) index in Aug 2021. It is a multi-platform and old object-oriented language. It supports all platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS. Its robust memory allocation, APIs, vast libraries, scalability make it the top-most programming language in the data world.

It is mainly used for Software, Finance and e-commerce, web development, android app development, and big data. Its frameworks are so popular like Struts, Spring and Hibernate, etc. Today almost 3 billion devices running on apps that are using Java. It is also the backbone of many popular sites like Amazon and Twitter. A senior Java developer earns up to Rs.839,714 per annum.


It is an object-oriented language developed by Microsoft. It is a dynamic language integrated with the .Net framework. C Sharp is similar to C & C++.C# is mostly used in web development, mobile apps development, 2D and 3D gaming application development. etc.

It depends on the Visual Basic editor for the developing process. C# is open-source, updateable, fast, interoperable with other codes and simple language. It is used as backend language for many known websites like Dell, Bing and MarketWatch, and many more.C# Devlopers salary is around $65,000 per annum. It is the 4th popular language on the PYPL list.


80% of websites on the internet are built-in using PHP. It is introduced in 1990 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It is an open-source, server-side scripting language. It is used to develop desktop applications. It is relatively easier to learn as compared to other languages. It is a cross-platform language with 5th position in the PYPL list.

It is very popular among web devlopers.Php is a cost-effective and flexible language in today’s market. It offers various frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter etc.Php is adaptable with database connectivity. It is mainly used for back-end development. One can earn up to $81,500 per annum as an intermediate Php developer.

If you are interested in coding or programming,  you must have pick one language from the above list and learn. Within some years, you will achieve your dream job as a developer in MNCs.

Dashrath Manjhi-An Impossible Journey

Every person in this world, when not succeed in their goals, always blames God. But in this god-giving world, there is an exception also. Dasharath Manjhi is one of these, who is the best illustration of dedication, determination, focus, and never-give-up attitude, who inspired all generations. His work towards his villagers is the greatest lesson we have ever learned from anyone.

No money, no power, but this man has the inner strength to cut a mighty mountain. This impossible work made this little man to The Mountain Man of India. His 22 years of dedication, day and night work turn a big rock to a path of their villagers. No machinery was used by Dashrath to break that big hill. It just only a hammer and chisel, through which he made this impossible to possible.No one can think about that unbelievable work can be done by a small farmer who just did it by his strong intention and love towards his wife, who met with an accident and was not reached the hospital on time due to this mighty hill.

The Love Birds

In 1956, Dashrath Manjhi was married to a village girl named Falguni Devi. At that time, child marriage was legal. After that, he went to Dhanbad to work in coal mines. In this seven years of gap, when he returned to his village and saw Falguni Devi, he fell in love with her again as a grown-up man. Unfortunately, Falgunis father denied giving her to Dashrath as he had no job to feed his family and Falguni.

But Dashrath and Falguni are made for each other. Dashrath took his childhood wife forcefully from his father-in-law and gave assurance that he will never be made her girl cry. Both love birds have two children in their homes.

An Accident

When Falguni was pregnant for the second time, Dashrath was very happy. One day Falguni was taking lunch for Dashrath crossing the gigantic ridge, suddenly her foot got slipped. She was heavily injured. After knowing about this incident, Dashrath ran towards her wife and took her to the hospital. But the hospital was 70km far from his village no vehicle was available to bring her wife to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Finally, all possible efforts by Dashrath were worthless. Falguni was no more, but she safely gave birth to a baby girl.

No Mercy

After his beloved wife’s death, Dashrath took his hammer and started cut down that bulky mountain. He tries to construct a path through which villagers can reach their destination in a short time with less effort. Every person found fault with work. Many journalists took Dashraths interview about his work. Many of them criticize Dashrath for his unimaginable work, but this man was never frightened for anything, never demotivated at all.

Years passed, once their villagers suffered from low rainfall, and evacuated the village. Even Dashrath’s father convinced him to go with them to town and find a job so that he can feed their children. But Dashrath denied leaving his village and his work. For some days, he lived there with no food and no water at all. Just feed his stomach with leaves and dirty water. He was continuing his work against all odds. He had no mercy for that mammoth rock. Every day cut down that hill as he had taken revenge for his wife’s death.

Dashrath Struggling Story

Once PM Indira Gandhi came to Dashraths village Gahlaur, Bihar. Dashrath was also there to listen to the PM’s speech over the emergency in India. In that function, Dashrath got a chance to click a picture with Indira Gandhi. While watching this, the village Mukhia, planned to introduced Dashrath and explained his cutting mountain work to Indira Gandhi, so that she granted some government funds to help Dashrath. Everything was good after that, but Mukhia cheated Dashrath by taking all the government funds and blamed Dashrat for supplied the cutting stones illegally to outsiders.

Dashrath got up and decided to complain against Mukhia to the PM. With no money in his pocket and a train ticket, he was thrown out of the moving train. Nothing stopped him from his destination. He walked from Bihar to Delhi to complained about this fraud. But he failed again to meet the PM.

Strong Mindset

Hopeless Dashrath back to his work again. But he was gradually old and did not give that much effort to his work. Instead of his physical situation, he never stopped his work. Some villagers joined Dasrath to construct the path. At last, the villagers felt that Dashrath turn this big rock into a walkable road for villagers.

Dashraths 22years of hard work from 1960 to 1982 shortened the 70km road to only 1km road. He made a 360foot long and 25feet deep path with a hammer. For this achievement, he is worldly known as The Mountain Man.

Bhagawan ke bharose mat baithiye..kya pata bhagawan humare bharose baitha ho.

He passed away on Aug 17, 2007. In his life, he shows many things which we can apply to our life. Although he has no higher education, no money, no power, no political hand, no help from others achieved his goal. We should learn from him, that never depends on luck, never mind any criticism from others, just do your work with dedication till the end.

World’s Richest Failures

Failure! The devastating word in the dictionary. Our society only respects those who are successful. We don’t have an option for failure. From childhood to old, if we fail in something, the people of our surrounding criticizes us. It is not only applicable for outsiders only, someday it belongs to our family members too. Failure is the word, which is responsible for many suicide and death. At the same time, failure is the key to success for many ones. But it is also indirectly connected to the people in our society and their frivolous mentality.

Every person who is never criticized and failed in their life cannot be successful. According to them, the test of failure is so sweet. We see, in this universe, a successful person was the biggest failure also. It is better to be treated as a fighter rather than a loser. In this world, among many failures, let us discuss some richest failures.

1.Michale Jordan

He is the greatest basketball player ever in history. He was failed to be a part of his school’s basketball team and was out from his team. This failure will turn this guy into a legend, and today’s world is well known about this Hall of Famer athlete and treated as The God Of Basketball.

“I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game-winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

2.Steve Jobs

Steve was fired from his own company Apple. After that, he founded and started two anther companies Lisa Computer and NeXT Computer, but unfortunately, he again failed. He was never ashamed about what he did in his life and never demotivated by others’ opinions. One day, Apple requested Steve to rejoin his company. And after that, he never looks back and made Apple is the leading and most profitable IT company in the US.

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

3.Elon Musk

One of the mad geniuses of all time. He is a workaholic person. His failure list is too long from being debearded from Paypal while on a honeymoon, cut from his company Zip2, not selected for a job in Netscape, Russian rejected his request to sell him rockets,3times rocket lunch and failed missions, bankrupt due to SpaceX and Tesla and many more. Apart from all this, he is the top-five richest person in the world.

“If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” 

4.J.k. Rowling

 Her first book Harry Potter was rejected by many publishers the first book. She was bankrupt and divorced at that time. One publisher said to her that she has to focus on finding a job rather than published her book about the children’s stories. She is one of the leading writers later. Rowling books not only sold millions copy also turns into Hollywood movies. 

“But it is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default.”

5.Sylvester Stallone

With his droopy left eyelid, he always wanted to be an actor. After many struggles, he approached many producers with his own written story in which he wanted him as the lead character as an underdog boxer Rocky Balboa. But all are refused. He was not disappointed and never give up on that. Finally, the film won the best picture. He is the director of the four sequels among seven sequels later. He is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood nowadays.

“Every time I’ve failed, people had me out for the count, but I always come back.”

Do not ever frustrate by someone’s opinion about you, do your work which you will be passionate about, whatever the situation comes in front of you, never threatened, believe in yourself, and work insane towards that. Failure is a path, not destiny.

Korean Drama -A true meaning of Love

What is Korean drama?

Korean television series are made in South Korea. The first Korean series was published by Korean Broadcasting System in 1962. Korean drama divides into different categories such as historical dramas, school dramas, action dramas, legal dramas, or horror comedies. Most of the series focusing on romance, family values, friendship, and deeply emotional stories. But nowadays, this industry releases social issues based on Korean drama like gender inequality, suicide and corruption, and many more. 

Unique features of Korean drama

Its unique storylines make Korean drama the best in the world. Korean series is creative and full of twists, that maintain secrecy in the story. Modern series generally contain 12 to 24 episodes of 60 minutes each. But in the case of historical series, it rises to 200 episodes. All series are usually carried one season. Many Korean dramas are shot within a compact timetable. Its screenplays are changing frequently depending on the viewer’s feedback. A single director and a single screenwriter are involved in making a series that distinguish Korean drama from other television series. Korean drama is produced by television channels. The first four episodes were shot in advance and the rest episodes are shot one by one after the four-episode was released.

Broadcast Platforms

Its broadcast time is scheduled between 22:00 to 23:00. Most of the Korean drama aired on the Total Variety Network(TVN), Orion Cinema Network(OCN), Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(MBC), Seoul Broadcasting System(SBS), Korean Broadcasting System(KBS). The evening slot is fixed for daily drama between 19:00 to 20:00. With the rise in popularity of Korean series internationally, many streaming platforms are run Korean drama like Amazon Prime, Asian Crush, Netflix, We TV, Hulu, VIU, Iflix, Kocowa, etc. 

Why Korean Drama is popular?

Eccentric Story

It is popular internationally day by day due to the scripts are well written. They use kissing scenes with so much importance. The Korean series characters are outstandingly realistic that every viewer feels the same emotion and vibe which the actors are portraying on the screen. Korean series has a limited number of episodes, so a viewer can never bore. The storylines make the viewer connected till the end. Rich guy poor girl romance and their parents are against that, these types of plots are very famous among the young generation nowadays. Korean drama is so well constructed and structured that every young generation expects Korean romance in real life. It is the impact of the best story, screenplay, and brilliant acting. Korean love stories are the best cute love story in the world. It is not like the other stories that are full of actions, it depicts the bonding with each other. 

Fresh Sound Track

Original Sound Track is specially made for each series. Those soundtracks are from EXO, TWICE, BLACKPINK, BTS, etc. 


Korean drama shows the values in compared to other dramas like respecting elders, polite to everyone. Korean cultures are famous worldwide for their unique presence of characters on screen. Korean dramas are shot with the beautiful locations and sites of Korea.

Family Show

Korean series is family-friendly. You can never feel bad while watching with family members and elders. Its series is rarely adult content or using any abusive language.

Fashion and Beauty

Korean fashion is now a trend all over the world. Korean actors and actresses always look simple, stylish, and fashionable. Their outfits are distinguishing from others. Their dressing sense makes them more cute and classy. They counted as trendy people in the world. Korean actor’s and actresses’ beauty standards are very high and attractive. 

Vikram Batra-Ye Dil Mange More

Vikram Batra belongs to a Hindu family in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. He was a son of a government school principal. He joined the Air Wing of the National Cadet Corps in his college. From his college life, he was interested in serving the nation. He cleared the exam of NCC, get the C certificate. After participating in the Republic day parade, he shared his thought with their parents that he wants to join the Indian Army.

1n 1995, he pursuing MA at Punjab University and start the preparation for Combined Defense Service Exam. In 1996, he joined Indian Military Academy(IMA). In 1997, after concluding training in IMA, he was commissioned as a lieutenant into the 13 JAK RIF. 

In 1998, after undergoing many training and postings, he finally posted to Sopore, Baramulla District, J&K .He had many encounters with militants over there. In one operation, Batra was leading the platoon and had killed all the militants before the morning. In 1999, Batra completed his commando course at Belgaum, Karnataka.

In 1999, it was Holi time. Vikram Batra enjoying his vacation with his fiancée Dimple Cheema. In a conversation, Dimple said to Vikram Batra that he has to be careful about war. Then Batra smiled and replied-“I’ll either come back after raising the Indian flag in victory or return wrapped in it. But I’ll come back for sure.”

He returned to his troop from his hometown. After few days,13 JAK RIF reached Dras on  6 June 1999. The 18 Grenadiers failed to capture the peak of Tololing. But 2 RAJ RIF  captured the peak on June 13, 1999. After the success of that mission, Vikaram Batra and his platoon were ordered to march from Dras to Tooling. Another mission was planned to capture point 5140, which was assigned to the 13 JAK RIF. Under the command of Lt. Col. Yogesh Kumar Joshi,13 JAK RIF found that the enemy covered some major areas from top to bottom of point 5140. Joshi decided to attack from the east and south sides by two teams, lead by Lt. Sanjeev Singh Jamwal, and Lt. Vikram Batra. Both choose their winning signal, Jamwal chooses “Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah!” and Batra chooses “Ye Dil Mange More!”.

Artillery fire was used for covering support of these two assault companies while climbing point 5140. Both the companies reached their destination on 20 June. Jamwals company had first captured their objective. It was difficult for Batra to covered the enemy from the rear side of the hill, but Batra did that impossible task with his 5 team members and killed 3 enemies single-handedly in close combat. He was injured but never stopped there, rather lead his troops and captured their objective by sharing his slogan”Ye Dil Mange More!”.

He was promoted as Captain after capturing point 5140. After the great success of 13 JAK RIF, the troop moved to Mushkoh Valley under the command of 79 Mountain Bridge. The next task was to captured point 4875 in the Mushkoh Valley. It was the dangerous mission ever for 13 JAK RIF till now. They had to protect around 30-40km of the National Highway from Dras to Malayan. The Pakistani soldiers easily observed the moment and position of our soldiers, saw the gun positions, army camps from that peak.  

On 4 July, the war began. The A and C Coys started their operation of capturing point 4875. But in the meanwhile, Batra was suffered from fatigue and fever.  Although its day time, these two troops were consolidated their hold on point 4875 after heavy bombarding and machine-gun attacks, and artillery fire. On 5 July, Pakistani enemies attacked with heavy fire and accuracy from their position in north point 4875. Area Flat was captured by 13 JAK RIF on 5 July, that was the key objective of that mission, without that point Indian Army never succeed in their mission. Unfortunately within a few hours Pakistani enemies counter-attacked our soldiers and climbed faster to capture the peak. Captain N.A.Nagappa was lead a troop to fight against those enemies to acquire the peak. But suddenly he was badly injured. Pakistani soldiers were climbing faster as Nagappa was injured.

Batra observing all those things lying on the bed went to Mr.Joshi and insisted to let him go. As the team of Nagappa needed reinforcement, Vikram Batra and his team were ready to capture the peak 4875 and determined for this in any situation and circumstances. All the members of 13 JAK RIF wanted to join Batra for the honor of their battalion despite the orders of their seniors.

Batra began to climb with 25 members of D Coy at night. When the troop neared the top, they had to climb vertically, where the visibility was almost zero due to heavy fog. Batra found a machine gun of Pakistani soldiers and destroyed it with a grenade. Batra finally located the machine gun post of enemies, but unfortunately, no option was left without a direct frontal assault in daylight. Under heavy fire from enemies’ machine guns and grenade launchers, Batra killed 5 Pakistani soldiers with his AK-47. Batra saw one of his men was shot in this process. With heavy firing, Batra said his teammate Sub. Raghunath Singh evacuates that injured soldier. He also said to Singh, “You have a family and children to go back to, I am not even married”.Batra had continuously given his maximum effort to drag the soldier to a safe place, suddenly a bullet hit his chest from a very close distance, and after few seconds another on his head from an RPG. Batra lies down on that battleground.

He was aware of the great danger of his mission, but instead of all those things, he was never afraid of death. Vikram Batra was awarded Indian’s highest military honor, the Param Vir Chakra. His supreme sacrifices for his country will always be memorable.

One Day

In the year 2010, The Stranger group planned for a vacation after their sixth semester of engineering. Each member of our group had a girlfriend except one guy. Our group had four members. All were eagerly waiting for when will go out of the college campus and enjoy our life without books and boring semesters. We decided that our girlfriends will not come on that trip due to our friend was single.

September 3, 2011, It was a chilled morning due to last night’s heavy rainfall. We four members brought the new car of that SAD SOUL guy of our group. Being the rich guy among us, we never respect and listen to his words, not even a single day, but our bonding was so strong. At about 4 am, we start our trip from Bhubaneswar. Lots of fun, lots of excitement, heavy music, we enjoyed every moment like never before. After 200km of traveling, we stopped near a big rock and clicking pictures of nature and the villagers. We stopped there to explore the villager’s social life and their behavior. It was so exciting for all of us. We stay there and had dinner with the villagers. At that time there was a famous festival going on. Coincidentally, our sad soul guy fell in love with a village girl that night. After dinner, we enjoyed chilled beer and went to sleep.

The next morning, we went a step ahead to our destination. We were happy that on the next trip we can come up with our girlfriends at least. It’s raining outside, no more vehicles on the road. It was a cloudy sky with little darkness. I saw my watch, it was 4:45 am. Suddenly, a big truck passed the left side of our car and hit with a two-wheeler and ran away. All this happened in front of us. We stopped our car, the road was full of red water. All of a sudden, a biker got up, start his bike, and went from there. We freaked out by seeing all those things. Rains start again. Immediately we were searching, where the blood comes from, we found a girl at the roadside with a burst stomach and injured head. She was shouting with unbearable pain. We had no idea what we will do? The road was silent, not a single person passing the road. We decided to rescue that girl and took that girl to the nearer hospital as soon as possible.

Mysterious Facts About Jagannath Temple

Iconic Temple

Odisha is a state of art and culture in the East India region. Among 30 districts in Odisha, Puri district is especially famous for Lord Jagannath all over the world. Jagannath is a blend of two Sanskrit words Jagat meaning universe and Nath meaning Lord. Jagannath temple is the pride of every Indian. This temple is a symbol of the greatest architecture of all time. Lord Jagannath’s Ratha Yatra is world-famous, it is held once a year. To see the Lord outside the temple large number of devotees are coming to watch this magnificent car festival. It’s a Hindu temple, expect them no one can enter this temple as per tradition. Originally Lord Jagannath was worshiped as Lord Neela Madhava by a tribal king named Viswabasu.In Hindu tradition, we know about Char Dham, among from all Puri Dham is a most excellent and divine place. In the 12 century, the Jagannath temple was constructed by king Anantavarman Chodaganga. The temple has its significance and is full of mystry.No one can tell the truth behind the mystery of Jagannath temple.

Let us know about some exciting stories of Jagannath Temple.

Climb To Neela chakra

We can see the temple top with the flying flag of different colors. Every day someone has to climb this 65 meters temple to change the flag. It is a daily ritual for many decades. This process will be done without any safety harness and with bare hands. History says if this ritual will be skipped one day in the calendar, the temple will be closed for 18 years.

Crimson Of Chaturdha Murti

The avatars are covered from 14 to 18 years, many hidden rituals performed by Daitas(Jagannaths Sevayats during his crimson) in a dark environment with no devotees and no cameras. New Murtis were replaced by those old wooden neem Murtis of Lord Jagannath, Balabhdra, Subhadra, and Sudarshana. It is automatically decaying in soil.

Opposite blow of air

Astonishingly, in the daytime, the light air blows from the land to the sea and the opposite happens in the evening. It only occurs in Jagannath temple Puri.

Never Wasted Mahaprasad

Every day around 2000 to 2,000,00 devotees are coming to Jagannath temple and feel blessed by eating Mahaprasad. But you will be surprised to know that the process of making Mahaprasad is a non-organized way.No one measures the amount of food they will cook for devotees. Supernaturally, the prepared food will never waste, not even a bite. 

Flag Against Wind

Jagannath temple’s flag at the top flew against the opposite direction of the wind as it is against science.No scientist can reveal the truth of this phenomenon. 

Magic Structcture of Neela chakra

The Neela Chakra is built with hard metal weighing about a tonne. We are amazed how our ancestors got up there without any machinery. The design is unique, that when you look at the Neela Chakra, its appearance is the same in every direction. Is it not a miracle? 

Soundless Temple

The sea sound was never audible within the temple premises. But when you step out from the temple, the sea sound comes again. This effect is rare and makes this phenomenon noticeable among scientists.

No Birds In the sky

We see the birds in the sky. The sky is the permanent address of birds. But unfortunately, no birds fly above the temple dome. No airplane can glide above the Neela Chakara.

Unusual Method Of Cooking

In Jagannath temple, their priest cooks all the food items. It is called Mahaprasad. They usually use seven pots for cooking. The process is like seven pots mounted one above the other. When the cooking is over, the topmost pot is cooked first. It is the magic of Lord Jagannath.

Ratha Yatra

In Rath Yatra, Lord Jagannath and his brother Lora Balbhadra and his sister Lora Subhadra came outside the temple to enjoy their vacation time by traveling to their motherland called Gundicha Mandir. Surprisingly these massive three Chariot built within sixty days with no engineers. Car painters are the architect of these 3 Chariots. Behind every design and architecture, there will be a great story. Nothing is without a purpose.

No Shadow

When some stand in front of sunlight, a shadow creates. But you never see a shadow of Shree Mandir at any time of the day and any direction also.

The scientist is still researching to know about the mystery behind the Jagannath temple.

5 habits To Be A Successful Person

In this universe, everyone wants to be successful in life. But very few are tasted this. Every day in the newspaper, we read many successful person stories. How their property value increases day by day, about their lifestyle, their bungalow, rising of shares in the stock market, and many more. If you talk about the successful person in the world, then the list is very long. Every day there will be a new addition. We always have that eagerness to know their success stories. A successful person does not achieve all those things in one night, it will accomplish by facing many obstacles, criticism, and failure. Every successful person follows a routine life if you observe deeply.

Determination is the most crucial thing to success in life. We have to maintain discipline in our life to be successful. It is not an easy task to continue those habits. Difficulties are more often in every successful person’s life. There are certain habits and mentalities which most successful people carry. By regular practice of those habits, they will master organizing their lifestyle that leads to success.

We discuss those five habits that make an ordinary person successful.

Get up Early

Billionaires are always get up early in the morning, the research said. They are going to bed early also. If you are get up every day at 4 am then you will have enough time to plan your day according to your lifestyle. You also give proper time to every work, which you will perform the rest of day. This habit not only saves your time also has extra time for doing any other work or spend quality time with your friends and family.

Read A lot

Successful people have a large bookshelf. Reading is a common habit in every successful person’s daily routine. Reading turns to be calm and organized in life. Reading improves your memory power. Reading many books, articles, and the newspaper makes knowledgeable about the various sector, which helps to work in industry or corporate sector more efficiently. It also reduces stress and keeps your brain healthy.

Write down your idea

Ideas are the vital thing that played a role in every successful person’s life. A small idea can build an empire. When you are sitting alone, think creatively and talk to yourself for better ideas. Note down those small ideas in a paper and choose which one is suitable for you. Once you select one of these, take immediate action.

Set Goal

By setting the objective you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve in your life. Make a list of temporary and long-term goals and set your deadlines accordingly. Set your goals measurable, achievable, specific, and realistic so that you will achieve them within a time frame.


70 percent of successful people exercise for at least 30mins every day. It can help you to maintain your health, reduce your risk of many chronic diseases. Exercise makes you productive and motivates you to work for long hours.

Odisha’s Enormous Contribution To Indian Hockey

Odisha is one of the developing states of India nowadays. Its mineral resources, fairs and festivals, eccentric handlooms, classical dance, temple architecture, blue hills, rock caves, religions, and people have consistently drawn the attention of tourists, travelers, industrialists, and historians all over the world. In this list, a new word is entered named ‘Hockey. Now Odisha represents Indian Hockey internationally. Odisha is a key hub of producing great players in Indian Hockey. This is only possible due to the nonstop effort of Shri.Naveen Patnaik the renowned and scholarly Chief Minister of India.


This Tokyo Olympics is the memorable Olympics in the history of India. Our players are showing their tremendous skill that made every Indian feel proud. Both our Men’s and Women’s Hockey team played their best game in this mega event. Odisha’s contribution to Indian Hockey played a vital role in that India won Bronze Medal in Hockey. To achieve this prestigious medal, India took 41 years. Naveen Patnaik is also a big lover of Hockey as he played Hockey six decades ago at Doon school as a goalkeeper while he was a student. His interest turns to back support of Indian Hockey by investing money and resources in this national sport.

Our Tigress

Odisha is a sponsor of the Indian Hockey team since 2018. Odisha signed for this sponsorship for a five years long period. While a big company like Sahara has withdrawn its sponsorship, Odisha is the only state of India that never left the hands of Indian Hockey teams. Odisha is also investing Rs.120 Cores for five years and has invested money for building infrastructure, logistical support, and all the expenses for both the teams-for training, education, and nurturing talent. While cricket is creating a massive impact on our Indians, and we always support our Indian cricket compared to hockey, Naveen Patnaik sees the glorious future in hockey, which makes him stand alone from others. Odisha’s sports minister has to conform about the increased budget around Rs.265 Crore to Rs.360 Crore this year for Hockey India.

kalinga stadium

Hockey is one of the favorite sport in Odisha. Sundargarh is the mother of Hockey in Odisha. Coincidently the two vice-captains of both men’s and women’s teams in the Tokyo Olympics are from Sundargarh district. The state is famous for producing the greatest player like Dilip Tirkey, Ignace Tirkey, Lazarus Barla, and Sunita Lakra. Hockey is common in most of the tribal areas in Odisha, where children learn to talk with hockey sticks. It is like a festival when the state team wins a medal in any competition. Poor children or adults who can not afford hockey sticks found an alternate solution by bending a Kendu branch or a bamboo shoot. The Odisha government planned and developed synthetic turf pitches for playing hockey. Also worked for posting good coaches for skills and technique, support every player and their family, which helps our players to represent our Indian Hockey on the international platform. In 2021, Odisha will spend Rs.190 Crore to build astroturf pitches in 17 blocks of Sundargarh district. The state-appointed many sports teachers in schools for primary-level screening.

Odisha sets an example by hosting the big games in the past five years, including the World Cup in 2018, the Champions Trophy in 2014, and the Hockey World League Final in 2017. Every national and international game hosted by Odisha is the best example that displays Odisha’s systematic handling of those gigantic events with ease.

Biggest stadium In Country

Naveen Patnaik spending Rs.110 Crore to build the world’s biggest hockey stadium in the country with over 20,000 sitting capacity by 2023, named Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium located at Rourkela, Sundargarh district. The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup is scheduled to be held in the stadium. Kalinga Stadium Bhubaneswar is another high-class stadium largely built with international standards to provide the best training to players. Mr.Patnaik also receives the eminent FIH President award for his contribution towards sports promotion, especially Hockey.The sports capital of India is always ready to host the event smoothly.

Naveen patnaik

For the betterment of hockey, the Odisha government has team-up with Tata trust and Tata Steel to open high-performance centers across Odisha. The famous proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed” suits Odisha and Mr.Naveen Patnaik for a rise in the popularity of Indian Hockey.

Tips For Put A Stop To Alcoholic Youth In India

Alcohol, Is it not so exciting? Yes, of course in today’s generation, it is our youth’s favorite pain killer. Any depression comes in front of our youth, they blindly choose Alcohol. It’s a common practice for our Indian Youth. According to research, over 88 percent of Indians age under 25 purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. This is a bad habit, which our youth gradually add to their daily routine. In our youth dictionary, certain words are common like breakups, frustration, depression, anxiety, demotivation, and many more. Those words do not only affect our youth’s career growth also reduce their life span and are the root cause of increases in many diseases and alcoholic youth.

Teenagers are also not excluded from this alcohol consumption list. They are experimenting with alcohol nowadays. Curiosity and to feel old is the principal cause of that growing popularity of alcohol in teenager community. About 80 percent of school students have tried alcohol.

Adult & Alcohol

There is a scale of use among those who consume alcohol, which can range from one-time use, occasional use, regular use, perilous use, harmful use to dependence. But we only talk about the regular use community.

Influence Of Alcohol In Our Life and Body

It hampers our central nervous system and decreased our thinking ability. More alcohol leads to intoxication, cirrhosis in the liver, heart disease, diabetes, reduction in fertility, skin problems, memory problems, reduce immunity.

After consumed alcoholic substances, we have no control over our body language and our behavior, sometimes due to this, we are offended in our society. It also creates a bad impression among our family members, friends, and relatives.

Alcohol is closely linked with fights and cruelty, road accidents, intimidating sexual activity, and vulnerable sex, domestic violence, legal and financial difficulties. Minorities, economically and socially poverty-stricken communities are often victims of the dangerous effect of alcohol.

It affects depends on many internal and external control. At the community level, availability, accessibility, affordability, and adaptability directly impact the growth of alcohol usage.

Body Reaction After Drink

An average of 22 percentage of people (18-29 Years) in India are youth, which exceeds 261 million people and it’s larger than the population of Pakistan. But unfortunately, they are moving toward toxic India as per statics says. So we have to stop those steps of our youth towards destruction by focusing on certain areas. Not only domestically but also our cities and states are directly responsible for the growth in alcoholic youth. Our government should take certain steps, implement certain strategy and plan, which controls our youth mentality to win over the alcohol.

What Can Be Done?

  • Increase in taxation on alcoholic beverages
  • Minimum legal purchasing or drinking age
  • Restriction on sales
  • Prohibition or ban on alcohol
  • Regulating alcohol production and distribution
  • Advertising restriction
  • Promoting community action
  • Mass media campaigns
  • Educating school children and college students
  • Provision of alternative recreational facilities
  • Role of the family
  • Cooperation between stakeholders
  • Establishment of a national alcohol control authority or a similar agency
give time and act like friends

Parents do not have time for their children’s, there are many examples when an adult going through certain personal issues but he/she can not explain them to others, at this stage if parents are not talking to them, they are no options for their mental stability or mental pressure and prefer alcohol. So, discuss their problems with friendly manners keep away them from alcohol.

Our government also take initiative for this by certain rules and regulations. In India, certain states have already applied some strategies to reduce the level of alcohol consumption, and it works.

Socially and Domestically we can help our young masses from the consequences of alcohol. If we focus on the above key points then we can definitely extract our youth from this alcoholic world.

Tips For Enrich India’s Educational System To Produce Industry-Ready Engineers

In this competitive world, everyone will go for the job not only a student but also their parents expecting the same things from their children’s from their childhood. Due to which students are not focusing on their studies, they will only concentrate on their marks to complete their engineering and get a job in an MNC. A student after his engineering, just sitting on their couch and enjoying popcorn, this mostly happens in India. But in America, they developed the methodology and industry-based coaching for every student from the very beginning which feels comfortable and effortless to work in an industry after his engineering.

Skills To Devlop

Below are some key points which lead India’s engineering education system is not to produce industry-ready engineers.

  • The businessman entered this Education world and converted to a money market.
  • Students get several alternative options to score high in their semesters like a copy in exams, paperwork by giving bribery to corrupt officials.
  • College management’s destructive policy on producing engineers deal with companies to just select a student and after few months they will terminate those employees on their performance basis.
  • Lack of planning to provide industry-based education rather focusing on the percentage of students gets their jobs in the final semester.

Our students are also lack of skills to practically work on real-time projects in their company after they pass out. It is the main reason that leads to unemployment in India. Without certain industry skills, our students never are so successful in their future. We can easily differentiate our college studies from our corporate or industrial work.To change this track,we have to conscious about key things to improve as much as possible to get hired by big companies without any confusion.

Methodology For Best Coaching

Certain things to focus on for every student:

  • Problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Improve good communication.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Acquire knowledge on practical things apart from books and college assignments.
  • Always updated according to market.
  • Eagerness for invention.
  • Workaholic nature and concentrate on learning technical skills.
  • More practice and basic training.

India sets an example by producing great engineers like Satish Dhawan, Sundar Pichai, and many more. So if we focus on those above points and extract every business person from this world, protect our education system from dishonest and fraudulent people, then we will see a better future ahead.