5 Demanded Job Oriented Programming Languages In 2021

In this digital world, programming is a common thing in our daily life. We can see it everywhere, from the medical store to your grocery store. In this automated world, the interaction between machines and human beings is gradually increasing. Programming and coding help this interaction so smoothly. We can regularly use bar code scanners, word processors, websites, and apps every minute in our life.

Programming enhances our brain function. It helped our analytical brain to develop logic. It also improves our IQ. But it is a bit confusing to learn such programming languages as there are many programming languages discovered till now. It’s a general question among students, What programming languages they should learn and practice to get a job in 2021.

Below is the list of programming languages that are trendy now. It is popular due to its flexibility and frameworks. Let us discuss some languages.


Python is in demand now for the crucial role of data in business. Its various tools, frameworks, a vast collection of libraries, and readability are the prime factors for beginners to learn easily, and within less time. Python is mainly used in web and mobile apps development, server-side development, machine learning app development, data science, artificial intelligence, and many more. User-friendly data structures, easy integrations with web apps and GUI-based desktop application makes it more famous in 2021.

It is an open-source language. It is best for developing 2D imaging and 3D animation packages. Many popular video games like Vegas Trike, Toontown are developed using Python. By learning this, you can earn up to $72,500 annually. Youtube, Instagram, and Quora are the platforms developed in Python.

2.Java Script

It is famous for its widely used frameworks like Node.Js, Angular Js, and Vue Js. It is a server-side scripting language.JavaScript is used for backend and frontend development like web development, mobile apps development, and developing video games. It is mostly used in creating a dynamic web page and add special effects to web pages. It helps for validation while developing websites.

It is a simple language embedded in languages like HTML, CSS, and Java. In India, an average JavaScript developer earns approximately Rs.338,078 annually. Facebook, Google use Javascript in their frontend also.


Java is an ever-green and most secure programming language. It is developed by Oracle Corporation. It listed the second rank in the PYPL(PopularitY Of Programming Language) index in Aug 2021. It is a multi-platform and old object-oriented language. It supports all platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS. Its robust memory allocation, APIs, vast libraries, scalability make it the top-most programming language in the data world.

It is mainly used for Software, Finance and e-commerce, web development, android app development, and big data. Its frameworks are so popular like Struts, Spring and Hibernate, etc. Today almost 3 billion devices running on apps that are using Java. It is also the backbone of many popular sites like Amazon and Twitter. A senior Java developer earns up to Rs.839,714 per annum.


It is an object-oriented language developed by Microsoft. It is a dynamic language integrated with the .Net framework. C Sharp is similar to C & C++.C# is mostly used in web development, mobile apps development, 2D and 3D gaming application development. etc.

It depends on the Visual Basic editor for the developing process. C# is open-source, updateable, fast, interoperable with other codes and simple language. It is used as backend language for many known websites like Dell, Bing and MarketWatch, and many more.C# Devlopers salary is around $65,000 per annum. It is the 4th popular language on the PYPL list.


80% of websites on the internet are built-in using PHP. It is introduced in 1990 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It is an open-source, server-side scripting language. It is used to develop desktop applications. It is relatively easier to learn as compared to other languages. It is a cross-platform language with 5th position in the PYPL list.

It is very popular among web devlopers.Php is a cost-effective and flexible language in today’s market. It offers various frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter etc.Php is adaptable with database connectivity. It is mainly used for back-end development. One can earn up to $81,500 per annum as an intermediate Php developer.

If you are interested in coding or programming,  you must have pick one language from the above list and learn. Within some years, you will achieve your dream job as a developer in MNCs.