It is very common for us to overlook the little details and features the things that we use everyday have , and hence never actually understand how to fully utilise something . Be it clothes , furniture or any other device , here are some of the things that have hidden features you didn’t know of ,

METAL RIVETS – You must certainly think these rivets are just to up the fashion game , but you are completely wrong , because these metal rivets are a very crucial component of jeans . When jeans became a staple wear among framers , miners and other working class labours , these rivets were added to jeans to increase its longevity . Rivets are secured at the seem of jeans so as to protect it from ripping apart .

RIDGES ON COIN – You definitely must have wondered as to why are there ridges in some coins ? Well , in the 1800s in Colonial America , people would shave off of edges of coin that were made of silver and gold and would in turn sell those shavings to earn money . Hence these ridges were created to prevent counterfeiting as people would able to identify whether a coin had been shaven or not .

SAMPLE FABRICS THAT COME WITH CLOTHES – You must have definitely noticed a zip lock bag with a tiny piece of the fabric and a button when you buy new clothes , and must think the fabric is used for sewing shut a hole that might be in the clothes , but no thats not its actual purpose . The sample fabric is supposed to be used for testing on cleaning products to unsure you do not ruin your clothing by using the wrong products .

PLASTIC CUPS WITH LIDS – For having a go to coffee or any beverage of your choice you use these cups with lids to carry your beverage around . While the lid is on the cup to prevent the beverage from spilling obviously , it certainly has another purpose . The lids can also be used as coaster , to protect the surface of the table where you might place your cup.

DETACHABLE HEADRESTS – The headrest in our cars our detachable , so that we can adjust it according to our level of comfort , but it has a more important purpose than that . If ever , you find yourself in a situation where you are stuck in your car , you can completely detach the headrest and use its ends that are long metal bars to break the windows and escape . Ingenious !