A part of existing on this planet is being surrounded with hundreds of mysterious that are far from being solved . Here are a few mysterious that have not being solved , and probably never will.

HANGING GARDENS OF BABYLONIA – Hanging gardens of Babylonia were allegedly the seven wonders of the world, but its pretty much unclear whether it existed in the first place or not . It is believed that the hanging gardens of Babylonia was constricted at the city of Babylonia , present day Iraq . Archeologists have been able to excavate Babylonia , but they could not find the garden , which brought up the simple question – did the hanging gardens of Babylonia actually exist?

CLEOPATRA’S TOMB – There were several ancient writers who firmly stated that Cleopatra the VIII th was buried with her lover, Anthony and writer Plutarch claimed that their tombs were located near a temple of Egyptian Goddess Isis . But till date there are no leads to their tombs .

CITY OF ATLANTIS – The famous Greek philosopher Plato had written about a fictitious city named Atlantis , which was was situated in the Atlantic ocean . Plato , in his story had written that in a conflict between Athenians and Atlantis , the Athenians had struck back , which resulted in Atlantis disappearing .

OAK ISLAND – It is believed that there is a money pit buried in the oak island . The oak island is located off Nova Scotia , Canada . It is believed that the money was left by a pirate named Captain William Kid .There have been several expeditions to find the hidden money , but all in vain .


There are a lot of painting by famous painters that were stolen and never found , till date . Here are a list of a few stolen paintings ,

HARLEQUIN HEAD – This abstract painting was made by the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso . The painting was stolen in the year 2012 from Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam .

THE CONCERT – “The concert ” was painted by the famous Dutch Baroque painter Johannes Vermeer . It was stolen from Isabella Stewart Garner Museum located in Boston in 1990 .

POPPY FLOWERS – This magnificent painting was made by Vincent Van Gogh . It was stolen from the Cairo Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum situated in Cairo , not once but twice . The painting was retrieved back , only to be stolen again in August of 2010.

LANDSCAPE WITH COTTAGES – This painting was made by the Dutch painter , Rembrandt Van Rijn . It was stolen from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 1972.


Here are a list of classic literature books that you will appreciate reading !!!!!

THE GREAT GATSBY – This novel was written by F.Scott Fitzgerald in 1952. It is a Tragic/historical novel that is worth reading .

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY – This novel was written by Oscar Wilde and was published in 1890 , however a longer version of the novel was published in 1891. It is basically a philosophical fiction.

LITTLE WOMEN – Little woman was written by Louisa May Alcott , and was published in 1896 . It is a fiction novel with. comical aspects .

NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR – This novel was written by the English novelist George Orwell , and was published in 1949. Nineteen Eighty Four is an amalgamation of social science fiction and dystopia .


Tea might be native to China , but the entire world relishes this beverage . Each country has its unique way of preparing and consuming tea. Here is how tea is consumed around the globe ,

CHINA – China is the country who introduced tea to the world . It is believed that Chinese emperor Shennong when consuming hot water noticed that dried leaf had fell from a plant and his water tasted really good , and that is how tea was discovered . China has a wide variety of tea leaves from which they make their tea.

TAIWAN – People in Taiwan enjoy bubble tea , which is a fairly modern innovation . It is an iced tea served with tapioca pearls . Bubble tea sure has a lot of calories , but it is worth the calorie gain.

JAPAN – Matcha tea is the most popular form of tea in Japan . This tea became very popular back in the 11th century when Zen buddhist monks had to stay awake all night .

MOROCCO – Touareg or mint tea is the most popular type of tea that is consumed in Morocco . It is made with steeping tea and spearmint leaves . Moroccan tea is served in a tall glass , usually over three servings .


Having hobbies is not just a fun past time but it can be very beneficial for personal growth . Here are reasons why developing and inculcating hobbies is good for you ,

MITIGATES STRESS – Life can be pretty stressful and challenging and dealing with stress can be overwhelming , but having a hobby can help you with that . Having a hobby can help you uncoil your stress and channelise it in a healthy way .

EXTRA INCOME – You can monetise your hobbies to earn extra income . It is not a compulsion though , but it is a great form of a passive income .

BENEFICIAL FOR MENTAL HEALTH – If you practice your hobbies it can help in producing chemical reactions that can be beneficial for your mental health . It also helps in improving your self esteem .

KEEPS YOU ACTIVE AND FIT – Having a hobby actually helps you in being fit and active as you are constantly keeping your brain active .

IMPROVES CAREER – Having hobbies helps you in improving your skills that can in turn for your job and career .


It is very common for us to overlook the little details and features the things that we use everyday have , and hence never actually understand how to fully utilise something . Be it clothes , furniture or any other device , here are some of the things that have hidden features you didn’t know of ,

METAL RIVETS – You must certainly think these rivets are just to up the fashion game , but you are completely wrong , because these metal rivets are a very crucial component of jeans . When jeans became a staple wear among framers , miners and other working class labours , these rivets were added to jeans to increase its longevity . Rivets are secured at the seem of jeans so as to protect it from ripping apart .

RIDGES ON COIN – You definitely must have wondered as to why are there ridges in some coins ? Well , in the 1800s in Colonial America , people would shave off of edges of coin that were made of silver and gold and would in turn sell those shavings to earn money . Hence these ridges were created to prevent counterfeiting as people would able to identify whether a coin had been shaven or not .

SAMPLE FABRICS THAT COME WITH CLOTHES – You must have definitely noticed a zip lock bag with a tiny piece of the fabric and a button when you buy new clothes , and must think the fabric is used for sewing shut a hole that might be in the clothes , but no thats not its actual purpose . The sample fabric is supposed to be used for testing on cleaning products to unsure you do not ruin your clothing by using the wrong products .

PLASTIC CUPS WITH LIDS – For having a go to coffee or any beverage of your choice you use these cups with lids to carry your beverage around . While the lid is on the cup to prevent the beverage from spilling obviously , it certainly has another purpose . The lids can also be used as coaster , to protect the surface of the table where you might place your cup.

DETACHABLE HEADRESTS – The headrest in our cars our detachable , so that we can adjust it according to our level of comfort , but it has a more important purpose than that . If ever , you find yourself in a situation where you are stuck in your car , you can completely detach the headrest and use its ends that are long metal bars to break the windows and escape . Ingenious !


Having a personality that is unique and reflects your inner self is really important as it helps you stand out in a crowd. Here are ways in which you can develop a strong personality .

SELF ESTEEM – Having low self esteem can have adverse affects on your personality and life in general . Believing in yourself and having high self esteem makes you a confident individual. Tolerating something that hurts you or doing letting others disrespect you can lower your self esteem . But once you start building you esteem by travelling alone , being intolerant towards unacceptable behaviour , you surely can gain high self esteem .

TAKING ACCOUNTABILITY – Taking accountability for your own actions in stead of blaming others or blaming the situation can really help you build your self esteem . Blaming others for your problems is a sign of weakness and low self esteem . Acknowledging your mistakes , in stead of ignoring it can help you grow and develop as a person and develop a strong personality .

DISCIPLINE – Self discipline is one of the key factors to having a strong personality . Being disciplined is difficult but once you have trained your self to be disciplined it can do wonders to your life . People with strong personalities know how to not give into temptations .

POSITIVITY – Life is always uncertain and can be difficult to deal with sometimes , and it is easy for people to give up and make space for pessimism and hopelessness , but people with a strong personality always hope for the best and know how to be optimistic . Being optimistic has a great deal of benefits and should be practiced .


Apart from the very intriguing stories from Greek Mythology , Greece has also been the pioneer of many inventions and discoveries . The Greeks have been crowned with the title of being the fathers of science , zoology , medicine and many more . Here are few of their discoveries and findings :

ALARM CLOCKS – Alarm clock was invented by the Greek engineer , mathematician and Physicist Ctesibius , who lived in Alexandria . But it is also believed that the Greek philosopher Plato had made his version of alarm clock way before Ctesibius did . Plato was very displeased with his students for being late to his classes due to over sleeping , so he came up with a solution – yes , an alarm clock . Though , alarm clocks have definitely evolved and now its in our smart phones ,but this genius invention roots back to the Greeks .

ODOMETER – Odometer is an instrument that measures the distance travelled by a wheeled vehicle. It is believed that Archimedes was the inventor of the odometer , while some people also believe that Heron of Alexandria invented it . The odometer helped The Greeks and Roman revolutionise the building of roads accurately .

GEOMETRY – There were many Greek mathematicians and geometers that contributed to the development of Geometry .Thales of Miletus is regarded as the father of geometry , proposed a number of rules that were based on true reasoning .

OLYMPICS – The first modern olympics that was held in 1896 , was actually inspired by ancient olympic held in Greece . The first olympic games was held in approximately in 776 BC in Olympia. This was held every four years in Olympia during a religious fest to honour Zeus .


Whether you live in a big country or a small town , you must have come across certain beliefs or ideas which people abide by , without actually having any reason behind such beliefs . Do you consider yourself superstitious ?

BLACK CATS – This majestic black furred animal is unfortunately associated with bad luck and death. You must have come across people saying that it is bad luck if a black cat crosses your path . This superstition has its roots going back to the medieval times , when animals with dark fur were believed to signal death . It is considered a bad omen if a black cat is spotted during a funeral procession . But in Egypt Black cats are symbols of good luck , and in Ancient Egypt black cats were really respected as they resembled the Egyptian goddess Bastet. In some parts of the world black cats are considered be lucky and in other parts they are considered to be a bad omen .

TRIMMING NAILS AT NIGHT – In India , Turkey and South Korea , trimming nails at night is believed to bring bad luck, and could invite evil spirits at home . Before the the invention of light bulbs , in ancient times it would be dangerous to trim nails at night as because of the absence of a light source , also the fact that sharp tools were used to trim nails which might cause injuries . This is where this superstition allegedly,comes from. In Japan , there is a superstition that states that trimming nails at night could lead to premature death .

SITTING AT THE CORNER OF THE TABLE – In Russian , Hungarian , Polish and Romanian cultures , it is widely believed that sitting in the corner of the table is bad luck , and the person sitting in the corner might never get married .

BROKEN MIRRORS – It is believed that if a mirror is broken , it brings seven years of bad luck. The Romans manufactured mirrors from polished metal surfaces and believed that the Gods monitored and observed souls of the people through mirrors . Thus , it was considered disrespectful to break mirrors , and people started believing that the Gods might unleash bad luck on them .


Mariana Trench is the deepest underwater trench on Earth , and is located in the western pacific ocean .It is about 36,037 feet deep , and its deepest point is called the challenger deep. The dept of this trench makes it mysterious , scary and alluring as well . The deeper you dive in this trench , the more you are surrounded by darkness . This trench is home to unique and creepy species , that will surely terrify you .

DEEP SEA ANGLER FISH – The sight of this fish is enough to terrorise humans . The angler fish is carnivorous in nature and has an evidently large head , and have sharp – razorlike teeth that are angled inward for grabbing their prey . But these fishes aren’t big , their lengths vary between 2-18 cm . Creatures that reside in dark regions of the oceans evolve in unique ways to help them catch their prey and survive , so does the angler fish . They have a protrusion from their forehead , a luminescent organ that allures their prey .

DUMBO OCTOPUS – They might look adorable , but don’t let their appearance fool you . It is the only species of octopus that resides in the deepest part of the ocean , and is a very rare species . The dumbo octopus was named after Disney’ s cartoon character – Dumbo the elephant . They are umbrella octopuses , and have webbed tentacles that make them look like umbrellas . They do not have any ink sacs like other octopuses and instead of chewing and grinding their food , they swallow their prey completely .

GOBLIN SHARK – Goblin sharks are a rare species of deep sea sharks . They have a protruding snout that looks like a sword , and makes this shark look really creepy . They are also called living fossil , have a droopy body and small fins and are usually inactive in nature . Goblin sharks have a whitish – pink skin colour due to their translucent skin , which makes the blood in their body visible .

BENTHOCODON – Benthocodon is a unique and unusual type of jellyfish , and can be found near the sea floor in the Pacific ocean . They are really small in size , just upto 2 cm and have a rounded top which is called the bell . Their “bell” is opaque and red in colour .


Language is a very basic and important medium of communication . Different countries have a different and unique language which has its own rich heritage . But there are several languages have been forgotten about and nobody speaks it anymore , even though people still learn about it . Here are a few forgotten languages :

COPTIC – This was an Afro-Asiatic language which was spoken in Egypt from the 2nd century c.e . Coptic was used by Ptolemaic rulers after the spread of Greek culture . This language was divided into six dialects out of that, four were spoken in upper Egypt and two in lower Egypt . Coptic now exists in the liturgy of Coptic church in Egypt

SUMERIAN LANGUAGE – Sumerian is the language of ancient Sumer . Sumerians were well known for being the civilization to invent a system of writing . It was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia . As the Sumerian empire was on the brink of declining , citizens moved to north in search of fertile land and a better place to settle in . They merged with the Akkadians and so did their culture and language .

AKKADIAN – This language was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia from 3rd to the 1st millenium BCE .It was spoken in a vast area that stretched from the mediterranean sea to the Persian gulf This language could not stand the test of time either .

LATIN – Latin is an Indo-European language in the Italic group and is the most well known forgotten language . It is also the ancestor language of modern Roman languages . Latin was spoken by people living along the lower Tibet river . The Roman empire was the reason why the geographical areas that used Latin grew vast .Even though Latin is not spoken anymore , it sure has been assimilated in other languages like French , Spanish , Portuguese , Romanian and Italian .


We all have big dreams , big aims and we all are working hard to achieve it . But if we are unable to do so , and somebody else does it before us , we are consumed with jealousy . It is definitely not a positive emotion , and can be harmful if it exceeds a limit , but a proportionate amount of jealousy can be your teacher , here’s how ,

JEALOUSY HELPS US UNDERSTAND OUR WANTS – When we get jealous of something someone has achieved, it actually helps to understand our true wants and desires that we are unaware of , or we are trying to suppress . Jealousy acts as an indicator to help us understand what we want . So next time you get slightly jealous of someone getting a promotion or a new job , try asking yourself is that what you desire ? Jealousy and fear come from the same place , and you can overcome that by trying to understand your jealousies .

JEALOUSY HELPS US UNDERSTAND OUR TRIGGER POINTS – We all have certain trigger points that really upset us but jealousy , helps us identify these trigger points . Your trigger points are caused due to your insecurities , beliefs and self doubts , and jealousy helps you identify them . If you are able to understand your trigger points , you are one step close to self awareness and self discovery which helps you become a better version of yourself .

JEALOUSY HELPS US IN FOCUSING ON OUR PATH- When we are jealous , we completely loose focus on our life and path , and expend all our energies focusing on what other have and what others have achieved . Jealousy can actually help you be focus on our path again . When ever you get jealous think about all the energy you are wasting by not focusing on your path and your life .

JEALOUSY ASSURES US ABOUT SUCCESS – Now , when others are succeeding and you still have an impending success you might feel jealous ,and all bitter , but if you look around and see so many people succeeding, it actually gives you an assurance and a proof that world is abundant and that there is room for everyone to succeed, we just need to be patient .

JEALOUSY CAN MOTIVATE US- When you start to feel the sting of jealousy in yourself , it can actually push you to work harder and help you find what efforts might be lacking . In stead of letting jealousy make you feel bitter , use it to work harder .


It is really easy for facts and myths to get mixed up , especially if we have been listening about it ever since we were kids . Over the years there has been a lot of events, and theories that we believed were facts , but they were either exaggerated or were myths , here are a few of such myths we still believe in.

BATS – We have read about bats being blind in our textbooks , heard about it , but this is one big myth . Bats are not blind and can see. They have do have small eyes with sensitive vision which helps them see in pitch black conditions . Bats do not have colourful visions like humans , but they can see three times better then us humans .

SALT AND BOILING WATER – It is believed that if we add salt to water , it boils faster , but this is a complete myth as well . Putting salt in the water will make a negligible difference .

ALBERT EINSTEIN – It is commonly believed that Albert Einstein was terrible at mathematics and that he failed his grade school maths . Well , this rumour is just a rumour . Einstein himself denied this and said that he did not fail in maths and by age 15 he was at the top of his class .

CHAMELEON – Most of us believe that chameleon change colours to blend with their surroundings , but this is not true . Yes , they have the ability to change colours , but they do so to regulate their body temperatures and to communicate with other fellow chameleons .


Law and order is important for every country . It is what helps countries be in discipline , lower crime rates , help the country develop and be a safe place for it’s citizens to live in . But there are some countries with really weird laws that will surely surprise you :

SWITZERLAND – This is by far the weirdest law I have heard . Switzerland has a curfew on flushing toilets after 10 pm at night. Though you won’t be put in jail for doing so , you sure would be yelled at . It is consider courteous if you abide by this .

AUSTRALIA – In Australia , it is completely prohibited for a person to disturb weddings and funeral services . If someone does so , they will be banned from attending any such events completely , and be fined with the hefty sum of $10,000 and could also be put in jail for upto 2 years

EGYPT – There are really some tight laws regarding voting in Egypt . It is mandatory for citizens who are eligible to vote , to give their votes , if not they can be charged with heavy fines , and even a prison sentence .

JAPAN – In Japan there are really strict postal laws that protect all postal properties . Putting an ice cream in a mail box is seriously punishable , as people can be heavily fined or put in jail to serve a sentence lasting upto 5 years . Putting ice cream in a mail box might be a funny prank , but not in Japan .


With the world rapidly developing and the internet and technological department , growing at a really fast rate , there are a lot of new skills each individuals should master so as to become a valuable asset , and be at par with the developing world . For us students it is almost indispensable to have these skill sets , here are a few that you must start mastering .

COMMUNICATION – As basic and primary as it sounds , don’t let it fool you to undermine the value of this skill . Mastering how to communicate effectively can take you ANYWHERE . The billionaire Warren Buffet himself advices young people to master this skill . If you have a brilliant idea , but fail to articulate it to other , you unfortunately fall under a lot of disadvantage , this is where knowing how to communicate will help.

PUBLIC SPEAKING – A lot of us dread this , i know i do . But this is a really important skill to master . If you are good at public speaking and grasping the attention of others , it will be helpful in communicating your ideas . Public speaking also boosts your level of self confidence and self esteem , as well as helps you get networking opportunities . So , getting past your fear of public speaking and mastering it will take you a long way .

BASIC INVESTING – Knowing how to manage your finance is obviously very important , but very few know how to do it . Budgeting and saving money is the first step , and investing money is the second. Investing is not as complicated as it might seem , but sure is something we should be doing .

DATA SCIENCE – Data science is by far the most valuable skill to know in the 21st century . Data scientists play a huge role in companies regarding decision making as they interpret data . It will be one of the most demanding jobs by 2022. So , if you are looking for any skills to master , start with this one , it will be worth giving a shot .

SPEED READING – Speed reading is a very practical and helpful skill to master . Knowing how to speed read will allow an individual to skim through reading materials and understand it faster. It will save you a lot of while reading research papers , books or even emails , and make your very time efficient . Not only this , but speed reading also improves memory , helps you focus more and also boost your confidence .


If you are a fan of history and love to go back in time , way back , then you will surely love movies and tv shows based on history , or famous classical novels . Here are a few of them that you can watch :

THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL – This 2008 released period drama is based on the the life of King Henry the VIII th . The novel and movie were both inspired by history and are fictional events , but this doesn’t make this movie any less fantastic. It is available on Netflix.

MARIE ANTOINETTE – This 2006 movie is based on the actual life of Marie Antoinette , who was an Austrian archduchess , married to a French Royal . This movie is mesmerising , fun to watch is historically accurate . This movie should be added to your list . It is available on Netflix.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE – This 2006 drama is based on Jane Austen’s literary classic novel – pride and prejudice . It is almost impossible for people to not know about this movie . You can watch it a thousand times , and still not get bored . It is a must watch and is available on Netflix.

BECOMING JANE – Released in the year 2007 , this bibliographical drama is based on the life of the writer Jane Austen and her romance with a young Irishman . This movie is really inspiring and is worth a watch , especially if you love reading Jane Austen’s novels.


Who doesn’t love a strong cup of coffee in the morning ? The aroma and taste instantly wakes you up . But the uniqueness of coffee lies in the fact that every country has a different way of relishing it , some serve it hot some serve it cold , but they all taste Divine!!!!.


GREEK FRAPPÈ – In Greece , people enjoy an iced coffee made with instant coffee, sugar , water and milk . The Greek Frappè was created by Dimitris Vakondios ,in 1957 who was a nescafè representative . The funny thing is this invention was completely on accident . Dimitris was attending an international fair to promote a chocolate beverage for children that could be instantly made into a shaker . He couldn’t find any hot water to make his instant coffee , so he used cold water and the shaker instead, and Voila, our greek frappè was invented.


TÜRK KAHVESI – Turkish coffee , is a unique blend of coffee prepared using finely grounded coffee beans , without filtering. This coffee first appeared in The ottoman empire , where it was previously prohibited for the people to drink , because it was believed that strong coffee was equivalent to a drug , as mentioned in the Quran . But due to its increasing popularity , the prohibition was removed . It is traditionally brewed in a pot called cezve. Turkish coffee is not only a beverage that is consumed daily , but it is also an important part of ceremonies in Turkey . Apart from being delicious , this coffee has several health benefits as well .


CA PHE SUA DA – Vietnamese iced coffe is made with medium to coarse ground Vietnamese coffee , with a small metal drip called phin ca phe . The uniqueness of this coffee is that it is often consumed with condensed milk . There is also a Vietnamese egg coffee which is very popular which is made with brewed coffee , chicken egg yolk and condensed milk. The usage of condensed milk took place as there were limitations on the availability of fresh milk , as the dairy farming industry was yet to develop fully and properly . And condensed milk became a popular alternative .


IRISH COFFEE – Irish coffee , redefines coffee consumption in a way , as it is a cocktail which consists of coffee , Irish whiskey , sugar and is topped with ice cream. It was invented by a man named Joseph Sheridan in around the year 1942.


Ending your day by binge watching your favourite tv show is a great way to relax . If you are confused what tv show to watch next , no worries , here is a list of my top picks .

GILMORE GIRLS – This show about mother – daughter bond is one of American’s classic shows . It is funny , emotional , inspiring and it is guaranteed to become your favourite. This show is about friendships , life , career and finding ways to always enjoy life . It has 6 seasons and is available on Netflix.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S.- I am pretty sure there won’t be anyone who doesn’t know about this show . But if you haven’t , then you should . This sitcom is another American classic that will surely entertain you . It is about a group of friends living together in NEW YORK CITY!!! Now if this isn’t enough to tempt you to watch it then , i don’t know what it . It has 10 seasons and is available on Netflix.

THE CROWN – If you love knowing about the British Monarchy , you will most definitely love this show . This historical drama is about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II . It is available on Netflix.

SIX FEET UNDER – This show has a unique and different plot , it is revolves around a family that owns a funeral home business . It might sound morbid , but this show is funny , emotional and inspiring . It is a must watch . Six feet under is available on hotstar and has 6 seasons.


Photo by Nothing Ahead on Pexels.com

Us humans have a common enemy , that is fear . A human is born with just 2 fears – the fear of heights and fear of loud noises , and all the other fears are developed over the years . A normal amount of fear is good , it acts as a driving force and pushes you to do your best , but an abnormal amount of fear can be harmful as it prevents you from moving forward . There are ways to overcome these fears , here’s how :

IDENTIFY YOUR FEARS – The most important part of overcoming fear is actually identifying them . Knowing what exactly is causing so much fear helps you in becoming more aware about it . Once you know the root cause of your fears , it will be easy confronting it . Write down about in and sit with it for a while . Once have identified and being familiarised with your fear , you will be one step closer to overcoming and mastering your fear.

USE YOUR POWER OF IMAGINATION – When in a state of fear , we use our imagination to visualise the worst possible outcomes which inevitably leads to us being pushed deep into the labyrinth of negative thoughts . Instead of visualising the worst that can happen , try visualising the best possible outcome . This can help you resort to a state of calmness and prevent panicking .

FEAR CAN BE YOUR MOTIVATOR – Fear is actually your biggest motivator as it does not let you be in a state of complacency . Its the excess fear that is harmful . Your fear can actually lead you to the exact path you are supposed to be in. Stop viewing fear as a threat , view it as your guide that helps you in your life journey . Changing your mindset can really be beneficial .

NO MORE WHAT IFs – We humans have a tendency of complicating our lives by thinking about alternative outcomes. We have this ‘what if?’ question in our head , what if i lose ? what if this turns out to be horrible ? what if i fail? what if i hadn’t taken that step ? . Stop doing that , it’s not helping as what’s done is done , and we can never predict the future . So refrain from asking the what ifs as it gives fear more space in your head . Just let it be , let it go , just take action.

TALK TO SOMEONE – Talking about your fears with a friend , your parents or anyone in general can mitigate it and help you relax a bit . Ask for help if you need and discuss about your fears. It is very helpful as it helps you rationalise your fears and prevent it from spiralling out .

Master your fear , don’t let it have control over you .


The most difficult task to do , is probably making a decision . Now , we are afraid to make decisions as we are worried about it’s consequences . The whole process of deciding is an ordeal .We become indecisive . But indecision is also a decision . Here are a few ways to stop being indecisive ;

THERE NO WRONG OR RIGHT CHOICE – The main reason why we are so miserably indecisive , is because of us labelling our choices as good or bad . We are so afraid to make a wrong choice that it makes it impossible for us to make a decision as we fear our ‘wrong ‘ choices will have lethal consequences . But the truth is , there is no wrong choice . We make decisions in accordance to the level of information available to us at that particular place and time.All we need to do is , re programme our brains into thinking that each decision that we make , will be give us valuable lessons to learn form . This can seriously help us become more decisive .

TAKE YOUR TIME – When required to make a decision , we must take our time to do so . It is often believed that decisiveness means taking quick decisions , but thinking a decision through is really important . While making a decision we must take time to analyse it . So , take your time .

DON’T OVERTHINK IT -Another reason why we find it difficult to make decisions is our overthinking it’s consequences . We keep thinking about all the possible outcomes of our decisions without realising how unpredictable the future is , and that there is no point pondering about it . Just confidently make a decision and know that it will all make sense in the end .

DO WHAT SCARES YOU THE MOST – While making a decision , you must go for the one that scares you the most . If you don’t take the leap of faith , and get out of your comfort zone , you won’t grow . So if something scares you , take that as a good sign and choose that to get the best outcomes .


Greek Mythology has the most interesting set of stories , be it revenge , punishment , love , repent , they literally have it all in the most intense form. Here are few of my picks ,

THE FALL OF ICARUS – Daedalus was a very skillful architect and inventor , who had a son named Icarus . He was the creator of the infamous labyrinth , which he had made for the king of Crete , Minos . This labyrinth was so complex that even Daedalus failed to find a way out , which made King minos angry and he and his son were hence condemned to live in the labyrinth for the rest of their lives . Being the ingenious inventor that he was , he came up with an escape route – a pair of wings . He built 2 pair of wings with wax and feathers . Daedalus gave his son clear instructions – not to fly too close to the sea and nor to fly too close to the sun . Once Icarus had his wings on , he felt euphoric , and started flying too high . The wings gave him so much freedom , he felt invincible , and became completely unaware of his father’s warnings . And as he flew higher , the sun’s heat started melting the wax , and he tragically plunged into his death , in the ocean below .

PROMETHEUS – Prometheus is the titan God of fire . Zeus had ordered him to create man with water and earth which he successfully did , but as a result he started getting found of immortals and did not care much about the Gods anymore . Zeus did not want humans to have any extraordinary powers , but prometheus very much did . He decided to steal one of the powers Zeus was very sensitive about – fire .Prometheus was know for his wit and intelligence and he came up with a plan to steal fire in no time . He targeted the Goddesses , he threw a golden apple into the courtyard which had the words “for the most beautiful goddess “engraved . This created a huge rift between the goddess , and while all of them were busy here , he sneaked in Hephaestus’s workshop and stole fire , and then gave it to the humans . Zeus was infuriated , he had forgiven him plenty of times , but not anymore . He made Hephaestus chain Prometheus on Mount Caucasus , where eagles would eat his liver .

PANDORA’S BOX – Pandora was created as a punishment , because Prometheus had given the humans fire after stealing it from the Gods . She was the first woman created on earth , and was created by Gods who each blessed her with a gift . Hephaestus created her from clay , and shaped her perfectly . Goddess Aphrodite gave her femininity , while Goddess Athena taught her crafts .She was given a special box ( pithos), by the Gods . They told her that this box contained special gifts from them , but she was not supposed to open the box , not under any circumstance . Pandora was very curious ,and unfortunately she gave into her curiosity and opened the box . She was completely petrified as she saw evil spirits coming out , which were basically all the illness and hardships that the Gods had put in the box. She tried closing the box as fast as possible ,and while doing so hope remained in the box .


Have you ever wondered why are birthday cakes round in shape and not rectangular , triangular or any other shape? And how and who came up with the idea of cutting cakes on your birthday ? It is believed that cakes originated in Germany in the 15th century at the festival of kinderfest , and the time period before that cakes were only used for weddings , not birthdays.

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Cakes could only be afforded by the wealthy before the industrial revolution and hence was a symbol of luxury . Tracing our steps back to ancient Greece , we can discover more about the history of cakes . Artemis , the Greek Goddess of Moon and the hunt was very much adored and respected . It is believed that people brought cakes in the temple of Goddess Artemis . The cake was round in shape as it represented the shape of the moon , and the candles that were placed on the cake represented the glow of the moon , and the smoke from the candles would carry wishes of the people up to the sky , where the Gods resided. That is why people are asked to make a wish !

Greeks were the first to put candles on cakes .The Egyptians are the ones who started the ‘birthday’ tradition . Ancient Egyptians believed that when Pharaohs were crowned , they became Gods . Hence their coronation day was their ‘birth’ day . Now that’s quite a story behind birthday and cakes !!! There is always a rich and intriguing history behind the most ordinary things , and that is bewildering !


Healthy lifestyle habits starts with a healthy change in our sleep schedules . Getting a solid amount of proper sleep is indispensable for our body to function properly and be productive . Going to bed early and getting up early have positive affects on your body and soul . Here are a few reasons why you should start getting up early ,

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BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY – Waking up early can seriously boost your productivity levels as you get more hours to work and don’t have to rush . Getting up early gives you more energy , and hence has a positive affect on your productivity levels . Try doing your college work or office work early in the morning and notice the change yourself.

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BETTER SLEEP – It is research proven that people who wake up early get better quality sleep . Quality sleep implies less dark circles , healthier skin , it also improves your mood and helps you concentrate properly. So , if you go to bed early and wake up early it can be miraculous for your not only your work , but also your skin.

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POSITIVITY – It is a proven fact that people who wake up early are happier and more positive that the people who do not wake up early . Positivity is magnetic and people are drawn towards positive people .

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MORE TIME TO EXERCISE – Waking up early gives you plenty of time to work out , especially if you have college or work in the morning. This reduces the chances of you skipping your work outs . Since waking up early has you more energised , exercising at this hour can be very beneficial . Exercising reduces your chances of getting a heart disease or obesity .


Books are a great way to learn about new and valuable things that can be very helpful in life. Also ,reading at least 30 minutes a day is a good habit that can broaden your perspective and help you become more open minded.Books can benefit you in plethora of ways if you read them , here are of a few books that you must add to your reading list ,

RICH DAD POOR DAD – This a book written by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in the year 1997 . Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the most commonly recommended financial book . It teaches you the fact that you always have a choice in life , no matter what and teaches you the importance of financial literacy . This book teaches you many life lessons and is a must read for everyone who yearns to be financially independent and successful.

THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL – Also known as the diary of Anne Frank is a collection of writings by Anne Frank while she was hiding from the Nazis for 2 years with her family . Despite being in a confinement and in constant danger , Anne did not lose her sense of hope . This book will surely inspire you keep hoping for the best .

WUTHERING HEIGHTS – This classic literature novel was written by Emily Brontë in 1847.It’s about love , revenge and betrayal with a bit of supernatural element, with a really intricate plot . If you love classic literature , you will surely find this book interesting .

FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY – This books was written by Susan Jeffers , originally published in 1987. It is a great self help book for those who are struggling to overcome their fears and move forward in life . After reading this book you will feel empowered and will surely master the art of overcoming your fears .


Every painting has a unique definition of its own , the artists immortalise themselves with these masterpieces . Here are a list of famous paintings that will surely amaze you.

STARRY NIGHT – This beautiful art piece was created by Vincent Van Gogh , a Dutch painter in June 1889 . He painted this while he was in an asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole. The value of this painting is well above 100 million dollars .You can visit Museum of Modern Art in New York City if you wish to see this beautiful art work.

GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING – This magnificent oil painting is by another Dutch painter , Johannes Vermeer. It has been nicknamed as Mona Lisa of the North . This painting is housed in Mauritshuis , the art museum in The Hague , Netherlands. This painting also is an inspiration behind a movie and a novel.

THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY – This was painted by the famous painter Salvador Dalí in 1931. This painting is a symbol of surrealism . This painting now resides in the Museum of Modern Art , in New York City . Its net worth is between 50 to 150 million dollars .

MONA LISA – This half length portrait painting was painted by the Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci . The painting was also stolen once by Vincenzo Peruggia , an Italian thief. it’s the most valuable painting in the world . This painting is in Louvre Museum , Paris and has a net worth of 860 million dollars


Life is about becoming the best version of ourselves .In doing so we must inculcate healthy habits in our everyday routine , and concentrate on yourselves . It’s not an easy journey , but by practicing healthy habits each day without fail it can be all worth it. Here are a few habits that can help you be a better YOU :

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MEDITATION – Meditation has a plethora of benefits for the human body . It helps in concentration , reduces stress , helps to get clarity in thoughts , increases self awareness, increases patience and tolerance also increases creativity. Meditating even just for 5 – 7 minutes in the morning can be beneficial.

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JOURNALING – Writing down your goals and thoughts have more benefits than that you know of. It allows self reflect , helps in boosting memory , makes our goals and visions clear , mitigate overthinking , it also improves our communication skills and reduce stress and anxiety. Journaling everyday either after waking up or before going to bed should be inculcated in our routine.

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EXERCISE – It is important to exercise or engage in any physical activity everyday as it helps to keep our mind fresh and hence it functions better. It can be walking , going to the gym , swimming , dancing . Making this a daily habit can make you healthy and fit .

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HAVING HOBBIES – It is really important to have hobbies as it helps in building character and is also a great stress reliever . Having a hobby can also help you find out what your true passions are and also help you find your life goals. It can be painting , drawing , playing an instrument or just about anything.


This pandemic has left us all homebound and bored . Online school and college can be tiring and we long for recreation and a much needed break from this monotonous life . Well , there is always a way out, yes , Movies , the perfect form of escapism . So , here are a few movies to watch and have a good time with friends and family and to wind down a bit . Hope you enjoy ,

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER – If you are a horror/thriller movie fan , you need to watch this . The story about the 4 protagonists will surely blow your mind and keep you glued to your seats still the very end . The unexpected jumpscares , the casting , directing and the cinematography makes this a classic must watch . And there is a sequel as well , now thats a bliss , isn’t it?

CLUELESS – I highly doubt about the fact that people have not already watched this 90s classic romcom , but if you haven’t , then you must add it to your list. This quintessential teenage movie is evergreen and very entertaining , and the fashion element of the movie makes it even better . Cher’s closet is *chef’s kiss* , will surely make you want to go shopping. You will not regret watching this classic romcom.

SEVEN – If you love watching murder mysteries and movies about serial killers you will surely love this masterpiece . The casting is enough to tempt one to watch this movie , Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt play the lead detectives here. The slow burn , suspense and unexpected turns will leave you completely shook .With an amazing storyline and amazing performance from all actors , this movie is a must watch .

ALPHA – In times like these where there is hopelessness and so much negativity , we need motivation and things that inspire us to keep moving forward . This movie will surely motivate and make you realise that us humans are more powerful than we realise and we can literally conquer anything if we put our mind to it. By the end of the movie you surely will be filled with positivity and hope.


In this fast pacing world with ever increasing competition , the struggle to be at the top , and everybody’s desire to become ‘successful’ , we are slowly becoming so very self critical and judgemental towards ourselves . We are so desperate to be the very best that we are blindly running in this rat race and not realising that we all have our own paths that we need to follow . We are slowing loathing ourselves for everything that we are not , instead of loving ourselves for all that we are . This constant comparison that we do with others is just not the healthy way of becoming a better version of ourselves . Here are a few points to remember before you start comparing and critiquing yourself:-

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EACH ONE OF US IS UNIQUE- We all have different sets of talents and things that we are good at , be it dancing , singing , writing , photography , or being academically gifted. We just need to find out what we are good at and what we like instead of comparing ourselves . You might have the qualities of becoming a great teacher and you might be unaware of it , or have an inclination towards cars or computers . Your likes and dislikes makes you more unique and more YOU , so embrace it and find your uniqueness. This will help you find your own path in life and automatically halt the comparisons .

DIVINE TIMING – We often want instant results and are impatient . Seeing our friends getting their dream jobs or succeeding makes us feel bad about ourself because we seem to be exactly where we were, despite the hardwork and dedication . This can be frustrating , but you will succeed when its your time to.This statement seems pretty phoney, but its not ,there is room for everyone to succeed , we just need. to be patient and continue to persevere. Our time will come .

WE ALL ARE ON DIFFERENT BOATS- Its true , we are all on different boats , with different sets of obstacles and challenges , so its not practical to compare each other . Every human is dealing with problems that differ from ours. We must understand this and realise that just like there is no comparing between the sun and moon , we humans can’t be compared either.

ITS IMPORTANT TO FAIL SOMETIMES – After failing a test or a job interview we tend to feel a deep sense of disappointment and tend to levitate towards self doubt and fall in the labyrinth of comparing ourselves . But it’s imperative to know that its okay to fail sometimes and its actually good . Failure is a good teacher and helps us understand the areas we need to work on . So next time you fail at something , try to learn from it instead of hating yourself.


The world has witnessed a series of history’s greatest deceptions in the fields of art , science , fake identities , law , and fake money that has led the world into thinking , is anything REAL? Here are a few of these deceptions that has me in complete shock and disbelief.

ANOTHER SHAKESPEARE? – William Henry Ireland was born in 1775 . His father Samuel , was a dealer in rare books and also a great lover of William Shakespeare. William Henry went to Shakespeare’s birthplace in 1794 and met with a local poet there , who allegedly had a fund of doubtable anecdotes concerning Shakespeare . Back in London , Henry went to work for a solicitor who had parchments and used them to forge a mortgage agreement between William Shakespeare and John Heminge – an actor. He copied Shakespeare’s signatures and fooled the college of heralds into thinking this was authentic. This document was hence authenticated. He also faked wealth documents , and love poems written to Anne Hathaway . Henry’s father mounted an exhibitions of these ” finds” and London society came to see them . But scholars had their fair share of doubt about these, and by December his game was up . Quite a story , huh?

MICHELANGELO AND THE FAKE ANTIQUE- The famous Italian painter, sculptor , architect and poet once carved a life sized sleeping cupid . One of his friend notoriously suggested that if he buried this statue and then send it to Rome as an antique , he could make a lot more money than selling it in Florence. Michelangelo allegedly did exactly what he was told to do , some sources claimed to say that he buried the statue in Rome itself. Nonetheless , the statue was bought by the cardinal of San Giorgio, and he soon discovered that it was not an antique.

BENITO MUSSOLINI’S DIARIES – After Mussolini’s death , an Italian woman named Amalia Panvini and her mother , in 1957 produced around 30 volumes of what the duo claimed to be Benito Mussolini’s diaries . This even fooled Mussolini’s own son as he thought them to be his father’s diaries, along with an expert.


Being a student is not a cake walk. There is immense pressure that we students are under 24X7. Amidst getting a good cgpa , maintaining a social life ,participating in college fests , exams,building a resume and planning our future we are consumed with anxiety. But here are a few tips to keep the anxiety level under control and in check.

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  • MAKE A TO DO LIST – Its easy to be overwhelmed when things are not organised and planned which can be the root cause of anxiety. So make a to do list of the things you want to accomplish on a particular day the night before , and watch your anxiety mitigate.
  • STAY HEALTHY AND HYDRATED – Our physical health can have an impact on our mental health as well . Going out to get some fresh air everyday , or engaging in any physical activity like swimming , cycling etc and drinking tons of water can boost the levels of serotonin in your body an help you stay fit and relaxed .
  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP – Not getting enough sleep has negative health benefits and can aggravate anxiety . So make sure to get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep .
  • STUDY REGULARLY – Studying the night before the exam can cause a lot of stress and anxiety . So it’s best to go through your study notes regularly and not leave it for the end moment.
  • JUST BREATHE – College can be difficult at times , but remember you are not alone , this too shall pass. Don’t forget to enjoy your college life .

Hope this helps .