A part of existing on this planet is being surrounded with hundreds of mysterious that are far from being solved . Here are a few mysterious that have not being solved , and probably never will.

HANGING GARDENS OF BABYLONIA – Hanging gardens of Babylonia were allegedly the seven wonders of the world, but its pretty much unclear whether it existed in the first place or not . It is believed that the hanging gardens of Babylonia was constricted at the city of Babylonia , present day Iraq . Archeologists have been able to excavate Babylonia , but they could not find the garden , which brought up the simple question – did the hanging gardens of Babylonia actually exist?

CLEOPATRA’S TOMB – There were several ancient writers who firmly stated that Cleopatra the VIII th was buried with her lover, Anthony and writer Plutarch claimed that their tombs were located near a temple of Egyptian Goddess Isis . But till date there are no leads to their tombs .

CITY OF ATLANTIS – The famous Greek philosopher Plato had written about a fictitious city named Atlantis , which was was situated in the Atlantic ocean . Plato , in his story had written that in a conflict between Athenians and Atlantis , the Athenians had struck back , which resulted in Atlantis disappearing .

OAK ISLAND – It is believed that there is a money pit buried in the oak island . The oak island is located off Nova Scotia , Canada . It is believed that the money was left by a pirate named Captain William Kid .There have been several expeditions to find the hidden money , but all in vain .