Who doesn’t love a strong cup of coffee in the morning ? The aroma and taste instantly wakes you up . But the uniqueness of coffee lies in the fact that every country has a different way of relishing it , some serve it hot some serve it cold , but they all taste Divine!!!!.


GREEK FRAPPÈ – In Greece , people enjoy an iced coffee made with instant coffee, sugar , water and milk . The Greek Frappè was created by Dimitris Vakondios ,in 1957 who was a nescafè representative . The funny thing is this invention was completely on accident . Dimitris was attending an international fair to promote a chocolate beverage for children that could be instantly made into a shaker . He couldn’t find any hot water to make his instant coffee , so he used cold water and the shaker instead, and Voila, our greek frappè was invented.


TÜRK KAHVESI – Turkish coffee , is a unique blend of coffee prepared using finely grounded coffee beans , without filtering. This coffee first appeared in The ottoman empire , where it was previously prohibited for the people to drink , because it was believed that strong coffee was equivalent to a drug , as mentioned in the Quran . But due to its increasing popularity , the prohibition was removed . It is traditionally brewed in a pot called cezve. Turkish coffee is not only a beverage that is consumed daily , but it is also an important part of ceremonies in Turkey . Apart from being delicious , this coffee has several health benefits as well .


CA PHE SUA DA – Vietnamese iced coffe is made with medium to coarse ground Vietnamese coffee , with a small metal drip called phin ca phe . The uniqueness of this coffee is that it is often consumed with condensed milk . There is also a Vietnamese egg coffee which is very popular which is made with brewed coffee , chicken egg yolk and condensed milk. The usage of condensed milk took place as there were limitations on the availability of fresh milk , as the dairy farming industry was yet to develop fully and properly . And condensed milk became a popular alternative .


IRISH COFFEE – Irish coffee , redefines coffee consumption in a way , as it is a cocktail which consists of coffee , Irish whiskey , sugar and is topped with ice cream. It was invented by a man named Joseph Sheridan in around the year 1942.