With the world rapidly developing and the internet and technological department , growing at a really fast rate , there are a lot of new skills each individuals should master so as to become a valuable asset , and be at par with the developing world . For us students it is almost indispensable to have these skill sets , here are a few that you must start mastering .

COMMUNICATION – As basic and primary as it sounds , don’t let it fool you to undermine the value of this skill . Mastering how to communicate effectively can take you ANYWHERE . The billionaire Warren Buffet himself advices young people to master this skill . If you have a brilliant idea , but fail to articulate it to other , you unfortunately fall under a lot of disadvantage , this is where knowing how to communicate will help.

PUBLIC SPEAKING – A lot of us dread this , i know i do . But this is a really important skill to master . If you are good at public speaking and grasping the attention of others , it will be helpful in communicating your ideas . Public speaking also boosts your level of self confidence and self esteem , as well as helps you get networking opportunities . So , getting past your fear of public speaking and mastering it will take you a long way .

BASIC INVESTING – Knowing how to manage your finance is obviously very important , but very few know how to do it . Budgeting and saving money is the first step , and investing money is the second. Investing is not as complicated as it might seem , but sure is something we should be doing .

DATA SCIENCE – Data science is by far the most valuable skill to know in the 21st century . Data scientists play a huge role in companies regarding decision making as they interpret data . It will be one of the most demanding jobs by 2022. So , if you are looking for any skills to master , start with this one , it will be worth giving a shot .

SPEED READING – Speed reading is a very practical and helpful skill to master . Knowing how to speed read will allow an individual to skim through reading materials and understand it faster. It will save you a lot of while reading research papers , books or even emails , and make your very time efficient . Not only this , but speed reading also improves memory , helps you focus more and also boost your confidence .


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