Mariana Trench is the deepest underwater trench on Earth , and is located in the western pacific ocean .It is about 36,037 feet deep , and its deepest point is called the challenger deep. The dept of this trench makes it mysterious , scary and alluring as well . The deeper you dive in this trench , the more you are surrounded by darkness . This trench is home to unique and creepy species , that will surely terrify you .

DEEP SEA ANGLER FISH – The sight of this fish is enough to terrorise humans . The angler fish is carnivorous in nature and has an evidently large head , and have sharp – razorlike teeth that are angled inward for grabbing their prey . But these fishes aren’t big , their lengths vary between 2-18 cm . Creatures that reside in dark regions of the oceans evolve in unique ways to help them catch their prey and survive , so does the angler fish . They have a protrusion from their forehead , a luminescent organ that allures their prey .

DUMBO OCTOPUS – They might look adorable , but don’t let their appearance fool you . It is the only species of octopus that resides in the deepest part of the ocean , and is a very rare species . The dumbo octopus was named after Disney’ s cartoon character – Dumbo the elephant . They are umbrella octopuses , and have webbed tentacles that make them look like umbrellas . They do not have any ink sacs like other octopuses and instead of chewing and grinding their food , they swallow their prey completely .

GOBLIN SHARK – Goblin sharks are a rare species of deep sea sharks . They have a protruding snout that looks like a sword , and makes this shark look really creepy . They are also called living fossil , have a droopy body and small fins and are usually inactive in nature . Goblin sharks have a whitish – pink skin colour due to their translucent skin , which makes the blood in their body visible .

BENTHOCODON – Benthocodon is a unique and unusual type of jellyfish , and can be found near the sea floor in the Pacific ocean . They are really small in size , just upto 2 cm and have a rounded top which is called the bell . Their “bell” is opaque and red in colour .