Ending your day by binge watching your favourite tv show is a great way to relax . If you are confused what tv show to watch next , no worries , here is a list of my top picks .

GILMORE GIRLS – This show about mother – daughter bond is one of American’s classic shows . It is funny , emotional , inspiring and it is guaranteed to become your favourite. This show is about friendships , life , career and finding ways to always enjoy life . It has 6 seasons and is available on Netflix.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S.- I am pretty sure there won’t be anyone who doesn’t know about this show . But if you haven’t , then you should . This sitcom is another American classic that will surely entertain you . It is about a group of friends living together in NEW YORK CITY!!! Now if this isn’t enough to tempt you to watch it then , i don’t know what it . It has 10 seasons and is available on Netflix.

THE CROWN – If you love knowing about the British Monarchy , you will most definitely love this show . This historical drama is about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II . It is available on Netflix.

SIX FEET UNDER – This show has a unique and different plot , it is revolves around a family that owns a funeral home business . It might sound morbid , but this show is funny , emotional and inspiring . It is a must watch . Six feet under is available on hotstar and has 6 seasons.